THE ASTTTXCr.Q COUTJEPh ASUEDOIia N. C : - i I:; . ( : - f -' t V" v i t yM4 BilaH CNUrUU Oe ta Omr flecti TmcW Media X Trwy. Last week marked the f rat eoir- Im tea chars hU in llmliwin county. Teachers from tha entire FRANJmvniEIIWS-r TOU Messrs. G. P. Craen, H. 8. Ed- A Dumber of our folks attended the speech of Hon. Josephus Asheboro last rujrht. Mia MycleU Ward, who has a p - r 2U.GK0Y$ :KEWS ."- - . Mitt ltvAanM jweclCtne jreek end at heme vnii kr putoU. " " 1 Mrs. A. B. Gbx' arjent a faw iin la Asheboro last vaak. o ; -.- The Join debate' between the -Deo' - J Lia i: Other diaordera surest kidney ilia. -ETiST iw.: k'Ua Kii. rj for rfisor- which her Friday eveainx, ;-. t ,w- - , rrr.-"" u wen attended. - n a . T r" iwr. invHwoi prcnia. iu. ana sirs, uww uuuvjr. county met at the eoart house at Troy, ward, M. G. Maaer and Dr. T. L Fox a( Raleigh Da. and Mr. C S. Tate and Mr. tne pojwoee of the meetin waaU or- .ttended the State Fair Yv- i s--rf ,ttn iK- fair .t Ku iae leacnen ior uie worm wwurf week. .. . ? Saleish last week. don dannS r- V . Bren- Mr. and Mrs! Eaywood Parks en: ' i. o.TT t kj state supervisor of. rural schools, was to nmnuhnm n. H l.f n.v A. and College, spent the week- P1 fo' ewc5,i!l"?dfk4 Mrs. Jay Pattenoa visited B strong and interKtmr addreafi to the u. t,h . . j end ai noma nere. " IfATlJU TELLS Many AM Jioeare Baaocf um Tee Well Vhea thi kidntya'are ak Nature tells you about it The una 4a aatnra'a index. XmreQoeal or -tee ftMpieat passage. teachers and school committeemen, r. r ptt.r .t A.hh-.r mI . tMitifv ta their Mr. J. B. Slack, Jr., was at horns DanieU Mrs, T. E. Johnste n, one of the best Saturday and Sunday" worth. Ask your neighbor: fof the weekend with his father, Mr- supervisors in the state was also pre- Mr. G. H. Jones is at Memorial fc- J. IL Kivett. btrber. Cox Street.. Slack. - , :V nt She added much interest and en- piul x&)nbon this week for treat- Asheboro, says: "Last summer my I Miss Virginia Barker, of Aaheboro, thusiasm to the meeting. The teach- i j : -i i - t l . . i i . Sunday with her paints. Mr. e" "1 JTT-.1 r- . i,v. . Mrs. M. A. Ward. She was hostess Z ,1'- "T " TZ-,Z " P1 nty. "ere here to two of her associate teachers, S-"1" 7";: M.ondy-. iiufi jAMiin ann A IrMi ... ... . . i . ' inrs. A- D. J r an ot m trariinnir lmiiR&ufl inai ment kidneys -rot out of order and acted lr-;was U guest ox Uss Mary Leach Messrs. 0. R. B rower and Reynolds, regularly. I had a weakness and dull Sunday. . : A. a few ache across my Daex wucn maoe it Miss Grace Auman, who la in school herd for me to keep on my feet. I t Hemp, was at home for.tha week- Russell, of Lexino-ton. used Doan's Kidney Pills getting end. Gapt. W. D. Lane and family motor- . 7n " " Rhwn bv the tPnt tJn,weet-end her rarents, uiem at the Asneooro Lirug y , ana Mr. Herman Stuttav . of Spencer, , u c. ... ..... much interest will be snown Dy me M j M j w ri v th nv me Hf fmm thn Kurk.'w.. - . j. uu Messrs. W. C. Burrow and F. L. El- ache and put my kidneys in good Stutts returned home' with her hus lison went to Greensboro Monday. shape." band. She has been visiting Mr. 11 r. k v, a miht Mr- and Mrs- E- A- Kouth;- Ernest rrice bo cents, at all dealers, uom Leach's family for a week. . One of the children mignt liKe a p,,,i, n i tv, j n.. . cimiit air f tH4n. rnmHn ii n.. u:.i. T. t i m real live Christmas present thu year Mrg Q p Craven w, Q , Doan's Kidney Pills the same that