North Carolina Newspapers

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'--"1rV.:-'iV V" " ' " ' ' - -'--S-r.--. ;--f- V
Ashebora, North Carolina, Thursday. September 7, 1922
ec:.o r:::DAY judge '
' September court convened '"' Monday j
with Judge t. 3. Finley, of NorthJ
Wilkes be ro, presiding and ; Solicitor
Hayden ClemenV' SaliBbwy, prose
cuting. - The term will last , this week
and only criminal ease will be tried.':
' Judge TTnley in charring the grand
jury piade a clear , presentation and
MnlanaticHt of the Drincioal ffensa
aarainat ' thecriminat law and 'dwelt
upon the importance of all good peo-
ple'iEivinr theirBUpport to law en
forcement and the maintenance of law
and rdeivc-Vve:
Sis charge well received and
hia fabne&t and fine qualities of mind
and heart as well aa his ability all
most f avorabfy impressed couri offi
cials and- the dliv:!Uts;- ta
Uc.-'m H; Parks-lr foreman of
grand jury, associated with him are
the followbis: - Geo. Ai Lamb. W. G.
Coxr John L, Cox, L-r S. Laughlin,
Clifford Hfll, w, E. Frailer, K.
Millikan, A. Richardson C. L. Sur
ratt. W. H.; Coble. T.' E. Farlow, J.
E. Ward. P. P Fentress, M. F. Rich
ardson, A. Moore, Millis Brown, E.
H. Cwt. I "
The-petit jurors are;
Alfred King; S. A. Pugh, J. W.
Bailey. O. R. Bums. Will Maness, F.
J. Brooks, T. J. Bingham. A. R. Cor-
nellson. Everett Davidson.
The following cases nave been dis
posed ox: A 41 r -
State "vtv Tom. Co and' Carl Routh,
nol pros , with leave. .
State itsv Frank and Clyde Wboley,
nol pros with leave. 'vVj,
State vs. William Parrish et al.i de
fendant discharged -upon good behav
ior. - i
FA Chambers nlead nilty. attempt
ing manufacture liquor; sentenced to
twelve months" on Cabarrus - county
State; w Henry,.Westmoreland for
manufacture Uf liquor, nol ros with
leave. a y.v-J"l,- ?v
State vs. John Rich, called .and fail
ed. " - V
State v. B. i Copple, called and
failed. ' f-" v'. - 7
tinued to October court. N
. State vs. R. it Miller," called and
failed.- VV"' J 'jj-'J
- State vs. Raleigh King, continuedr
State vs. Will McCoUmf called and
failed, ' s t , 'V r
State vs., Smoke Gray, -defendant
nleads sruiltv forcible trespass.. juda
ment suspended vp6n payment ; of
costs and 5 for Wood In question.
State vcvPrestoa Spoon, . driving
car while intoxkatednnedSO.; "
State vs. JameaA Hughes; ' driving
carwhfle intoxicated,llned 75 and
costa. - ' 'v y . :
SUte vs. R. J. McNeUl, driving car
while intoxicated, 50 and costs, also
60 days en Rowan roaday " Vr
State vs. E. C.1. Burgess, v assault
with deadly weapon. $10 and costs.
State vs. Robt wniiamsv. ptead
guilty operating car while intoxicated,
fined $50 and. costs. i -vi. .'; v '
State w PearleCulIers, "'Wiarged ,
with stealing wheat, acquitted., , i
Henry Laigley, plead ruDty msno
factors liquor,; prayer for. judgment
postponed until- October terav' ! -:K'
Henry Tyson, prayer for judgment
and released upon good behavior; '-J
State vs. Frank and Clifton Cox,
continued, --,n,- s. 1 y . -
Elwood fipencer plead guilty ; as
sault, sentenced six anontljs Cabarrus
, county roads .upon capias sheriff or
solicitor. i jrfH-r :t t
Lsroy" Isley plead guDtyv- simple as
sault, Judgment suspended upon pay.
ment eatta, . r Ll .," -.V 1 1 .fs'i .
