North Carolina Newspapers

    " V
For Kent, and Lost Notices, thiee
lints or Una, 25 Cents for
euch insertion.
Delivered to Visitors in any part of
the City.
One Month r,lc.
Two Week. or lew l!.c.
The Fox, Physical, Political, Mor
al aucl Intellectual Unit pervades
Fnitlaiid The Memorial Chapel
at WindHor-Kton'a itlK Hchool.
Loniion, England, July 2i, 18HS).
Editor Citizen : Most appropriately
our first act in England's capital is to
make our devoirs to Britain's Ouccn ; hut
do not understand us as attending Her
Majesty's Drawing Room, to which, no
doiil)t, we would have been urgently in
vited had II. R. H. Iiecn advised of our
presence, hut wc have always had a
strong dislike to a pigeon-tail coat, uud
learning that Her Most Gracious M. pre
ferred that her male guests should he so
adorned, we decided to spare her the dis
appointment she would Icel at not seeing
us by not sending our card, and begging
our professional brethren of the Times,
Graphic, etc., etc., to make asliltlc notice
as possible of our presence. In this way
wc trust Her Majesty will be spared the
mortification she would otherwise? endure.
Hut we attended court at her royal pal
ace of Windsor, taking advantage of her
absence therefrom to slip in, incojg. as it
were, and so succsssful were our efforts
that scarcely any of the red coated lack
eys recognized us. and those who did,
observing our wish, allowed us to pass,
with the simple recpicsl that we should
leave behind oureane, overcoat, etc. .etc.,
that they might insect them studiously
during our call.
The sliiiendous size ol the castle is fully
appreciated in the view afforded as wc
approach by train and as we ascend the
ilull on which it is located. A description
!bv metes and hounds, so many fid by so
nianv feet, would give you no idea at all
of it." Perhaps, though, you may be in
terested to hear that from the summit of
the central round tower, looking down
over the whole expanse of stone buildings
we were told, and liclicve, that ltelow us
were the tops of over 1)00 chimneys, all
leading from the various apartments of
this palace. I Perhaps this may account
for the extremely smoky state of things
which here seems to pervade all nature,
physical, political, moral and intellectual.
Physical, as evidenced by a London log
which now seems to threaten us; politi
cal, as observed in the wavin which these
people circle around their Ouccn, very
pinch resembling a swarm ol bees; moral,
ten, with all the boasted civilization ol
the established church, its huge chain-Is,
ablieys, cathedrals, we have never seen
;inytiiiiig to approach the absolutcuhau
iloameut to disgusting lewdness which
(pervades the dimly lighted streets, even
under the shadow ol the great St. Paul's;
intellectual, musty with all the learning
of past ages rather than grasping the
problems of to-day, and deciding how
best to relieve the evils which, on the
Strand, so distress f'"1 l,a'
The state apartments being open to
jiulilic iusection, we make a round of
them under charge of a policeman, who
seemed to imagine that our notebook
might lie might lie made the vehicle for
curving away one ol the royal family
portraits, whicli no amount of money
would tempt us to accept us a gift, and
in his dread he hurried us past some
things we would fain have examined at
leisure, esieeially a wonderful tajicstry,
representing the whole history ol (Jucen
-Esther, and all its lines as distinct and
.dejirate as the painting could lie made,
.find (jfingiug out in most distinct clear
ness eyirry feature of each character men
.tioncd j the lieautiful story.
The architecture and finish of the rooms
were, of course, very elaborate and grand,
and equally, f course, tijiinckcd of roy
alty at evt'ry point, pressing .upon the
jiiind of the beholder thoughts ol wonder
as to how much longerinthiscnlighteiicd
age effete ideas of tlie past and dark K--riocU,
would continue to prevail. Senti
nnent absolutely dominating niind such
to us seems monarchical government.
The most pleasing thing at Windsor is
the memorial chaiel erected by thctjueen
iu honor of her good husband. This gave
evidence thstt Victoria was not only H.
R. H., or the mother of the Prince of
Wales, but a pure, true English woman
siml simple, toying, devoted wile; and we
jdso think I hat tjjj.s exquisite-tribute was
worthily dedicated UJl!)C Prince Consort,
who ;is a true man did mu J) in his short
slay to elevate and improve his people,
jivll had his valuable life been spared
tvoiild have till now set an example
which we hoie, hut do not believe, ins
sun may follow. The interior of this
t'hniel is adorned in niostcxvAllcntdcsign
mid taste, just enough of statuary to be
pleasing, but not wearying to the eye,
ihc walls covered with most exquisite
vriptural representations Hn mosaic ami
sculptures in bas relief. Altogether we
pronounce it a worthy monument to a
jvortny man, aim wormy 01 cue lovmg ;
vife by whom it was built. j
St. George's (iaiel, of which we have so much, did not long detain us.
TIkkc old churches are bepawing sonie
whut monotonous. Our history yinnol
Jieep up with the endless lines ol tomb of
htlK'- "lid (iiKvns, and the dales which so
ridfcht ourenUrKijncrs to us are as dry
is Uieir brown bread (of which we will
tell you more soon), and we scarcely
think a record of them would ut aii edify
Before leaving the town of Windsor we !
visited the famous Eton school, in which
nearly 1,0011 boys arc licing taught.
