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A Visit la Oxford, and a Ramble
ThrntiKh Its Many Seatsof Learn
ing The Hodleyan Library and
Its Ancient Tones-In London.
Oxfokii, England, July 25, ISK'.l.
Editor Citizen: No doubt one should
lie a scholar to appreciate this grand uni
versity town, and making no pretension
to much learning ourselves, we must con
fess to a feeling of disappointment.
This sensation certainly docs not arise
from anv previous expectation which
fails of realization. No, indeed ; the mag
nitude of the numerous schools surpasses
our most vivid imagination the iniiuni
cralile thousands of volumes of untold
value, portraits of all persons who can
possibly lay claim to the honor, all of
these things more than conic up to our
expectation. Hut with it all there is a
sense of coldness pervading these heavy
English walls, a want of warmth or llor
idity in the style of architecture which
thills and oppresses us. None of the de
lightful cheerfulness which so charms the
eye even in the dusty traceries of dcarold
Melrose. Moreover, the buildings and
statues arc grimy ;1ud scaling from the
effect of nges of this damp climate, and
some of t he most exquisite sculptures so
black as to represent the African rather
than the Anglo-Saxon race, and we are
templed to recommend a free use of
American sapolio.
A visit to the Hodleyan library, to a
student or bookworm, would be a treat
indeed, and even our uncultivated taste
is charmed wilh the many curious old
books, beautifully illuminated and writ
ten bv hand, Think of the immensity of
the labor! Among lli'se we note a mis
sal of (Juccn Margarc' dating A. I. infill;
a manuscript edition of WyclilTc's Ilible
of 1. '182; the Coptic Go9iels, A. I). 1 17,'t ;
a small horn book ol the reign of Charles
I, such as was used to teach the children
to read. This was a most singular pro
duction, a printed paper pasted on a pad
dle shaied piece of wood probably 4x1
inches, the top covered with "ha be hi,"
etc., etc., as in ourold elementary spelling
book, and Mow this the Lord's Prayer.
We also glance at the first book printed
in the English language, done by Ca.xton
in 17 1.
We next visit the Oriel College, chiefly
intrrcstiiiir as the alma mater of Arnold,
Kcblc and Willicrfnrcc, and Itracnoze
College (curious name! I to winch wc arc
indebted for I lelier.
The most interesting of the colleges to
os is that ol Chnstehurch, in whose large
dining room we view the portraits ol
nianv distinguished men ; a most striking
one of Gladstone by Mabry, his almost
tierce expression being setoff by t lie sweet
fare of Dr. Henry Hall in an oppositccor-
ner. Ol course this grand display has to
be disgraced by the lieefy phi of old
Henry VIII, who looks down without a
blush on the spot where he accomplished
his most disgusting act, in divorcing
w't Anne Holcvn. It does, indeed, seem
strange to us tliat Englishmen of this
day can take pleasure in preserving the
memory of one so debased, even though
our Methodist Prctlircn ami outers win
in-ist that he was the founder of our
church. God save the mark !
Before leaving the subject of portraits,
we must mention that which most forci
bly impressed us in the gallery of the Hod-
levan lihrarv. lienn nmnicy sccuicu to
look upon lis and to read our inmost
son . Never do we rciiiciuiicr to nav
seen a more thoroughly speakiuglikcncss
of a thorouchlv ureat anil good man
and regret that we have no note of the
.artist s name.
From the lame dining hall of Christ
,.hiirch. in which unhappy Charles I held
bis last parliament, we descend to the
ir or ous cathedral. At nrst we arc o
jiresscd here with a chilly sensation; its
liuge columns, pluinly free from the orna
mental lluling to which our eves have
licen accustomed, una ol a peculiar color.
neither crav nor white, are not pleasing
until one enters far enough to catch the
glow of its most richly colored windows,
through which the light streams wilh
wonderful effect, bringing in the sweet
cheerfulness of one of our own Southern
ilavs. of which, by t he way, these poor
English know little. Our experience
(most lengthy halfa week I goes lo prove
that it rains on an average six timescach
1.1 v.
Once more our notes remind us that wc
in'cnded to mention a portrait of John
Locke, who. someone tells us is the great
est innii ever educated .it Oxford, and of
especial interest to us as lrning drawn
up the charter of the lord proprietors to
the province of Carolina, both North and
The ambulatory in the wall of the ca
thedral's clerestory isesiecially beautiful,
.affording n passage for choristers in the
iild dnvs in the heart of themassivewalis
!r.d extending from one side of the great window around nave, transept and
aisle, hack ugain to the opposite side ol
the chance!.
The rcvedos presented an exquisitely
carved crucifix of some brown stone, in
eol. ii' resembling bronze, and the chancel
ill ii tr in simply adorned with the sweet
words 'S''S Curitus i'iik-s."
It was our good fortune here to meet a
most charming gentleman who, without
a sixpence, gave us much information of.
deep interest, pointing out one window
which had licen buried twenty-four years
when so many others were destroyed,
anil in its richness affording an idea of
the loss incurred by this church alone by
the ardent fervor, called religion, of sonic
of the Reformers.
