North Carolina Newspapers

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Aaaobere, North Carolina.. Thursday, March 16, 1922
- J
7 1
l" Washing' on, Maeh 14. -IS, pawn-
"krva-fti-a hnnus bill furnishes a strik-
: ?TlTttrH
- ZCY LZ.-r.t t,t thA -ervice . "wxiu. .xnere , ougni -to
v. the fmnwr ITbe tMng earth to destroy their
f!?"5x!Jieffo- save the elements of nature
done on the basis of a sales tat, 'Their
hope has been to substitute a saies
tax system for toe present system of
" high income surtaxes and they believ
wed that their resistence to a, bonus x
cept with the salestax would secure
J ? to the country that objectionable form
: of taxation. "j.T, "i;'v,; 1
Avv nt , farm Woe said no. there will
,-r l u, i- j .,
t be no. Donna w w w " ,iney unao ail that the industrious man
H a sales taxr'j Harding, and Mellon -re-j and woman nave done. The time the
replied very well thenwe san bear ,ais-eoUpithave given to the wDik.will all
I appointing the ex-ser' ineajf .yon, iost because neighbor was aoo
J ean, we ao noi rmna w. " "
oi you i arm woe jppuuv"-
retain your seats in the fall elections.
Ifi fact it is th(S Very thing we, would
like to see happen for with your pres-
ence In congress iarty government by
'the RepuhlicansTs unattainable.
The farm bloc Republicans in the
VnuaA like Prear. Lamnert ; and ; the
Nelsons then turned to thelioped-Ior
' ,o,rTTwnt. vf interest on the debts Owed
u.j..... - TT... j
by foreign governments t Reunited
Stnton na a m-actfcal source for, a DO-
'sfstAB aa.ft nractlcal source for
nus; the plan which nan neen urgeu
by Senator Simmons, r. Before hey
could get their , scheme on wheels ans
f moving, they were told' that ' source
; sales tax proponents would ' through
the foreign debt commission appoint
r ed by Harding see that no money came
ifrom that source for a bonus nr tor
: any other purpose that might defeat
' or remotely postpone the inauguration
of the sales tax system. , . - ... ?
Then every Republican in the house
'"' felt panic seize, his , limbs, s "yts
have got to' save our necks, "they said
from Joe Pordnev and Nich Long-
worth down." '
The election is scarce-
f; ly eight monjths off' and were is; .no
. 1 time to Jose. Haraing ana me semtw
Sf can" look out for themselves; .We mnst
P get irom unaer. ; , :
:t" So they have launched their pawn,
h brokers WUand are going to pass:n
- under wW uid spur ; If the, ex-wsr.
V vice men get hO bonus and demand to
-s know why as they certaiiy win, tney
' vrj"'ffirti0kcai thousand piat-
: forms: "that was-wuut we OMlTOlryoW'
' and it was all we could 4o."
. The daring scheme is launched to
A frighten Harding and the Old Guard
sales tax schemers. It is a bluff and
". the president from his house boat in
t Florida has wired his comptroller of
' the currency to warn the country of
- the danger in the bill. Mr. Crissinger
finds that the scheme will "freeze"
two billions of fluid credits for three
years in the banks of . the . country.
He calls it a hold-up game, for no
' bank would dare turn down the paper
of an ex-service man endorsed by -the
'-government. It will hamstring Hard
ing's returning "nonnalcy."
When the bill comes oeiore tne
'house on March 20 the Democrats will
of course make an effort to amend it
f but they, will be given short shift for
the Republican leaders were never in
a more desperate -frame 'of mind.
