North Carolina Newspapers

    : j-5 .V
Krtk Caitbu. Thursday, August 24, 1922
A gala crowd of approximately ten
iknimanri neonle were in Burlinirton
fr n iTimu
starch manufacturer;
visits home county
last Thursday to witness the historic meets here this week, Tuesday and
pageant in celebration oi tne one nun- Wednesday. A full attendance is ex-
dred and fifty-first anniversary oi me'p and a .pien8jd program has
Ramseur, August 22. The Randolph
County Sunday School Convention
Mr. A. E. Staley, who was reared in
Providence township is visiting
brother, Mr. Arthur E. Staley,
A horrible accident occurred Tues-
his day in the eastern section of the
05 County near Erect, when Thomas Gar
Train service has strain irone back Congressman W. C. Hammer has
to normal at Spencer upon the with- been advised by Brigadier General A.
drawal of the troops which have been J. Boiling, of Camp Bragg, that as
Battle of Alamance, the first armed !been prepared and we are sure this: A. E. Staley and Miss Fairy Staley. . !w hauling cross ties when his wag
iesistance against British authority in'u pr0Ve a great convention. Every-1 Mr- A. Eugene Staley is recognized oar turned over and the load of crosi
America. thing is ready for the folks to come,8 on of" the largest starch man-.; ties -pinning him underneath, as wel
The program began with a parade, gei fuli benefit of the con
each float in the parade picturing some
realistic phase or incident ot the rev
olutionary period. Each float was
prepared in a most careful manner,
and the bits of history which they
represented combined to make the en
tire parade interesting as well as ex
tremely pleasing,
Three out-of-town bands served the
purpose of keeping the crowd lively
and gay. " '
Immediately following, jthe parade
the crowd assembled at Harlem fort
for the main feature of the program,
which was the Battle of Alamance.
The pageant , was staged in a pine
forest. The scene, opened by a half
demented woman who came from the
wood lands ringing a bell and cry
ing out in a weird voice, "Gather, ye
regulators, gather. Gather, ye regula
tors." Immediately they gathered,
coming from all sections of the woods.
Most of them were on foot, but some
were on horseback and a few came
in on a watron. Some were clad in
buckskin, some wore rude homespun
VriAA breeches and vests, broad col
lared shirts and others were dressed
in the silk and lace costumes of co
lonial gentlemen.
When assembled, various leaders of
the t-emilators. addressed the gather
ing of protesting colonists, telling
them of the wrongs committed against
them by their tyrannical governor.
At this juncture Dr. Caldwell who had
borne a petition to Governor Tryon
asking for redress of their griev
ances, retUrned from the governor
with his overbearing reply. Impas
sioned speeches followed. Then two
red coat spies were discovered, cap
tured and brought before the regula
tors. Death was too gooa ior mem.
vention. Mr. M. E. Johnson has the
management of the entertaining part
of the convention and he with his ef
ficient assistants will see that every
body is well taken care of.
Rev. S. u Morgan filled his regular
appointments Sunday here at the Bap
tist church morning and night.
Mrw Bailey, of Greensboro, is spend
ing a few days here with her mother,
Mrs. Winfield Scott
Miss Madge Mofftt returned this
week from 'Columbia University, of
New York, where she has been this
They were in Ashebora Tne.. ner, a prosperous young farmer of on guard at that place for the past airplane will flv over the fair erounds
day afternoon accompanied by- Mrs., that section was killed. Mr. Garner several days, and Tuesday evening of Asheboro the first day of the fair.
trains began to move normally for the September 20, weather permitting,
first time for several days. Prior to The fair buildings are nearly coin
that a number of passenger and pieteld, and the office will be opened
I eTVa t UP ad week anyne desiring space
"'s uciojo v..., -.l must make application to the secreta
facturcra in the world. In 1895 with as his six year old daughter, who was
J1.500 Mr. Staley opened a starch with mm on the wagon. No one
-T'-,:: r: r ; "7 u . :, v. .r . o must maice application to tne secretaay
plant in Baltimore, he was prompted knows exactly how the accident oc-1 regular train crews refusing to oper- 0f the association as early as possible.