For eamrin ennMalnd ruin. 'fin
ed' $50. , -rTj-'KijM,,.: -! .v,
Waltel-IIanftss plead 'guflty assault
deadly weapon, sentenced Jail for two
years upon cSpias of solidtoror sher
iff to County roads designated, by coun
ty eommlsfclw T-s. , Lz ,
WUl Gw-n and r Lester Hooker,
charred with lurning truck' and re
ceiving f, C ?t acquitted; Hooker
' foundgwi:?, rot imposed,
- Rossie iulbon i,kad Sfiilty aaasult
deadly wearvn, four months la Jafl. '
T. G. Trofrdon, operating ante
while bitx!witl, fT.rrv 12 months
'assigned any time three years
,Poa motion r'-!J or o'icitot.4-
Jsck Uan-( i ii, earrylnjrr eoncea?od
weapon and au't with deadly weap
Oa, Judaici:t su:; ended upon , pay
ment of ew-tj. ... - . . .i '
.IRossie Kt ' r? officer, two
Tfara, ass; - , to ar.y county roads
... oelirnat"i by comm'-1. .
fKJey y.:r v if 1 S -0 for driv
ing aa auto si -at'd and a
hoh. zeb r.'Lo;:c :
In th presence of a large audience
MrT . . William Grady Ferguson, of
Randleman, 27 -years old in May of
.this year, went to the- Bank of Ran
Tuesday during the adjourned hour of to 16 years in the SUte Prison Tues
wuiw txwu Aso wanoB jhiv. cum- ort ot rniii vvr nv jrHiM i k m.
for solicitor in this the tenth Juley in the Superior Court at Asheboro dleman with a loaded pistol and took
didal district made, a wonderful ad- upon a plea of guilty for-assault with' from the bank $543, leveling a pistol
dress in the court house in Ashebqrov intent to, commit rape Jipon a Miss on Claude Newlin and Miss Epsie
In the outset M, Long spoke on eoun- Reddick near Prospect, church . 'in. Woolen, employees of the bank. He
y pouncs, taier aruung into tne als-ttiniw township, this county on June then left for parts unknown and turn
bUMUuu ui HLHiA ami iiai.iiinMi nmniamH. n.-.
am JiM Kivjpn utQ ippxCB Ox UlfJ OH J US'
The huildinra at the fair arrounds Ramseur, September 6. On last
have been completed and the grounds Saturday night the O. Henry and Me-V
are being put in readiness and every Neill literary socities of Ramseur
thing points to the best fair Randolph high school gave the faculty and pat
has ever seen. The mam exhibit rons of the high school grades a warm
building has twenty booths in which reception at the school building. First
the various business people will have a spiencua program was given by
There is also an automobile memoers oi tne societies in which
vhihitjj ihAm i a inn an automoDiie memoers oi tne societies in whirh &
, e nn in New OrWn two wk , section in this building. The poultry hearty welcome was given by Ray
.' Davis attacked 'the'-vOiitiV whit VTAm'- 1 f Alt anl auS . Itiwtaa1 tin yv 4-Va sf and doe buildine? has twenty booths Campbell to the teachers. Fol-
linrited attenticm and With-his. Bplen-Inan while walldnar alortg the hiKhway:f ials there and was broairht hark toH and is well arranged for the hairy lowing the program the audience was
and feathery tribes. directed to the gymnasium where
One of the interesting features oi oiocx cream was served in abundance,
the fair will be the sheep and wool ex- Here everybody had an opportunity to
hibits under the direction of Mr. Geo. meet the new teachers and mingle to
Evans, state sheep husbandry man. gther for an hour and talk over the
Wednesday has been set aside as edu- possibilities and problems of the
cational day. Every school child be- school and other community interests,
tween the ages of six and fourteen Supt. S. D. Marsh and all the teachers
wflT be admitted free of charge. An except Miss'Cranford, of Trinity and
airplane will be here from Camp Miss Smith were present and express
Bragg. ed their appreciation of the hearty re-
Thursday is "Everybody's Day," and ception given them,
a general good time is expected. On Sunday the several congrega
Fridav is "Doe Day." and the prin- tions of the tavm thnut at th
uuy vi ceruun ana gionous victory m- oreos oi men ana ooys, many oi wnom Jus , wile and for seven weeks after v w scnooi Duiiamg tor a union service
