North Carolina Newspapers

VOL,. I. NO. 2.
ASK K VI t.I.F, X. ('., MtR(H , .
MOVI'FlliV tll.RANK.H,
.1. M. Ki't.t.FH, tHlrlrtr.
V. W.IHI', Km TOR.
Twenty rent for 12 monthly issues.
Three copies fur i rent
Trial trip three issues fT 5 rout".
Sample copies free
Advertising rates l"w" Mian the
For further Information address:
Ho SH Ashevllle, N ('.,
Or J rM Kl I I UK. V'lirirt'ir
Anti linninrM Milntiyrr.
Suggestions as to new departments
ill be carefully considered.
Periodical, Iteliginiis, and Society
Meetings inserted free of charge.
The Husiness Manager lias covered
himself w ith hniior, nml has person
ally mailed iimiiy copies of said work
of I.ikni copies of ptiper ami now aUiut
to filter the second ropy of his paper,
which will soon appear, the coming
Preparations art a foundation to
clear up the muss of the old and
make a clean record for the second
production. Having called upon
leading men who desire a communi
cation, it has been decided to wait
uou them, giving the Iliisincss
Manager time to lain pat.-r longer aa
some of the prominent subscribers
are -writing for the paper. It in de
wired' for an article to b written to
ease the pain on the Manager with an
much relief ax possible.
No cause to complain nays the
Manager, for my actions will speak
louder than wo r tin. It seems, how
ever, many papers and other reading
matter have been written In many
Feneration. How are they conducted
aa a rule. Hiinple, but little satisfac
tion to our estimation. Know It is
hard to compare less when, one tlxed
lKth for writer and reader, it can be
u uderstood.
Ion't buy unless you cuu have the
money, for delays are daugeroua.
Our Gleaner says ao If you do not.
J. M. V.
0b, Almighty Dollar, our acknowl
edged governor, preaervvr and bene
factor? We desire to approach tbae
on. this and every other oecaaloB with
the reverence which It due to super
.ior excellence and tbe regard which
hall ever be cherished for exalted
Almighty Dollar without thee in
this world we can do nothing, but
with thee we can do all things welL
When sickness lays Ite paralysed
hand upon -us thou are there to pro
vide for ua the tenderest of nurses,
the most skillful physicians, and
when the last struggle of mortality is
over and we are borne to the last
resting place of the dead, thou canst
provide a baud of musloand a mili
tary escort to accompany ua thltbsr,
aud at the last but not least erect a
monument of a magnificent structure
Sj itmmw
over our graves with a living epitaph
to perpetuate our memory. And
while here in the midst of misfortune
and temptations of life we are per-
h.ij accused of crime ami brought
before the magistrate, thou Alnijghty
Dollar, canst secure us and feed the
lawyer or bribe the judge, or pack a
jury and we go scot free.
He with us we pray thee, alt the
decimal parts fr fioti art the one
altogether lovely, and th chief
among the ten thousands.
We feel that there Is no condition
in life when thy patience is not felt
in absence. How gloomy Is the
household, and how desolate is the
Hut then Oh, Almighty Hollar, is
with us how gleeful the beefsteak j
sings over the gridiron; how gentle1
and genial Is the warmth that of
ant h.rai-ite coai or the hickory wismI !
utilises throughout me apartip, "iita.
and what an elixir of joy continues
to swell iti every bosom Through -
out the joy of our youth and the
solace of old age thou canst adorn the
gentlemen and feed the jackass ; thou
art favored, or the philosopher and
! the ideal of the lunk head. When
l.lctio., are to be carried. Oh, A1.
mighty Dollar, thou art the min
potent argument of politicians and
; demagoges, and the umpire who de-
I cides the testa. Almighty Dollar thou
art worshipped all over the world;:
, th m has no hipofrltes to thy Temple
i or no false hearts at the altars. Kings
! ha, l" -'r thee and .11
" , " . . 1 rl
the civilized and the savage alike,
with unfeigned and unfaltering affec
tions. We can lean towanls thee as
handmaid of religion and the twin
sister of Calvary, aa well as charity.
Oh, Almighty Dollar, be with ua
wc beseech thee; attend by an irre
pressible number of thy ministering
Angela made in thy own Image, even
though they be but silver quarters
and dimes, whose gladenlng light
shall illuminate with Heavenly raid-
ance which break forth in the excla
mation of joy.
Almighty Dollar thou art the guide
of our footsteps and tbe goej f our
living, guided by the silvery light we
hope to reach the golden gate aid
triumphantly enter while hands gen
tly sweep, the guide harpe aa we
enter the golden streets.
Almighty Dollar, thy shining face,
bespeak thy wondereue power. In
my pocket make thy resting place;
I need thee every hour.
And now, Almighty Dollar, In
closing this Invocation, we realise
and acknowledge that thee was the
God of our grandfathers, the two
fold God, of their afalldreo, ad the
three-fold (tod ef their ehUdren.
Permit ns to peiesis thee In akwiu
danee, and all the various exeeUeace,
la our constant and wllliag prayer.
i. m. r.
Friends, if you are satisfied with
the Glbankb, and wish to help a
good cause, send In your sobserlpiioa.
tat.MKR Hoi SK.
: - -a
rv i. watcom KrTi Kii, ks.j.
To Vo,i, our worth editor,
We address 'these simple line",
To congratulate a 'writer,
The greatest of the times.
Cpon the marvelous success
Of the recent publication
Of his paper, "The Monthly flleaner,"
Now read throughout the Nation.
Tis wonderful to think of it,
Twas published a week ago
With a circulation of Mfiy.
It has charmed the public so.
Hut why should we express surprise.
When stamped on every page
Is the eloquence of poetry.
The wisdom nf the sage.
Hesidos, think of rhe Manager
His (M.wi rful depth of mind
A'"". "I able assistant,
1 Are they not two of a kind '"
! We wish this paper much success,
Rnt suggest to these great men :
iThcy publish this sheet quarterly,
r Ami the public says Amen.
But to you, our generous friend,
. With gratitude we turn,
T """T"" T th" 'l."-
! V h'"h "r ',,,,h bur""
Thy puna, orations ami music,
These never fail to charm ;
Though we dejlghf tn i-ase. thee,
Of course. we mean no harm.
ThnB 8rt th t af .
I Ami when we pensive seem.
Thy presence and bright remarks
HUla each forget his theme.
A ad lastly, noble editor.
. So say tbe ladie all.
Thou art divinely handsome
If thy comely head is bald.
Nero was a singer with a baritoue
voice, which was weak and hoarse.
He could play on the kltharm, hydaul-
ic organ, chone flute and hag-pipe.
but was never a tiddler, Hmttotmiu.
Toe female parte in our theatres
are often taken Up by men, and so
the riduouloua ideas of beauty are
lu part a simple deception.
It is Impossible (or any artist in the
United SuUee la ft good results la the
study of nature, for the whole atmos
phere of the country la against true
art. The only hope in to those Inter
ested to go abroad to live. Hubert
In tbe Georgia penitentiary of the
m eonvieta now serving neuUaoes
37a are below the aire of eighteen
years ; thlrty-eix per eeat of the
whole MUBher are iiliw the age of
twenty years; eighty under ftfleea;
forty under fourteen: tweoty-eevea
under thirteen ; Oft sen under twelve;
two under eleven, and one ten year
ef nge.
i TH K
Some years ago' a gentleman wry
conspicuous in liter: ry circles c,i.
'that no library was complete with-
Ht 11 iwtv of Icri' t .,'.,n' "
Isntl so in the hope that paer may be
more pleasing and profitable we pro
mse to cull from this field some few
items, that eradvenf ore may leave
if some grains of whenf ;nd .n'crt '
now and again ;t confectioimry ptiito
W'K irk M l. i KH IO MI'
The I'ar of Hussia wns guest
Eileen Victoria, Kngland. ami inns'
needs visit the world famou Hillings
gate tlsh market, A (sirter -iuinlIed
agfttitsf His Highness, soiling. ins
clothes. A imipous attcudttiit scniil
el the man, tn,l asked iiini if; iic
knew- lhat lie trad iiwulteil 'iici
of all lbs RusMutiiM. To witi.-li ,:'.,.
riiTTier lillinily replied: 'We ,rc i'
liar's here. '
c rmi.niTV,
A goHl story is told'tiy II MtHre, .if
a lady ever in great 'ompalnf as lo
the worries of the household, inyiiig
all the blame on mother Kve. Her
husland, a shrewd, generous-iiearicl
man, told her that the .text day U.e
was going to have some sfweiai
friends Jo dinner, and that, lid not
mutter, an he was going to have ii!
prepared ikI sent 'ver from asiifa.i
joining retail rant. She intiat lot.
hiwver, touch one of the dislie
Just liefore the guesta entere,! th"
room there was uit noias in tlio
dining-room, and lu came her hus
band and ail to find that as she lifted
the forbidden cover out rtew twenty
four veritable black birds, tliat were
being i hasci all round the room, to
the confusion of everything, includ
ing the breakage of china, arid the
tearing of curtains, We trust this
cures! the good dame's grumble, and
made her a wiaer, and we trust, not
s sadder woman.
Samuel Johnson was once taken by
David Garrick over his luxurious
home. After he had had the severs
parte pointed out, he replied : "David,
this ie all very well, but such sights
and see nee only tend to make death
bade terrible." '
Once Nicholas) Lsswjrworth, of Cln
elnnaU, wa introduced te H. W.
Longfellow, "of Caoi bridge, was re
plied In Pope's famous line: Worth
makes the man, and wnna, ef l the
hUow." Thin in euppaeed ta bo the
best repartee on record.
a acannr intwuin,
"If Kve had ainaed aasi Adam had
not," naked n little girl af her psjaeor.
"what would God have da.
"I suppose God would haye given
him another wife," wan the reply.

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