7?, H ISSUED WElWL PRINCIPLES, NOT MEN 12.00 A YEAR Lxi Ai v iNv VOLUME XXIX Ashebere, North Cerelinay Teanday, Jaaaary 17, 123 vl- NUMBER S MR. HAMMER ON TAX REDUCTION ASI INSURGENTS HAVE ANNEXED THEMSELVES WITH DEMOCRATS The Old Guard Has Lost Out Completely Since They Failed To Elect Senator Couzens Chairman of Interstate Commerce Commission. " iAND THE SOLDIERS' BONUS PLANT TO BE SOLD W St- a ..n. The Member of Conjjtss From J "' : Clearly .On Important To Letters. Congressman,. Wra.; C Hammer, ' representative of the seventh North Carolina District, has written a letter to . Mr J. E. Latham . In. reply to a letter -requesting his support of . the - Mellon bill , and opposition to the soldiers' compensation bill, and states most clearly his position and give reasons why; ha opposes the Hellon bill and favors the Garner p. bill . and hy"i hen. favors -y the fl: soldiers' bonus: it is worth reading? and it is icxpected that Mr, Hammer will have more to say later on. it is as xouows: Replying' to your letter definitely J ihave naturally-considered the Mel lon bill which was not given out un til about a week ago and consists of 844 large, pages With. several hundred amendments already offered in com mittee. , ' , v.V. . VI cannot support the Mellon Ml. r One of my objections I here give is ' that his biu gives a reduction of taxes of more than a quarter of a million dollars on a man having a million dollars income, while it takes 200 men with an income of $5000 each to . amount te a million dollars; and .the reduction on the entire one million dollars of. the income of the 200 re ceiving the income of $6,000 each is in, all only a reduction of $4500 for the 200 men. .- "While 1 favor "a reduction of taxes as far as possibleand will any program of reduction ' that ' is DUUUVIUI fair and proper regardless of the source from which it originates but I will not support so great reduction on uie taxes on bisr incomes with so email a reduction in the taxes on pinauer incomes - , 1 ; "V ermit me to say, I cannot the justice in the elimination of certain discriminatory taxes while others are retained in the meUon bflL jl&"One other matter gives me troublft in my investigations of those ques - tlona and that is the reduction of tax- This is not likely to be true of 'per- sonal income taxes. These taxes Ton (. Sw"i 'iM"v w .tuwwrwDw m f ,i EUREKA-HOSPITAL w on wnas ia,caiiea "gouur Dusiness"iii the taxes on which must of neMssity JX; be nassed on tA th eofinnmfti TmhH : .'Messrs. W. A Bunch and Britt Armfield went to Eureka hospital near Carthage, . last Tuesday, and brought Mr. Robert Bunch through Ashejooro on the way to High Point, where they took MK Bunch for an X-ray examination, at the High Point hospital.' It will be remembered that ' Mr. Bunch was seriously injured in an automobile accident near Carthage, on December 29, when Mr. Harvey Yow was instantly killed. Mr. ' . Bunch has been in Eureka hospital and has recovered rapidly. ; Dr." Burros is having an X-ray picture made of - the young .. man's head to tee if another operation is necessary. If nothing wrong with the skull is shown in the picture, Mr. Bunch will be out in a few days. A - telephone message yesterday said that he stood the trip well and had a good night I. : FRIENDS CHURCH NEWS ' v . ' Sunday School 9:45. Worship 11:00. -.i. ''''J,- C E. Meeting 7:00. ; Prayet meeting Wednesday even v .'s tag- 7:30; .... ' The Woman's Home and Foreign Missionary .Society met with, Mrs. " i Calvin Gregory last, Thursday after- ; 'The Christian Endeavor Society . y , held services at the county 'home last Sunday afternoon- i1. ' '"' .'- .Two new members werr received Into the church last Sunday. Twenty- five members have been .taken in the , ! last; two months. ? f ' . Thrra will be C ;E. social held : at the home of J. L. Overman, on . Friday night, January 18th. w ' .i ' Next Sunday morning will be the pastor's regular time at Science HilL f. Rev, Gregory and family took din- tier with Mr. and Mrs. N. P; :Co v Ust .Sunday.' ' .