r - 1 " s" - - - V r 4 , K For THE ASHEBORO COURIER, Ai IHKBfJ BO, N. a "'V'v - h. : -TV;;. . ' THE COURIER MBLISHED EVEEY THURSDAY Wwi. C HAJdMER, EDITOR Ltered as second class mail matter bb fee postoflce at Asheboro, N. C rFB J TMi. AN I'Kr . ir r ..1 tl - AAeboro, N. C, October 26. 1922 I HANDOLPH COUNTY DEMOCRAT IC TICKET Selicitor 15th Judicial Diti-irt: ZEB. VANCE LONG Senators 12th Senatorial District: d. a. Mcdonald Moore CountT. J. R. BAGGETT Harnett County. House of Representatives: I. C. MOSER Clerk Superior Court: D. M. WEATHERLY Register of Deeds: LEE KEARNS Surrey or: WILLIAM D. SPOON County Coroner: JMVJWAITE LAMBERT " ! i Sheriff: - k. CARL COX flwaKty Commissioaers : JOE WEAVER 1 S. EDWARDS Ia-K. CRAWFORD CONGRESSIONAL TICKET Misher Congress, Seventh Ceagrea- sioaal District: Wa C. HAMMER Tbe representatives of special privi leges hiive taken charge of the party i ineol and Grant. They attend the conventions of that party, write its platfornts, elect its representatives to congress, elects its president, con- troi state : legislatures, and lunusft tne -.... ... .... sinews of w.ar which has enabled the Republican ptarty to buy its way into power. Do the people of Randolph county realize the great indebtedness that hangs over the county ? Will they longer stand for the fact that the eounty indebtedness has increased since 1916 f rom. $105,p00 to $573,000,1 with interest accumulating at the rate of more than $:!0,000 a year? Can it be this grand old county will again have its county orders and its obligations selling for half their face value as they once li as they once did: We think I aot. Change the management while we can. These are the figures given But by the auditors and may be seen in tne records in the court house. We heard a great deal some few a-eeks aK about the Unite.! SUtes . . n ,, .,. ,: Steel Company, otherwise the Steel trust had raised wages 20 per cnt..shii-.vi::g amount of taxes passing To be sure, and that made only :4ithrough his hands Iewallen receives tenU an hour. This was right after more money for paying out school the tariff went into ee-sT'Tn Septem-1 teachers and other school vouches than ber. The othertsty the Steel Trust teachers and other school vouchers advance ie price ot steel rails from 3. to $4.30 a ton while the average price of fourteen leading steel prod- nets has advanced more than $8 a ton. The Steel Trust made $:l0,000,000,000 J. .-. U T.- l ...ik u, , mis congress nas re- li.-n.,! !. ti t( ,.r m; iictcu toe .mm i rust oi its millions f taxej. by the repeal of the excess profits tax. TALKING ABOUT MACHINE POLITICS Marion Butler is going before the people in this campaign ho n about machine politics. Butle ls the gnmu-iaooy oi mat very th.ng. I hee u ueen no political party in all his tory that was so completely ruled by Mchine politics as the Populist and 0 ... . . nciiuuiic-ui parties wnen nutier con trolled them. He knows nothing else ana uie niae 01 many an old line Ke pohlican in North Carolina bears the ...... . ....' Z j . iT , , mn nf Ri.tlar'. lank . A.. 1 yon dont believe it just get an oppor- lenity and listen to one of thee old w- " win miii you that the reason the Republican! have a voiceSn the selction of their ticket o..i 11 1. .. iQ this.stat fs because the execuUve eemmhtee selection nlin that thv made reecrt to to escape from .machine Politic Ut man who had brM their boss. ! This stats has not known sdk Machine. a tha Butler affair of, Umm S-aysr and yet this old f.Dow U f RJolph have not had the Wkg people .bout" i' J Ud time, that w, -!