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ISSUED WEEKLY ' ' V- :PRmcnLTQ kotttpv " ' :
r . n II M KITK
- co:;ce?:z;g the
courthouse debt
The. following article is .the m
from wjiich CL N. Cox in his Earner
speech quoted only a pert especially
laying stress on jne loiiowmg per,
graph: . .. . . -
"Am ft matter of public and general
interesVwe would say that the rec
ords show that the new court house
has cost 129,544,99 to date, every dol
lar of which has been paid.? "'
As we understand it Mr. Cox 'did
not read any other part of the report
oi ua .nnance commute which plain-'
ly ahow8 that , the contractors,
workmen and .building ' ""supply " men,
were paid according to the statement
by notes designated county notes out
standing xortne new eounrhouse.
The report of the finance committee
la 1909 makes a statement of the in.
oeoieaness ei me - county and states
after making the statement that the
county has borrowed upon notes fur
ther state that there is ue other ia-
al.akW.t'.akalaaaLa... La. ll a I? --
11.1TOU1 or toe county ana Mat toe
nejr eonrt house is paid for as stated
vf the report nearly all with the notes
as the report shows, a little being in
cash artae time the settlement was
made with the notes.: Later on some
further payments were 'made 'as ia
stated in another article in this issue
of The Courier., r, ;.-...
Republican speakers in this county
are In the habit of making false im
pressions and statements and are "at
tempting to mislead the people in!
quoting part of the finance commit-1
tee'B report for 1909.?' I
The court house cost was'' not unite
l x . a a . .
compierea wnen tne report was made
and some more was expended after
the report was made. The report is
girea in full below i
A Jarre crowd -' itmAA tV irjt
discussion between the KHdstss at
Ramaeur Tuesday ereninr. , A u of th
emrtdidatee announced, themaeives and
Messrs. L C Unur 4 A,
- - w m aro
xgisiarare, and v. - It, : Weatherly,
for clerk of court spoke on the Dem
ocratic side; while Messrs. C. N. Cex
candidate for the Senate in thia dis-'
tnet, and J. E. 6 pence, for represen
UHr' "Po'w " the Republican side.
Thie is the first joint discussion of
. Messrs. J. R. Rrott n . ic.
JMnaid,. Democratic nominiuui fo th.
enate in this district, were also pres
ent and announced tsmi.Nr.. .
the candidate of the opposing-parties
v mii r inn un miNri the R,;
3 8e,n J0111 "Pealdngs the
Aahebere, Kerth Carolina. Thgraaay, October 12. 1S22
jUr. 'and Mjt. Ediaoa Slack, who
have been the mesta rt Trfr nH if,.
iChas. W. Slaek: for uim tin. l.ft
Lyeeuss Courae Coming. for-their home in De Land.
a i . ... . . . . i ionna.v . -v
lit " m - .
AIW UU Tear the Woman's lirtl
of the" town is planning to bring the
Kedpath - Lyceum to Asheboro. This
year- A committee from 'the. K. P. Jim
been appointed to assist fa th wnrt
A Urge number -of the neoDla f-h
town will .hail this movement with M
M j.1 - j . ..
xur -uiere ia mucn sentiment against
carnivals and tent shows of the ehean
Tariety. These entertainmeota. live in
number, will, be of a high elass, aJand Ma, JSVN. Bowman.
This k
well as most entertaining.
something the children 'of the town
will enjoy well aa-their elders, and
at the same-time it will instill in the
childrea the- love of betteY musk, and
dates and places of v which are rivSClareH,H, or 0etMr mnalc' r
1-ewher. h thi.' issue of IwSl Jt!&9Z
X manifested mlWuMS'.
jvm uiscussions and the BDeakr ZZ1 mmo qur
nUring mto-the:& J..J
A beautifully simple wedding oo- -curred
at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Ueorije Ferree. ThunH9l
That Bennett is a orosressive. thor. !? 0 . when their daughter. Haxcl.
