tTHE ASHEY1IXE CITIZEN, S ATURDA, 'AUGUST 18, 191T. 10 -5 j. n. law II HAYWOOD ST. 5" .1 . HEADQUARTERS FOR BEST SILVER PLATED ' FLATWARE ' ALSO A SPECIAL LINE "t AT SPECIAL PRICE ,' TEASPOONS AT 1X00 DOZ. f AND ALL OTHER PIECES SAME PROPORTION TRENCH FIGHTING SEEN BY AN ASHEVILLE BOY EDWARD MILES TELLS OF ACTUAL CONDITIONS AT FRONT, Write Kxperlenoe to Parents Here. Describes Nine Days Battle Greater Than Verdun. - THESE ARK GUARANTEED TO WEAR PERFECTLY FOR IS TEARS 6 We Can Equip You For That FISHING TRIP THE I-X-L STORE Opposite P. O. If They Are Honess Made Glasses You Wear They're Proper ,'Eye Examined. Glasses Dei , signed. Made, Fitted and Repaired. , ? Charles H. Honess Optometrist, aad Optiatu. 14 Patton Ay. Opp. Postoffloa, Buy M.&W. COAL Because , it " Better. Phone 40 Asbevflle Coal Co.r , NORTH PACK SQTTARR Va. A Big Line New and ( Used Automobiles TERMS : ; . Fay as you enter, or by toe week er month. Wo invite yoa - to look 'em ever. O. Kf Auto Supply & Transit Co. l-e BUtmore Ave. Pbone 1st. The Busy Season doesn't mean that we delay in hauling your baggage. We have plenty of equipment Citizens Transfer Co. Cor. Psttoai Ave. and Govt. St. Pbooes S4 and W 8 ts3 DILL SEED This has an aromatic od or and a- warm pungent taste and is particularly desirable ox flavoring cucumber , pickles. Also used for flavoring soups, stews, etc 4 Price, , I Oc per ounce. Grant's Pharmacy C EAST PACK SQUARE. The following letter from Edward Miles, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert I). Miles, of this city, who Is at the front In France with his I'rlnoeton university unit, Is printed at the re quest or The Citizen, his family be lng disinclined to seeming exploits' tlon. Mr. Miles has an evident talent for presenting a vivid picture of events as he sees them, and the fact that this Is his first letter describing actual conditions at the front, as the American troops will see them, gives added Interest to Mr. Miles' letter which follows in part: ALONG THE CHEMIN DE3 DAM EH. July it, "Goodness! I was all ready to tell you Just where we are, nut remembered Just this min ute that I'm not allowed. However, wo are aoing "rront work" near Craonne. We are carrying the wounded back to the field hospital. ana are exposed to shell nre lor a mue ana a half or ao, of the trip and get fired at good and plenty. German aeroplanes dropped bombs an over my sweet couch last night and will again tonight. About fifty earcnugnts near us, and anti-aircraft guns banalna around. Nnlnol O my! Some celebration! Bat the guns can't nit an aeroplane at night. wcepi oy iuck. "Some of us, Knight, Boule, Con dell. Brown, and I, have made great wun rrencn omcers, and wnen 'en repos,' walk around the mil while tney snow us the guns, the telephone stations tinder ground. ana otner tmngs. They gave us a coupie or -parties.' I brought my mandolin over and played last week, and we. had a fine time. Thav ir all. awfully jrood to us. In more ways umn i can say. "A big battle going on, right near here now. Between Craonne and Hurtebise and Cerny. Perhaps you will have read about It Look it up If yon haven't. It Is a trills mnr quiet this afternoon, but we will probably be running all night. We had been running three days and nights steadily, without sleep, so I slept all day yesterday and all this morning. I am perfectly fresh for whatever may come tonight "SO much has haen rnln. . h.t I don't know where to begin or what to , say. There was a big German air raid last night It was disturhtna- to say the least French ihnnnai bursting all over the sky. and ma- cnine guns tnicK on every hill top blazing awav at the darirnaaa with about fifty big searchlights roving around the heavens trying to spot the Bosche planes. Couldn't get them. Never can at nisrht worth m.ntinnu. But they make things uncomfortable for the aviators. Nine days this bat tle has raged. The latest Is, that it is mora Important than Verdun re section (No. 66) is Just on the ad 5 lh. t0K. front wort- M car one of the best and the chief watches