(! -. ' l. i ,v .lows who lira front l..f4 . .. . ; vtoih; . , , i '. . , jf'TlU'btiUeraU.auitoikiaMrd wliei'l?,(Vt tW earns Into Bower is IWt if Ih. tmsCmsrniilcent herd. iAi program axev cnacua py any party in the hUtoiref the enUre world fn the same iesgth U tmvTh. tariff u -rm rfmovKi The . lobbyists were ""I ""M"""" - i out of the piUl. The Demo- larva inheritance tax, and during the war toe excess profits tax and tne war taxes so aa to place the burdens of the war justly and wisely upon those able to meetthe expense and whose vast property a beinr defended by the war. The Democrats U protect the interest of labor, osUul'she l the Department of Labor for the pu-p..se of protecting the rights cl the ton-., nf tK wnrHno-nn f .,,-r The Federal Reserve B. ri and the Farm Loan Lanu l were ink two most important men-nre enat.ed bf the Wilson adminisf-tior. , It is beginning to look more and (more like a Democratic victory in j Randolph county every day. Reports, jfsom every' section of Randolph coun Ity indicate this. The Republicans ,.; ., tha , n. w. ir. ,.ht .claim that the county was in debt iwhan fi. r.ini-atc tnmH 1 1m ..urt house over to them six years alio to jthe amount of $105,000. The records show that on September 30, 1922, the ! total indebtedness of the eounty to be I $573,854.88 with cash on hand in the amount of $34,512.32, leaving a net Thls r.nt out- indebtedness of $539,342.56. does not include a number of out- ..! a ...i,:i. will be reported later, amounts can oe ascertained, i nis Goes dred thousand doarS( and that re not look like the administration of the ' ports sh0w the present indebtedness county finances under Republican rule ! is $539,342.56, and the county home is the best thing for the county, it ours go to snow tnat tne men wno are J i. - 1 Al i. -1. .1. handling the finances of the county are running the county more and more into debt every day and that addi-! tional taxes will have to be levied in' Farmer Joint Discussion, order to pay off this huge sum of j Your writer heard the joint discus money. The thinking Republican of sj0n out here at our place last Satur- today is going to stop and think be- fore he casts his ballot on election mornmg as to whether he wants to I t vote for men who have shown that'delmte id I do not hesitate they cannot do else than run the coun-;to ty jn debt or whether he wi cast his!got the best of the debate. ballot for the Democratic candidates! , , who have proven that they are capa- ble and an nlprlcrpH t.n rllt Hnwn tht '- f 4-L. .f 1.1 i ! aaiaiica me uiiicers ami oo away ..U -U- fC C I L . A. .... i im tne uiiice oi tne county treasurer altogether, which will mean a saving' of thousands of dollars to .payers of Randolph county. ' SCHOOL EXPENDITURES The Republicans seem to want to make their campaign on the Boar. oi Education, two members of s;.ii, I Iv.anl Deing democrats and one Republican. They charge extravagance in the man-1 ,. ,,i .i,f ,., . . ... ....... ..,, ,.,w, superintendent, gets two much salary, Pro i". Bulla, who devotes his entire .time to the work of the office .ocnivps ce, receives $1500 less than Mr E K 1 euallen . . 