- . - 'A.- t,,,.tl ., METHODIST EPISCOPAL ' - , MATTERS , (By W. H. Willis). - The writer made talks this week ent in business circles in the state and st Pleasant Garden, . liberty . .and has bn unusually . successful. He Imseur in the interest of the cen- !no served as alderman at Ashe tenary. i : "' J ' I'M and at Spencer where he" lived Asheboro people have had tha for some time. The deceased Is sur 'r Uasure this wk of hearing Rev. wred by his aged father, J. Dan Dor . L, Scott, of Rsmseur; Rev. O. D. ,tt, of Chatham county, a widow and Innnn, nt Siler City and others jn,everml bmthrs and . sisters, V The V,n "V.nrld Week" eiercl. funeral and burial were held from On l'rirlay, the, 18th, services will theold hom church, Lort's Creek, be hrM throughout the.day as f ok" Wednesday sfU-moon. ; . Iowa: I . J f10,r T,f!V; b f,pencrf1rS? ' ASnEBORO BANKS PROSPEROUS v. ii. . cianan, aoa nn tf, .( ,. . --, rj 3 1'. I-Tftlks by Mrs. J. V. Had-1 ', the three UnU of A-Uhoro )ave cf sr. I othra.- - ' li held Stockholders' meHinjrs since 7. 1". M-A Psunt, "Mother iNew Year and report mr.t proper J' !!.t. : nis seventy .flh birthdsy In 7n Just : closed. All br lns- t nrj". I , '1! writer wfll v!.i!t rtms towns In r'.h Carolina ffifercnre pxt r i a rrrwnPTiUUve cf the tn- ' rr: n,inr.!"n, ' i t ''if , 1 rr'arh fumfay In t' 11: .vi. -.-a's I'r. This District States His Position Legislation In Replying their inquity by sales taxes which Secretary Mellon advocated so ar dently and tried so bard to get passed during the last Congress, t .- ! "Next in importance is reduction on personal incomes, ' but .the r trouble with Secretary Mellon is lie wants to help the large income taxpayer ..out of all proportion to the reduction giv en the small income taxpayer. But the proponents of the Mellon plan say that "we cannot have both tax re duction and the soldiers' bonus". "Why not? It is true that there is the most highly organized propagan da against the soldiers' bonus I have ever known; the tariff lobby could hot hold it a light, for not only the tariff barons are here, t but Wall Street' and allied interests, many of which have a long time ago learned that an excessively high tariff helps none but a certain class of the special interests, but they too are interested in killing the bonus. This anti-soldier bonus organization is highly financed and most persistent, and is designedly misrepresenting me iacis. "The total amount required for the soldiers' bonus will probably not ex ceed two billion dollars. Anyone can easily figure this out. JJhere were something like five million men con nected with the armed forces in this country durine the World War. The ; average length of service was seven 'im?ni!' - y tftes? an average , i " U?fA ow month, the average to i 1)6 ?"d f8 wou4 1350. This not.amunt to but two billion r " lm inat, win take more than five billion dollars. secretary Mellon reports 320 mil- cuse oi so mucn as a buuon a year h bean intensive campaign J? ;vor of f"6!1' heavy Wduction of j S? on j118,0 enormous income ii?atT0L0?ler TM ( . 1 heT? als0' that iS!MMi8iieno.h'T" of, mont m Mil wuioi uoai viuciits more than pay 1 J! . F V I T "w ,vou uie Boioiers Donus. UJv!fioU faexcUiiab,e , VetWw ajone is enough ywawUMU .Wa , :BioneWwel)eTefra At voce in ine caroimas. The announcement Sunday that the Corporation Commission has granted an increased power rate for the Southern Power Company will mean great thing for the development of our State. The plan calls for an im mediate construction program of hydro-electric and steam power plant development. The erection of a 40,- UUO horse-power hydro-electric plant t xuioaniss, near HicKory is included in tne