i NMB n ---'i-a,",'',''!P','M'MM''"'M COST OF LIVING Dairriai tariff Im aav and u are rapidly Warning r j a - - ow great re i t -.. a feed creps Ubm0f.1 8.r,e.rr s perfection in North M?Hmki, W the heed J'. Sugar raeaftT puousneu uu, ro IT"--- 1 s . 1. ., Company oi rnuaaeipiu. na. jrr " TiS suoenor to 'those offered by the best ds4ry states in the union. . .. One might assume tnat umm wvjj WW Nasi la Caieltaa? Four ttuVftWMillw ih m n sil P IV ' . . .!... ., MumMuiJy. ill km imp. Nur irrrtn:' rmc hWSVV PUNIC HUIXi f STATE'S DISABLED - "- OHW CHI . 1 1 till inrnl the price of refined rr 9Ji nnmljl erDtin Fed eral and Arbuckle, increased the price 10 points, to 6.60 cents, a i Kaderal are emot ing 6.50 cents and 6.26 cents re- be no shortage of dairy preue " f...HKU MIU11. stau whm mien iiTwiawiw ..... tions exist. However, such 1b th KS. of Commerce the eemeW Mil, J. Peon and MeCahan advanced to .76 cents a pound, while Warner, National and American went to 9.60 cents a pound, regrular terms. The Federal maintained its price at 6.25. Reports from the west said that the California, Ha waiian and Western had gone to 9.50 cents, seaboard basis, in com petitive territory up to and includ ing Missouri river points. Two other Pacific coast refiners are ex .t ti tn 6.90 -cent basis lor Pacific coast territory and the -Oa the IwWCB ot the Da- tional nartment of Vocational RehaWMUUon ing of the State Desert-Mat ot nwe ia etraetMh are many ca e 4MM by M Of uus irmymn waa tnaatceme trosa drags upoa thetr into nroductlvs aaits at oetety. Cripple Ceasns Wee, wnica in k. ! nrtnVr SO-November Uu baas instituted by the Rehabll- u. ,-, L-r oi Ann nnnwaiei wvwwm of the state, where there is only one cow to every 14.4 persons. milk produced in uus pan oi WSk WIWWWaaTva - , iihi- nr oerson would oe less than one-half pint per day, or i . ,,k tViA nuantitv that each child should have in order to de velop a strong, healthy body and I The small number of cows found in 'eastern North Carolina can partly be accounted for by the high per cent of j tenant labor used in operating the. farms. In the past, many oi vnc .m in tha south is any- North Carolina in genenms tares upon wee iou of common weaJLh buvld- Tba mass miad U made op oa taaav matters. Thay are no longer omim ale in North Carolina. What ia the next step Jorwara : What is the answer of this canter rJ mllm culture? Ta it an essential Step T lime sia-e 4 has been taatitutea oj r""'. i It may be ideally desirable, out is n Itatlon uepanmeni in STrf ai actually possible in Worm Lrouna ai ta wraaa . " """T CjiI ! present 7 i , St Board oi onarii.io i v. uat our DroDositlon and wliac WaUar ia order that inaay J'lare your arguments ? University pcysicaiiy uanun-awv- r v - Ittr North Carolina may be restored to .News letter "if0" aM of Two OoTemocs at Mt. Airy. ' - ftsavii Ur VnAfitinta&l ftAhtbil- TKa Rooster conference held at Mt. ine ioiwt uuvuv , - . Hnrlnir the Jft t 12 Airv Satnrdav was in many WHYS moaths 51 persons have been helped notable event. The merchants of the to employment by his departmaat; O oym j- gpife of the fact that it was v.- x&on Kmiiitail with trainlna. and .t,,,,)u ftmrwn and the town was Ri riiM are Dendlnr further action nrnnlrAri with visitors, closed their Many who are now in process ox re- gtoreB The town was unusually hah- WANTED Cltk-, Egg. . Veal Cthr-. Hide, Wool d .aAaii PmH nrp Comoanv i r-iAO--a a a w w - haMtTtation will bo restored to oco- h.-i-o. two governors nomlc independence within the next mtaia on this occasion, Governor Mor -a. a Otnnlnn " . .a 1 ("-. Rocky Mountain states. i IT -Hh.rin to a one-crop system! One Of the most striking cases ban- ' Trinkle Virginia. Both gov- Sugar is not the only necessary for lords vfeVt?t wL in died by this Vvutmnt was tt of ie88e1 tte-multitude 0f !. T n.-McCm- ucallortenants ...to own; Plytlc ao b.y -i"- people on the subject of road I build- oay iiiuic u.i... - , , - tt i .-nniiition win " . . . . - i i incr l.nvernor Mornsoii uoiiik i Ull WW Uyivii .v.