- r s"rr .Sf-' Fag Urt 7SV5XAT OCT0BZ1 tt, lttl THE ASnEBORO COUIIIEIX AHL20IU tL C; l -, f i ' r . ' THE COURIER rAaVsbor, H. C. October M, 1921 - In. 8. B.- Haramary at Lynchburg. Ma, U visiting relathraa fai Aaheboro. Hammer nas also Man ruiting WEEKLY RALEIGH ttlTH (By Maxwell Gormen.) " ' Me. and Mr. XX. JC. Weej&erly' aa Blrtrh. Qrt tl- Mirifti Bitlartortnd ha caadjdaUe am the Denv- f BopPoa. faaloa daya haa been aaMratac ticket lor thia county at din- MjT C H. Jonee. af rraakUaTina. lb Mtot at Memorial hospital -Mr. aad Mm. Haywood Parka, af rranttinvilie, vara visitors m bora lest week; " The thirteen months aid child of Mra. Adar McMaaoa. af Bear Creek, terad bv the mmmUii Senebtieaa er at their home ia fraakUanUa route 1. (ell into a tab af water aa camnairn nuinn for a roeakinr-Tuesday evening. The candidate October , and waa drowned. Itoar ia the stata. beinr billed tbia epoke at tha aehoot boos at Franklin- a Tv M. av i iT - " . . . . v brother and aiatara at WorthTillo.'. ""T, " weea ana next lor cpeu-ttnder anona Tw- o:L Catawba, Burka aad villa latar tn tha evening. Mia Margaret Sparger waa boat vw--. boataaaa visitor in the city fester- otT eountw Mnv tn num- 1X mauve as oopm-v - 'day. bar bow tha Simsm Fox" fooled to the newly organised twa Ubla Me Oaear Harnar and family baTat Mra. L. C Fbillipa waa called to 'am in tha 9V aad will not readily bridta club at the Central Hotel Fri aatrad to , Aaheboro from Marry Newton Tneaday as the account of the fall for bia partiaaa aophistriea ia tha 47 evening. After aararal interaat Oaka. Mr. Horner baa accepted a ilfateaa af W daughter, Mra. Wade election Norember 7th- It waa bia Mr camaa tha boateaa aarrad pineap yoaitlon with tha Home Building Ma- Hendrtt . fault that he fooled erioah voters to pt ealad, oiives, ham and cheese terial Company. Tbomaa J. Woodall, who resides hoist himaelf into political office the aandwiehea, and coffee with whipped . Mr. and Mrs. Clay Richardson spent 'near Arcbdale, la suffering from in- fiaat time. Those familiar with his cream to Miaaea Ethel Lovett, Bera fianday at Mr. . John Richardson's, juriea sustained by a falL While record know that it will be their fault Scarboro, Mabel Parriah, and Messrs. Bfifinn route 1. I working ia bia barn recently be fell, if be fools them again and they will Kobert Bunch, John Hunter, Idol Messrs. S. A. Cox and W. B. Hoan, injorint; bia back. not allow him to do so. Ferae and Britt Armfield. of Union .township, were business I Mr, and Mrs. Joe T. Lewallen mo- The efforts of the Republicans, ema- A " visitors In the city yesterday. tored to dan College Tuesday to be nating at Washington, where Butler Mrs. J. K. Wood Entertains Book Club Mr. and -Mra. Fess Jewaom and j resent at a birthdaytelebration hon-, appears to have started from with his1 - The first meeting af the Randolph Miaa Mary McCain were in Greensboro cring Mr. Lewal ten's mother. orders, are mainly to capture a seat or book club was held at ' the home of Tuesday. 1 I Born to Mr. and Mrs'W. P. Roy- tw in the next congress, including Mrs. John K. Wood last Friday after- Mr. W. F. Cross has purchased Mr. ater, October 22, twin daughters. that held by the old Confederate, Ma- noon. The home was attractively K h. Hflliard'a barber shop on Depot Miss Treva Beck is visiting rela- Jor Charles M. Stedman. Former decorated with chrysanthemums and Street A Mr. Allred, of Kamseur, is tives at Thomasville this week. I cabinet official Leslie M. Shaw is in- other fall flowers. Mrs. J. Redding also in the shop with Mr. CrosST" Mra. E. P. Barnes and daughter, 'vading the fifth for the Republicans in ! read an account of the life of Mr and Mrs. J. 0. -Redding spent Frances and son, Robert, and Mrs. S. behalf of Mrs. Lindsay Patterson, the the author of one of the books in Tuesday in Greensboro on business. M. Knotta and daughter, Mildred, of Republican