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craft, dishonesty and by tk. py'. putfom, du- From Randleman UST o?" ools! Lare Number Killed v
VAiAid i n.k Jentil nominee
A long rhapter U devoted to wom
en's part in politics and government,
with numerous references to show
the more liberal attitude of the Dem-
$trikns Note of Democratic
Hud book Is Corruption of
i Government.
announced that the eontraet for
lne more uoenu a uiuoe oi uio wm- cotrucUon of the road from
ocrauc pany anu uie msi iniocmuc Cw,,ifnni li. to RanHUman. a
Condemnation of President Cool
idg the Republican leadership anil
"corruption of jfovernment" is the
striking note in the Democratic cam
paign book just issued by the Demo
cratic national committee, which is
primarily a manual for speakers and
editors. A carefully prepared series
of articles, tables, data and statistics
on other issues is presented, but
throughout the book emphasis is
given to graft, dishonesty and scan
dal during the Harding -t'oolidge ad
ministration. President Coolidge is criticized for
not having taken the initiative in the
unearthing of "corruption." for fail
ure to act promptly after the revela
tions made by the senate committee,
and also for not making a greater
success as a leader.
"President Coolidge. faced by sig
nal opportunities and national expec
tations, has lamentably failed as a
leader either of the people or of his
party,'- says the campaign book. "He
has failed to solve domestic problems
or to improve foreign relations."
Teapot Dome and the naval oil
leases, the Doheny "loan" of $100,000
and the Sinclair "loan" of $25,000 to
administration on this subject. De
tailed biographies and records of the
two nominees are given, and a com
parison of all three party platforms
by subjects.
Copies of the Democratic campaign
book may be had from the Democrat
ic National committee, Investment
Building, Washington, D. C.
Tn f?nilfnl f"V Tin A
i Th freatar aumber of the rural
Th. UU kighwa, commiasion ha, ."K'iA.
th dale, Car way, J4iUer, and Prospect
urtcan last Munuiv. uir .wt.
In Auto Accidents
Between March lrt, 1924, and Sep-
distance of about six
x mSel haTSen ?-ve schoolman Monday, Septem-
let to ZiglV and. Dalton, the firm JSTJZlr
now engaged in building the" road J. ., . m, .. . ' .l. .k.
from Greensboro to the Randolph
county line. This extension of the
t. a . U t - 1ft I
coutnkcv means Litak iuuw iv nuiu - . . . j-
a 1. . ,u v; ;; u. ;c .itVw., Norma Dutton. and Gaiella Kerner
Asheboro to the Virginia line is either . ,
paved or under contract. About 80
Following it a list of the teacher.-
of the rural schools in the county:
Archdale: Mrs. Martha Hannah,
Street Seeks girrarfe
. M
Bond (treet, that faahleaabia L
doa theeevgniare freea which mea'a
faahloo dictate go forth, ta likelyta
become evn more exclusive. The
tember 1st, 1924, a period of n merchant, tired t having buaaee and
months, 111 peraoae were killed in . other common eoHTjrance UM the
automobile accidents in North Caro- ( street, have started a movement te
Una. In addition 1,728 were more or make the very pavement exclusive,
le.-s seriously injured, 2,747 automo- They maintain the street is now so
biles were destroyed in' accidents, crowded with public vehicles that the
costing 1,373,600. rich will net shop there since they
On the road system controlled by cannot park their, meters.
the state highway commission, wnicn
Will Retire Bonds
It is announced by the state high
way commission that within the next
few davs road bonds to the amount of
$1,000,000 will be retired by the
sinking fund available. This will
per cent of this road is either
for traffic or will be within a
The road between Greensboro and
the Randolph line is expected to be
open for traffic by December 1st. It
is expected that the road between the
Guilford line and Randleman will be
completed by the summer of 1925.
make ,-..k ..m i, taA iict.i,.
