North Carolina Newspapers

ALV?U.E. N. C.
VOL. I. 3STO. 9.
siholi corr, 5 OTS
The tree a they were moving above
hi bead
Uxiked duwu upon him and said :
Are you going to be feed ?
Oh do, iiald the youth, I am going
To nee my father, who if dead.
Htand your gus'd aud beware,
Take pare or you be dead.
Yen, said the youth in responding air
1 am looking for my lover
Beware, take rare ;
Come no more for she too, Is dead.
Ah! I listen above my head
I ran not have thin sir, she said.
For one's reasoning above my head
Ah I am my own miss, ahe said
And you cay thin to a mitts.
I come, 1 come to a world a thi
Look Ht mi' cliiwr and take inc home
for I have nothing to cat but a bone
Heware you ltd
To a tavern or town or Mockery
Watch me carefully
And guide me iiiderectly
For I am an orphan
And live in Mockery
But before we go further on,
I.ct me have pou say word to come
Ah, listen lad my tale of woe
We have but one own aoul
And In that aoul In one I love
Jt la the ond God In heaven above
I admire our taste of the realm" of love
Hut I Cannot grant you things above.
I am going home to one that I love
But where? Oh where, but above?
Woman in white, I love to see
Hut are not like gem of conatancy.
I have traveled thla world far and
wide, ,
But have yet to look for a coming
His expectation are far aud wide,
Hut doe that prevent one from get
ting a bride?
8he looked at him with wanting care
But with eaution fell in despair
And arose to feet with a great air.
While humming a song, 1 11 take care.
Ilia expectation was coming audi
Ami grasped her with an ungentle
manly touch
Just a though she knew as much
Leave me alone, the maid replied
And dowt ahe aat with awful cry
To him who conies and takes and cried
My maid, are you my only bride?
Not I, in laughing tone she cried,
But I am right here by your side.
ASHF.yiI.J-K, NOV. 5, 1 Ma
Mr!. Nvk.
Ikttr Sir:
It U with pleasure for me to note
your kiudheartedtieaa to a young Ed
itor of distiuctiou of character, ease
and conioaure notwithstanding other
youtha juat a good aa I but are not
willing to take such a u Important step
for fear of beiug laugh aud exposed to
public notice the name as you and I
will be If not already or if you wiah
compare ua to some of the late edl
tora who now dead, and-what are we
among ao many? I answer In the
affirmative nothing but footprints
trodding where other trod one step
nearer than the laat editor that In by
gone days of time when the flrt news- i
paper was Issued from the hand of
Horace Oreely and all papers down to
time the only two distinguished edi
tors are you and 1. What la more,
astonishing that a person much
younger than yonraelf should be fol- :
lowing your footsteps and placed be-
fore the public and the New York
World Newspaper a place I never ex
pected to fill or that the public would
take notice of me.
This is the second time I have lieen
in your paper sir arid with your idea
as pay I take it as such. As !' the
idea of the Gleaner and your com
ments upon them than sound judge
ment and one of the best advertise
ments I ever hail allow me. to thank I
you as an editor and stranger and
mayle in yt-ars to come I can lie so j
developed that many beautiful word i
of expression that wiii simalarlze u j
both to such an t xteut it will lie
question as to how will the two edi- j
tors of this generation to be com-j
pared? Simply by reading the fol-1
lowing poem :
as mtwws:
This letter to Mr. "Nye I commend j
As from my writings from the pen I
He may think he haa reached the end
While writing article of anknown
men. I
Have w not seen him in the World '
of late ?
Nye'a wrtTfirjr-too hard toetimate? i
When looking fully In the estate i
For profits and reward we calculate, i
I'pon a head ao noble aa hi
Is simply a myatery of adjective
Having known Nye but a short time
Have simply traced on an inside track
But Nye know Fuller are two of a.
And he will chase him up aometime
On the road in fortune of time j
We will see both men up on time
The one riding a horse
The other a mule
Hut ah too late in time for school
Mr Nye will enquire within
But aa for Fuller will not fall in j
80 gathering their steed
On they fly (
We will meet you all bye and bye ,
I have a verse on Fuller ay Nye
But as to reuerse o will I ouNye.
-The pen of man Is incomplete
Hut as to the writing we have some
cheek '
When with Fuller with ready wit
Mr. Nye has uot a bit
The taller of these two meu
To hear each other I commend
' One write poetry rich aud racing
The other w ritea prone rare em
bracing To war they cry!
To arm said he! '
It wa Bill Nye in consistency
To write upon a man ( heart
Who haa given to the world hi part.
I ay sir! I take no part
From anyman whe has snch a start
But to be silent In the dark
And listen to a manly man's remark
But don't you dare to complain
And make remarks I'm insane
For surely there will an out come un
der window pane.
