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VOLUME .XLTO . -; ,j . ' rtltm, Wrtfc CMi6. T1iTUy. Aagmt IT, 1922 NUMBER
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-,' Wilkes county Democratic , conven- , The Sunday sc. i workers of Rnn-
tion vu held Wflkesbord Monday, doipn county wiu hold their annual
JL large crowd was present and dele- county convention in the Ramsaur
gations froTA ' every township in the First Baptist church on Tuesday and
oountv. .Wednesday. AugUBt 22 and U. The
Carthage is thronged with peopl
A fatal accident occuired verv
this week attending the trial Of the arly Monday morning at Arch Hili,
"' . w,W wuuji air, a. . th- r.reenshnrA-Hio-V, Pnit
The meeting ef Randolph county
roaa. :
inretj negroes wn woiutueu jir, w n. n pknM tj,v,
Knti.hAn .nH a,ltwi hit wife Snnt r"011 tne Greensboro-High
two -weeks ago. The three men were. UnarUe "Uman, a colored man from
pif. snnt r r. wVnt first sion wifl begin 3 o'clock brought to Carthlge Monday from the'. Concord was instantly killed when the fCTCTL ilC?
resided, over .the .convention, while Tuesday afternoon, another session: State prison at Raleigh, - and- are; car which he was driving turned over, crew, and in the end age triumphed ' also Mr. T. D
iW, E- Pharr was secretarf.' The tick- luesaaj eTening, witn tnree sessions, guaroea Dy sixty soiaiers. ine. tfoj- The police at ffi h point were noti- over beauty for when the smoke of tained by an s
t nominated is as follows: morning, afternoon and night on.diers surround the jail, and no onfl i U' A , t . battle had xieared the locals had three 'Asheboro and
. l t rt r: .
:cl tne superior courv, v, v. ncu ,
tend these sessions.
f . n TO . CM .1 !
agister JeJoRector, tendentf Saimday
TMrr1? thW w an School Association, will speak at each
tentative, Attorney J Trivette; M88iJft nVention. Mr. Sims
TOuiuMBwue..! hag M'Mn';yean of practical ex-
Church and Richard Wooten: coroner, ;a ' cj ui
E. Winkler; reasuw Miss Essie gy. school , superintendent 4
Erwin. - ' State Sunday 'school superintendent.
ri Resolutions were adopted indorsing Those who heard him last year Can
;th record of Congressman W. U tell you whether or not Tie is enter-
Hammer, and. the state administra-, taining and instructive. Miss Flora
'von. The tax rate evled by the Ke- Davis, assistant to Mr.-Sims, will also
Saturday afternoon the Cameronsl
staged a battle royal at the local base farmers held at the courthouse last
ball emporium. "Bob" Cameron ocMonday was a great success, although
cupied the mound for the local slug-, somewhat handicapped by the" absence
while his younger brother did 01 Mr. K. C. Pollock, who was the
main speaker for the occasion, ami
. McLean, who was de-
auto breakdown betweea
fled and went at once to the scene of ,Daw'e am -cleared the locals had three ,AsneDoro ana ADeroeen and did not
me meei
than 200
Is" S Wff &LV irweday.i : i Sunday school workers f allowed within BOO yards of the jail - -r "' markers to their credit while the vis- reach Asheboro until after
fe,in r Ihlboarf of ' education- clerk ?x. ail denominations are urged to at-iwitnout permiss on ot the court. N0- iewcr miitors had drawn a deuce. ing was adjourned. More
i " f1"-6" kv fc 1 ijh visitors secureu eiifni. Dinirice aiw:nucu.
was the hrst witness Jttonday and told - name Charlie Tillman, of Concord, to the locals seven, but "Bob" was The meeting was presided
pi mo auair in a vivia manner. -v. ,u . ... r, j . . .. .
Mr. Ketchen is still in the hospital "" f""'" w
but is improving.
Two of the negroes, Jasper Thomas, sent a man who answered to the de- i supporting him with air tijrht ball, no Federation. Mr. Paine in turn intro-
one being accredited with an error, iaucea Mr. &. Miusaps, ot btates
The locals led off in their half of ville, district agent for piedmont
the first, scoring two markers on an1 North Carolina, who happened to be
and a visiting in Asneooro, and made the
the locals seven, but "Bob" was The meeting was presided over br
invincible in the pinches and kept the the county agent, who introduced Mr.
hits scattered as thin as chicken soup L N. Paine, of Statesville, state see
in a Greek cafe, with the local boyslretary of the American Farm Bureau
ana Angus Murpny were conyictea oj scription of the dead man to High
criminal assault on Mrs. Ketchen, and pjf . . . . . . . ,
the third man. John T h was Pomt for a car which had oeen lefl
convicted of assault on Mr. Kefa-hen there for repairs. It is believed that
-publican county commissioners was be present and will appear several trocuted September 15.