VII BUillg will isc o ka i wv-v4 iuuuuiavij
. . 1 r nn nnn VII aUUIK Will
a tota, or w ouy,uuu in state n.gnway The Btneton have aiready
bonds retired since their issue. The mQvi machinery to the new project
commission has drawn up plans ask- and Jo t deal of d.
ing the 1925 general assembly to vote . . rnl,h .th KPtjs in
$35,000,000 additional bonds for high
ways in the state, which if voted, will
make the total bond issue for good
roads $100,000,000.
ing before rough weather sets in.
When completed the entire road
from Asheboro to Greensboro by way
of Randleman will be of concrete and
18 feet wide.
Real Estate Men Endorse Ports
The convention of the North Caro
lina Real Estate Association in ses-
Speretarv Fall, and Denhv s and rail s sion at Durham last week went on
separation from the cabinet are gone record as favoring the Governor's should be made in advance to properly
as now controlled by the reactionary port measure and the members pledg- care for it. Many of the larger
leadership is charged with responsi- ed themselves to do everything possi- growers now use modern sweet potato
bility for the whole oil affair. An- ble to boost the bill in order that the storage houses. If this house has
other chapter gives the details of the present discriminations of the rail- been used before it should be thor-
Veterans' Bureau investigations, and roads against the state might be oughly cleaned before storing the
charges the indictment of rorbes to corrected.
the leadership of the Republican par-
ty, as another scandal. Democrats Nominate Smith
The investigation of the depart-
ment of justice forms the subject of
another chanter, and the Dauchertv New York's popular governor, Al
charges are related, all to the dis- fred E. Smith, was again nominated
Caraway: W. B. Fulton,
Morgan, and Clara Marsh.
Millers: Lena Thornton, and Mary
Prospect: Grace Burton.
Level Cross: Margie Hanner.
Glenola: David Woodburn, and
Dorm K earns.
Cedar Square: Irene Keener.
Marlboro: Delia Tucker, and Ethel
Piney Grove: Pearl Bailey.
Sophia: Mrs. Maude Snyder.
Providence: Linda Williams.
Lineberry: Peace Staley.
Walnut Grove: Mary York.
Melanchton: Mrs. R. W. Ward.
Cedar Grove: Bessie Butler.
Worthville: Clyde Hinshaw, Ethel
Hinshaw, and Mrs. Ethel Walker.
New Salem: Lucile Hanner.
White Hall: J. T. Millikan, and
Bertha Ferree.
Mt. Pleasant: Numa Brower.
Staley: Harvey White, Velma All-
6.200 miles in length. 28 persons
were killed. The remainder of the
fatalities took place in cities and
towns and on county road systems.
The largest percentage of the acci
dents was caused by collisions of automobiles.
Bible The Best Seller
In spite of the number of books on
the market, the Bible is still the best
seller. In eight years Harold Bell
Wright's books, the second best sel
lers, have reached 10,000,000 copies.
' whereas in tne same lengra oi tune
SPEAKER GILLETT MAKES ; Bible sales reached 240,000,000 copies.
VERY STARTLING DISCOVERT The Scriptures have been printed to
more than 700 languages and dialects.
With bankruptcy and poverty among
farmers in the West and wage reduc
tions and unemployment in the East,
Republican apologists are finding it
difficult to manufacture excuses for
the futility of their tariff for any one
but the profiteer. Republican spell
binders in New England, where tex
tile workers, after having been em
ployed only a few days each week for
the last several months are now fac-
r 1 . .
ing decreases oi pay, are iurceu w
"It will soon be time to harvest the S IV H. WM.r V All- ?lim,.t ?nat tne tenJf n!! not reSY!ted
sweet potato crop and preparat.ons . . Garret, in n.gner wages ioi tne ; operauves
a nrnnarlv rf Z. ... flT tnp IPXLlie mil IS. aunOUKTl 1L HUB
Shady Grove: E. A. McMaster, ennanced rices ,or his ciothing and
ma Burgess. necessities.
r-aiterson: nosena noou.
Hardens: Mamie York.
Central Falls: J. L. Bright, Essie
Allred, and Virgie Allred.
Millboro: Mabel Redding, and Lilly
Gray's Chapel: Lena Steed.
Richmond county's old court house
sold recently at public auction
brought $1.00.
