THE ASHEVTLTjK CITIZEN, SATTJBDAY, .'ATJGTJST 18, ID1T. BELIEVES GERMANY WEST ASHEVILLE IS DIRECTORS THANK THE CD For More Than a Quarter Century ' Th detail work maktngup abstracts and eurveya of real estate In Ashevl'le and Buncombe eountr baa been In ac tive progress. Our work takaa up every plaea or parcel of land In thla city and eection, thoroughly analysing Ha tranafars and tltlea from tha original Land Grant to lta praaant ownar. Wa KNOW If a tltla la good, a fact that you ahould know before you put monay In raal estate. Wa than Issue Inauranca policies guaranteeing tha cor rectness of our opinion- Bankers Trust & Title Insurance Co. CANE N. BROWN, Pres. HUGH LA BARBE, Vice-Pres. S. M. HANES, Sec-Treas. NOW BEING PUNISHED REV. J. WILBUR CHAPMAN, D. D PREACHES AT MO.VTREAT. Ramoua ErangmJlst Declares bo Na tion Can Prosper When It For gets the Almighty. NEGRO REVIVAL TO CLOSE SUNDAY NIGHT "Two Applicants and Two Applica tions" was tha subject of the sermon delivered by Rav. R. A. Chambers, of Louisville, Ky.,' a colored preacher, whan ha addressed members of his raca at tha Toung Men'a institute last night. Tha auditorium was well-fllled with people for tha service, which was one of a series begun last Sunday. It la stated that unusual interest has been manifested in the meetings during tha week. ' Rev. Chambers is considered one of the foremost preachers of his raca. There will ba a meeting tonight, tomorrow after noon and tomorrow night. It Is an nounced that the meeting tomorrow night will close tha series. NEW HAMPSHIRE "AT HOME." CONCORD. N. H., Aug. 17. For the coming week, beginning 'tomorrow, tha cities and towns of the Granite state will welcome back their native eons and daughters, this being tha of. flcial "Old Home week," which is held annually under the auspices of tha New Hampshire Old Home Week as sociation. There was some talk to the effect that the observance this year should be omitted on account of the war, but the midsummer festival Is permanently established In New Hampshire and the sentiment of the people declared itself against any abandonment of the plans. This will be the eighteenth annual celebration of lta kind held In New Hampshire. Founded by Governor Frank W. Holllns In 19, the idea was a suocess from tha start, about fifty cities and towns inviting their eb sent sons and daughters for Old Homo day celebrations that year. This num. ber has slnoa been increased several fold, and this weak there will ba Old Home week celebration of one kind or another in virtually every city. town ana village or tna state. Tomorrow night, in accordance with a custom observed from tha first, baa' eon bonfires will flash signals of wel coma from mountains and hills all over New Hampshire. On Sunday union religious services will be held generally In tha oldest meeting house or tne various neighborhoods. Dur ing the rest of the week picnics and reunion gatneringa or various kinds will be held, the old home dwellers entertaining the old home comers, some of the latter hailing from Ore gon, California, Texay, western Canada ana other distant points. FORCED TO KISS FLAG. Wis., Aug. It Al remarks against the KAUKAUNA. ileged insulting American flag resulted in John Col Una and Leo Madlgan being led to a conspicuous place in front of the public library by a crowd where they were lorcea 10 ' Kneel ana KISS the nag ten times today. jv piece oi tungsten tna size of a lead pencil contains enough material for five miles of filament for electrlo lamps of ordinary size. In Germany wireless waves have been utilized to light and extinguished gas lamps. MONTR EAT, N. C. Aug. IT. "I believe God's displeasure Is resting upon Germany because of har disbe lief In Hla word, because of her dis belief in the divinity of His son, and because of her disbelief in His word," declared Rev. J. Wilbur Chapman, V. D.K to a large Mon treat audience during the course of a sermon in which he , was making an appeal for tne .church to do its full part in keep ing the covenant which God has es tablished between the church and himself. Dr. Chapman has made a number of references to the war and its rela tion to tha church in his sermons during the evangelistio period at Montreal. Speaking of America and tha war he said that America had reached the time when she hai gone pleasure mad, when she had been blinded by wealth, when