candidate. !the club and Mrs. Wa C Hammer Mr. and Mrs. , Jesse, Councilman Lilesville, were guests of A. F. Yow's I Ane state is being canvassed by read a chapter from The Americani were (ruests of Mr. T. L. Vuncannon's family the past week-end. (Democratic speakers most effectively, aation of Edward Bok- Current r n.7 mit 8. last week.! Mr. W. K ravi r.,a t under direction of the state committee events followed and were of much in- jiiui, . y.w. ---- -.j, " ... -J .u- Kin. tho it gave rne vxuner a pleasant cau u wjuhl c-uiiiiiullccb, mm mo , .cu. w. Misses Linnie Dorsett and Hay Yuncannon, of Farmer, were visitors ia Aaheboro- Saturday. - Mrs. C. M. Spencer and daughters, Miaees Blanche and Leona, and Mrs. Carl Steed spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Madison Farlow in Sea- i while in the city last Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Ferguson visited relatives in Greensboro Sun day. Mr. Hobart Richardson, who has ac cepted a position as representative of TTil. J T-i n .... grove. uaea unig company, 'returned tne Mr. Carl Cox. of Asheboro star latter part of last week from Boston. route, leaves Sunday for Montgomery Mass., where he has been preparing Democratic men and women of North most interesting topics of the day. Carolina must see to it that a full votel Mrs. Wood had a number of invit is Dolled and the wav to do that is'ed euests one of whom was Mrs. De- for each individual Democratic voter jlia Dixon Carroll, of Raleigh. She to be sure and iro to the TKillintr nlafM was detained at Samarcand where and cast their ballots. There are iust 1 she was at a directors' meeting and fourteen days from this writing to put I did not reach Asheboro until after on the finishing touches to the line-up, the meeting. The hostess served and every one oueht to measure ud to chicken salad, walnut sandwiches, City Gas and Battery Station Opens m l Stedman Bnildmg We have moved from our old; stand to the office in Stedman Bldg. formerly occupied by; Central Motor Co. and will sell gas, oil and tires and give expert battery service. City Gas and Battery Station count'y where he goes as auperintend- himself for his wort Mr. Richardson ! utX and n no ,f loss i Pickles' wafers and coffee J 4V Ti.i,oio orhnnl i 'IhM hoAii Bian f tv 0ut t a , .of a single congressman or legislator. - North Carolina was the only state in the American union that held and in- ent of the Uwharrie school. ' I has been assigned to the state of Ar- Mias Mary Curne was the weea-ena , Kansas and Ieit Monday. Mr. R.H. Moore has moved his bar-'have entered the nurses training "ed its Democratic majority at the i. fA fch new theatre building course at St. Io'b hAsnitel r.n.. lectlon two years aK when the nortl awa sbivj v vw - - near Haaty's Cafe. The Western boro. Union has leased the room in the Ex-Sheriff J. F. Hughes, of Taber Aahlyn Hotel building formerly occu- nacle township, was a business visitor pied by Mr. Moore, for a telegraph of- on our streets yesterday shaking fM. hands with his friends. Miaa Hester Stuart, who has beenl Miss Bertha Spencer, of Greens with the A. D. Pate Printing Compa- , boro, recently spent the week end ay, at Burlington for the past few with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. veara. has accepted a position as uiucc oyvnixr, u oeagrove itoute i REVIVAL CLOSES AT ASHE BORO i M. P. CHURCH rtiirv of the North Carolin Sun day school association with headquar ters in Raleigh. Miss Stuart is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Stu art, of Seagrove No. 1. aara Fave. little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Rich, has been right .sick for a week with scarlet lever, but is much improved, The American Christian convention which convened in Burlington last week, closed Tuesday. It was largely attended. , The series of revival services which and west called for a "change" and