old Randolph-. this fall.. A tounty- that .wer armed with shotguns' and revolv-4thtebunung sat by. hep side day and Show under the direction of Mr. W. W. emphasizing the educational work of
can eumnoute ine nauonat councils ers, visiiea tne scene, ana assisted in night.almost without sleep. Then he i'
1W now ef language, eloquence.and near Prospect hirf-?t lAsbabero where he gave bond for his
ealft, he la a delightful speaker. 4 He was capturediafter an ajl night' appearance at this term of . court,
. jfuiK yppncns ana jqb searcn .m r orsytn county; -1 wo otn-., turning over $245 of the money which
01b this oUstrk een ,conc at home in the pocket of ;
m ;'t "j wraciakare-arom ana loagea in jau as mgn. roint ana hit work shirt in Ms trunk. The de
Mr. Long's address:-vCj ;'.l . crowd gathered to lynch them and-fehdant married about a vear aaro and
,1 tTP0?!"0 weet:n Pl 7 officials. Davis was'24 weeks before taking he money his
Itable love-feast to me. but to 6m. delivered to Sheriff Stafford, of Gnil-Ho.nni fAa na,,o.kt m nrt.ii
me and; fellowship with "you. today ford by .-tha 'captorsWho tookjiim -to, standing before a fire at a neighbor's
affords to me; I assure, you, especial the State. Prison, for safe .keeping.-A house and her clothing was practical
Joy lor as I touch spirits with .the few dayi afterwards Dasis was ly burned off of her. burninir her so
fine emocraey W your good county I brought to Asheboro , jail ;where he.badli that .she died soon after Fergu
am thrilled with the .;liope that I know a bamea.C-; ' ilsoKjeturned to the state.
inspires every Democratic heart, the .... On the afternoon of the attack hun-1 . Ferguson was greatly attached to
a congressman- with mter . 'prestige the search for the assailants,
than any man- m that great body for Four negroes were taken into cus.
Itook her to a hospital at which the
the length of his service roust be dem- tody by officers who arrested them asV. Every effort-was made by Fergu-
vH.w. ...vim vHuugwwcu Dvu). n(u. Buojauuw .uHuwiwiA x wu . . mew son. AvO' raise too inoney oy lus uiiiiy
C Hammer, -must be returned to con- were placed in the' city jail at High worfc going to the hospital to Bee his
gross by the largest majority in the Point, and. a mob of several hundred wifejf vHe borrowed money from
history of the stata I predict here men surrounded the1 jail, and crowded, friends and was in such distress about
and now that if the Republican party Into the northside fire station house, his wife that it is the general belief
will, have the courage and, confidence apparently bent on lynching. ''-'TMrtirt..idB. niind -gave .way to such ex
to come out boldly and give battle irt High Point citizens were appointed as tent 'that his wife's welfare "weighed
the open Randolph will toll up twenty- special officers who remained on duty' upon' his mind until he was not re
five hundred majority on election day, all night to keep order and protect 'sponajble for his acts. This is the
the cnmntimitv Rov K T. Mnnrsn
Let every one in the county read the nastor of RamsAnr Rantiet h,i
catalogue and arrange to bring ex- preached a very inspiring sermon on
hibits. i the importance of education from the
. . ... A'rr. double text from Solomon "Wisdom is
lakujk ibuhu ur- rAiBuiw the greatest thing, therefore eet wis.
for Ramseur people.
On SllnHav nicrht. fhi snmA lirA nf
many oi wnora were present. an. -
xuaaaox toucnea Dneny upon tne con- r l --
ditions existing at the school building, .led bT DJ- WScker, of Elon College,
the absence of eouioment. Door Uarht- and pastor of Ramseur Christian
' . . ' .. . A u . u li r: i i
little play c;-er uiaue a strong
PRESENT AT SCHOOL OPENING dem; the fear of the Lord is the be-
' . , , , j r , ginning of wisdom." Brother Morgan
The Asheboro schools opened Wed- pieaa for art education that would de
nesday morning, September 6, with Velnn th hrt nf man aa well aa frhA
the opening exercistj in the court mind.
