ffEUSSJAT, 0CT0SZ3 la, 193 Tins )ZO ccuzzzz, imzzczo, It. & . men wlib love : flf super tor cigarette J- c,. - . cigarcftei 15 for 10c Harding Hard Timet. The flour barrel is empty i . And the lard can getting low; And stony hearted tradesmen Want cash for what I owe. There's no money in my pocket And no coal down in the bin. My waist line -now Is shorter, Ad my breeches wearing thin. I The factory hasn't started up Aad times are mighty slowj Each day I add a little more To the many bills I owe. Eati day I figure losses, Wbere once 1 counted gain I an learning through my stomach What I couldi through my brain. op houses have veen opened, But the diet is nugnty'thin; The party made it's promise, But the "open shop" came in. The treatment of the workman Is pretty tough, 111 say, Because he went galavantin 0 test election day. THE MASTER POLITICAL- -TEI& OF TEMAHPAIGN (Bj David F. St Clair) f Wathiagtoa, Oct 18. The- maatei political trick f the campaign has Im duly staged. It Is the order of Attorney General Daugherty banning Honor an all American shin and for- tidding fereigs ship vt brin liquor Into American port. Democrata aee fASwtlua order nothing out a maneuver to win tha tlecon and get the ship subsidy bill passed and Republican! what they call the cleverest piece of political strategy ever planned by the ! Harding administration. I If the trick aceomplishee all they believe it will, ft wQl surpass in politi cal legerdemain the celebrated letter signed by 81 eminent Republicans calling- upon the American people to vote lor Warren G. Harding as the surest and beet way to put this coun try into the league of nations. Two of the tl, Charles E. Hughes and Herbert Hoover got seats in Hard lug's cabinet and one other, 'William Howard Taft was appointed chief Justice of the United States. i When the ship subsidy bul (was in- jtrodueed in the house some weeks ago it was found that practically All the mid-western Republican congressmen werexopposed to it because the 18th amendment to the constitution was not made to apply, to American ships. iThen it was the president had them sounded out to (earn whether or not they would support the bill if the Am erican ships were made-dry. It is1 said that enough of them indicated that they would to pass the bill if a dry order were issued about a month before the election so as to help them carry their districts on the ship sub sidy issue. But the issuing of such an order was fraught with some difficulties on the part of the administration. Chair man Lasker of the shipping board and American private ship owners raised a howl that making the sea dry for American ships would ruin their pas senger business in competition with foreign ships. They demanded that if American . ships were made dry for eign ships must also be made dry. But the American government has no authority pr make foreign ships dry on. the high seas, indeed no more au thority than to issue an order making 2e territory of England or France ry. But a bluff must be thrown to turn the trick. The elections must be won of Q for a Republican house and the ship e promised us much better times, There are whisper8 around the. de th money free as mud, partments here of what took place and OVVJt,lrav. the action of Attomev General Dauirh- erty seems to corroborate the report. He decided to forbid the coming into American ports foreign floating bar rooms. This he expects Will raise a delicate legal and diplomatic question The: Wi But work has dropped With a dull resounding thud. It's time to change the system That causes this awful pain, Far we're learning through our stom- . , ,. .. , . . between the United States and foreign What we couldn't through our brain. , .. . decided until after the election and in Mass Lillian Gatlin. an orgamzer of . 4i 4. t . . the national association of Gold Star ; bitioni8t will aict a Republican con ra lne woman y Ilgres" and the ship subsidy biU'ctfB be Diets a fliaht over the continent. Miss r . , - - vv Before ,the European war started this coun try borrowed heavily from Europe to secure , nieans for cominercial and industrial expan sion. Now tho United States must supply capital hot only for its own needs but for other na tions also. Savings are capital. Thrift is the cause capital. Insure your own future by aiding m the production of capital. One Dollar Starts an Account! THE ASHEBORO BANK & TRUST COMPANY Capital $50,000.00 . H. T. CAVENESS, President ' E. H. MORRIS, Cashier G. T. MURDOCH, Ass't. Cashier Monuments and Headstones We are well prepared to fill all orders for any thing in this line from the smallest headstone U the most elaborate monument We invite you to call on us. Barbee Marble Works N. Main St High Point, N. C. Phoi 7JH B.,STEDMAN, Vice Presideat Send for jrfei your "',., copy J'.,.,,! day. How to Succeed In BUSINESS Is fully ducrlbcd to our new catalog. Splen did opportunities In the business world for efficiently trained bookkeepers, stenographers, typists, secretaries and bankers. Our graduates always in demand at large salaries. Vre BUPLOTMXNT BVBIAU; lew tuition rates and tiring ex penses; thorough courses by high-grade teachers. Enroll any tine ; rapid adraMemenj assured. Boms Study somes also gites. Krtlo-iet oaktleg bow. RALEISH, N. C. E. U LAYFIELD, PresWeirt CHARLOTTE, N. C. ni nvir i 1 11 iUdllJf If 111UUU5 LUol riUllUcUiy J By Check Raising t " a: It has been reliably estimated that from thirty to fifty 0-J lions of dollars are being stolen annually from bank depositor 1 who do not protect their checks. It may never have happened to you yet your ext check may be raised. , It is next to impossible to write a check that is safe, wes protected by a modern device..