North Carolina Newspapers

North Carofina, ' TVarsday. Aagtet 14, 1124
Left AahbwsV8terd7 Mara-;
lar for T9 ScTtnd Coomtiea
-Worken With Te. r,
A party consisting- of about thirty
leading farmers of tha court? eetffrn
paniedby E. S.Mffljapa, Jr, eounty
agent, L X). Schaub, state direetor.of
extension work, and 0. F. McCrary,
district agent of the extension service,
left Aaheboro and varioua. point v.ln
tha county yesterday manung on. a
tour embracing tea counties, b 3 tha
state. Tha trip -waa mada f -automobile.'
A. number of can gathered
at Asheboro early yesterday morning
and a number of other fanners from
more distant points of tha county in
their ears wiu , meet th party from
Aaheboro In Montgomery county. ,
t Tha first stop was- mada at -. Troy
yesterday morning where a ' delega
tion of Mpntgomery count farmers
headed by their county Agent met tha
party from Randolphs The. Mont
gomery county arib " fedndacted - the
combined delegation to BeintSvOf Sirri
cultural interest in the .eoannr.vA-t
thf Stanly county line tne .Montgom
ery delegation .left the: party and it
was met by a. delegation from Stanly
county and the Stanly agent. : , The
delegation was .shown ' interesting
things in the way of agriculture m
Stanly county.. (.
At 'each -succeeding county line -a
delegation of farmers1 from the coun
ties, entered accompanied by the
county agent will meet the Randolph
farmers and each county agent- in
turn will conduct the delegation to
model farms or experiment farms in
their respective counties Mecklen
burg,' Gaston, Cleveland, Iincoln, Ca
tawba, Iredell, and Rowan .counties
will be visited. The first night1 will
be 'spent at Shelby, in Cleveland
county. ' Thursday night the delega
tion will stay at the State test farm
in Iredell county, and Friday night
the party will be back home.
It is the intention of the Randolph
farmers making the trip to spend
some time at the State test farm and
get a working knowledge of the agri
cultural experiments being tnade -. on
the farm. Experts in charge of the
Work will give the farmers the bene
fit of their finds. In Catawba county
R. L. Shuford's farm, and ice cream
plant will be visited. Shuford has a
complete ice cream plant on his. farm.
He makes his own ice and keeps a
herd of fine milk cows to furnish the
milk and cream for his business. The
dairy farm of Lutz brothers in "Ca
tawba county will be visited also. The
delegation will stop at the coopera
tive creamery in Mecklenburg county
and get first-hand information as to.
the operatjMfift of a eoopexati,veaam
ery. v
In Union county the delegation will
visit the county agent, Tom Broom's
improved farm. The farmers in this
county have been hearing of Brodm's
success in Union with lespedeza on ,
His own farm and on the farms of
Union county and expect to get some
good points on growing this hay in
Kandolph. Tjie Kandoipn people ex.
ect to see some good pastures in
nion county.
Me. L O. Schaub, state director of
extension work, and O. r . MCUrary,
district agent, having been informed
of the proposed tour by Mr. Millsaps
asked to accompany , the . Randolph
delegation. The county agent and
the farmers making the trip were
delighted to have' teem on the tour.
Mr. Millsaps has worked out the
itinerary and plans for the trip
a I
the delegation that much benefit will
accrue from the tour.
Contract was let Thursday after
noon to the Foster Construction com
pany, lowest bidders,, for street im
- pravemeot work, in ' Asheboro; to the
amount of approximately $50,000.00.
Tha work will consist of grading, pav
ing with, ijoneretv constructing, con
crete .' sidewalks,,, -and installing the
peeossary drainage system on Cnurch
street between Sunset avenue and
Weyman street,' Park street fromSal
isbury street to Weyman street and
East End avenue from Salisbury
street to Ward streC M !. .
