North Carolina Newspapers

    xshevillk, c
XII wntntilitolHi shmi W "be ad
dressed to J. 1. Tetter, TEdltor, 10-
th one ov vak
fanw life and babits are 'won
rTerfol. Hewn tme tbn.jito
. tar and no farther, for be will find
himself and all tbst brfonpi to
"him In a critical condition.
In yoath ne forms babito which
are esay t first, that notblaK fs
thongbtof them. But do they
wtop. rlo? He Is not conytnred
! ean'ImproTw as he srrows older
, and thinks It Is aohodyw bmdoess
" not Me own. This Is tbe time to
wmet thsliabltbiit hiB fafinre
it aavlag a stroae "will "that he
love to Un of main hope and
nnactatlons are so wrapped tip
there is ao nossMy way of es
cape, flatea has been snre, and
in the and has driven to dtr op
tion by drink, which If earml to
excess, which is noise, ranee of
anire trnuleV and rsfotstion
llsn tornw this bablt in youth j
Him thwh no stoppinv thswi.j
Year roll on and th rwstilt t
man's othr, who ha bar
faithfnl over htm hi M hifitncv
and trisd to brine him op, be
failed, bsr hair of her had haw
turned rray, while her bands the
were one smooth and shining
now laid a way, for heart, with
its Tirtw was iu the lite of her
boy. But what do we mm"
Sons here who were onn well
dressed are men in rstrs. ftront'
drink ha done the work. I
save vox hov , she me, rissh the
stuff in tbe Street, shut the dwir
upon this vile stuff.
We know maVe I if- kaiiifs on
a thread, and it tx lui: second
that the heart stop twuriug and
we are no more. V could nol;,
live. It is tiod that give him
life. gome hare the wUa thcj'
aaacioasiks wrU esbeu tbey
die. yet men eau go home under
such idsat, fssl well eat be aup-
per, be social with hi a family,
not bavin; a thought ol.God on
his mind. 11 uv be and he's
pared the next da v. goes to bus
iness; be may keep this op for a
limited time and then a change
has eome over the household
Be as sick, don't feel good, blow
up the lamily because things
have not tamed out as be wants
them, becanse be was too hasty
and be ends up iu lee Imp the ef
feet of driak.
Am to his wiis and children as
they look upon bim with cry
asfjrrief and abame. When tbey
aakjsd H be bas hed a hard day ;
tlsnpa boerae ou aaewem to
woman, why do you aak" 1 am
all ry;ht, go to your room, you
can see see in tbe niorniuj;.
The next day the wifc? looks at
her husband and with a "He has
done it mail, 1 most die, that
rlnea of mine. Oh, bold me, 1
3 not lira with tbe num. I
- JJ tue aao aucn acreame is
T& by bar children. Tbe look
iippressiop on tbe father and
'bsr, wbatasicht to behold.
io a wife that shall be cat off
.1 good aeoral esnecy down to
"sd roia. Oh, triesda, oh.
' "J, do turn young man
rile glass Give them
poverty, and disgrace
' - IcMiod io best aociety
ry thing else baa been
:atde is sure to come.
ustrtiona. thoar&nds in
i . are caaei some tiling like
ut rideDoe from ail
courses le ended ia the social
frW,, - '
Times roll on aad in about
three moatbs there u a alight
change lor the father to reform
and the first ten days ot him ex
periment bekwriike""himelf
aiin, ao that bis Irelnds will
recooUect bim again; this makes
mas feelgood, wbeu back to
old times once more. - '
rid counties, men capable ol
holdinp positions that doubtless
wonld become masters of an hfn-
et Hvti made by the sweat of
their browtheir own bread and
butter by personal applies tion if
they leave drink alone and one
Ot the Bret things to do Is for
man, who wants bis powers at
their beet Is to get rid of sell no-
tione to etop thinking ahont
himself altogether.
God puts Into tbe beart of a
men, the powers whose pnrpoess
Is to help man along In life.
These powers are Tore, and work
tot oar fellow-men and in theso
power man's hopes are to be
resrae merely from self conseions
ness and cane not from drink,
not from society, bot from the
heart of a gentlemanly manner,
fer oat of the month the words
are spoken but onee, and il not
erfti! dnmsgee In at hand.
