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Wonderful Array of Eklbito From Farm And. Fidd-Fine Herd
. iHumnniiy rur.tsoouur aiaKe ureaiubJe Knowing
I t The fourth annual Randolph Coun
( : ty.Fair cam to e (1om , Saturday
. 'night after having been in progress
four dayi during the most unfave-r
,- able weather conditions. A continu-
; . ous downpour of rain from Wodne
h dy jnorplnj, and during the : entire
f fair eon&iderably dampened ftfce en-
thniiiRm of . thniia whn hrav v' th
I elements to attend and retarded the
. effort of those who were wojjring to
v make 'the fair a success. Notwlth
I standing the weather conditions, how
1 ever, a large "number -of people from
I all parts of the country attended es
l pecJally the last two days of the
I -. event.; And although the fair visitors
k had to wade , through a ground
f :. churned into sis inches and more of
mud all seemed to enjoy the occasion
ana ine crowas were gooa ,na urea
j -M' throughout. , ' ,;' ,TT'
,, Much difficulty. was experienced to yte eznuuu 10 me xair .owing
to bad feather. ; The livestock;; de
partment "would have had twice the
number of animals had the. weather
conditions been favorable. However,
as a whole the exhibits far surpassed
those of last year both in number and
generally in quality. . -j
Field Crops and Livestock.'
iir the poultry department Those who
iiua wiuHi Hvenuon 10 inis aepan-
ment were amazed at the'number and
Duality of the poultry exhibited; This
epartment wag twice the size of tit
department last year and the general
quality of the poultry 'Was better: Mr.
T. T. Brown; senior at State College,
judged the poultry. Mr. Brown, it
will be remembered, was a. member of
the? State College judging team which
' last .winter won first honors to a na
tion wide judging contest - held'-in
- Madison, Square Garden,, New Vork. -,
In tit livestock department then'
, was a larger number of animals and
. of much better class than last year.
i There were t the fair three complete
herds of hogs, Hampshires, Duroe-
Jerseys, " and Berkshires, which ac
cording to, the judge in this depart
ment, A. G-Kiinery, state dairy cat
tie specialist, were representative of
the three breeds. Several other
, good breeds "were represented also.
In the department of field crops
- thft arhihiti far nrnuaul nil ttuu.
tadonsv. Owing to the dry weather
conditions which had prevailed before
4he rain set in several weeks ago it
was expected" that the number and
quality of the farm exhibits would be
Mull lrsA JP.a. A- AX. J II
tiwi of county demonstrator Millsaps.
; vuwevcr, uio cxiuoia in mis depart-
. ment were large and of excellent qual
ity, ine iruii.exniwt was, wonderful.
farm extension work for the Piedmont
district and father of our county been during the Harding-Coolidge ad
agent was the judge in this depart-, ministration about three and a half
(iibuu nt was ioua in nis praise 01
the quality of the products exhibited.
Community Fairs
: Three communitv! fairs were renre-
sented. Flint HilL Farmer, and Sea -
grove had booths in which were dis- iT?1 lne vvuson aamirustra
played the exhibits made at the eom-ltion '"55? wef?,..nly 189 bank fn"
munity fairs the week frevious. Hoi- with il"tea of 17261,049.
ly Springs, was not represented owing ; Pere 7?, tw5 "nd ha,I time8,- 88
tO the weather having interfered with'IT7 falln?!t durinrthe first half of
the community showing making it y"J i fte Coolidge admmistra-
unposBioie . get au w exmo ts to-
a-atkar. -' Ttiaaa
'were educational as well as Interest
ing. The people of the communities
represented had taken a just pride in
making a good showing and they suc
ceeded admirably. Flint Hill took
first prise ' as a community exhibit.
Farmer came next, ead then Sea-
f munlty exhibit
- Interesting Reliea on Exhibit
i Among the many exhibits there
Was probably as much interest mani
fested fa that' of history end relics
over which Mr. W. E. Poole, of Aihe
boro, '-Route X, had supervision, ,Mr.
.Poole has for many years been col
lecting relict and he has large and
interesting collection, but .- could not
bring many of them to the fair on ac
count of the bad roads. Many of the
fair visitor were especially Interested
In a tax receipt which, belongs to K. J.
Hopkins, of Asheboro. It was made
to Martin Hopkins in 16U end was
signed by the sheriff of ' Randolph
county end read MMtived UM, of
which turn fl.00 U for State tax, and
i.'i 70 la fn, unit. VH
An English, aabre, on which' , gold
. wrr weie engravea, was on ex-
iniuon. . it was eapturM oorlnff the
h ... - r ZL
. ... ...
waa m uxuai gui wnico
a rents brstowed upon the daeghter
n Die orruion f h-r manriaga.