'It is expected that this pros-ram of
vu miu a ass MVovirw rj aua miu 1
street improvement will bis consider
ably Increased and other streets will
be paved while tha construction com
pany la stiR at work in tha town. i
Tha J. ' B.' McCrary Enginesring
Corporation .of Atlanta are tha angi-
oeers on uie joo. ? ; y
j ' i ' ..Unit K 1 ! ; -f..
fy. Harvest FesUTal at Caador
- Tha annual harvest festival will be
held at Candor this year on Friday,
August loth. On this festival occas
ion it ts customary to have lour tables
loaded with watermelons, eacteloupe,
and peaches la abundance 'and every
oocy partaxes ireety .'. ;
i. V I
Mr. Moarr Attending Special
. Mr..L C Moser,' Randolph county's
tepreaentatlve in the general assem
bly, left Monday for Raleigh to at-
1 tend the extraordinary session of tha
legislature. He was unavoidably da-
. tained from attending . the - opening
seRmons on account of Illness, in his
.family, . .'-..
Mr. Moer will "oppose any legisla
tion relating to the eatablUhment Of
Improvement of port terminals or
anythlnt rflnUve UieoMo in the way
of shipping or tranRportalon unlens it
Is submittal to a vote of the people.
wheat joint worm has Hnn
damage to wht in Alamance
and soma other parte of the
Number vliteresta a
Large lumbar la Atteaaaaca.At
ffrlnis . Beet Officers..
The annual convention of the San
delph abasty- Sunday School assscia.
tto heldia the Mi B ehmren, Ashe
boro, since Thursday- fclosed its. ses
sions raday afternooa with tha elect
ion of officers for the cominr year'
Jaja convention was probably the best!
and most largely-attended-, of any
wuuvi wtumy icumf vuumiuuu vcr
held In tha oountv. 1(m than SOO
people, including delegates, and vis
itors, were in attendance at . each
essioiu;',i-' --- f
jagnty-i out Sunday schools from
18 of the 20 townships of the county order, since no high school books are
were represented, -,i Twenty of tha kept on hand by the local dealer and
minister of the county, not including no high school books when ordered
those from Asheboro, were present, lean be returned. . Those who have
and 128 teachers and officers of Sun second ,hand books to sell should
dJl-.n' 28 superintendents bring, these books on f Monday." No
of Sunday schools attended the see- child, however, should buy these sec
sions. Old Vnion Sunday school was ond hand books until they are sure
ww iiwmanv. oiierea lor ine
school havinir tha larvest. niimhai. f
representative over '16 years of age
present. .. .. r . ,
..Among the Sunday school leaders
on the program1 were Miss Daisy
Magee, superintendent of the. chil
dren's division of the- North Carolina
Sunday school association) and Prof.
J. B. Robertson, superintendent of
education -Cabamu ' county. Miss
Magee was on the program, for each
session and made ' some interesting
talks. On--THutsdey afternoon her
subjefrt was "The challenge of the
young people", which she handled in
a most entertaining and convincing
manner. On Friday afternoon her
subject war "The - masterpiece of
creation." Jtof., Robertson made ah
interesting address on the training of
Sunday school' teachers and officers.
All of the- ministers of the town were
on the program: Rev. G. T. ' Bond,
pastor of the Spring Garden M. E.
church, Greensboro, spoke on "The
place of tha Sunday school in Ameri
can life."' V
Officers elected for the coming
year included L. H. Smith, Jt
Liberty, president; B. H, MdCarn
df Seagrove, A. L. JBriles of Cedar
Falls, . Miss Bora Redding of Ran
dleman, and W. L. Ward of Ash
boro, vice-presidents; Miss Hester
Patterson -at Liberty, Secretary;
Miss Lollia Jones of Asheboro, as
sistant secretary; Miss Esther Ross
of Asheboro,- superintendent of the
cMdretfa .divijsioi; Mrs. 0. A.
Adajms yClhtax,, superintendent
young' people's division; M. E.
Johnson,- Ramseur, supervisor adult
division; and Dr. E. Lit .Moffitt, Ashe
boro. suDerintendent of administra
The North Carolina general assem
bly convened in extraordinary session
in Raleigh last Thursday. Governor
Morrison appeared before the 'joint
Bession of the house and senate and
asked for the enactment of legislation
covering all the recommendations of
the ship and water transportation
commission, with the exception of the
suggestion ior state acquisition 01 tne
Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley railroad.