It closely. It still holds tha wa of our section. One of our cars had Its front window (behind the driver's head) broken last nisrht hv nw. of shell. One turned a banit- saalt Into a pit In the dark. One ieii in a snail noie. and on hit an auio irucg an these happened In the same night Borne of tham - still running. Believe me one has one's hands full trying to pass a truck or wagon train in the dark, quite in visible. And the shell-hola win move around In the dark so as to get " way wnen loaded with uuuinees, loo. Here I was , Interrupted by hav ing to make another trip; it is now noon or July z&th. and. i hav working or sleeping every minute in between. We were finally given a brief "reoos" last nla-ht at nin.. thirty, and allowed to sleep all night. It was a real pleasure to be able to go to sleep knowing we would not h. awakened any minute for a run. But we are on duty again now, and due to go out within the hour. Rising early. I hannened to Ionic In mi n for the first time since July 16th. I was horror stricken at alirht nf th apparition reflected therein. You cant imagine it But now behold my razor did itl I am recognizable once more. I think. Ten days ago I went swimming in the Alan. Onirt and swift. Not deep. We went in with the cavalry horses and all. jne ntgnt l was called out to one our front posts. It was a mur. ter to 1 o'clock. Pitch dark, except for the repeated flashes of hnratinr shells and the more occasional flare of a star shell. The road was ed. routrh. and winrflna- AVAP m 1-t 111 and twisting through a thick woods. Had no lights, of course. And this running In the dark is some Job, too. I am developing the eves nf .at Can run in the dark now at daylight speed. Bpent the rest of the night sleeping in my overcoat tn a naua. house with about forty soldiers and uiaiiuioruicn. ijoia or dubs and rata. Very pleasant. Every time the soldier in the bunk above me turned over, I got a shower of dust and mud. My helmet for a pillow. Shells and batteries banging out a lullaby. "We are in the middle of a nest of French batteries at our post, and the Bosches love to shell them. They were shooting gas shells over here last night. We had to ru the gas. Smells sweet and harmless, but it's bad; suffocating; 'sickening. "We go Into 'repos' for two weeks on July 28th. Will be able to write you more after that" FIFTY-SEVEN TURNED DOWN BY COUNTY BOARD AS DAY'S WORK 8 t 9 'I :B County Ready to Send Third of Quota Wherever War De partment Orders on September 5. Provost Marshal Will Appeal Claims Allowed for Dependents. Spain has 992 plants for public electric lighting and 978 are for private use. H Dr. J. C. Denison H Optometrist and Optician. H Becoming Glasses Cost no More. H At Henderson's. 62 Pst Ave. Buncombe county, so far as the rural sections are concerned, stand ready to do Its part towards con tributing to the new national army, the first third of the men needed. By refusing to allow fifty-seven claims for exemption, filed by young men drawn from out-of-the-city dis tricts, the uounty board of exemntlona yesterday secured more than enough men neeaea in response to the call of the war department for each local board to have a third of Its entire quota ready to be ordered to report tor army amy on September 6. a tnira or the county s auata Is nrty-rour men. With the fifty-seven certified, the county has three men more than It really needs to have ready by the fifth of next month. beginning work at noon yesterday. members of the county board took off their coats, and together with Miss L Exum Clement.. Clerk Lasater and County Attorney J. W. Haynes, went at the work of passing on the nu merous affidavits filed with a vim and an energy that had 170 out of the way, when an adjournment was taken at 6:45 o'clock. Troubles and cares of the day were eased and relieved somewhat when the board members cut a luscious watermelon sent tn them in the middle of the afternoon by Clerk of the Superior Court John H. Cathey. This keDt them busv for at least ten minutes and caused their