has been in progress at the Methodist got it with a vengeance, to the regret Protestant church came to a close and chagrin of millions of voters. Sunday night with the largest congre The record of the Harding Republi-' gation during "the meeting. Kev. J. D. can national administration and that! the highest terms of the preaching, of the "worst congress ever" since that and did it well. The people spoke in election is a menace that millions will resent at the polls next month. To stem the one-sided plutocratic tide that set in it is necessary to elect a Demo cratic congress this year, and the pa triotic ex-aervice men and the deceived business men, working men, farmers especially, will show Warren Gamaliel M cnn,.- v T ii mi especially, win snow irnrren vianmiiet prayer, anu S M. n!L f m , ' Harding what a knock-out solar plexis professions. r5ite'Mr-i I The meet the highest terms of the prearhing, and the pastor is sure he has never listened to series of better sermons. There was considerable interest man ifested. A large number of unchurch ed people manifested an interest in their spiritual welfare by requesting prayer, and there were a number oi aoon. Miasea Qeta Rich and Lillian Hau ser, Mr.l and Mrs. C. H. McRee, Mrs. tJSnr -t of the city yesterday. UCI VI. XJKa w r I Mr. and Mra. O. Elmer Rich bunday. Miss Louette Steed spent the week meeting was held in the audi- As the Democratic good-government torium of the new church. Of course hosts of North 'Carolina advance in the new auditorium is not completed this campaign, we all should keep an but the church people are delighted eye peeled on any and all efforts to that the work has progressed to the sow dissentions in our ranks, and act extent that the auditorium could be The local, church is rounding out an- Beginning Friday, October 27 And Continuing for 6ne Week Will Dollar Week Any hat to $3.00 $ .50 off Any hat for $3.00 to $6.00 1.00 off Any hat for $6.00 to $9.00 1.50 off Any hat for $9.00 to $12.00 . . , 2.00 off Any hat for $12.00 to $15.00 2.50 off A DOLLAR SAVED IS A DOLLAR MADE Don't Forget the Date, Friday, October 27 mrs. Millard h. allred i t was Mrs. E. C. Yow. yesterday. Messrs. J. A. York and S. W. Pres- Inell returned this morning from Rich- ioo pm KtalAv naiued through mond where they purchased a car load AahoHnm Inst Sunday. She is teacn-, of mules. ing at Lineberry's. She is one of the I Mrs. Sarah Arnold, of ttsburgh, accordmgly For whoever attempts it, 'used for the meeting. county s oesi leacnera. ; p' .nCTI.lT- T, : if any should try it, is an enemy and Mr. K. U tllUiara nas SOia ms ni- """' frni W t th nn v nnlitiojil nrtv'tW r,ar'e wL- Tha dence in West Asheboro to Mr. WU1; grove i route l,was in Asheboro this that ha8 and yarded and main- Sunday school has made substantial Allred, and will move to Wortnvme . '""Kl"5 J nome one was ac-honest( clean Anglo-Saxon progress and gains during the year. uei uiuuici auu itibsbis. nvIrim.nf BnA white Biinrpmarv to Ui urnni, u,nl. . Uyin. nn f,M. J. T. Teague and F. L. Moffitt. who TCL "o" Za a. . Y" il "I 2. KrrrTl""? tT! were taking her to Greensboro. I m.hirl, .nj s ia na imnnrtj.nt i, ti,. j kv-; n Mr. J. G. Steed, of Mt. Gilead, was T"'"' I tTl T" V' rrilVJ" " 'riVlnnInla. nn.l AAniliflAno OO 1TC ilia lL4' 1 . .1 ZM 1 I 1 B Mr. JSi- a. Jetires. manager of the -nr 1 -,i .n t A 2 . TT r'-.