r SI 4 i : MM til ' rt ax . 4 - ' V ..'I t f J 7. ; v -'; I! LlilE PART OF FASLM t MUMMT OF KING TVT FOUND - ' - EACH TEA! ' ' - - ' sIh- V"! I TU greatest discovery tn the hls- . Agriculture leaders ia North Cw-'.Ury of Egyptology, even, aa many Una now believe, thai part of the fane ct'm 1 ercheaalogy, tu made ' should be limed year J -ryi. w a the plainly adorned' eepoichral Kf fcaaaa sol . v "T lehamber ef lut-Aakn-Amea in - the f" Nailer ef KJnn. U-Srlwuif ,"" with sheets of solid -gold poor, tha peonl, are poonvA iStiJiZ, ZZzYiZJZ Hi"r-M .Lama nelpa in the.kmsr rr&nna U him nwixl t..r) . 52, o than toTfeTt 27J?..l!.a,Etk- Carolina- , it dieted that sometime in tha near f u tore lima will be handled at each rail way station u much aa fertilisers an now handled. ..The time cannot come too soon .because many. farmers art ow deterred from using the material on of the difficnlt, , ob- THE A1FAI2 W W W W W WW 8 Tells 1"?' I t near Paria Tenn, tella the 1 eory ox ner experience) as ioDewa: . . . v - , ft am 6S jrears old and I hare been a practical ant for nor than 20 ye&ra, tak i&r moatbr maternitr eaaeal One of my daoghtera auffered zrom erampins as . . sShe t ham to m ta hed. : kmc. From thc-wakt down the broad wmri of protecUTe rodesaea meet acroas the Kneea to shield the Pharaoh from dangers. J5 When the lid - waif raised the mommycaee Via f onnd to be" cov ered -with three thinckneeses ef Uneia, browned with age. J This- linen when rolled up disclosed to the bewildered eyes of the. itecavatdn, . asia one of those present told a J . correspondent of the Associated Press,: "a : gleam mg, -goiaenrmatt. . . - . T The inummy ease standi m a cof fin in what seems to be wooden sleigh on which doubtless priests araggea .it to tne valley of the kings. NOTICE J-ri. Ml I Having qoslified as executor on the estate of Tnomaa P. Milliksn, deceas ed, before IX M. Westherly, Qerk of uie oupenor voun oi juuraoipn coun ty, all persons, having claims against said estate are - notified to present mem to tne unaersigneci, duly veri fied, on or before the' 28th ' day of January 1925, or this notice will be pleaded In bar of their Tecoveryj. and all persons owing '-said' estate will eome forward and make immediate settlement.- 1 ' . "V" ,r This- the 19th day of January; 1924. . F. MILUKAN, Executor, 6t 1-24-24 Kandleman, N. C. was recommended to her and V l 1 1 A. -1 A. U two bottles, when aha hardly MILEAGE AND PER DIEM COUN TY COMMISSIONERS AND . ROAD BOARD COMBINED knew that it was she suffered so little nam. "My youngest dsughter , wai rnn-down, weak and i Oanww am tooseo luSS) sae ., didat hava Ml of Mudl Oksft Juat a walking skeleton, ' aa mmiw ana . urea u ae .-i. i -tuna. II rtra her two- bottUa I of cwdul. It huilt her np and. she- began eatms and soon gained in weight and has been toQ since.- - ! - O has helped suffering women' for over fort vears. Trv ft. oooococooocco J. T. Weaver, Chairman, 16 days at $4.00 . . BOO miles at 10c . . ...... . , H. S. Edwards, 13 days at 74.00 226 miles at 10c Lv M. Cranford. 13 days at $4.00 ............... 420 miles at 10c i C. C. Cranford, 13 days at U.00 ...ri..;.... : E. B. Leach, 12 days at fLOO -4.00 50.00 52.00 22-60 52.00 42.00 5100 48.00 190 Total 402.40 3? Advertisers 'are' 'feschinir lessons which nations rnight take to heart If they would advertise to each other we would have not-more want-Lird 'Mil -. . . -:." , ' f - : tj, -II ' - wn-m -'0 0 -Xow Swings i Ii-' I Ham flour has a lare amount, Of fOOd Valnfl but itmnot h . , comDinea; wim : gooal bakiriff powder in order to -ntatottta value.' , i . -j-'v v'. '' v;1-. -. Most self rising flours are not successful Jbecause they do not raise the bakings tdlhe proper lightness. This means a cer- .. f - f tain loss of nutrition because ; - " r, they am heavy and hard tor , , ; ; Every. tmw' eat'M thalv ' ; :, does not properly digest you r??''-:--iv- do not cet the full iMitrltfeialf i ' alueyou are over-taximr ' v :.. : ' ',v- , ' ywna NOTnishin2 and ;? -v-, , ' ' T.i ' : -perfect bakinss are what good - ; 'i ' 'tcalth demnnda. The one sure -'..K---tev&.zpi$srA xrzy is use pure flour- and 1' -"f. "7?? vj-rooa buldns powder, -.- .--t-.',.i-,v-, : vXyi? 