program, as well as a 40,000 steam piant at Duncan, S. C. 51 "The Hhodhiss plant will be located on the-Catawba river in Caldwell and Burke counties, about 10 miles from the city of Hickory, It will develop 40,000 horsepower and will be about one-half the size of the Mountain Island plant, near Mount Holly, which has been finished at a cost, of about $6,000,000. The Moun tain Island plant will develop 80,000 horsepower. The probably cost of the Rhodhiss plant, it is understood, Will DO. aDOUt 930,000,000. The plant at Duncan, S. C, will be a steam plant for the develop ment of electric power, and will be four-fifths as lam as the itnm plant at Mount Holly, in this state, which is among the largest in i the United states. This plant also will develop 40,000 horsepower, and will cost around $2,000,000 to build, it is understood. The Mount Holly plant onwiuj sunt to oeveiop 10, 000 horsepower, and last summer was Extended to ' develop 40,000 horse CHATHAM COUNTY MAN -4 DIES AT WASHINGTON oamuei .uorsets, prominently con nected In Chatham and . wall known throughout 'North Carolina, died it Washington hospital Monday, after an illness of several weeks. For two feri from du3 years or more, Mr. Doreett had suf fered from dtaJMttM kit hU MniUHmi had become grave a few months ago. I For thirty years he has been promb .Titutione win nave v mdw ffiw for the coming year as they hal Unt yfr, , , "The AhbAn Bank and Trut ComfAnj rp"rUr an hvrai cf CO fr t"-t in ti-Tioetf dnHry ihn pt var, ' ' f j V ef J.''in! !, h and iu. t it t . -I i,av r.sj an tin- 05!is!!y largs volume of buidnens. Contract With CaroIina. Power Companj Tol: BeRatifiedi by Voters lot thel Town.. :Ja A contract has been' entered Into, with the Carolina Power Company to be ratified, by the Yoters of the towa on January 29th.- for the sale ef the present light r plan.t,v- lncluding 'alrl equipment, ana lor a contract for the use of power for pumping water and lighting the street. The sale pricj is around $28,000.' V: ' - This contract 'calls' for the Caroling Power company to build high -tension lines -from Biseoe to Asheboro yand furnish current to the hames and to the manufacturers in large quantities at the rates paid by, many of--the towns served by this company! throughout North Carolina. : These rates cannot be raised or lowered, exi cept by the order of the corporatioii cumnuasioner. . v . j, - The city commissioners have y tfe cided that this is a wise thing to do as the town's d resent slant in or. loaded and it was going to be necesi sary to spend several thousand dol lars for new eauioment: and it in iknown fact current cannot be made' by steam to compete with the water rates and this will put us on an equal basis as that of othe'r towns and will give us some inducements to orier to manufacturers to come ?, Asheboro. Asheboro Hardware Company Will Uire Uemonstration January 26th ,; ... n . - ''J ine Asheboro Hardware comnanV has arranged to give a demonstration ot au farming maclunes on January 26th. . There will be experts here he win give tne aemonstrauon. or; eft pecial interest will be those on . ea gines, tractors, cream Separators and other maclunes which are usefult tne rural people. The demonstration will last throughout the day and wfll not only be interesting to the farm ers and their people-but to many oth ers, ine people or tne county are to be congratulated upon their oppor tunity to attend such a demonstra tion, Valuable prizes are to be irivea away on the day of the demonstration and special prizes. will be .-made for that day on. cash sales f . J -' -'' --ia-a&ia.tMie.,-evening....wsw- spent Jn mnsical Tuesday afternoon. Sheriff Carl Cox, Policeman Duncan.