The legislation he Requested shall not " -
take effect until Xt has been approved j Mrs. Victoria Petty, Formerly of Ran
by'the people In the general election, i dolph, Dies In Greensboro
On Tuesday the senate water com-1
Sfiltf en? ?S8emb!? eUm; ; Mrs. Victoria Petty, widow of the
mated the section of the port and or r r... J J,' 4 v
nsMmnaya wut sjsu twvu wy hira iv T :
irws avtuia uic -iiovwi v wiv jw
pie carrying eight and a half million
r 1 t v '11.. .1 . .
an and .the "acquisition of a state
ship line. .The bill for the aeauisition
of the Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley
railroad was reported favorably;
Indications are that there will be
a determined fight in the general as
sembly over the port and ship meas
ure,: A large number of the legisla
tors will insist that the bill if passed
must be submitted' to a vote of : the
people before any steps are taken for
tha purchase of. ships and terminals,
Oiu the other hand a - number will
fight for tha enactment of the meas
ure carrying with it the issuing of
(8,500,000, in bonds without submitt
ing it to a popular vote. The matter
is Dy no mean settled. .
A number of other bills of various
nature have been introduced.
1 f v.'.
Mr. and Mrs. Cbas. Smith la Wreck
A aew Ford coupe belonging to Mr.
Charles Smith and in which he and
Mrs. Bmith were .riding was struck
by tha passenger train backing to
the station Sunday -afternoon about
6 . o'clock, inflicting painful bruises
but no serioua injuries to the occu
pants of tha ear. Tha car was struck
near the right front fender and was
dragged several yards before the
train could be stopped, and was bad
ly dama-red. - A box ear narked on a
sidetrack to tha riirht as Mr. Smith
approached the crossing obstructed
his view of tha track. . .-,
- ' '
'..'Escapes From Chala Gang!'.'
t Jssse Lowdarmllk. an Ashsboro ne
gxo, servmg a term or three years
on tha roads and serving with the
Rowan county chain eantr. 'sHcaned
from. tha camo Tuesday morninv Jn
a Ford roadster belonging to one of
tha guards. Lowdermilk. was 'tried.
convicted, and sentenced to two year's
on tne county roads m last -term of
Randolph superior court on charre of
stealing two. bales of cotton from Mr.
Ellis of tha Ramiwur community. He
was then tried in Montgomery county
and sentenced to one year On i the
road rang for enterinr and robblnr
tha hardware store at Star. . .
, . . ' .i . ' - '
SaperiBteadcBt McMaJtu GItw
Out Soma Iaterfatiar 1W
foroatioa tad AsMe.
Asheboro city schools for both white
and colored will opto at MS o'clock
Monday morning, Septambartb,
Parents are amd hv tha mTwiiitL
ant to send their children the I first
day in order that they. may ae elaasi-
-S o that the books may be ordered.
Superintendent McMahan's state
men t follows: - - - .
Children in the Hi oh AeWl TW
partment should coma prepared to
pay for their books in advance of ths
cney are wnat. they need. Manv of
the high school books have changed
since last year, so it will not be safe
for a child to buy books according to
last year's list . ; .
A considerable amount 6 money is
being and has been spent for 'bufldings
and equipment in order that the chili
dreh of Asheboro have equal' oppor
tunity with the children-. of pother
townB and cities. It is hoped that
parents and children . will . cooperate
with us in trying to preserve thi
School property. Asheboro . has as
Una rf JiiTi oViir ,) aM im.J l. :i J -
w any other dty, and I believe they
wui cooperate in every way possible
to make their schools better and more
attract! ve,'and: to. keep the building
and equipment , Let us almoin hands
and try; to make this the best year in
the history of the school.
On Saturday morning, . September
8, at 0:00 the teachers will meet at
the schools and at 11:00 examinations
will be given to those pupils who fail
ed on a subject or two and wish to
make up the werk to secure promo
tion to "the next srade. These rhilrimn
should not appear at the building on.
oaiuraay morning nowever .until
10:30. These 'examinations will be
given by the teacher of that subject
or grade. Examinations will be given
only -to pupils from the fourth grade
up through the high school No ex
amination given by someone other
than the teachers as above mentioned
will be accepted for promotion.
; The teachers for the coming year
are as follows:,,,.
White school Misses Lucy . Leigh
Lovett. Mary1 McCain, Kate Bull.
Ruth, Cox, Avajfrolffv Virginia Steed,
Aana jamiuaiue.vancannon, Ulara
bel Moitis, Ruth Hadley, Ruby Hon
eycutt, ; Dollye Wotthington, Mrs.