Gomtii ir.-..j w t (ough-gom? business town is mrjH i?c?mB' onde of J. Phal Hodirin.
ton, en Octobe7 Z, . daughter v" I & viit0 who eom Jfo. j, Gp"n3boi2: .Pri" to the ceremony
' JiMlv7T .rSS p t W BennetVis in Chatham county THJf Kichardson sang "I Govi
speTtSkllnJ on. ? the Y? d "At l Dawning." Mis, ,
of herl namnta -u. m ? a , ""V1 counry une, and many of "V becoming sunset
?:Jr 4 Mr- d Mrs. J. A. the citizens Uvirur in the town ire taffeta gown with eoreaire of Killarner
n Mrs.' .' rT li. fir i'-nuwi'a couoiy. in tne wai o ,T y,v " , '"i4uea oy suss
Frails. JiwmrfV 'l16 'ture it U my purpose to give a list I V1 Hadley ho wore a lovely black
wSSSS?' I' of Mm of the Randolphites and eanto" CP with Killarr.ey ro-
weeK-ena guests of their parenU. Mr. the diffMwit K,n. fJL- ses. As Miss HaWUv ij i
p.!'tT,e w" aeeompanied by Miss
3 m their Pnts, Mr. the different business
which they are interested.
enterprises in
As Mis 8 Hadlev nlaverl lkn."
gnns wedding march the bride and
diusul an,
readings. One member of the com
pany is especially gifted-in- reading
uu wiveipreung-james wmteomo Kl-
y s poems; Seldom has atnale quar-
The Democratic atTnf irft-litet been o highly inimended.The
sets forth some of , "r,e number which will come in De-
fcandalarlof Tiepublican ad&traaon !tmberJlrthe Gr0Ta" Marimba-Xyio-iri
th k iTrr110.01 Phone domnanKi- beinB mmno
wed. nl .om7f,,,? artistsBesides the . Marimba!
s that have found their wav.?0 n"bers will be other in
. open that it telk of ire th !lSTmtal sec,ertiona
berrv ae.nlala, .4.:Ti impersonations. Another number
Truman H. Newberry m UmtH st.t i ?b? co"e-brings Jane Goude, nhe
To the Board of Commissioners of
Kandolph county: . c ; -. ,
The finance Committee of Randolph
County respectfully submits the fol
lowing report as to the finances of the
county:, ,hi- t-7 ..:- cJ
Owing to the fact that this Commit
tee was not 'appointed until late in the
year, ana tne inability of the-mem-
ettBarr.the guests of Mrs. Jones1 par
ents, MA . and Mrs. J. F. Routh.
senator from Michigan-try unanimous "lmJ- wesV who reade gfe -
vot of the Republican If aAMar with a vivid person- . HARRISON RINGS THE BELL
the senate- committeedn pSires Tluiyoun said to pes- -f o
and elections, in the face' of court andifff 'are abl!1;?. nd tale,ts an en" MmT Sentor Outlines Con
legislative record. h7 tertainer and bids fair to be one of .Sstrurtke Program of Action.
a . UlAL HI. tk A. , 1 i v I . " . '
least 1195,000, and probablv f2fiO(inrt j "?r PPular numoers. "The An- i rr
had beea spent as aK fLd'to Hp! n-Bron 1)110 offer interest-Lll at Harmon, of Mississ
bauchthe senatorial iMJJX:m PrS:ram of songs, dranjaUc se-j ip?! ml?er of the senatorial cam
in MichigS 7$U fZ l0 Pi numfeSs andharp s4PSllmmAttee' o."" the big
angered honest citizenT everywhere MlsS Anderson is a contralto so- JSEfiS. ,h ? s,tand.s
irresnective of hhL iSff1 possessing a voice of rare charm f0!.?6 Podges it. makes that-it
u.lx". .uw.uubiuoii, anH heantw Ono f tv. -l,: j :
UBKrm. IUIT D.MMtr -i vri ... . . .