J'hcir playground was esjtecially lteauti
ful, of large expanse, covered with mag
nificent elms, shading tlie richest grass
which sloped even to the brink of the
Thames. It was very sweet, and well
adorned by crowds of cheerful English
lads, all full of healthful fun. A crowd
wan engaged in the national game of
cricket, and on enquiring the nnmeof one
of tlie brightest we were told he was
"The Honorable Kolicrt Ward." Plain
"Hob" lie would have been in America,
and much better that would linvc lieen
for him. Hut here, no doubt, 700 years
ago some ancestor picked up H. K. M.'s
handkerchief, and ,so this bojr must be
sMken of by his playmates as "The Hon
orable." "Many things in England do not please
iiv (,No doubt this announcement will
.cause jniich commotion, but we must
:seak with candor.) The delightful rolls
of Scotland are a thing of the tnst. The
(tread here is tlie most utterly detestable
ithat ever entered our lips; dry, stale,
isour, tough in short, uneatable. The
restaurants, which are numerous, do not
(compare with ours. In New York asteak
- - :j :.u .i..i:..i.f..i
for one is aucompuiucu wun iii-ij;iiiitii
(trend and butter and is un ample lunch
(or two, but here if you want enough for
nine be sure to order enough for six, and
then you will Ik- charged extra for the
tough bread, which you vainly attempt
to gnaw. We find it far more satisfac
tory to seek a dinner "table d'hote," but
even then it you ask for conceit is an
extra charge, and the water is so tepid
ad disagreeable (ice being unheard of)
that eitlier tea, coffee, wine or ale, is a ne
cessity. The English ale, too, is a great
disappointment to us. None of the
sparkling refreshment which our lager
affords, but flat, warm, bitter, miserable.
The courtesy which so pleased us in Scot
land is left behind. Here the lackeys arc
grulf, rude and in all rcsiects disagree
able, accepting your modest fee witii an
air that makes you feel that you are a
beggar, seeking alms from a millionaire.
Such is our experience thus far in L n
don. T. W. P.
The Kemarkahle Yarn that Comes
From Hlmiliiifc'hniii.
Ciiicaoo, August 13. A sH?ci;il from
llirmingliam, Ala., says: A most re
markable religious craze has seized the
negroes near Bessemer and the coimlry
intermediate between that rapidly grow
ing place, and ltirminghain. for some
time past an old negro named Tobias
laekson, has lieen proclaiming himself as
ilaniel the prophet, and doing all kinds
ol singular, wild and queer things. I lie
darkies in this section are ignorant and
sutcrstitious, and Jackson's actions anrl
the great powers with which he claimed
to have been invested, awed the simple
minded negroes. Saturday last he ter
suaded three young negro men that they
were representatives of Shailrach, Mc-sh.-ich
and Abcdncgo, the three children
of faith who entered the fiery furnace of
Nebuchadnezzar of old. lie claimed thai
the furnace where the iron is incited ami
east into all kinds of forms was ihe fur
nace of Nebuchadnezzar, and that they
could cuter it and pass through without
the smell of lire. The three negroes, call
ing thcniselvestbethree children of Israel,
under the influence of their new prophet,
deliberately entered thegaie ofthe cupola
of the furnace and rushed headlong into
the white heat of the melting iron. When
they failed to conic out, Jackson, the
prophet proclaimed that he saw them
rising in the air with the smoke of the
furnace, attended by angels, amlsaid that
they would revisit the earth ncxlSunday.
The negroes propose to meet at the
church next Sunday and pray while
awaiting Ihe descent of tin- three children
ol Israel. The mother of one of them
said when asked about the matter: "1
feel jes as sho my boy is in heaven as if
I'd done been dar an' seed him. Jackson
dc prophet coalman' him to walk de licry
furnace an' he bleeged to 'bey him."
Checkiuatlnu; Other HtrlkerH.
Ciiicaoo, August Ki. The Wilmington
and Vermillion company which has al
ways given employment to at least LMMIO
men, it is also said to lie negotiating lor
men from other points. This company
operates mines al ISinidwood, l.a Salle,
Seatonville and other places, ami has
grown tired of the reK-.ited strikes. If
the miners of these placesdcsire to resume
work, they will have to do it quickly,
operators say, as they do not propose to
stand idly by and see Southern oicrators
take all contracts and let the market for
their products be forever destroyed.
Many ofthe miners own their homes
and are willing l work at prices offered,
but arc prevented from so doing by the
more radical element and hot headed
foreigners who are in the majority.
(ireat i'lrf in a California Town.
San I'hancisco. AihmmI 1.1. News has
been received here that a lire broke out
at Tnickcc late yesterday afternoon, and
burned fifty -live buildings in the business
portion of the town. The ll.nnes were
first discovered iu the residenceol engineer
Hilley, A Southern Pacilic railroad freight
train which wa mat ioncd at the sum
mit was dispatched to the scene, anil
lent much assistance. Among the build
ings burned were the public schoolhoitse,
churches, and the American hotel. The
amount of loss, which is nccessnrilv verv
large, is not vet learned. The citizens of
Tijifkee have been ridding the town of
qiiesttoniililv characters, and the impres
sion proved that (i (ire was startejl by
incendiaries. What little news has been
received from the unfortunate town does
not confirm this theory.