Bessie Rice, and iMrs. Daisy P. Mob
ley in the Elementary School, and
Misses Ama Lassiter, Massa Lam
bert, Grace Fraiier, Eva Bullock,
Mr. S. C. Boone in the High School
(one other vacancy to be filled in the
high school). Misses Nannie Bulla
and Bertie May will teach piano.
Colored- school J. E. B rower,
principal, Mrs. J. E. Brower, Miss
Blanche Watkins, and two other va
cancies to be filled.
a rfni,nku mm ur mm a2Al 1
Greensboro Sunday, at the age of 84
H. M . Um. Dt-.. .... - .1.. J
of the lata Sheriff 8. I Haywortb
She was born and reared In Archdale
and lived all of her married life there.
Mrs. Petty Is survived by the follow
ing sons and daughters: Mrs. Addison
Rodgin, Mrs,rw7 ' M. - Smith, Miss
Mary Petty and' Ed Petty, Greens
boro,; Miss4 Annie Petty, Raleigh,
wianea w. retry, .unton, N. c, and
Herbert C. Pettv. of East Oranire.
new Jersey. The funeral service
was conducted in Greensboro after
- r . -m-i
which .the - body was brought to
Springfield and placed' beside her
husband who died in 1885. In the
passing of Mrs. Petty the state has
lost one of its valuable dtipens, tru
ly a mother of the old type, who has
shouldered the burdens of others and
has contributed of her time and
strength to bettering, humanity. What
more could be said of a woman 7 The
Courier extends sympathy to the
members of tha family.
- John A. Davis died at his home
Asheboro , Saturday, August 9th,
paralysis, str, uavia bad been con
fined to his bed for mora than a- yea
and though his recovery had , long
oeen despaired or tne and came sooner
than expected. Ha was an honest-upright
law abiding eitizen and a mem
bar of tha Deep River Baptist church
at uoienuge.
.The deceased Is survived by his
wife, Mrs. J. A. Davis, six children,
Mrs. wan Teague. inomasviUe; Mrs.
C. R. Scotton. Glendon: Mrs. J. E.
Suggs, Ellerbe; Mrs. Robert Cameron,
nr. Turner Davis. Hr. K. U. Davis.
Aaheboro, two sisters, Mr. Frank
vivtfii, AXHiiiwt, wh vaiiw imwtBj
Coleridge! three brothers. Will and
Jim Davis, Coleridge, L. B. Davis,
Bennett - ' . , ; . .
Tha funeral services were conducted
by Rev, Kidd and Rev. Reynolds at
the Deep River Baptist churchy in
Coleridge last Sunday. The large
crowd in attendance at the funeral and
the ' beautiful floral offering attest
the esteem la which the deceased was
held. A number of Aaheboro eaonle
attended.' j' ,-
i'h fraUblf Lost Sirtt Frova
Colli Eyw Othen la Car
HcBenieL the attractive 8
year eM - daughter ef Mr. and Mrs.
Oscar McDaniel, who live about two
miles east of Asheboro on tha eld
Press 6peea place, will lose tha sight
from both ayes as a result of m juries
susuine-ra--an automobile wreck
Sunday afternoon in Archdale on the
High Paint-Asheboro concrete high
way. She- is in the High Point hos
pital i undergoing treatment by a
specialist Mrs. McDaniel, who suf
fered severe cuts about the-face and
shoulders, is also in the hospital. Mr.
McDaniel: and his brother-in-law
wera slightly injured, the former suf
fering from bruises on the neck and
the latter -from injuries to one of his
kneeaf' "-- - .... .-
.The accident occurred about 5
o'clock Sunday afternoon. Mr. and
Mrs;; McDaniel in a Ford touring car
accompanied by their daughter, Ruth,
and Mr. McDaniel's sister and brother-in-law-were
headed toward High
Point' - War Hall, a colored citizen of
Asheborot with his family, in another
Ford touring car were on the highway
headed toward Asheboro. McDaniel,
according to those who witnessed the
accident, -was driving on the right
hand side of the road a little towards
the 'center while-Hall just before the
accident' occurred, was driving on
his 'extreme fight with one - wheel
off jthe pavement. In cuttinghis car
back on the concrete it appears that
the. steering wheel was- turned too
far and-the car was driven across the
road directly in front of McDaniel's
car,--and as a result McDaniel's car
bit the right hand side of the colored
man's car just back of the hub on
the front . wheel breaking it and
crushing in the side of the car. The
front of McDaniel's car was demolishr
'.vMr. and Mrs. McDaniel and their
daughter, were occupying the front
seal of the Ford. Ruth McDaniel
wa! throw through the windshield.