Hammtini Tf rnXI 1 " x Jr. and Mrs. 1. T. Brown have re-, w,u ""lelr1 ""attended except for
S TYftoKTi?1,eKe'- were, turned from Thomasville from a visit 'fe Ferree, sister of the
"ieSTi- n.. The- enjoyed a visit to 7h .bride's
boro waa tk 'i" urpnanage ana were espe-,:"" , ' were spoken in
Els d u7i? VU,,t0r of cifUy. interested in a visit to the dairV I 2?1Hwert jrior before an altar of
xnenos anX reUUves. i where the milWn wo, Hk k i trailing cedar, and mlrin h Ki..i
vmv. Jim Green - closed hG ttltriei& a-TT. rrXl'
meetmg Tuesday night. He hd iT'i-iTrLfr"'
tued iwLrHmny 80 L1 Br was also interested in
turner new neartS tO God. I Thomaaville'a near aHvroin. i
htT.tpWn; hundred ordinary chairs.
wwn fifc Bradley, Of Danville. Our mramnnitv ma siJj V,,, v,
Drr'FSM!?atL?l.t0W? this week, death of little Raymond, the three-i a lovely bouquet of bride's 'roses
fiwnal ArA . w""uay in year-oia son oi Mr. and Mrs. Willie i " uues. j
DMiKaicmn. i it ' i. , . tonard, of Greensboro, but formerly
seSiVTftUll8,T,lui8 teW",o W community. The little boy's
wnTnSSK' SP" eWee!-end death vas caused by h Playing with
SlaM Ml- N-Jmatches- ms bodjtwas brought to
. I Jones, of Ben-'north of Bennett for burial.
g cedar, and rolden md hanv4
r'l. I18- The was softly
lighted by candles. During,the cere
mony which was performed by Rev. '
"To a Wild Rose- was
softly played. The bride wore a Ha
waiian blue duvetvn suit anH hat vtfW
gray trimmings and accessories, car-
M. Daugherty's coimecti r"-' ! rds of the entire course is Glenn L.
mysterious release of " ChariA w -i M'ms scientific entertainer, who
Morse. cohvieUd demonstrated radio telephones, lectur-
iicueiiu pemiennarv on tho nmtnlc C. f . . o" m"" v uweiec-
of a minimum fee'of f2B.onn h rtrfL"0?1 world-. ..ln many towns Mr. Mor-
efforts of Mr. Harding's attorney gen
eral and his friends tn
arble "the facts.
t f"T- ",,mda'ecretary of thh
Interior Fall is now under public con
demnation and is, threatened with Mft.
gressional Investigation following his
bers to devote th time wmeh wonM KreeenteI T
be ahaolntelv iT-WT-u. - .".T-'V'.'T1" ? P"
" "-"a ,'vvwmw w uifULQ UU-
tailed report, this report as will be
seen, Is approximate in some respects.
To make an absolutely full and detail
ed report of the finances of the euin
ty, slnce the time of the last report
of a finance committee, would require
the undivided time and'servicea of an
expert aewuntant to weeks, but "we
desire to tey, with emphasis, that this
status of affair, , not due to mAn,
ner in which the present county of
ficials have been, and are, conducting
vim wnuuy ousiness ana Keeping its
vate interests controlled by subsidiar-
Vi uj Bwnaara ou Company
thousands of acres nf yirh n;t .-v
known as the Teapot Dome naval re-
serve. . , - f". -
'Goldstein 'aandai--Nat Goldstein,
Ward - Politician NnA jnmki.r?u..
St eXouia hou'Se rir-whi en i
delegate-id. Ithu pffctiS1
cuuvenwon oi jzg : took' J2fiQ0, of
uovernor -bowoen'B ' campaign
ns nas established wireless clubs. As
an entertainer and lecturer on scien
tific subjects, Mr. Morris is unexcelled
This is a brief summary of the course
which comes on reasonable terms. A
season ticket is $2.60, and if one de
sires .to buy two tickets, br a double
ucxet, it will be sold for $4.00.. A re-
aucaon will also be. made for family
tickets, as the Woman's dub
we advantage of taking the children
to these entertainments. Tickets are
on sale at both drug , stores and may
be purchased from the Lyceum com-
It has been announced that Rufus A.