Attempt to Hill a NewHpaner Man.
l.iiXiM'.ToN, Ky., August 13. A das
tardly attempt was made here yesterday
to assassinate Haxter.a well known
newspaRr correspondent, by the explo
sion of a deadly machine which was left
al the Leader office directed to that gen
tleman. There was sufficient dynamite
in the parcel to have blown up any
building in thecity, and it only failed to
aceoiiip.lish its deadly purpose because
the iereusioil liiatchcs did not ignite.
The parcel was taken to the office by a
negro boy. There being llo suspicious
look to the parcel, he paid no attention
.o the apiearaiiccof the lad. It is lc
licvd bv some that it was intended not
only lo'blnw i) Mr. ll.ixtcr, but the en
tire Leader office.
MeaclliiK OH (he Ml rent or Htrlkerx.
CiiuAiai, August 111. A special from
SUiator.lll.. says: A new phase of the
mining situation ha developed which
will give the striking miners more trou
ble than 1 1 icy had previously anticipated.
It is said on good authority that the
Slur C'-al Company, whose mine is loca
ted at K(Hlg)ev, near here, hadcompleted
arrangements by telegraph, by which a
full quota of men to rim ihejr shaft will,
inside ol thirty days, Ik- landed here from
West Virginia. This company has em
ployed during the last year, something
over 00 men.
Aiinulllnic KenultH of KlectlonH.
Pakis, August 13. The State council
has annulled the elections in twelve can
tons ill which General Itouhingcr was
elected to the councils general on the
L'roiind that the General was not legally
eligible for the position. Gen. Iloulaugcr
has written a letter ill which he states
that he gave the sums ol monev which
he is accused of cniliczzling to the chief
clerks in the war office to lie, used for the
relief of widows and orphans ot soldiers.
Five lodgers ill the House have sworn
that the General was in Paris on July l.r.
1SS7, the day on which it is alleged lie
visited the city lit disguise.
Bhowliiif Off HiM liunrds,
Hkklin, August 13."A whole army
corps of the guards paraded k-
fore the Ivniin-ror of-Austria, making a
brilliant display. 1 he weather was
splendid. The Empress npearcd on
horseback hmperor William coni
ni.i nilcd the troops, and led the first entire
corps, nnd afterwards the first regiment
of guards past the visiting sovereign,
who then headed the regiment liearing
his name, and marched past Emperor
Dr. Cabell Dead.
I'nivkksitv itK Vikc.inia, August 13.
Ilr. JumeHL. Cabell, senior memlier of
the faculty ofthe University of Virginia,
died at Overton this morning.
Bonlanarer Found uulltv.
Pakis, August 13. The Senate Court
this afternoon found General Boulangcr
guilty of conspiracy.
First AHHlHtant I"ontiiianter-;en-eral
ClarkHon I'lnds Nnllilnic In
the Matter that CallH for Depart
mental Action,
Wasiiisi-.ton, August 13. A reporter
f the Associated Press called on Acting
f'nstmnslcr General Clarksou to-day for
information in regard to the appoint
ment of a negro clerk by the new post
master at Atlanta. Ga., General Lewis,
which resulted in much excitement,
and the burning in effigy of Postmaster
Lewis and General Hack, leading Repub
lican ofthe State. General Clarksou said :
"The store, as it was printed in the At
lanta papers and sent North, was to the
ITect that Postmaster Ia-wis had ap
pointed a negro clerk, and assigned him
to dutv at the same desk with a young
white woman. The real facts, however,
are these: Alter General Lewis' appoint
ment as postmaster, one of the clerks re
signed. The postmaster then appointed
Charles C. Penny, colored, who stood at
the head of the civil service list of eligi
ble, as he was compelled bylaw to do.
He was assigned to work iu the registry
division, not in the same room with the
young lady, but iu another. This young
lady and her father, who was superin
tci.dent ofthe registry division, and had
the assignment of clerks, both resigned
liecausc the negro had been appointed to
i place iu the office, and not because an
attempt had been made to place the ne
gro at the same desk with the youngladv.
Fr im this grew all the trouble in At
l.ti.ta, and the effort to utilize the inci
dent lor party prejudice. The insincerity
of this cry is shown by the fact that there
were live negro clerks in the Atlanta post
nlliee under the Democratic postmaster,
and for six years a young while lady has
been at the stamp window scllingstninps
to all tcople, black and while. There is
nothing in the matter for ihcdeparliucnl
to acl, upon, and there is nothing in the
action ol Postmaster Lewis to lie criti
cised bv lair minded people. Instead ol
doing violence to Southern prejudice to
wards negroes, the postiiiaslersoiight. in
making appointments, to obviate any
ground for objection on account of such
prejudice. In the postal service we lind
inanv of our efficient men among the col
ored'nicii. We have probably hundreds
of them iu Ihe service altogether, and
they make a good average record."
