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VOL. I. NO. 8.
smote corr 2 OTS.
') EUttr W. Si' ft. tif ittfk
Solemn, bald, and specs f shining,
Conscious of liis ftinuy art.
ut.inrtn the man who, letters s)
Write? It. N., biii) think It smart
And the chandeliers' Unlit" glisten
On hi bare sknll like a star,
And the folk- who to liirn lltmi
Itllnk at KawncllfTn Hopsodar'
Joke a-rracking. 't a-plitting,
Yarn diluted, yarns retold,
'minf(, going standing, pitting,
Well are worth their weight In gold
His the ie 1 which most amuse
Village girl and count ry swain,
He n the darling of the Muse,
He, foraooth, and Mark are Twain.
When a tale his public tickle,
Ilia the glory, hia the price,
If it pays, he never stickles,
But just tells it over tvrlce.
Who could count the countless pages
Scribbled by his fecund iUill'.'
hetnuu have liecn known forages
What then, Hill's bill if they till?
Come what may, e'en things terrific.
Chimney tire on Frenchbroad bend!
Hc'a as brave a he's prolific: ;
His hair will not stand on end. ' Clem of Mother Nature, '
Shrine of woods and views an t hills,
I'ride thyself on such a feature,- "
lie s the Niftiest of the Hills.
Keep and honor him forever,
l'et him, litiiicoinbe, 'live or dead,
It will pay thee, but lcik never
I-or a crop on audi a head.
lint her let thy sun's bright glory
On ita polished surface shine,
Or to shade Its glaring Ivory,
Mountain laurel do entwine,
(ioldenrod and periwinkle,
Flowers plenty, flowers more,
And, 'twill make the Hard's eye
J list a sprig of Hellebore!
Asheville, N. ('., Aug. 1 t-'.M.
Mr. William Nye :
Dcak Sir, It is with pleas
ure to write you a vote of thanks,
upon your heartfeltness to a young
editor who has lately sprang up.
in ways of distinctness of charySl
ter, while my pen and paper is ev
er reaehing to the manly art of
'fame and fortune, ease and com
fort that thewwld hag- not seen
While many a young man has
not the gift of editorship, as they
don't know how, nor even care to
learn, like I did? To think of me
being classed and so-distinguished
and known a first class journal
ist, under you is remarkable f What
knowledge I have has been taught
by myself, alone , and a" to how I
am to express word enough to
coyer the most sincere thoughts or
become a writer like yourself, for
what yon have done for me.
frf think for a moment of he-
coming before the New York
World in beyond what I had never
expected! I take it with joy to
know that you hail the advent of
my becoming known t the world
as the editor of the Monthly filean
er, published here in Asheville, and
that you commended it highly,
and while reading which f thought
it a very great compliment.
Please accept my thanks a an
editor, as well as stranger to you.
and may he in years to come ami I
am willing to learn from, and con
ceive of you as my ideal friend,
having the knowledge in such a
manner found in works of Nature,
thoughts and responsibilities to
beconis a leader of the times. Once
more permit me to thank you and
I have a feeling for your
sincerity m me as it stranger.
knowing I am weak man but will
no douh strengthened in year to
come and learn to know many
beautiful words of expression that
may simalize to such an extent as
to a question than do the two Edi
tors rival? of this generation? to
be eompaircd to some of those who
were before us, now dead and gone
Now in Ioiiiig my invocation, sir.
in h word, allow me to say. if the
paper gets on with as much inter
est as she does now, and we are
spared by him who is above all.
allow me to commend my heart
and hand, to the most devoted ed
itor known as Willian Nye, of to
day. Very resp. yours,
J M. Fuller.
Ed. Monthly Gleaner
The Battery Park Dance of Aug.
IT, was visited by one of our
distinguished writers knywn as an
editor of today..
Numerous people from all over
the state seem to flock in heaps
from every place Carolina and hex
southern brethern and maids that
could be found.
. About sixty couples in the danc
ing array were on the ball room
floor and decked in the highest
colors of dress trimmings found in
dry goods of the ladies de
partments in man cities. The
large proportion of the dancers
were availing themselves fn many
fancy motions with the heeland
toe had to take many a weary
traveler many a weary mile
around and across the room in
which the exhausted traveler was
glad enoligh for a chair at the con
clusion of the dance.
Our dance was opened by a hen
party most all elderly ladies though
married were hissing to a great,
troubling goose in their midst who
had strayed away in the wrong
house. It was very amusing t
merry making party as well as the
bystanders and side ball rooms ,s
a sight anywehre from one end of
the world to the other but yet. it I
is not an uncommon thing, for
fresh roses of our ladies who re-
semble them of brilliant a night !
must soon fadeaway in thesprink- '
ling hours of midnight when they!
should go home to have .1 night's
rest. The contrasts of the many1
colors of dreaes that night which
v:is dazling to our editorial eye.
while the" great Northern iights of
electricity above him outshone him
so that ile had difficulty in remem
bering (lis mind to take notes. '
The number of dresses worn were1
none alike in ihades of color hut
each lady had some color of the'
rainbow The fair skin and gloves
along side of square neck and low
buck of our fair ladies there were
points of scissor murks that could
. traced to perfection. Yet la
dies us well as old ladies know how ,
tfv-y (ant their toilet to keep up
in height of fashion and pride
there can he bnt littie said but any
judgement can say that high neck
costumes for ladies t preferable to
a man of good, taste than so much
exposure of the cuticle. It does
not make any woman handsomer as
it would if she were clothed prop-
The German Dance was an art
by by-standrs and to oar editor
was a curiosity as be had never
seen one before. Just think of the
number of mile one has to travel
for a simple dance, which is equiv
alent to s walk from the public
square in Asheville to the depot
and back by short cut at a rate of
several mile an hour. As an il
lustration show me man or a wo
man out tvt walk for pleasure
trip and go from Court square '
the end of I'ntton Ave. How many
would do it? Wlie.n- before we got
half way. our mind would become
given up and we return. Hut let
us have a dance at tlie I'nrlc and
you will soon Tieve a crowd.
Battery Park dance us Mnsieril
is a success no doubt like most
other places as people know they
can Siave a good time as there will
lw eating which everybody iikes to
go for especially and also social
enjoymont. But let u leave hnv
ing nothing to eat and the men
without segars and drink, what.'
time there' would be 01 the jjxrt if
lur editor says thai he can not.
give but a few remarks but we
think he has made the best report
er we have ever had yet. People
have a way, says the editor) I ov
er rating themselves alter becom
ing warm after dancing; t!iv seek
for fresh air. eatoh obi and !
doubt .become sick. in dining
rooms iltey become unconscious
while eating and talking -o mucu
to their friends, especially to .neo
of tunes while eatlhg ami i '-'eii
I y get through and 40
daneing. and m it woiidc:- hey
are sick next day. simply " beea-use
our digestive process uuv not.
ehuncii to work. - WHv does a sunn
or woman go for a window u sit .0
a draft when warm and Uu u e l
cold and may be either Little ae.'ics.
ami pain set in. Was 11 not. from
dancing? Yes.
Dancing no doubt w is a n
hut like all places it is ,ine the fol
lowing :
Of ail who dance "t Battery FarK.
I rather dance with him.
None line that evening spam
As her.
You have so many men in th' world
But none they say Ukcuiu,
Our Women at the Prk aiine
With all their colors on.
But whom can man set apneb
Is not the girl for me.
Men they say are well lined
But, Battel y the cane.
For all tve seen 'tween man fc buyv
There's not girl left for mo.
Our editor tood hi stand
And ran hi eye o'er and o'er.
But to hi dismay she went "
He could not And her

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