-? Steed and Jailor Doke Lowe brought into Ashe boro an unusually large still. It was found seven miles southwest of Asheboro the night before by these men and Worth Lowe and appeared to be about ready to begin operations again. Several gallons of beer were destroyed as well. The still was a copper one, and would hold 75 gallons or more. TAR HEELS HAVE CHARGE OF ROAD SHOW IN CHICAGO Mr. Frank Page,, state highway commissioner and president of th Amencan Road Builders association, a- 6 n .mJeet,,n of the American Road Builder's association ... u..,K.gu. n. iiuinoer 01 prominent citizens of the state are also in tne windy city for the meeting, Mr. Page and his associates will no doubt have a considerable ovation in Chicago on account of the splendid progress North Carolina has made along the lines of road building. . Death of Asenlth Harlin Asenith Harlin died at the home of her neice, Beulah A Little near Cole ridge January. 8th, age 83 years. Although not a member of any church she professed faith in Jesus Christ, of which she gave testimony and lived a consistent, quiet, unas suming life. .. .r -.. . ; Deik Family 8ulng Railroad Damage, suits aggregating it is said, a record breaking- sum have been .instituted against tha High PoimV .. Randleman, ' Asheboro, and Southern Railroad by the occupants of the Ul-faUd ear driven by Mr. W. Bv Delk, which was struck by a train on that, railroad at the South Main street crossing at High, Point on the Afternoon of September 8j last Mr. Dslk'i mother-ln-Uw, Mrs. Lu ey J. Chrlscoe, aged 68, ef Seagrove, was ' killed almoat inatanti JohnaJa Delk, his baby, girt was in jured, so that she died, r -i .- ASIIEBORO WILL' MAKE m WATER AND SEWER EXTENSION Mayor Artnuf Ross has been, since he was elected mayor especially ; in terested la ths extension of, watef and sewerage lines 'for the town. ' A contract has bn made for the pur chase of the Kb LedweQ farm and contract for the dara is V be let at an early date. There will be stored forty-four million gallons . of water. This in addition to the twenty-one million gallon pnid that we now have houid be sufficient to earrr the city through any dry spell that may come for many years, er sufficient for a big fire. The contract let last wk include on end a Imtf million gallons raw wntr !t f'TVB'ffin f1 top of the hill r l f.f the Crnr.ford chslr company; fire bund red thousand f.i- VENTIOXINN.Y. ... . . New York Chosen For the First f Time In- 56 Years; Other . Qties Wanted It s:: ' - For the first time in 56 years, the Democratic National Convention will be held in New York City. San Francisco, Chicago and St Louis made a stirring combat for the con vention, offering big inducements. After a final vote in which New York led by a good majority, a San Fran cisco spokesman moved that New York be made the unanimous selec tion, and this was done. The date has been set as June 24th, which fol lows the Republican at Cleveland June 10th. - vT.It was. stated to several newspaper correspondents that the prospects for 'Wm.' G.. . McAdoo's nomination for Presidency are most promising. It is further claimed that 70 out of the 98 members of the committee present in Washington at this time favor Mc Adoo's, candidacy and the others are ot counted as being against xum, but Ihave made .ho . definite expression. Ramseur' VMethodist Church Hold $ Centenary Meetings Other Ram- S.W:'mettt News. $ Centehry-'fliayyup week is being observed here this week with Rev. R. M, Hoylei of Pleasant Garden speak ing Tuesdaym,ght and Rev. W. H. Willis-- of - Asheboro Thursday night, and Rev.; W. ' L. Scott, Ramseur, Fri day night. !' These men are telling us what has oeen done with our money through- the Centenary Movement and P urging any delinquents to meet their --subscriptions now that the work may not be delayed. ine condition of our good friend Mr J. N. Copeland, of this place, is Very critical at this writing, i.: Mr. Ernest Coward, of Hiirh Point. has been spending a few days here witn friends. Messrs. J. ;C. Whitehead and