and Mrs. J. M. Rins- were celebrated Montgomery county. ed to Raleigh Sunday where his son ot school no is sptxiuinf? ihs seconu year ai A. and E. College. Mr. W. C. Craven, of Greensboro, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Craven, here Sunday. Mr. J. R. Wilson and family spent Sunday with friends at Greenville, S. C. Dr. and Mrs. C. A this year in in the form of a purebred call, or dir. . c M ciernent Basil Mr. Kivett had. Foster-Milburn Co., by their friends last Thursday night or tno of chickens. Cox and C. C. Julian spent Sunday at Mfrs.. Buffalo. N. Y. Mrs. H. E. CagU and daughter are spending a few days with Mrs. Ca- jsns onrl CQn Ka QAAn Kv AnVfinP ot t.he Badin - s i rt . i'xis ma wra ii a m.i a ri a ain fnirii a m. t - . - r.Km f -r. If nnv Ran- wion oox and iamily. Miss Bessie,ii cle'i mother. Mrs. Frank Cole. Sunday with friends and relatives at dolphian can beat it they will have to Cox, Mrs. Berta Caveness, A. W. Tip- ENDORSES PROF. WEATHERLK j Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Lowdermilk, Burlington. go some. Mr. Rightsel is one of our Pftt, John Tippett, Jr., and children, - 'of Hemp, were visitors in town Sun- Members of the Epworth league en- best farmers and Mr. Forrester is snerman uoxana iamily, urady Tip- io ine voters ot xvanaoipn county: day. loved a weinie roast at th nnm nf not onlv one of our best farmers but P ftna iamily, of Greensboro, were Dei" a rormer craxen oi your Mrs. W. P. White Saturday evening, as you know is president of the Farm visitors here Saturday evening and county, bom and red there, I wish Revival services conducted by Rev. Bureau of Randolph, and is well in- Sunday; . . endorse Prof. D. M. Weatherly for the ihe Ladies Aid Society held an in- Cleric of the superior Court. He TRINITY NEWS Mr. Lanier, the Baptist preacher, of Mr. Lyon, of Atlanta, Ga., and the farmer of today and especially well J"""? meeting at the home of R. came to your county in 1890, a young East Green street church, High Point, pastor, Kev. S. L. Morgan, began at versed in seeding the crops. He has inurauayi evening, v" " worn, naicmug nuea nis regular appouitment nere the Baptist church here last Sunday studied and experimented for years on this being their talent meeting. The the young men and women the higher last Sunday. Mr. Lanier is endearing morning, it is hoped that great re- the best seed corn and other grains. umtcia were ciecieu ior cne uuuga lu imc. mr. Trcam- nimseu to me people oi Tnnny. sultft will attend tha effnia fhaao While we Bre tallrino' so much about ensuing year: workers and the church in this meet- co-operative marketing of our crops JJrs- C. Russell, president ing. let's begin to think something about Jre- Garrison, vice president. Ordinarily we would be slow to ac- co-operative planting of crops in Ran- Jrs- - Craven, secretary, cept the veracity of reports of some dolph. It seems to me that the farm- Mrs- J- H- I'entnss, assistant sec- fnllrn in rwarri tr m-irtt ir.n,l arc qm inct lilro trio mpfh'infs (T'A r- ry. bles. grain, etc.. esneciallv after thev aee men and all the rest in this re- Minnie Tippett, treasurer. erly has taught more children than A garage is being built in North any one person in your county, and Trinity near the depot there have gone out from his schools Rev. Mr. Woosely, our preacher, at men and women that have made good, tended the annual conference in Mon and who stand at the top