; Tkorsdu, October Z, 1W4
i4ts4sfr7 Killtag fM
The ealmea fishery ef California b
seriously . threatened by the use of
streams for pewer purposes - and so
eliminating the - necessary spawning
grounds of the fish. . Of isf ytmsr
salmon, vwraginf one and onc-aaU
lncnea ta lengtn, . run . experiment
ally through a water turbine power
wheel operating mt a pressure of 80
pounds to the square inch, 49 . wers
recovered alive. , ' ,t ? i- v
-. ' ' : 5
Ford the Florid ,
Highpoiiit, N.,a' .
Mrs. W. C Hammer
for Randolph County
Phones 11 and 144
potatoes, says Robert Schmidt, As
sistant Horticulturist for the State
College Experiment Station.
Directions for doing this are given r v-iic- M it Kanm- Porria ' cul lne P""":n r
bv Mr. Schmidt as follows: First. Cedar .Fa,Us- .M," ,V.:. h'no ' l0rC 3 book makes the claim that
i? r i u t. u .v nussey, ana rean nussey.
disinfect the house by spraying the white.s Memorial: Mrs. Jesse Us
floors and waur with a solution of i
.. - .i r, ti: - i i .,t n..l Ki, h nmn.a t ! , . . .Slier.
credit oi tne nepuuiican auminisira- t,,,.ot i iormamenyae one pint u per cent Flint Will- W
tion. Empire state to make the race for formalin to 25 gallons of water or i
The campaign book sharply at-' reelection to the governorship. He with a solution made by dissolving, plain pieid: Myrtle Burroughs
tacKs nanes w. uawes, ine nepuoii- "W"" y 1 ,,c""lc one pouna or copper suipnate (Diue Charlotte- Mrs Olive Walker, anc
can vice-presiueiiLmi iioiiuuec, as uu .o..v ..v . .,.Jf "'-".sione; in to gallons oi waier. il i
"inveterate reactionary." It also son ot tne late president Koosevelt. advisable to spray a second time
charges him with being an enemy The Democrats in their platform de- about 24 hours later. Then start the
of labor and affiliated with his ; nounced the Ku Klux Klan. j fires and dry out tne . house. All
brother in one of the big oil com- I Smith has made one of the best crates or other containers which have
now the defendant in a suit ! governors JNew v0rK has ever had been used before should also be thor-
' oughly disinfected.
I Storage in crates is preferable to
storage in bins because it permits of
more thorough ventilation and of
greater convenience in handling. Ven
itilated slat barrels can also be used
by the government, which charges and at the same time he is the most
the company with violation of the ' popular governor with all classes of
anti-trust laws. people that the state has had. He
An extensive chapter is devoted to was strongly supported for the nomi
the Fordnev-McCumber tariff act i nation for President before the Demo
whirh is denominated as a "nrnf- i cratic national convention in New
iteers' tariff." The cost of the tariff ! York. After the nomination of Davis to aavantage,
to the consumer is described as fol- "e pledged nis support to tne tiCKet "Order your crates now, get your
lows: jnd upon the insistence of his friends ! st0rage house ready and avoid delays
"Based on statistics of production and many Democrats of national rep-:at digging time," says Mr. Schmidt,
exports and imports, the Fordney-' uteHn he-consenit(1 to become can- "information of curing and storing
McCumber tariff act gives protection ! ('"iatVaK,aln for, the Stvernorship of I sweet potatoes may De obtained by
to the profiteering special interests of York largely with a view to writing to the Division of Horticul
$6,270,89r,:i00. The amount of pro- helPlnS out the national ticket in the ture state College Extension Service,
tection is so high that the interests stae:, , , .... . , Raleigh, N. C."
i, fn,-r i ,! ,i t ti, fn 1 Quite a number of politicians pre- i
wiuj lavuicu mvi in'i uaic lu laM: lull .. , .. . -.1, ,...