U indl iino-U hv C.ranfnrA
and received a sentence of 12 years there were two men in the car at the sacrifice by Wood. The visitors knot-(speech of the occasion. Mr. Millsaps
imprisonment. The two convicted of time of the accident, as two caDs ted the- count in the second, and after explained the co-operative movements
assault on Mrs. Ketchen will be elec- ..j . ji j Ithis were unable to score acain. The in the state, especially the cotton and
Condemned. Since the revaluation act times before the convention.
. a i i . . . . i i UDO Tk Tr TrT'T' ?. mm'
was m lorce, es nave oeen avis is maung tne Sunday scnooi ; Point where his body was prepared for
from 89 cents tt $1,44. .. .work more attractive wherever she. SUDDENLY IN LENOIR nilrioi Q,.,;t,,. J;' t
were luunu lmmeaiaieiy anerwaras, i , , - - -b "-,. , . -. :
out tne secona man has not been lo- '"r, . "u .v.vw..o,
'cated. Tillman was taken to High
Congressman 'Hammer addressed goes by being able -to help teachers
the convention, sneakine especially on teach in a more attractive manner.,
A death that came as a great shock
burial awaiting notice 'from some ot
his friends or relatives
national politics. He congratulated . Mr.' J. p. lyey, of Charlotte, presi- peopie 01 Asneporo was mat or roMMlTMITY unvn.v
the people of Wilkes upon their un- dent of the North Carolina Sunday, fis. u.n. lurae at ienoir late lues- KiGHT AT THE roilRTHniiSP
-tirinrefforte and for their loyalty. School Association, is expected to a' night Rev. and Mrs. Tuttle had. mal Al THE COURTHOUsE
3 Featuring the convention was the dres the convention on Wednesday at, been the guests of their daughter, . commllnitv .. . . .
speech of Hammer, congressman of u odocic, his suDject Deing A jsuc- . v. Tuk AS"DO by the students of the countv summer
4- -enth district. .The speaker of ceulSny School." J'da TlJ ?Z&Z2 S SSy'
:'ZM-TSt Thropen- tici Wnf be pressed T oW by WL. ' expected to visit friends and Native's fft August 2!, Following the sing--TreZrfa
made bv-Mr llammr .Wpiwddint of the Ra,ndojph , Mrs. Tuttle was in her usual state of Jn E. C Perisho, of Guilford Col
gwmarlcsmade health excent for a slight heaHarhft lege, Will deliver an educational ad-
were "that there 'is too much; politics County Sunday School Association. ; health except r. alight headache. , p . b in the
fifth, after two were down. V. John
son was safe on an infield hit and pil
fered second, scoring on Armfield's
hot single between third and short.
But after all is said and and done
men leu up to the main issue con
fronting the North Carolina farmer
today. That is, carrying the co-operative
movement further to embrace
every farm commodity. This he stat-
fv JhtairK? "that 58f interests Johnson, chairman; Miss Gladys Leon-' Lenoir. The body was taken to thei ffJ e is one of the
ioAvv d,,Miss Grizelle Moore. M, N. ,P. ,home at Smithfield nesyng educators of the c t
Mr. Hammer xoredicted that the rniiups,
Democrats would carry the house of
representatives this f aU. The speakei ty president, are the following county
explained the Muscw Jsnoais proposi- ana townsnip onicers: vice presi
i on ana Mi. Fard'B offer to lease this dents. Prof. Chas. M. Staley and L. P,
y i - - . mm. i m t firniTi urP in cannnff i f Koncnn ha
Associated with Mr. Ward, the cou , "SJ SET ' "tS. Public is cordially invited to .Itend-
UUU1UCI VX X 1 1CUUO All ill lu VU W 11 . . J
one has only to look at the score to ed was the most important issue fac
see that the Camerons are a family of ! ing the North Carolina farmer today,
pitchers. land should be given careful thought.