A IDIfhina aim .Ul-L. U. Tl 1
n hroiii-ht from Franra waa fif nar.
uiar im-rafrt, u a Lewla modal.
"fr!i not raconli".) by the Unit-d
u, wis pwnhnwl by Bolglum
t f"t In the m wr.
J'r 'y ona of the oI4at
i t o i.!a c r, th r!te booth. It
I'm rrttiii':..iiird in Germany by
l!"-.f I-. 1 !. .
-. ' ill I VHIrn. 'Jurlcprn-
r ; " t Y l'r. Monr In
g In 1,1 ,(.! of ir.,irl
l.ii h ara t
of "r. I'o.. in
. V. I
' ?, had n t
! Oiina I'll' l.rr
an. I h t-n I
of Ant tHori) c
'. 1 ' a arid s
' It l-l yar
I down frfinl
) ' t r
'I .
f 1
ivu war Djr r.' Uacx tjaumlert, ' the North Carolina authorities that
thr of Mrs. W. S. Poole, An Id the YequlsiUon imners which Warden
me braaat pin and ear rings to match Busbee took wifjr him for the extra
"ae set which was most unusuaL I dition Of Ir. J. w. Peacock,' who was
M ii Mich ktmlni lb was said j arre-ted ' in Calif omia about two
i $e rYench Jewrlry, and according weeks ago, were not sufficient'' - It
Dome hitrtorv Whlrh Ma Pnnla ha3'a hM ka I.a n.;t I- -...l ...
t J
1 .
-JiV' - .
FtjtlreS Show Increas of Idle
Workers Under Republican
j Misrule.
Washington, Sept SO. Chairman
Wm. M. Butler, of the Republican Na
tional Committee, in a recent state
ment, said that the Republican admin
istration when it came into power, put
to work an nnmnlnvwt arm nt t.
500,000 workers and that there js "no
widespread , unemployment in the
united siaiee.n .... - -
In his acceptance speech, President
Coolidge said: "Complaint of- unem
ployment has ceased; wages kavj in
creased."' , . 1 i
In July, 1924, -the Department of
Labor reported kthat employment was
14.8 per cent lower than in July, 1923.
tion of Labor estimate that there are
OA AAA AAA iT- lA . i
ganized and unorganized, exclusive of
i Mnn iHnnrnn i i a x no Aanr tAiru
of them were employed in July, 1924,
man in juiy; laza, Uien Z,HbU,W0
workers- joined the army of - unem
ployed during one year.
In 1921 employment was 15 per
cent under the 1913 level; in 1922, 12
pr cent below 1923. v
rKlHn Or . 109A wit An D.m.klj...
' r - mvfuiimji
propagandists claim to have
huv army. wi ,avw,vuu men ana wo
men, employed, according to the offi
cial flanrca nt Mr. rmJUiVi v a
Secretarr nf I.nKnr wa 91 unt
greater, than hi 1921; 21 per cent
greater then In 19Z3 9.8 per cent
mreatar than in 109 ! liCr .
cent peater than during the first ete
nonins-ei iz., loese ngaree ere
all takes from the statistics of , the
Department of Labor on employment
Edward B. McLean, who gained some
notoriety by his effort to shield Fall
in tha KTaval Ail Iaoda unlii1
which is edited by George B. Harvey,
we pouucai aerooai, saia in a recent
"Popular memories are proverbially
as far as ten years "back, to the time
when abandonment of protection was
followed by more business failures
than the country had ever before suf
fered," 'and furtherasserBntr feat
abandonment nt RmnhlWa TinM
of high protection was followed by
"bread lines", and the opening of
"soup houses."
Tin fn JlinA QO tMa ma Viw. t.J
years- a total of l.fififl hnnlr fn im
wim iiaoiuties 01 ouu,78i:,U4. Uurwig
the first six months of this year, there
! we A2?-bA".k. failures with liabilities
; or 1B3Z8,720. During the last three
f"iv,ri. wli
of tha but Wilann arimlnlatraHnn
I ' During the first three and a half
years of this administration, there
have been 78,833 commercial failures.
During 1S18, 1919 and 1920, under
Wood row Wilson, there were , 25,314
such failures.
As for "bread lines," one's memory
doesn't have te carry beck. They exist
now., I the New fork morning pa
pers of September 21 there was ' an
appeal from John G. HaUWood, Pretd
deut of the- Bowery Miastoa, making
the public to aid ta ediac Jobs- for
the army of a nen ployed that visited
the Mission daily -la aearea of work.