This window gave a likness of the la: t
Abbot of Oseney, the first llishop of Ox
ford, while one near by, of whichthe frag
ments had been carefully collected and
with great skill replaced, gave a repre
sentation of the death of Thomas A.
Heckit. of which the head only was want
ing. A slight omission, but rather im
portant to the full appreciation ol the
A ramble through the botanical gar
dens brings us to Magdalen College here
pronounced Maudlin, and we arc told
I' the character of the sainted Mngda
. i gave rise to the English word maud
lin, with all its horrible meaning. Sad
thought to us. We would rat her remem
ber her, as restored to her true woman
hood by the sweet mercy of the dear
Savior, both hers and ours, who saw in
her nothing maudlin, but only what was
worthy His saving and healing influence
and love. At Magdulen chujicl we arc
struck most forcibly by nil illustration
iin glass of the day ol judgment. This
was iu colors grave and sombre, and yet
most realistic, presenting a most awful
idea of the orthodox opinion of that day,
which wc all agree will lie "the great and
terrible day of the Lord."
A half duy being nil that our brief
.allowance can give to Oxford, we now
take a swift train which soon lauds us
in London, and there find comfortable
lodgings at most reasonable cost, where
re hope to devote a week to seeing tho
sights which should at least have a year
of our life. And it would be well and
profitably senl.
Here we meet happily once more the
other members of our North Carolina
parly, who have licen here two davs but
did not enjoy as wedid the jaunt through
the midland counties, Warwick, Mralloru
md grand, oppressive old Oxlord.
P. S. You inav be interested as we
were in a curious illustration of how the
Jews were treated in the olden time, now
happily gone forever.
VVlule in Cliristcliurcli cut neural un
kind gentleman to whom we have refer
red look us into an apartment railed a
"vestry," but differing somewhat from
the one we remember iu Ashevillc. and
pointed out a square block of stone
which had onlv recently been discovered.
Running his lingers over its dingy lines.
he said : "This part was evidently done
iu 1 280, while this could not have been
earlier than KtOo, showing that twenty-
five years ol labor was bestowed upon
it. It is deeply interesting to me, because
before its recovery 1 had read iu the old
records of this cathedral that somewhere
in the 1 hirtccnth cuilurv, while a church
celebration was progressing, an insane
lew attacked the cross bearer and threw
him and his sacred burden to the ground,
and that the t lieu reigning King had de
creed that the Jews ; lioulil, of their own
labor, provide a cosily cross of stone to
mark the spot ol the assault, anil then
after an apparent lapse of time the record
shows the completion of the work." It
contains the questions: "Who made this
cross?" "The Jews made it." "lint how
came they to make it?" "Hccaiise the
King compelled them." "What King was
it? . Let us hope that II. K. II. ol
that day became ashamed ol Ins menu-
ness and had his name erased from tlv
record. Hut now note the ciirioiisdesigns
on this block of stone, dug up recently on
the spot rclerrcd to in the old records.
Oil one face stands the King, with a
Jew shaped like a monkey, on either hand.
On the next, Moses anil the lirazcn ser
pent, typical of the crucified Christ. Ncxl
Ail. mi and live iu the garden, while the
serpent crawling up the tree looks down
with a decidedly Jewish expression ol
nose and face generally; and Ibiirfh.
Abraham offering Isaac on what was aft
erwards called the Hill ol Cnlvarv.
Can vou imagine anv heavier orineaiier
punishment to be inllicled upon a devout
Israelite than to be coiiincllcd to carve in
stone what he would consider the dis
grace of his people? Truly, we arc glad
that we arc not a christian of that day.
T. W. P.
saratuiiii Knrui.
S.MIA Tor, A, N. V-, August 12. Attend
ancc large, weather cloudy, track in
good condition.
First race Five and a half furlongs:
Lvnn won, Red Light second, Lake View
third. Time l.lii'j.
Second race Five and a half furlongs:
Vermont Roan, Objection, second, Carl
ton third. Tune 1.1013.
Third race Mile and a sixteenth: Jim
Clarke won. Hub S. second, I-'cnclon
third. Time 1 1 1 i
Fourth race Five and a half furlongs:
Mr. Pelhani won, Centaur second, Little
Crete third. Time l.H;li.
Fifth race One mile: Iiraudolctte
won, Lailv Hemphill second, Torchlight
third. Time l.14;'i.
Sixth race Mile and seventy yards:
Satisfaction won, Gymnastic second.
Mirth third. Time 1.47-H
trliclitou neacli Races,
UmiiiiToN Hkacii, August 12. The
weal her is charming, track fast and
sport good.
First race six and a half furlongs:
Forest King won, Manson second,
Cracksman third. Time 1 .22";..
Second race one-sixteenth mile: Miss
Cadv won, Falcon second, Hlue Line
third. Time l.'.l' i.
Third race three-fourths mile. Kcetorc
won, Pandora second, Mischief third.
Time 1.17V-..
Fourth race one and one-eighth mile:
Ten Ilrocck won, Wilfred second, Tat
tler third. Time l..rilU'- Muttinls paid
.SHVJ.'.Ti; straight $."i2.7."i for place.
Fifth race mile: King Idle won, Huck
stou second, Gardner third. Time 1.421-.-.