- of North Carolina, and Gov- ber tariff. According to the Herald: cows. tv. AmAriran Woolen Company yesterday announced advances on its lines of men's staple and fancy worsted fabrics for next spring. A general advance in tne fabrics of other concerns is ex .tH as a result of the action of the American Woolen Company. The Journal of Commerce comment- ( ing on the news said: It will be no surprise to the trade in general to learn of ad vances from other sources whose products more directly compete with the fabrics of the American Woolen Company. One man frankly stated he would raise prices on certain of his lines, not because he thought it was really necessary to do so but he felt the opportunity was af forded to get better prices. The Journal of Commerce also re ports in an article headed "Tariff Affects Chemical Prices:" A study of recent prices on various items covered in Schedule 1 of the Fordney-McCumber act ean lead only to the conclusion that the chemical and drug mar- ket has been substantially affect ) ed by the new rates of duty. I They are being affected more and more each day as a widespread series of advances takes place, not only in the prices of imported items but also in those prevailing en materials manufactured in this eountry and sold to the drug and hemical trade by the manufac turers uiuuii . , K In a whfiel -OTCiuui h . exist it is difficult to say. but it will ea - Jd of tn9 the .advancement madem our in - - - . a i mi. wvorl Hill li-tlTI r in l.nH llilM- CW IWI be safe to predict that the number of cows in this section win "JTi rially increased until both landlord and tenant realizes that milk is the best and cheapest food obtainable, and that it is a necessary part of the hu man diet. ' i .u- ,am-t anil mountain GC- Itions of the state where a much more diversified system of farming is prr.c- ( ticed, the number of milk cows i.er farm is much larger. Here an ade quate supply of milk and butter is available for each family and a con-, siderable amount is produced for the market. There are sixteen creamer ies, twenty cheese factories, seven milk plants, and eighteen ice cream factories operating in this section.) About 5,500- farmers are delivering sour cream to these creameries for, .1 n..if..hirincr nf hlltter. uie , The production of cream with these: farmers is a side line. They keep a sufficient number of cows to consume all roughage grown on the farm and' to pasture land which would otherwise , return no dividends. In addition toj furnishing a good market, on the farm, for this roughage, the dairy cow re turns a monthly cash income. fahe furnishes profitable and constant em ployment for farm labor and makes possible the reduction of fertilizer bills by conserving soil fertility. The production of cream for cream eries is a form of dairy farming which is well adapted to any section of North Carolina, and if there was an average j rr liilr rnwH ner farm in this 111 HIUI - Place your order now for Engraved Christmas Cards Samples may seen at Couri er office. MRS. H. W. WALKER as sl sr-tvT will have the chance to avaU them- gether it was a jnost stimulating and selves of the help of the -Rebabiltta profitable occasion. tion Department during Cripple Cen- us Week. Cancels Speaking Engagements. . . ,j ..Il.4 r.hlldpail- II ...o,. ormnnncofl SlllwillV that IsaaC IO M I U VIIHHIVM vi""v 1 i I. vtno uiJ..v"'.w. 1 n... f nri-nied children will be m Mlrin would be forced to cancel .o in Miss Rmeth Turtle of the Q-oolHrnr n crairements in this 1 1 1 11. 1 . ' " 111.1 DJ1VH1 1Q O O Bureau of Child Welfare of the State gtate to tne illness of his assistant, r,i rhnritiRH and Public Welfare. , u, rinnoi Miller, alien ui'ni ii lJ i i . aiau cai v.w..w. . Whenever possible and practicable, property custodian, who is comflelled treatment will be secured tor such f g ftt Qnce for Germany on of- rhildren. either at tbe tate uriaopo- . ,.. fn.is reauires Mr die Hospital at Gastonla or to local presence in the Washingtoh hospitals. The Bureau of ChiM Wei- " ced several of 14 ana 10 years. i- pedU Hospital cannot admit children over 14 and aid from the Department of Rehabilitation