Daring the first week ef September,
Mr. HaUwood said the Misskw , had
fed or clothed 1,868 penniless unem
ployed, and the bread line formed
alia TKIa 1- 'wnlnal n JU
On September 28, a Gospel Missis ta
Y, . I .. ... . . .
uaiunorm, wnicn eonaecis a iree em
plojmaat bareaa. fed a "bread line"
COfltahl In hafwaan SAO aiul.aOe mm.
employed. ,
. ;
Afe Having Trouble
viGetUnff Dr. Peacock
Thai f!AVemAe m.0 r.tlJ.--ia - J 1 1
. -w-, , wejuiviuw eVIVilrSU
. v...... iil. auumruies
offn. and . VZ 7
Thaw is cited as a praeedent. i
itowever, Thomasvillt popl got
inia anrf a amn I .l.
Inr feftfWk w Ih asaaultr' with In.
yUl W aiii in 1 fnaro-a amarinw ntif
01 an acciu-niaji snnt mat sertotmly
1 nomaavll
'ef Police Taylor. This warrant t.
rnthar with a near r.t fn,iui.
j nwr nave Dean forwardH to Oil-
f.irnia by GovBrnnr Morriaon who !
-ni that IVarnrk will ha hrotiirt.t i
hk. The iVar.-lf hasring will taWe
piara shnot the mi. I llm or taut of Li, In
..!i .i .
i now heln? In
'" t .North Camlina'a
n n 1r tha w t rlnnnar. -
If rr'..ti.. t North Caroline Tn
rork ,, ,,nir ,i :,r4 mnh t), n.
an i if rtmctit of ti.e ntntai prison
" ' m Here f,,r tha lnnna ere
1 r ' '..' t et tha a'ata hr,.;,
; '- : h '"l '! rr." ,i r, ,. . J
' 0 ' f t.' Bt l a.
""'"'"! ' " ' - e , . - 111 , - ,. ,,.
kbmjC flyers complete
CtTrl Globe In Fifteen bi
Flylni? Tinie Cover 27,000
Z s Miles on Trip.
world fliers completed their circuit
around, the globe Sunday afternoon.
aflS v?nd Pomt fiel..,nerl
tt annuigton.
Four wnrlft'a m. l.uIj
m the flight when the aviators com-
uia ui zy.uw mile journey. The
first rSOrH WSI ahatfAxul 1 U-
Americans 'eroaaeH tha p!,
at a point 900 miles across, the long
est jump 4n the entire trip, making it
in. 12 hours ynd 6 minutes flying
time. The second title came when the
fliers crossed a 500-mile stretch over
ine nina sea. This' was the first
time the jChina sea had been crossed
by air. .
The third hnnnr
- viiv vviupiCMUU
of the around-the-world flight,
feat never before achieved by man in
heavier-than-air machines.
Lastly, the fliers sef a speed mark
for- traveling arnnnH HiA rlnkA - n,
..j .V, wic
entire "27.000 miUa Koino- mo ;
' " "w'o "uv an
866.71 hours of actual flying, al
though the expedition was on the trio
...... 1 4 rrt j . . . . . V
ncoiiy iou uays aiter leaving Seattle,
their starting point
ay encircung the globe in the
flvinor time of n little mm. in A,rr,
the United States Army fliers shat
tered the notable feat of Johir H.
Hears, who in 1913, went around the
World by ship, train, and other modes
of travel in 35 days, 21 hours, and
86 minutes.
Fast .trips around the globe include
one made by Nellie Bly, a reporter,
in 1889, shortly after Jujes Verne
Published his frfmnna hnnlr " A n.j
the World in Eighty Days." She did
it in 1 & aays, six hours, 11 minutes.
In 1903, Henry Frederick cut this
tiffie to 54 days, seven hours, two
minutes. Frederick's record was
broken in 1911 by Andre Jeager
Schraidt who encircled the earth in
39 days. 19 hours. 42 minntiu aa
Hampton Sees
Mr. Frank A Hampton, secretary
to Senator Simmnn c la vafit 'iMnfl
of tne election of Mr. Davis to the
Presidency. It is asserted that Mr.
Davis made wonderful appeal to the
farmers of flie West on his recent
speaking tour through that section.
Mr. Hampton contends that the La
Follette vote la roW tn oa n.,;..
most of the doubtful states that are
normally; safely republican.
Central Carolina Fair Opens Oct. 14th
fjantral rnmlina .1. 1.-1.1 j
ureeiisftorojwin ' start Tktober 14th,
and winliavor Ave days. Every
thuig has been put in readiness and
it is anticipated by the management
that this fair will surpass all previous
. uu, at
(By W. H. Willis.)
Joined SundaV hv letter Ifn X'
C. Pasre. . '
Our Annual mnfaMn.. :
- 11 ...i; 1 n in
Greensboro. Bishnn Dennv nroci.n.wr
on October 15th. .