'eitv'slf yon want to find what thoo-'-T' i ;k l-$n&j:x3 cf .: housewives have iw-i-' ,;i yy,r .'.Ic.-rncd rko coma biscuits.- 'Il- '.WP--.i'h n'fnsirr .Csur thca 1 .2 t'T"i V,.w.l fXj rl22t;-v 1 ' , - - :t3c, : rr f i r? ' ' 3 ' r t ? p -' . I .' 1 & GJe&a Young, ho is weH I- ca hi this county having been ose it i leaders of te federal force t- rt agsin&t draft evaders and moun-1 smser aunng tne war, is aga making aimseii prominent U Eernn, IIU egainst vwlatora ef the prohi- Don uw. xounr u aa acknowledged paid officer of the K. K. K. and haj made it so hot for the bootleggers and meonsmners of Williams county, 11L, thst a new organisation called ' the Knights of the flaming Circle has recently , been organised to fight Young and nis deputies. The situa tion has reached a very serious stage, and nas resulted m ' several - clsshes between members ef both organisa tions, and several hate - been K killed snd wounded .in recent encounters. The Adjutant -General - last Sunday ordered out 4 two ' regiments ; ef the Illinois Infantry to HerrJn to 'look after the welfare of the pubhe.7 The troops were ordered to 'leave' their stanbns Sunday afternoon and ' they arrived in Herra .Monday afternoon. This. call for additional- tfoopa brings the total number -of armed troops in Herria and Williarasoa county up to "At 2:30 uist'Saturdar jrhfcthe city ef Herrin was in control of mem bers of the K.- K. K. who'.natroUed the streets: with guns and revolvers and allowed no one to leave or enter the city who was not a member of the & K. Ki t The city nail was establish ed as their . headquarters,;,1 anl - th cause of the disturbance- is due to the. fact that several members' of the Herrin . police force had been stunted out of the city, by. "the sheriffs offi cers: , r The i trouble, started Friday nigat wnen jusuce or tne reaee ea gle.' of Herrin was- shot ' and killed neat ai Herrin -hotel and soon R after Deputy Sheriff John.; layman " jwas shot and placed i'in t hospital Jn'"a serious jTOndifaoiS.' ii Soon V after ; tha' shooting of the deputy the' eheriff ar rested three of the Herriri police -officers and rushed them to Marion and from , there to a point which was not Known unui eunoay, njansmen gath ered in several adjoining counties to assist in holding Herrin. That Klans men say that Cagle was shot by. 'a group of men, , Last " Wednesday S. Glenn xoong, dry workerand leader of the klan, arrested E. a? Prick, foreman of the Williamson countv rand'iurv. UDon a chariret of nossesa mf illict whiskey ik, his home.; FrickM' home and declared; that he had been framed.''. He. was taken. tf : West Frankfort and ' held there Svithont K J bail until the United States Commis sioner ordered his release, in Order that the Rrand Jury miirhr act. This actions is said to have caused the tense, 'situation which now, tjdstik,l ' Young-who is acting' as ' icnief o'f police of Herrin --declares' that " the police officers vrho were arrested hv officers of the sheriff , had been kid napped Jy, members of the' sheriff s force:, Th sherif f idaima, that he spiniea jne, T policemen away , rrom u ' uermt for their own f safety S after fev. they had1 charged a meeting: ot the new organization called Jthe Flamine Circte,-' antlianti-klaH;A organisation. f wnen xna snemt -was returning to Jlemn after hiding the police officers, in a secluded building near. Bellvllle, 111 he was arrested in Carbondale by Chief of Police Adams. "He; was tak en to Herrin by a speciaf force 6f of ficers. " Young and "his special force of 60 members of the TL K. K.1 found out that the three police of fleers who naa : Deem taken nway Trom Herrin were located near Belleville. HL. and after an all night search found the officers and brought them back to uerrm. r eeling has tees running very high for several days but from recent reports rrom Illinois, the state troops and- tha -members of the dry forces are keeping down trouble In so far as actual fighting is -concerned, but the situation in general is very acute; f Mr. Young and his followers have been tha .cause of -thousands of arrests of violators of th inhibition '- ,ii ir ni 1 ;,. rt - 1 NOW ma DAY IS OVER" '..t-. ji.tf,,rl flu .Vu,t -. - - (By Mies Henrietta Underwood, 10th gradepupil in -Asheboro . High School) - . The Ev. Sabina-Barlng Gould was born at -Exetay England, m January 28. 