1(UdllLn ;ecer,c .. According to the abstracts than Mr. Bulla receives fo hi., entire salary. Prof. Bull is continually bliSV working for the schools of the coun- ty. He travels all over the county, i . . ' lurnisning his car, gas and oil, and i , . . . , ' devotes his entire time and enero-v tn the betterment of the cau.se r .).. i -o wi uu- cation and gets less for it than the - treasurer gets for simply paying off teachers and other school expenses. ,, , . ., .. tie gets less than the superintendent of Trinitv hiirh m-linnl hv iinnnn r .,- j - " " i" month. He gets less oer month than! the superintendent of the Itandleman , . , , . ,u ... .m Mr , f11 11 Cox. a ivcjjuuutttn iiiu one oi tne oesi ne- publicans in the county, is a member D..,,l,L 1 ! ... , ., . . of the board and th e records Ho C ' 14 air. hu. ,;!. j:. ..; ..... ... . vo x on anythbig. He know, that the office in run with kit li(tl . .' is consistent with the needs and de- mnH. f .t, . - - - -- . i mnds of the people. MR. BRAY WRITF.S mrBiv. niunvs in iiuniK COUNTY iMr Ed,?: ,-. . ..,r : , Her 1 ro B bout the tomins election. Do the voUrs of good old , t1011"1 h0w Important it is that we all stand together and sUrt, hM rolUn wmpleto Demo- this fafl! Of course the ,aav ftad, bet yen an will Km .i. . - . . , that ha Rwwblic- a.n-Ht -f .ths.wm.try has sasd aU if toC.'":"' r, .TI u .."T V7irL23 ! aM- kaaW-.i . At. a . . i w we reea leiiews is open their i ! torn r to the- poor man's! ) 51,?,;... P.trnM i. BeeW : " . " " ; r "T , "r jnxia f1"1' r thai which enrkhes 1! J." P?,. .jb.. ".-"".?" .? V"..V",V -n lr,y mm u: rrra. from th' ' " t'-.f'tan-. f'f C'Ik-u '.fr -;' . . , 1 ' , , , DANIELS ATASHEBORO (Continued from page 1.) (Continued from page 1.) , followed where Wood row 'Wilson led. When Europe's pairhasing power Dr0Ke a. m ule,,er.ly .P1 ollVU iuiciKu uiuc iyiuiy utumw. iiicib can be no sreneraJ and well distributed prosperity in America without foreign , markets for the excess of production, 'The Republicans helped tO Produce chaos in Europe and thereby cut ofr'vjiu r;, ..resident of the State our only markets, lhey nave only this month destroyed the possibility of restonng that market when condi- ns improve by passing a tariff bill that prevents exchange of commodi - ties. And, having destroyed our hope various departments were also pres-! acres land, on national highway, No tax is new levied OB proDertr of international barter, they now ent and ke of thejr respective 1 miles north of Aaheboro. Apply for State purposes." If you think m promise to buy back some trade and worlL toCT. Hill, Asheboro, N. C. It taxes are too .high hold your countv have it carried in American bottoms! There are twent clubs jn J , commissioners responsible for it It u by voting a ship subsidy out of the trict four of them are Randolph FOR SALE Nine room house, water surprisingly strange that the Repubu federal treasury. county organizations, namely the' 8,1(1 -UghU, on main street, one-half can leaders in their seal to-defeat tha Mr. Daniels devoted a short time to Aboro Woman's Club, Randlemani block from graded school, on as- Democrat will fully pervert the trub, reviewing the Droeress North Caro- . o. i.ij.i rMat atrwt- rioht : lu-it at, tv... .nfn,'.. -. . t.wu i- . i i . t 01 hna has n!ade during the past 21 v-r undf r DemnrrHtir fidmin 1st ra - ...... . -- --- "on, speaKing 01 progress in euuc?