MarripH af. tha nai.onnaA C
. -- uii Sep
tember 25th, m the presence of a few
irienas, bit. a.erney nummer, and
Miss Xeona Parrish. These well
known Deonle reirle in tha
part of the county.
By the same, at the court house
Saturday night, September 27th, Rus
sell Hufflnes and Elisabeth Elbertson,
young people from near Trinity.
Twenty-five individuals, during the
month of September, have been
thoughtful of their pastor in the fol
lowing ways: Diniags, 12; prepared
dinners sent in, 8; Gifts, butter,
OVSterS. StrlnO-'haana naaa nn.l..
- " a -. jf Bj'fiiD,
cake, buttermilk, preserves, Jelly, to
matoes. A sort of
i T ...-
ing, you see. .
After- three rainy Sundays in suc
cession, the pastor hopes to preach to
full houses at both hours Sunday.
Mornino' Rnhlart. .m.t r-J:
Folli'' ' ' ,u,"y
Evening Subject: "Man-Traps".
Mlsa Honavmitf mh.Ii.,1
fa the graded schoolrcalled the boys
ehool together Monday afternoon for
tha Burnoaa of mnnlrinii a 4...Ia.
choir. The number that responded to
"", was grauying, and the or
ganisaUon was effected. Miss Honey
cutt will meet the Junior choir each
week for practice.'; We ere expecting
great things ef the Juniors.
The pastor united in matrimonial
bonds last Saturday- evening Mr.
Crrde Rinahaw ef Hantaan 0 ui.
Ullie XL Brows of. Asheboro, R. P. D.
The ceremony was Mrformed at the
Pl "ome. This la the Distort
nr,t mrriage eerrmony performance
' iooro.
... ." Mia mil cw0 DO! tO
full, y, t the morning . congregation
was S'.....r;iig and the evening eon-
rr(7u ( , , n m . . ji i.i aa
. ... , - . .MU0MkrtJI diJW lirmyI nM-r . 1,..1..
"of eubJrt, "Chrlatian Loyalty
r i Z -.t I r a.. V 7".M "
r-T-mn punnet, -t.pimual.8igh
Ui . - .
Vv. i o T. '
1 h. k?' Vj? T1" "UHeta
. ,1 B. Y. P. U. October
i" aim in. vya ara trnmrt ha .
hondrad to a hundr-d and twant.
Ave bi att-ndanc Praparatlons are
now being made to give the attend
ing yrning hpi, ih, b.,t time poaei-
.J. rrnr" In next week's
lue of The (jmrhr.
1 i ii - - ' '
v (Toeing foBfarrfice Tear .
rr. P. V;: k'.rhHt, " r,to, ftf
' ''""' ' ' ! l" rhulnr the
'"':' ' ' B.v". n n-ft f .m.iaT !
" ' ' ' 1. t 1
Hon A. W. MrTann. TkntaAArati
nominee for Governor of North 'Caro
lina, will snenlr in thA rnnvtHnjioa at
lAsheboro next Thursday nighti Octob
er tn, at 7:3U o'clock. j '
Mr. McLean makes a KnWdiri arl.
dress, free from personalitifeav and
bitterness, and strikingly presents the
achievements of the Democratic party
in both state and nation, wherever
Mr. McLean has been during the pres
ent campaign he has been greeted by
large and enthusiastic audiences. His
speech is an inspiration.' -', -.
The public regardless of political
affiliations is invited to coml ' liext
Thursday night to heai the next Gov
ernor of North Carolina. fV1
The ladies are esneciallv Inirifaul tn
Incessant Rain Does
Great Damage In state
practically Over tile entire state for
the nast wnalr nrnuohf - nlmiut .Hall nf
the rivers and creeks in the state to
the flood stage yesterday, damaged
crops to the extent of, thousands of
dollars, and caused nnnArnllaloH- -dam
age to the state's top soil roads;
ine rivers and creeks m this' coun
ty are reported as having reached the
flood stage and in many of ' . them
the waters are reported na hetnor tha
highest on record. Deep river .i-and
uwnarne river and many otheffsmall
er rivers- and creeks were filled to
overt lowing.
Soil roads are in as , bad' Q&worse
condition than any diiraejdcMteayin.-.
ter. Th6 almost steadily downpour of
rain has done untold damage to top
soil roads. There is practically noth
ing that can be done by the mainten
ance forces in repairing the roads un
til the rains cease and the roads dry
out so that they can be worked.
