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Automobile Wreck Caused The
Death of Yow Robert Bunch
Seriously Injured.-
TWtown of Asheboro was inex-
4SuVhocted last Saturday
SSrSt when the new. cam. that
lBaxve? T YowThad been instantly
UUedta m automobile accident two
thr mfles this side of Carthage.
or.W ".-j m!U Robert Bunch
.j Tn Miller all three prominent ;
tLrfWSoS wenPt to Car- J
young - yoW
tnage on the
went to seea youug
other two attenaea a ,
.I t. fiyr after midnight,
lor huiub Dviu i
tte young men. with Mr Yow dnv
hat. had come two or three miles,
when to rounding a curve the car in
lome way turned over, killing Mr.
Yow inetantly and seriously injuring
Mr Bmich? Mr. Miller suffered some
ffinffftatfaea. but was able to come
Kheboro in the early morning and
tell the sad news.
he body of Mr. Yow was brought
to Asheboro Saturday afternoon and
the .funeral conducted from the resi
dence of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.
R. Yow, on Sunday afternoon at l.6,
burial following in the local cemetery.
The service was conducted by Kev
w H. Willis, of the M. E. church, and
rinrfne was under the direction of
H???, Morinc. The hymns
jura. . ivAr
sung" were as iouows: -' T'"
of . My Soul", "Nearer My God to
-"V j ti, f Ad-ps". One of
tuTiaWest crowds seen at a funeral ;
. . , "f innir time was DreS- ,
in Asneooru iu. -- r" -t ,
ent to pay the iasi mouw v. r
to one of the town's most popular.
ThffS tributes were profuse
and beautiful. One design especially
noteworthy was the one
twentyix young men of the town,
fecial friends of the dead boy.
Kit pall bearers were Messrs. Bntt
Amfteld, CUfford Morris. Curry Lof
toShafter Ferree, Frank Foster and
Eldon Garner. . ,
The flower girls were Misses Golda
Hayworth, Ethel Johnson, Vman
cSrdV'Maie Presnell, Mary Lof
UnTElizabeth Skeen Ruth Hadley,
and Marguerite York. The design
gen by the boy friends of the young
man was borne by Messrs. Harold
and Hardy Moore.
fflafcvey Roscoe Yow, the youngest
sonM Mr, and Mr8.,E, R- Yow was
almoat 22 years of age. He was a
member. of the Christian denomimv
?tioot hftvlni prof eased faKh -vnnw
lived inlA8heboro since 1916, having
moved here from Seagrove with his
parents that year. He was a stu
dent in the Asheboro High School
and later took a business course at
Oak Ridge Institute. For the past
five years, he has held a position with
the Asheboro Drug company, where
by courtesy to customers and diligent
attention to business he became pop
ular with the public and highly val
ued by his employer.
The deceased is survived by his
father, mother, and two brothers,
Messrs. U. timer trimmpd in fur with rnrsnirp
ville; and Mr. Walter Yow, "KHJK
makes his home with his parents. . sH,nsl a 8wt Peas-
for the grief stricken family.
Among the out-of-town visitors at-
tending the funeral were tne iouow
ing: : Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Huffine,
Elon College; Mr. and Mrs. H. P.
Iindsey, Winston-Salem; Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. J.
C Men, and Mr. L. W. Black, High
Point; Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Covington,
Ramseur: Mr. Carl Cox, Rockingham;
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Auman, Seagrove;
MC and Mrs. E. R. Brown, Hemp;
Messrs. C. H. Ireland, R. H. Brooks,
W. & Piffee, Carl Ridge, and J.
Norman Coble, Greensboro.
Mr Press Spoon, of Ajtheboro
' ' Bout 1. died in Greensboro sani-
.' . torium last Monday, following a
"r stroke of paralysis last week. The
(A jd I body was brought homo and the fun
i 'ral eonductodty Rev. V. M. Stanley,
at Mt Tabor yesterday afternoon, si
1 ) tor which burial followed In the etmo
, tery si that place. :.
Burvivinf'aro tho widow, who wis
, Mls Mcpherson, sad the following
children: Joe, Hobert, Bhlrtey. ' Coy,
. " and Fmest Spoon; Mosdamea Ger
trude VMtal and Pearl Hudson,' and
1 ', MIki Lillian 8poon. Ho was. the
lat surrlvint mornber of tho family
. of the Uto Joe and Bailie 8poen. ra
hmthars and slsttrs of the
( ii-Mwi wero as follows , K. C.