Sixth race steeplechase course San
ford won. Killai nev second, Wellington
third. Time .'!.i2'i.
Kaschall Yesterday.
At Indianapolis Indianapolis f, Wash
ington s.
At Pittsburg Pittsburg .'!. Huston o.
At Cleveland Cleveland IS. New York 1 .
At Chicago Chicago il, Philadelphia
At Cincinnali-
-Cuiciunati (i, Haiti-
Kansas Citv l". Co-
mi ire 1.
At Kansas Citv
bnnbiis 1 .
At Louisvilli twiigames. l-'irst game
Athletic'.), Louisville I!. Second game
Athlcti- HI, Louisville "1.
St. Louis St. Loins 1 1 , Ibooklyn II.
Nuleitlc of a l-livsU-iaii.
WiNCiinsTKK, Va., August 12. Dr. J.
H. Wortliam. a prominent cil izen, com
mit fed suicide to-day bv shooting him
self through the head. The ball went iu
the right temple, lodging under the skin
of the left. I lent tended church last night,
and was found in his room at tivco'clock
this afternoon in bed undressed, with a
pistol in his hnnd. The net is supposed
to have been committed lictween twelve
and one o'clock this morning. lie was a
native of lluntsvillc, Ala. He was a
surgeon in the Confederate army, and re
mained here atler the war. ins win
died several venrs ago. He leaves a
daughter eighteen years of age. A cor
oner's inquest wasilccnicd unnecessary.
The l"rte Warns (ireece.
LoNiioN, August 12. A dispatch to
the lixehani-'C-Ulcgrain Iroiii Lonstanti
noplcsavs: It is senii-olhcially stated
that the Sultan has notified Orccce that
he will consider theattcmpt bv tliatconn-
try to land troops or incite rebellion in
Crete as a casus Item. Ixonc ot the pow
ers, the Telegram states, will support Un
aggressive policy of M. Triconpis, the
tirccinn prime minister. 1 nc i.rann viz
ier of Turkey charges that Greece is fo
menting riots in Monaster and Kethny
11 io.
. Itavld Crockett's nlrthday.
Ivnoxvii.i.k. Tcnn.. August 12. Iix-
lensivc preparations are being made to
celebrate the lir.lrcl anniversary 01 iiavy
Crockett's birthday on the farm where
he was born near Limestone. Among
I he guests will lie K. V. Crockett, of
I'.ranlierrv, Texas, the only living son
of the frontiersman, and only living
grandson of Col. K. 11. Crockett, of New
tinseny, Arkansas.
An Alibi for Bonlanter.
Paris, August 12. A letter written bv
Col. Chcvraton, chief of staff of the Thir
teenth Army Corps which is published
to-day, states that he saw (len. Houlaii
gcrat Cleremout-l-'crrand on the day it
is alleged he visited Paris iu disguise.
Atlanta's ISeicro Postal Clerk On
ly Forty Kxperiinent Stations.
Wash inc. 11 in. 1. C. August 12 First
Comptroller Matthews has decided that
the appropriation 01. in iii.ouomadcny an
act of Congress of March 2, 1SS'., or for
"agricultural experiment stations" can
be used for the benefit only of forty sta
tions for which estimates were made,
namely $ir,(HII) eaeli for stations in
each o'l the thirty-eight States, in the
Territory of Dakota, and the Agricultu
ral Department; and that no part of the
apiiroprialion can lie used in the estab
lishment of such stations in any of the
territories with the exception of Dakota,
that being one included in estimates
upon which the appropriation was
The Star this evening prints the fol
lowing: Postmaster Lewis, at Atlanta,
has not thought the trouble over the ap
pointment of 11 colored man in his office
of sufficient consequence to make a re
port to Hi.- postolhcc department. Act
ing postmaster general Clarkson said
to-day, however, that he undecstood the
colored man was certified by the Civil
Service Commission to postmaster
Lewis, anil he had to appoint him. For
himself he thought it impolitic to ap
point a colored man to work alongside
of while women. What action, if any,
would be taken in the mutter, he did not
iirown-Seciiiaril'H i.lixir ticts In
its Work at Mobile.
M111111.1:, Ala., August 12. The Brown
Scquard Flixir wasti icd here this evening,
t lit- patent being Dr. Pelcr Colston, for
main years a victim to rheumatic gout,
and Thomas Hraltoii, of Collccvill, Ala.,
afiliclcd wit h liver trouble, Dr. Colston
picp.'-.rcil the elixir anil a brother physi
cian injected il in his arm. Two hours
later when questioned about the
results he said: "I am certain I
led belter; my joints are more sup
ple, and the blood iscirculnling through
1 1 1 v legs, and you can sec 1 ain able to
stand up without crutches." Then mov
ing his toes up and down, he said that
it was the first time he bad been able to
Ho so iu twelve mouths. Mr. Hrallon
reported no change in his condition.
