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piiiNCirixs, not men; ; 4 - :u: v ir a year in advance
Aehebore, North Caroliaa, Thursday. February 21, 1924 -
Eer. R. Morphy Wdiams. Addressed JLaitfe Congationjat
-,y the ilcthodist trotestant Church and the People ,Were,s '
' - . I : ; qiad Thej Braved the Raii to Hear Him. , 5
Rarely hive tt' peopfrtof ii&V'tr te help produce, estrone character,
bora enloved such a treat as was af-equal to xTeet taaka or emergeneiea.
forded them Sunday, evening by. the, t Those who were scattered abroad
local order Knights of Pythias, when because ' of the persecution wnicn
Hv. R. Murnhv Williams addressed a am" . eonoerninsr .Stephen, -went
large ' congregation at the Methodist everywhere preaching, the word, and
Protestant church:.' After the invoea-.; la: Antioch. the Gospel was bearing
tion by the pastor, IRev. H. F, Fogle-' much fruit, not only among the Jewv
: man, a union choir composed of mem- but among the Gentiles aa well. This
bera from each church choir ,f . the ' was an innovation which .must be in-
town'sang an anthem.'; Rev, J. ;W.; vestigated, ',: v.- c
Rose,' of the - Baptist church offered S-So Bamabes was ' sent by the
a prayer. ' Mr. Charles Redding, bead -Church m Jerusalem, as a committee
of the local lodge, who were fa; at-j0f one to look into the matter, and
p tendance in body, introduced Rev. Mr, to, reconcile '. any differences;, which
Williams . Possibly many of the peof may arise between these- two classes
pie Knew wn Hi a treat was m, swra qf converts. "" . f
for them when they braved the. rate Tf this, wLr "the mission of Bams
to attend X8-wT 3 bis, ft Is very Jmportant Jhat we be
the lodge eyea.ago, tFeb, Wtiu manf gat godnes8 and gener
&0$JaIb?$ i" feelingVull be likely, to -meet
even a higher standard to thelodga r1 raany circumstances In
. work, pomting out few the -fa . fcwhfA character can accom
many opportunities . for service of 1JU more an( 0 better work, than
auch an prganjiation f stalwart men Mi talent . wins ita noblest
to wwni.?r 1comm.?n,lty' i' ' i triumphs when it is united with and
Although it Is a little out of our sanctioned by Qodly character. Bar
usual custom to 'publish speeches or, nabas bad hoth, -Bermons,
but for the benefit of those u f Mt Barnabas was so big that
who, did pot tear ; J pUm(ud vBer ie could recognize the need of a big
jnon we pubbah f in, part, although than himself, in his new
'mere type cannot impress the hearts situation. ; He saw. the greatness of
of the readers and Inspire them to the opportunity, ' and hfi first task
??blefl!l her -Dving, as did 'Rev. Was to find a greater than himself to
Mr.. Williama earnest, forcefal and lead thef new Church. - r
pleasing maimer.. The man .himself , hat wantt( ia men who are
was an inspiration to all who heard big enough to be small enough" to
Jam, oa this occasion." At the close of recognize bigness in other men.
the ermon Miss Mae Presnell sang, i ;j. To know vital men,' and to " be
?My Task" It " is ' ' custom kn0Wli to them is an important part
of the order to have one-union v telig-i of one's equipment Sot" larger ser-
IS.ouernrnehiyhis off
- adopted upon' full mitigation'
plctclg free in fts prto
''a' iustbiaim tobhndclnce ari
5 qour support RcspopCfor ;tf J
. i . .. .
may well go down in the annals of
their history as a marked success;.
; , x 'ActSr 11-24. , 4 j
A nan is the answer' to every,
o In this ' emergency, ' Barnabas
turned to Saul, who afterwards .be
came PauL n . , r , ' t.
I. But in considering Bamabas,
Mrs,' Julia Kearns, -widow of the
late Mr. E. B. Keanrs, who passed
away last Thursday bight at the home
of. her daughter. Mrs. rJtta Kearns
Douthitt in Danville,- was one of
Asheboro's oldest and best known
problem, " and unless Tour" religious let us look at the secret of his good'
.trainincr. is nrodueinfl' Beraonalitiiia. it nesrf. " ' ' '
ia largely a failure. -' ;., 4 "1 "' THat he was a man of like pas-
i The highest Service we can render M Te re 4 Perfectly vl
the Kingdom., of God, is either to-be, I v J (Continued on page 8) ."