D. E
J. W. Fuller, T). E., hH prerwr-
el for th- pre mi amhitiont
Htnl sontwhM pemMt-kiihli- work.
ntithxl. -The I,if nl Httn of
MHti." Whetin'ed it will be a
vlnme of mimim- hundreds of
pHtree rep) l'ti proronno
thnirht nml t (intiireil win-
diri Th' (iMnicr- f thi-ln
r.u !. th-litrtv l ptwn! to
its render im- vxtmt t Smnx
' Tit- Uff Mlt.i llillli'- of Mlll "
SH jriVeii h!o
"TDK H. 111
Ik t In
it liTt
Hi' iiiiertinw tliiiit tli.
r.k hi nut! to know ttm! i!
ii, jrriiu i will kh irrwit i
helt to nl wti" iov it m.i
isli it i ItiVhe Bri ii(Mtniir' it le
looknti iifMtii ' sweet nes-. a who
i; will tsfci' iifter nnd who it
look lir1' ; ' Many phtne Imve
tieen lotiiui a- who ru! what it
shall l in coun- ol time slioulii
U he burn s Inn, there will
more tjtkei up, more pain sfisr
ei, and het.rc morn whipping to
rlj-ki,. in nvl,r 1i- nt him ill
, r . t; .i.
shape for h puwutt.. we look
v . J i ; .,;
rn tiu, I iu li, '..iu tin mtermitinr?
. . ' ., , . , ' ..
spectBMUi that is looked anon an '
a Ten' marked character and
the mother or father of it i to
ing to have tt (It) wonder wiieti
it grows up. and so by the numlwr
of kiasss bssUnved uxi its cheek
and the number of pole on its
cbeok or baud or the uumber of
buuuom aud haudliug it baa. tli
many knock ud scratclies it
bas rsoeived, all theaeend many
more go to show tbe imperfec
tioue the child will do in its
every 'day 1 if. This ts u. he seen
in course ot time after the stages
of tbe nursery room or the cou-
tiiiement of tbe niotber, duriug
tbe first weeks or so in nursing.
Alter this te gone and the child
uas become iteell to go about
with the baud of iu nurse, it will
then be time to give or. form a
general idea as to bow tbe child
is to be brought up. I have been
told by ao many people of bte
wears that I ought to see tbe
baby as it is so sweet so nice and
want me to form my opiuiou as
to who it looks like, to which ' I
have answered . The babe is young
aad 1 cauuot tall as yet for ail
babies look alike, aad will duriug
tbe first period of infancy. Tbe
mother cannot always' tell in
looks of tbe babe like a stranger
can and there is such a beapatlha a good man and a detertai
differenee of bringing up chlldWu 1 nation to lean, be will aoon be-
on tbe part of tbe mothers Viiat 1
at times makes s diCerence us to I
bow tbe young one will be
brought op by spanking for every
little thing tbey do which is not
always a good thing to do and
at times make tbem noiaier than
they .really artu I have been
spared myself by ao much ia just
this way. I have been told by the
way I bare been brought up and
yet it was never discovered until
I bad been a fall grown man,
when one day I was asked why I
acted ao foolish, I said J kuew
not, unless it was in the uumber
of .whippings X received in my in
fancy and tbe troth was acknowl
edged on tbe epot, for had. it not
been so, Ishoaldr bave basn- a
better baby and a better man.
This is only and a practical illua-
t ration on the life of babyhood
from the way some peopl bring
no their children.