A. ,.;v.. AmAr4n Tftr i
itwij Tj s j TV Special music was furnished by lo- 1
1 J. W. Rose led in prayer, and read a' , mi . "I
for I declare toyou, that there is not life and property. The mob" soon dis- opinio of almost the entire communi-icnapt6,1, of scripre. The superintend- waa fl
w wfuumi ifiBwijr uuiv. uny -yvnsu, way. um acaitu vue assail- ty.. rerguson nas always sustamea ai-"- r il'.j j one
man can ueiena, ana not a page 01 ant oi tne young woman continued' good character and many witnesses i?aia- w uuren uu uwu iICu,
Democratic historv for wh(rh w shall until th nAxt Ha v him Tiavia 'waJ mWia ; f a fr-nm Roninmor. many of whom were present. Mr.
blush orHie ashamed. f I believe in an captured while eating lunch at 4 gro-. bear testimony to his good reputation.
open discus8ion of the great .Issues, eery store near Winston-Salem. j ft. is a strange case, that a young
and ..while, relvtnff. tinthinir .nnnn Tlcn liu Imni no dcnmtnitiiin In Iminal' vhnm nn An a harl avav
own strength but laL' in the armor Randolph county at any time, so far heard aiught against him should do as j faff' insufficient library,
f9 afrVtf Ann mho. mami . a aa wrHMf . j: c 1.. i AiA . 1 : ...v.- fiTound eauinment and 1
historyfond ef our. traditions, -'I will: This Is case where there isno hyn& doing, yet aU his acta-up to ge furth the 1 cooperation of .xnespirit ot Christ.
meet any itepublican on dearth on the sort oi doubt about the identity of the "that time were those of a sensible ine parents m Beemg. uuh. vus wuiureu v.. uuuj, imiuunu , uwk hu
record of theDemwratic partfc negro. The young lady was oft the mah.f;1. v . . , . 8udy 8aym OT aJ?? 5n ; sch4o1 :tA--Tit-'-
ine Jjemocrauc party aaa .nsd to stana and 4oii a straight, consistent 1 Judf?e Tiftleyras nmy.-MvmA 1?
work out the. great' problems to epea 'statement of the facts.
ef"bttteV opposition het Republican-
pany Tne Kepuuican party nas naa
two great opportunities to serve the
'edv H'; the;
3al4riemeieBs .4-
'mX: tw-cnied fschoit3rv6tk.The:H6n
ment or Ahe state ana aU Jlie-ae-,WTtiy!llpriu to a-uttle over two years nu0- b w u onwuKifm v ct" won ever attaiu-
iAn. , nArt imv am ArA.Tvv-x- n a w mx.! KnrininA ' iiiicxii bu uicui
A, . A - - , , . . . AUit, V Ut SJilUK V
peopieiox ine state, ana eacn t me tney poultry department for the county
have recorded a complete and shame- mwu nu..,!!.. ; rvr...
i """"' "i i-wiTO-nuve- aratlons lor his cusplay. There are
POULTRY AT COUNTt FAIR when, g)ven .(-br itU . K 5 SS, " , . ,
I , ' rTv T r. ; , . . ; mr anu ir- . oceea, or mga
" wi-v wwr.f ortinriTyn nnima ciw n . I Ann It 1R hellPVAli thnt T.hlS Will nA A Tn;n4- U. 1 n n rri
" ' - 1 uiiiL. til 1 11 iti i . mi 111 111 nt. n 1 ridfTiie
son, of Siler City, were visitors at
V. I SfAAH'n SiinHoir
work dren to know that there will be a kin- M Moffit; ,eft Mond
a..'Tftww fiTnT-Brr nnivrna sni n
TO TAYLOK-EWAKI, CHICAliU.F"""1' A x.v..Ci j-
veretst to tne parents ui yuungci uiui-
Bonds for the town street
z ' . , , r arauoiiB ior ins uispiay. mere are "'" " " " 1 j fv, ,m oKnut mia raiwge moniw ihi monaay wr
had to iretaW M the ark of tha feove- three hundred, ribbons for'amounting to 8135,000 were sold Tues-ffarten in the town opening about Elon whefe ghe
Democratic party -for prixe8( and sufficient cooP8 or all day night, September S. Fifteen J nlZ l'JLn in a department of college work fothe
-f:7:fS: ?. Mr. King urges . that evei7.Wing houses put in bids the sue-, f m 11 have a KwTwrn
The Democratic party adopted the one havinsr thorough breds enter their'cessful one being the
great eoiistitutioitai amendment wliich fowls. I Co., of Chicago, who offered 5 1-4.
measure saved our very civilization - .They are to be sold at a premium ofl .-,, 0-, . n
and artiiallv bavm! what la left nf the Mn Fbitnmhiul in Mln. fo . WaaIt 'S175.50. The transaction was han- ENTHUSIASTIC MfcbriNU Or
Republican party, for if the reign of . died by Mr. Henry Robins, attorney at
terror, brought about by their wicked Forty-six men who have been en- 'iaw, of this place. This is the high
administration been continued thev tombed in the Argonaut mine at Jack-1 est rate which, has been received for
layior-xiwoit ,t. I Mr and Mrs H R Mnn anA fom-
ue iaici. i
lly recently made an extensive trip
through the mountains and to Marsh-ville.
Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Johnson return-
On last Friday night a number of ed from Jackson Springs Sunday.
would have been consumed In the "n Cal., are reported to have answer-'"bonds in any town under a population the leading business men of the town Mrs. D. E. Highfill returned from
revolution and storm of the right- signals ruesaay 01 tne workmen 0f 6,000, as far .as is known here, met ana neara Messrs. a. r. jones anu ur. iong s hospital last week. She is
the one., cj- o. mmsaps uiscuss matters 01 im- mucn improved and her mends hope
of the portance to Asheboro and to Randolph ghe will soon be entirely well.
hospital, people, une 01 tne aiscussions was A number of her friends 8urDrised
epus wrath of an outraged people, but who are working valiantly- to reach The- Taylor-Ewart Co. are
Democratic rule Juts ever brought life tnem. n was announces oniciauy mat who purchased
F 4 I
i - W. I). r
are m!.tr-
ot!r, 1 t
' that ri r
that t r v
Dear f
ry f r !
bt)r ' 1 ,
(' 1 I ,
and strength to North Carolina. ; Thursday is the earliest possible time Guilford county
-UnJ the KepubUCan politician con- wwjf wn rencn imra. me enure town
fees their sins and' plead that we for- was thrilled with the news that they
get and forgive their past mis- nao answered signals. ,
giveness, but the trouble is their; po- "
sition on present day problems gives W. C. KING, CLERK IN
no hope ef reform whatever,. Why,' POSTOFFICE, RESIGNS
my friends, for twenty years the Re- -
publican heads .advocate tax .reform Mr. W. 0. King, who' has been a
and .solidly voted in the legislature clerk in the Asheboro postoffice. has
for thtj Revaluation Act, but before resigned and has accepted the princi-
this law could be-tried out, .they all palship of the Hub high' school in
the bonds
The bonds were issued some concerning estamisning a 1 receiving Ada mcka on her birthday last
time ago, and the street construction station in Asheboro for tobacco pro- week by giving her a party.
work completed about a year ago. It
did not seem that it was a good time,
however to sell the bonds and they
were held until .the present. .
A speaking of interest to the farm
ers of Randolph and surrounding
I A ,
The 'Randolph County Farm Bureau Mr- Newton Rogers and family, of
is this week in the midst of a county- w"re vlslw)ra at -
wide campaign, explaining the bene- Brown a recently,
fits of such an organisation. If a .Born 10 and Mrs C. E. Bald
sufficient number of tobacco growers wm' 8 son at Memorial hospital Sat
join the organization it .is very likely urda7-
that Asheboro will be made a distrib-', Daile Marley spent a part of
utinir noint for the tobacco producers, i week m Asheboro with her aunt,
Every citizen in Asheboro should co- Mrs. W. E Uiclc.
uuutiB vera oteeu vwiteu ner Bister,
KsktMft ta mifi ATMlMAa BUid CAWATalV AitmATiM svntirv It U sAnAlir1af
. 1 . i a. ..j - m .t..iM i a 1 ii i a. 1 i k.i tii 4t. Aa nnsarflTA wirn rn Tarrr in phiaim lRn-
own party in a vain endeavor to make Mr. King was.prlndpal of the Sea-in Asheboro Jhursday . afternoon at lng a receiving station here. weTk. 7
poUti eapitWf .ttte purely grove school last ye and had a' 2:00 P-.The speaiei -of ! the 'occa-l nonvFI mN. I Jethro Almond's show, are located
auamess meoe 01 legislation. . cut to most successiui year. sion win p vry- ouci ui. w -, - - -
piece of legislation.
