North Carolina Newspapers

    (~ K. (i HA NTH AM, Editor
vol,, n.
'. rariacs foi 1 are out already.
>-»!s about -17 a day to keep an
\ i« reported of a somnamb'ihst
. ,ii.f 1 tif teen mile*- in his sleep.
expert- evei v yrir morr than a
a p nrls of -aviar, which i- pre
, 1 j f> i'n the toe nf the
\t >af iacinto, in San Diego County,
• 'Ma. raise alfalfa six feet three
' • - high in six week-', by irrigation.
pri?" above all other
i - - f wood that which t.hey extract
' n thf seasoned timbers of old house®.
vij»r iafi mi
-t-n* lining ; . of timber, wa^
launched at Fort Brag",
I . iccc \ rtrian gains the consent
- • hi" if f h cannot get a passfiorf, to
(ournr y beyond the frontier ot his own
r onntr v
Several years
Poland which compelled every slanderer
to * 11 k on all fours through the streets
The Italian'* invented the term info
i\ in the Seventeenth Century, an I
' ! th> disease to the influence of
• ri planets.
\ ' •;» has recently be» n imposrtl upon
_• 11sh woman who
to draw her baby carriage on
■>l ir highway.
■ r ly, P'tance, claim.", the h >nor of
.d e 'h" pla f wheic the first plate
'•ia'le. Th« proems , was discovere-J
!'>\ t'iffent in lt>Bß.
Th'" last exc ution for forgery in Kng
inH took place at the Old lltiley on
December D.
. onvHt was I homas Maynar I
Os tr Wilde is said to be deep in the
development of a new flower, a golden
veine t tulip, which he declare' to be "a
triumph of classic horticulture."
Thf tii t monument ever ere« tedtothft
.'memory of th« Union soldiers who fell in
•*ne 'i wll War is that in the cemetery on
t-i -ier ville avenue, in Soinerville, Ma-*.
A very ennvi-nient mucilage can be
■ma le of onion pin  . bi being bode 1 a
f-hort time it will yield, on le'int; pressed,
t'piite a laree • jiai»tity of adhesive fluid.
The former record for fast typewriting
ha r - been broken by Miss Catharine V.
Curry, of Syra- use, N. Y.,'who can write
perfei I words in one minute. She
has \>een'operating nearly fivo years.
\ man living in England, who is
live feet seven inches in height, has a
beatd six feet two inches in kmgth, oi
inches longer than himself, I'he
beard be "an to grow twelve years a r^o.
A nugget of gold weighing forty five
ounces, almost pure, and having, accord
injj tt> the assay, a nvney value of S s U»,
w is i xhihife 1 in I, tdville a few days
ago It was taken from the Gordon
i> One hundred and fifty of the songs
and ballad' ol Hums aie soon t«> be pub  '/."ch I>v tlie e* 1 I toi of a Fragile
rif vspapei. In every instance the Ho
beinian translator has preserve I the
metrical form ol the original, a feat of
inparently great skill
" There is nothing s > fatal to crawfish
a- a thunder storm,''said a Washington
tjshdealer. "When I make a shipment
ot them to any place at a distance I "al
ways make sure that the weather prom
ises well. On more than one occasion I
have hvl entire consignments kiWed on
a louiney by a small electrical disturb
An old restaurant hill of fare, printed
m Richmond, V i., in January, 1861,
gives the following war-time prices in
Confederate money "Soup, 81. .*>o;
chicken r»i>. roast beef, $3.00, ham
and eggs, ■•Jt."? 00. raw oysters, $2.00;
coffee. ■f.'.Oii; brea I and butter, Sl."»'',
a bottle of ale, -if 12.00; and a cigar,
%■) oo "
The natives of Gibraltar, and also the
Moors ac ross fln -tr lit, have a UM litioo
that s tine where on theiock there exists
a  averu w hence a subterranean passage
l£-nls un lei the strait to the mountains
on tin other sub . Tin existence of tha
passage, they sav. i= known to the mon
ke\«. nh'i regularly uv it in passing
from one continent to thr other.
y Freak of a I'lin julei holt.
The annals of -i Fr» m.ii A I'lemy of
Science tell of a tailor's a (venture with
h thuu lerbolt. He ljvi lin i house pro
fide } with two i hiiuueys, one for a fire
plan an l the other tor a sfovt .the lattci
not in u-e D iritig a thuad i ;''u :n a
treinendo i- report was lit ii I, and every
bo ly fhe> ight that the house ha I been
ftruck l>v lightning. Instntly ,t blue
faming ball 'bopped into t'i" lift >' \ e
and foiled out into the io»> n. -eemingly
about six inche- al - vc tlie il > >r. I'he
f\( itC'l tailo- i m aioun i the • , ,m. tin
bail of tire phymg ib ep his ». .r. Sud
denly it ro-e ib »vo his h- a I and u••re 1
ofT toward the st >vepi|ie hole i" thr e»il
ing, which ha I i of i>ip*i pi-'"!
orei it. I'he ball m"v I -ti ii ;ht tin > igii
the paper and up tin t r n v v. W ten
neai the, top it e\e >l-1 ui I f.u-. t.mj
chimney into thou-a a 1 u tr i,neats.
The sight o| the l-bn> left bv tin ex
plosion showed th o fin ly wait n. >I I
have been the coiise pi- aces I '! o.
plodeti while on its gyrating pa —ig«
through the ro un. St. I. >ui- H pao.iv.