she had lost her hold upon Christ and had forgot ten God and His word, and that God Is speaking through the war and through the numerous other calamities that have befallen the country In recent months and is urging men and women to hear Him when He calls, and that if they will hear. He will bless, but If they will not hear, they will be brought faoa to face with the judg ment seat of Christ. He said further in this connection that the time had come w?en the church had lost the consciousness of God, had lost the power of prayer and some ministers had pushed God Into a secondary place, arl that no church or no na tion can prosper when It crowds God out of its life. Pr. Chapman has expressed the opinion that the present war will not end until the power of God intervenes and brings it to an end, and he urges mat tne great Question before the church In this regard is how to secure tha favor of God to the extent that He will brinx His power to bear in the near future and end the tragedy of oauie. no insists tnat Ms favor can not ba secured until the church so humbles Itself as to give God the first place In its life, which is His rightful place, ana lives so close to Him and in such harmony with hts will that he will assert his power to bring peace to tne earin ana win "in wrath remem ber mercy." You Can Shake Loose from The Tortures of Rheumatism Br using S. S. S. The germs of Rheumatism are in khe blood, which is laden with mil lions of the minute demons of pain, causing untold suffering and bringing ills victim i rum vigor auu strcagut i almost helplessness. To get real and genuine relief from this disease, these disease germs must be com pletely routed out of tha system through the blood. S. S. S. has been tised for fifty years with satisfactory results in the, treatment of Rheumatism. It acts directly upon the blood, which it promptly purifies of all disease germs. It is a powerful antidote, and elimi nates from the blood all trace of rheumatic germs, building up and strengthening the run-down system. Write to-day to our medical di rector, who will give yon valuable advice regarding the proper treat ment of your own case. Address Swift Specific Co. Dept. I At lanta, Ga, ' I DEFENDANT IN SUIT J. Will Kesterton Wants $3,000 Dam agee for ' Falling In a Sewer. Divorces Granted. i. i When Buncombe Superior court convenes this morning for the last day or the second week, arguments will be begun In tha case entitled J. Will Kestarson vs. the town of West Ashe ville. In which Kesterson asks dam ages In the sum of 13,000 for alleged permanent injuries sustained when ha fell In a hole. The case was started yesterday morning and occupied the best part day. Tha hearing of testimony was of the court's time throughout tha completed at 6:15 o'clock, but inas much as there are several lawyers ap pearing on each side, and it being plain that no one side could finish be fore 6 o'clock. Judge Lane adjourned court until this morning. The principal witness for the plain tiff is his son, who was with his father when the latter fell Into the hole and who took tha tumble, himself. Kes terson contends that there were nc lights around the hole, which was sewer cut across Allen street, but that lights were placed around the danger zone shortly after the accidents. Tha defendants' witnesses, he claims, who testified they saw lights around the sewer, saw them after he had fallen into It. Kesterson says hts back Is Injured and that he Is unable to lift, sinco tne accident. During tha morning, two divorce cases were tried, and the plaintiffs n each given tha verdict. The parties involved were: Robert Linn vs. Elizabeth Linn, and John Rogers vs. Elizabeth, alias Ruby iiogers. LADIES OF ASHEVILLE RALSTON FLEMMING IS VOTED THANKS FOR GARDEN WORK. Resolutions of Thanks to Ladies Adopted by Board of Trade Directors Yesterday, SPECIAL MEETING FOR LIEUTENANT R. LYNN Ashevllle Lodge No. 108. K. of P.. will hold a special meeting In the Paragon building this evening In honor of Lieutenant Robert Lvnn. United States reserves, who recently returned from the officers' training camp at Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. Lieutenant Lynn was one of the first to volunteer his willingness to go to France, and will be among those sailing within tha next ten days. au Asnevnie jpythlans. together with their families, are Invited to tha meeting thla evening. Muslo and re freshments will be a feature. Auction Sale One Car Load of Percheron Range Mares i and Horses Weighing Around 1,100 Pounds ; To Be Sold at Asheville, N. C. North Lexington Arena Tuesday Aug. 21,1917. 