Democratic-party has so wisely work-
DEAD bere this week and will no doubt re
ceive a liberal patronage, as he runs
..I ,; ' lerican Farm. Bureau federation. Mr.
ed out our tax system that jnore than COURT CALENDAR FOR THIS ; 1 Silver is head of the legislative de-
. . .rj'iuo'W., nlOTDTrT - A UTrjrHTvni'n 'urtmuit nt itiA kmin anil la a neaJr.
intfkaa. taxea tiian rjr, exceprln cer- 3 -T: - ' . ' . i - ? lrSK' K nU2i Smith returned from
" vuv tv uia ia wv vwa svaa nMsyiiiSiw-iiHw i.4www r t -. i , . . . . .
Mrs. Elmer Hoover died at her home one of the most respectable shows that
and havs
r V
s 1
- In t
5 I
tain emintiea hruler Renubllcan
rule, and the counties now have iu- criminal cases will be taken up at aU not. Come out and hoar a good speech
- L I -M .1 -1- ' X . 1 1 . .t,-7A 1.1 J Kl.MJ t.A f.HIIlM Wlf V. mil,
presenosv, They will all be there. .
i Te Die isv Ckab? 0tebe Utk
John A.- Bush, of Lenoir, wh was
found guilty of murdering1 Will CUne
some months age, waa sentenced- last
week 'to iie in nhe electric Chair
October 18th. ' The trial - came U- a
dose after hard fought legal battle,
and it was stated that the counsel for
the doomed man r Immediately 'gave
notice of appeal to the Supreme court
in effort "to, save the - young1 man's
life. , Judge- J. Bis Ray presided." . : '
. . .
''The bard surfaced road between
High point 'end Asheboro Is progress
ing tuceiy. 'The road roros aas oeen
stationed afar Glpnola and has been
.working in both directions.- Hard syr
hearing yie fadng has been Ugun and the work
? t; contmuea. ;
V'-: Large Stin Cap! and. "ri
" A Targe still was brought to Ashe
boro. Saturday which wss .the center
of much Intercut. It was captured
while in operation last Friday after
noon by Rural Pol Iceman Frank Far
low, of Back Creek, Bob. Farlow, and
Kyroit Otwrll. rural . policeman, of
LvaJ Cro, r.rv the riiovsr rnln-
1 i propArty In tha ( a raws y sUon.
j-!: ,.pri!t lira- was r-' : ! of the C"T-
and Y ' i .1 ( - t i t V t V r 'i
i n i 1 t t ' v I -
preme control of their tax levy 4"- future term of criminal court held in
- Every dollar of taxes that you now the district court at Greensboro: '
pay on real and personal 'property j Monday 3uilford county,
goes te your county government. Now,!,,; Thursdays-Orange and - Caswell
listen, if there Js anything' wrong counties.' viT,v- v 'V."
with your taxes in Randolph r county-. Wednesday-Forsyth- and ' Roddng
see Your county commissioners. ; They ham counties. - --; ' - -
made your debts and . spent ' Tour(, ThursdUiyMontgniery,-' - Randolph;
money and made your tax levy, take and Stokes county.'- J .". !
that proposition home -with jooJ ' Fridar--5furTy and Tsdldn counties.'
mere are some otner xearares ei our j- . .. -
t un that hear . Rcpubli- tyMJitm eiNnni vn wn.l,( c' v
cans talking about . Who ever heard, HAN, ENJOYS THE COURIER
a Republican tell sout a Democratic -- - . -. Tr-,
law, that alloc s every man U , have .tb fotlowfng letter from Jlrai! Car
three hundred H ilars worth. of prop- rctt Allen, whe before her : marriage
erty bforeN be rays ny tax at all? Mis, Ann! King, gives genuine
When did you J r t i t that no Mtlsfsction and 4t fa, for -word of
more than two i t 1 tax can M kindness Lke these ' expressed, that
levied! I thank i 1 ut the Derne- newjippers thrist, while they . daily
eratie party does cot forret those purgu. the tasks which ' are "sorne
who toil end strurgle In the humme tims plant, sometimes burdensome,
walks of life. Wed can a great state j ,:. tors' paths are not always strewn
afford to do this much for her worthy wit), -oacarnany thorns prick' the
sons and iUoj 1 '"rs strurgling f" a f), Duj tn, norA 0f hearing the
start Jn I .e. .us is otmocracy, wus finj y,t dorm" U wh
U God's eternal truth, the lemo- -trivlng for. . Mrs. Allen'
rrfl'Ja uartr was born to rive every wit ' - '. " -. f i"
man a c'.ance to be lifted,. up to a - - . - l-ci ,'- 'i i t tit:.