Her nose was cut in two at the base
and! her eyes lacerated. A number of
other cUts were on other parts of
her face. Neither car was traveling
THall' wife and one child sustained
minor acratcnes.
.-Walter Presnell of Asheboro was
driving on the highway a few yards
behind McDaniel's car and witnessed
the accident. He took the injured
people to the High Point hospital in
his car. , i t
r Mr McDaniel and his fhmilv
to4ffidolphaboui sixorise-tHwr
ago from-Stokes ' county rand loeateiH
on the Press Spoon farm about two
miles east of Asheboro." He is a to
bacco grower and a splendid citizen.
Movement Launched For Organization
of Civitan Club
A movement was launched Tues
day night at a banquet given at the
Ashlyn hotel to organize a Civitan
Club in Asheboro. A number of rep
resentatives of the club from High
Point, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem
were present ana were hosts to a
party of thirteen business men of the
town. ' Representatives of the out of
town clubs made short speeches in
which the principles and purposes of
the club were stated. The Civitan
club is an organization of men of
the town or city for social and civic
purposes. It stands for and promotes
any and every movement for the up
building of the town or city m which
the club is located. It is especially
interested in education and in the
promotion of good fellowship among
its members. The social side of the
organization is within Itself worth
much to a town.
An effort will be made to organize
a ciud Beginning with 25 members inj
Asheboro. A committee of 11 busi-
nuBB nu proiessionai men oi the
town have the matter in hand. J. D.
Ross is temporary chairman of the
Those present at the banauet at
the hotel were J. D. Rosa, L. F.'Ross,
D. B. McCrary, Dr. G. H. Sumner,!
Dr. W. T. Lambert, Shafter Fersee, j
Rev. H. F. Fogleman, Grady Gamer,
h: ,hlU,ker' W B Edwards, W. I
A. Coffin. J. K. Wood, and Franeia
Wood-Kearas Reuatoa Saturday
Tha annual re-unlen at the Ww.
Keams family waa held in tha mA.
ad . school aaditorium Saturday
with' a good attendance. The
opening and devotional exercises
werar conducted by Rev. H.I F.
Fogleman. castor of tha M. P. ehunh
at Aaheboro. Congressman William
C Hammer and Prof. D. M. Weather
ly made anoronriate ami tntaraatin
talks. Others present made short talks.
A picnic dinner on the school grounds
-wgoyea. me oldest member of
tha .family present was Mrs. Susan
Kaarna of Hia-h Point mothur of Rok.
ert L Kearns.and widow of tha lata
u r. Jtaarns; who was a native, of
this county. Mrs. Keams ia tiThar
87th year and has attended each of
tha family reunions alnea thv war
established. - ,
Officers elected wara Mra. U.K.1
Wood Underwood, president and M
Thurlow Kaarna af Hlvh nf U.
tr-aldent' Tha text. annual reunion
will be held at tha court btuse In
Aaheboro tha first Saturday la August
1928. A eommlttee was appointed to
fw P molutions of respect for tha
vo wn. w. i'. wood. .
Labor Day at S-MMf tJila va
Will be celebrated with Rv JV. p
Jamison heading tha committee.
OM Caller Stractaw Faaaes lata
SisterpwWaa BmOt Tt Tears Ape
By Cat. Rica.
Tha old Trinity coOer buOding at
Trinity has pacved into history, anaJ
a maoera iga-saMoi auuuav is ris
ing an th groande of tha old. For
aeventy years. th walls of the old
building had housed one of tha most
famous of all North Carolina's educa
tional jnstftutlpnav Governors -and
Judges, leading business men and edu
cators of the state had gotten their
education 'within its walls. It was
here that Dr. Braxton Craven laid the
foundations of that neat Methodist
edacationai institution, Trinity, Col
lege. From Its campus had gone out
over the south the great athletic
teams that brought honor and dis
tinction to the college and to the
state. - .