- lion, roau uu.iu.iik aim uwui. nrirprl pvprv one Dresent. irresDective ofhow they had rvoted heretofore, to vote the Democratic ticket this year and insure good government - i j. , t j w.:.fl,. Tn rtnrlnHinr he referrpn hrietlv to' Randolph county conditions, saying that when the Democrats went out of P "' ft, K,uinr, !. office six vears ago. after building tne "jiu V.. covins office six years ago, after building the i,.n a,.h kn.ioji unri iail nnH one vouchers, which , handsome court house and g and long .assoonasthetretch which is estimated to have cost 4U, 000 and some road building, the only . ronnrtcui Mr Daniels ! improvements reported ' at his best and Pieaied the audi - ence. day night. While I am a Democrat whch fact I am always glad to state, T -J. I... . ;.-. nJ -. fn tm nniH i mi-n rri O I thig jon and decide who n this , tki rtnnn r- Inn nnil IOlna U7 nn in Tnio; say that the Democratic speakers rf, aT 01 rroi: Y.ealneri and Mr. Moser was superior in every respect, the figures they presented uaro unncwAW(4 qii.I if uroa T1ain tn ml . f n . TT Al 1 - . A.TAr ncinnt f Vif M Pv CTC1J f1"1 ' hu Mr. Silence were under ereat embar-L i a a ti. nH ,),,w th minil vf th iio the tax from the vital matters under discus sion to something foreign and un thought of. Spence ranging as far away as Detroit, Michigan, and talk ing about Henry Ford. Cox ta'king about election frauds committed, he said bv the Democrats. Thine-.-, that he knows about but still he never did anvthinir to hrintr the o-nilfir fini-r : iuI Thie P0 wnder K. 5t mns have been committed hy the Democrats and the Republicans know it, and knew it then, why they did not prosecute the guilty? ' . " ... aK ,. A J01"1 canvass antv speaKing in wwnamp in mis county would. mean five hundred Democratic ma- ioritv. VHTW MR. CRANFORD ASKS MR. COX FOR JOINT DISCUSSION IN ASHEBORO AND RANDLEMAN , ml, chairman of the ivhommiC , Mr. C. C. Cranford Democratic executive committee, has requested Mr. C. N. Cox. rhairmnn nf the Republican executive committw nf RjinHnlnh rnuntv tr hnvn f ho Pnnk lican candidates meet the Democratic! candidates in joint discussion in Ran - dlpmAn riUv) .QotiirHa-r nin-1.. l.tyK. m TJi j k ' o . -ioth, ldl2, and in Asheboro, on Satur- .l., ii.. xi i.. , r.no " . uaj wiRiii, iiuvcniuci vim, ij.. iu t U -. .1 .U .. t, 1 .'II . v-ua Jiao kiccu uiui win cive HJ1S- . ' - ft""- " i wer to this challenge but as we go to' l"eoB "c ,m" "ol 8nswere1- ,.,. ,otit ti. r. . . iv i.i ii. - i -ii r un. oiiiul ELECTEION BY SATURDAY . . - - IICIC. i The registration books remain onenl..Mrs.- Julia Plummer and Mr .,.,! i for those who are not registered to quality for voting in the election of November 7 until Saturday vn.nr There are quite a few citizens who are .Iik1. 4 - 1 1 w vote dui wnose names are J10 on the registration book. It is not on the registration book. It is, "mpH!. maMer for P"" .. w loemseives to the reristrari in we several precincts of the and apply for registration. county If you don't iwistpr vnn ,.. . - " ;ou int1.vo,t you nv o to who hJl reprewsnt you in the I govemmem or your county, state and'y"" "na "nimond have improved Rl. tu ffSSTu? h coat . uie icgimrauon books close Saturday, October 28 at sun down and will not be opened again"' have a friend or DeUhowfc J" registered, speak to him her mbont tt nd WlristraUoii BRADY AND WRIGHT At TEND BEUr.loiN hV VICES IN TABEHMACLE ... -TT'i ' V ' shl, wws ple aM rf.'ewnk Octob sthi. fel-JhavV SJ.TljIady