flane of eialUy and juntica and hap-. Dear Mrs. Hammer! .i r r,r -f
j Ineas ia l.fe. .' j o . 1 want to let you know how much I
t ,. i i , - nJy reading Tl Courisr.v 1 i don't
D, G 1'T! 1 1A1:: FIT 'TANTIAL thir.k I eonM gt along without it, . I
CIllZl.N o:;mviLLF, DEAD left IUnd-.l.ih about four months ago
and -"r, to T I like this eoun-
?'r. p. C. l:.:'.;rd !VI t Ms home try .f.i.e an -I t!..i,k It la a fine place
-'::; jftn try niorn- t, rnn 1 i'-ni u.tiia i couiu taj
- t v. )
Nt 1
a r -f
it &1mn
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t evn
had the first, stroke more than six Ster, S. a, last Saturday night
yean ago and had regained her health, wnere sne nas been witn Kev. Ray
Deceased was sixty-three years of age. taum Browning in a revival.
She is survived by her husband. Mr. Tiller and family, of Coolemee,
Mrs. Hoover was the daughter of were guests ei sir. j. a, wiison ana
the lata W. A. Provost,, of Concord family Sunday.
township. Funeral was conducted at The revival as already announced
Piney Grove after which burial fol- will begin at the Methodist church
lowed. here Monday night, September. IS.
.... i ..i- 'everybody la invited to these service
SERVICES AT ASHEBORO M. P. 'and we hope the community .will at
CHURCB SEPTEMBER THE It .tend ia a body, taking part ' in the
i.i l services and co-operating for the sueJ
' In the absence of the pastor who hi cess of the meeting. , The pastor, Rev.
engaged in ' evangelistic meetings in, W. M. Smith, will do the preaching.
Hendersoft and frinkieyvilla the pul-1 . nr. ana sua. U w. uranain, , or
pit at the -Asheboro M. P. church la Greensboro, were guests of Dr, and
helnr nlled . b vlmltlnr miniate rm. Mrs. Q . A. Graham last week.- u.-f
Rey. it. ! Cratchneld. 'a miniate. I ' Mr. Frank Taylor, a former resV
rial student Sad senior at Elon Co), dent of our town is a visitor aare,''',.
lege wiUreach next 8unday at both Oils week..' . ;.v J, ' ; - ... -, r r;
mernug and evening servicet, i.TUe' ' ', " ' 1 i
publls- U invited to these services.. .PIEDMONT CHAIR COMPANT r y
C Revival Meeting U U Held. Hi lAAOLY. DAMAGED BYFIR1 i. f
' The annual revival services at the) - , :r- '- f v,vr A'
Asheboro M. P. church will begin U4' The. third fire. within three pears '.'
fifteenth ef Ootober and continue foe for the Cranford brothers of '.Ashe- f '
about two weeks- Rev. ' J. D. -Wll-(boro ' Occurred- Saturday '. afternoon i'
Uama, of Liberty, will do the preechwhen the Piedmont Chair Company
irfg., One way to help, in vromotlng was badly damaged , by - fire. This
this revival will be te think a good business was owned by the Cmaforde -bit
about It,, talk to both the church and W. (X Page. The fire was dis- '
people and the unsaved about It, and covered about 6:00 o'dock la the ,
then pray every day for It. A good afternooa and the only cause that
revival will certainly be a great bless-, could, be attributed was spontaneous -
lng to Our church, and whatever la a Combustion. The plant which Is vnl
blnMtng to the Methodist, Protestant 'aed at 1 16,000 was damagrxl u Un
church will certainly help make Ashe- extent of $6,0od with about 14,200 in
boro a better town. . Asheboro can sorance. Had it not been for tin vai
rievrr h aared from hootlerglng and iant work on the part ff the fro
n'l t' " n'ler evils that hrw V Hi ' ;1 'rirtrrtrnt and ninny r: a rf ' -
.i i - 'i i ; 'n a rn t-"rr.' '.'v "n 1' ( r - t ' v '

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