uici inai omun s popularity in incw
advantage of it. It is estimated that
only two-thirds of the tax levied as
Tirntprlinn it: pnlloptoj Tlilc tionc
that the American people under the 'he electoral vote of the state
r ordney-McCumber
tariff act are
taxed $4,000,000,0(10, or more than the
cost of running the government. Of
this vast sum, only $500,000,000 goes
into the United States treasury, and
$3,500,000,000 into the pockets of the
protected interests. The passage of
York state will not only reelect him
to the governor's chair but will carry
lor I
Davis, the Democratic Presidential
nominee. Whatever may be the out
come, one thing is certain, Smith's
candidacy has revived the hopes of
the Democrats everywhere looking to
wards the election of Davis to the
Federal Employes Forced To Con
tribute to G. O. P. Doughbag,
Says Senator McKellar.
Nell Spencer.
Pleasant Hill: Mattie Hughes.
Gibson: Joe Delk.
Tabernacle: Mrs. J. M. Cameron.
Uwharrie: Ella Holcromb.
High Rock: Leslie Morgan.
Red berry: Sam Varner.
Locust Grove: Mamie Lackey.
Piney Grove: C. C. Horney, and
Esther Russell.
Ulah: Willie Beeson, and
Bee son.
Hopewell: Garrett Dawson.
Davis Mt.: Addie Frye. '
Mt. Lebanon: Pearl Parsons.
Union Grove: Bascom Cox.
Bethel: Mary Wade Bulla, Lela
Holly Springs: Mrs. Blanche Byrd,
and Nellie Byrd.
Coleridge: T. E. Hanner, Carrie
Hockett, MyCleta Ward, and Jessie
L. Johnson.
Lamberts: Mr. Spe'nce.
Parks X Roads: Mrs. Mattie Brooks
Pleasant Ridge: Miss Allred.
Pleasant Grove: Maude Miller, and
Speaking at Worcester, Mass., a
few days ago, Speaker Gillett of the
Prepublican House, and candidate for
the Senate, said:
"A protective tariff cannot always
insure prosperity."
But the Republican campaign text
a Republi
can protective tariff" does bring pros
perity. That same claim has been
r i. i Tk.i made for years by all Republican
Fulton, and Thel- eadere Mg ' however, the
worthlessness of the tariff on wheat,
so far as the farmer is concerned, and
the uselessness of the tariff on tex
tiles, so far as the workers in the
textile mills are concerned, have be
come so plajn and unmistakable that
even the Republican apologists have
had to make grudging admission of
"protections" inefficiency for any one
but the profiteer.
Neither the Democratic party nor
F Ina as 'ts kader have any favors for
sale Davis' speech of acceptance.
J. L. Kearns, and Rosa
Federal emnloves in Tenessee are
being compelled to contribute part of Dorothy Cox
Iheir snlarips tn the Renuhlican ram- Mt. Olivet:
paign fund, Senator McKellar of that Owen.
State charged in a public statement ; Rock Spring: B. G. Cox.
issued in Washington a few davs ago. I Oak Glade: T. R. Cox.
Senator McKellar called attention to oeagrove: o n. racarn, mrs. j. n
the Fordney-McCumber act encour- i ,.. u. . the law prohibiting the solicitation of Slack, Sthel Allred, and Alta Hud-
aged and ega ized profiteering by the Clothing Prices Rise as Textile Work- lne mw proniomng tne solicitation or
. . ... .. ' i ti isuch contributions from Dostmasters. son-
protected interests, enabling them to
raise their prices in conformity with
the protection granted."
Slemp Criticized
The President's secretary, C. Bas
com Slemp, also comes in for criti
cism. He is described as a "patron
age huckster, ' and letters dealing
ers Threaten Strike
Predictions of higher prices for
Decker, of New York, head of the
woolen clothing are made by Alfred
firm of Alfred Decker & Cohn, manu
facturers of clothing, at almost the
moment mat textile worners in iew ;v,t:ni rnm(tmn f t.
ith alleged sale of federal appoint- . York and New England are threaten- ha(1 coliected money from applicants
ettr carriers, and other nersons in weicn: nioe Lucas, anu miss r.xie
the service of the Government, and Callicutt.
Effective September 14, 1924
Asheboro, N. C.