in their roe, last week. profession. I want to ask you to vote Mrs. Priram, who has been spending for Mr. Weatherly because I know some time at the Parker house, has have eaten two "corn shucking" meals spect that when one man tries a ccr- Mrs. M. L Buie, visited relatives at him to be a high-toned Christian gen- returned to herjiome. in one day and "have drunk'' no tell- tain crop all his neighbors goes into ur? nsDor.0 ,'ast Iee,k- . ;tleman, a loyal Democrat and a man The writer saw plenty of frost on ing what, and furthermore our esteem- the same thing so much that no one - .M" a Mrs. H. L. Curtis went to who will give every man a square the way to High Point last week, ed friend and neighbor, Mr. James Or- gets their crop marketed to any great m"-1": , , . dea.' Tjlcre Is 1 "sefLm? try Miss Lul Coffy, of High Point, is lindo Forrester, is well-known in this advantage. For instance, jusl now the . !r- Ulffrd s!acf: of Greensboro, to introduce Prof. D. M. Wetherly to teacher in the high school here. She section for telling various and sundry sweet potato crop is flooding the mar- Vls'ted ave15 ln.the "Sunday, the good citizens of Randolph county, teaches English. Miss Coffy made a i i J i , , . . . FVl I . I . M rQ7IAr anrl Mian V a 4-1 n Tr V hie n nma in n kmmnK n1r4..tvuJ4 r . ... stones aDout seven trallon cows. 100- Ket w? hnrt that the greatest crop t v' . , "OI 10 uuuacilulu tt"u ,nne record at Trinity College. She is uouna DumDKins. Ptr vpf in tnio in hlStorv is hemp- hflrvpstH with nn v WIC ua-fbinb .wcu i uv wiuw iluji, vnit uai now;u null iiw n . , . . instance brother J. O. has the deac preparation made for marketing them. pr,ndge uraay evening. Kev. S. vote tor Weatherly, you will never re- wood on us in the wav of a numhor nf It is impossible for this community to 7" 6, ""'-""s- x groom . yi. luivrv, "living witnesses" as well a (h ar. consume the sweet ootato cron of' the d son 01 Mrs; Amanaa .razier and a banford, N. C. ..a .. - - " ,x- 1 Vntinor man r t wiamr ntAlin So far I have f.,nnl nn "P -"'mis muouucs. .i ... naVnpcC' Cfv aii .. V marut frt The bnde is the accomplished dauirh- been vervnereaiv ,u that will instifv the f-o. t ter ofMrs. Mattie Benner and their Many Tourists Going South A continuous string of tourists are a niece of Mr. Wesley Welbom. of High Point. Mr. Wesley Reddick is very feeble now. He is not able to sit up much of the time. Mrs. Herbert Ballance, of Greens boro, visited relatives here recently. we thinK the time is fast approach of the tr m, k i..,.i. i,of 1; tu. many inenus nere extend to them their naasinir nver the piDih v,-i,t or corn grown on the farm nf nne e, he asks for them here Jnhher.: anH "i! """""? "wii 101 nignway going south for the winter, inn' when the mnvirn, Trinitw HU he in Mr. .Inhn R Pihfc t nr),,e e K.. ,1, t ,u. ulem 10nB !aia USelUl lives. Tt was recentlv PstimateH that ot Pr.l ,V, A ? ' J , L ,.1MI, seur r- 11C ULllt;l Mr H fi ifinnev and familv and tv, v .."""- . ;A T w" oummiuw 10 aim snucKed Dy the afore- sections ior so mucn less that we have Miss Sula Patterson qnent ((mwfev -t avc'aK was a lounsi car Pawning upon old Trinity. mes v. last week is hereby duly no nope ot selling them. It seem to Durham anH fT,nef wiTi - i',ttBS",K cvery n minutes, Deanng to be 9 inches in circumfer- me that if we could plant more money h -f2 J V . hcen8e teK of far northern states. tain Mr. John R. Rightsel, Ramseur produce men can buy them from other route z, and said James crwrftv. i- fl 1 ; 1 . . . 