is not available for those rnider 16; so that the au of Child Welfare may render valuable service to children between these ages who are Ineligible for help from other agencies. By securing treatment for crippled .Liu v, ninn nf Child Wel- uunui ou, i-ii" fare looks towards the prevenuoa or the deeIopment of the crop ot pro fessional beggars to the future. Many people do not know that much can be a fAi nrlnninn n 1 1(1 1 U. oumc n.ue jj. . times even completO cure can bo ef fected, and frequently marked lm rovoment of their stete of disability. . fnr onnA Sumaritan 1 H1B IB U-UV.V1 ... B - -- werk on the part of public-spirited 1UUBB wuw 3 E NTn -RmtsTvaFlllTllls- KSLwi Tcatalomie, with prices and terms on same. , Maynard Brothers, Salisbury, N. C. Dear Sirs? Please sead nse a alomie. Drices and terras of taa KNABE Piaao. Name Postofnce St. or R. F. D State Maynard Bros. EMPIRE BLOCK SALISBURY, N. C A comparative table of prices on state msic-u x.v,, eitirens of the State . Vl:i. i Ar,,, nf tihhI income of twenty-four millions i VZZriZTS Octeber 5, two weeks from this source would ,be increased to . - "t the before and after the enactment of the ninety-six millions, ana una " Tbe mi"" ry is reputed CTry tendon SrS Dairy Divion. f?a in manv lines ot traoe. ine raiu Come, Let Us Reason Together. day in many lines oi traoe. ine ru mapi AY TTNIOITE n the consumers' pockets is gaining FISHERY DISPLAY UNIQUb headway. The prices of food, cloth-, FEATURE AT BALfciuu ini and other articles ot dauy con- , ... ., , vah sumption are steadily pushed up Redolent of th L 'lt of Hat -I wrenjoyed and read carefully your while the beneficiaries of. the Fordney- of Old Ocean and the salt of Hat JJ Joy McCumber schedules collect tneir teras, "- - ' heTies ex-jcord with everything noted by the re 600,000 a year from the American ,n the air Sm ht .Ipoter, there are quite a few of us who consumer. at JJ- a ard him (or her) derelict in leaving in oi the la we pmwd b, tonre .ari.tK. ron in rtoto of n; dm-;ft. d,' " '""W the debtors. But they provoke ques- soft shell, and hard shell, oysters m oar ioca! u t 7n administraUon to cancel sound, and tributery waters; great balanced by the bad. tv,- ..JSa? What leads the advocates pilot of clams, from Bogue sound and aaaambU a laree crowd of caacellaUon to suppose that this Oregon inlet; Arimp that make youn Ra-dolph is it essential to import -mHv wnnlH meet with aDoroval in of- mouth water wiui menwnoa uf. , -.jHat a motley arane Of aalads: sea shells, marsh (crass. L" , jI.kwat1 aK Mir Tr-nnli ? One thing remains perfectly fresh sand and koto, are used decorate the , how much money thay 1 SL minH That ia that the dismay whiekia fronted by a twenty I .. Jw,-, hr. . Now. had Cheaper than ALADDIN SOTTYOIL . ... r Li r: 1.. t,.r a t,.nt ...liaf mun rnispii in SSJla and acministraiion lougnt ireiwij - .w-v r law that would have permitted the painted in colors drawn to scale and preeident and the secietary of tbe showing in a most impreestve way the f . .:. 4ii and ,-,. r nf tba North Carolina coast treasury vu nun - "- -. - . . . way in the matter and manner of col- line with all sounds, bays and rivers marked. ' ;r2T I a W -Hot houa. with DOrt A. il"?.. TmvrrT.fa pT-Lorkrarrl lio-hta hurninff. wheel and mil J Ml lOWKun ui v.. - " . f i... whlfi lirYiita'r.nmm.an and all ana ototr irear and Um maturity of the loans and flies a tackle stowed to Bristol fashion backs minimum rate of interest on them-t up the walls, which are hung with to it tba TamltorrlitTi oi the admin-'ajate of-all kinds, oyster drags, trawls iatratioo's former attitude that has led and all the actual equipment used in aSSffW asssa wuiii ;wm uajaaiii j. , . ,M MM! th debts TS. ln of the salt water food could? ' fish token annually from the waters of eastern Nortn aronna carried away from here. Now, hadl this damnable feature Doen entirety nmittjil. wou i the actual daily at- ' -1 Um linn IVi imnlUr A fl- w iai r.i t - ii i s l suredlv not Then why so mueni rhnir and valuable snace space wax mcT V (Moraantoa News-Herald.) My jBssii .f