IS the Cdrtv that stnnrla f,,o,,.,
tne interest of the people and against
"Vj ,uM oi special interest..
.fr -iftMi Statement Senator Harrison
sav8;fef; N
. 'Pemocra,tic party does -not
Dase t? Campaign in the coming elec
t en fbult finding and criticism but,
fuld be entrusted with power in
the coming election, it naSuiH ukJ
thfollojving definite policies:
The.'mmediate repeal of the in
defensible: ' Fordnev-Mpflnmho, n.
fibers' Adjustable Compensation Tar
iff Act Jnd the enactment of such
changes' the Underwood-Simmons
Democratic tariffs as will meet the
changed conditions of the times;
""To -provide by legislation.
to the jAericaii soldiers;
sO tyide.i system of
tW'ralxjti ' Utsxfittiicl,: to the M neculiar
OWVa iUCIlj".'
no maintain our merchant mnrirtp
at a mgn
The hisrh school is nroeressin? nice
ly tunder the direction of Prof. R. O.
The Bennett exhibits at the fair at
Slier City last week were most cred
itable and won a number of premiums.
An old quilt which won the prize at
the Lee county fair three years ago
created much interest. It was made in
the old country and bears the date of
1679. The, quilt is owned by Mr. C. R.
Jones who lives in the southern part
of the town on the Asheboro-Car-thage
I he btandard Oil Company has
A ft&r thA .....H
-77 cu.uii an, lniormai re
ception was enjoyed. Mrs. Mac Ridge
and Miss Donna Lee Loflin received
at the door, while Misses Lena Hil
hard, Ruth Hadley, Mary LofiTn,
re, Wood and Mararet Boyland,
ot Salisbury, serve mom oj
the dining room was decorated with
rooms1 as were other reception
Hfteritereception Mr- and Mrs.
Hodgm left for a trip to Washington,
ThWrk and other northern cities.
Ihe bride is a most attractive and
practical young woman. She was ed
ucated m the Ashebort, schools, Mars
tiill College, atterward takino-
ing as a nurse at Memorial hospital.
High Point hospitals in High Point.
one naa manv frmn,) u A
cently purchased a lot on which they county who -regret to lose nerom
Will nut. nil nnH o-aa tanlra tVi "CI Arvai
will put oil and jras tanks.
The" Yow-Brown store company has
during August and September shipped
$29)000 worth of cross ties for which
they paid $18,760. The sreneral in
spector says that more and better ties
are shipped from Bennett on the
southern railway than any station.
Mr. C. C. Cheek is Working a large
force of hands ' nuttine in new Dlan-
ing mills.
Loads of fleecy white cotton are
daily seen on our streets being hauled
to the gin where it is sold for good
prices and the seed is bringing 40c
per pound. LONG SHANKS.
the town.
Mr. Hodgin was educated at Guil-
nC2 e8i and the University of
North Carolina. He has a position in
Greensboro with the Piedmont Ice and
Uoal Co., and is a young man of busi
ness ability bearing promise of -a
bright future. They will be at home
in Greensboro after the middle of the
month. A large number of out-of-town
guests were present as well as
from the town.
C. Manuel a
The North Carolina Ornhan's Asso-IkkL!., It.i,s M that he was
- ujmum iiv rna . .
j v. mihhj; ran wnicn
ideas have been introduced, and up-to-date
meawds appUecLby the present
incumbents, and on the whole, the
public financial records are-being kept
f'otui ux more complete and ac
curate manner than ever before. '
The following is an approximation
of the assets and liabilities of the coun
ty at this date: '
" - Assets.
County fund in trenanrv
,Road fund in treasury ,
vuuniy taxes lor 1909 ,
Road taxes for 1909 ...