Yellow l>u«t Storm.
Prof. Milne, of l'okio, rec>rd**s dens©
storm of yellow dust which su 1 ■•■'i!y
covered the decks of a ve*ei nine", 'ive
mile; from Nagasaki, .lapan. wine I is
upwards of 400 miles from the cot-' of
China. This dust was so tine that, th > l h
'•omponed of felspar, ipiartz, and H e.v
«hred« of plants, it «1 id not afl-v trie
°res, and had not the decks been cov-
with it, it might have been mis
taken for a peculiarly yellow fr*g. \et
it kppiri« to have extended for nearly
2i op miles, ami to have come from the
'■loess ' plains ol China.
>{ir. Francisco boasts a man who can
hft eleven hundred pounds.
Telegraphic Dispatches From Many
Points of Inters!
CJao Fields of Virginia, North ano
South Carolina Ca efully
Gleaned For News.
Th; magnificent yi.dd  i wheal in tht
Valley is now into thr mark -t«
Hairy St. Gt/nge Tucker wa. [.nomi
nated for (Jongu*ss by m  lamation bv th
10th Va Democratic Convention
Mrs. Annie M
died on the i'.lst r.t July at Ati -utur
Com thou se
At the town of Bf rkl ey. ovei tV)p )jv ei
if m Norfolk James Brock wa s shot
Thursday morning T»y his wife, no r ausr
being known, nxcept that Mrs.'Br. k is
oi unsound mind.
One.of the moM inteiesting •>{ t|), r,i;o
i;ial article now at M run* Vernt>n is a
5n- TiOndon-inade haip«n hoi 1 presented
Washington t» h s charming adept* 1
> lighter. Kleanor Park Cuttis on her
sveiditig day. In the account- which
WnsliiiiiTtou fco carefully kept of all his
ti j-i-.t- tion« it i- stated tha' the instru
lOfcut ctj&t JI.OOO.
\ Duiiiuii 'tpi is'* -•iiif his ilr-id\
yield d 150 'j'ii-Ji and i '■til! alive
The Pulimin  a; Coinpiny lepoit
'hat it - S'it 4i
f >:i the Richmond and Dinviil . 1(» »a the
Atlantic Coa»t -t id S-m tlie Sea
I- >'ird Aii Line.
1' ha- been a ]iailieitl-irl\ tiving sum
ii ei mhe ilfli, but the penitential v au
r ..M"iitii - report that in the prison and if
tin stockades and farms tin health of the
c^>ll ie's has In un j• iit' et>t)d
The first new tobacco to icach the
rrec-ndioro market was sf»id Thur-d.Uj .
silo to fi0.25. '! liii i eail\ l"i the
£>:•« crop, whi* h gives prumtsi "t beinr;
» ». i . tine
On 'l'htHsday a buttle - s'oiie;it Tiinitv
fl K. eliurch Duiiiim fe I a
♦e ik scatToldin » \1! f'ttie. co'ored,
•f tiold-boro, w.i-in-t intly kill-d, and
Sam McT/iin, colored, probably fatal I v
Sandy Au-tin, col.neJ, of Mecklenburg
. »untv ! a-t week received SIOO back pay
fnl Avill in future L:> t tlO per mouth
pi'ii.-i'in foi injury w iule >* i ving in the
Fedi i d army, lb ran aw ay to Tennessee
a* theoutb;eak of the war where h*
joined a compauy.
Hevenue otlicers recently captured tw >
ill (it distillers in Cartaret county while
in the art ul nn.king moonshine whiskv
They also captur d seven hundred o :l l
lons of whi-ky and th ce hundred gallon
of beer.
South Carolina has organized her na\
al res ive force, and will receive a slime
of the appropriation made for maintain
ing suqh companies
The i tunpany oigauizeci foi building
anelectiii street  u line in Greenville,
lias been fiatn hi-ed. and the road will be
| bu It at once
Hon. fj, Donaldson. State Ailiam c
Pie.odent, and Senatoi from Greenvilit*.
is a candid-tte foi re-election to the Lej»i-.
1 ature. Hi- opponent is Representative
Jno R Harii-ou.
Farmers aloiig the S C. Railway have
shipped the i last melons. It was a prof
itable beas ui, the growers exceeding their
mos sanguine expectations.
A sta'e ch irter has been granted the
Suuiter Cot ten Seed Crusher C®
Judge Swa-yti.' of the United State-
Court has appointed § Mason Young, ot
New York receiver of the Jack so \ill e.
Tamp i and Iv y West laihoad system.
Liulitiiig llio Slavs.
Mabel iieenc is a Brooklyn live-year
• old. She i-> full of o Id conceits. I'ho
cthei ' veiling silt stoo I at a window of
liei home with hei pretty face llatteue I
aeain-t the pane intently wat hing a
slowly gathering storm. Darker grew
the low hanging clou Is, but Mabel
showed no «it_rns of fear. Instead her
features were animated and she appeared
to be absorbed in the scene. Even
when a violent clap of thunder seemed
to icnd the heavens and forked light—
ning flashed toe child was unmoved.
At last, tiring of the sight, MaOel turned
to her mother, sitting neat.
'Mamma," she said, "I rink Dot is
ib'ttm wt ady to lioht His stars.''
( • Why, darling
"'Cause he s Kcratchin' matches on
t'i« cliv."—Nit'w N'oik Sun
Backbone of the Strike Broken.