10:30 A.M. v This car of Mares and Horses were care fully selected and bought directly from farm ers. They will go regardless of price to the highest bidder. Positively no By-Bidding. It will pay any farmer or dealer to attend this sale. Come they will be sold Rain or Shine. SHERIFF SENDS WIRE OF RELCHER'S CAPTURE FIRST HONOR ROLL FOR BEECH HILL SCHOOL H. E. Sawyer, principal of the Beech public school, last night made public the first honor roll for the new year, which began last Monday. The primary department of the school is taught by Mrs. Sawyer. The honor Primary Department Ida Melton, roll follows: Ernest Melton, Grace Hensley, Sam Sawyer, Zeb Sawyer, Floyd Lunsford, Grace Lunsford, May Barnard, Harold Rhea, Robert Rhea, Joe and Don Maney, Sallia Kate Bradley, Robert Bradley, Oscar Barrett, Loy Roberts. Advanced Department Maggie Lou Bradley, Linnle Jane Bradley, Bessie Bradley, Fuschla Barnard, Alice Bar nard, Lela Barnard. Bessie Hod res. Maline Jenkins, Esta Maney, Pansey Maney, Gussie Penland, Delova Pen land, Suetta Rhea, Alice Rhea, Bettle Sawyer. Rhea Wheeler. Florence Wheeler, Ralph Anders, Bernard Bradley, Talmadge Jenkins. Roh Maney, Harvey McNaries, Burr Saw yer and Ancil Maney. The followtnsr arnreaslon nf annra. elation and commendation to tha ladles who established and art nnr. ating the community cannery was unanimously endorsed at tha meeting of the directors of the board of trade at their meeting held yesterday afternoon: The directors of tha hoard nf trail. wish to state that in all the efforts of our citizens to assist and co-operate with our government in every way possible to help win the war, they feel that special aDDreciation anrl commendation should be expressed for the magnlflclent accomplishment ui me women ot Asnevuie in the establishment of a community can nery, located on the court house yard. 'The spirit of unselfish partrlotlsm and devotion to a cause, as shown by these women in inaugurating tha movement, and who are giving their time and means to make this com munity cannery a success, cannot but compel tne admiration of every clU zn of this community and entire sec tion. They have left their homes ant are giving their time almost wholly id tne conservation or rood at a time wnen it is vitally needed. "Food conservation is not the larr est part of their work, but the educa tion of people In town and out of town to the value of saving that which is produced, throurh Intnlllrnnt effort, is of even greater Importance. "We earnestly urge those who have not visited the cannery to do so at once and avail themselves of the opportunity for getting practical In formation in canning food products. ana as a further encouragement to these good women who are doing this patriotic duty." The report of the secretary on the open air market In Knoxvllla was read and discussed at length, and the report niea ana committee continued. A special resolution of thanks was tendered lo Rallston Flemmtng for his work this season in connection with the school garden and home garden work. Mr. Flemmlng, it was stated, had devoted almost his entire time to this work, and had demon strated to the directors and city au thoritles and others interested In thla work the enormous amount of good tnat nas Deen ana could be accorap lished. It is tha hope of tha orranlsa tion to keep the work going tha year rouna, it was stated. NO MORE CLAIMS ARE CONSIDERED BY BOARD Sheriff E. M. Mitchell yesterday wirea tne snerur or Anderson county, S. C, advising him of the fact that Bob Belscher, desperado and, escaped convict. Is In the county Jail here awaiting the arrival of officers to take mm bacK to south Carolina. Belcher, who escansd from a. Rnnrh Carolina prison, where he was serving a long term for killing two revenue officers ten year ago, was taken by men working under Instructions from Sheriff Mitchell, on Hominy creek, near Candler, lata Thursday night. FORCES OF MEN AT WORK Oil HIGHWAY N. Buckner. secretary of tha board or traae, ana county Engineer Hower von, siaiea yesterday alter their re turn from Greenville and Rnartan- ourg, h. u., that the road between Asheville