Their mail bristles with threats from
onflrres8ional district now rep-
' -resented by their party and four mil-
- lion ex-service men seemed to nave
crown into one hundred million. : But
. the Old Guard with Mellon's hand on
the till stands pat . ' - -,
In the face of this situation It is
' well known that the government has
f on hand a sufflcient gold , reserve
, against which it could issue bonds find
pay the ex-servi e men a cah pnus
i 1 with only a slight inflation in the cur-
renc y and without seriously attacking
' the bond market. ' : The governmeht
r'' now has on hand $1,566,000,000 excesi
,-tk fold reserve, ; . x t; v.. ,
'V v.Tle Senale and the Treaties.
s There is much in the senate debate
on the arms conference treaties to re
? mind spertatori of the stormy struggle
i two year ago over the Versailles
f treaty. In the present debate the ir
reconcilable claim they alone are eon
slstent The Democrats are opposing
v the Four Power pact with all the ve-
heme nee with which the irreoonclla
i ble fought the Versailles pact, while
. the Republicans aided by Senator Un
derwood of Alabama are defending It
The Republicans have In this debate
completely reversed tliclr poiiillon of
two year sgo. But whatever tli
Four J'ower pact really Is whether it
is an slhanre or nothing nvire than an
agreement to hold a conference and
talk over d::r. rrnr no one doubt"
that if Wwi'iri'jf Wili.on had cent ruch
a treaty to the truu'-c, V,w-nUr Ixxisff
and b ' friends would now I opponlntt
it wi; h a'd tl.e rf-rrJ'-n ' are e
foinling in Ul hi'l'iiii.T iU No !'u')t too
ti.ere are some Iiemormta f;-).ti-i? the
trfity who would favor it if V. j'ann
) fid had a hm. l in th nu.Ving (if it
1! r.t U n lii.t such ii!iti '.
r.t f. ' s " r t: fa' t that ti e aennte lie-.
) . ' n ) rt ; 'n a rsi' bad olio lnir
f r t' 1 . i i r )'f,:tr j net, IV-. t! i .
i ' - s i t ' j--.r e i!.i!-,t f thoi
Spring is nearly here and "with it
the time for ' planting gardens and
flowers. The man Wio hurries hon.s'jured, near .the Piedmont toll brtage,
irom his work to get a few beans
under.' ground before pightfall and
the woman ' who leaves her house
hold duties to set out flowers, in the
W ' one-raiseYiomething; to
which sometimes go eon trarily. But
consider the clucking old hens of the
next door, neighbor whose garden isUeems tha.wood chopper had emploV"
a garbage heap and whose front yardred means to 'prevent the tree from
is full, of Jimson weeds, vthat, ; come falling the direction of the; Wad,
uyiiiK v? or ? meanaenng into ute
neighbors newly planted garden and
iront yard and scratch nil tlw seeds
oufpf the ground.- In a few minutes
r," v " 6rr-v "
lazy or too careless to keep his chlck-
ens at home.
- Neighborly kindness , ought to be
sufficient reason for one preventing
such occurrences as this, but among
some people that seems to be 1 an un
known quantity." They take no pride
in .their own place and haven't enough
off -premises of their neighbors who
folrea nriA in hie .1
' ... .no. nuak lives XI
-matter to them if the results of many
afternnnn'a. mnrlr in hns mir.UA n
" - .ma V. . w . IV. 1 1 VA .11
the front are lost to the man next
door? Their chickens tet fat og seed.
They , would not think Tor a moment of
going into their neighbor's garden and
stealing a mess of tomatoes, but they
don't worry when their chickens fly
the fence and destroy the whole crop.
Ashebora needs gardens. and the
needs flowers. She heeds pretty home
steads and rn,ore attractive, premises.
The -Courier; makes his appeal A di
rectly to those wd have chickens to
ewousage by Tceeping up -their
chickens. If you. have chickens, jrou
owe it to your neighbors to clip their
wings, patch up the fences an dteke
every precaution - agiuist their tre-
passing .on your neighbor's premieos.
u already agamst the law foi
chickens, oj any ochcr st-ks t move
rwdqmrhatineii;hbrs ought tot to (other places suffered equally vnti
have to gc i t alw vv :ali.r8 of thesrmentioiied, but details were tnea
thjkind, ' Have tnoiifta Henw of pride, 'gre due to the damage done to the
tll J bie eno,,h "at y r wire, communication. The rivers and
neighbors as you wou'd have tr.em small streams in nracticallv oil e.
. r "
Chairman Fordney, of the House'
Wfeys and Means Committee, declares
that the soldiers' bonus bill will pass
for humanitarian and not political
Tkl. KJ11 -i-j. . . ...
u sianas present wui ters and will remam at Palm Beach
pay the soldiers, a dollar a day for for three days, leaving for Washing
d2v ZlC?ld M .52LFf7v Att.orney Penera. Da-
He also can receive a 20-year paid uo
insurance policy on which he can bor
row' 50 per cent of his compensation
from a bank.