- Re me mbe r-tti at in these days, every class of crime con stantly increasing and an unprotected check is a dangerous assist. No matter to whom you give your check it is not safe f- i it may be transferred to another party or stolen from tho my. J or get into the hands of a dishonest employee, who by using .fe f drops of acid or by clever pen changing can makeJove yo check so that you would scarcely know it. if Db you know that your signature represents every doViar t" you are worth? Is it not worth a few dollars of your fioney protect it ? Don't put this matter off another day but write f r i ing literature on check, protection. It does not.-obli ,te all. A post card will do. We can supply you with any standard make if c'.etk v t j : Vol J . i An attractive propositkm offered to lire Irirs STANDARD CHECK WRITER HXC : ANGE Dept 81 208 Broadway Ktv? 10" I . . . . ' - i ii u nn i mki. xsauucrijr ouiu utiles ofaig;of October and arrived at do8e frienda o administration the tbe curtu new at Mineoia, . Best thing the American ship owners October 8. The tnp was ' made to do a this Bta( of the K8me is aroone interest in the national associa-v i t 5 uj HUB UJ. vniau WM&t invuiDlffVl viro tie worps. Randolph People at Bennett bition till they get what they want. When they get that if they can not make the sea dry for the foreigners they .will of necessity get back their Bj request of the mistress of The wei snaps. t -nil mc t rx.rr.oa nf iiomel Chairman Lasker's attitude confirms f tie Randolphites who are doing business in Bennett: Tow and Brwn store company, gen eral grocery and cross ties and cedar iot; , i W. S. Gardner, general store and undertaker; J. B. Powers, half interest in gar (te , ML; M. Hammer, dry goods store and mechanic in garage; Routh Brothers, proprietors of Rol ler Mill. V G. C. Cheek, planing mill and nov elty works; Lonie Owens, proprietor blacksmith shos and wood shoo: A 1. A. Purvis, cashier" PpdpleiJBank na i rust uo. . W. W. Brown, general merchandise; C. R. Scottm. iumbe dealeri . Prof. R. O. Smith, principal-Bennett MED school; iu In ex McMath. music teacher; Kot. G. H. Underwood, pastor Chria- aO church: " J- M. Gardner, superintendent cotton Krs. Jettie Forkntr, owner and Manager of tha Travelers Home hotel; W. A. Wart. MWBiill -aM; planing aOht; J. W. Beaut, femer garage, reoent- r apia to present owners; R P. Murray, sawmilling. ' ' Wie Home Baildlnr UoijtrtoJ Co. ke been doing an immense business Bennett. -tm. abort list doea oat Inelndo) all we Busineu done here, a.large num ber oc Chathsmltee and other counties zurtdsls a large number -ef JbttaineM Mat nhich l,, eaasing' Bennett .to weu.. ,. ; va V .a .-dng Shanks. GET HID 07 TIIAT;. DO you foci run down ami ludf'' fcck all the time? , Are you thin? "u . . Pale tirel- energy, aii , aWxiLn, no "pcpr,i , , T ... ; rJi0 J" time to take Cadet 4 rejrto-Marupm. It will brace you op,' five you a delightful feeling of vigor , andamlrtiion, enrich yourbkiod, htuld! j )U(i end bring the healthy .,: back to your akin. . ''fT nxt hat Cude't-JJquidl n 1 .e M ? v 1 t"J X. - 4 this view. Ever since he became the head of the shipping board he has fought the dry ship under the Ameri can flag but now he sees that a con ference of the nations must be called to settle this question and the sea will become dry for all or remain wet for ail. As the Democrats observe there ia not even a shadow of moral incerity in the position the Harding adminis tration has assumed on this ibsuc It only wants itself and its friends taken care of and when that is assured a wet or dry sea is a matter for the gods. The prohibitionists are just as likely to get fooled as the friends of the league of nations. It ia the master trick of present politics. COURAGE The tool, secured in its exist ence, smiles at the drawn dagger and defies its point. Addison. Cowards die many times before their death; The valiant nver taste of death but once. Shakespeare. Courage in danger is half the battle Plautua. te on your doors the saying, Wlta slhH old. ' B bold,' be bold!-, and ererj , . where "Be bold; Be not toe bold!" Yt better the f Than the defect; better the mere . Kthan less; ;;. ' Better like Hector ia the field te .die. tura 'Thin like a perfumed parla and At. H. W. iongieuow. .6 i''e e' e e . l V J ' . - Mrs. J. D, Sou eontribotea aa - eellent receipt for red pepper pickles. Pepper, are now available and , the pickle- ia extra finer- ':':V'i' ; Z4 red peppers. ' - ", ; " '. .. raarta eider" vinegar. y '; - ' IS large white bniona. ' " ' I eupfuU white ngar;; j.V. " I Ubletpoonfuls Hit i-'-".1-"' Remove eeeds from peppera .and skins from onions, "Cut pjpper and onion through grinder. Poor on boil In (t water to cover and lot stand for five ri.iiuitou. Drain well ' and add v; -ir. pifsr ni salt Toil twenty Eli' in THE UNIVERSAL CAR NEW PRICES F. O. 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