THE ASHEVUXE CITIZEN, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15, 1917. i t THE ASHEYILLE CITIZEN ubliaied Every Morning jjTHE CITIZEN COMPANY :" Government Street (The Asheville Cltlten. days a week ftlie Sunday a Oxen. Every Sunday TELEPHONES ftuatnese Office v)dltorlaI Rooms SOT Associated Press Reports Complete SUBSCRIPTION RATES By Carrier In Aihsville and Suburbe. IVllr A Pun.. 1 vr. In edvanee IJ OJ I A Bum mn In idvinM l.VH Dally A Sua., 1 welt In advance .18 pallr only, 1 year In advance .M ally only, 8 mo. In advance viuy only, l wmi in aavanc v Mall In United etatea. Hy A Son., 1 yr. In advance oertalnly wfll not be a tlmo for thai playing of tba great American gam of practical politic. Sacrifice and prlvaUon will have entered too many American home for the people" pa tience to withstand the exploiting- of the government for the benefit of thla, that or the other political organ Ua- The Scissors Route 4 Tfa Idea Shooting. (Ohio State Journal.) Vocational tralnlnf la a good thing, o far aa )t draws out what Is In a boy, just aa any branch of study la valuable. But It Is not to be trusted tlon, and so In place of politicians tor the direction of the future life of . . .,,.,. ... i.. j the boy. He may take any of the they will demand statesmen to lead trade, and u ma,how ne u nt ,or them unselfish men devoted to a I some other than the one he Is loam Ing. Nothing ahould displace the real This calls to mind that not ao vsry of tn, youth lB the thing sought and long ago the people cried "Thank God that this more than all his learning f- Wllmnl" Out of the world's nn- "u """ lu u, a "" " . lire. heaval has come on great man tne BOme respects, vocational train chief executive, the real leader of the Ing Is better than some of the prancnes to oeveiop tnis personality OF GENERAL OFFICERS ARE MADE BY THE PRESIDENT 1.60 1.00 !ny m Bun., I mo, in avnw,n.M ;rr oriy, l yr in avnc Mas nithr 1 swart In sa ,ltrl noe. ......... Knnriaur nnW. 1 In HtlVftnC MM ' m ' . . Kfl Huniiv onir. rao. in iv.nuej..... JWednesdaj, August 15, 1917 Pope Benedict's Move It will be generally admitted that ! Abe reported movement for peace '"'Snail by Pope Benedict Is the roost . " amportant pf all peace overture yet kdvenoed. It is mora Important ieven then, the famoue peace nota of President WUaon last year, in wai jthe president of th United Statee In ataad' of laying down prospective -, Harms of eettlement aaked the belli areata to state Just what they ware : siarhtina- for. The pope, on the other hand, advances certain suggestions. which, in his opinion, might ba used s grounds for a peace oonferanea, strangest of all, perhaps, la the etets- anent that th pope virtually repeats Germany's famous plea for a restora tion of" the '"statu quo" before the : Hrar. There la soma basis, therefore tor the belief that Pope Benedict' wove waa Inspired. And It la mere than probable that Austria, greet Catbello amptra that It Is, seeing the hopelessness of her causa, and tor ' vently longing for peaee, appealed to Roma, to tha head of the Catholic church, to atop' further bloodshed, . From .tha general outlln of . the Topa'a peace plane ao tar given out it anay ba gathered, that ha believes that peaceful gettltfraent of th questions affecting th return," of Alsace-Lorraine and the Italian part of Austria can b tound In tha peace discussions. On cannot Imagine, however, that Germany would, consent to relinquish her most cherished prise. And It is almost a improbable that Italy would be content to give up her clatme to what she la about to take from Aus tria. In any case, the lea baa been brok en again,, and somebody has made a definite move 7 toward ending th world slaughter. Thla time It comes from tba head of a great church .whose communicants are found all over the world and whose member- ship runs Into the multi-mllHona It has been always an accepted fact that game such move would have to ba made in some quarter. Apparently supporting th belief that tha Inter vention of the pope at this hour, at tha end of the third year of the con "fliot, was Inspired in some quarter, Is the knowledge that were he acting upon, humanitarian grounds alone, he wonld have taken such a step two Vears ago or earlier. We must ume, therefore, that tha head of tha Catholic church did sot speak until he : was reasonably certain that his good offices would not be offered In vain: In other words, Fop Benedict pa moved at this time with the al tmst oertaln knowledc that his ap pat w.'ll receive mo. respectful at