P-in ,v it.. j l- i l
1 ,Lui me xajii me ruuu nau De-
come very drv and dustv nnfl much nf ;
HON. A. W. McLEAfj':
the top soil had been blown away. ; ma" Vi-as asked what states outsjde of
Thus when the rain started the roads j th" South are the Democrats absolute
were in the proper shape to be cutj'y sure of carrying if the election
up badly by traffic. were held on the first day of October
Trains were held up at Catawba I instead of the 4th day of Novemben
imiiun m taiawDa county Monday
and Tuesday on account of- the water
from the river enverino. the voiW.o.i
tracks. Damage to the Southern Pow
er company's property at Khodiss
will amount to $50,000.
Numbers of bridges have been
washed away in many parts of the
-.o..c.i ,n many pans ui me i
..(ntn .1 . 1 I . . ..
"' liuiiic nas oeen practically
susoendetl on manv hiirhwava an op.
. . - n 4
count of the impassable conditions
which the roads have gotten jrt7!m$-'Jhn
count o
- 'B.'-J A7i
of Asheboro in below Seagrove'.is in
bad shape, the road having ''recently
been built. Motorists report it is al
most impassable in places.
Cape Fear, Tar, Roanoke, and Yad
kin rivers are rennrted halnn. a.
i tne rain. The highway Joutpv4 6"ort of a majority of one in the
flood stage.
Cotton in many parts of the stats
is reported as rotting in the fields.
Great damaare haa heen dnna tn tk.
corn crops along the rivers. In many
places bottoms are covered with wa
ter and com completely submerged.
In other places water is uoto tha
ear. '.
Mr. B. F. Page Honored By National
Druggists' Association '
Mr- B. P. Tage, president of the
W. H. King Drug Company of Ra
leigh, was elected- rice-president of
the National DrattJ iA.i.ti..
at their annual meeting In Atlantic
City. New Jersey, last week. 8ewll
D. Andrawe. '
elected president.
Asheboro Gets Better
, 'Mail Service iorth
of tl High Point, Bandleman . and
AshebOM Kallaraa I. 1 .L.I
TVH'. Jn P-klnr of having to
u L i" noonH, Passenger train
mwinr aurimiiaa we aroo ea
w Oaaeenirar IraffiA tn ik. ..
o nearly everyone owned thai aan.
Cam. He Said that tar annta Mma il.
auoiber of pas-enters
twelve, which was far below sufficient
to pay opfiralinff ivrMaa . t. -.-.!
to give miiclur mall service from the
north. Hr. Fletcher has slightly
banged both morning end evening
etwvhile. .The moming train aUrs
In High Point ontU 1:80. getting mafl
ol .no evening Ire In get
mall from 1.17 anH 1- Ji a... .."
rrlvlng here as hwtofoi at I
Iflaw Fthal IIa.V aJ if. l '. a
tt-.n -i t- 1 " ' ",r
'. vi iiiwimmrn, ware nnir-.l Ia
To Arouse Public Over Self-Evi
dent DishonestyDavis Sure
of 232 Electoral Votes.
(By David F.VSt. Clair)
Washington, September 80.Octob
er will witriess on the part of the
Democrats the most concentrated and 1
devastating barram that
ilaid down on the lines of an enemy in
a Presidential campaign. Every
Democrat of national and state re- i
pute in the country will go on the'
! stump to demolish the "Coolidge I
legend" and put the Republican partv
to rout. No mercy is to be shown
ta Akl KnIl.'J a-
the feeble. Dallid. silent little
! in the White House who is trying to
l hide under the bed during the storm.
otriiaior owanson whn io m
of the speakers' bureau at Democratic
neaoquarters hag arranged to have
all the Davis opponents at the New
iork convention tn o-n intn
McAdoo, Smith, Underwood, Ralston,
oiass, Kitchie, Silzer and all the
Democratic governors. United States
senators like Harrison; Pittman, Rob
inson, Owen, Heflin, and Ferris will
all be pressed into oratorical service.
Up to this time the campaign has
been comparatively dull but we are
told that hereafter mnH oHll fl i.
all dirctions. The Democrats have
found it a rather un hill taalr tn
arouse the public over the self-evident
dishonesty and inefficiency of the
Hardine-Coolidrfi adminintrnHnn K.,
John W. Davis' excoriation of Harry
M. Dauehertv
turn. Daucrhertv tn tha
of the Renublican manaireria hrnlra
loose on the front page and the pub
lic was fi-iven.a new thrill fmm tne
'old scandal.
Right on top of this event has
come the nomination of ' ThenHnm
Roosevelt bv the New YnrV Pen,,hl
cans for governor. Teapot Dome has
staged a new eruption. It was no
other than this Colonel Roosevelt
that carried the Sinclair Teannt rm.