where ray bma-5J W-trTmy business is lo- my vote is cast, where i are educated, where say OM htrcisVis i founded. Isjctod. where 'jtaa MUrti i StihSSiiii I...l HUM tl,H. a..' I have chosen It after am contwera- lof sastem norm aniin iiwuia euama w ayuuuiwi i .int il., .n,1 ,W vnlnatlnn -nMMf4.n nf annthar fair OV nlaeed on boats, nets, and seines used will deny it their support if they are eight million doners. . money-making The laws and regulations covering : promoters art It hi the home rpot for ms my rf9 loy ..XnrgenUy needed for the tefi-mate andl th fair aurrendered to this roving, hondeacript band of I fakes and pickpockets? The question admits oi dui one answer innii MUST HAVE PAID LI BER ALLY FOR THE I'RI VILEGKI If public sentiment iMssf .11 titan thora aaama to I J.,K' lut tKa nrrlarlv aalf- dUsens of rtandoipn county . I BT-BSSSs! BBlBSSSSS BB?b1 BaSV Sbb BaSrS sbbbbbTW toes New Perfection KEROSENE it the first choice to meet a cqal shortage and Aladdin Security Oil Is the brand of kerosene to demand. You can now obtain an oil range that will cock three meals a day for less than three cents a meal and as quickly as you can cook them on a gas stove, or a portable Perfection Heater that will give warmth when , where and as needed. But do not delay purchasing if you' need: stove or heater. Look up a dealer today. Don't go without heat enough to keep your home comfortable and safe. Perfection Oil Heaters will provide abundant heat whov anything nasi ikuo rdspeetihg drlllrn T Ft A least For greatest ssSlrfMllon and economy use Aladdin Security Oil in whatever oil stove or heater you have. UrSWMnaTsssssMsy a. .'t W. 1 -! We recommend Aladdin Security Oil for use in Perf ection ranges sad heaters, and In Rayo Lamps. STANDARD OIL COMPANY (New Jersey) i indafSWjHMl b)bI js&sdt to ha braMsifl where my life Is tj,v.. r laalrsi rlftaWS. " Z J - - - fw. Man a Ik -.naptlon and collection iui. r.t f-.tih and data of aIvaa with saaiMera. by are framed oy taa man own Ban ana acospwg siy pmw Mr city has a right to. i alty. It supports ma ssttt a st U My dty nU my dusenahlp, not' k stion, not sThilffisissiisf sdth law and 4. aciiication. mo the rights of a fraa- Ueve in The offles sad aty. A I most sen-1-4.4.- v - Morrieon has shown great i ' work and nstrsraaatal tn at the State Fair .. d.r4vi-l from mch a mat odorous source, then Utile should thay ful ....rr.td nr inrlirluH if m thf futnia the public thoroaghly waahas Its hands of the whole AsguMwr VMnasAn. N. &, MAM a 3 hrtsrsst ha ,u'waa largely this estss-M (Ohio HUto Journal (Kn ) Our Wea of easastM party harneat ml Dtin sins' I oft -B - - a . al gtMlliJ fee Mar-sr af Hsshsel 1 WHhin the nt few day. Mr.. Cora Lea vfeaeg wfH sagss seevtog s terrn of life jmaitouBBSSnt of tise awsa aria-a,f-na ia Oaorste. Mrs. Vinson had two trials, charged with the murder of riVkM 1 .. NEW U4 OOTOBCB Ms 1W - nouKU i .pad eaninnssaeaer lhJTlrr-perior Court i at f Faf a. - v w r JfSi a. m. ftr Ihiisss saw points, arrive arranaed. L. D. BURKHEAD. DR. EL M. TAYLOR N.C FARMS THAT PAT DR. ROY T. HODGEN Chiropractor l-islirs M. C Hoars: 10:00 to 12:00 a. m. 2:00 to ft:00 p. m. also 7:08 to e:uv p. "a-onday and Friday. In the fs VaUsy ttlt house 0O0 u. iUnd and Pannavlva- ttjrtrJtt'ttW"tt TrnootiT hi. gs. wmtKm, ii a " Columbia 1 DMialB. Seamy, norui BllBning at loach's Una; rssua r- f JbTtheno. iouth in John Mariey- one acre, mere r leas. . This the d. f Sesteser, 1922, c. ,n. COX, Cronuaissioner. 10-6-4t. " DR. J. G. OTUTCHT1ELU KMJOTS fO I M1M-TB THAN Ft L 1 whUhMW my worn, an : a lady from o U of Mayer's Ta hu vinor a Sineer your credit and cash the 19 PERFECTION Oil Range SUPERFEX Burners fiov SALE N0T1CB Bv virtue of the authority contain- gage dee- .T 3rd- day if .srssL'ar a l-4ge 252 Kegisoffice ot Kan- dolph county, we r "L 2 the 6th day of Noveipber, 192Z at Iviock M at the court house door in o cloca m. v tn hl-hest Asheboro, N. C., de-Kcrib. rRand North Carouna- Befga0 of graded "M Farlow'- cor ing office said to be gJ Iier; TZt mtJ?utiSi Whence thenceestCTBieetw thence east .south M'Wto" containing 385 feet to the begi-' 1 acres, "P? day of"0ctober, 1922. J A .SPENCE, Attorney. of 26 to 1,000 acres, with good build- tags, on or near s Water power, Sour mills and busi ness openings. ' . - rj , , . .a 1IT acres, smootn, levw nns aBw- ina up fine, 6 room residence, i a bam, all kind fruit in bearing, large spring, water running tnroun uwiu, hi one of the best sections of the Vai- 1 rw ilo Hvom tK.SAO. 228 acres, lu room stone renonwi large bam, good orchard. 