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WHttflUE. N. C
VOL. I. 3STO. .
XgHKyrfXE, If" C., OCTOBER aft, WSi
'tmirctn s OTS.
nv kditoii.
Msggee Murphy hr lofely girl.
And s;e has an eye on niej
The other's, tindp of French glas
As nil1 urn I as can be.
I called upon -her Hand y night;
As I paused upon the stair
Bhe turned a loving eye on me,
The other was elsewhere.
Maggee's teeth are made of cornhorn,
Two lovely rows nf pearl;
The sweeteft thing In lift- I know
In once to see her smile.
The lateness of tne hour of leave
Occasioned her to gap;
I thought her lil wan coming off
Or else she'd net a trap.
Just 'neath her gown her tiny toe
lOf number ones, I guessed);
A gust f winil perchance revealed
The shoes sewed to her dress,
AmlJilKt behind (I hate to tell,
The tale to circulate").
When stood lu perfect inniceiice,
A pair of uumber eight.
The trifling little blcmishe
Can not destroy my love;
I trutt the list la quite entire.
Should I discover other things,
1 won't regret I clone
Hwuet Maggee with the sheckels
I'll content myself with those.
It was in November of 1887 as
he was passing the house of Mr.
Blade, who aKlceil our editor in,
which he did, and after an hour of
social call, the editor upon leaving
was again asked to remain over
night. As there was no other
house near by and night wan fast
approaching, editor deemed it wise
to be wade at home . and remained
over night. . The room was . small
where he slept, not much furniture
a bed, a chair and a bench, but
however, did very well. The eat
ing table in the dining room was
composed of one Ironirig board
over which was spread a sheet big
enough for a bed and they used it
for a table cloth, and on top of this
was : the.; scanty meal known as
bread, cake, pie,' rice, tea, milk;,
and anything else to make a meal
t Very good and not much at
that. . ., u ' . '' ''
The ornaments 'around the room
were, juteq Jock, t,w,,pinj-'
cushion, hair brush . and cuuV a
' rdoulh organ' and many other'tittle
niu-nacks were ..laid carelessly
Th fufnitnre was nld rocking'
chairs and empty soap tjoxes for
seats, a few benches to sit on,, as
the old man as poor and is not
accustomed to American articles'.
Laughable it may seem, that the
editor could not' be use to, but yet
was happy and stood it very Weil
and paid fee and left. We have
read of some Americans, as any
other people, who get caught out
in a mountain district who would
be glad eaough to seek any houae.
after a day's tramp in th woods
so long as they were sheltered from
a night's encampment, no matter
where yon are. But I found
irreat contrast between the life of
a darkey to that of a white man's
house and his surrounding that had
my friends seen me they'd laugh.
The next thing of the adventure
was a dance, given by the distin
guished editor to the man of color.
The ball began with about sixteen
couples led off after the writer got.
permission to use the house which,
was granted. I then donated the
refreshments, gave orders how to
arrange the" dance, bought a hang-'
ing lamp to suspend from the ceil
ing to give light to all that was in
the house.
The music was furnished by the
family and of all the fun it was a
sight. Many people came from all
parts of the earth and at T p. m.
the ball was in full motion. No
strong drinks allowed, about six
teen couple on the door at my
command and vary select, and no
break till 10 p. m., when supper
was ready and all were ushered in
to partake such as it waa : Bus-
cuits, tea, cotfee, griddle cakes,
sweet cake, with icing all around
on top, and all pitched in 'to eat.
Our editor waa placed in an arm
chair and look very commanding
over hi dock; After these retired
other eomu After all bad finish
ed editor vu shewn respect and
how h did eat while the party of
dancer waited upon him In the
parlor, and when he had. finished
the dance went on at hi command
until daylight iA, th morning. -
.The crowd eem to scatter and
I was asked to lie down awhile fur
a few hour. When I awoke had
alight breakfast and wnt to my
headquarter had a nice "bath and
was dressed a neat as a pin, tfavWA
one eoutd never expeeted- nt being
in a home Africanism.
ft Is not tor the erIHor to tntrmte-too
often fnra rlutron no marr, bntlftHey
knew one thins;, It la t pay defers, Mr.