. " " Viatinn i.n.nimn,l n A i.. i 1" "J ""5 UnZZIiniT
was nominated hv PmSw V IPk'.'1 nas Deen announced that Kufus A. " ""aara ana to operate it r; uPu a iCW.u- was fa m d -
rbeBcofyta o' Alleghany county, J. wItA 'ZJ" Mf.OT ? tn. V. Manu
St Ti,5. Kt AtuA . .v A oaiiey, oi itaieign, and Uvde Hoev.P'.'r "" topie wunouc sud-
i ,-. wuen viov- nf ssv.-ikw ,iii ni swv or sdm
man m Guilford, Davidson and Stokes ,P.M, trusts;
of the state "for their
see or hear
liberality in 1 1 TC - "lal,u ws returning
.u. aiIAn from the ice factory where he hJt
Ftfljlov ftf PolainVi J rl,l- TT
I ,'vl6' V1JUC X1UCV. I 1 . . " . " 1L. 1 a
X . ' ss. . O - i ' . w "w.ivn W4XCI1 UUV- I nf Uhn kt. ...ill . x -Mr , Hill V fir CTlAOlal nivi Innvtn - 4LA l. . Ml COC11L1111; LIIK 1)1 I.flP TnTTlOr. -
7ZZLZ,CjJnl C?l- ping trusts: ' Hess ones to the public." The associa- a" L!C.e whe? th!e
lu ueniocrauc senators denounced1 n;,.' ?T Tn ar,r,-f j ,.. 'tion has for a nnmhor nf vonr hn v.-. C.7 on cne Dack ot
1 ... rww..w.vw. ifujue II. 13 UI HUM S LIHH1 O-PTl- I 1 1 ' -1""-' J 1UI i . , . , ... .o licau aiso
him as unfit fr h r".:ir ,counues. While it is understood ren
President Hardinf an SenatoTspen)! S l1 b?,a saf Dem-
cer, Republican, of MissoSrirpraSr0 1 the November elec-
--i . . . ! I""" Hon, the Dartv la scnHinir i-nmo
uoidstem shortly after - his with
drawaL ,
Federal appointments scandal four
men indicted by a federal grand jury
of 16 Republicans and seven Demo
crats in connection with the New
berr election ecandal. were innninf.
ed by President Harding to import
ant ieaerai posts in Michigan. -Violation
of Civil Service.
"Bureau of Enirravino- scandal
violation oi civil service
l tivimiw vi civil service regulations
Total ... hoAORi an, enthronement of the spoihW
economic administration of the
ernment and to Dut a ston to
'behind a movement to influence the'nl
the PeoP.,e of the state to give one day's track to
ororv nf lni.inM ,v,;-u earnina-S at the Thankstrifino- spnann K i.
k aj .Mtiai, nruit:ii I ifvai K . o ..... . mam.. .1 i i rr i ti 11. . 1 .
.1 1 . . . ' -. Ot- ha i-Z 1 .. LU LI1H 1 1 T 1 1 T 1 Tl O-O (it thdl. . . . -
meir pest speaKers to these counties. , i"CDciii, umg unner me e- T. r :r u.u... was inought that he
U. -i n o. . . . c " nilhllcnn 9HitiMrfH : IhlS 19 airain the renuest fnr 11B -nm. r , . ."c
.t!5: ::.. Jing season, and it is honed Sit ttel..?.?."Pnn.?
district, will also make several speech
es through these counties.
A. it i i ' .nnhlii. wrill U.- ;.. j . , , ' 1 '
nceivedT1 8y"em "
"lo abolish useless jobs, eliminate, ""BS-
unnecessary expenses and to reduce 1 ouvm , ,.'
inexcusably hih salaries fived h thu , SEVERAL HUNDRED POUNDS
. . . " . . vaiw m w.i mnn A yaj-j-v I
ne was N knocked from the
a sitting position on the north
position, it
turned his back
from the track,
is survived by
Orders allowed but not paid
County notes'- outstanding,
oun uousey
Account dna Jnlv 1Q1A
Account due January, 1910'
Total .. .. ;. .. ....127,033.84
The item of "mAm !inni JA ...