HOMESTE \r» Pa Homestead's stii.king
steel woikers are considerably agitated
Tin y have satisfied thrm-elves  f the
• oirectneea of Supi intendent Potter
statement, that a number of dorm-i
employes returned to work That
the backbone of the -tiik 1 as been look
en is a knowledged i.»? all .-ave niember.-
»*! the advisory committee and the mo o
i itlical unionists
Mi Pottei saitl ft' l i United Press re
puei . • Altet_e lie -ixtv of our fomut
eiiijeoves have return Ito work aid we
li".' berii lnfoion i that many nine will
i appl'i a ion for their old places.
 went v s. ven of our old men came in"
TA M t \ foil of them tiii'id then places
■ 'ii! open, but the  thers I am sorry to
-a\ w» re disappointed. But „whi!e the\
ta' !' ' step into the petitions they c.iv,
l> i m >nth ago, these men will be giver
W { t\j
Very Plsin Talk to Queen Victoria
I.ONOOV. fCablegi.uu. ]-Land and Wa
it i -ays thai when the Duke of Devon
-'"in visited tlip Qu-en last week. Hei
ije«>y sai 1 that she relied upon his ad
V-I-H to -ts-ist her in nvoidine the n-cessi
t, f.-i -en I: t foi Mr (ijadstone to f-.rm
i cew yiiveinin nt I e Duke, it is rt
or el, said, in reply to Htr Majesty.
:hat there was but one alternative for her
' her to adopt —she mu' eithei ca !
upon Mr. Gladstone to form a mini*! y
or must abdicate the throne. ;
Render Unto Caesar the Thine* are Caesar's, Unto 4od. (iod's
The Most Pugnacious Day of the
South Carolina Campaign..
COLUMBIA. S. ' —The- most exciting
'•Mng of the Stite campaign occurred
I huisdav at Union Th»re came dan
_ n-usly neai being a personal difficulty
the stand, between Governor
! i'lian and Col. Orr. th r t'onservative
■; lidate for Lieutenant Governor,which
\ iwl'i have resulted in a riot.
In hi* speech. Governoi Tillman asked
-nel On for h P authority for saying
it a preacher had said that he fTillmau)
! Hinted his profanity ir public. Col.
>ll icplied that he did n#t divu'ge con
yer-itione. and added that T simm knew
l;e statement was true as he could ascer
'•■m bv appealing to the preachers in gen
lln Governoi «aid ihat sometimes an
itli blipj • 1 out.diut that it had done so
ouiy 011 "ue occasion during the cam
p-iign. He appealed to the ladies pres
i;t to signify if in their opinion they
, nsidered him a blackguard, but
wa= no response from them.
I ip Governor then said that Orr or any
>'h I mMI who said he flaunted his pro
iiiitv in public lied.
( '•>! Orr advanced to the Governor and
iii hinghimby the arm wheeled him
noiind «nd asked him if he was trying
*" i i is.e a personal difficulty. Tillman
- i''i he was not and Oil shook his finger
hi ins fir and told him that he could
not iotim t that he (Orr) lied without
having 11 tin-own in his (Tillman's) teeth.
H> tbld him tint her that Tillman had
i of being "Almighty God gentle
1 lie Govt i noi said so he had, aud Orr
! plied that He did not do himself cred
it when He made you. He again caught
hold of the Govern >r and asked him if
he meant to intimate that he was a liar.
The Governor sai l that if Orr did not
criminate tin statement did not apply to
By this time the crowd had become a
raging mob. People ( limbed up on the
stand. Mr.u pulled "IT theii coats, swore
like troopci- and gai'neied around the
two men It looked for all the world as
i( blood was to be shed Col. Orr stood
tcfthe rack ami told Tillman he lmd re
peatedly used curse words on" th.- stand.
The Governor said he ha 1 not done it
but ome. and lie would leave it to ex
'Governoi Sheppard yyho, however, had
lmtlrng to say. The excitement by this
time was intense. Col. On again caught
hold of Tillman, who bad turned his
head toward the  iowd in f'.ont, and told
him if he,wanted a fii>ht he could get it.
The Governor -aid- he did not and Col.
On went back t > hi--eat, lemai king that
Tillman musf let him aloe. The Gov
eruor turned t" the ciowd a d said no
living m to coui I buildliim. Afera
>• >d deal of difficulty the crowd was
Dull Time Figures.
Hi' hard H. Edmonds, of Baltimore,
gives in the August number of the Fwuut
some account of the present resources aud
recent progress of the South. The rec
-0 d is one which every Southerner will
i. a'l with pride aud every other Ameri
•in should rejoice in. We can take only
a lew of the most striking passages in
that record. The South produced 533,-
P 12,000 bushels of com iu 1891, a gain
01 .bout ?-"» per cent, over the production
in The gain in cotton production
w;u about the same, from ">,456,000 bales
in 1881 to neaily 9,000.000 bales last
year. The gain in railioads is even more
remarkable. Ten years ago the South
had 23,000 miles of railroad; now it has
about 45.000. a gain of nearly 90 pei
cent , and the increase in the number of
passengers and thr amount of freight car
ried ha? been enormous. Between 2'-1,-
000,00(1 and 24.000.000 ton* of coal were
mined in the South in only about
(5,(.'00,000 in lfHl. The value of expotfs
from Southern ports has increased from
#257.535,401 to £349.801.999, a gain of
:W per cent., which is nearly five times
the gain made at the oth*r ports of the
United States. The Southern output of
iron is nearly 325 pei cent, greater than
in 18*1. The gain in manufacturing and
banking aud all branches of business has
been great. The assessed value of
pioperty is nearly two billions greater
than in l^wi
Growing Cotton in Connecticut.