President Harrison's) Movements.
i'ouTSMiuTii, N. II. , August 12. A
telegram was received here to-day stat
ing thai Preside"! Harrison would leave
Portland at 0. Hi o'clock Wednesday af
ternoon by a special train, and is ex
pected to arrive here at li.-fri, where a
brief slop will lie made, pending the
elungc of cars front the eastern division
of the Huston and Maine to the Concord
anil Portsmouth railroad. An effort to
have the President stop overnight here
would have been inailc, but for his pre-
1011s engagement with Oovernor L lic-
ncv at Manchester that evening. 1 lie
President will receive the cusloinarv sa
line from the batterv at the navv vard,
and a reception will be tendered him at
the station by citizens.
Committee on Cotton Ilauutni-.
Ni;w Vohk, August 12. A conference
was held in the Cotton lvxchangc to-day,
'ifUvccn the commissioners of the South
ern Stales, and a special committee ol
the New 01k Cotton I'.xcli.ingc. I lie
result was the appointment of Henry
lleutz, C. D. Miller, lames Mciseur, Then.
M. Price, M. 11. Lehman, K. U'ollendcn,
ami K. 11. KouiKltrcc, as a coiiimuice to
draft resolutions to he submitted to the
Liverpool Cotton Iixchange, favoring
the use of cotton bagging iu which to
wrap cotton, instead of jute. ThcSoulh-
ei u commission was composed ot J.
Henderson, of Ocorgia ; John C. Cheney,
of Alabama ; D. M. Hood, of Tennessee,
and A. 1, liutlcr, ol Houtll lnroiina.
Allen Indleted for Iorg:erles.
N'l-W Yokk, August 12. The grand
1 11 rv tins alteruooii presented to me
court of general sessionstwo millet incuts
against Ivbcn S. Allen, president of the
.L-,,il Kli I .-11111 r,i-:iiiil Street Frrrv kail-
road Company, charging him with for
geries. The indictment is for forgery in
the lirst degree, and issuing lorged pa
per. Allen is anxious to plead guuiv;
but. as the law stands lie must lie tried
hi 1 in-lit-st eoiiitt. His at toriicv is con
sidering the acceptance of a plea ofguilly
on t In-st-coml count. The souriousstocli
issued is a trifle over 1 ,0110 shares.
'resident and
tlie Ureal
Ki.i.swoKTH. Maine, August 12. Presi
dent Harrison, Secretary of State llla-ue,
and Mrs. i'.lainc, Secretary Tracy of Hie
navv, and Mis. Wilnieriiinir, Private Sec
retary llalliird. Mr. anil Mrs. Cabot
Lodge, Walker l'.laine. Miss Itlaiiie, Lieut,
.tail Mrs. Mason, Maj. and Mrs. Palmer,
Chas. T. Howe, Mr. and Miss lliirnec
and Mr. and Mrs. Jay are gueslsof Sena
tor I laic wit h whom they wi'l dine to
dav and stop over night. A ride over
1 he country will constitute the principal
feature ol the day's cntertainmcnl.
A Summer Hotel minted.
Cincinnati, August 12. A special 10
the Times-Star i'roin Lexington, Ky.,
savs the Arlington hotel at the Hlue Lick
Springs was burned this morning. A hun
dred guests wcreat the hotel, all ofwlioni
escaped. Loss $.'l.".iloil; i isuruncc .$ 1 7,
illlli. Senator lilaekburii and ex-Chief
Justice Hargic and family were among
Ihe guests.
A Card of 'riianks.
The undersigned, the "twodisablcilsol
diers," for whose benefit a lawn party
was recently given oil the groundsof Mr.
William V." West, tender their heartfelt
thanks to all who so liberally contribu
ted thereto. The kindness, although un
sought, is very gratefully appreciated.
S. S. Lynch,
August 12, 1SS9. V. II. Hi nt.
Paper Mills Hold.
11' '.. A d 1'
lll-.S I I'.H , 1 .1., ;ui,i;uni i. ,
Winchester paper mills have been sold to
the American Slinw Hoard Company
with headquarters 111 Chicago. 1 he
present management, Messrs Wcsslcr
A Co will continue to oiH-rate the
Martin Ilurke Identified.
CniCAiai, August 12. Martin Ilurke,
the Cronin susiiect, was to-day identified
by Mr. and Mrs. Carlson, the owners of
the cottage ill which Dr. Cronin was mur
dered, as the man who rented it from
them, givingthenamcol Frank Willia ns.
The weather.
Washington, D. C, Aug. 12. Indica-
1 tions for North Carolina Fair except
showers 111 south-east portion, slightly
warmer except in extreme eastern por
tion, stationary temperature, southeast
erlv winds.
IIKAVK MI-'.N WHO FOl liUT A nri:i..
Across the I.ine K0II1 tihol Io
Kill, but Neither Received a
seraleh Tame Mori ot a Duel.
Atlanta, CJa., August 12. Pat Cal
houn returned to Atlanta yesterday, and
. D. Williamson is in Koine. Governor
Scar, of Alabama, has announced his in
tention of demunding the extra lition of
the duelists. Oov. Gordon, of Georgia,
says he will honor the requisition. As
the duel was fought on the State line,
there is just uncertainty enough about il
to raise a troublesome question of juris
diction. It is not certain that the spot
could be identified, as the parties got oil
in the dark to tight the duel, and hastily
left the ground.