. . M WW TT mi inn
paJd,- covers a period of three years
back only. The probablllUes are that
no such orders or at least very few,
jf Jy; exist back of thatdate. vAU
2Tcst ocrud and due has been paid.
The outstanding notes -were all given
hLITX bomwd the construc
tion of the new nwit j
if to 2o.25-00, repra.
rSU..S -W'nt of .the en.
- "-uuiuoa oi tne county. u.
iilJn:aU1 ot determine
ta I "Trl em,ntr orders out
"f have not been present
ed to the . treasurer for payment, yet
our examination hat faUed to disclose
V T apparent thai If any
la t'1 n nInuflcant 7
teew fBnd tWs commit-w-??."0
d. er, at present, then
- va,or an r nam I ai .a, a. a .
in j.:. - "port oi me super-
System was exemplified, amnno- nthar
instances, in the summary dismissal.
IXk. X . a '
wiuioui warning or cnarges, of the di
rector and thirty other officials of the
pureau of engraving and printing in
26,625.00 1 Washington to make room for Repub-
Mr. B. A, Watldns, one of Troy's
ftMHAn. 1 .... .
Aviwiwsi. uusinesH cmrjma. wad ,n t
AaneDoro early this morning looking
xyr um une sauaie norse which had
been stolen by Abram Clark, e neo-TY.
who had shot another negro.
The trouble between tha nan.t. J.
curred at-one of the road camps and Bml. 806 that the laboring
"To administer the civil
in good faith and without fraud, de
ception or nypocrisy.
TjUt WPplf TirAVArl An A til T.,l, t
two farmers in Randolph county wholo0 been
Work on Guilford Tubercular Hospital
It was announced this week that
Work will begin almost at once on the
Guilford tubercular hospital. The con-
let to the Thomaji.
Willi n . w viiiu-
"To enact legislation orovidino- i, were JoDed of their tobacco. They I""' "w)n ompany, of Au-
r fair and just reclamation iwlicv ije Jasper Boggs, of near Asheboro, h lT - luhey w"1
r m.. A 1 ... ucy-. and M. M. Rnnldin f T,-.-t t Vcharge of the entire i6b inr ndmo. k.
nrino mon " """'' Aunua oi nis tooac-. . ... V mo wjiai
Abram Clark knocked the other negro
Mic iieau witn an axe, snot him and
then stole the horse and came toward
Asheboro. He was seen at Ether, on
uiv nurse,
KiAi, issues by candidates
700.00 ucan henchmen.
600.00 Aoraen scandal The removal of
-t I Surveyor General I. C. Thnrenann. of
Utah, by Dresidential order, hlthnno-h
his, term had not expired land no
charge of any kind had been lodged
against him; was admitted by Presi
dent Hardin? to have been nrnmnted'
by the desire to give the place to, a
' "Ship subsidy scandal Nothing less
than a gigantic fraud under the color
of legality is the scheme to sell the
people merchant marine,- built and
developed during the war et a eost tober 14th. at 7:80 o'clock.
or X3,u00,000,000, for tenth of that Trinity, Tuesday evenina-
vuui .uu Hiou aivo un ujk cunwnuoni l itn. u -xii
wnica got tne amps aa aggregate of
tiWMWflm in bonuses for oneratina'
them,' with an exemption from taxa
tion as an additional largess. -
"HarveT scandal Geo rre Harvev'a
msuit tOyuence in his speech at the
Pilgrim dinner lirf London 1 in the
eourse of which he said s , 'We (The
United. BUtes) were not too- proud
.wHMd. .nt wve the'-tock
fenm-T V1 acnooi funds, as this
Wofr' "lclent C
NaK Tt rJfc ",yet nl they are
ntrSt rT .tnibUc and" general
.rfjM 1 "T that tfie reo.