IVI'NAW. CONN. —David Johnson, a
spiuce old colored man of Ponifret street,
who was at; a big Southern plantation
"befo' de wall,'' is teaching hit. neigh
bors that cotton may be grow n in Con
net tii ut as su ( essfully as "w ay down
South in Dixie." David is ganie.iei for
Benjamin Grosvenor and has a little fanu
of his own at Pomfvet Street. He had
been trying vainly for several years to
in ike people believe his cotton theory,
and th s yeai has venlied it by gtowing
cotton on his farm His crop is a small
one. but it looks splendid. Johnson,
who tended thousands of firres of cotton
in thr Smith, says that hisPomfiet Street
plants are quite a - luxuriant aud promis
ing as any that are raised in Dixie. He
adds that, while the Northern season is a
short one. the soil here is riehei and the
plant* thrive l etter than in the South.
He also grow-- fine «wft potatoes
Lady Godiva's Ride Revived at Cov
entry After a Lapse of Five Years
London, i Cablegram " —Aft -j a lapst
"f five years thr procession in honor of
the Countess Godiva was revive 1 Tue.-
day at Coventrv. and-a beautiful young
woman rode through the streets in gaib
\t\ «imi!ar to Godiva's on the occasion
t her celebrated ride aboip t3s venr-
Godiva was represented "by Miss
v lice Sinclair. from the Koval Aquarium.
London. On this occdion there was no
i straint to drive peeping. Tom-behind
t ie shelter of doors or windows.
Hie route of the proce-sion was throng
! with spectators, who had ample op
rtunitv to pass upon the physical «t
■ e tions of Miss Sinclair.
Renominated by Acclamation.
VA I'ii • Democratic Con-
Sressioaui Convention from this.the First
istrict met at Tappahanno.k and renom
inated the Hon. W. A. .Tones by acclaraa
Interesting Reading Of And For
The Order.
TJzuted States Senator Pefifer, of Kan
sas, otythe Currency Question.
Replying to your request under date
of th f * sth instant in relation to supply
ing the place of national band citcil
lation, I hive to say that in my own
judgment the b&st substitute is what
the people of Kansas favored fouiteen
years ago, namely. United tes notes,
commonly called gi. enbacks; for as you
I kuow, national b« :k notes" aie redcem
| able in I'nited
! would be well to abolish the whole sys
j tem of bank note i=sues No banking
! institution should be permitted t » issue
anything whi' h is *o be used legal
! tender money uuh-s. th n issue is support
| ed by the pawei, and the material used,
whatever it may be. should not be re
deemable in anything. I* ought to go
out to the people as money, fullfledged,
ready for dutv. without any weight or
impediment or conditions of any sort,
what ver. Wh it we use .us money should
be absolutely fii t fr mall conditions, so
that there could be no "runs" on banks
in time of stringency, and no pauics be
cause tie >tors are un ible to obtain iegal
teudei money I b -li ve that the time
has come t:> nationalize our money. We
took one long step in that direction when
we adopted out national banking sys
tem We taxed State bank notes out of
existence, substituted a nationa l cuirency
for a purely lo al currency, aud it was
only a shoii time altci embarking in this
oew enti i piise until we discovered that
the bankers of the country were masters
of the fiuain i d situation. \Ve hud that
instead of seiving the peopl ; they served
themselves. In there were -
©WO,OOO of bank notes tin illation Since
that time about .*210.0 0.000 of it has
been retiied. nol b- viuse the people did
not need the money, but because the
banks realized api 'lit from the sale of
their bond at p e.mium. the bonds that
they had dtp •.>i'• • d i- se« urity for (iicu
lation . Out e\p> rieiue and that of otliei
nations has been that banking corpora
tions are private -chine- for nrorit to ind
vidual persons, :,nd out observation ha a
taught us that there is only one safe way
to avoid the daugcis to which that suit
of financial management subject us; that
is for the nation itself to prepare its own
money, every do'lai of it. issu ■it to the
people directly though government
agencies, wholly without the use and in
fervent ion of banking corporations or
other private agencies.
You under-tand from the foregoing
that I would ii -t only -übstitute United
States notes. ~| tteasury notes, if you
choose, for national bank notes as they
are being retired, but 1 would substitute
that sort of money for a'l bauk issues;
aud I would do even more than that; I
would not make money out of a promise
to pay; that i- to say. I would not wiite
out a ptonii -v to pay money and call that
promise money; but I would use a piece
of paper |u-t as we at.e now using a piece
of gold or a piece of silver, and make
that money, providing in the law what
its functions shall be. That puts the
influence, the credit, aud the power of
all the people behind the money. Then
we will have gold and silver and paper
at par, one with the other; aud that, if
we will reduce rates of interest down to
the level of profit on labor, so that men
can make as much mon?y farming or
blucksmithing ot carpentering as they
can by lending money, will give us a
safe currency, a .sound financial system,
and no more money panics.