QeA S S h i", 5- the Court F. U w.k J-TL , 7T? ,1 Abbotts deatbv'foU . ., i iiur Druan ",wr mreng sear Hoover Hill lut " n time either .Um a A MnnUcw UHBttahlfl Via. always welcome faVnJJL . ;.r-M:poan:2.v' convene ia Henderson nest V.'dna- ianoa. t-wesunt eonferet.ee will T!,tl,l1- R Pri "! WD w" Dors aiwt yrd near A new prr..!, t.r f T a t.. . . : " ; ; t will be '"Hc( a 1 f f - v-1 ! THIRD DISTRICT MEETING I OF FEDERATED CLUBS' The third district meeting of the Woman's Federated Thomasville Tuesday. More than fifty I ladies from the district were present Wnmn' (MF9tjtfi I m.t In 1 for meeting, and an interesting program was earned out. Mrs. W. A. 1 !,,. year8 been chairman of the district,! presided over the meeting. j MK Hil,. ttav ...limn nf WavnM. Federation, was present and gave an outline of the work of the year, and told of th. oll.ns whi(.h thp -lub : working. 1 A number 0f t)ie chairmen of the "ctici men i oocie.y, Arcnoaie wmrau- nit aub and Trinj Book a fc 1 . . . - , mrs. j. k. JHcUamrocK, of tireens- b Pwt.l .h.irmr, t kic: .listrirt for th rp.t tu- vor district for the next two years. ' . Vl, hLwi' nd" ,c TT ttL rTd a; The Thomasville clubs were de- every courtesy to the women of the district. Tk A ...! .!... II nc asiicuuiu uuu wo wen repre- .... sented Dy the tollowing women: Mes dan j a grcmie J D Ross J T amew a tT i ' a an . A. Underwood, Char es Fox, T . ., . , ' , L WhiUker GeoV HiS T J wniiaKer, oeorge iiiiuara, i. J. rn vrtt, J. Twoodi Hammer anJ Miss Julia' Thorns. RANDLEMAN NEWS Miss Essie Worthington, of High Point, is spending a few days in town 1 newu.eJ!t ?f Per. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. tf. 1TX. V VI tlUlljtU.t. Miss Mildred Hayworth. of Hiirh Point, was a visitor in town Saturday. The M. P. Parsonage was destroyed by fire Sunday afternoon about four o'clock. The fire started from a stove flue. All the furniture was saved, but the house was completely destroyed. Miss Lyde Bingham spent the week- end in High Point. ' MlB- A. C Cecil, of High Point, is S. N. Bowman me guest oi ner parents, air. and Mrs. Mr. E. P. Hayes was a business visitor in Salisbury Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Allred, of Point Caswell, were week-end visitors in I tOWIl. i those who attended th' football game at Raleigh Thursday were Messrs. W. F. Matthews, Frank Talley, John Woolen. Lacv Kirkman and Dr. E. M. Taylor. 1 Miss Carmen Van Werry was ai visitors in Greensboro Suiday the! guest of her sister, Mrs. E. W. All-' ted. i Mr. and Mrs. Max Wagger and fam ily spent Sunday in Greensboro. Mr. and Mrs. Amos Baine, of High Point, were the iruests nf ln r I jjiooitsnire Sunday. i . , 1 , . , 13 ... v. 4 . ine annual chrysanthemum show, given by the Ladies' Aid Society of the M E. church, of Randleman, will be held m the school building Nov. 4th. Doors ouen from in a l;vpv. , ;,.. " r- '" '" lrs" Leo marker, of Asheboro; spent Sunday in town, the o-uesi f M..T i J. Barker. FARMER NEWS Mr. and Mrs. Allen and Mr GuvItTRPS! TIRPt ,.,, .. Miller. of Burlington were itup'b Z I; ESI I ffer M au" cile Kea TsZZ ! ,'et,'es 4. Mrs. Wall, of Denton was thp rMt I M... ,ir ,', , lon' was tne Kuest. of Mrs. W. B. Thomnsnn fnV th -.., end. r. and Mrs. Heminirwav ,.f u ! S.. South Carolina, and Miss GaiV ChAfitKam f II iSourh r , i L v oennesvuie, aoutn Carolina, have been t'nr fu, Ifluva fU. . r . v,fc ruchuh oi meir