"So strong were the walls of the old
building, although it had been con
demned as unsafe, that 400,000 brick
from the old walls and 100,000 feet
of lumber have been salvaged and
will be use3 by the contractors in the
construction of the new building. In
the construction of the old building
about 70 years ago Captain Thomas
Rice had used the best brick to be ob
tained at that time and had selected
the timber from the hearts of trees.
Forty odd years ago the builder ' of
the new part of the old college build
ing had also used the best of material.
Capt. Rice also built the. bridge at
Franklinville which has stood since
1847' as ah example of his handiwork.
-The new institution will be a two
story structure 'of red brick somewhat
m the shape of an "L". It will have
a large number of windows scientifi
cally arranged. On both floors a
long hall extends the length of the
building connecting all rooms. ' There
will be five exits for the school in
case of fire. Several well-lighted lab
oratories will be arranged: The school
building is being erected for service
rather than for appearances. .
The new building will be a long
step from Brantley York's frame
Old Union Institute that stood on the
grounds over 70 years ago, and it
will be another far stop from the old
college that rose over the old frame
building under the supervision and
through the vision of Dr. Braxton
, Craven,
What promises to be one of the
'most interesting of all meetings. v6f
uie young "jnnsiian people ever neia
in this section is the third annual eon
vention . of ; tha Piedmont . , . Bantiat
which will convene in Asheboro on
the afternoon of Saturday, October
18th and last through Sunday, the
19th. This will be third annual meet-
m of association since, its organ-
ization November 27th, 1921
All of the speakers to appear on
the program have not yet been se
cured, but it is expected that a num
bor of leading christian workers will
be present The outline of the pro
gram calls for a number of addresses
at each session of the meeting and
also for round table discussions. There
will be a social event Saturday even
ing. The progrjsm will be announced
in an early issue of this paper.
New Pastor For Baptist Church
Rev. B. E. Morris, of Buechel, Ky.,
has accepted the pastorate of the
Asheboro Baptist church in Asheboro
to fill the vacancy made by Rev. J. W.
Rose who has gone to Smithfield. Rev.
Morris will be here and preach his
first sermon the first Sunday in Sep
tember. Prior to his coming the
members of the church have remodel
ed the parsonage and made a beauti
ful bungalow of it. The Sunday
school is helping to refurnish
parsonage, which will be ready
the pastor and his wife and two
children when they arrive.
Choral Union
Prof. E. C. Hamilton, of Greens-
boro, wilt aM a sfngers Choral Un-
iom at Grays Chapel August the 17th,
beginning at 10 A. M. A number of
claanea ant aiTM-r-txl n hm than n
participate in the exercise. Thut will
be a treat to all music lovers. Come
and spend the day.
Senator C. C Bennett of Montgom
ery county will not attend the sessions
of the special session of tha general
assembly at Raleigh. A typographical
error in the initials of his7 name ap-
ru-ing on the summons sent to him
the reason. He waa summoned to
the general assembly's special session
as J. C Bennett He received the
summon, 'of coum, but he says if
tha many clerks in the learialature
cant get his name right and summon
him correctly be doesat intend to go.
Bennett to a peach rrower. At nraa.
ent he Is busy harvesting his big crop
of Hales.
-Tha attitude of the Montgomery
senator la without precedent The
senate .cant send tha eerveent-at-
arms zor mm Deeeuee utere la
M ft a. . .
such sroator as J. C. Bennett Mean-,
r,'erJ Msembly goaaboui Ite
businaaa. , -. rs.
t '
Mitchell Harts Joutr year old bor of
tha Eriaarer eommunitv. ImtUm
eounty, will lose tha sight In his left
eya as a result of a knife wound hv
fUctad by aocioent by another boy.
Chirk 'Garwood Bcttai To
Death Wltk In Bar la
BusU of Negro
Charies Garwood, Laxugtaa asta
mobUa traasfar owner, waa beatem fm.
death with an Iron bar ia the haada
of -John Leak, colored, as the Mecka-rilla-Lexington
road: Tbufsdayplglit.
Kenneth Hale, colored, confessed ac
complice 4t Laak, 1 in jail at Char
lotte white Leak is still at larga ssad
an' $800 reward has been offered for
his capture.