I believe that both of the parties are
afiaid of Wall street. They are not
afraid of the people. They say to me,
"Don't you know you can buy more with
a dollar than \>u over could in the his
tory of our e Mintry?'' That may be
true; but suppose you owed ;fl.oi'o. Ten
year- ago lino i iihel« of wheat would
have paid the debt Now iU requires
1,400 bushel- t • pay :t Suppose you
have $ "j. how nun h more taxes will it
pay? How nun h more interest on your
debt, how many physicians' bills,
i how many more lawyers" fees will a dol
i ldi pay? Will it pay four times as much
i as it did. and how will a dollar cost to
get it?
A tramp lan up to a gentleman one day
and asked him if he could tell him where
he could j,et a good meal. The
man pointed out a pl-tce where he could
gft a meal toi a uuaiter. The tianip
, thanked h;in ami taited oil. but had not
gone fai wh n In e ime ninniujj back.
'"You weie so kinu to tell me where I
could yet a nice m al foi a quartei Will
you now tell me where I can get the
quaiter? And that i- the wav with the
politicians thev Ucn tellin  i: v n
CTH nuy inr a notia?'. out tney uo not tell
j us whetc we can get the dollar.
A bu; 11.i- itee n iuti t'.ceii in Congiess
making i' uniawlnl for any lailroad.
j steamboat, oi o;hei transportation com
i pany. doing an intei» ;te tiansporfation
j or vmiywu t f > r-r ppr
j mit to be ii tns| r*. ver it- li-e« any
j body of aimed meet, whether assuming
jto - i » !?ce f(>!Tp r»i nr>t
WISE S. \V IN t- - i. U|-F. MF.y
I here ;.- no ui re m-igi.ifit ant tiling,
intrinsically in th" economy of society
than monev ifij)
Thoma- .feffel- n -.i:d 'To pieserve
the indepet -h n> eif th i we mu-t
not let ■!' i- - ■ * - ■ i-h perpetual
debt "
'•When a'l our paper morev i« made
pavable in c j '■ ' f - on demand, it will
prove he mite certain tne*m e that can be
need to f i i! »he ri h man'« field t>y
j the «wea of the pom man's brow."
"Gold -it. 1 sdver ar r - not
;of e«pial VH if with iron No methods
have been 1 th'-i'o formed to establish a
medimv r-f 'tad'- e ; lal in all its advant
a^ t - t't bill- o r . i te.lit made a legal ten
der " F! ' /-" 'r, l-lin
*v. * '-- hive been bought
j and-"' •! * tnink no mere o r :* than
the buying and selling of to mmy cattle
and shepp in the market. Monopolv is a
danger compared with whieh slavery w;s
a small danger.— ll? rij W,ir>l
' Whatever the government 'igtres to
receive in payment of the publh be -i
--money, no matter what it- f rm nriv be:
treasury notes, drafts, etc Si i, bill- or
paper, issued under tl i»* r iUt llO| ! f \ ft }lO
T *»!'- m r «nov //' r _
A few days ago the authorities of Kan
sas City destroyed two million dollai* of
waterwork c bond', being unsalable b n
tV»r» in 1 OVA; t TQC noroMo - n
cent, interest, tire interest pavabh ®n
|p , T | 1 Can you not th' i» 1 •«» :  \ >*>•
/hiV)tt>r A (1 ' f
now is ttm? Thegovenif.eiit . i oe..
two cents for carrying a !f!t t lt n N- w
Y rk to San Fianri-co. The t !eataph
Companies cliarge two dollar- fc. an ordi
nary dispatch, and yet the cost to the
government in sending the lettei t« great
er than to the telegiaph company in -end.
in" the dispatch Atg iunnt seems un
necessary to convince anyone of the ad
vantages of government control of th*
telegraph —Er
"The feudalism of capital i*rot a whit
le«F formidable than the fe i iali.-m of
force. The millionaite of tod.iy is a
dangerous to society as were the t a inula!
lords of the middle ages 1 may a? well
be dependent on aoothei foi mv IK I '* ,-
foi my bread The time is -h eto eonif
when men will look back up n Hie pie
rogative of capital with as, iust and f' g
condenluatiou as we now look ba k oil
the predatory chieftains of the darJ»
ageg — Horace
Severe Droughts in Many Portions
Corn and Tobacco Injured.
WASHINGTON, D C.—The bulletiu ol
the Weather Bureau for the week ending
Tuesday contain.- the following tele
graphic reports of the crop condiii 'tis of
the various Southern States
Virginia—Weather continued execs
sively hot. with more than average sun
shine;"rainfall scattering and in lieh l to
heavy showers, but insutlicient in noi th
em half of the State; where th" diought
is severe; except in localities, geuetal
rains are needed
North Carolina—Weathei unusually
dry aud warm, ground be  niing baked,
light showers of Sunday beneficial. Cot
ton improving and fruit i.-  ing well;
corn and tobacco injmVd, iuining yel
low in places: curing tobacco b> gun
South Carolina Exce-siv beat and
sunshine. I.ack of Main hish; d injur
ions effect on rot toil, turning it yellow
and  auspig U .to shed fruit, particularly
on light soil*. Other crops injured to
some extent by heavy rains of Monday.
Georgia—Very warm, sunshiny weath
er, with scatteiing shower-; all crops
have been very much benefitted, espei ial
ly cotton. suffered considerably
from wet weather of previous week; corn
is in (■ x■ ellent condition.
Floiida Haiufall for the State be!t»w
the normal, with heavy local showt is in
some sections; weather favorable for
gathering and cleaning crops, bu' injui
ious to orange groves: teniperatuie above
noimal; average sunshine.
