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A'OL: I. NO.
ash ilk, n. c, I'khiii ahy
5VCif COPT 2 C1!S.
.1. M Kr i. i.itn,
V. W.HI, r.iTHK. j
Twenty cents for 1:.' monthly i--w--
Three copies fur O cents, j
fl'rial trip three issues for ecu's. I
Sample copies free j
Advertising rati- lower I halt the
I'or further information addrc-s:
Rnx .W. Ashevillc. V C. 1
(IrJ M Fi l i nt. ' (.,.'!. '..r f
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S'liirgestions hm In nvw departments j
ill is? carefully considered i
1'eriodical, Iteliirious. nii'l Soeie-
Mec, ing inserted free of charge.
l( wriiia no! natural in "not s-erinvi
jour mind and to know each o;hcr:
mi it- yoti! were tirst . ousiilctvd. and ,
in all credit to you, Mr. Paper, w rj
ha.- learned h way from your n-:
mark in which were never noticed!
is fore, and having treasure! my
nnswer io tills remark, ami I con- j
sidered a writer of note nhilily as a ,
pity mule of time. I o you even i on-
-ider me a friend of the be-l Kniilish
Manuscript in many forms liave
been U fore the puhlic in both books
i.nil pa(ers, ami yet il if a quest ion j
n- io how to lo when pleasing in!
NOW AND I'Hl-.N -The
present lime, even in Ameri
can society ih no! without fault,
although from habit caused by lung
ur.M.cia.lioii we dearly love it ti t do
we not at times forge! that we in
U ,.re (Wit the Sole C tl Si Oil i 111 S "f till'
v,r ues any more than of passing i
Ihiught. That our i p' ' r t-e-t ion
is a head ntnl shoulders above, and
Vcl more fair than any spot in this j
gloiions I ' rt i it. e would only re-,
:;,n,.i ourselves thai U-forc tlweur-;
rent c iiluries n wi re horn children j
w ho were an Innocent in their play an ,
u i precious darlings, and the prim
matrons anil maids eviilently enjoy
ed life an no rimiiiul or fiHil couM
have done. A jlL-i comparison
proves thai we are not separated ix
r. ! by the utirroweitt of chasms, we
can slutke bauds across, for one touc h
of nature makes, the whole world
kin, not ouly from the rivers to the
end.or the earth, hut from the hour
that tin bg t " ual" " Mna"
txi no more. ,
n ItaU Mm ultra proteaUuta not
prutuattkit agalnut error but cliam
piooa often for a aotil cramping creed.
Call one of their heroes the inorninx
tar of the reformation, whilst many
more talk of oue good man an if to
him alone belonged the honor, to
pread Hcrlptural hollneaa through
all the land. With them before Bouse
fixed dat the nation were morally
in worse than Egyptian darkneaa
until iheae cine with the "thus
ith the Lord," ud ereated foraootb
both civil and rellgioua liberty ; these
used the printing pr nd pulo
efTectively that a by miracle mat;
;rm Hti-ti Ii-il. in that through their
itci and tit'ri! mix.Ml somi'l iines with
prienlly cxtrav ayaiu-e, tin iier
nc h, i ;iine as the t'lirili'ii of the
l.oril, afnl accoriliiiK to their Helf-coii-stiiuicil
auihoiiiv one wo.ulil think
that prifslly Kilrnwa lo he i c'Hioi-eil
ihromrh tliem to tliiH sin curneil
Mow with fad in our iiosncfxion
we will fac:- the cnllHeiUelli'CH.
TriitliHeekern if not arrognnt alwayt
iiml ilieir nuesr. ( 'orneliiiM w il h
IVterV help herame ami enl'iKhteiieil
'li rint iati, anil o we ask, is not much
of the K'lt of our kc t lie result of
hypoi-racy anil oppression; t'hieao
w it h its hold push, hoi ils cons idera tile
and sorrow.: ilototi has not the
i leaii character mapped out as the
(' ini-oril 4iilosophej-s ; while New
York "iih llie Statue of Liberty
livhiiug the world," ils railroad
tcrmiiiii. its commercial center; has
in i'. men who would rule far from
honorable. This is true more or less
of the whole I'oanl ryside ; It is in
the same trouble mountaineers,
prairie fa'rmers, islanders and sailors
are not only barbaric, but often very
wicked, whilst on llie other hand
many reliable, clear chronicles tell
this slory : They praciioed u true
henrtciiiicss that lo-day is almost
unknown, whilst those holding
iiuho..iy were in many cases noiy
-idciate to their dependants, sharing
without necessity the luxuries of life.
Tliis liberal spirit was not confined to
the sick-room hut was hacked "hy
deep a bid i II u' frielldsll i. The sllbj cct
mailer of countless ballads that now
moulder in garrets and cellars, are
I a.-k time w orn rclect of that deirene
raf' ac. '
Science, literature and art were not
the crude vaporinga w e would think,
for much of folk lore before the time
of ( ohiiiibus is beyond the skill of
llut io-duy. Wizard Kdison, anil
some of the newest inventioiiH hold
principles: thoroughly understood by
Arabic fhahleaii and Kgyptiau
astrologers and soothsayers.
All the world knows that religion,
as it is practiced In many cases, is not
pure and undeflled, for if the fioiwl
has shattered many a pagan temple
In not the golden calf worshipped on
the stock exchange and ou the farm.