I The students of lUncllenian high
school will give presentation of
" "The Wren"1, a drama fn f our ,actsi oy
'Oliver P. Parker, at the.Bandieman
school auditorium on Saturday Feb
ruary 23; at 7:20 .-B.-J?.ri
, The play is an exceedingly inter
jesting uttle love story which centers
around the life of 3 Jane DannV
tpretty country girl whojgoes to the
leitv to visit her aunt who 1s a --rich
society leader. While Jane is in tne
icity her aunt tries to marry her . to
1 Reginald jGieenstorf, spoiled f young
I society man, whose, mother holds a
' Two old Confederate Veterans, of
the Tennessee Soldiers' Home, who
for years and years have been friends,
living- in the same little room at the
home, "have been separated forever
over a childish quarrel about whether
a window should be left up or down.
Dr.iGTBrackling. 91 year of age,
i.. .11.. J i . J ... t i . n Vir
pnDDW m ueaui ma companion, vi. w
Hamby, age ,97. Dr. Brackling is al
so in a very serious condition as s
result of wounds received in the firfit
The. hospital authorities do not be
lieve he will live long enough for the
state to try tin for the death of file
' " mortgage on' Jane ' country home, companion. The Governor of Tenn-
' pfltrhift w" mother is ierf eetly Wwil- essee ' has made ah announcement
yg to-cancel the- mortgage, however
If -Jane .will niarryjleginald. But
.'Jane .does not lipve Reginald and he
finally decides to marry Rodney
iBlakev Jr, an attractive young?, man
,who is madly in-love with her, . al-
though he does not discover until the
very last that Jane loves Jiim rand
' )has loved him since, the t -tJhey
first. met ' -The, storyrls delightfully
-Dortrayed as only puu(tor -:.auUior
and good acting can portray it.
essee has made aft announcement
that the state will hot take any steps
to punish" Dr Bracking until he J is
fully recovered. He claims that he
killed Hamby in self defense.
The recent death of Mrs. Julia A.
, Tinsley Bryant i while . Mr. -
Kearns removes our oldest member.
Eueene wp"f pmwk, x
t Riair conauciea pie lunenu. v
v vtmm a.earns removes' our oldest m
?5LpJ!fl.r..a.W.P. SewiA-'W. Plyler
mi - . j- minnnprawi tub Tiinsm w u . . .
Bulla has the part, of Rodney -.TZT L! rZ
her lover. Tne roie .oi emnaia - i
r.rMmtoR ia Slaved by Mf. MOen ,owo7 kuwi pn, -iu nmaoci
' t.Jneberrv. Mias Alice Connor has
tne part of the rich aunt The others Jon Friday tiie 29th. A tereopticu
. .... . i i .... I arill M ttaAjf iW.w 1 l( will fnwilah
tokA im tmrti - in ' the Dlav are:
Misses Lillian Trogdon,. - Dorothy
Lamb, Willie Millikan, Nell , Robbina,
Elsie Julian, Ophelia Kirkman, Mary
Ferguson; and Mesnrs. Jack Newlin.
Weaver lineberryr Truman Wall, and
Clark Marsh. J f VV' ','..v'
The play, which is given with the
permission of the National Drama
ei;;.;.fny, is under the direction "of
Miss Ruth Coltrane, who is English
teacher and dramatic supervisor at
Randleman high schooL The proceeds
from the play will be ppent on im
provements for the hlrb school.- Ad
miaalon will be 25 and cents. ,
'The friends of Mr. Frank ITenley.
of Dr. and Mrs. F. A. Henley, of
j 'i 1 1 li t, end who waa born and
r 1 in ' boro, will learn with
1 : re. t tf marriage at Talm
at 1
an 1
1 1 TP.
C, r 'a f y jrt rf Chicago,
k 1 y t f ' L:,l Point,
v r5 r rric I on f RtuHay
r. i f t t ) of Mr.
.('.f ' !' , t I
r. The
. J. P.
rS an
i bff.n
1 '
ei .
one-day Institute for district workers
will be used. ; Our ladies will furnish
lunch.T Sunday school workers of the
town wui ie welcome. -
If the Advocate comes to you this
week: look It over.- Mrs. C. L. Cran-
ford'a Young People's qpdety may
ask you to -subscnoe.
The writer preached at East End,
uign roint, -on last Sunday. ..,
Reading", will be the Pastor's sub
ject Sunday morning. ' At night ;: he
begins a series of four evening ser
mons on "Some Beastly Sins". "Drink
Not", "Keep Pure", ; ''Stop . Lying",
and "Don't .right"; make ud the ust.