100 acres heavy blue grass pasture, wi ning water, ai acres no avy umuw, near R. R. and high school town, 4& an acre. 199 a a unlenrlid 10 room brown stone residence, electric lights, fur nace heat, running water, large 60x-100-foot bank bam, 2 large silos. Near city on national lugnway. rnce less than improvements cost. Perfect climate, abundant rainfall, pure water, solid roads, cheap farm labor, low taxe Near the largest and best markets of our country. Write for farm bargains tnat win make you money arid good homes. W. T. BIRMINGHAM, 36 W. Water St., Winchester, Va". 9-22 lOt. Phone. 28 of Randolph Building N.C DR. F. C CRAVEN v.. Fr Naae and Threat . Ramseur: Monday, Wednesday aad K- TuMav. Thursday anu Saturday Hours: 9:00 a. n. to 4:00 a. . ' Phones: Asheboroo, No. 22 Ramaeur No. 69 m C. HAMMER L C MOSEB HAMMER & MOSER Attorneys al Law Offices in Law Building, Asheboro. Flow ers for the Uvtag." bs-utiful flowers but 1 think of th Remedy whkh provedtmly they would here brought to the I believe It is the best m J. - ; ! --.Ta ., ,. a U a simoke. -V ig ' i . .k . , flrVvar " " FZZ Vm sending a poem which I weald allays the InSsmnwrthai which caasca line lika In Mill i If you can fend room practically all stomach, liver and in MfiT. T testinal ailmenU, including appondia- '7 h down: 10 ner Win take tills ooportunlty to say lis. One does will convince or cent for payments of $6 per month. that I never Intend to be without The refunded. . vivnvve ouner again i J-Tv r published. I look forward each week Asneooro, rt. . tv,nri it a Phone No. S3 P. 0. Box 807 - 7y think it U wrvnrR to be a better paper each week. nunv i wk much ais. 1 am. ,T irriir"a - 1 . Yours Truly, RAY JONES, Pleasant Garden, N. C. The poem follows: Give Your Sunshine to the Living. This is to announce that DR. J. D. GREGG u- --! a dental offce at OJiei Ilclo U1H-- . City and is there all the time to prac tice dentistry in an its ur Bv virtue of an order of the Supe rior Court for Randolph county, in it certain special proceeding enti i TL P. Hayes, administrator, vs. Oliver Clapp, et al., I will on the 4th day of NovemDer, sra, at , ,. u at THihlir auction to the hiirh- Give vouiusunshine to the Uving, est bidder in tbe town of Randleman, Do not wait till they are dead N C in front of the pdstoitice, tne h, tnere's joy in constant 8"is' following described real estate: j Human hearts are comforted, r , v. And the giver feels the lovehght RMrinnins- at a turkey or black c, n. uAart's rp.snonsive smile, same as Sam Holland's comer on the K--g that another pathway east side of Main street and running Ha3 been brightened all the while, thence north 85 degrees east 8 'chains and 12 links to a stone at a GJve r blossoms to the living, PR. 0. L. PRESNELL DENTIST Offices Over First National Bank PHONE 22e ASHEBORO. N. C Notice. This is to certify that on the 15th day of Auirust, 1922, the Randolph County Board ot Elections met in Asheboro, N. C, at which time and place said board, while acting in its official capacity, ordered that the vot- . . . . I -n 1 1 ing place in tne asi nanuieman pre cinct, in Randleman township, be changed from W. R. Neils' Jewelry Store to the Fox buildini ine same ..a. . i.l . l 1 MORTGAGE SALE - to .ininv, r.mmtv. North Deeds lor nuwy v ' i Carolina, in book 196, page 107, and bv virtue of the power oi riined in a second Deed ot trust Bold by Standard Drug Company and leading druggists everywhere. NOTICE OF LAND SALS North Carolina, Randolph County. By virtue of the power of sale con tained in a mortgage deed executed oa the 17th day oi September, ii, oy W. A. Key and his wife Lula Kay to D. 0. Hussey, recorded in Book 196, page 214, in the office of the Register of Deeds for Randolph County, North Qarolina, the undersigned will offer "for sale to the highest bidder for cash, at 12 o'clock M., on the 11th day of November, 1922, at the court hoase door in Randolph County, North Caro lina, the following described tract 6f land: to a stone at a r- ,. ninS9nms to the living. 