to do this on account of the fact "that .eurred, as the man and his little
he did; not think corn starch was put daughter were- alone at the time. The
up in attractive packages, so he in horse got loose after the wagon turn
vested in loose starch and bought drover and went to their home, this
packages and packed it by hand. For liwhat gave the alarm and the
the .first three years Mr. Staley broke brothers of Mr. Gamer set out imme
about even financially, but ever since diately to search for him. When they
that time he has more than doubled found him, he was lying in the road
his money every year. by1 the side of the wagon pinned
In 1897 Mr. Staley erected a factory down from his chest down with the
at Decatur, 111. this was begun upon.coM ties. The little girl was partly
a small scale but now is one of the protected by her father's body and al-
nt iur, wiiere units nas ueen hub - , . . ":.. j. : tu l. u
summer She stonned over a few da-vs most prosperous busmess concerns m,hogh unconscious, it is thoughUehe
summer, one Bioppea over a iew a&ys . ' , . , .'-rfn wnw. TVi aa .' tu.
nit nuiiU! i. lie piaui tuvcia ti twica . . u.v.w.u .a ..v. 9Vn
of land and is within itself a modern of, John Garner, of Hemp. He leaves
. .'.! . i li i :i l mi
City. wiuuyy auu live smaii cuiiuren. iue er
Thirty thousand bushels of corn are xunerai services were held at Smyrna I
ground every twenty-four hours, from cnurcn in aioore county Wednesday.
which starch, oils, meals, syrup.
with her friend Miss Janet Bratton,
of Staunton, va.
Mr. Roy B. Moffitt. her brother, met
her there and accompanied her home.
It is thought he had a very high re
gard lor his sister,
Mr. C. T. Hutson and family spent
last Sunday with friends at Durham.
Mr. E. J. Steed is attending court
at High Point this week.
The friends of Mis. and Mrs. Carl
The following premiums have Weoa
ate the trains while the troops were
there. Governor Morrison motored ,i , . .
a i. o i auaeo.
personal investigation of conditions. Bank of Randolph, $5 in Roid.
It was agreed by the men at the rail-1 McCrary-Reddmg Hardware
way shops that they would handle the two horse, Chattanooga plow.
trains coming and going through ..Asneooro Bargain House, pair
Spencer provided the troops be re- clle? hose-
moved, and the heads of the organi-' w. A Gregory s 5 & 10c Store, per
zations there assured the public that olator.
this bargain will be held to. I ; Cranford, ladies' silk scarf.
Probably two things that caused' wr o'- r v
nu.r. Avriimpnt thJ nvtv,ino. Wo? Cash Clothing Co., Osh-IUspk
during the whole strike, were the at-
I tack on Rev. Thomas Jimison, preach- f
Cash and Carry store, four cans cf-
union agitator, by a .postal clerk
T Iir T in
rampd Tnn Th n9rh.r i rrt-! " J.u"s on Parasoi.
ed to be slightly hurt, and it is1 YZZ f i ' "! rCker
thought that the affair arose from a 0b nro, Steam Laundry, one
r;ct.j, ti, i ;; pressed and cleaned.
dent was the blowing up of the water CoS-Cola
dairy feed, sugar, and many other "KJOUNT GILEAD TO HAVE
products are made.
One of the features that Mr. Staley
has emphasized in his business is the!'., A temporary survey was made last
fellowship between employers and em- week of the town of Mt. Gilead pre-
I ( nm i i l . ,,.
Kinney sympathise with them in the ' ft"?" , XZ? IZ u.....WOfu!