E. C. Turner - were- business visitors at Asheboro last week. ;'Mr. J. P. Cox and family went to Greensboro Sunday to see his broth r,fW. F. Cox who is there for treat ment. . Miss Grazelle Moore entertained fthejintulele aub. last Friday even- ing at her home on Liberty street. Uie evening .was . spent in a musical course of fruit ealad, matshmallows and cake. r The orchestra met with V. C. Mar ley at Marley and Caveness' store Tuesday evening and spent a very enjoyable hour rehearsing some new selections. Mr. H. F. Brady attended the Fur niture Show at High Point, Monday. Messrs. V. C. and W. E. Marley spent Tuesday there. AGED AND RESPECTED COLORED MAN DIES "Uncle Roden" Clarke, a respected colored man of the "old school" died fit t VlO VlA ma T ionrivo fi-ornn in the exact age of the old man could not be substantiated, the older people j who knew him say he was over 120 ' vears nlH. nnri nntfl 1Kb nnct oovon years had led an active life. R nHnom had caused him to be unable to work. He followed his old "massa" through the war, and then in days of peace he lived a sober industrious life. For a number of years he was employed at Brokaw's lodge. He was one of the construction gang that worked on the Asheboro railroad, when it was being built. MR. J. N. COPELAND DIES AT RAMSEUR Mr. J. N. Copeland, who for the toast five years has been ill at his noma at Ramseur, passed away Tues day, at the age of 64 years. Mr. Copeland had been engineer on the railroad leading from Greensboro to Ramseur for more than twenty years. He was is highly respected and much beloved citiseft of , the community. He-waa a member of the Friends behurch. r r - . . - , , He is survived bv a widow' one daughter. Mrs, T. A. Henderson, of Fayetteville; . two' sons, , Messrs, J. W. Copeland, ot Greensboro, and Waldo Copeland, of Ramseur. The funeral services were conduct- led at the Baptist church by Rev. W. A. Elani, the burial fouowing in the local cemetery, , , v1. 'I'PU'Jl. 1 M taring plant ba the town's property: repairs te the eld filtering plant and new tr0,000 -gallon concrete.; rese tolr. This will give the town two million gallons Of water at all times, i-A contract was let for eomethieg ever five miles of six inch ' water mains ( fifty-two are hydrants! about five miles of sewerare extension, in cluding two new . eutalls, and te Ittv provs disposal plant at the end ef the Mwerr line. The contract includes two additional electric driven pumps. Whn thou Improvements re - in sUUed with the new fire truck 'that wa purchasod a few months sge the city U rromiMd by the insurance peo pls to have trtiy rducd ratea. In fart. It t horxwl that Ahbore, WUI hsr a low Insurance rates as any of the Urgr cities in the state. (By David F. St. Clair.) Washimrton. 3b Democrats and insurgent Republicans in the senate, it is now understood, have reached a working agreement on tar t-miiH-iati flu. linn,.. n .1 :i i - . - "t wunuo atiu raiiroau lecislatinn. Smofn. T uAuuA 1 er of the insurgents, went to Sena tor Kobuison, Democratic leader of the senate, and Senator Simmons, ranking Democrat on the finance com mittee, and after getting their views On taxation. milrnnHs e.J V had enough insurgent votes cast for ouuui Carolina to elect him chairman of the interstate vuiiuucra committee. The Democrats did not want Smith elected ann thov mmi. i -.i the. insurgents to have him elected. And the coalition if it caa be called such is simply that the insurgents nnva aama , j . . . V , vv" uaa annexed them selves to the Democrats, and the Old Lfliard "Wnifrl lTQd m'tTAn 4.1. lnltJj;osave lts face bv electing rli 1 uj. micnigan has lost out completely. , It is being forecasted with a good tw 1 ??fd5ce on CPitol Hill that what the Democrats of the Sen ate desire congress to do as regards tax legislation, the soldiers compen sation and the freight rates on ag- .unu,, it