Score by innings: We have as good land as any one, we
R. H. E. work as hard, our climatic conditions
Lexington 020 000 000 2 8 4 are ideal, making it possible for us
Asheboro 200 010 OOx 3 7 0,to 8rw anything that we desire, but
Batteries: Cameron, Leonard and; we are not getting ahead, we aie not
Cowans; Cameron and. Cranford. ; showing a profit on our farming op-
; erations. Why? "Because we have no
Asheboro Boys Defeat South Alamance IP11- Again why? Because we
The Asheboro' boys defeated the fave " co-operative organization
Sodth Alamance team Auo-ust 10 in an I through which we can market out-
uninteresting slugfest the score being I1'" colectively, and our local
on t k markets are not ample to take care of
uui arin prouuets. . inereiore we
are well known. Rev. Mr. Tuttle; de-'There will be no admission.
livered a very fine sermon at the M.
government property.' He showed. that Ross; secretary-treasurer, Miss Dora ; E- church Sunday morning and fte
capitalists, principally the fertmzer Keddtng; superintendent ot xoung r;TCir older friends and acaUaint-' Six of the railroad labor groups are
Tcto nnkA Mr. Ford's offer, that Peoole's Division. Mrs. A. O. Adams:,10 meir omer inenas ana acquaint--,
I Pi 1 in Achdhnrn 'Ftioclair oironi tr
t-- . j mr fii..Ai.i- 1now on st.rikp. Tf thft nt.lipr If) irrniins i m i .,rn,,i u , 1 1
Sown trroughoutSe enti "1 ouV lra worker, iSKraidTt S g
:..u,, - -r ... r- -.A'havinir served in the M. ej. chUTCift I0rr. .ucr l,w W1C i,uvuwu rtui wui&cia
presiaenw wno serveu uurmg -y. . weie . COUpighWiU.ldded to the
the soil eveu more. " , ; it Presidents wmr servea aunng pa . - couplST whiU .bedded to the 500,000 already
MJ Hammer merrea io me sum year, rioi. i. atony, v, iv. ouna, .Jiu vwlih juvMj.-ilri: "ived. - - v',-
subsidy m as -an. abomteal .ct-d j;,R.
charged the Republicans as playing Smith, -Jr., J. F. Hughes, S. E. Hen- ve u" gaa m aImo8,: eve about 95 jjer cent df all railway
owners. N. R. Prevost, T. L. Miller, W. H.
nnnirressman R. L. Dousrhton of the Parks. C. E. Stuart, J. G. Lowder-
eighth district was present at the con- milk, John T. Cooper, J. M. Trogdon,
fention. Owing to the fact that he C. A.' Bird and W. T. Wrenn.
had to take the afternoon train for Tne Randolph County Sunday
Washington he did not address the gchool Association is auxiliary to the.
gathering. North Carolina Sunday School Asso-
must organize and sell collectively, if
we wish to keep step with other in
dustries. Times have chanced and we
1 i must change with them if we are to
Redpath three day Chautauqua end- hold our own. This he stated could be
The.uone through the tarm bureau which
all phases of our mar-
ems from the smallest t
MrRii'. pnin miMTBifTS
TO BE LET BY COMMISSION employes receivea $v:it,b or an ; afternoon and evening entertainment , temporary organization
(By Maxwell Gorman.) work.
Raleigh, August 15. Although state Tne railroads in the United States
highway construction has been and is own approximately 69,000 locomo-
. .... oca rrr e . re
vet beinir serious v interfered with by l,ves. .ouw.uuu ireigni, cars ami oo,
' rintinn which is the co-operative ef- .1 ii, t t.,nina 000 Dassens-er cars.
PROMINENT SILkK Cil X fort of Sunday school workers of the i tn rnp milrnart situation the Every year the railroads of the
Yinnj.n Vina ii evangelical denominations 10 exienu , f . ti ;
gelical tlenominauons to extend , f rontinuino- the work are eo
j : o I... I 1 . .- .