Our church . will co-operate with
other churches in the town in a on
ion revival effort m June led by Rev.
u j. Miller of NashviUe, tenn, :
acouiescence m ils mcas
fundamental maxraibfKffiS;
true Hbcrtu,.
Qcorqe WasknqtorLpl
mmmyy m
1 .'lV". 1
V ' J '' n Tbl' I L'
iliBII1 Vlill.'-f l"F
m 1 01 L 111 I'M
i t .am
Ill I 3 I I B it "ANlY I
r" si hum a f w i .
Adopt it fixed PoUcy for the Buildin Fund . for PubUe 4 High
Schools of the County oa it Fifty-Fifty BasisNames Drawn
The County Commissioners met on Ivy, Providence : Walter R. Brown.
February 15, 1924, as per : adjourn- Grant; Huston Trogdon, Richland,
ment February - $ ': ;-. I Second Week..
Tne following jnemMrr were pros-1 j. h. Hinahaw, Providence: C R.
ent: T. J. Finch, 'chairman,' E. B. Frader, Columbia? Robert Flipnin,
Leach, C Mi Staler, L. M. Cranford, Pleasant Grove J. T. Hodgin, Level
C. C Cranford;
The4 school board -coming In joint
session .with the commissioners,' after
having; presented their plans for the
building of public high school build
ings for Randolph county, the follow
ing resolution was unanimously
adonted bv the conntv 'commissioners.
Ihat the Board of county commis- o. craven, rranaunvuie;
idoners adopt as a fixed policy for Leonard, Columbia; W. L.
Cross; R. B. Craven, Franklinville;
G. W, Brady, B rower; E. M. Coble,
Pleasant Grove; J. C. Manor, Frank
linville; W. C'Massey, Trinity; D. F.
Ridge, Asheboro; O. M. Glasgow,
Liberty; James A. Craven, Columbia;
C. E. King, Richland; J. W. Lassiter,
wedar brove; L. a. Lindley, Liberty;
i& IS.
y y--,
'"Thii week we are' calling the at
tention of every school- -teacher - in
Randolph county to- our aplendid sub
scripttpa' off er especially -with, refer
ence "to the Dictionary- offer, r There
She descended from one; of, is' not school In the county that does
Randolph's oldest families. - not need this dictionary or would be
Ti Pfir-lv irirlhood Rhft berame a better off with it for it is the new
church and was a faithful member BTTM.f
until her death. ; She was a woman ef lhlgA? i1 wtS
deep conviction'and strong faith and "Jf USJjS
lovi and loyalty to .her Savior TWhl
Hi chnwh that never - failed: . ,As my entr if :ired.-To .the
life waned and she drew near the'" 1 vX" i""? .ZTJr i.1
sun seVthe faith that had. sustained J-W
and cneerea nerjn every inai snown i "'T' -"r' .n iv.'ijV
bright and dear as sheVelcomed the AZl tlti
the building fund for public high Franklinville; S. W. Conner, Randle
schools of the county, that the Board man; J. P. Myers, Trinity; P. V. Mc
will provide for half ' the cost of Pherson, Liberty; C. J; Parsons, Ran
building the school houses that - are dleman; A. C. Trogdon, Union,
located according to a county wide. ' ' Third Week,
plan for high school centers as pro- R. L. Talbert, New Hope; S. A.
vided in article VI. of public school Coltrane, Cedar Grove; D. H. Fraaier,
laws of N. C, the cost of said build- Columbia; J. F. Hughes, Tabernacle;
ings to. be approved by the County J. C. Ridge, Concord; E. W. Kindly,
Board of Education and County Com- Tabernacle; J. E. Rodgers, Randle
missioners, and the total amount to man: J. E. Soence. Coleridire: W. T.
be -Drevided bv the countv not to ex- r.rtr. M TTotiat A. F. nrlr I.JK.
ceed fifty thousand dollars in any one erty; J. F. Adam, New Market; Clar-
year. xne money to meet inese ap- ence Jartes, franklinville; W. M. Cox,
propriations by the county to be se- Grant; A. J. Robbins, New Market;
cured from the building fund pro- R. J. Hopkins, Asheboro; T. T. Pearce,
,vided by the State. No help is to be Asheboro; J. E. Swaim, New Market;
given to any district which does not G. E. Carter, New Hope; M. E.
grovide for half the cost of the build- Smith, Brower; J. E. Straud, Liberty;
lgs, nor to any district or high school B. C. Lambeth, Trinity; L. L. Hix,
center which does not provide fof,Concord-C. S. Ingold, Franklinville;
high school instruction. D. Euliss, Liberty; D. H. AUred,
The following names were drawn' "Providence ; J. '-A. English, New Mar
for March term of courts 'Jket; J. E. McDaniel; Level Cross; W.