. ... a.Uvv UVUIC
lease to the White House for Presi-
aens nardmg to sign and who al
ways did something for Sinclair
every time Sinclair raised the ulon,
Of the Said cnlnnel'a hrnthar Ak.-A
Now this Colonel Roosevelt -who re-
semmes the late Colonel in only two
respects--he is an assistant secretary
of the navy and served in the New
iorx legislature has by his candida
cy for governor placed in the hands
of Governor Al Smith nio nnnA.t
the whip with which to flay him and
iub party, in tne person of Theodore
Roosevelt the oil scandal has been
incarnated as an issde in the New
York campaign.
The Democrats will find it much
easier to stir the nnhlir nn the ioc..D
of "common honesty," with Daugher
ty squirming under the terrific thrusts
V .""Vis ana Koosevelt attempting to
Seek vindicatibrt 'fW-Mf-TBKticairirav
reer under the anm nf Toonnt tl
As the strenuous month of October
approaches it is well to give a view
of the faith of such careful campaign
observers and accountants as Sena
tors Pittman and Swanson. Senator
. .vnnn ai.cufiijjuint;u jon
in his recent Western trin
rittman accompanied John W Davis
Mr. Pitt-
in ooutnwest," he ren ed
Oklahonia, Arizona and New Mexico,
In the West Missouri, Nebraska, Col
orado and Nevada. In the East New
Hampshire, Rhode Island, New Jer
sey, Delaware, Myand, and the
border states of Kentucky and West
s'". i nese states i nave named
o ccnuin to jf.) uemocratlc as
South Carolina nr Tivd. tv
' ' . .. ....... nCOC
I etates with the solid South will give.
W. Davis 232 electoral' votes or
restoral colleire. We believe that
within thirty .lays New York, Indiana,
Illinois and Kansas will be swung in
to the Democratic column. hot if we
rail to win these states Tiovio
have more electoral votes than either
Coolidge or LaFollette and there is !
not the slightest dojbt about the i
house electing him. J
In anite nf all their r.. 1-
and bragging the Republicans fullv
realise that they have not won the
election and every day now counts
against them for hereafter the gains
will be
Exhibit Or MIm Plunked.
Asheboro Furniture Co.
The nninue art a t. ui..
z, -i" - - 1 ui anna
Sarah Plunketfs which waa on ex
hibition at tha ffllr lat a.a.1. v..
been taken to the Asheboro Furniture
Company where It will be on sale
Miss Plunkett la afflicted and needs
patronage. Her articles have been
made under the direction of the sup
erintendent of the state vocational
rehabilitation. Miss Pldnkett will
appreciate tha patronage of those
who are interested in her work.
Fair Premi.ais Win Ifa Sent Oat By
October Tenth
rU i list of .fair preraldms has not
. ZT? completed. Dr. J. O.
Cru(rhflaM m.i.1aa, -At ,!.. n , , ,
Z 7 .i r-i i hw nanaoipn
County tiw AkbocIbMmi m.i.a , .1-
annoonceiMnt that the list erlU. be
ami premiums win be eent
V OeUe tenth. Notwithstand
Ing the tnclamenrv of tk ...!
there Wa a - tramemlnn.
and completing the list an ; Inl
mense endertakifig. ' Ur. W. C fork,
mananr. ia attanllnw aiu. ni- V'
r4 j
ifef 'i r.
V ra Bm.1.. - - n
l.-7. ".V .. "Tw wue j. r,
iarrett, of the northern Bert ef thi.
Shows How Agriculture Has Suffered Under . Republicans--Ne
World Mark At Purine
hi vituoDig A wn
Kerutea meekins' contention
xtt a r t a xttt nif a xt
' M. . k ,, . ,
Mysterious Affair On Road Be-
r .. . . .
Sophia High
Youth In Jail.
In a stunor raiiserl annnrentlv hv
drugs, a young white man, later giv
ing nis name as Jesse (Jocklum and
residence High Point, was found by
passerbys Saturday just after dark
I , .... t j :.. . u . i i... ...
r'u o"j ui me
road nearby. And in this connection
is a story most unusual.
.H 'ound bv w- H- Parks, of
High Point, who with his wife and
child, were on their way to visit rel-
ntlVes ftt SDnirrrtira ariA t)n...'n 15 L
jjc.uc JWU-
bins, of Kandleman, who was driving
r A ,, '""'"!, ""pma. iiium-;
ing Cocklum drunk they went over
to where he was lavmo on tiaA
. .rJ..,p ., Mre w
arouse him. Failing in their efforts
and at a loss as to what to do under
the circumstances, it was - suggested
that Parks stay with the body until
Robbins could go to Sophia for as-j
Slsia"ce- D ... , , !
i S8, me.n ":
?' n i , 8 el,d at the. edge i
of which Cocklum was lying and at-
tacked Parks. stri'Vino- him m the
head with a flashlight Parks im
mediately gave battle with his knife
and inflicted severe cuts ahout th
bodies of his 'assailants. The two
men who attacked Parks, according
tO1 his Version nf tha matter tim.
ceeded to Cet into the alt.nmn.ila a
Ford touring car, which was parked
A tMrH h.0" Bnd.2,w;. ?