Heme mothers uW t he idea of
scolding their children to a sreat
extent and tbiit U not in keeping
tin " Taws' to a' great eient. So I
ssy the babrs soft tender heart
has Its Ways and It bat Its lit
tle touches It should be ttwd as
delicate as tbe finest needle on
tbe lightest piece of sarin ts If
will fade.
fty the time the ha be gets to
be 6, 7, R orft months old we can
see n great change In it from the
time it wan born. If we cannot
see for onrselves, it looks flrvt
to have its pictnre t aken st 0
months old and then again at
'1 yeere old If it lives thnt long
and doinir well, we then en see
a. change'. We speak more from
wht"l have seen in late yearn
but 1 cnnnot judge from the
time I whi a be by of many year
I lrv seen ItftMes who would
hmve their own parentM Mnd come
to me a I am so nice to them
havinir had some experience in j
this direction upon how some
hahew who have left fatbT and
i mother end I might n,v siotef
!nd brother nnH hnvt- ttiketi nt
i with me who biriLr a totnl strnrt
Itjet t" M'trrent xtent Hint evei:
come to iii" am! eu'l me pn
ri nml thi'v iliii tim like tlieir
! piipH hihI Iwj; me to lei them
iconic snd I re with m. I likf
the tmb" when it ire so it don't :
t cry urn! cnii fit cpiitely
ntwl tie
i come interewteil on im lnf. but
deliver me from n bawlnit cliHil
of our large citie, or von can see
ion the streets ot hiiihII towns
bnbee if loreottee mot her who
have gotten out of patieniv with f
their oflsprtuj: hik! tmv- entered
1 the den of hhIooii for drink
'with their tiiiMbitiid 1 don't
isny th' e-lucnteil mother in re
: fliw HiM-iety woiilil do the like hut
it I the lower clou of wntiH't!
who are not Hiivndiiii: iii our so-
. . ,, ,
ieial intercourse tuat wniild dnwi
degrading tliuigt U kiuve their
, , . , , A
cou'ie end I
igo in for such an unruly thiug ex i
lto drink, then rome out iu an un-
j conditional state of drunkenness
1 and beat the little bube to deuth.
bulte were uot sent in tbe world
lor any such conditions as this.
Tbey are our blood and we lire '
the preuioriers to their being and I
we are responsible for the oause
tbey buve doue aud are our !
rights, our happinese, onf res '
pousibili ties and we must nee ,
them well.
'-HOi HOOD.'
We now eonie to s little more
advscd stage of the youth hav
ing had the first stages of baity
hood for the last IS months be
grows iu the shape of a boy, hie
clothing L.a to be lengthened,
bis buttons made larger and his
whole development from bis tiny
waist to a larger proportion to
that of a small boy youug, ac
tive full of pranks aad notions
up to tricks getting in all kind
of miacbief borne or abroad.
Boyhood is a matter of great
importance, what the boy is, ao
will tbe man be. We must, look
to education, select good schools
and beet teachers and if the boy
eome, ia course of time a bright
aud active student. Boys are
different in this respect while
others are busy with their books
others are m 'mischief that : it
keeps a mother eye on bim lor
many a year. Have we ever tbe
peculiar workings, tbe mind has
over tbe boys during tbe time of
youth op to the time they are
21. Tbe first period ia known ae
fun with the boys, tbe last ob
servation ie known as tbe imper
fect gentleman and that of per
fect one Jn every respect.' The
imperfect boy a.t times ig bard to
control aud require a great deal
of watching in order that be may
not become too bold. Some boys
need more discipline than others.
While others need more, for what
the boy is, that is what a man
he ' will m ake. Boy h ood is n at u r
ally the last step the father made
before he died, he set his wa.vs
anil as to how he wished his boy
brought pp nml if lie win a good
man and a html working end n
temperate man, liv t-fie roy will
surely follow sooner or later into
the road his fa.ther went. But
shonld the father be otherwise
n ungentleman Hud bad ways,
why his boy will lie th same.
Boyhood is not an ensy matter
to always lie relied upon aml tlip
only thiiiK is 'o choose n good
aim in life and then follow good
company, keep out of bn'd tempt
ation. and alwaye N h ippy at
home as abrond. An I have snid
before, boys will Se boys, the
world over and we have to une
the best method" that we know
how In order to Veep up rtnr rep
utations nml bmM up a good
character. 1 hnvp not bnd much
ns' for hoys in my lif" ns 1 fonnd
that little girln have been my ed
tser for many ve'ars and I have
si ways had a home feeling in
their society most nil my lif'. 1
wan once a boy myself nml diir
intr tnv bo hool (Ihvk I never
ws" sdpiit'eil to be nlone in
biv- couipsny es my kin folk?,
hmt en nle I would lw ih in'fi
IH1 teinptHtioii" and I innv tie
conrif n bm! I nrnl i'M up a
lHi Sinn Yenrt. nill on. umlnn,
nnd on, and I wm. kept in linunds
miiil I wnsnhoiit 2ti vesr of nire.