1834. He was heir to the manor of Lea Frenchard. of which his an- eestors had been lords for centuries. He spent much time abroad, where he studied rench and German Ufa and literature, about which ha has written a. great deal. n -tV": In 1864 ha took Holy Orders and served under Eev. John Sharp.1, hH secared a cottage at Horluny Bridge, where he conducted a night school on week days and religious services.,; on Sundays. , These meetings were - at tended by large crowds. Tha follow big year he opened a mission chapel, with miners and mill workers for con gregations. - He married a Horbury mill hand, after - educating .her t at York,- 'i.ii'vtA. .,.' f 4 His career aa a - writer was begun at the age of twenty, while ha, was still a student .- at - Cambridge, and continued until 1323, when he publish' ed his la at book, "A Demon Church man".. He was recognized as one ef the beet authors of his dxy published many volumes of travel, fiction, folk- lorn, my!' rcl Hon, and history. i.ov, i :xi, j-Oouii, - however, is 1. 1 kno-jsa fur lis Yyv,.n, rerhsps the moist p'"u!;r bfiing "Onward CLr! n f ' .. ts- V Ich wHl be sung c lor-j as is t:.- st service. IlW 1 " ' , ii- '! 1. hi . i.ij, pjiHi ' ti.'.i'ini t'ji Jim 1 . . 1 .!,".'''" ; 1 " " 11 . l 1 tt a lye. v.l ,v t 1 i f 1 r . - -r 1 f 3 1 h: : i f a .1 1.. rovked I -"id cf "-1 lymn, v s eom t f t.-Jnors -ii tl.e I cv far i, . poet, died 1 1 r- t t.fl I own 'ws came to Aahboro Monday af t - toraiEg of a haute and barn four south ef Eldorado. The proper- ! v that was burned was in chart ef i. C. Elliott. Administrator. The Are vas discovered about mid-night Sua- day eight and this being a rural eonv n.u:..ty wkh no firs facilities, the house and bare were both completely destroyed. 1 Tha fire was in the mid dle of the house and the middle -of the. bare at the name . time. This arreuaed suspicion, and blood hounds front Ashebore were called for, -The dogs trailed to a pond near Badin, and it is thought perhaps the person, or. persons will be apprehended soon. Tha community feel that the build ings mast have been set en firs from tha nature M ; the. origin af the fire, ; s s: . J. i1 ' . a'vft' si' h . BURIED ATCNION CfcOVB- : . ' 1 -.----,-f-1- -"The funeral an4 burial services' for Mrs. D. H-Hancock, of High Point, oe eurred at Union Grove church,' neat Sea grove, Tuesday at 8:30-F."M.: u ' Mrs; . 'Hsncocka " 4eath. resulted from a' brief ease of tmeumonia'-at her home in High Point- - . -The deceased; before her marriaee. was, Miss Ellie Leland Parks, daurfi ter of Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Parks, and was bora - In Bandolph . ' county May 14, 1889, she being- S4 years of age. She was a woman with a lov able, disposition' and high Christian character and had many friends who will learn of her death with keen re gret She had been a member of the First Baptist church of High Point for- fourteen years. . - .--.4 t; She fs survived r; by' her ' parents7, husband and five children' from; 16 years to three years old. . -f-!'. HE WON THE BET af aS medicine t-fl araa akeotical .Ajrm. A friend advised me te tLX I cr iU 1 -re-War "What the" average man. eolIar wan take Kerr's Wonderful Remedy snd worth, expressed la lTlr assured me it had cured him of his tag power ef ordary f JtoWh troutla I didnt take any hfe,atood . Janaary tS. .W24. t Sia Head ha bet ana 150 that it 60J per cent of us pre-war value, ae tSiU J-coeasfal fa. my eordmg to the Ut, eompuUuan of , ease. He woTthe bet.- It is ain- ProWr Irving, l her. noud econ- harmlees preparation that . re- waist,--This was two-tenths of 1 pe SohaatahTmucus from tha cent less than on January 1. 