! fpoon, Fnmneurt W. D. Spoon, Ashe
boro; Willism Spoon,. Grant jtown
nhip; and Mesdames G. G. Hen
Grnsboroj , Job ' Henley,
,ro Fr Route; and Mrs. Ku
i:an - r. The last named has been
!") moro than thirty years. ,
I'r. Fdoo w a btff-bearted. ren
t- i, hnrd-wrrklnr ciUsen. A large
r r nf friends Joins in sympathy to
Arhr'.oro ItlnUtorlal assoda
1 fcn!.l lu rKulr monthly
,w. Juntjury 7, 1924,
. n , in the flirctors room
. irt ;.uopi r.nnk. At y.
K-fr will be lHd i r
' y"r. A fuil sttndnre ii
l throughout t'
mr.ilaHjr InvitoJ to sttrri'l
o r.c:i.hrs.
Gives as Reason of Resignation
His Business Located In
Guilford County.
Mr. J. T. weaver wno ra x
chairman of the board of comnussion-
ers of Randolph eounty has tendered
his resignation on account of tU bus-
mes, in Guilford county. Mr, Weav-
er has been an excellent commissioner
and not only the body of men with
whom he has been associated, but
also many of th Meadmg too
co -ty Wrret his
th Position. Mr. Weaver
" - .fi ti fllowinir reaiirnation
Randolph County,
UVUl V WU4V w ,
Asheboro, JN. C
My business being located in Guil
ford County and said business requir
ing all my time outside of Randolph
County, it appears to me inconsistent
that I should remain Chairman of the
Board of County Commissioners and
I respectfully tender herewith, my
resignation as a member of the
Board. The same to become effective
Monday, December 31st, 1923, on the
regular meeting day of said Board.
Copies are this day forwarded to
the following: C. C. Cranford, Chair
man Democratic Executive Commit
tee; D. M. Weatherly, Clerk Superior
Court, Randolph Uounty.
Yours very truly,
J. T. Weaver.
Mt. Gilead. On Saturday, Decem
ber 22, at 10 a. m., a wedding charac
tered by elegant simplicity and sol
emnity occured at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. J. G. Steed, of Mt. Gilead,
when their daughter, Louise DeBerry
became the bridge of Mr. Edgar Perry
Bazemore, of Lewiston, N. C.
In a setting of ferns, running cedar,
galax, and cathedral tapers which
banked the improvised altar, the
home with its distinctive charm, was
never more lovely.
As the hour approached, Miss Bet
ty Page Steed, sister of the bride,
presiding at the piano, accompanied
by Mrs. W. Fv Ingram with the violin,
bautiftiUf;renaored "0 Promise Me",
after which to the strains of the wed
ding march from Lohengin the bride
and groom entered, preceded by little
Miss Martha Baldwin, cousin oi tne
bride, daintily dressed in -white vlaco
Hd tollavvbe arinr.thoirln4?rth
neart 'OfHBi lovely white toso. - They
were met at the altar by Rev. J. A.
Lee, former pastor of the bride, who
m his usual impressive manner, as
sisted by Rev. J. H. Bunn, united
them in marriage, using the beauti
ful ring ceremony. "Sweetest Story
Ever Told" was played softly while
the vows were being taken.
The bride was becomingly attired
in a traveling costume of imported
bordelalne, wearing a close-fitting hat
of black satin, and carried a shower
bouquet of bride's roses and valley
lilies. Miss Betty Page Steed, sister
of the bride, was charming in Persian
Tn6 RvmT.athvl8Wt " red rosebuds.
Immediately after the ceremony
l t.Vlp hrirlp unA trrnnm lpft hv atifnmo.
bile for Lewiston, home of the groom,
where they spent the Christmas holi
days. They will , be at home in Mt.
Gilead after January 1.
The groom is a graduate of Wake
Forest College, and at the present
time is principal of the Pinoka con
solidated school.
Witnessing the ceremonv were rel
atives and close friends. Many hand
some presents attested to the popu
larity of the young couple.
(By W. H. Willis)
The Sacrament of the Lord's Sup
per will be administered at our church
Sunday morning.
raator Kose, Jogleman, and Greg
ory, were present at our watch
night service and made addressee.