-.v-- xt,v,v i . j lJaa" " c " iiuiiiinoKCM wuiuai net gain. ivnsiaenng me Greensbore News, has been awarded didates in the primaries and Bome conditions under which we have to i. nd with her sister, Mrs. Casper Cox,'g"" star route wmchbT ??unty nUo .and J honest or, with the new church building in in High Point. lrinTNovnbeV 6th The nuroose of DemrSit. wh, participated therein can process of construction, revival meet- Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis, of High;f flJL i, Z TSL?t ; conscientiously scratch a ticket. ings having to be postponed from the Point, and Misses Cora McMasters . j . i ;i onrl Vircrtnin firMri. at Aaheboro. VIS- r . ...f. a a . t . '. Open TtM aU the home of Mrs7s. J. Lewis, "u1!; .uita against 14 members of the asso- aged. . a. o..j "v- mio -""n ouuwi ":,,, roaiflincr in North lamina. I asking damages at the rate or hve cents a pound for tobacco alleged to The Tri-State Tobacco Growers' Co- regular time. etc.. the local Methodist operative Association has instituted Protestants have reason to be encour- .at HilU Store, last ssunaay. . . Asheboro which are Jlr. J. W. Bean nas oeen appomu gund mai Bervice. one of four aspirants for the post- entirely without' naaterahin. Mr. J. N. Cag;le, of Franklinville, was a business visitor in the city last JYiday. Miss Blanche Blrkhead. who has a position with Myer's department store ia Greensboro, was at home for the past week-end. There were a number of young peo ple attending the different colleges in ' the state in Aaheboro Sunday. Among: them were Miases Ludle Caveness, Geida Hayworth and Clarabel Morris, f Greensboro College; Mae Preanell, M State Normal College, Greensboro: William Hommond and Hal Rich, of Gailford College and Dan Burns, of Chap Hill. Mn. Leo Barker and son were, vis itors in Randleman last week. Mr. G. T. Maeon't handsome new residence on Cox street is nearing aempletkm. Miaaea Mary Moffitt and Hallie Le noir and Mr. J. R. Rousseau, of North WUkaabero, were visitors in Asheboro JBoaday. Mra. Edward Keehler la spending stama time with her sister, Mra. Carl Steed, after aa operation at Memorial Hospital. . Mr. anr lira. A. B. Ccpenhaver, who i formerly lived in 'Asheboro, were viar itora henH Sunday. Mr. xCopenhaver liaa aeeured tha contract for tha street and, sidewalk Improvements in the Oreat Stone Terrace Development Co. ki east Aabebor ; He will, fetvra to JLabeboro ia the aear future. Mr. Co penharer has bad oma splendid eon- . traeta aad iaa riraa entire latlafae ilaa. Mr. Cope&haru had . tha . con tract for a part of tha atreet improre- ; 'went woHcb Aahebora. .. Mrs. Ernaet Warren, of Gastonia, ANNUAL SYNOD OF PRESB- TER2ANS IN LINCOLNTON have been sold by the growers out side the association in violation of the contracts. FIRST LYCEUM ATTRACTION WAS WELL ATTENDED The Presbyterian Synod of North Carolina is fat its one hundred and ninth session at Lincolnton this week. Ihe synod consists of seven oresby- -rv,. firgt Lveeum attraction which tertes oi Alttemarle, Wilmington and ' pre8ented at the court house last Fayette vilJe in the eastern section and ' :vf w n -huh t.h wb nn- Orange,, Concord, Mecklenburg and i MtTtlA OM of the ever present- loath to let him mv U i.rAB.n I ln . . I . . Ainrs aiouniwn n itne weeieni. we d in the town. J ! . 1 . I J 0.1 . i ! synoa is uie proposed orgaiuxauun ui a new presbytery with Raleigh as its center. Two years ago a campaign for over a million dollars for the en dowment of these schools and colleges was successfully completed. Another for a half million for the orphans bome, to cover four years, is so far successful. ' Just now one is being conducted for $600,000 for Davidson, a re pert of which ia eagerly looked for at this meeting. Flora MacDon ald is raising $150,000 to meet an of fer of $50,000 from the Carnegie foundation. ' Rev. A. C Gibbe to Thomasville With much regret the M. E. church and citizens generally of Asheboro heard of the removal of Rev. A. C. Gibbs as pastor of the M. E. church here. Mr. Gibbs has been in Ashe boro three years and perhaps no man has so endeared himself to the peo ple of the city generally as has Mr. Gibbs. A pulpit speaker of rare abil ity and a pastor unsurpassed by any, the people love and trust him and are Mr. Gibbs has BLUE SKY VIOLATORS SELL WORTHLESS STOCK TO PUBLIC Warrant have been issued for rep resentative ef the High Point Bprirtg leaa Shade Company, who have