Ilond offerings and acceptances were
$00,S,"t(l lour pcrcenls. registered,, 'it 1 L's ;
$1.-(,(MI0 four and half per cents., regis
tered, at lOliVs. monicy.
Spurious "Iollars of Our mid
dles" in Ciri'iilatlon Here.
Chiel W. II. Heaver, ofthe Pinion De
tective Agency of this city, gives notice
to the K-oplc of Ashcville that dangerous
counterfeits ol silver dollars, coinage of
1SS8, arc in circulation here.
''There are two men engaged iu this
nefarious business," staled the chief to a
reporter last night. "One of them is
about live feet, six inches in height,
weighs about 1 0 pounds, has a dark
complexion, black eyes and hair, and is
about twenty-two years of age. This
'shover of the queer' wears a light col
ored coat and black hat. liis accomplice
iu Clime is somewhat smaller in size,
wears a small hat turned up all around,
and is about eighteen or twenty years of
age. Iloth of them arc white men and
have I teen here about eight days. They
have circulated about eleven dollars, so
far as 1 can ascertain, during their slay
"Till-' I'nitfd States government gives
inc nor any of my agents any coinpcnsa
tion for catching criminals of this class,"
saiil Mr. Heaver last evening, "but 1 con
ceive it to be inv duty to inform the public
ofthe snare they will fall iato if they fail
to watch closely the silver dollars they
receive in future."
The spurious coins, of which Mr, I leaver
has several S'ciincns iu his possession,
are almost perfect in their imitation of
the genuine dollar, and is well calculated
to deceive the unsuspecting. The ring,
its weight and general execution is re
markably accurate, and the bogus
"stuff' is one of Ihe most dangerous
counterfeits ever seen ill this city. Wateli
out for them,
OHiclul Inspection and Drill To.
Morrow livenliiu.
llisiKTloi-Gemral I'aiicis II. Cameron,
and Col. J. T. Anthony and staff, of iht
Fourth Regiment, N. C. S. G., will arrive
iu this city at five o'clock to-morrow af
ternoon for the purpose of officially in
specting Co. IM Ashcville Light Infantry I,
Fourth Regiment, N. C. S. G. Col. An
thony's staff, with the exception of Lieutenant-Colonel
Martin, who is now in
New York, will be coniplete.cousisling of
Major Ernest I Young and Adjutant
Harvey II. Orr, both of Clini'Mtc, and
both at present on a visit to Ashcville.
, The insjicction, which, by the way. is the
annual one, will be held in the A. L, I.
armory beginning at H.15 p. in. The
boys have I wen ordered out by Capt.
llarnnrd for the occasion, and will no
doubt maintain that high standard of
general excellence iu the school of I he sol
dier, for which they have already become
noted among Guardsmen. From here
InsiK'Ctot-General Cameron will go to
Waynesville, where he will iusiecl the
Richland Rilles, under the command of
Capt. W, Scott llrown. Col. Anthony
and staff will also attend the jiisteclion.
Had Condition or Mrs. Maybrlek.
l.iVHKrooi., August 13. Mrs. May
brick, the condemned murderess, is in a
very depressed state. She passes much
of licr tune in mourning for her children,
and weeping copiously. The chaplain
of the prison is devoting much of hislime
to the condemned woman, and she at
K'ars to greatly appreciate his visits.
Conference on the Maybrlek Case.
London, August 13, Judge Stephens,
had a long interview with Home Secre
tary Matthews to-day with reference to
the case ot Mrs. May brick.
Roped In l Ramhlinic Reporters
Roaniinic Around the Clt.
A delightful gennan was given at the
lattery Park last evening.
Over two hundred new buildings are
ill process of construction in Ashcville al
A couple of handsome new signs, one
on cither, side adorn the entrance to the
Western Carolina Hank.
Tickets to the American Carnival are
on sale at Jacob's drug store. Secure
them early, before the rush sets in.
Fred. Jacobs' new summer drink
"snowllnkc" is said by connoisseurs to
lie the finest yet known iu Ashcville.
Don't forget the grand American Car
nival at the Farmers' warehouse this
evening. Secure your tickets early.
The Fourth Regiment Hand, from
Hickory, will arrive this afternoo-i, to
make music for the Carnival this even
There are more visitors iu the city at
present than there has been heretofore at
any time since Ashcville has been an ii -corporaled
The hydrant iu front of court sqitan
was run into and torn down by a wagon
yesterday morning. It was replaced dur
ing the afternoon.
"There's a new coon in town" iu fact
two of 'em and you had better watch
out for the bogus silver dollars that they
ire distributing promiscuously around.
A mi i n I kt of young gentlemen are
making preparations to attend a daticc
at Haywood White Sulphur Springs
hotel, Friday evening. They will go in a
special car chartered for the occasion
from the N. C. railway authorities.
Who They Are i Where The Are,
and What They Are Doiutf.
Mrs.J. R. Patterson is al Hlackwcll
District Attorney Chas. Price, of Salis
bury, is at the Mattery Park.
Hull. Patrick Walsh and F. K. Fleming
of Augusta, (in., are at the llatery Park.