The following were added to our
membership Sunday: Mr. and Mrs.
waiter umngton; Mr. and Mrs. &.
E. Nance, Mr, and Mrs. E. D. Jarrett,
Mrs. Maggie M, Anderson. Mrs.
Blanch McGlohaa Present
berabip, 486.
The pastor wont. to Durham Wed
nesday to meet tho board of manag
ers of the Methodist summer school
Tho mother of Mrs. O... P. ' Routh
died at tbs ;parsonaM at Central
talis on tho 89th. She was taken to
Yedkta eouirtr for burial,
n1" "tonwhil accident, near
Hopewell, Vrnrlnla, on day. last
week, Miis Myrtle Walker and ber
Wfjhor. ' Ei(fh ToinL were Injured,
Wbil th young lady7! fatherWM
so badl hurt that he died In a- few
hours. MUs Annie S. Walker, foi
mar. altv tan tit rrirrfc ti
(n th ssm sedan with other mem
bers of th family but escaped In
Jury. A. M. Idol Deal
- ' - , ...
Andervm M. Idol. one of tli bogt
known ami moiit highly rerj.c-rUKl
rifhims cf Hh Tolnt, died Inst Mon
i v, pi-Bfl 78 yt ar,
1 v n a C'nnfi..!crt Vtlsmn n-l
J ri. : .iiirnt T 11 UlS Mtliui..t
li-.!fo!nnt church. Thrp sons sur-
Ashebor. North
I II II Mayycoi
A little time for
A little time for
II I&Oi&l ... i , - ' II II
For gladness and good cheer
But not a single moment
For worry or for fear. ,
Katherine Edelman
Assailent Unknown Suspect Arrest
ed Asheboro Blood Hounds Sent
Miss Dorothy Lowe, the nineteen
year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.
F. Lowe of Elon College, while , on
her way home from the post office
about six o'clock Tuesday evening,
was assaulted by an unidentified man,
who was masked. Miss Lowe was
walking through the campus and was
near the new building which is being
constructed. The assailant was con
cealed behind a shack and stepped out
grabbing her, throwing her to the
ground and attempting criminal as
sault in which he was unsuccessful.
Miss Lowe's clothes were torn from
her. She tore herself from him, he
following threatening to shoot her
if she made an outcry. Miss Lowe
fainted as she reached her home and
was unable to give information for
some time. She had medical atten
tion and afterwards told the story.
Ed Clodfelter, who was walking
from Elon toward Gibson ville was ar
rested on suspicion and as feeling
was running so high was taken to
Greensboro for safe keeping.
Mr. W. C. York was called to bring
his blood hounds. He and Elmer
Svkes left immediately with the dogs.
They followed the man through Bur
lington and down to SweponviUe, at
one time being near enough .to see
the fire on a discarded cigarrette but
the heavy sleet stooDed the trail-
There has been much excitement at
fcion over tne tragic affair.
Lowe is a highly respected
woman and a member df th Senior
ciass at Lion (Jo Liege.
President Coolidge extended New
Year greetings to the American Po-'
pie m a meSag. c which h said?
At th nut thm am ... . .j
a mo ena or me Old Tear ana
th.. Winnie v. . if :
well to take . account of . our
spiritual, moral 'and material re
sources and seriously appraise th
progress of th past 12' months
1 ..-a.. -j '
te ,th ooming yeat The . ,; nation.
has mad s record of gratifying ac-
eomplishment. There lalverV miSn
to believe advancement will continue
In th coming months. It is a please
or to xtend th heartiest of New
Year greetings to the American peo -
pi and expret th hone and ennfl.
j u-4 tn, r .
uciiw ui win Dnng men a lull
...uw.v pivayBiuy , uin nappif
Mis' Martha Elliott Bride i ef
j. fi ;, Ssm Wslker. V :j-
MlM' Marth Elliott and Mr."
Walker were married Sundnv.
Comber HO. t tha hnma f t a
Tillman. Mrs. Wslker is Ihn attr-'
... j . i . .a.. ... . - . -
uaujjnwr oi air. ana flirt. N.
r.iiiott, of North Aaheboro. Mr.
wiKpr it a proprom farmer of
Ahcboro Route 2, M the non 'ofJ!rok U a son ft Mr. and Mm,
Mr. and airs, F. 8, Walker. Thy J. C. IIwmk, if Climax; and I'm,
will make thrir hm . $', id ti I' lnr. v h s !--lrhtpr of " Mr. .and
miles west of Anhfhnro.
iThursday, Jaaaary I, 1924
: is dawning
each - passing
work; and rest
is ii
ilJissj'" il
"Watch night" services were ob
served at the Methodist Protestant,
Methodist Episcopal and Baptist
churches Monday night. At the M.