First Weeltg?' . ' yM. Aldridge, Asheboro; C. L. Luck,
L. J. Davis. New1' Market: W. B. Asheboro; A; N. Burrow,! Providence:
Fulton, Back Creek; H. Carl Kivett, JisH. Fraaier,-Bdleman; W. ... i.
Columbia; .T. F. Pugh, Grant; J, C. Barker, Coleridge: A. E. Richardson,
Craven, Franklinville; " J. M.' Lambeth Tabernacle; 3. F. Brewer, New Hope;
Trinity; J. W.- Ward, Columbia; J. T. L, M. Curtis, Franklinville; C. . J.
Led better, providence; W. H. Tucker, eeaoon, ew nope; &. jnr Burratt,
Richland; A. W. Varner, Cedar Grove; New Hope; J. C Kearns, Tabernacle;
G. M. Allred, Back Creek; 5 W. s,M2-'Ai "EL- Brady, Pleasant Grove; C. N.
Stent, Grant; Thos. J. Bonkemyer, Royals, Trinity; J. M. Worthington,
Asheboro: D. M. Walker, Trinity; E,-Bandleman; James O. Walker, Ashe-
H. Cox, Grant; J. F. Hackett, Provl-;boro; Mi W.v Garner, New Hope. V $
dence; j. T. Redding, Back CekJJ. ! Nothing further coming beforethe
M. SimmonH. Clridir(i-S. Li, Adams: Board, it waa adjourned A; :fj i
PNew Market; A. C..Harrl,BicliM;1Mlf M. KEARNS,?
"To cross over the river and rest,
Life's work well done
Life's race well run
Then comes rest"
She was the wife of E. B. Kearns,
who died about ten years ago. Only
two children survive her, Mrs. Emma
Kearns Douthitt, with whom she was
living at the time of her death, and
Numa Kearns, of Hitch romt. xne
funeral was in-charge of, Rev. Mr.
Plyler, of Greensboro, a former
tor of Mrs. Kearns. Rev. W. H.
lis. of the local M. E. church assisted
in the service. The burial xoiiowea
at the family plat in the Asheboro
cemetery. .
tionary as we state in our premium
offer, . and a shopping bag as well.
We are making this offer, not because
we find it hard to work this offer, but
we want to see new dictionaries in
the county schools. If any child pre
fers the second Bible, which is also
four subscriptions, we will give it
instead of the dictionary. This of
fer is open only to school children and
Randolph county teachers, and only
until March 1st. Let every teacher
get busy - and help the children get
sufficient subscribers for The Courier
to get either a Bible or Dictionary, or
both for the school, and a handbag as
J. M. Scarboro, New
Hoper T. R.
Clerk to Board.
There's no use saying people don't
read The Courier, for they do, and
many and varied were the answers
gent in to our puzzle of last week.
According to' our offer, we will mark
Up the subscription of the one send
int the correct answer, and thia we
have done for Mrs. N. H. Ferguson,
of Asheboro Route 8. Her answer
follows: '"J ; '
"John went under the bridge over
the ereek and sat down under a tree."
This week we call attention to a
list of Bible questions. This is not In
the form of a puzzle; they are ques
tions that can be found by studying
the Bible. We will be glad to pub
lish a list of answers soon, or obtain
the answer to any one or morejRf the
questions, If request m made. . -y
Aequiiiea oi conspiracy in
; Bank Case. .
After a trial covering two weeks,
Lt Governor Cooper and his brother,
Thomas E. Cooper, who was an of
ficer of the bank at Wilmington,
formerly known as Commercial Na
tional Bank, were acquitted on a con
spiracy charge in the United States
District Court last Saturday. The
Jury was out exactly two hours and
fifty-five minutes. The defendants
were discharged until the May court
under the same bonds of $5,000.00
each, which they gave when they were
arrested last August. The only other
oharM acminat Governor CooDer
a prize,: When you Ust,.i8 another bill . charging, him with
address lt -to the Subscription Depart-1 committing the same acts he has just
menfci Asheboro Courier,, and write been acquitted of conspiring to eom
plaimy:your name, address and thelmit and it Is considered doubtful
scnooi to wnicn you oeiong. itemem- whether he will be put on trial again,
ber the first six win, and only until: when Judge Conner spoke 1 the
March, first llurv he said. "Without regard to the
other phases of the case aooui wnicn
I have no opinion, I want to say that
if I had been on the jury, I should
have,: returned .the same verdict in
this jcima" , Mr. cooper ana .. nis
brothers wore very quietly congratu
lated when they left the court room.