Alabama—Temperature slightly above
uoi ma I; rainfall foi State about normal
in northeast and middle portions; mud
crate showers were refreshing to veget i
tion; too much rain in southern portion,
rain needed in northern portion.
Mississippi—Conditions somewhat
more favorable than preceeding week
temperature and sunshine normal, with
light scattering showers; all crops better
cultivated and outlook more favorable.
Weaver's Total Vote.
The following is the vote Wcavei u*
reived when he tan as tlie ''Greenback"
candidate for Prc-ideut:
Alabama. 4,04-2; Ai kausas. -1,07'.»; Cal
ifornia, 3,310; Colorado, 1.430; Connec
ticut, 80y; Deleware, l'JO; Floiida, ;
Georgia, !!09; I linoi-, 20,305. Im.iana,
1 -i. i. Jowa. 02,701; Kansas, lH.Hol;
Kentucky. 11.400; Louisiana 430: Maine,
4,4 f is; Maryland. ——; M t-saehusctts,
4. Mit higan. Minnesota. 3,-
20T; Mississippi, o, 70(j. Mi--oui i, :C>. 100;
Nebraska, 0.'.'00; Nevada, ; New
Hampshire, 528: New .Jeisev, 2.617.
New Vork. 12,373: N"ith (.'arolina. 4.
12'>; Ohio. H.4oH; Ojegctu. 24 r >: pennsvl
v nia, 2'f,608. Rhode Mand. 2-Ji>. South
Carolina. .">SO: l enm ssi- >. 17 'IV \ .s,
Vermout, I.2ii. Virjini ;
AN i»! \iigiuia. o,oio. VV iscou-iij, 7,9H0.
Tptal, yo i, 140.
The Murderers Adjudged Insane.
MEMPHIS, TENN. —The Mitdieii 
was hi ought to H close w hen th' ;
after being ou f five minutes, letuin* d a
verdict finding Alire Mitchcil to be ins llt(
and rec. mmending for the peace of the
State that she be confined in an ir-anc
asylum The judge's charge ««.- ah able
document H- dweit on expert tes
timony and mildlj excoriated the phy
sic aiis w ho, he said, could prove an . n:
to be m«ane when they started in f i
thi- purpose Wlu-n the verdict was nn
n tinced, Judge Mitchell, father of Alice,
wept. Alice le»oked on nnd smiled. A
low moan was heard in th'- rear of the
C airt room. It came fri'm .To. \\ ud.
Mis> Mitchell will be taken to Ie livir
next v „-k. Ldlie Johnson. h"r alleged
ar on>i»dce. will probably never be tri
Carnegie' 6 Officers Arrested
Pin t>BL*HG, PA —C hairman Hemv C.
Frick. of the rarcegie Steel Company.
Vice-Chairman Lei-hman, Secretary Love
joy. and Treasu-er H M Ciiiry "ere ad
mi'ted to batl in the sum of $| i.OO ; e,i h
on accusations of muidei The war ants
were issued by Aldennan Fe-tus M King
on inform itious made i Uuyh 1 u
Warrant 6 wt - ■ 'SO i»-u-'i •_ n-t i K e
Pinkeiton br ah' > ai I - «-r I " k-i
ton detectives, all «diog«d i'h mu- bi
of tin* H mestead itrikers wh
iD the rot.
A Parlor Rifle Shot Proves Fatal
CHARLESTON. S. C— A few day t
« negro boy named Joseph Dantzbi
s* ot rtith a parlor riile by Mr Ni'':
Peterson, on wh»se premises he w t»-
i -ing. The ball passed under til
th rib. and the boy died in th
>l Peterson was bound Over re , t(
r •' i'J'V-iest.
World 8 Fair Gets $2,500,000 Out
Closing Scenes of the 52d Cotiffress
Marked By Strong Debates.
WASHINGTON. P C —'Hou«e.l—There
a large attendance « t member* upon
this ! t >t day V ses-i mof Congress.
Mr McMilHn tep uted th" «ub treasury
bill adversely and the bid ws« ordered to
lie on the Speaker's table.
Mr Simpson. Farmers' Alliance, cf
KHUMJ. aro=e to a question of personal
privilege aud after talking an hour, the
speak l lapped him down and the regular
order the World's Fair bill —was de
The House then went irrto committee
ot the whole on the World's Fai? bill,
a propria ing 12,500.000 of rtioney out
light, instead of |0,0C0,000 in souvenir
hi 1 ! .'oil i-, >1 r Dockery, Democrat, of
M : -souii. in the chair. Mi Cummings.
I>. moerat. of New Yoik. was the first
speaker vop se the bill.
r Fellows. Democrat, of New York,
wa- r-tpi i ly emplntiv in his support of
t he f:iii
Oilier tepicscnUtivca (ipoko foi and
the bill, and th • Durboirow bill
w«s ordered to a thinl reading and Mi.
Holman demanded the yeas and nats  n
its linal passage. Tue biii was passed,
ayes 131, nays
Mr Hoatner. Demorat. cf Louisiana,
submiited the majority repoit from th*
special committee to iuvistigate thaigcs
of drunkenness made by Mr. Watson.
Fanners' Alliance, of Georgia, and Mr.
Simpson, Fariueis' Alliance, of Kansas,
presented the views of the minority.