Aecordinr to the story told or
Haie to aneriff K. &. Taibert; .
and Hale hired Garwood to take
out in his ear, a new Buick six.
that Leak struck the fatal Mows with
the iron bar, took Garwood's mspey
and watch, and then drove to Greens
boro, where the blood stained car visa
found next morning by police officers.
Garwood's skull was fractured and
in several places beaten almost into a
pulp. His body was found lying by
the side of the road about a mile anal
a half west of Lexington early Friday
morning by two young men on their
way to their work in Lexington. Tnejr
notified the sheriff and the man hunt
began which resulted in the Centura
of Hale in -Charlotte Saturday. loom
ing. Leak was seen and shot at sev
eral times by the officers but man
aged to make his escape.
The murder is the most brutal that
has happened in this section of the
state in years and the Lexington com
munity h) deeply stirred over it Gar
wood was a hard working young mam
and popular in Lexington. The mo
tive of the murder seems to have beem
robbery since it is stated .that tha
negroes -took more than $150 off his
person after the murder. Garwood
was in the habit of carrying a larsa
sum in his. pockets.
State Labor Endorses LaFoHette '
The North Carolina Federation of
Labor in annual convention at Dur
ham Tuesday endorsed the candidacy
of Senator Robert M. LaFollette and
Burton K. Wheeler for the presidency
and vice-presidency. A telegram from
Samuel Gompers, president of the
American Federation of Labor, urge!
this action on the part of the North
Carolina Federation.
"'-The Ladies Missionary society will
meet Thursday afternoon with Mra.
E. R. Robbins.
Mr. and Mrs. Cephas Bowman, Mrs.
Tom Wood, Mrs. N. P. Cox and little
son, Rev; .and Mr& C Lv Gregory and
little daughter attended the Friends
Yearly Meeting- at Guilford CoUega
last week.
Miss Virginia Saunders, of Mt
Airy, is the guest of Rev. and Mra.
C. L. Gregory this week.
The young people's study class wiH
meet Friday night at the church. They
have a class in stewardship.
Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Parker mo
tored from Mt Airy last Sunday and
spent the day with the pastor and
his wife.
(By W. H. Willis).
Rev. W. H. Townsend. suDerannuata
member of the N. C. conferentss,
preached acceptable to our people
Sunday morning. We are mum lama
Greensboro to .furnish the preacber
next Sunday.
The pastor is spendins- his vacatioa
at a High Point hospital. He ia
recovering satisfactorily from a rath
er serious operation. Persons inter
ested may read, "A Pastor on His Va
cation" -in an early issue of tha
No day has passed since coming ts
the hospital that one or more Metho
dists has not visited me. The last
members: T. J. Rogers, E. J. Harbi
son, J. E. Woosley, W. H. Townsend.
T. B. Johnson, A. C. Gibbs.
My visitor report shows, 21 Ashe
boro names, six of them not members
of my church. Eight bouquets have
been received with appreciation.
Trinity Man Married
Charles L. Smith, son of Mr. ani
Mrs. L. C. Smith of Trinity, was mar
ried Tuesday in High Point to Miae
Ruth Blair Mungo. Mr. 8mlth hoida
a position with the Wachovia Bank
and Trust Company at High Paint
After a bridal trip through westers.
North Carolina Mr. and Mrs. Smith
will make-their home in High Point.
Native of 811er City Dies la frrtas
James Henry GUliland. aged ft.
died at his home in Greensboro Tues
day morning from an attack of tndi
jrestion. GUliland was a hatha of
Siler City, but had lived In Graana
boro for several years. He was a
conductor on the Southern railroad.
Tha Rrtmbliran
bemarla, Stanly county, was addraaa
ed last Saturday by Ike Meeklns, re
publican candidate for Governor.' The
republican county ticket nominated is
as follows: J. J. Morton, for sherifrx
God. P. Palmer. Mrlater at AmAmi
nAiJ&Kn t . TVMnl l - .
Uvea, and J. W. Eflrd, IL L. CooW
sionara. , Attorney G. D. B. Reynold
Pre - ideJ over the eot.vatitlon.cTc!
Mortoa, waa selected chairman of tha
i00"0 - JUve committee.
Plana are being toad at Moore,
villa for tho arettJoa of 150,000 hoe
pitei. ) - -
. .-' t'' s .
f i
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, :t...
' '. -
- r.

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