P. church the Christian Endeavor and
Ladies' Aid. societies joined in ar
ranging for the service. Mr. Lacy
Lewis, president of the C. E. society,
presided. An interesting program
was rendered, consisting of readings,
music, local and instrumental and
sketches of the different phases of
church work. Mr. R. R. Ross, one of
the charter members of the church,
told briefly of the organization of the
M. P. church in Asheboro, about
which very few knew. There were
thirteen original members when the
church was begun in 1891. The late
Rev. W. R. Lowdermilk solicited for
the church and partially superintend
ed the building of it. Rev. N. W.
Harrison, of Greensboro was the out
of town guest present. He made an
inspiring talk.
Refreshments consisting of sand
wiches, cakes, coffee and cocoa were
served. . A spirit of good fellowship
was manifest and an enjoyable even
ing was spent, celebrating In the
ringing out of the old and in the New
The7 M. E. Church service was of
especial interest, the 'program con
sisting .-of music, reports from dif
ferent 'departments, short talks by
the various pastors of the town con
cluding, with,. .talk on. mistakes -of
th oast year and nlana for the new
year by.the Dastor. Mr. WflllB. Cof-
fee and cakes were served during the
i no . meeting closed with
silent prayer M th bell ran - the
old year out and the new year in.
Th service -at th Baptist church
was under th supervision of -'the
bj .rjr.. u. -'FOUowlns; business
iTIm m " WMrM"n Vtognm
J tJJlffi.Tf 7?
"." octmUea of the church. Light
t. ' .
1 """"iincn , were served.
f. 1
I vi'iS vt.1 lr". i i
Mr. J. A Neighbors. J.'P. officlat-
f " ' WJ-JFaMJKI
f nomf ,north, of ,AheboJ?1ir
ft0? U f
' Mr. Harve OVBuna,r6f Asheboro
Bout 1, and Mini Erve R. Farlow
I Mr. Toffl mnce,1 of "Cedar . FalU.
land. Miss Maggie , Bell Henson, of
iK um hIihlu
'r ' 1 " ' Trt
'Mr. Edwin T. Hill and Mis Lfllie
F.. Hughps. Mr. Hill is a son of Mr.
P., W. Hill, of Central Fall; and
Mrs. Hill is a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. T. E. Hughes, of Eandloman
Route 8. - . ; 4 .
On Pccomber 22, Mr. Robey Crtnoy
and Minn Mary lllnnhaw, -Mr. Canoy
is a son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Canoy,
of Fnphla; whii Mrs. Canoy is a
dnof-hlr of Mr. and Mrs. Jess Hln-
i. ... .
. ' hw, of Bnlem. . !
On Dcromhpr Mr, ITobert ITn-
Cork and :, Mnirhie rVler, - Mr,
i" "-t. V, II. l . '. r, r.f A--1 .l.oro.
Former Asheboro Girl Becomes
Bride of Frank N. Nelson,
of Kingstree, S. a
A marriage of interest to many
Asheboro neoDle was solemnized at
; the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Skeen,
1n Biscoe, on Wednesday evening of
last week, when Miss Hazel Miller
became the bride of Mr. Frank N.
Nelson, of Kingstree, South Carolina,
Rev. Walter Baker, the bride's pastor
officiating and using the ring cere
mony of the Presbyterian church.
une nome was decorated wiin
f ems, white chrysanthemums, smilax,
and many candles. Miss Janie Ew-
ing presided at the . piano, and the
bride was given in marriage by her
uncle, Mr. T. H.' Skeen. Mrs. Henry
Harward Weaver was dame of honor,
little Kathryne Louise Sullivan was
flower girl, and Master Thomas
Hunter Skeen was ring bearer. Mr,
Henry Harward weaver was best
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson are in Florida
'for their honeymoon, after which
.they will live in Lexington.
Mrs. Miller is the only daughter of
tiie late Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Miller, of
Asheboro. Her childhood was spent ; m ,
this town until her parents died
Isome ten years ago, when she went
to Biscoe to live with the family of
her uncle,. Mr. T. H. Skeen. She was
educated at Converse College and is
talented in music. She taught last
j year in the Lexington graded school.