" A to your letters to the compassing
I am not left In a whirl
For many papers are as good as we.
It 15 the gleaner'
Ah ' r,et me see!
Taking steamer for Boston from
New York with (irandfaiher. ami ar
rived in Boston t " ff. in., Saturday
morning. It was a tln day and I
took gr"at pleasure in sigilt seeing
till about noon, and irandfather and
I called on some friend of his and
no doubt spent the rest of the day
with them. A few days iaier we
continued our" trip and Veut to Port
land by boar, and arriving there Sun
day morning about 7 a. m. Paasitlg
a day or o here, we then went to the
Falmonth Hotel, had breakfaat am
got ready for church at 11 a. m., as
Grandfather wa a great Methodist
and to thla church he would go, and
aa he wa getting a long in year, I
had to go take care of him.
Not knowing who the minister
was, I wa very much struck with
hi text, which aaid: "There i a
time to laugh and a time to cry. '
But I wa o worked up, I could
neither laugh nor cry. It being Sun
day after having such a discourse aa
that, for my mind wa two upaet to
ee what wa would do next, and un
til! I became at home lu a new place.
I can do nothing.
Church waaout at the usual time
and we went to diuner after which
Giandfather laid down, aud I went
out for a walk and used up the day
the best way I could. On the follow
ing Monday morning, we started for
(ape foil; w remained at Saint
Aun Cottage which i five mill
from Portland, on the Bay, and suoh
port In Cod fishing I never did have
and cought quit a mesa. It wa
rough out at sea and Grandfather
was not able to do much aud became
very sea sick, but yet he made a maa
ter of himself for my enjoyment and
we were well repaid for I had caught
a big mesa. The next day I gave a
careful examination back to Portland;
While my Grandfather wa at the
hotel resting I took in the situation
which in brief I'll describe.
Portland In population la 38,0m) in
habitants, her name wa taken and
founded in the year Ktt by a man
named Portland who must
lived there about that time, and
since his death a monument haa been
placed on ,he ground in which he
called hi own during hi hi life in
ItttM, three year afterward.
On July 4th 19teJ the city of Pnxir
laud waa burned by Are cracker
which Injured the city very muck
for a long lime, hut in later years the
city of Portland haa revived up wltu
great growth of rapidity and' ha
more large stcrrea and commercial
houses all of brick.
Portland haa many hotels aa well
and very nicely kept. She also ha
been thrown in with commercial men
of bublneaa who stop there on short
intercourse. Aa to socialism, ladies
are scarce and ua men who are in the
habit of seeing them in mahy of the
hotels or hoarding house after our
day's work was certainly a great dls
apiiitment. A to ome of the principal namct
of the hotels were known astliel'om
merclal, the I nion. the I'nitetl States
and I'aliiiuiith. Mitny "tiler 1 can
not recall and eucli one -teem to !
on good Keoting. An to the drive in
Portland are tine for having taken one
I was placed in a ritudem Hid with
a driver and footman. The steed
was drawn by two black horaew. The
triver ana footman were ires ,ii
j)n ,ivery nj, al, th m(J-t ny)illfa
manner. I wa seen while driving
through the city of Portland aud it
suburb. Everyone looked at me aa
- ... -
nobleman; notwithstanding ( heard
aoiue one say aa they painuid : " Do
we know him in that carriage .'" "Vo.
wae the answer and then comment
would pa ed by who I look like.
" Where i hi grandfather all thia
time?" w aaked aa it seem they have
started together but since Ills arrrlvai
in Portland we hear of nothing of the
grandfather. He waa left lu hi
dotage while his graudaou waaout on
pleaaure riding aud when I returned
ha found me iu good spirit after hav
ing a very nice ride.
My next trip waa taken to Pine
Hill, thia ia a forest of w 001 la densely
willed but in course uf time it will be
laid out into park and building site
and drive which are faat being laid
out. I saw one ti 111 mer-bouse aud
many nook am; corner that would
do for a lover' retreat if it ever uame
in his way. My return now panaou
to one of the sight of the Ocean
House and the hotel front overlooks
the ocean t took dinner here with rrtv
grandfather as we were both hungry.
After dinner we both rstei awhile
and the next day took one more look
at Cape Cod all day. At night I waa
favored by some music by one of the
boarder where I put up at and en
joyed It very much so by the eud itf
the week w all return homeward via
Portland thence took steamer to Bos
ton aud then train to Stouiugtoa
j where we change) car for New York.
: It aa a tine trip aud I seem to eujoy
1 every moment of it. By J. M. K.
It i reported thai the Maaeechu-
iaetta Cotton-Mill company are-t
build a oU0,UUu cotton mill soui.
where In the South,

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