L tlirTntrf nothulg
and took no tart in the fiirht
' ' - f ". ..
Tk. .i .lr i ,
down Maenad t thT Fd I0V,
Fori? and UP
wh . t t0 D,n Hllls placf'
where, as their story goes, they real-
.F were, badly cut They
urove to nanaieman one or the boys
The boys were then taken to Dr. Wil-.
kerson's hospital, where Cocklum had
already been carried. The third man
m tne car made h getaway at Ran- '
dlnn. iv. ,
ly under the influence of liquor, ac-
coruingto statements of those who .
saw them. One of them is J M Bun- 1
dy, whose home is neaArchdal'e, and
the other is Orlando Davis. BoS
-tate they are working at High Point. -
Bundy was given a hearing Saturday
night and placed under $200 bond for
his appearance December term of
Randolph court. He is now at his 1
a. -.. i.i . ...a... ,
: , 8 i , u"" 1,1 u,c "mu "y lne in schools, roads, ano puDUC weuare -side
of the hard surface road about ; work, showing that -ae a' result t of
a,mile below Sophia.., A ford touring Democratic good management -North
....i, nrai jnit-ii.iaie, HUTierinjr irom i .i . . v.v, . .
stabs in the back and side lrom and also that the State Banking-DH'
Davis is still in Dr. Wilkerson's P3"16" ,ha pormitted. the organi
hospital suffewng severely from cuts 1 fu " u" ankste small places where
about the sid? 2nd a stab in the 6y aiat A to :tMi lat-
chest just above the heart ' Pe says ,that ow try-
. " 1 n fit Tn aa H KaaI.a .. 1 - a a
ine version of the affair theRe men
Cave tO the nffiera ia thnt thA..
member nothing of what transpired
except that on reaching Hill's place
thev realized that they were wounded.
Cocklum came tn hia wn.m y, ,,..,,,
mornmK ar
f,.bein? d
morning and was placed under bond
irunlt. Unable to give bond
in the (nil at A .h' - u.-
ne 1 . now 1
version of the affair is that on Sat
urday afternoon at gome time between
li ana l o clock he took a drink of
liquor in his room at High Point and
l after that he did nnt .,., .....
J"1"1. h? rev1vel in Dr. Wilkerson's
hsPltal Sunday moming. He states
. ,at he ha1 a Pursc containing about
fi ln eash and that this is missing.
- ... a in ,iiinmii)f.
He does not seem to know the niv,..
young men engaged In the affray, and
does not understand how it came
in. peopie in High Point with
arlAn I.A 1 1 . . . . .
ine people m High Point with
"yaia i.y mat ne has been
in the habit of carrying sums of mon-
ey on his person and that reeenUy
he has had what looked to be two ot
three hundred dollars in his pocket-,
Says Cotton Crop Will
e About 40 Per CentiSSA
" hiui ua in v iMifin fit
iiw cotton crop of the state will
be .boU40 per Jnt Vomil Mr.
Mr. So., .ute. that Ms eetimaU la
lower Mtmm tk.t .l- .t,. . T.T
"... miW( w not ertr 60 Mr tiL
Pnti out that the advem wS3..
r condition! tha m. u i : .
Mil at r M.i t. a k
r."11'"". on. Another
r:" 7" is wfl increaM Iri
the sniwad of tha Kntl iiTT
state. - ; we
)hiW ef Mn. O. B. Cot D4
.. ' e 4. '. , ' ' ( - ' . f !
'Seott Whtteliy. wetl-knUa
home alt mOes mlth ef Ci
il. .,. ?' lx montha.
k-TJi JLliU,,T WV ""ttnt mem.
rj,' eauseh end Wae hM
deoirtite. u .a riA . !.,.., ""
markets of the North Carolina Denart id bank. ; V-?" lhs Ntlon.
n( AgriCtu. eatlmaSMd
r """"''rj U.ree
f Iia 1?fiM TrtTla Pnllai Vf
1.1 Ul (lie A CMUS aV ay
About State Bank f ailures.
Honorable Dennis G. Brummit
Democratic nominee ' for . Attorney ..
General, delivered in the court house
at Asheboro Saturday afternoon one.
of the best presentations of the issues ,
of the day ever heard in; this. county.'