Mr. Fordney is of the opinion that
patriotic Americans should not object
to an increase of taxation to nv tvi
-- z" r Vi kiyiu:.
bonus, for had not the war been won
taxes would now be at least twemv
times what they are. He stated thai
during the war his committee author
ized the issuance of fifty-one billion
dollars worth of bonds. Up to that
time, since the founding of the gov
ernment, we had spent only thirty-one
value of the achievements of the con
zerenee in behalf of world peace. The
senate debate bas chilled the hope and
enthusiasm of not a few warm friends
of the conference, is felt that
perhaps it would be a serious mistake
nos to ratify these , treaties, , though
they are nothinglike as Important' and
essential aa the ratification , would
nave Deen to. tni country and the
The Fight on Ford FertiUter Goe."
.. ijn Acain. :
The fight here on Henry Ford's pro
posal to lease Muscle Shoals is like
the battle of the little narrow known
on the boundless unknown, talent
fighting genius, Men fear the un
known and in the Industrial and eco
nomical life of this country no man
stands so nearly for the incalculable
as Henry Ford.
With Muse Shoals In Ford's hnndR.
one of his antagonists has predicted
that he will corn-pel the great steel in
dustry of Pittsburgh to tranafcr it
self to Alabama Another antagonist
eeg Ford driving, the Mcllons and
their great aluminum trust out of bua-
neaa. The olr companies, the steal
Interests, the chemirn.1 companies, the
fertilizer trust and Wail street are all
here fighting Ford. ilia, only friends
are .the American people but thev
wm not to count in thin ficht.' In
the very face of tbis fifrht on Ford,
t?e Ferti.ner trunt has had the nerve
to the price t. the nitrate of
amonla from 4f) to fi5 per ton to
ti e farmers within the last ten day.
'I bis more was maiie herauwi the 'mut
irvt brljovp it ha i'ord geared. It
new Intend to a(iieere out of the far
mers lit the Soutli tlie money it has
fiprrdo,) n tg fmn; h! n sgalnrt hiin.
11 wiil o C 'tiron move
'r B mntf '-'.innRl Jnvei-tijfntion nut
;! will not fr t It for a tru-it tbnt
n 1 f t l ord in f i"''T, f.- a-i!',
.-ft t-n I .i.n.
: V I.IRS. A. IL 0WEI3
Mrs. Ellen Owen was killed and her
husband, A. ' M. Owen,' painfully lnt
three miles north of Spencer, March
11, as the result of the ear. in which
they .were driving being , struck by1 a
falling" tree.-: ' sjrfffi?
Mr; and Mrs.; Owen,' who reside oa
a farm near the scene of the accident,
were conveying eggs awT butter to
market, and happened to be passing
the point where a negro had just Com
pleted the chopping down of a large
pine, tree, which fell across the high-
way and caused 1 the J accident. t
nut a high wind rendered them iner
fective. . ' -',i
Mr.. Owen was rushed to a Sails
bury hospital and it is believed; that
vi . : .f f ..
suTOiwr.'w nv wrnmi.p.s -i -f I
m i Heard at lexingt6n
Several people- gathered atttlte
home of , Mr. and Mrs. Numa Bftck in
Lexington ion Monday night, the; 12th,
and had th experience of hearing a
sermon by Wni. Jennings Bryan,
which was delivered ! in Point Breee
Presbyterian: Church Pittsburgh,; Pa.,
and was broadcasted Joy wireless tele
phone. Mr. Beck, and : his brother,
uowaw. have rigged mn a snlendld
wireless seV making'all of the appar-
a set of batteries. ' -i."