Mr. ami Mrs, James A. Moselcy left on
their bridal tour North, on the afternoon
(rain yesterday,
Mr. T. T. Hicks, a prominent nllorncy
of Henderson, N. C, accompanied by his
wife, is at the Grand Central,
Col. T. H. Roy and family, of Scbna.
Ala., have taken up their summer resi
dence iu this city. They are ! tea ted at
their home on Sunset drive.
II. It. Aiusworth, wife uud child, of
Thoinasvillc, Ga., ami Chas. Ivdmoud
ston, wile and children, of Savannah,
were at the Swannanoa last night.
Pro! E. Kohcrson, now of Virginia,
formerly of Huneouilte, and Miss Fannie
Ferguson, daughter of Garland Fergu
son, Esq,, were married at Waynesville
yesterday at y o'clock. ''hebrjial party
leave this morning tor Roanoke, Va,
H1-1.C1A1. HI JIJ1I.R K VTl'.S.
Richmond and Danville Folks
Keep t'p with the I'rocessiou,
The passenger department of the Rich
mond ami Danville company, represented
ill this eil v bv Mr. W. A. Wiiiburn, the
clever, courteous mid aceoinuiodaiing
division passenger agent, have made an
other departure in the way ol cheapsuni
mcr rates that will at once grow into
popular favor and lie the means where
in, uiiiiiy people ffoip abroad can vinv
the beauties ofuur wonderful bkyland at
a very small price.
Commencing to-day the R. K: l (icople
will sell round trip tickets from Ashc
ville, g I until October 31, 1SS!I, and
limited lo a continuous passage in each
direction, to the following places at the
rates .-iiniexed. viz;
To Alexander, (15c, ; Hot Springs,!'. 10;
Waynesville, $1.11,1; llcndersonville.
$l.'jll; Flal Rock, $1.4.1; Saluda, So;
lllack Mountain, Otic; Round Knob,
$l..'l.t. These tickets are good on all
trains, and the opportunity afforded is
an excellent one to visit the siimuicr
rcsorls of Western North Carolina at
very low figures.
The Richmond ami Danville Railroad
Company have arranged the following
rates for those intending participating
iu the Tabernacle meetings, near Ruther
ford College, next week.
The rates to Connelly Springs, ilea rest
railway station) anil return, is as fol
lows: Fioin Morganlon, 40c; Marion,
$l.yil; Ashcville, $-'."0; Waynesville,
$3. .10; Hot Springs, $3.70. All inter
mediate points at proportionate rates.
Tickets will lie on sale August 15 to 24.
inclusive, and good to return as late as
l.'7lh of August.
A Hlate Hoard of Public Charities
Oe Saturday last Gov. Fowleappointed
a Hoard of Public Charities, as provided
for bv power vested in the Governor bv
chapter 2, volume of the Code. As
,1.:.. i i t... i
eoiuiuissioiiei S Oil mil. mnii'i inv m,,m-
nor appointed the following; Dr. E.
liurke Havwood, chairman; J. I. Saw
yer, of Huiieomlie; W. A. Hobbitt, of
Granville, and Lawrence J. Ilaiiglitou, of
Chatham. An appointment as com
missioner was also tendered Dr. Isaac
Jackson, of Columbus, who has not yet
liccii heard from. The others have ac
cepted. On Saturday Dr. E. Hurkc Haywood
and Dr. W. K. CaK'hart, Directors ofthe
North Carolina Insane Asylum, tendered
their resignations to Gov. Fowle ns
members of the honrd. They were ac
cepted, and the Governor appointed
Capt. Oct. Coke, of Wake, to succeed Dr.
Haywood ns chairman, nnd Mr. J. D,
Biggs, of Martin, to succeed Dr. Cnte-hart.
SIONARY crossf.ttf:.
Devoted to Doing c;ood to the
I'ltorer c lasses of Chinese, He
TauKht Pure I.ove of liod and
tiodlluess with Tellinic Fllect.
Wasminc.ton, August 13. The Depart
ment of Stale has received from the Le
gation at Pekiii, China, nuder date ol
the 3rd ol July, an account of the death,
and extraordinary life work of the Rev.
J. Crossette, an indeiicndcnt American
missionary in China. His eareerappcars
to have been a very remarkable one, char
acterized by absolute self-devotion. He
died on the steamer El Dorado, en, route
from Shanghai to Ticnstsin on the 1st of
line last. He leaves a widow living al
Schuvlersville. N. Y.
Iu ste.iking of Mr. Crossette, Minister
Denliy couples Ins name with Hint ol
Father Dainien, the French missionary
who lately died on the Island of Moloka,
and says:
Crossette s Iile was devoted to doing
good to the poorest classes ot Chinese,
lie had charge of a winter refuge for the
poor at Pekiii. During the severe win
ters he would go out on the streets the
coldest nights and pick up destitute beg
gars, and convev them to a refuge where
lie provided thein with food. lie also
buried them at his own expense, lie
visited all persons, and often procured
the privilege ol removing tlie sick to Ins re
luge. The officials had implicit confidence
iu liiin, and allowed him to visit at pleas
ure all prisoners and charitable institu
tions. He was known by the Chinese as
Christian lliiddha." lie was attached
to no organization of men. He was a
missionary, pure and simple, devoted
rather to charily than to prosclytism.
lie literally look Christ as his exemplar.