1 l : c 111 uicnes in circumfer- "le " we couiu plant more money un 7.1, vra , . c. . i" suites, ence and 10 inches in length, having crops and not so many vegetables will addresfthe voter , f Sw" F" SJ'JSr S? tourists are 22 rows earh Ka o-M;m - i.., .rro tl,o ii 1. " u :" W1U address tne Voters Of iTank- D raisin o- North Carolina rnnHa 22 rows each 53 grains makW a total crops that will not keep we would ".SJt ?JV- V North Carolina roads. of 1,166 grains. This rnm i nf the be better able to marker them n. "":rZ",lxZ u" .fwniy oat- famous varietv nf ,r: he ,e,. v,t:; rr. .... umay ?ni-. very cmzen of thei " - "J'f Ul '1 o oi iredeu county, tared the first prize Sfirt Wls variety, ihis is ioes and watermelons at a ood price Mr. and Mrs. Stokes rrteH -rh- j y 1 . ' e prooiem naS no. iwer Greensboro, were visitors Lippard's prolific would be a grea; .hin for us a, well community should come ou? and hear r . c y,B- M-' Mr. Rightsel cap- as lie man who gr. s Jiem, if e M Long whol XnfonZ .k ST?W' 8Efnt a?und'? T e at the late county could market green oea u. sweet pota- S poUUcaT t its oi Ja HuE ParC ' Mn M' ported. This is indeed-a giant ear of solved. Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Lacy B. Melvin, of with Mrs. Mra W R itawims, of 1 Mr. May and Miss Ethel Buie. of here last Winston-Salem, visited relatives in ,town Sunday, BnrnsndscaUs) MENTHOLATUM cools the pain and wheals thei It alrtna mf lh " . , . " . ... -' nnf Va th Superior Cwrt rf Ka4To!ew AL. I VllI ftffer far vaiU t ki . rL.dr in AaW wf nuiy, uie join day tf November. 1922. at 19 vr ,ij.rc7r folio wiaf lands aitueUd iaNew Mta! kt township, Randolph County, Kt and baunded aa.followa, to-wit . i Adjoining tha lands of Ed g t- Joa Walls. ark Small,' . V-aJSC? aaad-.Ea K. ttTmT rvi-.."T kthertJ . Beginninx at black jackTaa Coltrane's Una Tunning thence aoak on Swaim'i line 18 chains and 25 iw to black akitheace east a Swalia'a w 4 vuuiu uu ( o unu to a aost oak in Johnson's line; thence south 36. chaiu and 90 links to a stake in the old field below the grave yard; theam west 24 . chains 57 links to a stake near I wall's hickory corner; thence north M degreea west 10 ehAfna rwl kr k-l. IT n atone Wall's corner; thence south It uuuua anu iu unjea 10 a stake Small's corner; thence west on Small's tine . chains Kfl HnVa (a n -rt.b J htlu- head s line; thencA nnrth n 17vi.- Ihead's line 17 chains 28 links t a ogwaou; tnence norm " -80 degrees west 7 chains and 50 links to a Meek oak at a branch; thence north 40 de grees west down said branch 8 chains and 25 links ta an ash m th. 1 l. thence west 16 chains 88 links to CW- trane a corner; thenceforth on Oat trana's Una IK chains t - - w viuim the' Jackson school house' lot; thence i oq Bcnoot nouse rot s chains aad 25 links to a stake; tm o chains and 25 links to a stake in the rentress old une; thence north 25 chains and 50 links to a atnn east 43 chains and 35 -links to the oeginning, containing: 300 acres more or less. I The foregoing lands as above de scribed will be offered for sale to the highest bidder, subject to the approv al and confirmation of the court. Up on confirmation of sale, one-thi ad of the purchase price, will be due to be paid in cash,l-3 due six months from date Of confirmation of sale; 1-3 due in one year from date of confirmation of sale. Successful bidder, or1 bidders, will be required to give security for the payment of the deferred payments said security to be approved by the Clerk of the Superior Court of Ran dolph County, N. C, or title will be retained to the land until the security is given, or the purchase price paid. This s a resale of this land by r tue of a former bid having been in creased, the bidding 1 will start at 116,852.50. This the 25th day of October, 1922. E; T. WALTON, Commissioner. CHAS- H. REDDING, Attorney. IV 0-U ii it it 1 . 