1 . . . , , ,L branch; thenoe south 63 degrees east tem have their fragrance now, "Frarier "ue the same 1 chain and 65 links to a white Oak; E their eyes are 8eaied in slumber of Fraaer avenue, t lie same be 15 running thence north 4 degrees 49 niin. east along line of lot No. 15, 169' feet to a stake in the line of lot No. 6; thence in a westerly direction along the line of lot No. 6, 60 feet to a stake in the line of lot No. 6, and northeast comer of lot No. 13; thence south 4 degrees and 40 minutes west parallel with first line lbU leet to a siaue in ., .:;",.,,,. north margin oi Trazier avenue, uns word, a smile, a nanw Ut.p, , , nthtltutt of lot No. Gives the needed strength and cheer . zier avenue, south 85 degrees and 46 min. east 60 feet to the beginnfcig, containing one-fourth of an acre, more or less. E. 0. HUSSEY, Mortgagee. And like marble is their brow. iften for some loving token Human hearts have ached and bled Give your blossoms to the living, Do not wait .till they are cieaa. ii. li io J .1 n .'V 1 ilinin tnence nortn io nccc.i , i Ana liKe marDie is tucn u and 12 links to a cedar, Naomi fa"8 often for some loving token corner; thence north 30 degrees east. Human hearts have ached ; on smd "Company s line 1 chain ana Ho a otnnp- thpnCfi ndl'tll 85 de- lllir.il " v 7 . i. . -1 J 1 Or. inlrn tn a grees west 1 cii&iu au iu -1 stone, Ulapps corner m tne urui, Give your jleart'S love to tne ering tlincp nn samR course 8 chains and 12 r.., ti,ov npPri thp tendevest care, links to r ir. nf the Dower of sale con- chain and 65 ilinks to the beginning, roH of Trust executed by containing one and two-thirds acres, , Unogi - 1 q Thompson anu w, niure vi irao. : . a c.Uc Tn iat.te.l Nrtn,- -i :c :e on same cuuiac o uiu ijj they neea tne leuucicMi, .aic, to a stone on east siue vl man. Though you see not their leinpia' t; thence south 5 degrees east 1 Tney must meet it ev.ywhcre. Just on, ' Uuino thm in'thfi hitter conflict. m 1. nuuiUDVli ' , 1 i, L X J! llf" ......... ... Thompson, to A. M. Scales, Trustee, -rhis saie ls made on the account of -heJl the tempter lingers near. haarintr date of June 30, izo, anu - an advance Did navmg oeeu piaccu u.i corded in tne ouice ui ik"1 -- mo luimci m . . '.hnity contain 1 .- 1 IIP UUIV--J By virtue - - mort ed in the Pf jflg j. 'Johnson ae deed executed to v ,820. -rtW Caroline ... .. nt rUIIVRIU-9l being the building in which the Ooca- t-j by g, x. Thompson -and wile, Cola Bottling Company did business Thomp8onj to L. V. Phillips, -., haarinir date oi may until recently. The registration books tar Kant Randleman Precinct will be onen at said Fox building on the tnnes provided by law ior tne open ing of same. This tne iita oay oi oeptemoer, 1922. T T WnflTI f!hnirman Randolph County Board of Elections. th ot Nomoer vicw M. at the court tiMt Asheboro, N. C- ncrib- hidder for casn wo j-r-J-L, .Rhio. . 7 . in K1CI ed real "" tz North Carolina, to-wit NOTICE '5n:i. ... This the 19th day of October, 1922. E. P. HAYES, Com'r. 10-26-2t NOTICE 33rd-iUrie7.rBnrtoVplotsJ-fatStathe town of Seagrove S L&. plot whicn rrf Randolph C3Mh wferance is f Rerister of countyf K.C ivea. Thia October 2nd, 1922. JOHNSON, Mortgagee. J. A." SPENCE, Attorney. lM-St. CEb7iSS SALE VIC UAal mm Under and bydrtae of power con tained in Vbini'dW of Jns the 14th, signed, hettoM-r aw 1921V,r af deeds fo Randolph coun- Notice of Publication. North Carolina, Randolph County. , John T. Brittain, B. F. Brittain and John M.Brittain, practicing law as Brittain, Brittain and Brittain. W. G. Brokaw. v , The defendant aDove n ui-u take notice that an action .entitled as i . . J in tnP rSU- above nas oeen imiu - - perior Court for Randolph County, and V ., rlll further take tne saia aeieuui"' - notice that he is requireo. w . pf-.. .1. - ril. Am -a i IV-iVCTnDr. J.