He traveled all over China and the East,
lie took no care of his expenses; food
and lodging wci-c toluiilaniy furnished
him. Inn kccicrs would lake no pay
from him, and private ktsoiis were glad
lo entertain linn. It must be saiil thai
his wauls were few. lie wore the Chi
nese dress, had no regular meals, drank
only water, and lived on fruit with little
i ice or millet, lie aimed al translating
his ideal, '.'hrist. into reality, lie wore
long auburn hair, pai lecl in the middle,
so as lo resemble the pictures of Christ.
Charitable people furnished him moiiey
lor his refuge; and he never seemed lo
want for funds. He slept on a hoard or
on the lloor. liven iu his last hours, be
ing a deck passenger on the lil I lorado, he
refused to be transl'errcd to t hccabiii, fiuf
(lie kindly captain, sonic i n i Ulorc lit
dieil, icinoycr IHiu lo a fierlh where he
died, si ill speaking of going lo heaven,
and entreating the hyslaudcrsto lovclhc
l.ord, As an iiisiaucc ol Ihc character of
Ihe man, I will state when on one occa
sion, I gave my .'inuunldliiiicrou Thanks
giving day to (he American, Mr,
Crossette wrote to tlie beseeching
that I would have no dinner,
but would give to tlie poor. He
attended the dinner but touched uolhing
lint walcr and rice." In theology, he
can hardly lie said to have been ortho
dox. He found good in alt religious.
Altera long conversation with him one
day, I told him he was not a Christian
hut a liiiddhlst. He answered that there
were many good .things ju lliidilhjsiu.
'flic lasi important work ol Mr. Crosetlc
was an elVort to provide for the deaf and
dumb, 'fo further this project, he trav
elled to llaskard antl llicpce lo Canton,
establishing everywhere schools lor these
iiiitortimatcs. . He was successful where-1
ever he went, This man taught pure
love ol'liod aid of Godliness, He com
pletely siierillccd himself for the good of
the poor. He acted out his principles to
1 lie letter, lie was as poor and lived as
plainly as the poorest of his patients. On
charitable subjects he wrote well. The
ideal to hiin was practical. Let this
American then be enshrined along with
the devoted Frenchman iu the annuls ot
men who loved their fellowmen."
People AtteudiuK the Carnival
Need Have No Fear.
Preparations for the splendid carnival
are going on with great activity, and
the eapatious building in which it is to
be held already responds to the hand of
taste which is transforming it with such
brilliant judgment to its new temporary
uses. We were surprised yesterday to
hear that some apprehension had been
expressed about the safely of the struct
ure. Has it been forgotten already that
on the same floor, on Ihe occasion ol the
I'e.'iison ministrations there were crowd
ed night alter night for a fortnight an
audience numbering from three thousand
to live thousand people? The projectors
of t lie' carnival arc scarcely sanguine
enough to hope for thai many; lliosc
who attend cannot expect to meet that
many ai any one lime. We might wish
that both such bogie ami expectation
would lie met. 'r is it forgotten that the
same room has held many limes since its
construction from one hundred thous-.
and lo three hundred thousand
pounds of tobacco ? The building in
fact, so far as any test of weight
can be applied to it, is exception
ally secure, being supported by several
transverse sectional brick walls. To
make assurance doubly sure, Mr. Ten
iicul, the citv biAldiug imqiccior, in
whose judgment and fidelity we have
the utmost confidence, yesterday made a
thorough and critical examination and
he pronounced the building absolutely
sale and secure. This is enough.
(iood Prices lor Tobacco.
About thirty thousand pounds of leal
tobacco were sold at the different ware
houses iu the city yesterday. The quality
of the tobacco offered for sale was me
dium only, but prices were active, rang
ing as high as $3S per hundred pounds.
No new crop tobacco was offered.
The City Schools.
Siitcrinteudcnt Claxton informs the
public that the city schools of Ashcville
will resume oierntion on Monday, Scp
tember 2. Parents and guardians will
please liear the date iu find.
A Prominent Haltlniorean Dead.
H.m.timoki-:, August 13. Mr. Francis
W. Elder, a prominent nnd well known
citizen of Haltimore, and brother ol arch
bishop William H. Elder, of Cincinnati,
died at 1.40 this morning at his residence,
of heart failure.
What llrldic c Slre.t-t Was Oncei
What Capt. Troy .Han Made It.
When Hridge stiect was thrown open
to travel years jigf,, it was no more than
a narrow lane extruding from Woodlin
to where C'avton street now comes iu,
beyond which jxtiut there was no line of
street defined. The house of Capt. J. A.
Fagg was the: last house on the right,
find that of Col. A. H. Ilaird on the left.
The e was no attempt at grading, the
road, lane orsliect, running up ami down
hill according to the natural configura
tion of the ground, crossing two streams,
crossed by narrow wooden bridges, giv
ing a name to the street when it became
of sufficient consequence lo have a name.