tititii.n than has yet been accorded to auv similar movement. While this may not be the time to discuss the probable outcome of Fope Benedict's tender. It Is nqt likely that th entente governments will accept without question any pease terms that Involves a return to the "status quo" before the war. Germany and her al lies, of course, are ready here and now to agree to such terms, since they are of German manufacture. But, as pre viously intimated, the way to confer ence Is open, and discussion may lead to something definite. potentially mightiest nation on earth Should the world still be at war when the national conventions convene there wMl be but one nominee of all tha dlf erent parties. This Is undoubtedly the unexpressed dealre in hearts today when the republic thanks Ood for President Wilson as sincere It es It did & vtar ago. This being so, la not this tlm eccepted time fcr trusted leader ai.d world statesman to form a war cab of the best the na '.Ion haa, resratess of what Indl-ldual which is simply the spirit of the boy put into lire. Unless this Is the case, it 'doesn't make any difference wheth er the boy Is put to drawing or pari Ing. It la the Impulae, the purpose tne determination that la education Amnrirnn lnd not the thing learned. So the poim ie, 11 vocational training useii turnlanaa the end sought. It la not the thing to be encouraged. IIke the textbook, It furnish en an opportunity to put the aoul of the boy to work upon his deatlny. he only triumphs vi una wunu uiui are worm Remov ing are the triumphs of the spirit. And If a boy goes forth to life with aplrltuality imbedded In his aspira tion, he will make his way, even if no itinerary has been prepared for him His personality rightly developed la members' political theories piay be and would he rot thereby point the way to a new era of admlnlnerlng the his guide and benefactor, government in peace, as In war, by statesmen and not by politicians' Notes and Comments Vacation for Hypochondriacs, (Detroit Free Press.) Already warnings have been sound ed that within th next few months such nu inhere of American nurses and doctors will be called to the battle Mora peaoe talk, and something is front as to make a noticeable short going to nappen in tne near zuiure. a age of these ministers of mercy at home. Such a shortage 1 Just now The thoughts of all belligerents are severely xeit in turn an ana, inoeea. centered now on peace in a greater In All tha warring European coun degree than at any time since the war tries. Perhaps the conditions may not began. became as acuta in America as they " " I are said to be abroad, but even a Certainly some arranseraants ought sreat ahortare of nhvalclana and at- to ba made to give our soldier boys a tsndasti u ha endured for tha na. send-off Worthy Of appreciative dtl-lrlort of tha war If meaauroa to meat sens hip, the situation are conceived and put 1 int A nrrtl rnnnv witn a commendable aesir to I r,a iM.n r.n. k. - pers are at last making a concerted move io mrow on me gag. talned to a degree by employing doc tors only when they are really need ed: that la to say, if our hypochondri acs were to take a vacation for the "v ,V " duraUon of the war. And with a lit. flnily7huffiedlari Sides' "will bl lB'Slt willing to aUow her to run her own : Tl cntVivvl'h anaira. " -r;-,r"i - - . "ixr punvB, just u ULJIVr wivm huu IllUUU- aMai Vt a rak itana 4avta lt Ar -nirtrl Tlilfr 1A I v T w Sjtmii va. Mv .Uam iMMaiiMa mil 1 ha! whAllw maal fmm a) aasah f aj aj a I subvd; luumiuiua w it usv wjwtj I hi Date IT! HlstorV the needs. There are the Institutions auwnfcvaaaaaMwa i thona-ht of and fnr which nrn. " I vision oueht to be made '-'ll in ad Auroat 15. Ivanca. Thla can be done bv induclns jTii uni or Xjaurasa, in nary, more young women to undergo train- Deiwean me ames unaer rrince mg as nurses, and perhaps by short- uion9 una wie rnncn uuaar in ns fna trtminv nsnatL I. II n 1 , 1 J . nr VBIlfinillB. IT 16 First symptoms of "Shay's re bellion" developed at a con vention In Worcester. Mass. 1S01 -Nelson made an unsuccessful attempt . ta destroy tha gun- Doata in jjouiosne narnor. lilt- Oarrison at Fort Dearborn, near tha mouth of tha Chicago river, evacuated the fort by order of General Hull. 1881 Don Carlos, tha Spanish pre tender, crossed tha frontier and surrendered to tha French au thorities at Bavonne. IMT Rt- Kev. James Sohwebaoh. third Cathollo bishop of La Croaae. born In Luxtmhura. 