Then 1 wax l-triTi in-il to look
out for n.yw'lf Mini jrot m. I would can- fot nor the ixmu!
ir:ilii' nf h me. I loet nil enre fiii
reHillnsi, I did not like hitrhei
c)h ol peole tliHti of my Httniit
i hi: and flt better when out ol
ight of my fmui'y mid their re-
lutioimhip. 1 wit n r
until I could how
the world
whut could ! i 'lie tv tt xniLl. 1
made ti ni'xle! inui. Mnd now p-o-
pie ar' sorry tliut t he did not j
give nte a chum-e when I wnj
younger. Tin i m ptirsouul cane
of the lile of boyhood boys, as a j
rule urv coming on iu the oppo
Hite raMe thev thiuk thev kuow
uir; at the mr
of 1-2 Hnd 14
than their bit her do ut . 40 btid
50 yent. Boys in thi period of
lile is not more than out of the
rocking cradle, . tbey are ouly
foundations stone of the mas-
sive house they, see building,
There area great many thibgs
left iu .ore and each cut is to
lie fitted by one certain boy. We
have places to All in life and
when we;are missed or gone there
is no 6ue to take our place. We
are nova our sud men once aud
j the spare moments are to be
used in our younger days. Time
) is short and ure calliue may- be
': for s day as au hour. We kuow
rnot-bow long we live, how much
! we will do and uot credit, fur
what we bfave lett undone.
TUert js uo ebaug In the Oueau
There is uo eheuge io tbe riea
If Uwre is no change In you, darling
There ia im change iu uie.
The elonus era us tW Ooeau
The Has befiiMi to roar
Tbe emrtb shall ioae is inotiuu
If I prove faW to thee-
I have s ship on the Ooesu
AU liued with silver aud gold
Before my love should suffer
That ship .shell be suobroed aud
I saked your mams for you
KUe said you were too youuK
I wiah J had never aoen you, dear
Or that you tutd never beeu horu.
There is no change io the Ooesu
I There Is uo change iu the Bun
If there ia no Chauye ia you, darling
There will be uo change is me.
Oh, isn't It sad to leave yos dear
Ob isn't It sad to part,
Ob lent It sad to leave you thus
It alinoat breaks ley heart.
The storms are ou the Ocean
The tie begins to roar
The earth shall lose lis niotiou
Jf I prove false to thee.
The above words yere found ou s
sheet Of paper sod I). E- thought " It
suitable (or his Ulkanek.
. Blind George is the ut)sr. epme
Where In Asbevilla,
Out ot 10,000 windmills and
eburau spires (6,000 of each) of
the windmills will be struck by
lightning to only 69 of the oburoe
It was of the (.Hiinlnic to the .woods
A iliHtii!guilieil editor he Hew
While around Southern home
Me iilnlMte.) ot eoinlni; to our wnodtt
TTis journey wa f:r and near
Willi liifmy :i hen-lie hn
lT"in miny nilr-vi.W li- -tneH liln
And now again he Is w ith u- jto
ntght. The Ashing employs his mini!
With raptnres he doth flow
For lioat!. within,
And himf-f without
Until hut little to do with him.
He tint his if ii hies and txilc astray.
Around efieh enn ..Ine nook, e,
And oh, those luneins he stores
fs simply by ! rnnnih-jr hmol;
Hi- romanltle sir
He splnshps out
With ninny mountain elmin
Kiu nhnvc hltn and h-lo hini
His little voice rinifs out.
Hc eamrhi a trout run ,ly
And how he manaited It ahont
His line eauifht upon n twig
And he morel v li1 ifet out w
P-m': pldl don't pull
Heplle.l Ills uiil-le Hiid friend,
I et the atone.
.Tusi wail -l hii,
1'ntil 1 Ket to tin- end .