Pageant.To Be Given At M. P. Church
. f Sunday Evening.
The Foreign Missionary Society of
the MJ P. church will present a
pageant," "The Striking of America's
Hour,,' aCthe M."T, church Sunday
evening J and everybody is invited to
attend. There is a splendid lesson to
be learned from this pageant, and
while it Is being presented by amateur
talent the moral and truth to the en
tire pageant is well worth seeing, mo
admission will be charged, but an of
fering! will be taken at the dose of
the evening.
,t.. . '
, , .. , V L jLLN0; ANNOUNCED
1 T !"'-.' uirf'..c-r,t of the rnarriage
of i i vi m Cranford and M
Tarn i iory v ! i. h orrurd at Sallnhury
tthmary Z !, enrr.n e a surprip to
their many ii In the town. Very
few 0U '!: t a l.r- t
knew of t';. i -m'. - v.
nounced hy I r. j .
iinter-in-law of t i .
tea 6aturdy aft. ...-n
ts the lovely ym ' .
and Mrs. C.- C. '
plire and U not oi,;y n
r-mher of her fncl.A t
t t hal many frif-n.U t
: -:t!. f.l.e ha ' for t
r a atw.lent at (
( . " Mr.' Ftnry ia ptlm'- I
i . :ie. at llomp wher I, 1 n
' f r r"frt, yr. V i I t;-
. .-' ; and I'.rn. J. C. 1 urr, of
1 U -f'.l known in ..lo
.i 1 . !,.'; H county whsre he
I i i - y ft .o.-iiig, , , ' . -
.rate family
M it waa an-
in Cranford,
i at a lovely
The bH.le
'.frf of Mf.
t.ij. nutUwiiM hmImiI nil Vnow1fo that vour honesty and ln-
I tv. j.Hnn 1 f . Edwin tegrity have not been Impugned .
v"4 ,77r; . WT Mr.-,Denby reply to the mesaage
rtanhv. jwmtarv of the naw. Mr. . rv.'. i j. I j wt .1.
Denby for many weeks haa been the u gratifying .fought , that
lLXjXfrrtZ? wither you nor anyone elae S n,
ironi arrjrjr tZ time advised me to mign, . ine
to the fact that hla actions in .the of o.nby at once started
Teapot oil. lease has been uncovered, othef-nrobable res-
and had placed him in such, an era- lgnMiiotM frcM cabbt AssU
barrasslng PfjlUon that he could not .CrtUry Roosevelt whose name
remain ia office longer without in- ,lw uked. with ; the-oil
ereajiinr the raDld lire Which f has -,i.i l.. k mnKlU that )i
made it so hot for hlnv since his name doM u realm.: Mr. Raoas
was first mentioned as one of the nlt itU j htv "bm to see the
nng icauer. i presidotit and I am not reaignuig".
Hot ham mvfr htn heard of in ,Na- . . ......
ional politic. Mr.' Denby heM J'9
jurt a. he ro-lbly could, but; Mr Inby it was
whrn the lire actually got un.ier nim, 7 -'--Tj'-t, - t. r
ha rortnlnlV u..., ,',n.....-n. ...
"'""' " .iv. '
Charge States That Mellon "juggled"
Figures In Order To Fool Public;
Concerning Bonus.
Andrew W. Mellon, secretary of the
treasury and Thomas W. Miller have
come together in one of the hottest
word battles that has ever been
staged between two men who are Xf
officers of the same party. Mr. MS- w
ler who is alien property custodian,", "'K'
in an address last week to a large :
crowd of people in New York, claimed ,
that Mr. Mellon had juggled" .the .,
bonus figures in order to deceive thei-,r1'
public. This was - done Mr. Miller
claims in order that the public would
gather the impression tha the United
States could not afford to pay a cash
bonus to the veteran. Mr. Mellon de
nies these charges and has asked Mr.
Miller to prove his statements. Mr.