C, while wa'tina; upon onr editor a
lew months ago while ordering K shirt
from hi store, a veryarkmdng eotnoi
dent oeenrrert. As the shirt eonld not
be seen, asine count of stock had1 nnt
been taken, yet otir editor was told to
call again and In a few weeks- he enttld
be accommodated. Weeks roll on ami
Mr. C. taking hut little notice about
the remarkable shirt, until one day
when trade was not at its best and buy
ers were scarce than common, Mr. C.
saw that his only chance to sell his
goods to editor of MojcThlv CJt.itiXKa
and headdress him thus: "Sir. we haw
those fine shirts on hand and would lie
glad to have yon call any time as we
have now reduced our stock and price.
and we are oblige to sell at reduction.''
Editor miled :it the remark and his
consideration was so justifiable to such
an extent rhat he did not deem it nec
essary to buy the shirt from a man who
at one time could not pay for a copy of
the fiLii.iKit of a small sum of 2 uenta.
Mr. C. had an sauvity of manner for
his style as salesman, but it has taught
him a lesson never lu the wide tuture
to dabble upon a head of brain power
that is so beholden of one who in gift
ed with high Intellect than himself,
and with that power of mind so won
derfully cut as our noble and din
tinguiabed editor.
She has availed herself in grand
success in last issue to many minds
from one famous editor who thinks
he some account of ability but of
course needs to try himself to be
come a membea of practice and re
sponsibility in which , u has to
some extent and we wish him. great
uccese upon the threshold! of life
a he and Ml Gleaner pay tribute
to us who are not quite educated a'
they are but yet we can all Warn
aojuething front them aav . we read
their life thro' their paper. Their
mark to be seen moulded from
start and show by personal obser
vation and experience to conquer.
A Mis Gleaner has, , met with
maay friend while sojourning!
with partner and the- outlook ii
gaining every day it has been
deemed necessary to increase the
paper to. five eeota a. copy and nut
ttO aa U ii mueh s4y and men
uWsbet and so-1 tA notic
inform my customer to pleas pay
five cent$ for copy Instead of two,
With' tha.a for all I am '
Respectfully, Eoi-roa.
ora THAT am,
a nv.
The girl that all are praising
Is not th girt for me,
Ton many eyes are watching
On that Divinity.
She may be all that's lovefy
A nd -worthy to admire:,
But sh can never my homage win.
Not set my heart on fire.
The eye that task in language
With sort engaging art.
And send a throb nf anguish
Through many a trusting beai (
That casts bewitching glances
Around, below, ahoe,
In spite nf their language
They are not the eyee I love.
The lt)e toe free with kisses.
Too ready to bestow
A generous need nf bliwlie"
On either high or low.
Though rich aa ripened vherrln
And as tempting tbey may. iw.
Willi all their dewy honey sweet.
They are not the eyes for me.
Let others win the godde
And bend before her shrine.
The heart beneath the bodice
Doe not aouord with mine
Of iuite a modest reaee
My obomn must be.
For the girl thtjail are pralNiitif
Is not the girl fhr ine.
The amount of silver dollar
uoined. before in the United
States as near a I in remember
from my note book ftS.oSI.tMHI ; and
gold at the same time wits 7!IE,
0I.(X)0. Silver iu IHT.I, wan dol
lar 411,t)00 mad of ore while 152
of silver at oinag value
at or ha been used on the Sher
man treasury notes. Why we ask
had' we nut some of it in Asheville
fur the benefit of the improvement
of our working oiasaea, give them a
chance. All this reads well, hut
we would have been better pleased,
if we could see some uf th result
upon out pathway in life. Fur
what i the use of living if we i ail
net have our rights, our wealth and
our sacred honors. W ar not any
the wiser by reading these thing
that happen in year gone by, but
w must have a place what the) do
ing of to-day and not yseterday.
Th man yon lov younaiC Nut
much lov can be galnesl by otht It
ts eay to lov some people tasut t
agree with them. It la ty aaat fouhstt
to try to reason what ve do not know.
tovT is rt, we ask t Btniply about
gir4 talk of man.'
He i. haiktrig ki m auluut baitoa
they say, while dia Ye h
takes alter you.

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