Mr. Oates submit'ed the report of the
committee to investigate the troubles at
Homestead, aud an attempt was
made to pass the pension bills sat upon
at the Fiiday 'vening session, but the
House was restless and anxious to go
away and a rcc ss was i fleeted until 7
p ir
At the night session the Pinkeiton
clause of the sundry civil bill as reported
by the committee, was substituted by the
mdder one adopted by the senate
Mi Simpson. People's party, of Ka~
- i-. denounced the act of the repre en
tati\ es of the House in surrendering to
the of the country." He
tailed the Pinkerton employes "armed
thugs, robbers and murderers." ''You'll
hear from this in the elections in the
ill I. ' said Mr. Simpson, ' and any one
t!i it votes for this umendment should be
left at home You should not nurender
to the representatives of wealth."
Mi Simpson's time expired while he
wa - -peaking and amid loud taps of the
Speakers gavel and much disorder he
■ ncluded with the remark that the
ere i -teel works at Homestead were
pi pei ly  ailed "steal."
( lies of "tats" and prolonged hissing
from the Republican side marked th
• onclusiou of Simpson's remarks.
The Speaker directed the official re
poiter to strike out all Mr Simpsou had
.-aid alter the gavel fell. "The repoitei
would 'lo himself honor by leaving all ot
it out," shouted Mr. Johnson, of Indiana
At this point there was much excite
ment in the Hou-e. The aisles were
crowded and the babel of voices drowned
individual utterances.
At 11 p m the House adjourned sine
The Senate after discussing the Dm
bonew World's Fair bill, finally passed
it by a viva voce vote.
Shortly before 4 o'clock the Senate took
a recess until 8 p. m.
At the night session, after the confer
ence ou the Sunday civil bill, the Senate
adjourned sine die at 11 o'clock
New Industries in the South.
The organization "5 new industrial en
teip>ises in the South continues actively.
Among some of the more important for
the week ending August 5. sre the foi
lowing from the Manufacturers' lb-cord
of Baltimore: A $ WO,OOO fm nitrite fac
tory company a 1 Houston, Texas: a slOl,-
OOiJ street l tilroad and electricity cc»m
pany at \ it ksburg, Miss : a s~> coal
and coke company ».t Arlington, W. Va. ;
Rn !f1 5 .0.>0 w it'-r works company at p. r
i\\ille, Md . a floo,foo lredt;e feme
t oinpany at Savannah, f»a.: a f 100,000
e'c' tiic light and power company at
Ludlow, Kv : a $50,00') oii anei soap re
fining company at L uisiille, Kv.: a
i iioO.oOO mining aud smelting ccmpmy
i' Buckner. Aik : a t")OO,00O cotton
i ttmpi' S- company Little Hock. Aik.;
a -fIOO.OeO realty company and a $175,500
distilling company at Baltimore. Md : a
.'HOM.OUO coal mining eomj any at Phil -
lij pi. \'a.. a ♦2>,* 00 ice inanu actur
in,' ( -mpany at Richmond, Kv. . a $lO,-
000 lumber c mpany at Ashdown, Aik. ;
r- uistruction company and a
slO i.OOO implement manufacturing com
p-uiv at Newport. Ky. . n ♦ 100,000 de
ejoping company at Manchester. Va.,
and "a fl' o 000 lumbei c. mpany at El
kin'.' W. Va
A Concession to Wom«n,
The University of Virginia has t*kn a
' • departure. Hereifter w men eigh
'e ti \eais of age or over w ill be permit
ted to register, with the Chairman of the
Faculty Iu the of studies in the
a .d'-rnirai tl'-partinent of the institution.
Twentv-five 'h ilars. -.*iil be the annual
fee While th* fem de students wiil have
• hi-, privilege f hev will not be permitted
1 tt'end the legular lectures or other
• \"-scises r»f anv school. An additional
fee vviii entr'.e them to the priviieg s of
; Cniveisity bbr ry «nd scientific col
' tion. If. upon examination, they at-
I • .» »hi> snti:e standard presetibed foi the
■ i-j'-T ' t! on the «ork of acv year
i '»r in v fOM \ t hey «re to receive certifl
' = to that efT*ct from the Faculty.
An Ex-Jud(f« Drowns Hims»lf.
' TASLET. VA.— Ex Judge Thomas 
Parrimore of Accomac, Vn., daliberaMt
W A : ked into Folly Creek in the nigh? and
tr'.y r>eH himself He has been in po >t
• ilth. C)n his table he left * note * a v
tint hew»t wrecked IQ body nnd mnd
«r:d was tired of living. The Judge wa«
, it one time a lead tj_' politician. »n i un
i IS**'? presided over the court at Ac
I comae. He WAS years old.
SI.OO Per Annum, in Advance
3w*llow and Assimilate Them
The race between Hogg and Clark f.-r
the Democratic nomination for Governor
nf Texas is very hot. Gov. Hogg
i» a little ahead, but he is not likely to
gefthe necessary two-thirds of t 04'»
delegates. Possiblv there mavbe a dead
lock, to be broken only bv the nomii *
tion of a third man.
This year's Presidential canvas* is, in
point of activity, much behind ther»-cot«i
of previous yeats, on the I democratic
well as on the Republican side. I h.» -
leaders of both parties arc* *low in begin
ning the real work of the campaign I'ht
sim- condition of things is repot ' 1
other States.