Darentfl Mr n rwl KM m 1 sa ii .. ' " ' "o. xj. m. (,npfhum viicauiwil, Miss Cora Williams spent the week- I ... . MIC WC end with her Deonlp at f r.ixA ,nd ili1T.Ke?.rn8 f"'y. Mr Airs, lom M n r iron ... n t Irey Hornev. all nf tiiu .!. . i J relatives nere. Clifford Plummer were guests of I "nu Mrs- O. Kearns Saturdav .wgnt. .w- Micajah Bingham and Mian iwrginia Kearns were rnarri! ut A.t. ro.on October 12. Thea.1 m,n. oeonle u,.ii i,: . V.r" 'uun i "i : - '"u mi rarmer hav i i , -u iirnwr nav- ing been pupils in Farmer school We wish for them a Ion .n.i;. W? . Mr- and Mrs. I. S. Kearnm .Jh cnJldren and Howard ami n. v viM.ni JLor 7 .,"? from Star Saturday for .8.hrt relatives. , r nm is navinr h i r..,i nct Pted Mr- "J Mrs, Roeeoe Park '...October 17, a duM-V , r.B?L,c "oghter, Agnes fw Md Mr- Low. October 22, a daughter. ' Proadaeat Mas Paesre. Dr. Lvmait A kkxVt " ir has been txlJtoMnJhuJ r t who zor ever tlook, died October t at his a VS WMlCj' lUnmmm I. ehltla. n. ..u lTT" " old in DwT V' J!! "thoreleii aai.Aa . .' ".. 1 . , w ". n ra " Of seer plsc.-w Uader Dee4 H.lH. Cheatham. trnhlUJ. rn. (tonnectod with Norfolk headquarters, charged with the murder of Dour, , " ",.ur. ueaoay, saving tmn P"l,,,wn H' M TM bond. WANT COLUMN elaaailed advertising wW, he' Ne eUeeUai eirettidbc tVL U i takes fer leas tkss M ccaU mU ail i esfertWsiete aest la suist a- coataasieel ey reaaitUsce, " HEM ST ITCHING and picotlng. Mrs. - i i ' SEE W. C COX for all kinds of high- grade fertiliser fof wheat 10-lt-2t FOB 8ALB Good one-horse wagon I " 7-year-old inula. Would trad for FiTd car. J. F. Jones, Asheboro ' Route 1. 10-26-2tpd FOR SALE Five room bungalow and .... . --... "., with all kinds of fruits. Mrs. M. A. t. , u ... "H"rcu- . 3 i IV MI tUUXNl I MUEIN DS This is to notify you all that the Naomi Roller Mill will start up again this .,.... C ..--.. .i . a -ii .l.. ... r vuuic cum get your uuur, Leinotrauc majonnes U tne coming feed, etc., while doing so be sure and election. The Democrats will increase come to my store with your country their vote in all the Republican town produce. I pay either cash or trade, ships in the county. It looks now bke W. T. Bryant, Randleman, N. C. the Democrats can easily farry the ' . county in the coming election. When We shall look for you at the big auc- it comes to Democratic votes Asheboro tion sale of Mr. Daniel McCarn's township stands at xhe head of the farm. Good land, excellent dwell- list in this county. If every Democrat ing and outhouses. You will here in Asheboro township will put his have an opportunity to get a good shoulder to the wheel and do his full farm at your own price. Gold duty from now until the election we prizes and everybody will have a can carry the township by more than chance. Band concert. About 12 400 majority. miles south of Asheboro and four We hope every Democrat in Ran miles from Mitchfield on Asheboro dolph county will go out and hear the and Aberdeen railway. Republican speakers. These speakers are doing the Democrats more good Learn at home or school, Bookkeeping, than harm. The people are too much Shorthand, Typewriting, Civil Ser- enlightened on public questions to be vice on credit Position guaranteed, fooled. EDWARDS BUSINESS COLLEGE. Have you found out why they are WINSTON SALEM AND HIGH paying the chairman of the board of POINT. tf county commissioners fifteen hundred r- dollars