wives to wonder at their small anne. tltes when they reported home for supper. The work of exemntlnr men from the new army was carried on In board headquarters on the second floor of the court house. A full membership of the board was present, Including Chairman Alan Cogglns, Dr. Dan E. Sevier, and Captain Weaver. The door of the office was kept shut but not locked. From the time It heran work until the adjournment was call ed not a single disturbance was noted, this accounting in no small measure for the speed with which the affidavits were passed on. It Is honed and erneMed that all the remaining affidavits will be reach ed today. The board will reconvene shortly after 9 o'clock and begin work where it loft off yesterdav it.mnnn After each claim has been carefully gone over and examined as to Its merits, one of the members will make motion as to whether or not tha man to whom It belongs shall be ac cepted or exempted. Following thia Chairman Cogglns will put the mo tion before the board. Those passed, or those whose claims are not allowed are careiuuy recorded by Miss Clem ent. ine war department has ordered every local board the country over to have thirty per cent of its quota ready by September 6. The second thirty ioj torn, must do reaay py the tenth of that month, the third by the fif teenth and the fourth call, which Is to consist of the last ten per cent or each quota, will be issued some time after this latter date. The county board has not yet been advised Just when to have the final ten per cent ready. County Attorney J. W. iTtmai hn assisted the board in Its work, said yesterday afternoon that the provost i iamiiu, unaer me selective conscrip tion act, will appeal the cases of all men exempted for dependents. This Includes mothers, fathers, children and wives. Only those registrants who are exempted for some physical disability will not hn th.iV appealed by the provost marshal. On uuier nana, an men who were not exemDted vmt.niav umwiiB io me aistnct exemption noara, wnich will meet In the near luiura, tor mat verv nnmnaa arA ioi uiu io me supreme court men Exempted. Following is a complete list of those men exempted by the cnnntv hn, yesterday. wi!:r8!!n.CHl,t011 Wara' t Blrtmore, ABSl7homM F- Bl. BUtmore, No. 2622; Herbert Pink Miliar nf to... Ashevllle, No. 58; Luke H. Tounir. Ashevine, Route 4, No. I486; John McMorrls. Ashevllle Rnnta a kt 2624; Walter E. Sawyer, Ashevllle route 1, No. 884; George Harry Wal- oii, oiuuKsviue, iNo. ix4; Ryland N Smith, Candler, No. 1096; Raymond King, Odessa, No. 1456; Joseph S. Lewis, Ashevllle, No. 783; Harley Ingle, Stockv!lle, No. 1868; Lewis vose. Black Mountain, No. 2889; Ken neth P. Cathey, Candler. No. 1117; William E. Honeycutt, Alexander, No. 1572; George Bartlett Rlanir tain, No. 2196; John Rav Ah.iii. route 1, No. 887; Dare L. McMahan. Democrat No. 2036; Claude R. Cook. West Ashevllle, No. 837; Carl P. Bolden, Ashevllle. route 1. Nn 7- Cleveland Yarborough, BUtmore, No. f'; -airrea J. Sams, West Ashevllle, No. 609: William B. Shope. Candler No. 1185; Robert J. Worley, West Ashevllle. No. 664: Andrew Biltmore. No. 945; Vernon N. Banks, j Dillingham, No. 1918: ninvhnm n Ingle, Ashevllle route 4, No. 696; Lyda o-'i. juaicesier, jno. 1Z67; ftalhael M. Rice, Ashevllle route 2, No. 2146; Morris R. MoAbee, Falrview, No. 2453; Carl Gragry, BUtmore. No. 126; Clyde Cook, Beech. No. 1679; Dell Elkins, Leicester. No. 1287; Herbert G. London. Weaverville. ,Wn Carl Field Burnett Leicester. Mn" 1546; Arthur V. Flynn, Ashevllle route 4, No. 1369; Clarence L. Fill lam Wt Ashevllle, No. 873; Jake Cole, Weav erville, No. 1676; Virgil C. Sprinkle, Stocksvllle, No. 1891; William E. nucKner, Ashevllle route 6, No, 9J; james m. Jones, Ashevllle route 4, No. 600; Walter R. Moss, Ashevllle. rume , xmo. eiu; izeklel h. Benlson, Ashev-ille route 6, No. 1539; Marcus j. tiarren, Arden, No. 2489; Joe Dan iels. Weaverville, No. 1682; Fred T. Roberson, Leicester. Nn. ISSi- Thomas O. Lunsford, Ashevllle route o, iso. em; rranklin D. E. Wright Swannanoa, Ne. 