1T Frlnoe Henry of Orleans and tne t-ount or Turin fought a oe; with swords near Paris, com were wounaea. HOJBulgarla aent a memorandum to tne powera detailing out' POU PRESENTS THE WAR SITUATIONTO MEETING Points Out Necessity of Patriotic Service by Citi zenship of State. RALEIGH. Aus-. 14. Ralelah and r?S!.O0m'n'tMa Tira natriotln main maotlns- tonla-ht. Tha in Macedonia. THH WAR 111 Japan aent an ultimatum to uermany. It 15 -Italians launched great of fen SlVS alontf tha Iaonzo trnnt Iia Kntente allies attacked Bul- aara on loo,miie front Russians took Jablonltsa pass. leaning into Hungary. Notable Birthdays ) Angnst IB, iert A. patriotlo mass meeting tonight The absorbing feature of the meeting was an address by James H. Pou, In which" he presented the situation with ' the United States' at war and the neces sity of patriotlo service by North Caro lina citizenship. Mr. Pou declared that "out of the horrors of this war will arise a great er and belter people, stronger and freer cltlsenshlp and higher Ideals of government and of life. He pledged the vast audience to do and say noth ing during the war that will In the least way tend to weaken th hand of the government promptly and cheer fully do all the government asks, sup port no candidate for office who does TRAVIS MAY GET JOB ON Cantaln HflharT A R.rtl.t Brht I. ommandlnar tha third raliat niuiiiHni. not' whole-heartedly support the coun eent to And the members of the tr w"" car tor the faml- Crocker land expedition, which went lle f th olaiers off at the front to Arctic waters in lia. was born in "if iVD v nunga poo Newfoundland 41 yeara ago today. ? the soldiers who are off to Captain Bartlett la a well-known fig- o their duty at the front He as ure In the email circle of Arctic ex- "ured th soldiers that they have the plorers. He was with Pearv in his gracuuae ana love oi a inousana successful quest of the North Pole. iHln human beings In every quar though not going to the goal with his ler or lne e"'OD8- superior omcer. in mis he was m. rployed by the Canadian government in ua atcuo exploration expedltlon.i His ship was crushed, he found his way to Siberia, and finally hanlr tn Nome, Alaska. He la tha holder of tha Hubbard gold medal conferred by the National Geographical aoclety, and of several other medals given by European aocleties, all in recognition of his ability as a navigator, his in trepidity aa an explorer, and his seal in his labors wherever and whenever he enters upon them. Herr Albert Ballin. who haa serving as cnier director of railways uu euppues ior me .uerman army, 0 years old today. Marlon Da Vriaa. aasnnlat of the United States Court.of Customs Appeals, 02 years old ffilay. Klnirdon Onuld ann nt I... Gould, and whoae recent marriage at tracted wide attention, 39 years old today, Charles A. Comiskev. president of the Chicago American league baseball club, 59 years old today. New Major Generals, Briga dier Generals and Oth ers are Named. SENT TO SENATE. WASHINGTON, Aug. 14 Nomina tions cf nearly J00 general officers In the national army. Including officers of the regular army and the national guard, were sent to the senate today by President Wilson. From the thirty-seven new major generals tp be created for the dura tion of the war and from the existing major-generals of the regular army, will come the army, corps and di vision commanders of all the forces now being raised, ri'Kulars, national guard or national army. Similarly the brigade commanders will be selected from the list of more than 100 new brigadiers. Coincident with this announcement of high command eame the statement from the war department that a com' posits national guard division, com posed of troops from twenty-atx states and the District of Columbia, was in process of organization under com mand of Brigadier General Mann, now chief of the militia bureau of the department but who heade the list of national army major-generals, These will be the first national guard troops to be sent to France. No discussion is permitted by the censorship regulations, however, of the time of their mobilization or de parture for the front. The list of general officers shows that the seniority rule has been fol lowed closely except where men in line for promotion were found want ing by the board of officers which made the recommendations to the president Tha rule laid down by Secretary Baker for tne selection of general officers directed that two major Qualifications govern the board evidence during their army careers of skill In leading troops In action and In training soldiers. The list of major-generals takes In virtually all of the army brigadiers and includes tha only two national, guard officers of that rank. Generals O'Ryan of New Tork and Clement of Pennsylvania. TAKE THE MT. MITCHELL TRIP TO THK TOP OF EASTERN AMEHICA. TKAIX8 EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. It JfJtacMtcoAyvxi Rl HONOR BfttfHT WICOAisl K. - 1 IV-; E2U "HOIfOR Bright Thara our business slogan. And If you buy coal of us you will And that our business dealings live up to Just that sort of a promise. 