sold MOjOOO worth of stock when the con cern haa $374.89 ia asset.. The com pany aeema to have been incorporated laat August, bat representatives ap parently had sold atocK. pezor wen. 17 a Bab. W. G. Chandler and W. G. Brawn, the latter a woman, of Win-ton-Salaov were the incorporator. They ware Joined later by J. B. Fey ram, of Wboeton-Salem. -v Fimn and Babe failed to appear a ( . AAA A at the trial aaa xoneuea ai,wv oono. Woman'a Club to Meet Wednesday. On account of court the Woman's club will not meet in court room as heretofore announced, but will meet in the Methodist Episcopal church on next Wednesday, November 1. done a great work in Asheboro and in the years to come people will look back with fondest memory to the pas torate of this good and able man and his splendid wife whose friends are as numerous as the people themselves. Thomasville is to be congratulated upon securing Mr. Gibbs. Near East Relief Weeks This week and next are set aside for Near East relief contributions. There is hardly a person in the county who cant make a small contribution to the starving children in these Chris tian lands. Every one .knows and be- Lmoans the horrible conditions existing in these countries where the Turks are killing and persecuting by the hundred. Let us do our small prt by giving what we can to relieve condi tion. Send your contributn to Mr. L C Moser, Aaheboro, N. C. All do nations regardless of siae, will be ap preciated.. MRS. HAL W. WALKER, Chairman Randolph County. is tha truest of bar naratita. Mr. aad nhafuUer haa akltmed to Bartlmonv lira. I & rhmipc. v : ' I C D. Peebles and D. aVKoonoe, of Miaa Minnie - Hoover la attending Davie county, who war agents, war tried before T. B. Bouidm, m Trinity Township, Taesday and bound over to Randolph superior Court. They sold aevaral Tabernacle ; township eJtiaens stock, among them i-Shriff J. F. Hughes $4,100; Mr. and Mra. Luther C. Smith $500 eaehr William Allen Briie $500,' and Dave Tbomaa put In tractor ralaad at - $500. Peeblea and Koonee declared on trial that they were acting ia good faith with ' the people from, whorfl they were eolklt tog itoelfc'-'tv J. --.A V " THE last PrnyirK or - : J T1H3 CONFIDENCE TEAR 1. t 1 .L. . t- win at voncQra uui wvatw - t" . Rev. L. W, Gerringei1 wffl leave j vrt Monday for Uendenoa when be will attend tha meeting of tha annual conference of tha Methodist .Protee- 'l tant church,1 ' - . ' -. ';''; Dr. Dixon Carrol.', of Raleigh, waa tha guest of Mrs. JoU X. Wood while Ja Aaheboro Ut week. ' Mr. and Mra. Phal ' Hod gin, of . lreenRboro, were the guest of Mr. v Oorsr Ferree's fmily Unit week, We wU pay five eenU for tha first Jive eoplM of The Courier of Oct. It. Mr. Cd Ktd and sister, Mra jT-JsH FcMor, spnt (he wixk end H f r-ir r-arrr.'s. Mr. and Mr. G T. .-.-r, t i -rove Rout L- r j v snd I ' or t , . ., ,, ,M1 I- , Will be hnld at the Asheboro Mrfho- ,, I'roiostnnt thiirrh n"xt f'umby. VnU s- i-x.1' I (T I prr-rit f'T ' ia Mia Mary Ball Heaered. Miaa Mary Bulla, who graduated with bighv honors from tha Asheboro high achool last spring, and who ca tered Davenport College this fall has been made editor of tha , Davenport Weekly Baeord, ft college publication. She baa written a meat interesting ar ticle on "Probable Reaaona for Lit erary Achievements; in North Caro lina1 whkh wUl appear later la The Courier. : ; . - . It is unusual that an honor of this kind ia eontorfred upon a freahman in eollege; but tha honor ia worthily be stowed a Miaa Bulla ia an axeep tionally brilliant young woman. 