M en-VTot f . . the nM COUrt hoUSS
irnn k hM paid. To thU
rmed Sf,i,,.,,u Th,,
,aeo..f'eVe' th" '
r tia nlln li i . ' " " mU Olll
,"P-ctfully ,
. , T. J
dks and, fix
on an American army transport and
at public expense in the face. of e
protest by the senate-and the criti
cism by Republican newspapers was
aa Impudent abuse of offldal power
and misue of the people's taxes,
Secretary Denby's junket has ' taken
three months during which a trans
port,' a big crew of American sailors,
thouxands of tons of fuel and other
supplies ell wprenenting hundreds of
thoufmndg of dollars of the tax pay
frn' r -inpjr hsv bn tiod to giT
Mr. Ii.u psr'n r:,,ifit c:i irj a va--n
i-i t t -t."
Ihe' Democratic and Renuhlican
canaioates on tne county ticket, in
eruaing tne candidates for the state
legislature, senate and house, will
meet in iolnt debate at the following
dates, and places: . .
Kandleman, Saturday evening. Oc-
Oc tober
Sengrove. Thursda avenlntr rvt.
ber 19th, at 7:30 o'clock. .
Farmer, Saturday evening, October
sisi, H i: o ciocx.
Staled. Monday even In v.
23rd, ei 7:80 o'clock.
Mr. Bray Endorsee Candidates.
Allow me to express a few, of my
JPrV :X w,r BOt tpItkoughU In regard to Prof. Weatherly
fight (in the war against Germany), and Dr. Lambert, who are on the Dem-
n Do-n conaamnea oy ue American ocrauc ucxet lor county offices.
Legion in national convention bt the! h Prof. Weatherly hV lnV. kaaa
ol4,Star Mothers and by : many f next to rny father In my mind as e
staunch Republican newspapers, but, man. He has done more rbr the young
1. V I 1 A 99 I . . . . I TT. .... . . . . '
uvrer uj i iraiuein nirauir, nwrn mtntn nanao on ana unuroni' than
Is Still misrepresenting, America at I has any other man of his day. He has
the court of St James. ; (tolled ail of his life for the uplift of
S mwM aW"- WVWIUM klOISMj Maf JVUMallll KBIIOI B1UUII BB lit 1 SIBSal in
oi tne xsavy tfenoy s junket to Japan turn received very low salary In
deed, end I think the time has mum
for the people of good old Randolph
to reward this man by electing him
to the place he so rlxhtlv deserve. I
wish I could only east my vote for him
out am out of the county. t '.
Dr. Lambert is a very younr man.
but. has always been very practical
and business-like and, I am sure that
if you elect him yon have made good
your choice. Dr, Lambert's father and
mother have always been on the right
Ids when It eonwn to r"lii'ral views.
' W. N. I: HAY,
lT!;;h Point, N. C.
shaU receive a fair deal, a livimV waw i C' T Bouldin ,ost over M1 LrZ Mround 20,000, and that
and reasonable workiii? houMi wa-?e , pounds. Tracks showed where a truck "Ration from a friend of $100,000
' "To pass legislation not in the in-1!,"8 S ,!? ""W up the barn of wft n.n,Me WWch will lessen the
terest of a favored few but of alt the ' M.r. Bouldln and the tobacco loaded to the county greatfy. It will be
people. the,wlth apparently little trouble. It is;loc,ted 0Lthe Greensboro-High Point
-"To simplify and r-vi th- t.,'.not known Just how Mr. Boggs' to- Joad n?ar Ah l, about ten miles
laws so that taxes mav h ,m ?cco.went 'though several theories if"1 Greensboro. It will be modern
fairly and justly and nnon thnaa he.t
hmjio w pay. x
I "To liberally aid good roads con-
Btruction and the improvement of our
nvers ana Harbors.
To invoke the agricultural arm of
the government that tha fnv.M ...