-'-t. "v Soffi-ofWderkf the Superior uourt at nis un " . , " 4.-.,,r t the complaint i said action er the plaintiff wfll ap- ply to the court tor tne reua ed in the complaint. This the 16th day of October, iw XX H7tlflWT. r . iH- j. . . . . o..i..v r.nurt for c .rit ot tne ui - Randolph County. ... .. . i ty, nw -.-. f . aage 63. to "Wwr"Kft Carolina. n:t"rhringr' dolph County L .ri. in the payment ot - . "s m--- f w w joneB, f!- T;t i the irrincipal and u- c. T. A-oa v . tht -- . - i : and un- herore r. m. " , terest of tne a.o - i .or Court of th. imaerslirnea win . - . i Pi ui i . , t. , Superior uourt oi r .. .iH l-ez, s w-! -r Ji -te i i-Nuii - . . a. Ji nfithin "hT: 1 at while the underrfgned, duly "' " . ..v.- ... . ni(1(le, for one year ina r T7 Ko, f aucUon, W wo . r'.-yr.i rUfi. notice will be pieauwi .u , fitW5 S & T3m SLfSSiTS .delph county, Nortn --. " immediate settlement. bore. North town of Asheboro, the south margin of Rush avenue, Gid Kuuh Avenue, SOih" TO !lr of administrator Having Jones. nt, -- -Randolph county. in day of Septembe oo T-f 71 m.1. tk. , . . .u. nt C.id Macon anu aajouuna v Tf,Mv described ss 1922. . . ...,,. c. T. A outers mm jwiFr- , H. C JUW-O. - ' "ft , i .ii.-u tnwit ii n nH--. AttV. 9-e-Ov tTrustee, bearing aai . iJ Ul, recorded in the office of the Reg- fister of ueeds ior "c North Carolina, m dook , r -. . 7 j.,i. Viovincr heen made to the paynient of the nbtes secured . - .:'.,yn.T.t. the undersigned Dv BftlU ll---is , vrT .!. nt. Tjubhc auction to fthe highest bidder, for cashi or. Monday, oci- , in.r m.. at the Court House door, in Asheboro N.C. - The laiicts menuwrcu . j of trust, which tracts are situated in Randolph County, are more particu- larly descnoeu as i"u"- - il. i-j. Martha Ar- AdJOining me tk, and ..U K. C. Snencer and others and noplar, thence nortn oj. -----?" i i, Pmvo's corner; - iom81J: .aat. 7 chains thence nortn ov - , " .. iv t hranch: thence to tne mouui ' PPk 15 the various, courses the creek chains to the west oa r.; - St the toro ot r- -,--k down the various course . of the creek 6 chains and do un ,R a ow" . .v.. ditch 26 af a ditcn ion--"- -, p Sns to a stone near an ash. Par- rish's corner; tnence - nana Vii. tne: thence sTvrf.s -TSfSS!! Mat oak corner oi tne i-. SSLSTwert on the line of said survey aa inalna to a dogwood in Uinold's line; thenoe nortn m aegree- r"" . . '. -V 1 1 A .riHITIK tO a u on said une miuui -" r . aQwuvu, . more or ning, containu'K less. - t w Q Besinning at a pme Cepptos' comer running thence west 28 chains to a beach Martha Arnold l-!rJt5-ce north mIU. nd 50 links to a white oa "- " . a.f i f tr-nniiis u .'--- North Carolina, Randolph County. A. E. Lumsden, Administrator, C. T. A. of Maggie Lumsden, deceased, et al. vs. Pearl Foster, et al Give your sunshine to the children, Scatter flowers vith caper hand, You can make a cord reaponjive That will vibrate o'er the land. Lavish smiles upon the aged, Oieer the weary on their way. Make, this world once move an iidtn By your kindness of roday Blackberries in October An imm unusual, and of appears in a recent daily paper Vud I grown P P. JOHNSON. Assienee. H. REDDING, Attorney. Notice. XTsttirrtA i hrphv criven that the tia- rl.iinil will annlv to the ooverBor of North Carolina ior a paroon or pa interest, .ig for james Cagle who was eea- . . n r, i ..LaciTit irrien section. . Baiiiuw lyV 1V rs in a recent daily paper. It tenced to the roads from the Super! ecoraing big, ripe blackberries Court Randolph county. Dab l on J. B. Beckett's farm in the tne 2nd day of October, 1922. - i-i i.... nAA.;nm A cnmnlA Paan. Annie G. Edwards and husband W. E. Edwards, will take notice that an action, entitled as above has been commenced in the bupenor Court of Randolph County to sell a tyo-twentieth's undivided interest in a tract of land in said county tor assets to pay the debts ot Maggie umsaen, deceased, and a two-twentieths undi- .ri.rl internet nf ! tract tor Q1V18- ViUtH ...W.w. ion among the tenants in common, in which land the said defendants claim an interest; and the said aeienuanta ..riii ttw tako notice that thev are "HI ...V.. w t-i , required to appear beiore tne iera of the Uourt oi said county on uic NnvAmber. 