will OO. . Simmons nnrl Mini., o: ;t,. w""ol,ui oiiiunons as guide at the council table, and Rob inson and his lieutenants on the floor fliacr?'are n.ow aPParently in con nW,n Jhe 5?tin of the senate and ultimately of the action of conirress witiiout any effort at control onffi & PC7.?re determined to define ,defend e Policy of their party On these subjects of legislation but as tiie- minority party they are not fitte aft6r e "fusibility of lS?tte? re?PrbiUty that be, longs torthe majority party. , The inlAcfinn nf Cu. in i lTJmP above , . rf .i.iMwu4t uiat it will' be seen" as the legislative sit- Ckorte.FX3Delaljd ected District I THE ";MaaretttVfltH(Urd AU XVimnanviJia.iA NMnilVrPTt KYYJ .tJPBKainpw In Central .Carolina JField The Charlotte Observer carries the following, which will be read with interest in Asheboro: "George E. Copeland. for the past four years department manager in il 1 1. ft . i tt. me orancn on ice or ine standard uu Company, at Charlotte, has been given decided recognition through his selection as aisinci manager in tne central Carolina field. Hewill I have ofTwTrT11 over,thetm.arkAetng hn 1 b Pf.troleu V?dUCL8- Ahe- boro, Randleman, Denton. Hieh Point. Thomasville, Winston-Salem, Kerl SVneR,MafHnn Gre,enb?r; rBur and wh0 are deserving of on dera KoL, " if andKWaV"Ur Cove-,tion j" this connection such as Sena His headquarters will be at Greens- tor Fletcher, Governor Hardee and boro, although he will spend a great Judge Nathan B T ,d fe a deal of his time at the various points to support any of them, but I be- mrV,ltn!rK ry- i ru , llieve that Just at this t'"e Dr. Mur Mr r nlH rvfs,denc? " Charlotte' phree possesses more points of ad Jf.J?frt d has made numbers of vantage and less points of attack ln7nH thii? t hT Mrs-CPe:!than any other of the persons whose ri i v y ; . Wari names have been mentioned. thT Lil0 SfnM K8tUrentr 8ti "He is a rare combination of in the University of North Carolina tellect and heart; he is a splendid Though rejoicing in the knowledge ! executive, as shown hv th that a great opportunity is open for mm, there win be general and genu ine regret in the necessity of his de parture Among his associates Mr. Copeland 1 TmI Per80nallty n wi ewuwt o eairu lie IB lalllld VJVI Ujr KTHO WTi flmmif"?0" uf theJ?du8t7 1 "l 8ha di8C8s his merits more familiar with his work, as being ad-If Uuy at 8ome future u a j mirably qualified for the p ace. That to do now is to. suggest his nam for 'S? f ,K Work mslderatlon. It lill not hurt the iKi111 thj-1 state university to have the light tL lf idS turned on the merits of its distin rangs of responsibilty and authority." PreRident (SiirnSS DEATH OF MRS. LULA LAMB Mm T til U luik JUI -L y. Mill. W.a , I HH. UJW lb I1CI home four miles northeast of Greens boro Monday from pneumonia, age 80 years. Funeral services were held from the Randleman Presbyterian church yesterday afternoon. Inter ment was made in the church ceme tery. , Mrr. Lamb (a survived by, besides ber husband, John F.. Lamb, three small daughters, . Mary, Pearl and Frances Lamb, one son, Paul Her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Graves, of Randleman: three broth ers. By N- J. Lv and Frank' Graves, ef Guilford county; four sisters, Mes dames J. W. Hanner, R. B. Snivey and Alex McCasklll, ef Greensboro, and Mrs. 8. G. Robbins, of Randle man. . . BAILEY FOR GOTERNOB , . '' Jostah W, Bailey; Raleigh attorney, has announced his decision to be a candidate for the Democratic guber natlorial nomUiation at the Primary next June, la a letter te f Bute Chairman, John G. Dawson last Sat urday, Mr. Bailey said that he would make the platform en which he woald stand public en January 17. ' 'Dulse Civ ISO.OOf (e CeJlfetJ J, B. 'and ti. N. Duke, ef New Tork City, hare contrihutiKl 25,000 each te the Guilford College endowment fund. It Is said thst the rift ef the Duksl Is In memory ef their mother who attended college there. , . 