. -" J 'TJl llMij
be helped to receive fair prices for
uieir products and through the pro
cess of elimination of overhead costs
and unnecessary expenses m distribu
tion and marketing. reduM-tKa f
proauct to 'Uie American
To drive 'Newhe,' .k.
hlh places in which it im nn
wronea oy approprUU leglslaUon, to
pr-TOii co rru pu on in politics, and re-
wro uie -rule ox the people.;
To prevent members nf tha eon.
irress In both houses from voting for
their own selfish interest at tha .
pense of the people. V-
"Te brinx about a
lormer nign and commanding posi
uon in inurnatsonal affairs and In
augurate a netur raiatinn.h - Hh
ji ii . . : '
uwnmi nimni,, t ( " ' ..'' -i
Tolayout new lanes of trade end
commerce ana find new markets for
our SUrPIUS. aCTl cultural anH miiia.
xacturea producta. - ' j
' To Sunolant the nranl Amtl-
tratlon's policy of uncertainty end In-
cnoa cy- one of courage end decis-
tnn l. ... . i -",-. -
To put a stop to our rnldlada.
creasing-balance of trade and give im-
wu vt our export trade, thereby
bringing about a revival of busiDeu
and expansion of our tndustriee with
resulting general .prosperity among
our people. . -, .
"To remote the strangle hold ' of
nflRah lntnirt from the throat of
!rr-;':.,ui!a huMnr-a, and til rentore
- If;: ..rtur-' t o! atilit
have been advanced.
For the first time North' Carolina
country weeklies are to visit the State
Fair in force. The Tobacco Growers'
Co-operative Association has
vt display tnem in the
in addition to the exhibit of
in every way affording mm-h aAa
treatment for tubercular patienU of
the county, both white and colored.
A national appeal has gone out from
resident Hard in ir thia week for tnA.
association's, I? ttn7 on rescue work in the Near
f-aBt- Jhe Red Cross is to assist the
Near East relief workers in distrib-
lectea issues of the country weeklies uung tne funds. Funds will be raised
ine association wm keen on file tha'r a special committee h.,UH k
eient week's. Issues so that visitors former Postmaster General Hays. The
at yie fair can drop in and get the
iaie news irom their home paper,
The Courier will be represented in
the main exhibit "
Mr. J. A. Holder
ed the McAlisUr and Hammer tract of
omoer lying on the good road between
Asheboro end Ulah. V. UoiH t...
been engaa-ed in tha )umfc ho.u...
to the r-wthern part of the county foci
some time but will . ananH hi. ir
looking after the property he hu just
yuiu.aasu. xxie - wiu oegui having
ua cue near weex a rut will nut
up sawmill in the near future. He
hss made.errangtmente with the Nor-
ioi a eoutnern railway to put so
sidetrack. ' ' . '
sunenng and persecution in thaa.
countries of the Near East has been
most acute for many years and within
the past few months has revived with
intensity. Ftthds wlU be, raised in
Randolph in November for this cause.
Each year the count v nennia ha.
tributed to this work, but never has
their money and interest been so in
demand aa at the present
' "I Jews Celebrste FostltaL
'The Jews of the
bratlnr the annual autumn feaat or
the Feart of Tabernacles, or Soeeoth,
beginning Friday, October 0. This Is
uie iorerunner ol the naUonal Thank,
giving day, pageants, harvent feU-
vals and other c?rmonle, as wpll as'
ffliriou ritra Kra performed on thone
ocfRdinrja. - j
The foot bail imum nt
Asheboro on Friday of thia waair i.
Hhe Asheboro boys will line up against
. t nm ureensbore high
school. .
It Is pretty hard by eomnarisArf' If v-
scores to tell who will v !.!,
This much Is certain, Asheboro beat ,
Sanford twice last year and Saaforor
has beaten Greensboro thia year. - It
seems that AihahnM h.. .i
good fighUnr chance.. Much will de
pend epoa how the town and school
eneouran tha team. Tha ko.
been working hard.! They denervo '
rour aupport. i tare to no Fer-
JIKlniry, Johnnon. Miwn. rr.
ford wi tnrfpunjr in grHor?. T! o 6'!-
r :" '! ii I : I : , , ,
t -
. i

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