The boatman snon fw-retiatier
It-'aVhed out hi- ban-l ! tlic t,rnn-'h,
l'u I ted in the t wiif ttm' hehl the line.
Ami hniele-1 i ! hi- iiiun kiml.
lAnek t. his seat the irui-li' enme,
And line upon line the fishes, came
Wan. lemur what it all was about
'i'luii i hi y -hoiild !- lilx-rly
To -lie a tin ' it -! -leal Ii .
An. I fal-riway niitli t it i le l.reat h,
On spoi'd t:t- tioal -if llli-ft -if tw-i
I vin ; In--i:ine i tiir iv,u--r- a- thy
vt-,'nt tiirt'iili.
While mountains ,t lnfi lt,'ii-' I
I ,lok llttH tt 1 1 f , I thfll.
Tile flshiTliiell hrit'llf
.'k i mr in-t hunrli ; ni! till nut of
MiM. Till A ? I IN P A ( K '
The I is ' i ti utsl ei I I i i ; ut' the
Il i.k asm: te -i'ti!itig I i Hut i inicr
vii -nt ion am uj. the nohle and
romm tie AdirottdiU'k Mountains
of N -rt hern New York We are
plensed to learn from hini that h
m liuviug n ro'.nl fioii time and
improving, in tinml i ttj ImhIv
after hie uriinoiiH duficM coiinis't
ed with the publication of ho
unique and pttwertul a journal as
Fuller's Glsaskk. he in greatly
missed by his many triends - in
Ashe vile who are auxiouHly look
ing forward to his early return
to tbe Land of the Sky. The Au
gust uumber of the Gleams will
lie furnished with copy by the D.
K. from a ilistHnce hik published
as usual abouLtne middle of the
month, ...We trust no harm way
come to the I). E. during his ex
tensive summer travels, but that
kind Providence ma protect
bim and bring him buck to us re
freshed, recuperaUd and unharm
ed, aud that the (Ji.kanek may
grow and increase and soon be
oome the far-famed and altogeth
er cuaurpnssed journal it is early
dostiiMtd to lie. Slnte Keoister.
of a Fly"
says aa eminent English doctor, "will
carry enough poisoa to inicct a house
hold. " la sumawr-uiDC, Bore cspeo
wily, discsK germ 11 ih air, sudo
tudes arc uilectcd, tall ill, die saalo
nxics etcsps. These siasengerf ot
suschief do not c I'M iorsallhoa. Wky
molt Bccsum they are healthy sad strong
protec ted a a crocodile tsagsiast gua
ahoc It u the weak, tka wasted, rhc
tbio-bloodcd wke tall these who
aaee ae feeisdeefoersr as that s sodJcs
cough or cold develops into grsver
diseaae. We hen of catching discus I
Why sot catch health We cas do it
by alwss nuinuioiog our healthy
of Cod-liver Oil, is coodsased nourish
anent; lood for the building, up ot the
systea to resist the attack ot disease
It hould be ulea ia ressonabls dose
sfl summer long by ' all those who,
weight is below the standard ef health.
If you are losing grass1, Iry a bottle
fat sals or all srssstsu at we. aa4 suss
Who eu think
of nonui aiiimhs
Su4 Ut ut tiru swuusa Uirwuuu eauUaT
M wt UsTli tiyrup. TevsUs (Jooi Vm f 1
t 1 In tlni. Hold br drutftrLtii. f -f
Slmpls bnk fltoetle Measures for
lonalos Their Lire. .,
The woman who wishes to enjoy
the whole of tho short life of her
cut flowery instead of only k small ;
portion of it, will not settle down
upon any one nndoviating roothod
for preserving thoni, but will rtitnor
vary it, acoordiTig to tho different
causes which load to tboir decay.
Tako, for Instance, the flowora of
S sueculont naturo like the tria. Tho
stems, when put into water, slough
away and soon givn forth an nn
ploasnnt odor. There arc two rome.
dies Which may bo applied In this
case, tSther one should pnt a mild
disinfectant In tho wafer and fro:
qnontly cbango It ot cnt off thoendi
of the stalks at short Intervals.