-t "
At leasti twenty-three persons ' were
killed and many injured in the tornado
which swept over isolated portions' of
ix)uisiana, Mississippi," .Arkansas anri
Oklahoma Tuesday night late. ' and
continuing into Wednesday morning.
ine Heaviest loss or me is jroported
at Gowan, Okla., a village' where. 12
persons were killed. The storm in
Arkansas left a trail of, wrecked build
ings for twenty miles, 'ASix'ftegToe-.
were killed and several other people
siignuy injured, vyery
persons were - jailed; and. 150- buildings
rlAmnHaltAjl of PtWiifWnrinA'l,' ivuff.
tion visited by he jterm are alarms
President and Mrs. HaiMino- on,UA
their houseboat) cruise in Florida wa-
T vxuioc III I II
;ry, wno nas Deen tneir comnanion
on the trip will also return to Wash
ington Saturday. Both the President
and Mr. Daughtery are enjoying the
golfing on the Palm Beach green.
Free Seed to Continue
The House agricultural appropria
tion bill carries an appropriation of
$360,000 for free seed, the vote stand
ing 145 to 65. In framing the measure
this appropriation had been omitted
on the grounds that the price of Seeds
had dropped and that the free, distri
bution of the same was not justified
to the extent formerly pravaling. The
65 members voting in opposition were
most persistent in their ecorts to de
feat the measure.
Mr. Robt L Patterson, of Norfolk,
spent a day or two with his sister,
Mrs. T. A. Moffltt , and family last
week.-, . -
Mr. E. J. Steed and family and Mr.
R. E. ' Wtooley spent Sunday l with
friends at High Point ..
Mr. CL H. YoUra was called to the
vuMimu pare oz tne state Monday to
attend the funeral of his brother-in-
.. 1 L " . . . . ,
law. V , :
Mr. 'W. E. Lock left Sundav far
Newton, t- . , -
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Wrijrht are the
proud parent of 11-pound boy. ,
The mfcnv friends of onr efflciert
btnk teller, Mia Jessie Whitehead,
are m sympathy with- her In her il -
ncsi at hospital and hope .she will
on recover her healta and be with
us again, . ; - ;:.,'f..-;;r y
Mr. A. A. Cant ia Improving his
home on Main street by painting , it
inside and out. ' . - , '
Meaars. Dewey Whltehetd and Rot
air.iiiu wer-t to ireenDoro Bundsy.
A lew cams or influensfi Jn . town
rd community cause the doctors to
adviae the school board to clone the
choc I for the week. -We hore the
condition will b so greatly improved
Lj the end of the week that it my
open again next rwc
The new building la promised to the
achool by April 1, when the old one
will be torn away at once and con
verted Into a residence, i . ' ,
Vore of people were made homeleai
nrar Macon, (ia , lat Baturday by tha
worst Tood iir 1919, I!ril;"" nd
ron'lwava wer washed sway ti well
ro'n h dmnace belnir done to ner-
nl ITijierty.
Tha Republican - county convention
will be held in the court house in
Asbeboro Saturday, April S, at 11 a.
ra. ' The purpose of the meeting, it is
announced, is to elect a county chair
man, secretary, executive committee
land delegates to the state, congress
ional, senatorial and judicial conven
tions. . It is further stated that all
Republican voters are also requested
to meet at their usual meeting place
and elect a township' chairman, and
elect delegate f or eah 26 voters to
attend the county convention in April.
The second meeting of the North
Carolina College Conference was held
in Greensboro last week, and manv
things which will tend toward the un-
Duiidmg or the state college system
were accomplished. The college presi
dents -who were present came to an
agreement as to the entrance require
ments of the state colleges. It was
agreed that a four year high; school
course in a lecognized secondary high
school, which Is equivalent to fifteen
units is the minimum. : Dr. Howard E
Rondthaler president of Salem col
lege was elected president, and : Prof.
N, W.,Walker.of the University, sec
retary and treasua-er. Both men are
well known t in this Section of the
stateespecially Professor1 Walker who
had charge of the Asheboro -school a
number of years ago. , ,
The citi-:pn.s of T3enta will on
April 18,. vote on the question of issu
ing $30,000 in school building bonds
and to levy a special tax sufficient to
take, care of interest, , sinking, fund,
etc. ,w '" '.
Mr. A. C. Hughes returned to Co
lumbus, Ohio, last Saturday.
Mr. I M. Jones is sick this week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Fentrisa and R.
D. Gasrison spent Saturday evening
and "Sunday at Greensboro and High
Pointi ifV-.' ..