2181; Lawrence S. Presson, Weaverville. No. 1763: Ulus A. Chambers, Alexander, No. 1548; David E. Henry. Leicester. No. 1264: Cecil Ingle, Arden, No. 924; William F. McAb'ee, Falrview, No. J455; Hamilton Tweed, Fletcher, No. 2601; Louis L Kenney, West Asheville, No. 420; Casus, B. Roberson, Candler, No. 1178; Harrison B. 8hirlln. West Ashe vllle, No. 614; Robert J. Smith, Black Mountain, No. 2874; Harrison Savage, llcester, No. 1329; Charles J. Davis, Ashevllle route 2, No. 10; Gilbert H. Davis,. Candler, No. 1045; Hall F. Wright Candler. No. 1031; Marian 8. Oosnell. Weaverville, No. 1705; Floyd Shook, Leicester, No. 1331; Oscar C. lavls, .Wcavervlllo. No. 16S5; Everett G. Roberson, Leicester, No. 1328; Benjamin F. Elkins, Stocksvllle, No. 1847; Logan L. Melton Ashevllle route 6, No. 797; Joe H. Whltaker, Arden, No. 2599; Robert B. Roberts, Weaver ville, Nov 17-7 Sonley Edwards. Lei cester. No, 1J3B; Fred C. Carson, Stocksvllle, No. 2011; John Lee, West Ashevllle, No. 482; Oscar Guthrie, Ashevllle route 2, No. 18; William K. Anders, Asheville route 1, No. 662; Roy Lee Ingle. Arden, No. 927; Will iam R. Cappa, Sandy Mush, No. 1484; Oscar France, Asheville route 1, No. 739; Julius M; Parker, Weaverville, No. 1761; Berver Hutchinson, Candler No. 1148; Reuben D. Warren, Candler No. 1103: Lee W. Melton, Ridgecrest, No. 2319; Will M. Reed, Fletchers, No. 2479; Joseph . M. Lytle, Azalea, No. 606; Richmond P. Scarborough, Asheville, No. 46;' Willie L. Bartlett Beech, No. 1CS1: Conley R. Warren, Candler, No., 1099; Charles A. Harro- wood Barnardsville, No. 1955; Charles B. Brown. Ashevllle route 2, No., 2066; Ulus O. Dover, j Leicester, No. 1441; William M. Morris, Montreat, No. 2330; Taylor C. Jump, Ashevllle route 4, No. 602; Edgar H. Henderson, W. Asheville, No. 890; Thomas Daugherty Black Mountain, No. 2233: Wade G. West Weaverville. No. 1818; John T. Roberts, Asheville route 4, No. 1419 Mitchell F. Lomlnae. Asheville route 5, No. 786; Brown V. Alexander, W. Asheville, No. 280; Edgar R. Moore, Leicester, No.. 1292; Henry D. Jones, Candler, No. 983; Houston Cochran West Asheville, No. 832; Kyle Green, West Ashevllle, No. 879; Eugene M Weaver, West Ashevllle, No. 642 Vernon F. Hemphill, Asheville route 2, No. 2107; -v. Theodore B. Bumner, Ashevllle, No. 874. Those Refused. Names, addresses and serial num bers of those whose claims were re fused by the board, are as follows: Bryan Roberts. Alexander. No. 1,874; L G. Greenwood, Democrat, No. 2,022; William S. Weaver, Wea verville. No. 1,813; Walter W. Park er, Weaverville, No. 1752; Edward Jones, Ashevllle route 6, No. 772 Thomas C. Bhuford, Falrview, No, 2,494; Thomas Monday, Weaverville, No. 1,748; Samuel 8. Stokes, Swan nanoa, No. 2,166; William Green, Ashevllle route 4, No. 2,620; Wil liam H. Garrett Sandy Mush, No. 1,496; Arthur Lee Vess, West Ashe ville. No. 638; Ralph P. Wild, West Ashevllle, No. 648; George S. Hender son, Asheville route 1, No. 755; James F. Fox, West Asheville. No. 107; John Harrison Grlffln, Alexander, No. 1,563; Geter R. Gaddy.v ' Swannanoa, No. 2,099; J. Thomas Pearson, Asheville route 4. No. 616: George Hall Leices ter. No. 1,266; ThuOmas S. Justice, Asheville route r'No. 775; William Powell. West Asheville, No, 486; John L. Klce, Barnardsvil. e, No. 1,986; Ai lyn Brownson, West Asheville, No. 809: Frank P. Rymer, West Ashevllle. No. 607; Joseph L. Rsed, Ashevllle route 2. No. 43: William O. Mann. Candler, No. 1,066; H. Floyd Shackel ford, Candler, No. 1.014; Milton M. Leonard, West Asheville, No. 433; William J. Long, West Ashevllle, No. 437; Ernest Pruett, West Asheville, No. 487; George Meadows, Marshall, No. 1,282; Ben H. Helton. Biltmore, No. 1,401; Fred McKlnley Hyatt, Weaverville, No. 1.723; William S. Burllson, Rockvlew, No. 1,922; Melvln Aiken, Alexander, No. 1,636; William F. Fortune, Black Mountain. No. 2,247; Clidle Roberta, Leicester, No. 1,322; John M. Jones, Asheville route 4, No. 601; George McGulnn, Bilt more, No. 182; H. A. Rector, Wea verville, No. 1,771: Lorain L. Luthers. Ashevllle