1-4 off all Millinery. 10 Per Ct off all Selz Shoes This Sale Will Begin Saturday, October 28, and Will Continue Until Tuesday, November 28 $1.00 Bargains for the First 15 Days Only 6 yards good bleaching for $1.00 8 yards best LL sheeting for $1.00 10 yards apron ginghams for $1,00., 6 yards best 25c dress ginghams for ". $1.00 6 yards best outings for $1.00 2 yards 10-4 best sheeting $1.00 2 yards 9-4 bleached sheeting $1.00 $1.50 dress shirts $1.00 $1.25 large size shirts $1.00 $1.50 razors $1.00 5 pairs 25c hose, men's, womens' or children's $1.00 6 yards best blue denim $1.00 6 yards best canton flannel $1.00 $1.75 petticoats . $1.00 la 1 1 ; I jjv ; I z -' . . I I . . - i 1 I . :, 4w "S . .. I ' " ! I 3 pairs men's heavy wool hose . - f Shirtwaists, Etc $15 Middy blouse ..... 75c Middy Blouse $2.25 night gowns $1.60 night gowns (. $5.00ghiitwaists,. $1.00 90c 50c " $1.75 $L20 &.W crepe rJe chine shirtwaists $2.90 4 . $100 Rlljlounw rttcoa $L60V , $t25 petticoats -.; $t00 WQ gingham oitsse . v , , ... . $120 ' ifS2tnghfjadres8ca -- ' ...VteU lUOgalcrwaprtiis far; h Ml , ILOO?: Terns Cash on all Goods Marked Down ; i " i V Work Shirts and Overalls $1.00 blue chambry work shirts 78c $1.75 Blue Jay Overalls $1 50 $2.00 Carhart Overalls ; $165 $1.50 Blue Jay Overalls '. $L25 $2.50 Unionalls , $1.90 $1.25 youth's overalls : $1.00 $1.00 boys' overalls ' .'. . 85c Quilts, Blankets, and Comforts $10.00 wool double blankets, pair $7.50 $10.50 wool double blankets $8.50 $9.00 wool double blankets $&50 $7.50 wool double blankets $6.00 $4.50 single wool blankets, each .' .' .' $&50 $6.00 bath robes . . . . $4.50 Dress Shirts $1.00 Shirts $lrShirti8 $1.75Wts ;$20ShlrtaV.. . 78c $1.00 $15 $20 ... n oft AAFfiif 1 i: . " -tn ..u& ornria ....... . 75 , $t25 large size Shrts $L00" $1.00 boys' Shirts ....v 75c 50c boys' Shirts ,..A..; 40c quu i. ...... i a.. i. $2.15 $1.C5 mm mm i75qaatj ....i..-r..;r..,..'. ..,;., X Tenns Cash on til Goods Marked Down 50e Bargains for the First 1 5 Days Only 6 pairs men's, women's or children's hose . . 50c 'No. 2 complete lamps 50c 2 1-2 pounds cotton bats 50c 5 boxes Shinola polish 50c 10 spools J. & P. Coats 150 yard thread .... 50c 3 cans 25c talcum powder 50c 3 Slidewell collars 50c 7 cakes Palmolive soap 50c 4 yards LL sheeting 60c 65c window shades , . 50c Bed Spreads $3.25 bed spreads $2JJ5 $1.75 bed spreads $10 $1.50 bed spreads $1.00 $4.00 bed spreads $3$) $3.00 bed spreads f $2iS , . ; ' ' ; Dry Goods , V;;9 $2.00'66 inch wool laid iidjrtint' 1 . . . . . ;i tim ' $25 56 Inch wool broadcloth .r$LC0';H; ; tmU inch wool trfcotine?. ,T, ui $2.40 f ' $30 56 inchwool broadcloth-, v ,ui teflV -;V-r ; $140 inch French serge U-V;;V;.;V:;$1a 85c 40 inch wooUtorm serge i'. .,..;..,; GOc' W S6 inch brilliantlnr f.'i'tiXX .65cfancy robe'doth 'faK:i::iU i iScS Terms Cash cn aH Goods Marked Down W. Linebarry'Managerp V 1

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