Mr. G. H. Cox and family spent
Sunday evening at Ramseur.
Mr. a. l. Par ham, who has been at
Sanford for some-time, came home
Saturday. ;- . -
Miss Katie Marley, of Randleman.
6pent Saturday and -Sunday Vith her
.rarfalAfc,ndMMrs; A.V. Marley. t
U U I . . . A.. ,T -fc.;r 11. - . "1
Lucy Buie and Miss
went to Greensboro Sunday,
liranny" r oust is with her daiigV
ter, Mrs. T. A. Slack for a few week3.
Mr. M. W. Free and son, Herbert,
spent Sunday at Cedar Falls.
Mr. David Hollady returned to his
work at Greensboro Monday.
Kev. J. R. Miller, of 'Belmont,
preached at the Baptist church Mon
day night
Miss Addie Henson and Lindsav
Frazier, of White Oak, were visitors
in town Sunday.
Mr. J. M. Tippett and son Cecil vis
ited in Greensboro Sunday.
Mr. Ernest Routh, our clever assist
ant miller, is not only well up on his
job in the mill, but is destined to be
come an expert in early truck grow
ing having had on exposition at Mr.
Peter A'.lred's Saturday night quite a
lot of fine spring Irish potatoes..
vr. and Mrs. T. 1. rox went to
Greensboro one day last week.
W. C Jones has bought the L. M.
Jones store building and has moved It
near his dwelling hour and has put
in a full line of groceries.
Miss Irene Parks, while at olav
jumping the rope, fell and broke her
arm last weefc
H. P. Black. W. R. Hughes and W.
R. Cox made a business trip to States-
viuo ono day last week.
Mr. Wi. A. Strider and Mrs. Ellen
Yow were united in marriage at the
residence of W. C Jones last Thurs
day evening, W. C Jones, Esq., offici
ating.. They left Friday morning for
a few days' visit at Greensboro.
The groom It a son of Manuel D.
Strider, and the bride a daughter of
Mrs. Lydia Moon. .
Their many friends wish them a
long and hatpy life. They wll rnnke
ther future (tome .here, -j ,
They both hold positions with, the
Randolph Manufacturing Co. "
Mr. C. (X Brower end family spent
Saturday evening and Sunday at Ce
dar FaJte.v ? ' ;v,i,nlh -,
Allred Brother have improved the
looks or their store building witn a
coat of paint
Mr. and Mrs. R. u Curtis and Mis.
Nannie Free spent Sunday at Mr.
Jackaon's in Greensboro. ' -
MIaaos Ethel and Leila McKtnnon
visited relatives at Coleridze - Satur
day evening and Sunday. ; i
Mr. and Mrs. EL P. Webster went to
Grcenaboro Sunday. ' v. i
8. T, Jones', daughter. Mist Swan-
nie, is critically ill and was carried
to the hoapiul at Aaheboro Monday.
Mr. and Mra. Ourney Hoover, of Mt
Olivet, apent Sunday with the family
of W. II. Wrenn.