Miller in reply to a letter from Mel
lon, informed the secretary lthat he
had received his information from
a high official of the treasury de
partment, and could show the figures
which this official had furnished. Mr.
Mellon demanded that the name of
Lt. Governor stood up remarkably oiucmt oe g w mm m
well during the long hours of the order hat he might take steps to
crosirexamination, and with the ex- prove hu umocence It seems rather
ception on nervous moving of his nuge mak mr. iu. wwu
hands he showed absolutely no charge one or his own party without
emotion other than being absolutely having the evidence to back up
frank and above board during the "'i" f V,T
nerve racking examination. i not going to take water, but will
aiojiu iMjUAici y uviuiiu uu ujio,
Hrlr tt ratlv what hn aaid when
GLENN YOUNG PLACED he made his speech in New York.
UNDER IZQ.OOQ The over the country are
. I greatly "wrought up" over the fact
-I-. v r. n ViiAn nMaf that they have been deceived by the
against . draft evaders i and moon
shiners and one of the ring leaders in
the Herrin, HU' mix-up, -haa been
placed under a (20,000 bond in Ma
rion, TIL, on r-ehargee covering ;- ten
eounta of larceny . and, robbery. Mr.
present oXficiala of the treaiury.
f, A nation, wide conspiracy to make
w iMAntiia-.. haa lamj and (distribute counterfeit ; treasury
employed by the.K. K., K. of, Herring notes of 1 11 M0 denoniinaticha beea
Til a. a niM" nMar i aramat illict hipped m the bud by officers of tha
hi.v.v tffto In Williamson einntvC- ecret . service bureau, f James a
K. K .1 l.lmn ami
!, cr IM , i in . hrrv nnca ha pot itftrt- dent t Ko far as known there ts no
,, , -.!ff-. llttZ KS S'karr-rof K
9 I t
Ha haa been the cause of over 5006
arrests of violators of the prohibition
laws. 'Recently a new" ana Klan or
raniaatloo, .called the Knights ef the
naming Circle, .was organized in
Herrin to work against the afforta of
the K. K.X. to put a atop to whiskey.
The outcome of this hew organisation
resulted "- In several- deaths and
eventually caused the State Militia to
aWaaat to t Herrin as rk ' wreeantios
Iragalnat further violence. Mr. Yeung
was appointed temporary Uuer - 01
Police of Herrin during the absence
of the -regular chief who "was - sup
poMd. to nave. been kidnapped. It
thoogit bymany.Vof.' Mr. , Young's
friends that he is absolutely innocent
of the charge and that hla enetnleaj
t "A'lJ
' f t
r ,f
r ,
,in? from the office a aorro'ary jtroit "o has accepted at me I reu
n t.iivy in ord. r to Wp trm Rent's r,,T-1,t appointment as Sm-
-r rna.arrasHlng his frl-nd, MrKassnrJ-.r to Mexico and former Rep-
resent ... :!va ratrick IL Kelly, also or
HM-c1". former chairman of the
i 'j .: :t'.r, are promlncnUy
"si' 1 r - DIED..
;-!ng r' -rrt In rrf '',r.y the
,n itl LiT. ITT, ,v. j, , r. .MJI i
. rl i i a ). M' r ti t I.avRl naval
ary t. X gt .h the menu .i f I fur the poet.
"SU Chofner. an Industrious, end
renpected colored woman died at her
bom near the Ahiloro colored
achool hot. lant Sattinlay hlght, af
tr a lung lllnfa. . Tla. funcial and
burial were on Monday. w
Houghton, employee of the Bureau of
engraving and printing1, ( and Curt
Jacobeon of New York nave been ar
rested. . Both men are charged with
conspiracy to counterfeit Houghton
Has- been; released, but I acobson . so
far haa failed to obtain! hla , surety
flxedLat 110,000. A number pf arrests
In other cities in connection with the
alleged conspiracy are predicted soon,
Trip To North roU Halted.
. . .' j i
'-The proposed trip to I the Korth
pole With the -giant airship, the Bhen- '
andoah, which has been .looked for
ward to with the very keenest inter
est by navy men who were to make ?
the flight has been nipped In the bud .'
by orders of the Preiilrnt By dl
rection of the President, i Secretary
Denby sent out orders, bringing' all
preparations for the proponed flight ' ,
to sudden stop. Officials of the navy
think that within a few days , con
gress will make the n---.i.ary ap
proval Snd that after all, the big air
Mp will br able to start for the Ar
tie I'.ne as has bn. pL-innd, .
a, 4
J j

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