Ciiattanooi-.a, Tcnn., August 12. The
duel lictween J. D. Williamson and Pat
Lalhouii took place twenty miles
west ol Koine, Ga., on the Koine and De
catur railroad, very near, if not upon,
the State line of Alabama and Georgia.
The duelists were placed iu position
twelve paces apart, iu dense timber, and
it 7. HO, when it was just dark, the order
to lire live shots in succession was given,
andsimult.'incouslybolh pistols went oil".
Williamson, in a jiffy, emptied his re
volver, but Calhoun lireil only one shot,
being unable to handle the weapon, 'flu
pistols were thirty-eight calibre, hammer
less, self-net ingSmitliK Wesson. Neither
one was hit, and Calhoun then com
menced to parley with Williamson, telling
liim that he had a right to shoot, llesaid
he didn't want to kill his opponent, and
it he would retract, he would fire his pistol
in Hk- air. Williamson claimed the right
to have his pistol reloaded; but this
was not agreed to by the seconds. He
said he would die iu his tracks before be
would retract, unless Calhoun would
withdraw his offensive language. After
sonic more parlving, during which, Wil
liamson requested Calhoun to tire as he
wanted liisgun reloaded, Calhoun stated
that he had 110 intention of reflecting per
sonally upon Williamson ill his speech
before the legislative committee.
After this statement, Williamson with
drew his epithet, and the gun was
liicd into the air, and the principals
shook hands, thcseeotidsdrew the formal
papers, staling thai the quarrel had
been honorably adjusted, and jK-ace
reigned supreme, Why neither of the
principals were hit is remarkable, both
men being good shots. It can probably
In-accounted for by the fact thai u was
dark, and that only the outlines of each
were visible. There is no question but
1 hat both sbol to kill.
Haywood County Keuniou,
On the 2Nth inst., at il o'clock p. 111., all
I he surviving Confederate s.ililiers ol
Haywood county arc expected to be in
Waynesvillc. There will be many ol
them, for many regiments had companies
from that county-lhe 2,")lh, 2!)th, (!2nd,
Thomas' Legion, Millard's Junior re
serves and the 1UI1 cavalry. Col. String
lield will be in command. A good ami
comprehensive program forthecutertaiu
incnt of soldiers and guests has been ar
ranged. Memorial addresses will be de
livered by several prominent gentlemen,
among iheui Henry Grady, of the Atlanta
Constitution. Let there be a full meeting
of old comrades. It will he' a meeting
never to be forgotlon, perhaps one never
10 be renewed iu full.
He iels Into the Store.
Yesterday between 1 and 2 o'clock,
while (he propi ictors were at dinner, a
young negro entered the store of J. C.
and S, M. Redmond, on Haw creek,
making his entry through the win
dow. He was seen to conic mil,
and being suspected, was pursued, and
escaped after a hard chase. A sum of
money was missed from the drawer,
lull nothing else as yet is known
to have been stolen, lie is described as
a youth of about IS years old, slender
build, light brown complexion, was
meanly dressed, wore a wool hat, and
was barefoot.
The Hough and Readies.
An adjourned meeting of the reunion ol
these veterans, the Koiigh and Keady
Guards Vance's old company will lake
place in this place on the 2iHh inst. Thee
will then go by invitation of their o'd
commander, Capl. Vance, to Gombroon,
where the Senator will throw aside bis
Scnatoi ial robes and dignity, put on his
captain's coat, stir up the eainpliics.aiiil
ei'tcrt.-iiu the boys for a dayor two; tak
ing occasion meanwhile to complete tile
history ol' the company, and rcviseaud re
write the report of their committee on
V. M. C. .4. Notice.
The regular weekly prayer meeting ot
the Young Men's Christian Association
will be held in the chapel of the Central
Methodist church, Thursday evening at
S.IHl o'cloik. Subject: "God's Fatherly
Watch and Care," Matthew VI,2t-:U; Ps.
XCI. All young men arc cordially invited
to be prctecut.
From Heart Disease.
Mr. John Conlell, who resided 011
Gash's creek, this county, was found
dead in bed by his wile about six o'clock
yesterday morning. He had licen a suf
ferer from heart disease for the past two
years, and it is supposed that this was
the cause of his sudden death yesterday.
The West l.nds Won.
At a mutch game of baseball played in
this city yesterday afternoon by the
Academy Street nine and the West lvnil
club, the latter were easy winners, the
score standing West lind 27, Academy
Street (i.
I nr. and Mrs. Cleveland.
I Slll'Tll I'RAMlNI'.IIAM, MnSS.. AlllTUSt
I I . lix-Pn-siilciit and Mrs. Cleveland
stopiH-d here this morning 011 their way
... e....i 1.1
10 OOllllll'U, ...
Prussian Vlllaice Rnrned I'p.
lti.-ui in: Am. 11st 12. Afire broke out
Saturday in Sachseiibiirg-Wahleck and
I burned until to-day. The village, was
I entirely destroyed.
Moped In by Ramhlliiic Reporters
Koamlnir Around the Cily.
The Turkey Creek cnmp-incctiug be
gins on Friday, August 2!t.
Sixty dollars in fines were imposed in
the police court yesterday morning.
The Good Templars and Sons of Tcni
ernnec will be in session this evening.