"v aiijp. j jr iv uuiicov, ufji&KAti, jjvci.i succta tin uu(; in'L1 i, lilt;
Eighty men own tawn. The town hopes to irei ...nne
their homes, and take much pride in aid fron the state tow.vd the navina
the business. of the streets. Ws a'al to
The Staley Manufacturing Company this planned improvement.
maintains physicians, nurses, teachers,'
welfare officers and other persons. "COLIN SPENCER PROMOTING
They also have chemists whom they I . ' APPLE INDUSTRY IN MOORE
send to different mills all over the
Miss Lucile Walker and others, of lT
Graham, were the guests of Miss Gra
zelle Moore last Sunday.
"Grandmother" Wylie and grandson
Latham, of Charlotte, have been
spending several weeks with J. S.
Wylie, of SRamseur.
ii H T7IA4... in i- m xt ir , ;cnu w uiiicicut uuiiB an over mi ,
Miss Etta Wyhe, of New York i ; . t. .:' ir. ri; n o .i
onAif n.a .UJ. 1 i u ... vvuiiLi j 111 wiuci Uiad V11CJ1 Hit T aostsi. Willi vl. hjpcill.CI " (13 aupUllltCU
spent part of this week with Mr. Wy- in thp -raH,a nf nt finH UnA f lat WeV hv th mt ;Z,n.a
one ciete
lie and family.
j starch that is needed. The company society and Carthage board of trade
supplies practically all of the south- to get the charter for the corporation
ern mills. of an apple orchard in the clay sec-
During the war Mr. Staley served tion. f Moore county, for commercial
with Herbert Hoover on the food purposes,
committee. He has had many ex- r
penences. Mr. Staley is a good friend FETE MEN ATTACK STRANGER
main last Sunday, the pipes of which
which supplied water to the company
shops. There is no clue whatever as
to the source of this trouble, but the
affair caused much nervousness and
cause for speculation among the citi
zens of the town.
Newsom Motor Co., one can oil.
Southern Crown Milling Co., one hag
48 pounds self-rising flour.
Central Motor Co., one inner tobe.
Brooks and Byrd, one paid Red Ris
ing Hood shoes.
Asheboro Wheelbarrow Co, eae
Wednesday afternoon Mr. J. B.
Works, of Kentucky, spoke at the 1
They were whipped like dogs and , JftyJW on the of Uncle Joe Cannon, who sent him
turned loose return like cowering Jo culture and copera- of hig new plcture6 and th
'.""'V i"j following verse
via vsiv; w-iii V CaUVCUlVCL&G VA UUUCId'
curs to their camD,
The regulators then started to re
turn to their camp to . prepare for
the inevitable onslaught of Governor
Tryon's. forces. Robert Thompson,
one of their leaders was left to.rneet
. m J .A-A-A-nHMi- WHStyn
toJSTSSL buyer offers
il .v. ti, mmranr came hlm instead of setting the price upon
-S? iJtfTZ mil? "or and products. Ve pit
jority of the regulators were vanish-
tive marketing to the farmers, and the
tact that it would make them inde
pendent to a certain extent, whereas
unaer present, conditions they are
greatly handicapped. He 5s at present
A TOuaual occurrence was reported
To my friend, Mr. Statoy; rSi t W" i m
starch ought to .iiff.n bacK- get oW
As we linen fronts; ' - "$&&L2& 'TtSEff vMhfibojK
JOSEPH G. CANNON. ne ms gtra who cial problem. Many plans are being TntnH L k M onsumers, m what
im. . . :j i lj i - . ,. i -j ...--ii u . ' . . . IS produced bv those in aTri.l.,..l
mr. oiaiey nas Been paying- one and 00111 ,luu on woriung ac tiadin maue, anu win De announced later.
a quarter million dollars income tax was walking to Winston-
produced bv those i
and other pursuits. One important
ud with his aides just as the "2 il :it ,no, ."i until the nat v.,r Owin t th A.- walked by the road camo near Glenola. J. O. Forrester. Ramseur: J. M. Allen. alm 01 lalr 18 to educate those
- . . .. 1 . . v. Vll WVKlOUIC lllOlIkCUllK 1H 1 III L - w . .. - ' I ... ' ' - '
!ng in the woods, a few of them re
Tnoinino- to imard Thompson, who en
tered into a parley with Tryon. The
demands of the king's colonial repre
sentative infuriated the bold but am
icable, Thompson and he refused to
, XVmIUOvUI O . HI . XX11CH .An I - . .