and the South Carolina cities was In fine condition. Both spoke very highly of tha condition of the cane Creek detour to Henderson vllle, describing It as a fine piece of country road. They stated, too, that a force of thirty men and seventeen teams were at work on the road and were making fast progress on tha Improvements recommended by the engineer. This force will be kept on the road until It la entirely completed. Near Fletch era in Henderson county, another force of men and equipment was found putting the road into shape for travel. Messrs. Buckner and Howerton left Asheville Thursday afternoon, making the trip to and from Spartanburg and ureenvuie witnout misnap. WB MAKE OFFICERS FORM& LOGAN MOORE. UNI-It, Outbursts of Everett True By Condo . mo claims tor exemption were passed or considered by tha Asheville city board, yesterday, Instead, board members busieU themselves with ex amining and re-examining a large class of out-of-town residents who are temporarily In Asheville and who had their examinations transferred here from thelf own local boards. No names were made public yesterday afternoon, nor could the number passed and rejected be obtained. Today tha board will resume its work of exempting city men from service in the nation's new armv. It Is expected that all of the remaining aiiiuavus will OS disposed 01. r : ' j PASSING IT ALONG. (Washington Star.) "Tha neat and even elegant appear ance of tha American soldier isn't maintained," said War Secretary Ba uer in an aaaress. "without hard work. Yes, the work la hard, but aoesn-t tne result more than Justl- iy it r "On the train the other dav a nri- vate aat with his tunlo unbuttoned. for the temperature was high. A ser geant strode up to him and aald: Button up that tunic Did von never hear of by-law 217, subsection Dt I'm Sergeant Jabea Wlnterbot. toml 'A gentleman In the seat behind tapped tha sergeant aternlv on tha shoulder. ' 'How dare you issue orders with a pipe In your mouth?" ha asked, 'Go home and read paragraph 174, aectlon M, part IX I am Major Eustace Cor. roll.' 'Here a gentleman with a droonlnar white mustache interposed from the other side of tha aisle: ' 'If Major Carroll.' he said coldlv. will consult by-law II of section K xrri i adc rv? rrv on? txtt . .. . IF ECONOMY COUNTS To Investigate the Values ... . ' Our Annual August Riddance Sale Offers afltpBBalBeM How Many Miles From Your Truck Tires? ' Five thousand to ten thousand miles need ta be ennsiderod pretty good service for a truck tire, But such figures are way out of date now. Coodyear S -V Presssd-On Tires, In the service of the Fifth Avenue Coach Company. New York, era delivering mileage that have astonished experts ail over the world, t . Eleven -of these tires, retired from the bue service last year, avsragad 17.000 miles. And all the teat el 259 line was still in use at the end of the year. One of these has gone to date bettor than fiflglhammnJ mUm. And many ethers are very close behind. Bus service is hard em tires, toe stopping and starting averages a thousand tfrnee day, and you know what that does to tires, ! ': How many miles do yon get from yew track tires) , . J Probably you owe youtsalf aa investigation ef the wonder ful durability of the S-V. . , , . ASHEVILLE AUTO CO. 18 and 20 Church St 1 he will learn that to reprimand a' ser geant in the presence of a private la an offense not lightly to ' be over looked.' " Wn's wit ' 1 ',: ' Wn Ting rang is at the' head of the Chlneae foreign office and you ean't put much over on a man with as good sense or humor as ur. wu. T. K. H. recalls his famous wheese about the Chinaman who committed suicide by eating gold leaf. 'But i aon't aea now tnat Kinad him how did UT" Inquired an Amer ican woman. I suddoss." aald wu. aerlouslr. that it was the consciousness of in ward gilt ! "St. Louis Globe. The Idea. Man we despite Is Roger Dunk. Ha thlnka the stuff i We write is punk. Boston Transcript. A new vacuum cleaner is driven from power derived from the water spigot . SHOES'', : .-.. , ..., . ,-. .u A Mightycheap now at our sale going on at the N Biltrnore Ave. 1 IF HOTELS AND SUMMER RESORTS Need a Dependable Supply of "ararniitta rial" SUPERIOR Dairy; Products ARE WE SERVMG ' 'YOU . ? v CAROLINA CREAMERY CO. ASHEVILLE, N.C- COUCH & GLsASCOE COL. JIM RUSH, Auctioneer.

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