Mr. Kelson was educated at Citadel
and is a young man of sterling qual
ities and fine business abilities.
Preliminary bearing will be held
within the next few days for John
Robbins, negro, who is suspected of
the attempt to rob and murder D. L.
Owen, Southmont merchant The
negro who is suspected xf . the at
tempt succeeded in wounding Mr. Ow
en and his wife. The time of the
hearing depends bn 'J-.the, condition of
Mr. Owen and also1 the condition q
tne negro wno was aiso wounaea jp
the battle. The attempted robbery
and murder occurred oh the night of
December 22, and is; the most sen
sational , happening in tne soutnern
part of, Davidson in several years.
--4timn:' B-thoiisanduenhad gathered
from . all over Davidson ounty.' All
members of this crowd were armed
but despite this fact there was ab
solutely no disorder. According to
information from Davidson county,
Mr. Owen and his wife and young son
had completed the day's business and
were in the act of leaving the store
in their automobile but had only
traveled a few feet when a loud re
port was heard and at the same time
the wind shield of their automobile
was shattered. Both Mr. and Mrs.
Owens thought the pistol Mr. Owen's,
was carrying nau accidentally dis
charged. Mrs. Owens suggested that
he throw the gun over the side and
Mr. Uwens complied with this re
quest just as the pistol left, Mr. Ow
ens hand another shot was fired at
H, i.. r i
ucuupanuj ui vne car unu mr.
Owens received a large portion of the
load in the top of his head, jaw and
neck. Five shot also struck Mrs.
Owens in the face. Mr. and Mrs.
Owens jumped hurriedly from the
car. As they did the negro came
from behind the car with his gun
cocked. Mrs. Owens lumped in front
of him and when the negro demanded
uiv me mat money , sne said,
"You'll have to go get it". Mr. Owens
then made an effort to get his pistol
irom me ground. The negro then
fired at Mr. Owens and the entire
load just missed his head. Mr. Ow
ens managed to get his gun and im
mediately opened fire. The neoro
took to his heels and Mr. Owens fired
several shots at the fleeing black.
The gun belonging to the negro was
found a few minutes after the battle
and it was discovered that it was be
spattered with blood indicating a se
vere wound. Davidson County offi
cials got in touch with ' Mr. P. F,
Miller and W. C. York, of AshebOro,
who carried blood hounds to th seen
of the disturbance. , Tho . dogs soon
got on uie trail and within leas than
an hour the negro was captured. .
Little James Weodrow Bradr Passes
Away at Coleridge .Victim of
, MenoBgitis. ,
1-James Wood row Brady, th seven
year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred
D Brady, died, st their horn Fridsy
evening from spinal 'menengitia, H
was run over by an automobile sever
al weeks ago, and suffered a frac
tured skull, and whil - playing at
school isst week, fell and hurt his
head again," menegitis' took bold Im
mediately. m"; , V ', t
Funeral - services ' war "wnducted
Sunday morning at eleven o'clock at
th M. E. church by Dr. J. IL Bren
dalL D. D. II Was laid to rest in
Concord semetory.' ; ". ', j
rJsmes was a bright little boy, and
will bs mUsed, not only In th home,
but also on th street of our little
town, l . - '' y , '
He leave to mourn his lows, besides
bis narenU. two aluter. Jewel and
Bereete, and. one brother, Joseph,
several friends and hear relatives. "
Flowor girls 'were: Mlws liettle
Moore, Swnnna Cravn, Elsry prown,
Elm a an Novla Davi, Mabel Cox
and 1 fat tie Caven. :
Pall bonrein: Mfr. C. II. Cav.
nt", E. K. lUinn, L L. Kichardnon,
and J, B. Craven.,
Coolidge Administration Faces
Dangerous Situation Over
Tax and Bonus Question.
(By David F. St Clair.)
Washington, January 1. Indications
now are that the (joouogo aaminis-
tration will soon face a dangerous di
1 lema over bonus and tax reduction
i leristration. The action of the house
ways and means committee in its at
tempt to shelve the bonus by giving
consideration first to a tax reduction
Mil KoaAil nri fVio linpa nrnnnaad hv
Secretary Mellon has moved the
f rfends of the bonus in both parties
in congress to swift counter action.