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Pack Square, SPLENDID ADDRESSES AT LAKE JUNALUSKA The Economy Shoe Store for bargains In Shoes for tha Whole Family. 12 Biltmore Ave. "Know Me by This Hgn, j0 rtt.9 The Eyesight BpedaUst, Tl Patton Ave. Just Below P. O. Wot EUjaM'Bsnsaflfl Vf uramcn Phone 2155 BTJXLPHf G TRADES COUHCIIi C O. Worley, Business AgcnV If You Want the Best value obtainable make it ' a point to visit our Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Department M. Levitt 3 Biltmore Ave. Rev. F. S. Onderdonk Brings Third Day to Close Witn Address .on Tha Immigrant In the South." Appointment Expected to Be Made by President Wilson This Week. After the War 'As the war demands self -sacrifice - and loyalty from ail the American people, ao will the period of recon : all pctlon after tho war call no less bwlsiently on their leaders to forget aelf and party and to supplant par tisan politics with statesmanship. And while many Americana of today would as soon forget their faith as their politics, before the war ends the people of this republic may have bean , transformed through sacrifice, and a now vision of real democratic, govern ment will have coma to them. For these are tha days of new things and tha old order la changing the world over. - la England party lines have been greatly affected by the war. They will not again appear ,Utfl tha empire haa safely passed through tha period of reconstruction. . In America the period following the 'claratlon of peace will be oven wore critical than : la Europe, and IS MADE CAPTAIN. RALEIGH, N. C, Aug. 14. The war deparplent having Indicated that the military regulations will permit only the confirmation of J. J, Bernard oi naiaign aa captain in the quarter master's corps and property and dla burning officer for the federal s-ov. ernment Instead of major as It was eciaaa io appoint nlm, Governor Bicicett has dtfected that the com mission as captain and property and diaburalng officer be issued by the ad jutant general and this was done to day. It Is understood that the oi property ajia aisDurslng officer on the part of the state military depart ment wui o aojuaiea later. TAKE THE MT. MITCHELL TRIP TO THK TOP OF EASTERN AMERICA. TRAINS EVERY DAY a sup Hti.ll. lt SET FOB TODAY. BIO TOWN GAP, Va, Ang. 14 The Phlpps-OfcCoy case is set for trial In federal court hero tomorrow morning. " Unexpected that moat ot tha day will be taken no In tha ararumant of demurrers. If these are d Is nosed of tha court will proceed to the trial of the ease case Thursday morning. John Walton Phlcna and William Vernon McCoy are charged with try ing to Incite mountaineers of Sonth. west Virginia and Eastern Kentucky to revolt against the United States to prevent drafting for war. TAKE THE MT. MITCHELL TRIP TOK THE TOP OP EASTERN ARCA- IBATN8 EVERY DAY XaXS WEEK. as RALEIGH, N. C Aug. 14. The ap pointment of Chairman E. L. Travis, of the North Carolina corporation commission, to a place on the I. C. C. Is expected to be made by President Wilson this "week and lt la understood that Governor Blckett will, as soon as he receives the resignation of Mr. Travis from the state commission, commission A. J. Maxwell, the present secretary ot the commission, to a full fledged commlsslonerahip to suceedt Mr. Travis. Thereafter the commis sion will proceed to re-organlze and while nothing is be In- said as to the probable outcome, lt is a fact that Commissioner W. T. Lee will be rank ing commissioner through seniority and If be desires the post will doubt less be made chairman. LAKE JUNALUSKA. Aug. 14. The topic for tomorrow's session of the annual missionary conrerence De lnit held here will be: "The World Call to American Womanhood A Day With woman's work.", xns prin cipal address will be delivered at 8 clock In tha evening By Dr. Clarence . Usaher. a medical missionary to Turkish Armenia, whose subject will be: "Through War and Massacre in Turkey." Two short addresses sre to be at :80 o'clock In the morning by Mrs. Lee Baitt, of Suffolk, Va., and Mrs. rank Blier, of