Daily Except Sunday
Leave 8:00 A. M. Aberdeen, Ellerbe
and intermediate points connects at
Star for Raleigh, Charlotte and in
termediate points.
Leave 3:45 P. M. Aberdeen and in
termediate points.
Arrive 1:00 p. m.
Arrive 4:30 from Aberdeen and in-
I termediate points.
For tickets, pullman reservations and
information address or apply to
L. D. BURKHEAD( Agent,
j Asheboro. N. C
Room To
declared his intention' to call for an
investigation by the Senate when Con
gress convenes.
On a previous occasion Senator Mc
Kellar showed that the Republican
High Pine: Isabella Luther.
Oak Grove: M. H. Adams.
New Hope Academy: J. H. Luther.
ments in Virginia in exchange for ng to strike in protest against a re
campaign contributions are reprinted. ' luction in their wages. Mr. Decker
The removal of the civil service em- declared that American consumers
ployes from the bureau of printing nave been misled about the prospect
and enirravinir is described in derail of lower prices for clothing. Instead
for Federal appointments, but the
Harding administration refused to
take any action.
John Brewer In Trouble
and cited as evidence of Republican
disregard of the merit system, under
the heading "Rape of the Civil Serv
ice." President Coolidge is also
criticized for hi- veto of the postal
employes' pay bill.
One of the severest indictments in
the book in that part dealing with
agricultural and business conditions.
It is charged that the Republican ad
ministration permitted 600,000 farm
ers to go bankrupt. Concerning busi
ness and industry the campaign book
"A brief study of the business and
industrial record from and including
the first year of the Harding-Coolidge
administration, through the firit
ix month - of l'24 -hould forever si
lence the olil fal-e claim that the Re
publican party is the party of sound
business policies and of nrosneritv.
ine ugure an
R. G. Dun and
be questioned:
of a decrease, he said, there would be
an advance in prices if the quality of
garments was maintained.
from the records of week,
"mpany, and not to
H. W. Robbins had the misfortune
of having his carriage torn up near
Glenola by an automobile running in
to him Thursday night.
Several from this section attended
Zells show at High Point Saturday.
W. M. Thomas and family, of High
Point, visited at N. H. Farlow's Sun
day afternoon.
Mr. Harrell has opened a store and
filling station near New Market.
Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Davis, J. O. New
lin and Althea Farlow were in Ashe
boro Tuesday afternoon
Several from this section attended
the Randolph Fair at Asheboro last
John Brewer, of Glenola, was tried
in recorder's court in High Point last
Friday on a charge of having liquor
in his possession and fined $75 and
tliA tfoia Rth-a. was talron Vi it tha
Metropolitan Loans Urge Sum In Randolph tj, officers at Glenola
State afterwards and brought to Asheboro
to jail. He was tried at the last term
Since the first of the year the 0f criminal court in Asheboro on a
Metropolitan Life Insurance Compa- prohibition charge and given a sus-
. -T 1 1 1 1 I T"l r . .... , .
pended sentence conditioned on good
behavior for six years. The last
ny, of New York, has loaned in Ra
leigh and vicinity over ?7W,000 on
real estate. The loans have been
handled through the Raleigh Banking
and Trust Company.
Some silver fox pelts cost $750.
escapade is in direct violation of the
conditions imposed and Brewer is be
ing held in jail to be given a hearing
before the judge at the December
term of criminal court.
"1919 ...
. 20
. 50
... 11D
Historic Pageant At Dunn Fair
."Total 3 years 189
"1924 (lt6 mo.) 428
Liabilities. A unique feature of the Four Coun- ;
$5,131,8X7 ' ty Fair to be held at Dunn from Oc-
16.520,862 tober 7th to 10th will be "Children of
60,708,800 Old Carolina" a historic pageant de-
picting the life and progress of North
$72,361,049 Carolina from the time of settlement
of Roanoke Inland in 1587 to thel
173,027,776 present! There will be hundreds of
77,735,501 j characters recruited mostly from the
196,790,000 schools of the county under the dlrec-
. "Total 3 1-2 yr 1,669 $600,782,047
"Te summaiixe: Both in number
and in the aggregate of liabilities,
'. hank failures during the first three
, and half Tears of the Hsrdlnf-Cool-
trig admmkt ration exceeded by mere
, thaa eighr tiry-a those of the.laat
,: three veerr. et the seoond Wilson ad
sninistraUoti, although twe of those
years, .919 and 120, were neca
, : etroctioi yean, when bosineee hat
erda vera extraordinarily great and
whea . many fail area were ta have
1 mm nap I ait 1 . i . .