1? is against the tradition* of the Re
publican party to renominate \ ice Pr. >
ideats "The old ticket - ' l* a(n which
has no att-actian for the Repub'.it atis
Lincoln and Hamlin was .t winning tit ket
in bu? when President Lincoln wits
renominated in Hamlin «left
off. Graut and Colfax was the winning
*it in 186P, but when PieMdent tirant
was renominated four yea's later, 1 ol
fax was left off of the tick.'! Huri« n
aDd Morton was a winning tn ket in
but after President Harrison was renom
inated in Minneapolis. Moiton was !--ft
off The Republicans found Hainsmto
be strong with the lot whih Mr
Morton stood four ye:irs ago.and h n • the
r anamination of the Litter was not thought
essential. The only Democrat in uceut
years to ho renominated for \ ive I'iesi
flen» was Thomas A Hendn. ks. who ran
in 18*76 nr?-3 ayairi in I**4
Don M Dickiusop has been chosen
chairman of the N itional Democratic
campaign commttfee and It H. Sinalley
of Vermont, secretary. Senator Cor man
would nof accept the chairmanship
The Deiuocr*tic congressional cam
paign committee has ordered 200.0(>0 but
tons represent ng an Americ an shield,
are twords "No Foi» p Bill.'*
for distribution it the So»"V.
Edward Beilatu* will >upp>>it the Peo
ples' party be: a us*.' • it is the only party
whose opposition to the 1 aggressions of
private monopoly is n t:t sham —N.
Y. Sun.
lush Members. It is Said. Will Ooiuo
In for Offices, if Not Portfolios.
I ONUON, [Cablegram. J Gieat p difical
 vity is noticeable iu London now
V -Miid Pall Mail and Carlton llou-o
, t sf :es of prominent Liberals
hover coming and going, Mr. l,;iad
s»mii..-'s headquarters being the centre of
t»tm tion. Mr. Gladstone receives Ire
juent visits from .John Motley, Sn Wil
'■Mill Harcourt, Lord Roschurv. Earl
jicncer, and others of his lnim diate po
i'i« al circle, with whom he earnestly di the formation of a new Govern
cut and its initial «teps in legislation
he Reform and National Liberal club*
c meanwhile the rendezvous of the :auk
■id file of the party, and heie groups of
i well kuown workers can constantly be
e i discussing the situation, chiefly in
•o eolation as to the make up of the
A prominent Libera! said that Mr
•Gladstone has made up hio mind to an
i unce certain appointments which will
x sure to cause a sensation. He has
' nig felt it unfair that Englishmen should
ib-orb all the offices, ami he would pre
r to have representatives of all parts of
tiie kindom in the Ministry. He has,
therefore, according to the informant,
decided to apportion a few offirf-v to th'-
Irish leaders.
Arthur O'Connor will be offered a pos
it civil lord of the Admirality, and Mr.
xton will receive the app intnvnt of
Irish Secretai y. But these gentlemen
w ill not be made members of the Cabinet,
as Mr. Gladstoue does not care to irri
late the
ci-e her privilege of refusing to receive
members of the Cabinet whose appoint
tinnt i« not agieeable to her.
Mr Gladstone remained indoors Wed
esday, by advice of his ph\sicitn. who.
however, did not cousidej it ik- »-S-.u > to
 ill rigai;', as hp says that the patient h is*
recovered Mr Gladstone arose at 1)
o'clock and joined his »e letarv ip. his
A Trust in th«* Peanut Business.
From Farm and Home.!
Th** last meeting of the American Pea
nut Union of Virginia and Noith Caro
lina wa« held in Tarboro. N C.. r,r >
Taursdav, Aug 4 The union i« com
posed of one delegate from eaTi f
sub al iances in the State of Virgin: , ; t nd
eighteen in Noith.Carolina. \ Piesodent.
Vice-President. Trea*u»er,
Chaplain. Doorkeepei and Assistant
Doorkeeper constitute the official oigani
ration It me»ts at will, an' 1 • differ
ent towns in thepeannt belt Its obieei*
are cooperat ; on and mutual prote tion
against trusts, rings and speculators. It
purchased through a rnmmi»te.» appoint
ed foi the purpose Hf) 0.000 peanut =a ks
last fenson, and saved several thousand
dollars to it* patrons. It establishes tht
prire of peanut sacks in tli» section it
'-peiates It has created, and ha r in fu 1-
f-p ration, several factories f r #
Mi - product of thf farms It' goods re*
'li-tributed in everv sertion of th" coun
ts \ If has accomplished much b-net«t
for trie farmers, nnd is likelv to gro »
m 1 be still more useful. Th» suce«s  t
this organization sho-ws tha' finr. •- r *>
easily cooperate to th' vn adv g*
and Farm ! Home ii. "s =•
mciverr>ent i-xtende ] in other se tioc' r
the country.
Gov, Jones Re-elected
Birmi.noh\M, Ala —The e'ate t-lertion
passed off very quietly. A Urge pare
of the negro population voted,, and their
votes were about equally divided b.-
tween Jones and Kolb Gov. Jones # tDeni;
is elected bv HO.OOO to *>o 000 imtonty
over K"lb. 'Alliancei
Firat New Tobacc- at Winston.
WlNSTojr, N C The fii«t new to
bacco of the season sold in Winstou
Tuesday. It i«ised in Davidson
county, and br >ut»ht |2
It is more than a week uli'-i than n«-w
; tobacco evei 1 on this
NO. 2.».

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