An excursion party from Charleston,
S. C, is booked for this city to-morrow.
The mills of the Iiuiicoiiibe Lumber
Company will begin active operation
A grand masquerade skating carnival
will be given at Kay's rink, on Patton
avenue, Friday evening.
1 he first nrrrrnuig gcrman ol the season
will be given by the ladies at Hattery
Park hole! to-morrow morning.
The Ashevillc Gun Club will hold ils
regular weekly shooting tournament at
the Fair Grounds this evening.
The handsome new uniform of Aslic
ville's gallant chief of police brings back
memories of the "days that were."
Fourteen hundred .'mil thirly three
visitors have registered at the Grand
Central during the past thirty days.
The top of liusbce mountain, this
county, has been purchased by Charles
McNamec, I:sij., for George Ynndcrhill.
The promenade concert for the benefit
of Prof. Pearson and his orchestra will
take place at Hattciy Park this evening.
The American Carnival lor the lienclit
if the organ fund of Trinily Kpiscopnl
church, Wednesday and Thursday even
ings. Sec that you attend.
People have at last found out what
the fountain in court square was pur
chased for. A little stream of water was
observed sneaking out of the pipe yester
day. Passenger travel over the Western
North Carolina road is heavier at pics
cut than it has ever been before. West
ern North Carolina has much to thank
the Kieltmond and Danville people for.
The congregation ot wagons, ox carls,
log carriages, etc., in the vacant spaci
so-called street between the First Na
tional Hank and the court yard leure, is
a filthy nuisance and a standing menace
to all the laws of order, cleanliness,
usually governing a country town, losay
nothing of a place like Ashevillc, whose
proudest boast is lo be called a city.
K. Ilurke Haywood, M. I., Ac
cepts the chairmanship.
The following letters have been inter
changed between Gov. l-'owle and Dr. U.
Hurke Haywood relative to the tatter's
appointment as chairman of the Hoard
Statu or .North Cahi'.i.ini:, I
KAi.iiir.ii, August'.), 'Ml. I
Dr. H. Hurke Haywood, Sir: 1 hereby
tender vou a position 011 "'flic Hoard of
Public 'Charities of the Slate of North
Carolina" under chapter 10, vol. II, of
t he Code and designate you as chairman
1 hereof
This board has the supervision of all
charitable and pcunl institutions of the
1 would be gratified at youracccptnnce
of this position oil account of your
eminent ability, pure (K-rsonal character
and devotion to every charitable enter
prise. I feel that by doing so the State
will enjoy an intelligent, fearless auileon
scieiitious administration of the public
charities under your chairmanship.
(Signed I Danii-i. G. Fowi.i-,
Km. 1:11.11, N. C, August '.), 'SO.
I'o His Hxccllcncy, Daniel G. Fowle,
Governor of Norlh Carolina :
Sir: 1 have the honor to acknowledge
the reception ot your letter tendering me
position on the Hoard ol l'ulilic I han-
ties of the State of North Carolina and
It-signaling me as chairman ot said
I hereby accept theposiiiou offered, and
at Hie same time, return vou my thanks
lor this manifestation of your confidence.
Yours very respectfully,
(Signidl H. Hikki-: Il.ww ioii.
Truiis-Moiituuc Toliaeco Crop.
A conversation with one of the largest
mil most successful of the tobacco plant
ers ol this section, Mr. J. M. Smith, of
Madison, on or near the Ititncoinhc line,
gives us an idea ol the condition of the
top at the present lime. Mr. Smith
says for his own crop, that it is the best
he has had for live or six years. He says
that would have probably been the con
dition of the crops of all, if others hail
been as successful as himself iu making
earlv plantings. Sonic were delayed by
scarcity of plants, and late planted crops
tcrhnps have suffered by excess ol' moisi
tirc. On the whole the prospect is a
good one. The rains were not excessive
as Ihey were on the casl side of the
mountains, only inches falling in
each of the months of June and July, and
less in proportion so far in August. This
is a pleasant contrast to the excessive
rainfall which so damaged crops in al
most every other tobacco section.
Rev. A. Coke Smith.
This distinguished divine, of Wofford
College, at Spartanburg, S. C, preached
an able and impressive sermon at the
dedication of the Riverside Methodist
church ill this city Sunday morning. The
congregation was unusually large, and
his highly edifying discourse was listened
to with much appreciative attention. Dr.
Smith preached another able sermon
from the same pulpii in the evening.
Twenty-live Hollars Kacli.
The net receipts of the recent lawn
party for the benefit of two disabled sol
diers were $.rO.Sl. The recipients, S. S.
Lynch and V. II. Hunt, publish a card
of thanks in this issue of Tiik Citizkn.
Who They Aret Where Thev Are,
and What They Are 1oIuk.
Dr. J. C. Mills, of Kuflin, N. C, is here.
Mr. J. A. Wagner has gone to Hickory.
Mr. Frank Loughraii, of Hickory, was
here yesterday,
Mr. Charles A. Moscley, of Charlotte,
is here for a few days.
Prof. F. P. Mangiuu has returned from
a brief visit to Kound Knob.