public by setting unfair Passion of business he has lost two northern Randolph, five of the men Asheboro star route; J. H. Reams, ucts of the fontrvnfv, the. .Drod:
athertoLt aprfcebas'd 'llions during the past few years., attacked him and beat, him up con- Farmer; w0rth Lowe, Ramseur route mUre ZLIJa
uui iiis ousiness nas Deen returned "j;i"iy. auc men in me camp, . lumsups, jr., Asueooro; r. r. mnr. ,.,, v
to normal conditions. claimed the stranger entered their Jones, Liberty, and C. M. Tysor, Erect. fa Z'j , v?1"1 or wnat our
Mr. Staley has been very successful camP. hut he states that he did not.
in business, and has made a vast The man was bruised about the head
amount of money but it has not made and body, but not seriously hurt. He
he has done more for the state of ,nim money-mad, nor has he lost in- na1 escaped from the five men and
envucay man any man living. I "... ' "'c,,u' "uT"" 'T"rU. ' hH, 1"" r," At the fair re evh.Kit" f . .1 ' " J'
PRESIDENTS MESSAGE I Mr- Staley is gratified over the W him the story. The five men 1 River was made by the North Caro- f1". of the thousands of visitors,
- BEFORE JOINT SESSION Progress that Asheboro has made in were arrested after a short delay be-'. llna Geological society last week, rfje best products in all lines, in ordei
the past 30 years. He has visited in inK identified by the man they had i The survey will be in the nature of a that all may come and see, study and
Speaking before a joint session
speech, Mr. Works paid a high tribute
to Judge Robert Bingham, who is a
rnompson anu o .u "iPranfison ,!. rnilnfv uot ar
comply with them, He was oraerea ? . . ' "; hi
arrested. Struggling away irom me
red coats who seized him, he slapped
the governor in the face with his hat.
Tryon was overcome and hesitated for
a moment, but not for long. Grabbing
a gun from one of his soldiers he
fired upon and killed the fleeing man.
congress, August 18, President Hard-.boro
J f viiuov 1 o JL
farms and counties produce.
POWER SURVEY OF DEEP RIVER 1 cThe falr ia the great "show window
MADE BY GELOGICAL SURVEY the farmer, the dairyman, the meiv
chant, the manufacturer, the school
A thorough investigation of the and statp departments of agriculture.
i ..... - juio, lie 1UU V Ihl in li ...... .j v.i. i. it... 1.1 1 i .tin - . ... . . v. ml, ' u.
f!the county but had not been in Ashe- beaten, and the entire party taken to 1 power census and will provide for in- mae comparisons, so that they may
of a national investigation of the coal
industry ana ior ine creation of a
r- . fif nnnn congress, August ib, rres
j v , no utt 4UBt " ucpwreu me wan are on laooi
Tryon and f that had unions and declared that the right of
come up- A flag of truce WM ""Sooth employees and employers to law
towards the rebels, but tiie firing fuU '
ceasea nou im rcu -r
battle formation and advanced' upon
h mcmiiitnra who were forced to re
treat The battle raged on up through j
the woods. Shortly the rea coaw re
turned, bringing: with them a number
of captured rebels.
"Give these young warriors an op
portunity, one at a time, to denounce
lawlessness and swear allegiance to
the king," Governor Tryon ordered
one of bia offieera. ,
"I will never awear allegiance to a
king of oppression," one of the cap
tives ahoatod. "Nor I, Nor I," shout
ed tht other captive.