Mrs. Margaret Smith has returned
from Richmond, Va., where ahe han
hen buying millinery for Kranklinville
rior impany. Tha millinery open
ing will be next Friday and Saturday,
Jinwit e aiii wa mm
It wfll be of Jnteret to learn that the
town of Asheboro has recently bought
new generator to produce additional,
power for the water and light plant
And ruther ' improvement . is to
made by raising the dam at the pond
U order to make a larger storage of
water for tn cumin nummer. mil
the water was short for a few weeks, their meeting the first af
in the town last summer, the situation weef (or the superintendent of
did not become acute as it did ia many the county home. Mr. Hicks saeeeem
places throughout the state. . y s- J- cott' who recently resigned. He
The Board has also reduced the w8 cho8en from & other applicant,
charge for water and lights 15 per Jiw" an"ounce,d, tt w 1v
cent of the 55 per cent excess. Prtmen' . shipment of 1J3
This seems as much as the present S " fxr Mliiep " ,J
high freight rates will consistently S?1.0 New Y" at J8 mpletetes
permit , the shipment of American dead Crosa
, : the Battlefields of France. ; There axe
rn ttvtv mrnwiv 97 bodies to be shipped from England;
COUNTY HIGHWAY and m begun at onca. f it m
COMMISSIONERS MEE1S 8aid by who kaow that bSb-
The county "highway commission TJJ
Kng0 btitTwsactS' ftSrl
LW" tl. iLJJK caused many relatives to '.. leave
fTwis?reaS announced that
niS 'S c?u J rord.sonof .the multimflUonatre
J aI Wad automobUe manufacturer, will be - - a
graded at an early date. . , - candidate for Congress at the "next
ed from Gray's Chapel road via . Pat- however, as to just the party aJEHa
Iw 1 i-Tr1 a0' W", Chp!1 and 1 wIU seek? ,
ftt L eLJ Br8dy l8y Ut Former secretary of the treasnr
The IrL Jr j ..V Williarn Gibbs McAdoo has moved b5
The price of , dragging roads-with f 8mjly from New York to Los Anee
team was reduced from $4.00. per day SiJLtltfSS:
to S3 per day. also the nrice of a daV
fyty.:. General Julian S. (rrmanr
JV a. understood that the county in- friend8 throughout the State wfflte
nnZJTFP- a ad? glad to note "that his improvement
than those maintained by State High- from Mincent alnega ia atelldT ,
Mr n n R-it.oii n a
Mrs. R. R. Reitzell Dead
R. Reitzell, of near Liberty, February - Anderson- a white man.' Waiiama
24th, was received with wgret hy her wa8itake,tiby ,a..poss? as he was be
many friends throughout this section ta.t J1' anl ched.' Kit
of the state. Mrs. Reitzell died at her thought tiiat Anderson will recoier..
home four miles north of Uberty For over fifteen, years the-Post
from paralysis at the age of 72. Be- o(Rce ftt Hamlet- has been in charge, of
fore her marriage she was EmeUne nber of the Terry ; family, an4
Murray. The funeral services and anothex one hw recently been np?oinv
burial occurred at Richland church. d Jinks Terty. , He succeeds B. E.
Surviving Mrs. Reitzell are six child- Terry who held the office nder the
ren, one daughter, Mrs. Z. S. Moffltt DemBcratwadministration. v
of Asheboro Route 1, and five sons, Arbuckle, motion .pctore
J. P.. r.. R .t w a r tr ptir comedian went on tnal Monday Jor,
of. Uberty; and C. M. Reitzell, of
fiwKmaWn .
. "
Everysody was pleased with the
. i. Ai n r i-i . i i i x n
acrvico ui ivi. a. cnurcn last oun-
ouiuevmnir amereni.- uan i tnose
folk sing?" "If they would have ser-
i-i j. jj. r i l I
oftener I would attend
more It was just too short." "If
tney Keen that up they will have to
make more room; the house was full."
une services next bunday night will
be packed with good " thinaM. There
will be singing by the junior choir,
tne maie quartette, and the congrega-
tien. ine Big bmg idea will pre-
van. we win help you sing that old
time song you love. There will. aho.
be something new in "Echo Singing."
But above all else your interest will
center about the "Illuminated Cross"
which will be switched on during
prayer and at the close of the service,
If you like a good robust spiritual
service come to the church at 11 a. m.
it you are a mollycoddle you had bet-
ter stay away.
A. C. GIBBS, Pastor.
Mrs. D. F. Hayes, of Greensboro is
spending a fw day, fa town the guest
Of Mrs. E. P. Hayes.
Mr. Max Wagger left Sunday for
New York and other northern oolnt!.
Miss Wllma Brooks, of High Point,
Is visiting friends and relatives in
, ,
Mr. J. Worth Ivey, of Charlestoi-,
S. C., is the guest of his parents Mr.
and Mrs. W. F. Ivey.
Messrs A. B. Beasley and R. C.
Bulla spent Thursday in Greensboro on
Misses Mary Ferguson and Ophedia
Kirkman were week end visitors In
High Point
Mr E. E, Clapp, of Durham, is visi-
Ung friends and relatives in town.
mi.. rvnM ujk Pvi
erase vieaa sa vviuwi va iiuu a viiiw
who has been the guest of her brother
Mr. S. W. Connor for the past week
returned to her home Saturday.