a year? WATCH LABEL on yeur paper. It Wonder if Mr. J. p. Spence k still will tell when your subscription ex- in favor of allowing the chairmaa of pires. All subscriptions are pay- the board of county commissioners a able in advance. tf salary of fifteen hundred dollars a '' year. He was one of the promoters NOTICE TO WHEAT RAISERS in helnW in thliB. tM. .. if Use Basic Phosphate Lime 18 acid for wheat. . Sold by W. C. Cor. AsneDoro, jn. C 10-l-2t w , - w I T7T, 77 " "" ior you ai tne Dig auc- ,'on sale,of Mr. Daniel McCarn's farm. Good land, excellent dwell- fifteen hundred dollars a year abolish ing and outhouses. You will here ed. have an opportunity to get a good The more Republican speakings a farm at your own price. Gold Democrat hears the stronger Demo prizes and everybody will have a crat he becomes and more votes they chance. Band concert. About 12 make for Democracy, miles south of, Asheboro and four Farmers and laborers can obtain miles from Mitchfield on Asheboro more from the Democratic party than and Aberdeen railway., any other party in the country. om 1 Well, what do you think? We are .UB RENT-i-A ten room house, with-rounding up nearly six years of Re water and lights. House is suitable publican adfitaistration to -Randolph for two families, is convenient te county. Do you want any more of it T school. Apply Mrs. Wtn. C. Hhm- Everywhere the Democratic candi mef, Asheboro, N- C. 1 dates have spoken thus far, the ladies - V. .. I. 1 i . . WANTED To contract three hundred the interest they are manifesting in thousand feet of timber to be cut the issues discussed Randolph county 1 ""t'y purchased of Mc- is going to turn out a record vote for Alister and Hammer, on good Democracy on the 7th day of Novem road between Asheboro and Ulah. ber. J. A, Holder, Asheboro, N. C. Mr. I. C. Moser, candidate for the P a . ?eX? vfeW days good new stock, fabrics and mrd. - ' . .-, v.. . V . v. VllO lAUllbV l.ll- IIU Cords, all sizes at 20 off. Fabrics mistake was made in drafting him. in stock to 83x4, 26 off. You can The other candidates on the Demo n0"7 bT. Ming' me onc cratic ticket the voters on both sides John B. Humble it know, no good reason has been given ,nT 'r, . , rTT h,y anybody should vote against LOST Red leather English travelling either of them, and none will be given. nam nrn fo.n.n rm ra4-K -l ... J . . O , ir""8 ""wnerj ana per- WT8 OF LOTS FOR HALE , TOWN LOTS FOR SALE soual effects with the initials of the ed should bear it in mind that thereg owner "B. F. L., South Bend, Ind." istraUon books doseSaturday Oeto on the end of the bag, and a nickel ber 28, at sundown and will not be Sni,h,ldl .UB, J- UiJM,r' opened K y South Bend, Ind.," inside the tag. or neighbor who has not registered Please return the bag to The Courier speak to him or her about it and urge or teljgraph The Athemaeum School registration. In addition to voting for o.u yiie, j ana- B leiser, the various officers the voters will aouth Bend, Ind. it-pd. have submitted to them the question w. u.n i u . ; " whether the pay of members of We shall look for you at the big auc- the legislature shall he raised from H tion sale of Mr. Daniel McCain's Pr day to 110 per day. farm. Good lafid, excellent dwell- . tag and outhouses. You wfll here Ber. A. a Gibbs W0I PreaeL ftare an opportunity to get a good Next Sunday morning at 11 o'clock farm at your own price, Gold Kv. A. G. Gibbs will preach. This Vu T'rcbody will hare a wrvioe will mark the dose of his min chance. Band 1 eoncert. About 12 latrjr in Asheboro, There will be o n!! wuAiworo Vd rvices Sunday evening Come, let Rules from Mitchfleid on Asheboro worship together. . and Aberdeen railway. , J lw'i!LniI!aJ3eud ,0 - fcABMTa-Wa want' rabbit-bwt-uaH e tows hlng Octobtr 80, we want- rabbits JMrtfUsf. 