He was introduced by Mr. L C Moser,
Democratic nominee for the General' t
Assembly from Randolph eowty. -..--i ,
Mr. Brummitt briefly -reviewed-the
wonderful progress of North Caroline -under
continuous Democratic rule for
tk. 1 r. ... OA .AA AA AAW til. J.Ai(-
elusion that the party Bad merited a
continuation of us ecimimstrauon-oi. .
the state's affairs. 5 He briefly told -
of the progress that had been made.
. 1 .
1 1 1 t. 1 1 . 1,
Carolina was lorging to me ironi m
all these things so much bo that the; -
commonwealth was attracting the fa-
vorable attention of the world, , The'
program of public health has reduced ,
the death rate in the state during the.
i. . - , . n n ...... .
lasc eignteen years irom ia.z , per.
thousand to 11.5 per thousand. . .
He snowed that si - cents out 01 ,
every dollar paid by the people of the..; '
l.. ; A . . , . .. . .."--'.
siate in taxes comes oaoa. to vno u - ..
payers in thO way of public benefits'
fn their own immediate vicinities. On-, '
y nine cents out of each dollar of , '
tax is used for administrative - par. , '
poses. Furthermore more than 2,-. ,
000,000 people of the state pay no ix -
for the administration; of the state ?
government or for the maintenance of '
public instituUons. -The loads , are '
being paid for by those who use them. J
Income, inheritance, and .franchise ,,,
taxes are used by the state govern-,. -
ment, leaving to each county the tax-.- v li
es on the property within its limit to ;
be used for county purposes.
Every year, according1 to Mr." Brunt- ,
mitt nmi'ini i a tn ta. .tab a tl. A V... w) a. " '
i that taxes are too" high. This ' year ,
! however, Mr. Brummitt hid, Mr. W;
n.. .!.. t ., . . '
i)i Lilt. jTHnunncain etnnurn nju nnn t
. .l t LI, ' 1 i 1 . yr
ijub, tne ivepuDucan ' guoernatonai
candidate does not complain of high' ,
I taXe8' DUt f frWgmt' '
'achievements in the wa of road
buildinir but sava that thi Rofmhli. 1
Drotrram if tha thine w Hiava'
,r Rr,,n.mitt ti&WmMm'j. . i
at omnlflSJ
5 "iESSSS-1
a Z T T u 1 . . .., r
adorn a tale about economic ; c6ndi 3 .
ZJZ t7I?a 1"-' f."''
n" ine7 "Jr,w, '
j j . 1' "7. "iBV",u' epuwucan , v
"J i"? ' ' "
rtot 'II y
w $ n "V" ' -
fai'Ure8 iate
M,tfetJB?mf the Rational Junk,
j Sl thai this , ?
if L t"6 u r PSwf" oi
banks bv the Federal (liv.n,n)
'R. u """" " ,orui . Caro-
a plow or choD imu TT aaa. .
.imply that a farmer ahould. have
nothing to do with -i bank other
than to put his money to it. i or to
borrow money from He If such be
the case during these, -past - three
and one-half years of Republican ad
ministration the farmer" activities
with respect to theTatter bew
so greatly increased that he must be
thoroughly trained in that pwt of
banking experience,,, and he has had
so httle of the former to do that to
many cases he must have- forgotten
how to make out a deposit alipI. ,
Stat Bd National Bank Failure
S Carolina vandonry l Nation-
"" oaruiina ana only 8S Nation.
State bank, in the State fa 19 rid
three fai urea . at Ki.Mn..i v ' . ,
In , :.,r? ' m wauonal b
Thill It nrtll k. . i
, " "T " mai uwrt are
ne'Iy ,timf ' many State
P4"1" National Unka in the 8taS!
ut. on 7 ve time as many' Bmi-'
b',n, fl'4 In 1923. . -. - .
W ytt ttW
iAiinaa m,w wi irvv a-vv -
Hera . 7ii J' ' .
makinl .7y faJna t0"MTd
thrtSd. Ne,i"n:l -V.
l. laneo were mom- that ...i i.
of the State b.,,k, that
. ' - - AU Did TTiia t).
i rial
k.nk. a. a :"'rT""on Ot Net
their management. They do ,
JJ wpervlfion and; t ,
ef tha Rtata K. L. i .
or the National svtrm it it i .
i rlrurh ""'" '!
lTlT d "' ' " ? t" d '
euch falltiraa It . - .
. - 1 1 m v i ,n a
-r.W h " ' v
..-.. . J1" '-'in
wiat on offlriaU. lth
Uona, do their 1..
fare t
t to
preaei re the r'
. 1 n"re hare I
fs ore. (a K
1. 1
' "' - e ''' i!- ti" "-,
' . ' ' ii ' ,,'( , ...

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