Becoming greatly angered Tryon
vindictively; ordered one of. his col
onels, March" thw tebela to our
camp, bind them with chains. I
them before the peopla WfJ
thn;in;tte.Jatt,boro' 1 w
how the peopU Of Orange county
thatj resistance U. th king i futiU,
j.mi.. nd fataL" And
wiUi aerlous melnuxi a commanding
restur; the govrno pointed
- flnge' -towarda: Hillsboro. - His com
rnand a wweuted and the amy oi
tho king marched , ;ow jthe UU
' wt o alght.':', vr. " - -!-JMJ:i
: ' .i in. tiottia rr Alamanea was over.
v Twentieth century Prons camaback
to tha twentieth century ana JTT
their Data wnue ma ihuu jjv
,:AUmanee U to bo wngraWated
aiurn nrfwfudnfl tho first battlO 01
' the Revolutionary war. Thert wr a
number of Randolph county citlns
, among the men who took part in the (
'. battle. .'".; n : "..:'','
The day doeed with the eoronatipn
ot the Queen, MlM-Ruth EtUa, who
hv txityulAr ToUe .'In
High Point jail for safe keeping dur-1 vestigataon of possible location of f DacK "ome and begin to raise befr
ing the night. Monday morninir they , lama, storage basins, gaugings and ter "ops, better livestock, better poul-
COUNTY a S. CONVENTION arere brought back to Trinity and tried, other matters affecting development lry' "ewer fruit, better vegetaoles, k
IN SESSION AT RAMSEUR before T. S. Bowling and M. C. Mc- of the stream along hydro-electric fac everything better that is gaswa
Dowell, justices of the peace. The 1"M- on farm-
He stressed the necessity , Dr- E- L. Mofftt Makes Splendid Ad- nien were all put under $50.00 bond I Represented at the meeting were' A8 fair time approaches there shoald
. .... - . J. I J I :i ... l it i i XL. lv .. imA Ik. U 1-. . r
aresa aim upon ituiure io iurnisn ine oonu, ino wtcp itiver mills, oi Kandieman: uiuujfui oi a iew (lavs of r-
The county Sunday school conven- three of the men were brought to jail i the Sapona mills, Cedar Falls; the reation. from the hard summer work.
tion is in progress at Ramseur, hav- at Asheboro where they await trial at i Columbia Manufacturing company, of a'r time affords an opportunity for
ing opened Tuesday afternoon with the September term of court. The '.Ramseur; the Riverside mills, of the farmer and his family to take a
commission to consider recommenda
tions and to advise as to iust wae-eo
and proper labor conditions. To meet! Mr. W. L. Ward, of Worthville, pres- man who was beaten is also held an a
the present emergency a national coal roent, presiding. Miss Dora Redding, witness.
agency was recommended to purchase, of Caraway, secretary and treasurer,1
sell and distribute coal. Other legisla- Mr. D. W. Sims, general superinten- SCHOOL OF METHODS AND
tive recommendation was for "the dent, and Miss Flora Davis assistant! CHAUTAUQUA COURSE AT ELO.N
better protection of aliens and en- suverintendent of the State Sunday
forcement of their treaty rights," a school, are in attendance and have A chautauqua and school of meth-
measure to give federal courts full I made netpiui practical addresses on oils win open at tion College Monday,
jurisdiction in protecting aliens. subjects pertaining to advancing the August 28 and continue for a week for
The executive, in discussing the coal woric. vt. JS. L. Moffitt, of Asheboro, the church workers of the Christian
situation, referred to what he termed ' addressed the convention Tuesday church. There will be four periods of
"the allocking crime at Herrin, Illi- evening on Some Side Lights on Sun- Bible study each morning, besides
noil, which so recently shamed and day School Work. He especially em-'tudy of Sunday school and Christian
horrified the country," and added that phasized the attitude of the communi- Endeavor methods, mission study and
Worthville, and the Sandhill
company, of Carbonton.
"the butchery of human being was
wrought in madness."