Secretary Mellon contends that tax
es can not be reduced as he proposes
with the granting of a bonus. On the
other hand former Secretary McAdoo
declares that a much greater reduc
tion in taxes can be made than Mr
Mellon proposes and an adequate bo
nus be provided for by the issuing of
bonds on the basis of the Liberty
bonds with $100,000,000 interest ' and
sinking fund to take care of these
bonds. . ,-
The friends of the bonus are advis-
ed that no tex reductioB -measure
shmlll bp enacted withotft nrovihW
tu fi 4,o j ko
Mellon proposal should be allowed to
pass, it would mean the defeat of the
bonus. The bonus Republicans in the
house have therefore called a confer
ence for January 10 in order to pre
sent a bonus bill to the house on Jan
uary 21 so as to take precedent of
the tax bill. .
But the tremendous pressure of the
public oh congress for tax reduction
has further alarmed the friends of
the bonus. When congress adjourned
for the holidays, the bonus members
felt safe in their prediction that they
had a wide marginal two-thirds ma
jority in both houses for the bonus
and could pass it any day over the
President's veto. But some weak
kneed senators have, according to re
ports, declared they could not vote
for a bonus in the face of the Presi
dent's veto.
The bonus people are now consider
ing the plan of tacking the bonus bill
en to the tax reduction bill as a rider
and they have sent word to the White
House that if tfie President vetoes
the bill in that shape and thus de
prives the soldiers of a bonus he will
greSS sK Ty:;i- ::? ' .-
Without doubt the bonus forces are
in an overwhelming majority in both
houses but as time passes that major
ity appears to be shrinking in the
senate. The anti-bonus people are
now counting 26 senators for their
side and they believe that by the
middle of January they will be able
to count 33 senators opposed to the
bonus. That number or one over a
third of the membership of the sen
ate would render the President's veto
or any separate bonus bill effective.
To meet this situation a bonus rider
f hrt fha -1 V 1., '11 .. U .. 1
vv. vma. uui occiim iu uc auouiuiiy
But if such a move is attempted it
is certain to precipitate one of the
most desperate battles ever fought
OUt in COnO-rPSS. Tho fnnli'Hn-o
I . .
i are now engaged in organizing what
, is known as an administration bloc in
1 both houses for just such a crisis
I The motto of this bloc is "savf the
! President." A tax bill with a bonus
; rider perched on its back would be
j like carrying a death's head to the
White House. The most emphatic
passage in CnoliHn-o'a
j to congress was his opposition to the
The brunt of opposition to the bon
us cornea from the men and corpora
tions who made enormous profits out
of the war. They well know that the
backers of the bonus have it in mind'
10 maae tnem disgorge and they are V ,
determined to figfy with the despef.
ation of robbers if necessary to keep
their loot They know the income tax -f-in
the higher brackets will nnt H
duced but' increased if the bonus 4d,-.v
vocates have their way. In reality
this bonus battle is an effort to take
from the war profiteers their plunder
' expected that the lobbies of congress
wi wmr irom me people and it may be
will be filled with the sirenta of hn,l-
holders and giant corporations for th
next iour weeks.
Robert Bunch Improving at Eureka
' Mr. Robert Bunch, whd Was In th
automobile wreck near Carthage Fri
day night when. Harvey ' Yow was
killed, and John Miller slightly In
jured and who- himself .was seriously
kJu.,d- I- Proving. Mr. Bunch',
condition has caused his relatives
and friend much anxiety He suf
fered a fractured skull and a very
intricate operation has riven much
relief and it is hopediU result in a
permanent recovery, i A number of
Mr. Bunch' friends in Asheboro bar
been down to to bim. ,; .
' MBunch is' Jn Eureka hokpltaj
near Carthage, where Mr. John Mil-
ler assisted in Uklng him befor eonw ,
Ing home on Satumlay morning. i '
Mr. Miller was at first thought to "I
be suffering from shock only, but .
Sfter he returned home and collapsed -
from nerve strain it was found that
hi had suffered a dislocated shoulder.
However, b la out again, . T
. . . ' " L t '
, -l " , ,
Mis Laura
tt tiusrr, of
n-iarri"d latt
ntl Mr. Evpr
: 'it 1, wpre '
Wi.:Jt v
1-0 -'T
- ' Wi t ,
'y ,

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