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A"..1 jf'VfLLE, N. C.
vol. i. isro. 4.
ASHKVII.I.K, N! -., M A Y -II, s(l.
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Hox S4i,. Asheville, N. ('.,
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;ll !. ref ii 1 ly c
new departments
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W".- w h. i mourn his loss- still live;
'ut the best are alw a s taken and the i
jKHtrcr one are lefu
As to the tribute to this man rani
...i.. ... ... .i i..,i i.iii.. l.v imh i,,.! ;
fromih- iuf-.rnialioii r.-.-t-ivetl fn.m
ii i ..i., .i..... ,.,;;.. fr,.iii tiww.
t'Klt'I llfU'if win" tiwu. v and known him.
we call say lie" wTIs a statesman, a
scholar, n -oldier and a Christian as
well a- a -enalor. We shall miss
"irrnr The good deeds he has done in
pa-i life should be a model to all
ttic. know him.
He w as rellgtous i bl work. Xr
i .oil a lone and not for man's opinion-.
He-was a mini l lived out his
three score and ten years the nearest
to perfec t ion of any man We ever
knepw as a senator.
His attentions in war were manlike
atcl capi.i-lc to slick up lor his conn-'
i r with that quietness of muniier in
I, is regiment with most hurdshiis of
anyoue there and yet never did he
f neh one duly of any account from
me i me he' entered uijlil he came
y have had strong templa
te !!- u. do evil, ! ike some of us, who
;iu visionary in our minds, hut yet
m-judgment was so keen as to hold
i an to thut point of trust that he
. aine victoriously as well as heroicly
through it all and today is io his last
sting place with the devout and we
ure left to mourn his Ions. No parent
. -..ifld feel more sad on account of the
l.-atli of a child than we do today,
hu niji4eeling that is anything else
but rfplranifcjl one" on this occasion
and should he "come back to us aud
say to us, will we be us much thought
if as be was if we had lead the life lie
hud iu our Uvea like this ?
Look' at thut Miiuut chair ut the
table. Why iu black? - We never
ordered it such and did lie do it?
and the chair is. iu accordance to
HiB UrOfioii, heavily craped and uo
one to till it like the oue who is now
gone aud the rooms where his no
dal family aud friends lined to sit are
are not there now. The spirit has gone
and we shall aee him no more. Wife
aud children feel if they were
homeless as they walk nliout our
streets dressed in black in memory of
the loved one whom they cherished
lias been taken from them and they
shall see him no more.
Let u be careful how we live ho
t hat when our call shall come we may
be found ready to go. We know not
when nor the day nor the hour but It
will come sooner or later.
Our dead senator was only sick for
a short while ' mid he was the only
man who was found ready to die of
any we have heard of in some time.
He really finished his work here
below and left nothing undone but
his tsnrtu tonf buried in Ahv4Uiv
April IT, I RIM.
Virtue will
While fuller
reward lu-f
w ill -taml
Whv th men
k h ighcr rh'es for
ln-vond their reach
article when
m Hi omniumO-.
!tfCHU-f ilu-v art nl -atili
I with
""'"d they ' .vs sW
Low prii
and big w a;
nimand bin wages
not always estimate
hie; value.
What can we do with our American-
out of business, w ho nlallll about
the Square'.'
Make them work amfkecp TTie side
walk clear for ladies w Hi le shopping.
What can be done to support the
community ?
Put our boys in business or stores or
schools and charge moderately to the
teachers aud bosses of the associat ion
Want a headman for our drivers
to strangers in town us well as
for L'eneral Information, this builds
up a country and people stay Here
Where are all our enterprising mcu
of character aud sound judgment
gone '.'
Never had any.
Oue of our distinguished music
men known a Charles (iauard has
an instrument iu piano form having
the slides in such a way as to make a
w riting desk -beneath the keys.
Mr. Oanard used to Coinose music
on one side of the room. Near him
was a bookcase containing many
books of Ida liking, lie was certain
to point out to his visitors a inuu-1
uscript of Mozart. His home was iu
fit. Cloud, near Paris, and his mother
ued to be occupied in oue of these
rooms. He neeins childish In behav
ior. Fred Roberts, bod of Captain 11. M
Roberts, died at the Van Gilder houae
Thursday evening at three o'clock of
lung trouble. Young Roberts wan an
exemplary young man, the idol of his
parents and a favorite of all who
knew blm. We regret to chronicle
his untimely deatb.
The illeaner takes pleasure in pub-I'tshU'ig-iii
this issue to its thousands
of reader-, I lie picture of its Business
Manager and I'.ditor, M r. J. M. Kuller.
Mr. Kuller w as born in New York and
lived in that great metropolis until a
few vears avro, w hen he came South
.Mid look up his abode in this city. He
might, if he chose, be a "gent leiiinn of
leisure," but he has too much energy
and enterprise to be u drone In this
bustling, hustling. bus world ; and
t his is w hy he is pushing the fortu lies
of the .Monthly tileaner, and .it in-
worthy of note that the paH-r uuder
his management is on the highroad
vo-suisce-v J!.'i'V.U'fstlnesai.mHe has a
wide reputation as a writer anil has ft
host of friends North and Hotith who
will be glad to learn of Ills succesrfand
his prospects iallietield of journal
ism. As he is yet young and has abil
ity beyond his years it is expected
that his future life will be one of great
success and usefulness.
Mr. Fuller Is mi, exceedingly ullia
blc and sociable gentleman, and
makes friends among all classes of
people, w hile and colored, rich and
poor alike, aud everyone, without ex
ception, Join in the wish that future
years uia' add to his fame as writer
and that his newspaper may grow to
be oie of the great journals of the
We will miss our good f l iends-ilr.
aud Mrs. M. Franks and their daugh
ter, of Baltimore, Md., who have been
at the Van Gilder house at Aslieville
for eight mouths past. A more charm-
Inir party we uever knew. Our editor
aud friends who know them report
their departure and will remember
them to enquiring friends.
A CompaCUor fur th Vlcllaut.
Ntfw York, May 31. A cablegram
from Paria to The Herald wye: Baron
Robert P. Oppenheim hat placed with
one of the Ant yaoht balldlnf fir mi of
France an order to prepare plana for
tul recina- cutter. The boat Is peciallj
intended to try eonelaeiona with the
Britannia. Vigilant and Valkyrie. It U
aid that the new jeont will eost 100,-Uuu.
The corner stone of the 'oufederate
monument to be built in Kalelgh waa '
laid a few days ago. The day wan a
memorable one, and the excercises
were Interesting.
I The Seventh Day Adventists, a part
of whose crevd is to observe Saturday
as the day of rest; are energetic in try
ing to build up their society in West-
' urn "Vrirl Vi I 'urol i n
The American Protective Associa
tion, which claims for its object the
protection of American institutions
from Cathopc encroachment, is now
sprcniling-ba-tliii South. 1 1 lm. I,u
active in many northern cities for
quite a while.
The large majority of coal miners
all over the count ry are out on. a st rike
to force the mine owners to adopt a
uniform rate of wages throughout the
' Akjjed States. Coal is getting scarce
but as yet no one can predict w hether
the miners ill winnrlo-c.
l-'orly-eiglil out of t'he
counties of Went Virginia
have ex-'
coal area
tensive coal beds. In
there are three veins raiiu'ilii.' from
three to ten feet thick: In propnrt ion
I to area that Slate has more (iiau
any oilier in the I nion, or erhaps
any smiI of like size iu the world.
111? beef sugar Industry of the West
and Northwest has developed rapidly '
for the pasl three years. Hcvt growing
for sugar makicg is fu-w experiment
among our farmer-, but it is claimed
that it has proven a great success and
is one of the most remunerative crops.
France, Germany; Austria and other
foreign countries have been growing
sugar beets for.iiuinv years, and a very
large art of the sugar product of the
world is supplied by these countries.
It is a mistaken idea lo suppose, a-
many do, that practically all our sweet
ening is made from the juice of the
tropical cane.
When the Legislature of South Car
olina enacted the dispensary law all
ol her liquor statutes were repealed
That law was declared unconstitu
tional only so far as it gave.lhe State
the right to buy aud sell intoxicating
liquors. .The balance of the act was
held to be valid, and as a 'consequence
South Carolina is under absolute pro
hibition, aud Governor Tilliuau is en
forcing the law as .only he can do.
And now the boys wlu wauled to
slake their thirst w ithout registering
as a drinker and takiug an original
package behind the barn or iu the
woodhouse, can't alack it at all unless
they run the blockade or leave the
State. This was certainly a case of
Jumping from the frying uau into the
The average growth of the finger
nail is about an inch a year.

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