aim iiiipruv ouiiuajr bli.uui iin ahead
lUItli U. Ill O. uigainivauiiii
Th mnhv friends of Mrs. John Hay
wdod'Siler, of Siler City, will regret stands for those interests common to
to leam of her death last Thursday an gunday school workers. It strives
at Raleigh. Mrs. SileT-had' been ill to help by way of suggestion, not by
for a month prior to her death. The authority, therefore it helps many, it
funeral and burial services were held njnder8 Done. It seeks helpful coop
at Siler City Friday afternoon- eration, not union. Its conventions
Mrs. Siler was the daughter of the and institutes discuss methods of
late William and Jane Ray Coop- not church doctrines. All rheet
er and a decendant of Mark Cooper, jnf?8 neja under the auspices of the
who was a-distinguished figure of association are free and open to all
the Revolutionary war, -and who de- t,,0 wH I attend. In territories where
voted himself to, the promotion of thre are no Sunday schools the asso
culture, in "which W was so ardently cjation does not suggest the organiza
involved. ' She wm also a descendant $ion 0f onion Sunday schools, but
of James Fenlmore Cooper, the novel- urges the organization of denomina
ist. December 13, 1882,. Mrs. Siler tional Sunday schools of the denomina
married John Haywood Siler, son of tion preferred by the people of the
the late William J. and Mary Holmes community.
Siler and ., relative of the late Sam-, . .
uel SUer. who settled tn 1800, build- COMMITTEES ARRANGING FOR
ing his Wise by Rocky river and FAIR TO BE HELD NEXT MONTH
founded the town which IS still called
Siler City, ; 1 The fair officials, are making prepa-
. Besides' her husband Mrs. Siler isrations for the fair which comes off
survived by four 'sons and three next month. Each committee is ar
daughtersK.W. J. Siler," of Cotton- langing for his or her departmei.t and
' wood AriiV F D S'ler- Pwadena, in order to have a sucesfnl fnir
n-t .'t on YfcMiBrwirA!' J- S. t'(rt.M chrfiilH ro-oTM'i-a' with the kj. oiici. vi."i - - w - . i -T-
Riui' ni.lrh: Wev. Mrs. G. W. Fer committees. Mr. York announoes-
jVi" CarthcgerMrs,- Jerome.'. F: Rus- thatsll Uvestock entered f,or premi.
; 4eli; JUleighiwui Mi.. Mary ' Bland .urns ; will, be admitted . tree td i the
, Knar.. . ItAieiirn. - ' s uur ' iiniinu. , t ..-
rrlJll i . tni.wh' Kn. . Siler initallwi hv 10 o'clock Wednesda
iVatyj Mrs. Marth. Plchett, Blooming- morning the first day of tJ fair.
. -ton, CW.; Mrs, ComelU-Thomat, Asho There ,witV be . sufficient number W
.boro. and Mrs, Camlll .Jones,. ow)staus i mem&'oi wier , H (
k- Mhaw. Mrs. 8ibsr:hl .. rarely ;r- grounds and no entrance fe4 will be
i. j . . . . i . Z.tA . tmtn Iter pharorui hut each neraon mnst BroTUe
CtiVltieS Sh. fHUlip fOV 1W r iuur u. lauvim m y.oi(,
United States carry one ton ol freight
approximately 350,000,000.000 miles.
- Tki. ; .n,.;..nT i t- r
m . . iio la cuui.oicilb bu Ldlitll K ol Lull Ul
Twenty-nine projects scheduled for f h earth q
letting August 30 with an aggregate &hou 1mm timeS-
On an average, each person in the
mileage of 186.02 miles, will bring
the year's letting of roads by the
United States rides 350 miles an-
State Highway Commission to 1 1H 25 n'on oad assenge
wtiiAb rf m-i-ta than a niinnrdrl milad . "
It costs about $5,000,000,000 a year
& tempt to engage r In iay foocopathm'toJwe there aU
me in DBrviiuis r.v w ,'t..v: vzm v . . " ,w i ....
Will -W A1V1U VHLfl WW
ueyum. i,w t0 operate the railroads.
K..., am. There are approximately 260,000
.nnn" 6 ye mre "ilea of railroad track in the United
,000,000. States, or enough to 10 times
Three projects included on the list around the earth,
remove the last unbuilt sections of the
central highway from Smithfield to j. c. FARLOW, SOPHIA, SUF
Salisbury, a distance of 170 miles con-. FERS STROKE OF PARALYSIS
tinuous paving. The Thomasville-
exington unit, tne niusDoro-meDane Mr. J. C. Farlow was Btricken sul
the evening an impersonator added to
the program. As to the financial
side, the guarantors lost about eight
dollars each, which seems useless in
... ... .. .. . ... - Li, IT.) ... ri.UI. 1 I. V L.111L Will UK . I.ILLf v" ..w. miiy;.