It sa chergN In the book that the
tion of Miss Ethel Rockwell, of the
University Extension Service. A num
ber of leading men of Harnett county
will take part, among the number be
ing Hon. Charles Ross, a son of Mr.
and Mrs. R. R. Rosa, of Asheboro.
Beaeita af DesseeraUc Tai Redact Ua
Millions of Income taxpayers have
profited by the present Democratic !
tax reduction law, wnicn was xorcea
through the Republican Congress and
grudgingly signed by Preaiant CeoU
idge after his feereterv of the Treae
ry and the leaden of hte party had
ecoeeed the measure' , for . ' man
Coolldire-Melloa leadership endeatr months. These income ' Ux -peyere
ered. In Ha program of tea reduction, . had a new proof oa September IS af
U pM a bill that would reduce the the benefit the new Iemocrati law
l"i of the rkh by hare pereen-1 grlvee them. They Will derive 'area
t . . the taws of the prr re ( larger advantage from it next year
7 ...i r-wriUfi!e. 1 nive'wha the normal rat an taxable In
! ' submitted te; times ef f.Ui and leea la red need
1 freme te t per aent. "-' , - I
us lrjr The tiww Wnwratle law makes a
r-f f.-it r"i'.ir'!i, of ii pT enl to tne
, ' t f V'rtur-9 tr- f ' t
About Tire Bare
t , .... w
W?T ba la the titt butlneM t long time.' ' ;
W hay read many "amarlnsif offert, :Xu)
' -'-'-,-.' i . i-"', -' .. .",
And Our experience U that tne one ture
" fire, dependable, Wdvquallty and low-cott
1 .'fJre bargain on tL market today it
. Goodyear Tire. ' '.' '
, Get our fnice and you wLl t! ink ao, too. ,
that itch between your toes and all
you get is temporary relief, irri
tated skin, sore feet and probably
infection from finger nails.
Swab those itching, maddening
spots with LICARBO and they will
disappear like magic Don't suffer
torture but gain comfort, peace, and
a calm mind by using LICARBO.
LICARBO takes the dynamite
oat of corns, callouses and bunions,
the fire out of blisters and tired,
burning feet And LICARBO cures
itching between the toes and all foot
infections. Treat your feet with
LICARBO and they will carry you
forever in comfort. Your druggist
has it Ash; lam for LICARBO
Asheboro. N. C
A Warm
No more cold trips to the basement
Mo more dressing in a cold roqnu
No more fires to build.
No more big fuel bills.'
ris absolutely air-tight and will stayairi
tight That is v?hy it is guaranteed
to hold fire for 36 hours .Without
And remember, every Cole's Hot
Blast Heater is guaranteed to con
sume one-third less fuel than arr?
underdraft stove of the same size.
This means money in yW pocket 1 v
Let us tell you more about this re; XJl
markable heater. '
Mebbro,.N. t
We Insure The Safety
of Your Investment
r't. '
Seekers forinbrtgage investments should consider
1 The reputation of the investment company for careful and conerva-'
, tite gelection.
- I ' , -4 . . V.'.' -i v. ''K
2 -f The fiaandaf strength of e company offering tuch ecuritlea for;V ti
-j tale or guaranteeing themv v.'.' ' ' - , ' " f
, , The Guarantee of the Central Loan k Trust Company . represents . i
i I'
Company . represents
O .'.'i'il.VJ'J.i'!).
, " We have these 4 Per Cent Coarantfd Tint Mortffag Deal Estate
Bonds for sale in denominatloni of f 100 and cp. 7; ' ' "3
! !
r j

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