V THE ASHEVILLE CITIZEN, TUESDAY, AUGUST 21, 191T. phone so Citizen Want Ads Bring Results 1 Phone 80 Wants Wants Wants Wants Wants Wants Wants ROOMS FOR RENT. ONE of the airiest, largest, most de irabla rooma in the city, located in spacious home-like surroundings. Private home. Close- in. Phone 2038. 7282-12-14 FOR RENT Four attractive unfur nished housekeeping: rooms and two porches. Desirable -location. 128 Montford Ave.,' cor Blake. Phone J127. P7341-15-7 FOR RENT 8 rooms furnished for light housekeeping. Gas range, hot and cold water. Steam heat. 138 S. French Broad Ave., Phone 3158. . PT2SI-12-14 TWO FINE connecting rooms, fur nished fo light housekeeping, op posite park; ideal location. 114 South French- Broad Ave. 7452-19-7 TWO large connecting rooms, (with or without board), hot water heat, all modern conveniences, in private family. Phone 2245. P7444-19-S FOR RENT Furnished room with bath on quiet street, close In, with private family. Phone 1694. Ap ply 24 Woodfln Place. P7492-21-S TWO splendidly furnlsned housekeep ing apartments. First and second floors. Desirable locality. Phone 1822 or 539 P7083-4-7 DESIRABLE leeting porch and ex cellent board In private home. Splendid location. Call at 240 Hill side or phone 1756. 4830-iO-tf. FOR RENT Furnished apartment of 4 rooms and b'ath no children. No sick. Apply 2 IT Haywood street. Phone 2375, ;9i-29-tf CONNECTING rooms completely fur nished for housekeeping. 8ink and gas in kitchen. 26 Starnes Ave. 7326-14-tf NICELY FURNISHED rooms, 61 College St., one block from square, on car line. Phone 667. P7469-21-7 THREE UNFURNISHED down stairs rooms. 56 Orchard St. $8.00 per month. P7438-19-8 NICELY FURNISHED rooms, 674 Broadway, one block from square, on car line. P7470-21-7 FOR RENT 4 or e uniurnianeu rooms in private family. Call at 145 ? p.rlc Ave. P7477-21-8 ONE large and one amaU room with it board in good neignDornooa. rnon ,.r: 7010-31-tf 4 FOR RENT One furnished room. Apply 16 Vance or. rnom in. VV 6918-28-tf THREE nicely . furnished rooms for light housekeeping. Ph0p4J?i9j COUNTRY FAIR AUGUST 20-26 SPECIAL. tphoww : For House Far sale or Fojr .ftent Furnished and Unfurnished F. M. MESSLER & SON 16 American National Bank Bldg. Members Asheville Real Estate Asso ciation and Board of Trade. 17-tf IF YOU HAYE A WATCH that needs repairing bring It to us. We fix em. Also jewelry repaired. Work guar anteed. N. A. Harrison, 21 Bllt .niie. 7015-1-36 FLORIDA VISITORS Have your friends registered with us? Come and see. 419-20 Drhumor Bldg., cor. Chsrch "t. and Fatten Ave. TUBERCULOSIS Those affected and Interested should investigate. Win gates Ointment treatment for same, sample free. 'Phone 2827. J. ft. riHnin PT18--J" "SHOE REPAIRING BOWBKN -P??MB 1817 rt4t.tt.tf FREE Barbecue and Band Concert at the Auction eaie oi mu j. . Sin Farm, Old Fort. N. C.. August A m 7T4-W- SHAMPOO 35c, Manicure 36c; acalp treatWnt. face message a specialty. Mr.. McCoy, opposite LAND SALE, OLD FORT, AUQMKiJ COUNTRY FAIR-AUGUST zu-z. " ' ' " FURNISHED" HOUSES. ' -TuiOftgHWHoms Practically everything on the market. See me before you decide upon place. . John Acee, Real Estate. No. 10 BATTERY PARK PLACE. PHONE $15.- j f Phone 412 House Rental Agents 418 Furnished and Unfurnished Houses Henry T. Sharp Co. American, National Bank Building FOR RENT Furnished, 128 Anan dale Ave., comparatively new bungalow- 5 rooms and sleeping porch. rr itriiin&rtt at once. W. B. Nlron. Phone 1150. 727-12-tf FOR RENT Furnished . new seven room house; modern conveniences. .... n, -.v. at of a A T-.Mfi P O Box 60. ' P74S5-19-8 COUNTRY FAIR AUGUST 20-16. 9-tf TTTTCCTWn H.TTBR CLEANING COMPANY (Established 1904) -Responsible bolp- employed. Clothes called for and delivered. Our rates are reasonable. Our work guaran teed. All work quickly, neatly. And correctly done. . , : a. W. Pack Square. Phone 835. -.7202-10-80 - It Is said that by the latest methods of manufacture a German U-boat can be completed In less than fifteen days. The parts have been standardized, and are stamped out of the metal at dozens of factories in all parts of Germany, each ' plant specializing In one part, which is despatched without' delay to the naval docks. There thousands of machinists are waiting for It, and two weeks from the time the ore leayes the mine the, U-boat is ready for sea. ' "' Texas women are arranging to hold a patriotic demonstration at the state i ialr, to t held to Pu thl toil . WANTED. DON'T THROW IT AW AT! THAT 6UIT OF CLOTHES Sell it . to us, a4 by so doing you will place It where aome needy man can pur chase hla suit at small cost. Hun dreds of people cannot buy new suits. Look over your discarded clothes and pick out what you would like to dispose of, phone 2681 and we will call for them and pay you spot cash for them. 44 Blltmore Ave. l-tf AUCTION SALE AUGUST 28rd. Twenty-five, ten and twenty acre tracts, fine bottom land, one-half mile below Old Fort, N. C, on Cen tral Highway. Better own a home than a bank account. Terms, easy. Haywood Realty & Auction Co. 7l4jj-tr WANTED At once, sufficient furniture for 5-room bunga low; must be reasonable and in good condition. Phone 2860. P7442-19-3 WANTED Men of brains and women and ladies of good judgment to send their apparel for cleaning and pressing. Ladles' work given spe cial attention. Finest equipped plant in south. Phone 389. Pack Square. J. C. Wllbar. WANTED To exchange player piano for a lot and pay difference. Is a beautiful instrument in splendid condition, only used 1 years. Was bought on installment; 8-6 paid for; if interested, address Box 655, City. P73S1-16-7 WANTED By young man who ex pects to attend high school, room and board in private family. Rates must be reasonable. Can give ref erences. "Private," care Citizen. P7478-ZI-8 WANTED To buy . good second-hand buggy and harness; top buggy pre ferred. Price must be reasonable. Write description and price. Ad dress, W. A., care Citizen. P7461-20-8 WANTED Scrap metals, rubber, paper, rags, hides, produce, bottles, bags, roots and herbs. We pay high est market prices. Write J. F. Stevens, Hendersonvyie, N. C. 878-25-tf WANTED Old- false teeth. