North Carolina Newspapers

JVOL. I. 1STO. -4.
ASHKVILLK, N. '., JCN'F, J, lVi.
I lovely marriage fif Mr. Me-
. ami Miss Maggie Hlwli-
) solenuiixed by many happy
faces ami friends from the I'reshy
t. ran cluireh, Ashevllle, N. '.. at I
p. in. of Juue Uth Inst lt'4. l.y Rev.
Mr. Campbell pastor. Ami among
the throng f witnesses way Kdltor
J. M. Fuller f .New York, ami his
friend Mr. A. Hubert. Mr. F. is
editor of the Monthly Obancr, pub
lished in t lint city, ami by upeeial re
quest lie was asked to publish the
wedding which wan itiite a coinpli
nieiit to the editor no doubt a- he was
a rising young innn in our in b lut,
and fronr a birds, eye view, lie gathers
it-fTWTTotes1 n wh tidrfre" a jn ihr
happy eouple united in holy wedlock,
1 lie knot well fastened, never to he
unfastened between lod mid man a
long ini tliey live.
'Pile viiuntc eouple were well match
ed and looked very tine. The eroom
Homewliat taller ami well proportion
ed in Ilia size. The wife rather
slight, with medium height, prettily
! reused and in good taste for travel,
not hinjr gaudy or loud, hut n nice
brown dress, hat, gloves all to match,
as near as tlie editor could see from
t he back part of the church hh he was
a liltb- lute, but saw enough to anth
er u few notes for bin paper. The
happy couple left for Washington,
!.('., on" the J o'clock train, where
they will spend their honeymoon
trip, and oiihths will jeiiirn to
Asheville. where they will make it
tiieir lfol!!e. .Never have 1 teen a
I line on tin- Marl iy- our editor, of
n new in. irt icd. couple thai was more
leal than a marriage life and if I
coilld have bill one rr.lli -l. I should
I ii- happy, a ml thai i- lo have all
marriageable da s eiib-, riith! and
! i ce a lid 1IH i e on as -Weellv a- the
d.i I io,,k her. Hut there i- oife
I h i in' lack i tig and thai is read hie--,
in all i t perfect ion, thai k-ocs lo
luake up a. lovely marriage through
life. .Mainly capital, good report,
reputation and true women. Not for
their money merely, but mine, for
omen shouhh-ksivc their ow n, and
do as they I i ke, for lnan it is under
stood is to keep life ut'iiillC as long as
lie lives, lid L'in- In their ics the
surplus. lali lla- all idea that all I-la-quired
of tbciiV; for woman column
is low and her money alone. Not o.
We niusi .-.ui-ider beallh, -upporl,
ami loving tricitds, then money.
A general idea have we not seen in
. our inn ice of writers of the age
that men may hold the reins, hut it
lakVs lllc wnlllcll to ilriu- ihelll.
This is so t liesc days, for were it not
for the real inn of society, and talk,
: and llow els, or panic, or courtship,
or marriage as we have seen today.
V bat would mini do w ithout women,
or women without man. Iluve we
ml found cither sex hm.-t-ome with
out each other's society.
Women ought never go out
ulolieat liight, not ev en W illi number
less of women. Man in not content!
alone, and some times feel tired with
hi fellow man and has a delicacy
forewoman's company. A writer of
the time days, if compelled to (five
up hi daughter, rather liestnw her
to man w ithout money, sooner than ;
money without the man. And so
would any other one. Yet editors
says rases are different in the start
ing point of young couples of today,
and yet if appears easy "to say, yes I'll
take you for my ow n, not stopping
there, for things will come up In life
of a married home that a last ex- 1
First a home, next taxes,, church,
ideas, we and our neighlwus, nnd last
blJijioiJejuaJiaJiJ arrival.) We are
then ready to live.
Oh men and women, be careful and
watchful, now have we come before
the world for every minute counts to
the end of time in life, and when our
last day on earth shall come, may we
be found ready to lay down and die.
May the blessings he upon all the
newly married eouple, rest on Mr.
and Mrs. McDowell.
Best man, W. K. Heston.
Names of urshers: Mr. A. Rankin,
K. Smith, I. Alexander, J. Wagner.
No brides .maids.
The church was distinguished by
friends and acquaintances of bride
and groom: -ome unknown to the
editor who saw ii all.
Wei Id i ug now ,
Wedding no more.
I have taken her, thai world never
new before.
ho is hi. I a-k-l no more.
ol"K XKW I I T.K..V
Ib re i- a man from I'iLT-liiire; ;
l'enn.. by birth, but moved ., Phila
delphia in his you lie; da s ,,f t hood
and is now in our mid-l with w is, loin t
from mi high to lower ii:ti:-oli n '
such a manner as to write for our
baby paper only three months old on
the behalf of ij- father who is all
.editor, and help bring mlo -uvula-tiou
beyond his pou er. i
Our child Mr. C. has lately ie
among our midst for health ami air
of this delightful climate that has'
helped him so much, and he lias now
settled down after a month's dura-j
t ion. arid i a ken a Iposit ion known as
the A-dn-v lllc Milling Company, j
lle-ptiid- Ids hasure hours as a1
w ritcr from my back beyond my
nature, and I as an editor with due
respect for bis highly success eoill
commend him to the Cleaner, airrt"
hopes he may have every advantage 1
of success Tor the good cause while
in our midst. i
Very I'riily, I
M o s 1 1 1 1 I i I K n u.
Kl'IIO. i
So great is tlie echo in one ot the ;
rooms o.t tlie f'aulheou that if one-.
strikes his hands together il will
make a noise equal to a U-pouud
cuiimui. Scientiric American.
1 '
IV A 1,1'MP.
To our remembering- Hunt.
We come in a lump
On the threshold of life.
We need her in life,
As tlie same young girl Mamie
With Kave of Branch,
She cherishes Blanch,
To help at her sides.
With men nf such pride-
This irrasistable Miss Hunt.
The wheels of her carriaife,
How merely they explore.
As a-wheel within a wheel she
but when at a time,
frfEe fashion' divine r
And branches to divine,
We are sure to set Mamie Hunt.
Attached on behind.
ft is not an uncommon thing.
To heron the wing
From her merry mouth spring,
Young chap that the thing.
At Kvering Branches, has bew iching glances.
When the soda water prances
Right beside the gents wing.
1 eau never discover
By some way or other ,
Which hunt up tlie spring.
W illi the soda fountain su-:ng.
The w heels of Mamie Hunt,
t omiug on a spring to
Ia-h away The n euu.
hlefi is getlera!! seen.
I III A shev i I Ie sf reel scene ;
A eiiarm now Matnie.
i - rea ! mean.
.1 M K
The elloppl ng up of 1 Ii i .1 oilit
mlo o many : n -i itti i tican t and dis
tinct nationalities is i :iv.i: ,;;
tiah'. tii't re:li! i a-i s n '. . ' i ; e 1.1,1-1-ol
the iieic to,- nf h u 111 an i . i;
fcr liaircl, ;cal,u-y and other -it' -mr
1'iiser pas-ions. The rathe:- --umiu-ciit
upon jjrooil hciiavioi- !io-.- ;,!h' t!"
wiser 11 would be to igrce to drib-ion
iViore e--i-uriais. and he .TimuatiV
helpful on the auspicious ruuire iiiai
muv -oottilawu upon, uti i-;-o-mhi
ami fateful world. Were this Imic hi-art of lnimatiity wo.ii.l
la-soon olut ion : .ed and each in-1-
Illclll V oil hi enroll lele rapid 111'! -oi: i
ailvauces in this njaiiy-siiled and
progressive, lite. True tins wouel .b--stro
much of lu-ro worship, but on
Us nearer approach to th truth, an
being the- greater giaid for the greater
number, the better times already
here would bring bigotry ami disocl
any excuse for iguorauce as to either
duty or khow ledge.