Jinjc, and the bridge over the ya.ltan denly Sunday morning with paralysis. ! brinK re8ults gnother year.'ercises were conducted by Rev. Walter
have achieved more than a hundred Dast fewmonths
miles Deyona tne mar set jn reoru-
ary for twelve months, and will have REITZEL REUNION AT RICH
set up a record that is without paral- LAND CHURCH, NEAR LIBERTY
lei in the record of road building in ,
America. Since January 1 contracts' The fourth annual Reitzel reunion
wfll have been let for 668.81 miles of will be held at Richland church,
hard-surface road and 645.94 miles of about four , miles east of Liberty, on
graveL .Thursday, August 24.
' - Take Advsntare ef Time. All miaisH t tKo RitiAl
y -TJ. August letting will be the final family,' either by blood or marriage,
war letting xor tne year ana mere- also all friends of the family, are cor
after the commission williocus sttten-'dlally invited to be present,
tion on construction now temporarily! Everybody is urged to come with
held op oh account of strike condt- well filled -baskeU early in order that
tion s; -Chairman PB-go hs pushed the there will be much time for mingling
work ef 'getting roads Under contract with old acquaintances and making
in anticipation of more widespread de- new ones.
U,tbYweek". - f , :-'mmd-r for contractors Vhen otheri
farm exhibit -will be states ret their road programs uhder-l
Ibit building and there Iwaf iwVPring; v ' - ' f
, : I .-.i'r .Or
ud mai. an -. -rne iuoffes
" v i, v :fr county.AEveiy wm te wrged ,to bring
c Miss' Alta Ifarks and' Mr. olao products M all kindw .'t-jj t. . '
v Allen' surprised their f friends 14si ..There will bej spacs for .alUkinds
Veek.wben they -drov to M-"f.0' FJ'a:i ?r
C. and were mamca. . .oiuihm k i, .
' 111... t-ll
P. ParkV of Asheboro. . and , fim th psolt see what; Randolph: f Ul tto
rroom s I son of Mrs. S.E. Allen, of tho world war; v'VF
v- f- a - Thev ars populsr ;vWe have secured redoceaMMi on
. and promising young people and have alljrailroadf for h .fair, o -b -pr.
Many friends throughout the county.- paring now, U only-80 day tirh
Mr. Allen has had . position, with Mr. big "wk." v , . ;.; V i i- -X
A. O. Karree for the oast few monthS. ' ' '' - ' -w'
f 1-N 10 SEND t' LOWERS TO I'AIRV,. ; V! .' - ! "
- . .. . ' -- . Tha Ticmocratlo eonventlon to'ttonv
. ' 1 hope the people of the Cown and jnato a ticket for county-olTker and
1 T tiis county will he Interented In for member of the honne of re(rean-
1 r .-. . r i,.,. S if the Randal h t;,Mvs In tlio nt genral emlily
; ' r V" " l. Idi'M ) iia l, rr rnl't'l to meet Ofl Snt inlay,
of I' : '.-..' r .--.'-d.
- ' '( f,f
Dsyi. County Convention.
The Democrats of Davit county will
Altogether the "road program Out- hold their convention in Seotember
lined in 1919 Is now approximately this year, probably the second Satur
half iJoneV.' 8rlghtly mora than 2,700 'day, and there is mighty good grounds
miles of new roads hste been built, to believe that there will be large
or are under .construction, or'under Democratic gains in (hat county as
contract'' In addition to this mReage, well as in most other sections this
thA aafjtm IneltirleS martv nunnrtvla tit var ' '- ,l ' '.'
mITam r9 n tot. Am W. . 1 1 ft In. n ii mi 1 1 ' ' ' fi i .1. i tm ... V a kun
VI BVUV IVWI, W J VHUUf Vlfa 1 vW,lllMl .Ml "
befors'the state took' over the syi- rited to speak at the. Davie county
m. ''.., .'.'.; V v" ' 'S"--'. ,' convention. -
larger than last year and more va
ried. $10.00 hi given for best art col
lection. Call or write us for any in
formation you would like.
rive in time for the first nroarram Sat- our largest commodities. It would
urday afternoon on account of . the embrace all other marketing associa
strike and 4hen rain began on the sec-,tion8.?uch as the. tobacco and cotton
ohd day compelling the performance to associations. '
he in fVia rn.irKAnoA firar nAi I Following Mr. Millcnna' oHlraco lvfi-
business, had a total of 1,628,228 em-1 formance therefore was in the even- Paine explained the organization plan
ployes on their payrolls in May. These ,nff and a combination of the of the farm bureau, and perfected a
rary organization of forty-six
with the Dunbar quartet who gave a, men, through which to put , on a
splendid program of vocal, instrumen-, county-wide campaign for farm bu
tal music and bell ringing. This was reau membership, after which a per
followed by a lecture by Harry C. manent organization will be formod.