Miss Allne Connor spent the week
end in High Point the guest of; Mlssf
MUdred Hayworth on 809 South Malrl
Street':'. . .'
Mrs. J. W. Cottrt of Badln is vii-
ting friends and relatives in town this
week. , , . vi ,.' . ; .,
Miss Jewel Summer, of the N. C. W.
of Greensboro, was a week end is -
Iter in town, , , - v
Mr. Talton O'Bryant of Rosemary,
1 viijtlng friend and
, relative : ia
Mr.and Mrs. W. T." hWnn m-re
vialtors in High Point Sunday. V .
Mr. Robert Deal, or Greenaboro,
is a vlaltor In town Saturday.
was a vlaltor in town Saturday.
Mrs. W. J. Hautrhns, of Snrsy. Is
vlsilnr In town. Khe wai called to the
bedai.le of her slater. Mm. Algie Sm-
m ft r i. ..i in
day nieht You could hear neonle
wt S5ir:ZJL rCll ,SLS:i V ,epons come
Jessie Craven .'".SrllH in ,
cnurcn -wasn t n a nne service '-ij..i
man, who Is aerioualy ill.
1 - - . -
' The Greensboro Automobile hw
which opened in the tobacco
bousf Tuesday is widely attended t.y
?Pf 'rom all over the state. There
w " iearore m
"n e show, and a
e wm ue w
"7 jr ; "
M' T- C. Hicks was chosen by the
eounty commissioners of .. Guiifort
7.'. . : ' "
v satisfactory. . . 3fev.
Alfred Williams, a negro living near
i Atlanta, G was lynched earlr Sun-
day morning charged with shootinv L.
e third time for manslaughter.' The
charge grew out of the cirsumetaneeE!
connected with the death of ML
Virsrinia Ranne followine a drinldii-
party lin Arbuckle s apartmenta-: lfc
be called than were at either - of ; ttx
a 111 Oh. nu bliaifli
from thff Near Ea
Raleigh that ; t
c... i i t..tV'.M-
u v it u m .
VaA A l IO 11UW Ab Wall J11CCU ...aM
thousands of children wiU he turni
rom the orDhanaee in Armenia whka
j supported by the good peopte -d
Ncrtfaroima: Many peoplTofEaii
dolph county have sent In snb
tions for this fund, but there are rstil
many who have given nothing, laetf
net leave those orphans to Starve ta
cause we neglect to give our dollar
five, or any amount wo eaa spare.
Mrs Fodie Buie Kenvon. a natrs
of North Carolina, who for 24 yeaJ
held a position in the Departments
Justice, has resigned. She was pr
sented by her friends with ' Bo
and a Silver vase, which is son
thing unusual in the case of a goi
crnment clerk. She is a daughter.
D. A. Buie, of Robeson county. V
Another North Carolina lady
win success in the government
vice is Mrs. A. B. Morrison, of Muj
ganton. She has over 30 years s4
vice to her credit,, and Is now
grandmother, but 'still popular
, QT-x r. v mivuiun w ,r.
. .' .-
Sunday eveninir. March 1ft. ti l
' Lfrl ,.n
It -is given by the Home Missionary
ciety and sets forth in a vivid mii,
the wide field for opportunity
Christian work In America. . The
character is Columbia who hold
torch of liberty high while the '
1 tentative from various nations .r
to her in their native costume an..
for the gospel to be given
people in America." The pacaist 1 1
fh a proceasionat ef twr;
",v" " -j
the close of the service an o
... - ,
m r
w. u'r ; ,-n" '
fdMM!LftP,?,J?4 K.y.' Ve
fa o"r Invited to attend.
",. ' . ' 1
.vapiaia Kinney vt
I Cartain Jerome C Kinncv. cf ':
asvilla. died in that eitv
at the advanced age of $4.
; For to years Contain Kii
one of the best known and r
neiont engineers in the f
"the Southern Railway. A t
ef an accident which la-
nim ne retired
(years ago and haa aln
I ....U t - ! ..J k
tfk lrming and bo. i
n, on8 nC,n'
"vV . . VV
I CI'UI? Ki"r ! '
ion eounty near Lei
fu71 .n r "
rooming frm tl." K.
wat one of the hr;

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