Mrs. A. It. Andrews and family, of Kal
cigh, are at the Hattery Park.
Mr. Fred. L. Johnson has gone to
Texas to make his fortune, so he says.
Isidor Wallace, Fsq., a prominent mer
chant and citizen ol Statesvillc, is here.
Mr. as. A. Moscley and Dr. D. Iv. liv
critt, of Kaleigh, N. C, are in the city.
Win. Marine, Fsq., ,-iud wife, of llalti
nioK', wcreat the Swuutinnou last night.
Miss Susie Story, of Atlanta, Ga., is
the guest ol Mrs. A. P. liarrctl, 04 Hai
!cy street.
Maj. W. W. Stringlicld and Geo. II.
Smathers, Ksq., of Waynesvillc, are at
the Grand Central.
Mr. K. L. Leatlicrwood, a prominent
attorney of Hrvson City, is here in at
tendance upon court.
Prof. J. S. Murray, of the College of
South Carolina, Columbia, S. C, is at
the Swannanoa.
Mr. and Mrs. lirucst F. Young, of
Charlotte, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
C. li. Graham, iu West Ashevillc.
Kev. . L. M. Cltrrv leaves next week
lor a tour through the western counties
iu the interest of the Pcabody school
Miss Maggie Kankin, who has been
visiting friends in Ashevillc and at Kound
Knob, has returned to her liomcat Char
lotte, Prof'. D. L. Fllis and bride, nee Miss
Kale Settle McDonald, of Nashville, N
C, arc siK'iiiling their honeymoon in
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Davids if Char
lotte, who have been spending several
weeks iu Ashevillc and the west, have re
turned home.
Mr. Oscar P. Hrskinc, of W. D, Kerl'oot
N: Co., real estate dealers, Chicago, is
visiting his sister Mrs. Lieut. Cobb, on
Haywood street.
Misses Marie and Kiltie llrown anil
Mr. W. Vance Hrowu have returned to
the city from a very pleasant visit to
Cranberry, N. C.
Mrs. T. F.. Kcynolils and Miss Ora
Kcynolds left yesterday afternoon for
Alexander, where they will spend a
week or ten days.
Mrs. M.J. Phares, of this city, has
gone to Oklahoma City, to join her hus
band Geo. D. Phares. Fsq., who has been
mil there since Spring.
Misses Annie May Schoolficld and Min
nie Martin, two charming and accom
plished young ladies of Danville, Ya., arc
visiting Capl. and Mrs. II. C. France, on
bailey street.
Mr, F. Rogers Grant and bride, net
Miss Anna House, returned from their
bridal tour last evening, and arc stop
ping at the residence of Mr. II. F. Grant,
l.")2 Chestnut street.
C. M. Fdwurds, late superintendent of
lite plumbers of the medical museum,
Washington, D. C, has accepted a posi
tion as foreman with Houis & lirothcr
ton, general plumbers and gaslitlcrs, of
Ibis city.
Gen. K. H. Vance will address the
farmers at the Sand Hill picnic Satur
day, lie will also deliver addresses at
Ivast Lal'orte on the 20 inst., and at
Clyde on the 2 Hh inst.
Maj. Julian Mitchell, of Charleston, S.
C, whose brilliant speech for I he prosecu
tion iu the McDow case has been coin
pliincnled the length ami breadth of llu
laud, was a guest at the Swaiuiauoa
Mr. Cozail, ot' Durham, is here 011 a
visit, a guest of Mr. W. L. Hunt of the
vicinity. Mr. C. has visited Western
North Carolina before, going as far
Murphv. where tic has made some in
Rt. Key. T. H. Lyiitau, Hishop of North
Carolina, will make his visitation to
Trinity Chapel, this city, 011 Friday, at
s,:io 11. 111., and will administer the rile
of continuation. The public cordially in
vited lo be present.
Kev. Geo. P. Hostie and wife, who vis
itcd Ashevillc just Itcforc their departure
for China to engage iu missionary work
under the nuspiccsof the Haplist Foreign
Mission Hoard, have satcly arrived
that fur-away land.
Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Feathcrstonc and
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Ford, prominent
leaders in Koine, Ga., society circles, arc
at the Swannanoa. They have been
sH.-nding several weeks at Haywood
White Sulphur Springs, near Waynes
The private ear of President J as. V.
Ingram, of the Florida Southern rail
road, was at the passenger depot in this
city yesterday afternoon. Mr. Ingram
and family are sK-nding the Slimmer at
Carrier's Sulphur Springs, near Ashe
Mr. T. II. Cobb leaves this morning
for Haywood White Sulphur Springs,
where he will remain sometime. Tiik
Citizkn regrets to learn of the continued
indisposition of the learned and nhlccity
nttorncy, and sincerely 1iok-s that the
change he is about to make will result in
u sjiecdy and complete restoration.
No marriage license was issued by the
register of deeds yesterday.
He Keels Somewhat Disconcerted
as the Law Prescribes Fine or
Imprisonment, or Roth Referee
F'ltzpatrlek and Tyler on Hand.
Ciiicai-.o, August 12. A siiecinl from
New Orleans says: John L. Sullivan
lelt Pass Christian Saturday morning
lor Lookout, where he spent n day. He
took the early train yesterday for this
city, 111 company with Hud Kenard and
MattChme;and upon hisnrrivulwasdriv
euup town and remained during theday.