8he ia the daughter of Mr. I D. . Bulla, who haa for many years beea con nected with some kind 4 of editorial worK. ' . . i A eondeaeed handbook oil feeding farm animals mar be bad by aaking for the September 1922 bulletin ef thei Department of Agriculture. A MM to the I'.illtor, KxpHmnt Station, Ral p'. h, i:i bring the booklet to you. Why Not New Mr. J. B. Slack, Jr., of the A. and E. College, Raleigh, spent the week end here with relatives. Dr. and Mrs. i. W. Austin and children, of High Point, spent the week end with Mrs. Austin's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Auman. Mrs. W. A. Burgess, of Greensboro, spent last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Monroe. Miss Hester Stuart was the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Stuart, recently. Mies Stuart haa ac cepted a positioa of office secretary la the office of the North Carolina Sunday achool association. Mr. Ottia Statta, of High Point, ia spending a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry ututta. Mr and Mrs. A. B. Trogdon and Masters Henry, Hubert and A. B., Jr, spent Saturday with Ma. and Mrs. M. A. vagie. Miu Craic Kusseu la tM rueat ox her aunt. Mm. B. E. UbroerUon. t&r. v. K. ABtnaa Je apendiag woma time te this aactfcra. Mr. and Mra. X 1 Spencer and chil dren, af Rameeur, 'spent Sunday with their paronU, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hneneer. . Mr. .and Mra. A. C Lowdertnilk. Kraaten. Susan aad Junius have re turned from Arkansas and expect to live In Beat rove to have the children in acbooL A birthday party ta honor of Mra. J. M. Kin iv Mr. J. A Xing, and Ml Lela Smith waa at tha horn of Mr. J. M. Kin EeDtember ta - After an hear of aodal enjoymcn auy rw freahmaata ware armi , laaMo fUacky Rsra, TUt Co(K 1121 far Plablaa UUI.' "W'e eouldnl tell what waa clog- rlnr en our toilet and drama. We bad Ve tr up floor,' pip", etV found rnt'n r.Oft in bnwwwit Inpy Brooks 4& Bvrd Week End Specials CONTINUED THROUGH COURT WEEK It will be to your interest to se us before you buy your winter supplies no matter what your needs may be. We are listing just a few of the many special oargams: m Wool Crepe, a big value, yard 79c All Wool Crepe, 40 inches wide $1.98 A fine lot of Corsets, worth $1.50, our price . . 98c Ladies', Misses' and Children's Coats at a tremen dous saving. y Men's Lion Brand Work Shoes, a better shoe has 83 never been made for the price of $3.75 1 Another big special is a good heavy work shoe for i4 ! ! men at $2.48 Children's shoes at $2.48. Fine dress shoes for ladies and gentlemen at at- jj-. tractive prices. 48 inch all wool serge, yard $1.98 m ' I li Father George LL sheeting, yard 12 l-2c 1 1 . : ivJ- Buy your underwear now. I m . 32 inch fine dress ginghams, a new lot, special at A n lj, ! j To appreciate these values is to see them, Friday ' J . J j and Saturday and all next week. See our windows.;' I ? - h Brooks & Bvrd t! THE NEW STORE ACROSS THE RAILROAD I mini nwnwKPSffusiiii iviief in vi fi s m HTipjie?i)Wfrsi '"' " ' I hud Servicea at BeUaeea Charch, Aahebora. Sunday achool 10:00 a. m. Preaching UnOO a. m.'t night Mnrlee 7:80 ft. m. Mid-week prayer meeting, Wednes day, 7:80 p. m. A warm welcome awalta you at all theea aerrloea. - On Sunday,. October , at 11 a. ra. a missionary wiu apaas aiong no line ef missions. He will dreaa tn a Japan ooatama and sing la Ja pan, Come aad ee for youraelf. y. B. STANLKT, Pastor. .... .-..i ' 1 : Court Begiaa Hmt Meaday. v . On next Monday the trimlnal term of eonrt will begin with Judga Hnley pressing. i , . , -j- new, jmnrr between TROT AND ROCKINCH1U 1 Tha following Jitney echedule frara Troy to Rockingham is of interset to people ia Randolph aa wall aa sur rounding count! baeauea It make eoaneetloa with , tha " two ' tralaa at Rockinghan for ". Wilmington and Charlotte, ' 'also with, the Norfolk Boathani xrom Charlotte, and the J-t-aey from Albemarle and iit&ey from Aberdeen ta Aaheboro. '. Lam Troy- ...,,...... 10:25 a. m. Antra Biacoa 10:45 a. m. Anriva Candor .. ........ 10. Mi a. m. Arrtva Normaa , '..... 11:20 a. n. Arrlva Fllerbe .......... 12:ro r Arrlr Itorkinirharn. . . . 12 1 P .i -l-ve T-V. littrL ,,... " t . ? . ! I

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