11 ioU on eld Uwhanie i and will pay a good price for them. Street, alaa nr tunt la. - an ai ..,- d .it t , . ,.. Mot. rmiL:zr sgr !S..,t4d t the man de- purenassb auo nav asm reasonabia and arm aja gall my rati. aeaei ea Brlttala streak. . i . !T ViS: oinr" aad week.aad Expenses to mas er re toed well, Vt feet fronUge, t feet . aa with rig to Introduce JBureka Wp.. - ,... i. i, . . I ' Fr Producer. Kuraka Iffc'CtV. If inUrestod la anr of ua !. property It will ear ron to dAea. ,. ' ' v. ! ',. V T . 3.7aU & Hs-ahU,' Akbore, N. C ... i LOST October f between' Asbebore' ana runt JJaa by the way f . old eeunty home a blue large cost and fountain pen and bank book of First1 ; National Bank, two side curtains of i ron car, rmder, pleeae retura .to J. a Hammer's store, Asheboro. ' na1rcjT wrd of 5.0O. J. IL L. . ' Ahbore, U.C lUf-itt " 1 - -' We shall took for yon at the big ate-' t' n :.! of ?'r. Daniel Itci'sro's f ' i. ' I l-i-l, r- "ft d-'''!- i r ! r , , j . i , ,. , AS POXO IIL SEES H - i,,' , ,. t .Why toU fer s sarty that e fou taxes without risible tnaMUI, ments. t . ' l Wbsa s peraoo, pays klA for as srtids he expecU to iret I 8M of onr kla4 I , ' paying the salary of ths chalrustaf the hoard of county comnUatiossss somewhere shout fifteen hundred tal lars or more a year. . v " 1 There tl a groat amount of kij.r in the county over high taxe-ClK high taxes tN coinff to inn tk. - doing of the Republican party is Saa- doiph county in the Aomine- elneriA. is iukuiieui rvKi cm ana stint t inform himself and not be led bybUnd t j- ' nu prejuuice. i Ashebon Asheboro, Columbia, Frankliaville liberty. Providence. CnUriHtr. w ' Liberty. Providence. CAmriA- vZ' .-" . . T' .T r Tr "w ant Grove, Richland, Union, New Hope and Trinity townships will all viva r ... . . " you are in favor of saving the county fifteen hundred rinllnn n mp kln M elect Mr. I. C. Moser and he will have tne office whi allows Clark Marsh, the chairman of the board of county commissioners, to draw a salary of jiovc ueeu mucn in eviaence ana irom u "PresenUtives, has never BWghi Publlc offic Wore and in fact, Rafted for the office to which he house of representatives, has never now MPires but he is satisfying the nemn.r.f. oil ' Ttu" . uiuzens wno have not yet reginter- JU8T RECEIVED FVeth ear load ef young mules. X PManell and York. Asheboro, N. C U'y. ;; U L03T-A sack of dried fruit m strnts . of Asheboro. Finder pUese aotify r- - HTfiAtfitrr mt ibtikm r mar aat fit. !.. tn 0 it . n - WANTKDa .. m h. kMMM wU make good ties, Umber I w f rmflr tirri.au-l f HfiAlltar aad between Asheboro sd vluf on f004 rMd I win oe m Asheboro from now oa Itokiag alt- , th'' business. , A... Ueler, Asheboro, N. C . ' : ' . CtTARANTFtD TinK BEPA18- ' ; ' V.'e guarantee our tire repairs t ? ' last as long as the tire. Your SM ,s tires rnalrH hi u. can be depend- sp" ' I -, t--ni.le.froo " . c A'l t:.-i t t .--ve our shF ' " - I C '--1 with i r . , , , '...!. - - . f r fre ft

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