Grn lually as population pushed north
ward, Hridge street was built up, and
Chestnut street came into existence, anil
also streets lieyoud ; and to save the long
detour by Merrimou avenue on the one
hand, and Charlotte street on the other,
Hridge street became an important thor
oughfare. Yet it remained absolutely
neglected, without grading, without
drainage, without sidewalks, a vexatious
channel for the many eouiielled to pass
that way, until at last, Captain Troy
took hold ol it; and now he is nearly
ready to hand over to the authorities
one ofthe best, if not really the best, con
structed street iu the city. In the first
place, the street has been widened so as
to look like a street, not like a lane; it
has been so widened as lo give for
two reasonably wide sidewalks, where
there Venn none before; the hills have
been cut down ami the hollows filled iqi
so as to present a gentle incline from the
only bridge now iu use the other hav
ing liecti displaced by tilling up, and sub
stituting a large sewer pipe for an open
Iraiulo Chestnut street; the earth of
the street has Ik-cu thrown up in tlie cen
tre and hru heavily rolled so ns to pre
sent a smooth convex surface, the water
ways have lieen securely paved with rub
ble to prevent washing, ami the cross
lrainageis effectually secured by sink
ing sewer pipes. w work ol curbing
the sidewalks has been begun, and these
are lo lc coaled with broken and pulver
ized stone, the best material that can Ik.
The work has been done with skill,
judgment and fidelity, and is a credit to
thecity, C.i'it. Troy has given admira
ble prool "of his competence to his duties,
and we hope to see a large extension of
his handiwork.
The children of the Orange street gra
ded school, in common with many oth
ers, will bless him for the good work he
as done.
Inspect the Operation of Aslie-
ville's Klectrlc Railway, i:tc.
I ton, Patrick Walsh, the brilliant and
able editor of the Augusta Chronicle, and
president of the Augusta and Sumuier
villo Railroad Co., together with direct
ors r rank I-.. I-lcmiiig and llenrv H.
King, of the latter corporation, are here
from Augusta, the second in line ofthe
most progressive cities in the whole
State of Georgia. They arc here for the
purpose of inspecting the oiera tion of our
street railway system with a view to
recommending its adoption by the City
Council of Augusta.
The Chronicle, Mr. Walsh's p.'qier, of
Sunday morning, contained the follow
ing which will more accurately elucidate
the objects pr pttng the distinguished
Augustans' visit to Ashcville.
''To-morrow morning Presidenl Pat
rick Walsh and Directors llenrv H. King
and Frank E. Fleming, of the Augusta
and Siintmcrvillc Railroad company, set
out on a lour of investigation. They
will visit Ashcville, Richmond, Philadel
phia, Huston ami other cities, where
electric railways are licing oM-ratcd, and
all llicy don't know aliout an electric
rajlroad when they get back will hardly
be worth leai ning.
This trip means business, and means
that the company is going ahead iu ear
nest, and wili he ready just as soon as
the council says the word.
The report oi Ihei'.iili'oadeomuiiltee will
lie adopted bv ihe council at a meeting
to be held some time this week, and Un
people til Augusta can begin lo get ready
lo sec how it feels to be whirled along by
These gentlemen were shown over the
line here yesterday by Capt. J. II. Halli
ard, of the Sprague Motor Co., of New
York, ami former suicriulcmlcnt of the
Ashcville electric street railway.
Every detail iu the oteratiou
ol an electric railway was
thoroughly explained, cost of con
strticlioii ami equipment, etc., to the
Augusta committee, who seemed much
pleased with what they saw and heard
in the course of their investigation. Mr.
Walsh and his coadjutors in this mis
sion will remain here several days.
Pluck and Perseverance.
The Spartanburg Herald, iu sK-aking
of Dr. W. G. Smith, of that place, bill
now connected with the wholesale drug
house of T. C. Smith it Co., of this city,
says :
Dr. W. G. Smith is back from Haiti
more looking well, but thin from hard
study, He graduated in March at the
imiversity and is now a full tlcdgcd Ph.
D. Dr. Smith, while talking full work at
the college, did full work iu a drug store
of Haltimore, and had lo do much of his
study alter midnight. Such pluck and
tcrscvernnee deserve the success which
he has reached, ami give promise ot eon
tinned success in the future, lie mav re
turn to his position in the Haltimore
house, or he may remain in the South
Tin; Citizi-n is glad to know that Dr.
Smith will remain iu Ashcville in his
present jHisition, He is a most estimable
gentleman, and one that we would
much regret to lose.
The first morning germuu ofthe season
takes place atJattcry Park, beginning at
10 a. m., to-day.
F.pochH in the History of the Na
tion Conmieniorated-Columbla
and the Original Thirteen mates
-Relies of Ihe Past Revived.
The spacious floor room of the Farm
ers' warehouse will present a dazzling
oiu picturesque scene this evening the
occasion icing the holding of the grand
and beautiful American Carnival for the
iK'iiefit ofthe organ fund of Trinity Epis
copal eiiurcn.