1'tov uu-hilisms and local habita
tion are fast leaving us, aa the. broth
erhood of man is i usisted on. When
thin is proved to be desirable and
practical theu must I'uum to pass a
general yearning for that happier
lime when iu sho federation of A uni
ted world, uuder the great Creator,
law-abidlug shall Mud thai
really earili'aud heaven are-one.
l ast February the initial numlier
of the 1 lea tier was isutd when .1
geiwroiis putdic, not knowinif our
pfirMi. ipiestioncil the wi-iom of
the new venture, hut our improved
numbers since then has made it
plain that in our desire to instruct
and amuse, we had riRht to live
hence our increasing success.
With commendable promptness
Mr. J. M. Fuller has thrown time and
money into the enterprise and look
for a suitable return in both the ad
vertisers who have' patronized his pa
per, and also the subscribers, that
shall be more than henertted for th
small price asked.
Address. .1 M F: 1 i Kir
Rox (, Asheville N I
A few years since generai iilentioti
was .-ailed to the gross 1 nintor a i ; t v if
the Louisiana lottery, and verv soon
auiidst general r'probatiuii ,t died,
past the hope of being again resur
rected ; and to-day an attack s Ss
nig made upon the gambling lull ie--ointianies
i-vrv Horse race. s() mu. u
so that Lord RoMetierrv -v ii-iit -if
tins year's Iierhv nas dechled to ,uit.
the biisim'ss. uei-aiise -if :lus ao-
w bolesouie --liaraeier '..' -noraiiv ni in,- ,iorb ,f
-J ohu ' 1 as 1 hi . f lie rf h e.s , ....
I'll ! ; -Ol' I'd
The ncr -a-.'-! .lemaml -. 1. iml
; iron, ootu for iioji-eio.i.l ,. ;..,
f.ict.l'-riig --ii-i -i.i- . ;-,,
i lo 1 u -1 rial '-en li-r -f 1 1 ! 1 - I - 1 1 , - s.
11 'a,-i -lur-'iu- ine a-i- riai'- r -i t
- ..nt 11 r - ! :i,-i . .t , . , - :
.and mi tin . v .-ui,. n i - iii.i a -i-::ia-i.
:.:: ' i -' !,-. Ii;n,-e 1 ; ,
.- -. . Hl.l Hie 11. ml I real: -I ' ..- s
.1 Hiai'N' so ' 1 ! lie i I -o : 1 , ;
"lopmcii 1 in 1 -in .,', , . . -,.
: he pi. 1 1011 . ,r ,-a pir.ii in,) 1 -r n
1 jiiqi e ai 1-0 riii n -in,- ;
I. II lllll -Oi I ;,re-,,., : I , .
We are sor'-y -o -ie tr ,-t -i i,i-s
"-( n.-iid ( r. Kdv 1 11 ' -l-l- n v 11 been 111 in .1111.3-1 ;.e.-i .. -isi
June I it h lj-i, t-iirniiit- '-.!- -i.ron-
-hn-k-. I'-lll! :--;!h- ,.,! ,i;i.-r
Lai t)U -1 ; 1 , 1 1 -1 !E ;",'(-. ".. .lellil lrv
much if In? i-all rare away ffolil ' lo
siitiv .-suttli f,, long, tn, in.t.e
. ui 1 lid will be favoi-ahl v impressed !o
.-otn' bai-k on the nii.,i:-.- -t. -it.-moment
for .another w hum
We will miss you Will , iia. n,
come back and retrace your ra
The, prices on Japaucsc varus u
Shanghai mid tiling Kong afi- (n-luw
Maueliester aud bom nay rates. Tim
Mikado's country is doubling us ma
"hiuery every year. It lias now
tieai ly aa largo an output . a.- Haiuu
vliuavtta. Male operalJves get K4.J
cents a day aud feutale s cents. Hus
ton Commercial Rulletiti.

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