Heffner on "Every Man's Fortune."! The following county officers were
The second afternoon a lecture on elected:
"Foes. and Friends of Our National! J- O. Forrester, of Ramscur, presi
Household" that was well worth dent.
hearing. In the evening a playl J. M. Allen, of Asheboro star route,
"Friendly Enemies" was presented by .vice president.
a New York company. Each member E. S. Millsaps, of Asheboro, secre
of the company was unusually good.tary.
and the play was quite equal to those In addition to this a township chair
we drive to the various larger towns, man was elected for each township in
in the state to see and pay the price .the county. These men to constitute
of the full Chautauqua ticket. The the county board of directors,
last dav. those who eniov music and
negro dialect were entertained and in. ANNUAL KEERANS-WOOD
The annual Keerans-Wood reunion,
held at Farmer Auirust 12. was at-
a town this side, but they are taking tended by between two and three
it "like men" and feel that they have hundred. Col. W. P. Wood, presi
contributed a high class entertainment dent, was on the grounds and ready
10 rentier any sen-ice. Dcvotiona ex-
.lZ- He ?f 8eVeral h?rS u?"ble.toAsyetnoront,acibsJ 'MrsT'Ellen -Welborn, of
are the most important projects. peak but is now improving. Mr. Far-' .Jr,;uH OOQO Greensboro, irave some verv interest-
With the award of contracts at the iov has held a position with thel ' ing history of ancestors, which had
end of the month, the commission will state Highway Commission for the ! recently fallen into her hands. Short
PREMIUM LISI Ur r Allt talks by others were also enjoyed.
HAS, BEEN REVISED UPWARD The long table on the campus was
I laden with good things which all ap-
The premium list in the Art De-Vared to heartily enjoy.
, partmont of the Randolph County Fair! It was decided that the fifth reun
has been increased over last year.,!0" will be held at old Trinity, the
Please look over revised premium list, 'second Saturday in next August,
printed after Fair book was gotten out I
and bring anything you have under BISHOP JOHN C. KILGO DEAD
, this list. We assure you absolute pro
. tection for whatever you bring; the
buildings being weather proof and pil-
After an illness of several months
fer proof. The premiums are much Bishop John C Kilgo, of the South
ern M. E. church died at his home at
Charlotte early last Friday morning.
Bishop Kilgo had never fully recover
'ed from the severe attack on his way
from Hot Springs, Ark. last spring
where he attended the meeting of
'general conference. He had recovered
J sufficient!, however, to ride out in a
mm iinrr iTDriM TiDirv
M EASUKB , A l L K1JA x week ago be suffered a severe heart at
' . . . 7 1 , um in . J14, and since then his condition has
The a.lministration tariff bill will t Uen considered serioua. Bishop Kfl
brought to a final vote in the senate' wm hm .f a r ' t
.next Daiuraay.-unwr m urwnimoua mif th of JamM T tnd Cth
dot-taking the 21 projects offered for Special Term of Court for Gailford.
August 3v presents may be gathered h On account of the unusoslly I Urge
from tha fact that the specifications number of criminal . cases aobeduled
call for tha clearing of 113 acre' of for this term of Guilford County arim
Und, ' excavation '-(oUllnff 'lJMM&O fnal court this eek, a request for a
enblo yards al earth and rock, ' and I pedal term has been mde. - The
tha hriilrea on the "nloleHs '-will r.. case sirainrt Basil lt. Hedirecock.-es
quire' 228,110 pound 'of structural cushlef of the Horns Banking Co4 of
taeLf'-Vt. - '" '" l ".' High Point, wm. hot -eoma up until
i; ) ' tha snecial term.' It was stated a
j consent agreement entered Into Satur- rlnt jj, .ductioa
a,r- 1 in his native sUte. In 1862 ha was
Passagt of the measure was re-'ordained a minister in the - M. E.
garded by senators , generally as a 'church and severed, several pastorates
foregone conclusion. At .least three in South Carolina. In-1889. when ha ;
Democrats Broussard and Ransdell, was called to Wofford College aa pro
of Louisiana and Hendrick, of Wye- feasor of philosophy and financial
mlng were counted upon to support .agent. In" 1884 ha was elected presi,1
h, whDe the expectation was that not dent of Trinity.. College, Durham, ,
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