Later he took the train for Purvis, arriv
ing there about six o'clock. MattClune
Hud Kenard and several others acconil
pained Sullivan to Purvis where the sjie-
vi. 0 tcnn 01 me court opens to-day to
try the pugilist. John Fitzpatriek' will
also go up to-day to stand his trial for
refcreeing the fight. Sheriff Cowart has
already drawn the grand and petit ju
rors, so there will lie nodelavin the trial.
The accused feels somewhat diseonl
ccrted, as the law prescribes fine or im
prisonment, or both, at the discretion of
the court ; anil the general impression is
that the principals at least will have to
serve the maximum term of imprison
ment. PfKVis, Miss., August 12. Judge Ter
rell opened the special term of the cir
cuit court this morning at ten o'clock.
Sullivan, referee Fitzpatriek. Hud Rvn
aud, Cnpt. Tom Jameson, Charles Kich,
Snpt. F. L. Tyler of the Ouei-n &: C resent
road, Harry Smith and GibU-rts, the lat
ter two being Rich's employes, were
present iu court, ready lor trial. Snpt.
Kichnrd Carroll of the O. & C., and Pat
1 iiiffv were absent. Tl it' Pr.'ltul ini-v fin,.
nig licen sworn were charged by ' Indue
errcll 011 the law ol nrize tkditi'nir .-md
issnult and batterv. The L-r.-md iniors
then retired for consultation. The en.
ire party arc iu good spirits, but anx
ious that the case shall be concluded as
"0011 as possible. District Attorney
Neville is in attendance conducting the
The Dealh of Mrs. J. w. Hutchin
son In This City Yesterday.
It is with sincere regret that Tin; Cit
izkn announces the death of Mrs. I W
Hutchinson, which occurred at the resi-
Icnee of her husbniid in the western sec
tion of the city yesterday morning, after
111 illness of three weeks, duration. Mrs.
Hutchinson was thirty-one years of age,
md came to Ashevillc from (oncsrille,
Michigan, something oyer two years
igo. She was a hiirhlv neconinlisheil.
hristian lady, and our city has suffered
1 serious loss in her death. Her remains
will be taken to her former home for inter
ment this morning. Her husband, J. W.
Hutchinson, I-.sq., is a prominent mem
ber of the Ashevillc Milling Company,
md one of our most prominent and pro
iressivc citizens. The sympathies of our
whole people are with him in the great
loss he has sustained.
A WeddliiK That Will Take Place
oil Spruce street To-Day.
A pretty, private wedding will be cele
brated at the residence of Capt. Jos. S.
Adams, on Spruce street, at 12 ill., to-
lay, the high-contracting parties being
Mr. James A. Moscley, a popular and
prominent young gentleman of Kaleigh,
ind Miss Annie Conigland, the brilliant
md accomplished daughter of the late
Ivdward Conigland, of Halifax county,
this State. The ceremony will Ik- read
from the grand and impressive ritual of
the Roman Catholic Church, by Kev.
Father Roman, O. S. H., of St. Mary's
College, nuil immediately after its con-
lusiou Mr. and Mrs. Moscley will leave
111 the 1.112 p. 111., train for New York
md other cities in the North. Till-: Citi
zkn wishes the happy couple many years
if conjugal happiness and prosiierilv.
The Superior Court,
The August term ol Buncombe siqu-rii r
nu t, convened ill the court house in
this city, at ten o'clock yesterday morn
ing, his Honor udge Walter Clark,
presiding. Judge Clark's charge to the
Miry was an able exposition of the law iu
ill ils bearings and aspects, and was
highly complimented by every member of
the bar. This term is held for the trial
f civil causes only, and the regular
alctidar as heretofore arranged was
taken up. Clerk Reynolds, who is con
lined to his residence bv illness, is the
uly officer of the court absent.
The American Carnival.
The interior of the Farmers' ware
ouse has undergone a complete trails-
formation since Saturday, and all day
yesterday willing hands hcljcd to make
the transformation more complete than
ever. 1 lie ladiesaremakiiig great prepar
ations for the grandest entertainment
ever witnessed in Ashevillc, and our ieo-
plc should show their appreciation of the
efforts made to please and delight them,
by crowding the warehouse to-morrow
evening. The carnival is something im
mense and but wc will tell you all
about il to-morrow.
On the second Sunday in Scptciulicr, at
the usual morning hour of service, the
Kev. Dr. Cook, of Athens, Tcnn., will
dedicate the M. E. Church at Haw creek.
The pnblv are invited to attend. The
church is under the charge of the Rev. W.
U. West. On the night of the day of the
dedication, Rev. Dr. Cook will preach at
the Northern M. E. Church, on Haywood
street, in this city.
Fine Melons.
A very pretty sight was spread to view
last evening on Chandler's floor, when
the contents of his last carload of melons
was unloaded. We have never seen here,
nor elsewhere we think, so many large
melons of that tine variety, the Rattle
snake, gathered in one view. Fifty
pounds was a common weight, and some
of them ran up to seventy.

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