route 4. No. 1895: Fred Otis Shuling, West Ashevllle. No. 613: Oscar L. Lewis, Ashevllle route 4, No. 784; John Seaborn, Ashevllle route 4, No. 2.628; Joseph F. Jenkins, Biltmore, No. 2,441; Walter Wiley Parker, Weaverville, No. 1,752; John H. Roberts, Biltmore. No. 223: Rilev Goldsmith, Biltmore. No. 117: Rich ard P. Snyder, Asheville route 6, No. 868; Josephus Frisbee. Alexander. No. 1,660; F. Daugherty. Swannanoa. No. 2,090; Charles F. McBrayer. Fairview, No. 2,456; Arthur E. Fullam, Bilt more, No. 969; George W. Moore. Ridgecrest, No. 2.S22: Albert 8. Dil lon. Asheville route 1, No. 721; Wll- JUNIORS OF.STATE TO MEET HERE NEXT WEEK ANNUAL CONVENTION OF STATE COUNCIL. THE Sessions Beginning Wednesday and Oontinnlng Through Thursday at Swa nnanoa-Bcrkele y. More than six hundred members of the order are expected to attend the annual meet Ins- of the state council. Jr. O. II. A. Si., which will convene in the ball room of the Swannanoa Berkeley hotel next Wednesday morn ing. State Councilor Charles A Alex ander, of Charlotte, will preside. The sessions will last through , Thursday evening. While an open, meeting, to which would have been invited the public of Ashevllle and suburbs, was to have been held on Wednesday evening, It Is likely that this idea will have to be abandoned because of the inability of several prominent speakers who had accepted an invitation to be present and address the meeting, to arrange their affairs and attend. Definite an nouncement one way or the other will be made by. Asheville Juniors within the next few days. All of the , meetings of the state council will be secret affairs and none except members of the order will be admitted to them. This however, does not apply to the open meeting for Wednesday evening, should this be held. Local council members are making no effort to prepare or arrange an en tertainment program. The board ' of control of the state council has made a request that no entertainment fea tures be arranged, as it would incur a useless expenses on the several Ashe ville councils. Instead, the board of control suggested that any funds which would have been spent for this part of the convention, be donated to the Red Cross or other war relief or ganizations. Among the prominent Juniors of North Carolina, who will attend the meeting are: Past National Councilor C. B. Webb, of Statesville; State Secre tary Sara F. Vance, of Winston-Salem, State Treasurer George S. Fulp, of Kernersvllle; Dr. Chas. E. Brewer, of Raleigh, a trustee of the national or phans home; Past State Councilor W. A. Cooper, of Raleigh; National Rep resentative D. W. Sorrells, of Dur ham; Judge N. L. Eure, of Greens boro; Dr. W. F. Detture, of Salisbury, and maney others. EVIDENCE ABOUT IN IN CLAY COUNTY CASE Defendant la Land -'Ownership Suit Submitted Evidence' - Yesterday. Boundary Point in Question, SAND HILL SCHOOL TO 4 OPEN TERM ON MONDAY Court officials stated yesterday that it was probable that the evidence In the case of the United States vs. the Hlawassee Lumber company would be concluded today before the court ad journed at noon. It was said, how ever, that introduction of testimony other than that already proposed would prolong the hearing of evidence until sometime during the session next Monday. The issue concerning the beginning or a boundary line of approximately 6,000 acres of land In Clay county, was the subject of testimony Intro duced by witnesses. The government plaintiff in the case, alleges that the beginning of the line of survey is located on Signal Bald, one of three peaks generally known as the Tus. qultta Bald. Evidence Introduced by the plaintiff during Wednesday and Thursday tended to show that this was so, Evidence In rebuttal of testi mony Introduced by the plaintiff was given yesterday by the defendant lumber company. The court will be adjourned at noon today by Judge James E. Boyd presiding for the week. That he can build up diamonds from chips with ordinary Illuminat ing gas and a mercury amalgam is the claim of a European scientist To