QreensDoro. The Immigrant in the South," was the subject of a strong address deliv ered tonight by Rev. F. B. Onderdonk, missionary to tha Mexicans in Texas. The address was a fitting close to the third day of the conference, the topic of which waa, "America and the World Crisis A Day With Home Missions." Dr. Oeorga B. Dean, ot PhlladelpHla, spoke In the morning on "Our System ot Home Missions." A round table discussion was held in the morning; with John M. Moore presiding, and study classes were held In the afternoon at 6:30 o'clock. Monday's Proceedings. Monday evening Dr. Goucher, of Baltimore, MJ., gave a stirring ad dress on the "World War and Evi dence of the Coming Kingdom." The speaker loKically showed how the re ligious consciousness grows in a sys tem of concent rio circles with first 'self -consciousness then family con sciousness, then expands to commu nity or city consciousness, then passes to the small principality, expands then to national consciousness and now we have come to the time when the pres ent world war and its purposes aa stated in Its highest purpose by our own president, we come to a world consciousness; we are now citizens or the world. We are fighting for our brother man. Democracy In the log ical form of this consciousness The statesmanship of the president of the United States was pointed out by the speaker to be In accord with this high ideal. In the round table this morning Mra Lee Britt will preside. This evening ur. Clarence 1). ussner, the medical missionary to Turkish Armenia, will give the principal address. Dr. Ussh er was in one of tha hospitals while the Turks executed one of their bloodiest massacres around the place in wnicn he was worung. J M 1W DAT! Nadlnola CREA19 TV. n.-dSlM i' . Osaranteed to remove. tea, freckles, plaapleM ' liver Spots, etc JurtrsBaf Jesses about .twenty byJ Rids pores 'and, tlaroas of ImpurlttssJ Leaves the ' skla ' clear, soft, healthyi ,Two abet, 0c (and K.00. , By telle' pountcra or .mall. - auaioMax rotuer evaoi&arn that NSW LO OK $8 $5 Full Set Teeth . . Porcelain or Gold J Crowns Why Pay More? Perfect Satisfaction Guaranteed Dra. Smathers & Beam Dentists Patton Ava. Entrance. Phone 181 Over Carmlchael'a. 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It FAIR WEATHER PREDICTED FOR THURSDAY. THE WORLD'S GREATEST TRIP TO MT. MITCH ELL EVERY DAY THIS WEEK, lt ORGANIZED TONIGHT At a meeting of the Asheville lodre Modern Woodmen of America, to te held In the Paragon building tonight. the permanent organization of the or der s contribution to the fraternal home guards company being orraniz- ed In the city. Already twenty have signed the roster and fully that many mora are expected to attach their signatures tonight. in addition a class of six candidates will be Initiated. , , TAKE THE MT. MITCHELL TRIP TO THE TOP OF EASTEHX AMERICA. TRAINS EVERY DAY IRIS WEEK, - r - Al Hair Often Rained By Washing With Soap Soap should be used very carefully, if you want to keep your bair lookingits best Most soaps and prepared sfnm poot coatain too much alkali This dries the scalp, makes the 'hair brittle, and ruins it The best thins; for steady nse is Just ordinary mulsified cocoanut oil (which is pure and greascless), and it better than the most expensive soap or anything- else you can use. une or two.teaspoonfuls will cleanse the hair and scalp thoroughly. Simply moisten the hair with water and rub it in. It makes an abundance of rick, creamy lather, which rinses out easily, removing evert oarticle of dust. dirt. dandruff and excessive oiL The hair dries quickly and evenly, and it leaves the scalp soft- and the hair fine and silky, bright, lustrous, fluffy and easy to manage. . You can get mulsified cocoanut oil at any pharmacy, if very cheap, and a few ounces will supply every member j&g family for month, , LAND SALE. By virtue of the power of sale con talned In a deed of trust, executed on the 30th day of July. 1915. by Elk's Heme Company, a corporation, to Joseph F. Ford, Trustee, to secure the Indebtedness therein described to Gay Oneen, which said deed of trust Is duly recorded in tha - office of the Register of Deeds for Buncombe County. North Carolina, In Rook of Deeds of Trust No. 87. page 200, and default having been made in the pay ment of Interest on the notes secured by said deed of trust, and upon ap plication and demand of the bolder of saiid notes, tne undersigned trustee will, on Monday, the 10th day of Sep tember, 1017, at 12 o'clock. 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