1922. at his office at the court house at Asheboro, VT nJ naa- AW DITIlir T !." complaint in said action, or the plain tiff will apply to the court for the re- lif riomonrlAH In nf1 romtHJHTH.. IICl Vlll - J This the 16th day of November, 1922 F. M. WRIGHT, 10-lSMt Clerk Superior Court. WALTER H. WOODSON, Attorney. 10 -5-4t. . i . n. oil times for THE DOOR OP OPPORTUNITY : wXr ours of individual t i, u Wn T-rnThftrlv infltructed. Our courses oi www w"v : r .wu-i- tinocrat)nv. wutn s i. - --wl mil- plll K in UWEU7CWUi, " ; oTin our ciab ui -w ss r - .w.f twridnVbanking, accounting and bushiess tactics are j- modern ana pr-.. - - - - - for Catalog. tireensBoro o " , vested ia 581 i """ -. ... ' ... I TSrth side of plank road , in vvoou - rtihe; tK. north 4 ion- , - thence north o uenrr-.. - -. . - thonrr north 10 Ue-1 ii cnains w - il:5r r2 !. tn r nA inr&iiiiisasBi - 1 seres, more or less. Alamance First Mortgage 6 Per Cent Gold Bonds t .11 of what Mil home containing about ti er iX-aCf ' .JrPHcW tbe above described land TMs the ITth day BepUaehsr, im am-; ' MARGARET RUSH. Mortgagees. RaiiBiiiirjBiJJjJ U-e-Hilt-fWii i t-No.5. Adjoining the land oi i ir, n. w. r. .in l. south 70 aegr-es iT" ,v, nower ' " ' . .k the tJV vn lac - ' , minutes eaav " - r ju narnea raw wm ... .1 ... H .Rash Avenue w - h bv E..B. Aureo . j u.in titnet: im . - - . ni . m otum, or iu . ka ! wira uamv awv .- . the west margin of saM su r- rot-Bd l Boo 3i degrees 50 minutes west 10, nd default to W. C. Hammers .corn.'. - -5 y,, payment oi u -" Free eoraar, -r T with W. C. Ha-Ueer- ril". bond and rwirtgage, tn. - illne 7 chains to a .legree. 80 min.te. w-rt whj rtgagee wDI . 7 cW.MF -r !t,W mm 86 dnutesdsy of Oetohsr. w. " -, tbence nortn ' V. then ,f-,r."rakrof the begin-NfU ir, Randolph r r'od llne 7 chain, to '. . u W EVaa and OUtSrs- rs". l-v,--,,. H.I at a w-ii- .. , south along his eounty. the foBcnring deribed i nn Columua town 7 M.D" f ad Wnlng !w.P'iof H. J. Klvett and others, !h!rded and described as T-lnsirg st Hams' corns follows L P. WU- Warren's Una chains to a Containing 6 acres, mere Warren .iir-intnir tract num- ,i..- , I st a aoaww., 1 comer, run- m ..! TVgRft sure on the hank of 7 -, feet from the! hbi - vvai --' 1 hi lwri thD down tbe various course . ... 1 - x . fmm tna water w ir.Mtt'i line to a ttInvstigat at ttni H . soata wrui mi-.. the Columbia road, Kivatt TrsrrthsBce west jrlth Wren sun. Having 'V Us estate sf Kady ad. lata aT Bbh sottaty. Carsttsa, this ta t a-y corner; !to a stone st ir . l p. o, a ""--..., .lu 2 dVW North 1IJ9 eflUP " T27r Also -51 rYh - heed; tnence fu ?! y. y!l .!T U.T I f o-ow. : Betijinin s the nth day of BJrtsinier, irw, -r ".Vnni tMaaa east N rs this aetles ftt fm mm te! ! Xn !'- 40 a I All MsasM IftQfBvVQ I IO 8 1 1 iilaL W IHEl-Mi TJi'i,f imne-kha beginning, eoirtali-i n ' A4i-MMtat. ltf C Brewer, de- m H Amtt. . Before L.Xna-thebsnhofS ;.Y".!lfT:nS okalnj to a .wp rrT -fc ast 14 chains aaa " - ginning, containing 41 acres, mun Tract No. 7. Adjoining trasj 8nX toTwhTu-o.; vesting' Are an investment that merits your careful consid eration. Each bond is secured by a first mortgage on property. Your principal is at all times safe and the interest yield of six per cent is the highest possible consistent with good business. You know these bond you know the orgini eation behind them and if you will take the tim. P to investigate you will find that there is no safer investment for your surplus funds. Write or call for free booklet and full partfcuft lara. r ! ; US 1 "Tflr Ii ua ti chain to rl-. A. F. -sasttar. llos; H.ts 1 J-- 0 k a aH . . . 1 . i tsiate u. Terau. of r.APITAL AND SURPLUS 1300,000.00 ,W B. 8HABPK, MABAgw BURLINGTON, N. C C ,G. SoBsArt, FkW Repwestotrf-

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