give him absolute quiet a Dutch scientist has had three rooms built one Inside the next and has created vacuums between the walls. In Stock Now" Correct Officer's Haf Best Quality Fast Color Long Service All Sizes $5, Munson last Army Shoe, $8.50 Uniforms and Military a r i Accessories u it uiuci. Here in a few days i j 11 Patton Ave 10, Phone 78 Men's Clothing at a Discount One hundred and forty-eight pupils will attend the opening of the Sand HUI public school next Monday, it was stated at the office of County Superintendent W. H. Hlpps, yester day afternoon. The school will begin the new term with the largest enroll ment in years and with prospects very bright Indeed. E. E. Connor, the principal, has completed his census and filed two copies with Superintendent Hlpps. The figures show us scholars on tne roil. Miss Kathleen Llpe is the grammar teacher and Miss Louise Weaver teacher of the primary grades. WE MAKE OFFICERS' UNI FORMS. LOGAN & MOORE. .It SNAP I Yes, men of all ages like snap. If a man own! a Watch, it gives him pride to have it embody the latest mechanical improvements, and pleasure if its looks reflect the snap of modern style. Snap is a mighty good word. It's peculiar American meaning" expresses that hustling spirit of progress which has made the United States the world's greatest nation. It would betoken ft poor knowledge of masculinity a 'la American to make offerings of Jewelry for men that failed in the least degree to ver itably epitomize snap. Henderson 63 Patton Ave. -:- Your Jeweler Noar PostoXrtce. Last year the bees produced In America 250,000,000 pounds of honey Ham M. Chambers, Alexander, No. 549: William E. Anderson, Sandy Mush, No. 1,476; Boyd B. Blaylock, Biltmore, No. 75. BICYCLE REPAIRS AND SUPPLIES We are prepared to make all Bicycle repairs quickly and at a reasonable price. Twenty years' experience stand back of every job we turn out. Wheels loaned to merchants while their wheel is being repaired. J. M. HEARN A COMPANY No. 4 Battery Park Place Near P. O. Phone 4V4S waviwiHiiittt. - n Y T'lif-aianrtm n a MirTHi.mrini)i,in.iiM. iiwn ti mia -urn- i-nr tit niwma FOLKS FROM SOUTH CAROLINA Georgia and Florida as well as other states will enjoy their meals at the CANDY KITCHEN AND CLUB CAFE Haywood St, Near P. O. Phones 110 .and 111. PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS ' Aartlja. Appraisals, Investigations. , Efficiency Systems Installed. ' Any Businerh-r IVfer.rK-..ll Angevin Banks. DEVENISH and WILSON 94 Electrical Blflg. - . , fbm m l1lmL ft? Mi.Ui mi 1rtavi'iJI1 it- -m-- mmm u JLi- jy - J Vi'AfU M III -HI' "iy-UKL I 13 "41'- W WSSffSgf , ; BEFORE YOUR TRIP MAKE SURE THE SPARK PLUGS ARE O, K, . "AC" Plugs will last as long as your car. Ask for them in green cartons 75c $1.00 Piedmont Electric Company These Vegetables and Fruits Are Absolutely Fresh and Crisp Call in and See Them. Shell Lima Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Bell Peppers, Green Corn, Fresh Okra, Spinach, Green Beans, Eggplant, Squash, Green Onions, Parsley, Head Lettuce, Celery, White Onions, Yellow Onions, Tomatoes, Beets, Carrots, Cabbage, Curley Lettuce, Cucumbers. Tryon Grapes, Florida Oranges, Lemons, Rocky Ford Cantaloupes, Plums, Watermelons, Apples, Bartlett Pears. J. J. VAXES City Market Groceries and Service, jifff Phone 334 OUR RE-CLEANED SEED RYE W01 Give the Best Stand. Sown Now With Our CRIMSON CLOVER will produce a very nutritious forage crop. Makes an excellent winter cover crop. SEE US FOR ALL OTHER SEASONABLE SEEDS STRICKER SEED CO., Cor. College and Lexington Ave. 'Phc S17S. WHEN THE COLD WEATHER COMES Is not the time to order your coal. Tou should think about doing that before the First Flakes begin to fly. But If you have omitted to lay In a supply and want some In a hurry Phone us and ws will make delivery in the shortest possible time If you haven't ordered do so today. Ashe. Dray, Fuel and Con. Co 41 Broadway The Bed Froafc Phones Sis. CIS. Is. The Bl Red Proas J C 4

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