A good point to remember In fjnth.
erlng flowers of the Iris family, and
Indeed all succulent plants liko tho
primrose, the snowdrop, tha lily hnd
tbe prpy ,8 r'ek them while still
In the bud, as they will often stick
up enobph water to qnito carry ont
their natural life.
Another flower whoso stem most
rapidly decays and corrnpte tho wa
ter Is the mlenonetto, and It la ofton
best, therefore, to sacrifice it Whllo
its head Is still freshly green. Hello,
trope, liko mltrnonctto, sboold al
ways bo put in -water by itself, for
it hot only fades and turns brown
rapidly, but it will kill almost nny
flower pnt with it.
The emiso of decay in bnrd wood
ed plants like the nznlon and cninpllin
is that thoy do not tnkn up enough.
i water, not that tboy have nny tend
ency to pollute it, so thnt to cut
their stalks frequently would ho of
lif.ln ...nil Tttaft V, .1 Kritlln wnnl
has no power of absorption, bnt if,
when putting such flcwovs in a vase-
or bowl, von make sure that tho low.
est leaves attached to tho bWsone
are under water, the effect is magto.
nl Tho tender green of tho fresh
loaf Bbsorbs tho wntor and acts ah a
conductor, in its turn nourishing
the blossom. Forns, and ospoeially
maidenhair, are vety short lived
when thoy have to bxik to tho stem
alone for nourishment, and the most
effectual way1 to prescrvo thorn is
to see that-the lower part of' every
frond is well under water. Cut flow
ora roquiro as a rule a fur larger
quantity of water than ia given
them, though the capricious bowls
and Vasoe now in vogun come much
nearer mooting their wants than the
slender, elegant forms that continue
to adorn our cab'inota and mnntola.
We must be guided in our expecta
tions of the longevity of a flower,
however, by its normal life and not
expect the frail blomom of a day to
rivabihe splendid orchid In its throo
weeks' duration.
"Flowers should si ways bo plaood
in water as soon as possible after bo
te g picked. When reoeived by post
in a somewhat wilted condition, an
immediate plungo into hot water
with a little sal volatile will accom
plish wonders in tho wuy of reviving
Lilac, laburnum and sznloas re
quire to have a piooe ot2 thtrbork'
strippod up and left hanging, and
thia, with tho addition of a few
loaves in tho water, will ofton keep
them in quite a froth condition for
Tho bouquet which you have car
ried during an evening will be sure
to revive again if you will spray it
well with water and put it under a
bell glass, nml if you wish to wear
flowers in your hair or on your oor-
ji t, lhv mnv Iw miuti, to rntjkin
their freshness for an entire evening
by putting a bit of cn!iii(r wax over
the end. New Y u '.: Bun.
The loss of Olil Cqtu.
Efforts wero coiiUnuully being
made in England to keup down tho
number of iuna. In the ruign of Ed
ward I thore were only 3 in tho
whole of London. Even in 1663 no
more than 40 were legally porniitted
ia the metropolis, now spreading
out its boundaries on evory side.
York might have 8, Norwich, Exe
ter and Cambridge 4, Bristol 6 and
Oxford 3. These rogulutions muat
have been set at naught in a very
wholesale mannur, for half a oun
tury later there woro 400 "houses of
call" in that port of London known
as the city, and- no fewer than 'H
clustered round Covent Uurdon. In
medieval Oxford it was ruled that
no "viotualar'.' was eligible for the
oilioe of mayor, and this term in
cluded an innkeeper. Good Word
1 First Street Fakir It's a shame,
Bill, to think that any One would
swindle a poor, hardworking man
that way.
Beoond Street Fakir Why, what's
the trouble?
First Street Fakir Here I've
worked bard for half a day painting
op a sparrow into a ren bended Dul
gian canary, and I'm blowed if the
fellow I sold it to didn't give me a
counterfeit half crown for it Lon
don Tit-Bits. . .
Peculiar Butterfly Colors.
In -India thoro is a species of but
terfly in Wbiob the male has tbe ot I
wing y ouo w ana tne right wing red.
The colors on the fumulo are v(ua

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