. He stated that the Eseh-cummings
act, in establishing the railroad labor
board, was Inadequate, being prac
tically "without power, to enforce Ita
decisions, and recommended such leg
islation aa may be necessary to enable
it to enforce Ita decisions, with due re
gard for employee and employer
alike. ,
-Other than this the president failed
to recommend any legislation to deal
immediately with the railroad strika.
la urging'; legislation- relating to
coal he said that the administration
had "sought earnestly to restrain pro
fl tee ring and secure rightful diatribu
tion" of coal but -was totally without
authority or legal power to control
y Xt C. C Cranford. chairman of
' aplendld display of phoaphorenttha Democratic executive committee,
light, after which a masquerade ball jMt challenged Mr. C.N.' Cox,
. j Xollowed. 1 " " . chairman 01 the Kepuoiicao executive
Twe Mr Point Mea Arrested - I committee, for m Joint canvass of the
' A. 0. Huff, a theatre man, and WflrnonuneH for the various offices 1a the
; Pwitxer, a former merchant of High'nty, , -S. f
" Toint, have bwn Indicted upon thej , For many yean It Was customary
, charge of aiding,' abetting and eon-'or candldaUi to make a joint cam'
'spiring with Bantl H.' HedgeCockpBtn, , Mr. Cranford thought thli eua.
former chier of the Home Savings. torn might be renewed, but up to the
' Hunk at High Point, to defraud the'rresent time Mr. Cranford bae not
bank. , . ' . inad an aniwer to hla challenge,
' ' " y'- ' . I '. ". r ' .
ty, the church and the teachers in many other subjects. The afternoons
the Sunday school and said that until will be devoted to recreation and ath-
the people made ample provisions for letic sports. Large delegations from
carrying on the Sunday school just as the various churches in this section of
they, do the every day school the Sun- the state are. expected to attend.
day school will continue to lag. Mr.1
Sims followed Dr. Moffitt speaking on NEWS DELIVERED IN ASHE
The Sunday School That Meets It BORO EARLY IN MORNING
Opportunity, It Was Inspiring and
gave the audience a broader view of The Greensboro News is now deliv
the splendid opportunities of the Sun- red at the poxtoffice in Asheboro at
day school. Various conferences for seven o'clock in the morning. The
workers have been one of the helpful truck delivering papers in Asheboro
feature of convention. The Ramseur goes to Star, Biscoe, Troy and Mt
people have left ne stone untuned Gilead. It ia a great convenience to
in providing for tha delegate and the people and every patron of the
every one present la loud in praise of paper is delighted with the ervic.
the entertainments The convention1 "
closed last night MRS. C, L. CRANFORD URGES
Please get your fancy work ready
, : .u : -- - , for the Wg fair.
-The Coorier win , Issue a pecial We have just four week more for
Farm Bureau Edition next week and work. I want every lady in old Ran
will be of Interest to every one as well dolph te put some thing into the fancy
as farmer., Mr. 3. R. Pollock was In work department.
Asheboro last week and outlined plana Get your catalogue and look over
for the organization and the officer the list. If you can't make something
of the County association are enthused large there are. plenty of small arti
over the prospects. ' Every phase of ties that you can make In a few mln
work connected with agricultural do- Ute.
velopment will receivei attention' and '. We hare larger and better budding
the benefit of tuch an organisation this year and can find a place for all
will be fully explained. The paper your work. , v
will be double He regular site endi - If I Can help you la any way, pUase
should be preserved sspeclaUy by the write tne, Mrs. C. L. Cranford. u
farmlng people. '.;, ,., 'L ' perintendent fancy work department
Power aav or two off and visit the fair. Not
only does this event provide a change.