1 nation more fully develops, all of the I insurgents in the senate will be stand ing with the Democrats. The situation in the house is such that the action of the senate will ' easily control it The house must in augurate all purely economic legists) tion but the senate usually deter- I minM ifa real fhaniMor That Via been true of every tariff and tax bill enacted within the last twenty-five years. The tax bill will not reach the senate before the last of February r March 1st, but when it does, the senate will be free to tack the bonus on to the tax bill as a rider, it mat ters not whether or not a bonus bill is under consideration in the house. And there are Democrats in Senate who say they favor this course of amending the tax bill with the bonus so as to prevent a veto of the bonus. It is now believed, it will take con gress all the winter to find its way through the maze of figures and con tradictory statements of the treas ury department and of other high au thorities concerning the tax bill and the bonus. No one can be found whe knows definitely at what point of re duction in the surtaxes capital wiH cease to seek tax exemption securi ties. Senator Couzens has disputed Secretary Mellon's figures and has challenged him to a public discussiosi Ion the subject. j Then too there is a fog of discus sion about the constitutionality of taxing tax exempt securities. Repre sentative Frear of Wisconsin wants the 16th amendment to the constitu tion tested on this subject by the Supreme Court. Other spokesmen in congress say the test has already been made-and -that incomes from state and municipal securities can not be taxed by the Federal government without further amending the constitution-. It is believed that there is Uttle probability of persuading three fourths of the states now to adopt such an amendment as so many of them have the hahit nt tamintr knna for industrial development - ' -The' eimdidaey U'lX'I phee, of Gainsville, Fla., was an nounced the first of this week by William Jennings Bryan. Dr. Mur phee is president of the University of Florida. Mr. Bryan's statement fol lows in part: "If elected a delegate to the na tional convention, I shall present the 1 noma f n. a a tui t . j dent of the UniversT P f Florida," a a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the office of president, :Tk u. Vi,.j- ' " u "J '25 of the University of Florida under his management; and he is a Demo crat, both in sentiment and in man- naw Ua ia rlw.. J a lund on' econ'om Sr SE popularity will grow as he becomes guished President (Signed- "William Jennings Bryan." AGED LIBERTY WOMAN DEAD Mrs. Ixu Pnttarann. am 7B wUI. low of the late Dr, A J. Patterson. died at her home in Liberty Jan uary 15th. Mrs. Patterson was .a iiaiiniui ana consistent member otlhe Baptist church and beloved hr "tH who knew her.. . . - Mrs. Patterson is survived "by twe eaugnters, .Mrs, neiue Kcltse an4 Mrs. Sallie Reitsel, two brothers, JL P. Brown, ef Liberty, H. I Brown, of AtianUt three sUtera, Mrs. Lilly Kirlunan, Liberty; , Mrs. E mma Euer. Siler City; . Mrs. ' Swsnnie Hadley, Meant 'Alryi one graneVdaughter an4 one grandson. . Funeral services were conducted from the Bsntbrt chnreh nvaatarHae afternoon by. Mm Patterson's -for mer pa-tor, Rev. L P. Frailer,? of Statesville.' Interment was made. la Fairriew cemetery. , 1 . FORMER N. C MAN RETURN ' TO NATIVE STATS Mr. and Mrs. W. D.fcNeh and daughUr, Miss Hasel, of Texas. har Rievad IntA the lutma nt Vf - T . ti Cox at Central Falls. Mr. McNeil hi a civil enrlneor and will have charge of the Improvementa thst are b ing msde en the Central . Falls cotton mills . Mr. McNeil was formerly of Fey tteville and Is a irmhr ef one of the states oldest and most r,n,

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