Elegant and profuse decorations, hand
some women and gallant men iu bright
and pretty costume, brilliant illumina
tions and delightful music, refreshments
and fancy wares, etc., beyond description,
will abound, and such a scene as Ashc
ville has not yet witnessed will be pleas
antly enacted this evening.
The Fourth Regiment military band,
in full uniform, will lie on hand ami lend
their talent towards making the Carni
val a great success.
Wealth, fashion, grace and beauty will
all commingle in the grand benefit for a
worthy cause. None can afford to slay
away, and there is ample room and
pleasure for all who attend,
A brief synopsis of the Carnival is here
annexed in order that those who do not
fully realize what a treat there is in store
for them, may have a faint idea of the
very pleasant entertainment that has
been arranged by the devout and ener
getic lady members of I lid Trinity.
The various lodges are groiqied in a
semicircle around the central stand,
which occupies one end of the hall, ami
forms the arena on which all the dra
matic portion of the entertainment is
shown, Each lodge is devoted to the
celebration of some epoch of American
history , and each is designed to illustrate
by its form and decoration the tcriod of
the event which it commemorates. A
general view of the whole will first be
given, and ach lodge will be descrilx'd,
with the uses for which it is intended.
Ht-ginning at the right hand of the
central arena is seen the rough log hut iu
nil. ii nj; i ii i.i i ',oc, i ue ursi Willie CIUI0
born in America, receives her young
friends, and offers for salearticles dear to
the heart of infancy, from rattles to a
complete wardrobe, the very attendants
Iteing dressed in baby caps and robes.
Next, the wigwam of Pocahontas ap
iears, where dusky maidens offer baskets.
Iiows nnd arrows, ami weapons ofthe
chase. A plain frame house forms the
austere abode of the Puritan fathers,
where Priscilla at her flying wheel at
tracts many curious siwctntors to buy
antique furniture and labries of many
kinds, or the antiquities may only lie ex
hibited if their owners cannot be pre
vailed upon to part with them.
Salem witches. A house-of many cables
charms the silver from eager students of
palmistry, and the high leaked huts and
scarlet cloaks make a briirht feature iu
the scene. Pins and needles and haber-
lasherv of all kinds form a part of tin-
wares of these bright-faced witches, and
Salem Giln altars and Black Jacks draw
the hoys and girls to buy and enjoy.
Moll Pitcher rows her boat full of
shoes to a ready market from Itehind her
browu-lhatcheil hut, and is ready to
read the fate of any lair seeker on the
cards she has for use and sale.
Merry Mount next rears its uavlv
decorated Mav-polc, around which
happy youths and maidens wind the
manv-colored ribbons which t he v sell ti
ill whom the sweet-scented Mav-flowcrs
nnd their sisters of other chmes draw to
the spot.
The ltoston tea party furnishes the
cup that cheers" from the hold of the
old ship, and here tea in chests and pack
ages, with sugar and West Indian
sweetmeats, cater to the children's taste.
The Yankee kitchen offers delicious
home-made dainties of old-time manu
facture, dealt out by rosy dames iu
homespun dresses and checked aprons,
regardless of the fact that a messenger iu
Continental uniform is seen hurrying to
summon the good man of the house fo
light for liln'i ty and home.
Peace firings lilies and flowers of all
tender varieties to announce the close of
the war and coming of prosperity, and
her floral bower is full of lair representa
tives of the Graces iu costumes of classic
Fourth of 1 til v proudly rears its gavlv
decorated tent fall of gay Hags and
patriotic emblems, where ice-cream and
cooliugdiiuks ofall kinds tempt tlie thirs
ty to enter and partake ol refreshments
brought bv energetic waiters in bright
costumes of national hues.
Columbia wilh her guard of States
H-cupics the chief stand, ami has the
onerous duly ofdirecliug theculire affair,
as well as the scenes which are shown at
From His Old Home.
The I'nion (S. C.) Times in speaking of
Dr. II. K. Smith, formerly of thai place,
but now of the dental linn of Reeves &
Smith, this city, contains the following
complimentary allusion to that gentle
man :
Dr. 11. K. Smith has determined to
seek a wider and more promising field for
the development ot Ins prolcssional tal
ents and moved to Ashcville, N. C. Wc
sincerely regret losing Dr. Smith, as he
is a young man of pure character, enter
prising ami industrious, and one ot the
Ir-sI dentists ill the country. We com
mend the doctor to the ieoplc of Ashc
ville as a man of high character and
worthy their respect and patronage."
Tun Citizkn bids Dr. Smith a hearty
welcome, nnd hopes that his residence
among our jicoplc may Ik- extremely
pleasant and profitable.
Four Hundred Dollars.
Tin; Citizkn learns that the net re
ceipts of the entertainmc' ts recently
given in this city lor the benefit of the
building fund of the Christian church,
amounts lo over four hundred dollars.
The object for which the entertainments
were given was a most laudable one, and
we are glad that the efforts ofthe ladies
under whose management they were
held, have been crowned with so much
Divorce Decree Annulled.
Nhw York, August 13. At a hearir.g
in the divorce ease of sheriff Flack this
morning. Judge Bookstaver set aside all
proceedings and annulled the decree of divorce.

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