out, it also affords a splendid oppor-
EXPRESS AGENT SHORT FUNDS tunity to look over exhibits and make
IN THE CHARLOTTE OFFIC E comparisons; to see the livestock and
compare one animal or breed with an-
Four men were arrested in Char- other; the various farm tools and itn
lotte the latter part of last week plements may be studied. 'This is al
charged with larceriy and embezzle- m08t essential if modern methods and
ment of the American Railway Ex- practices in the use of farm imple
press company's funds and eauiDment. ments are to be followed. The visitor
they are R. L "Eckard, Charlotte at the fair is given an opportunity to
agent of the American Railway Ex- study the productiveness of diffesent
press company, O. S. Perry, part own- sections of the state, the varieties of
er of the Perry Mincey Furniture Co., crops, yields and methods of produc
G. B. Phillips, employee of the South- tion. At many fairs cooperative mar
ern Bell Telephone Co., and C. 8. Mc- keting is being explained for the first
Clelland, in charge of the express time and an opportunity given for the
company's "old hoas" sale. Eckard farmers to understand organization
told the police that "seven or eight" methods and to learn of the benefits
would be connected with the deal if the derived from membership io such as
books were gone over. Just how much sodations.
money is missing from this deal is not The womenfolks are likewise bone
known as yet but special agents and fitted by inspecting nearly all of the
the police say that secret dealings have departments of the fair, because the
"" " u,er " modern farm woman is interested In
H1.H. Point M. r , t v Si' i the thin,r" that 10 mk
High Point Man Gets Two Yearn. life better. She will be benefitted by
Henry Oaken, negro, of High inspecting the various domestic and
Point, who was arrested early in household exhibits and she will learn
April on the charge of shooting an- t many new convenience which will
other colored man, Henry Johnson, be of aid in -performing her" home la-
who boSrdod in hla hum. u.n.. I bora. A era i n wa. 1 .1 .i
CONTRIBUTION FANCY WORK-hftGreensboro last week.' The ver- hd the Investment will prove one oi
diet of guilty of manslaughter wa the beet made during the entire year,
rendered and a two year' sentence It will be a vacation worth while.
s1.i,J,J0UntyTr?"lj' Waa ldven- L"t 0n nt of the railroad altuation
PtYl n, Johrn Wtti! Mrre""ir Smith'' Greater Show cancelled
with Oake.' wl.'e, and it was .aid their contract We have contracted
that he attempted to hit her over the with a much larger .how, Bllll
u u 1 iV1?." p.n' wh?n her C:,ark', Broadway .how which played .hot him, killing him r.l- the Greensboro fair two year ago!
most Instantly. They are traveling In 25 cars and wiU
have with them merry-go-rounds, for-
Vestal G. Wlngler, who wa r- "nwi. wmp venewan wing,
ralgned in Wllkee county court -last P'n ?'t,d w"t how, circus, side
week for the murder of hi wife 29 8ll0W. ,Irot motor dome, and i
years ago was found guilty and aen- vrJ i0'r . d'n d up-to-daro
teneed by Judge P. A. McElmy to a how- J" wilt be tged
Urm of ii year la the state penlten- by American high waUr diver, ;
iirf. two performance daily.
Saturday, August 19 the board of You can always look to greater pos
directors of the Randolph County sibilities after visiting the fair, k
Farm Bureau met at the courthouse in Pens thought for bigger and greaUr
Asheboro and laid plans for the pros- rk.
.ecution of an intensive membership You owe it to yourself, vour familr
campaign to extend into every section and the communjty in which you live
and community of the entire county, to attend your fair this fall. Take the
The meeting was called by Mr. Ewing whole family along if you can. The
S. Millsaps, Jr., farm demonstrator for money is well spent,
this county Mr R. C. Pollock, of There is nothing like competitioa t.
Chicago, national organizor of the promote progress Better liVestosk
American Farm Bureau Federation, ,,., ,IYeS06k
tZ?? to the your stock at the fair this ' fall? S
XT JI ru, SnOjr. i. will pay you to do so.
N. Paine, secretary of the State Fart. . .
Bureau Association. This organiza- to, lKe Percentage of those wno at-
ti'nn ivhiVh woe fm..i k., t lena. tir are consumers and not
ago in the ccum. is primarily to aid iKl ?h?jr atnd-the fair far ' I
iff the" solution of the farmers' fiiian- """"K othe". that they -8

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