Do not some in the comly church
and elaborate ritual, rind their
thoughts to he like the Tool's eye
wandering to the very ends of the
earth, whilst the nearly forgotten ex
periences of our forefathers was
brimful rul I of Clod fearing? They
uned no truinHt to- advertise their
fame. No prayers were made in the
corners of the sheets, hut iu Christ
like behavior they were salt In social,
busiuesH and church circle, that not
only preserved the word but mani
fested God's approval In their time
honored lives. J. M. K.
Columbus was a map and chart
seller before setting out on his his
toric voyage, and hail isisiiive proof
of the existing of another continent.
The fitct Unit much of school know I
iilge in ibis ultra proKi-cssive age
belongs to the arili-ut youths or our
I u i on. we should st ill k now t hat many :
of our honored citiens are on the
stinnvside of slxtv. for the MheralHi
unselfish soul there is no undesirable
obl .,e from the ,,;,., R .
' J i
w e cull a few : Ihulstonc, n4 ; t'ap-
vive 4, DeOihhs ), liismarek Til,
Crespi Tri, Kmpcror Francis Joseph j
71, Sir II. 1'arkes 7!l, 1'ope Le X 1 1 1
7i, Kossuth IN), II. 15. St owe m'. j
Hannah Mose ,and John Wesley
when beyond si I could think at the
best of their lives. !
highest style of lovi
I lui t
that is the inore'w idclv diffused, and
so diffused brings about the best
results. On each of these, the child
ren and what we do for them actually
pays the best. Kor instance, suppose
it sage and a little child are mutual,
like a hoy and his grand-father, as
one unbending simplifies wisdom
to the comprehension of the others
childish fancy. The child drinks in
like Mowers do sunshine, to sensibly
grow- in inherent sweetness, a force
even fieyond the sage himself. Christ
tautrht profound wimlntn in the
sentence: "Out of the mouths of
"babes and sucklings Ood hath per-"
fected praise."
T A 11 Y.
Brougham entered quickly into
the room of his secretary, w ho hastily
put aside some papers that he was
Hrougham asked what it was.
" Nofhitig important, only a cTiild
ren's story
"All the more important," said
Hrougham, "for they can he more
henetUted by an efficient instructor."
ci.- i.-...,iiuj, m ,l,.feaieil in t lie
battle of Hastings in that the habits
of the oeonle shamefully drunk,
spread to the army and they became
they prey of an invader, whilst in
the later case, uotably through the
inculcation of tenieranee, a neces
sary virtue of vital piety, soherized
nil chiuMeM. even outside religions de-
nomluatiouismrand this broke the
tyranny of Naoleon giving the world
peae-j for full forty years.
Next Thursday, at the .ringing of
the Court Hoimr lirll there will be a.
talk on Prohibition. Kss?oially as to
itliocess and failure. A live speaker
who knows whereof he affirms will
Ladies esclally Invited. All wel-
Friends, If you are satisfied with
the tii.BANEB, "and wish to help a
good cause, send In jour subscription.
.!: DOTAL.
Some years no n rntlcman very
coHspicuoiiM in utiM'ary cirrtes sniu :
that no library was complete with
out a copy of, .1 cm' ..1 iirttytr
' and so Itt the Iioh that paprr may be-
l'l'""i"g and profitable; we pr..-
I" "' 1 fr"" this Held some fi-w.
1 items, that peradveiiture may leave
Ml sonic grains of wheat and even
; now and nualn a confectionary plum.
.lollS UltKIHT.
John Bright, the great tiaker
orator said 4 that if he had any svcr
over language, it Was from the fact
that until he was a man he bad
jfucver rt
ail a novel."
Stevenson's mother is very fond f
her story writing son, and gathers
into a grtat scrap book all that t!u
papers say of him. To a friend
recently she very sensibly remarked :
" You may praise him, you may abuse
li i in, it is all one to me if, you will
only notice him."
At one season, during the battle r
Waterloo, Wellington was left alone,
his ti ih -le m having been all
sent to different part of the i-b
Was sorely in need, of a messenger
and looked around very anxiously
when a gentleman' in civilian garh
rode up saying: "Can I lie of any
use, Sir?"
Wellington scanned him and aid :
" Yes, take this note to the command
ing officer over there,"" liintlng to a
part of the field where the fighting
just then was hot and fierce. The
gentleman went off, and through
excessive danger delivered the note
It was never known who the gen
tleman was. Youth's Companion.
lll.ACK ok w II ITK.
Rowland Hill, the well known
, witty divine of our grand-sire's time.
once publicly said: "I have been all
j my life trying to subdue that wlte
, devil A rmeniaiiitm, but from now on,
by the help of Ood, 1 intend to fiitht
and i' possible destroy that black,
devil A ntinoniitiniiim,"
On the Huon river, Tasmania, u
' K ' "romers atlon
were clearing their land. Suddenly
" Jatnen taiil lo Henry Jt you will
have your picture Just as you are 1
will pay for It."
"Done," said he, and at once iu '
torn clothes, and faces as black aa"
an African he took the boat some six
miles down to Franklin, and had the
best the artist could produce.
Would you believe It the cute pho
tograph was a 'new departure. Judgt d
simply on Its own merits it was
worth more than one hundred dol
lars, and It would. be an attraction at
any exhlqit even though at such cen
ters as Chvago, 8t. Louis or Vienna.

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