1" tatKstinaT tractaad allays the toflam-jUpat cent Jaas than on January U mstioa which causes practically r alii 1921 .s., -. . . - stomach, liver and intestinal ailments,' Professor Fisher, calculated tha dol including appendiciUa. One dose BnU;lw'a'vahia- ln pncea af 200 separate con vinos or money refunded, I commodities fox tha weak, ended. Janu Uy 25, 1924. Xhesa-eommodiuas in NOTICEl -ICui- -.ft-' leressed fa priest br threa-tantha ct 1 ,. Having qualified as axacuter ea the 'ner cent, and stood at 1UL. aomparssJ estate of 8. E.'Kinyorn, deceased, before D. M. Weatheriy, Cork of tha Superior Court of Eaadolph county; Ail parsons : having claims? against said estate are notified to ; present them to , the undersigned, duly .veri- with the pre-war leveL i - j KOTICEiy Having qualified 'as on tne state 01 4. v. nleaded all persons .fwing said ,; estate - will come forward and rna)ce.4; immediate settlenient. V"'. .-' , This 6th day of February, 1024. r:., gO, P. SOUTH,' Executor, 6t 2-14-24 , Bandleman, N Q, Et Z. Sanitation in the 'nog - lot. : 'means that the pigs are more thrifty and healthier, say extension workers- of the'State College. ". ,.? zu?M NOTICEl 1. .?t' n4is imi'i i4 --jar! : - Having qualified as administrstor on thtf aetata of Mrs. Martha C Kiv ett, deceased, before D. M.-Weatheriy, Clerk of Superior Courts of Bandolph county j All persons 9 having claims against aaid estates mtth notified. to present them to tha undersigned, duly verified, on ,er before the 16th day of February,li925i or this notice will be nleaded in bar of their recovery; and all persons owing- n said estate will come -forward and - make, immediate settlemenL rNvfWiiAiwlji 1 This 8th day of February 1924. JOHN T. KTVETT, Admr., -; ot pd..2-44-24,. , 5 Iilerty,Jff..C.B, . administratoT Hinshaw, de- Gerc ; coun ty: AU persons' having claims against said estate are r notified . to present them to thaimdersigned, duly- Tori-, fled, on or before the 16th day af February, 1925, or this notice will b pleaded in bar of their recovery and all persons -owing . said t estate -will come forward and maka immediate settlement ' ''M '1 This D'h day of February 1924. vf C. W. HINSHAW, Admr; " Kandleman, N. CL H. M. Robbins, Atty. - J.t?M 6t jpi. 2-14-24. " 1 11 ssssesssasssasa. . ,', Four communities of Mitchell coun ty have organized to grow J3ne car each of early Irish potatoes. They, will v buy fertilisers cooperatively ' plant,, harvest, and ship at same time. Six other communities are now organ izing on this basis and two others will produce certified;' Irish . potato .seed for eastern growers next yearv; re ports County Agent E. D. Bowditch. 1twj'' 1. 'A sah tfij is Vf" what you want try Miller & IV. 1 1aKAi3 I ITT" Rfhoad I'M. .1 .a, - 1-' ! V l yyghkfeiffi buUding we have btiaiV c thatwe may betto jierve our growing circle ojc f nendsj We- - MYem''toTi8i itwheri .-you are h RichmondWe. --1 : v.ii.V:' ' - -v fa 5 Wv lv '3 T sit . luiycili'yon brought together from nearly every part 01 the : woria, .ana we-; nave told yoitojt iha'wonderfjU valw$ we cap; offer "because of I, :':-bUjr;trem(&idpiup ii'.f, . V It is not.the.intention o,Muler' &;lihoaas to tak husiies?,, c;f rom your conumty .,iH to your local j ; mfcrchantsi If A la? P$ o4 yourtwantscan Wsatfic.-d by your u .- f, j , or furniture store, in some cases wieycan serve you raf Better than we'carLBut there are many things: that can WpurcWsed to advantage only in sVlarge'metroTOniX ' "Esp'elanyirf'a8tyle ' m pm Minpr & Rrinaa sarrveVno bH:ftirrMrrearionderits hi "" fKeworK'PamiB . is created flash; the latest news of fstyle changes!NeW. styles'. . . ' are hardly more quicM & Ehbads. It is as thoughla hit of New!ybrk hacl beed picked . ' 1 ., : , vim andset downbod4yhi Ric ' , . t. xu uie quail i. v uiu, vnrw:,. vi i uicrwiaxiuisc, vuu, , jajaucr oc ,?3lhs offer)iyb , .keep i our "coristantly moving sks replenished, thehf of each - M i4smsi4ffMiiM4 wvt A Ir ass 4 vantinnf 4'v4nsi 4 TSTsMaV "Vi-vvTr snmr) aaaIi evoew J"- a. ft i t "ep ' b v tiff . .a" '! SO a vj, , . 1 .-,.. fci i. uciiuuucukiuaui jiujuuh wijij w iwn jLvt ui4 vcmju jru i ) r X tie t :7vr o,V.?MM.with.' local jrtaff pf buyers'who are constantly rL'- i ' It 'S$:Jbn the lookout forMew'.tbings.-Tojshop at M3)er & Jlhoadtis . - -l.ioWe s,t your pleasure the serncet of s luge's of .experi-' , y , 1 - -i '.fi- enced buyers and thetrexticndotis buying power of the greatest '"'" '"- r " ' if- department stow' in the SouOi. .V-v vv'Adf;": Vv"'u' - - ; , . . . , f 1 " '"'s T. -' ': C - ...v . , i i : ; r i V' V '

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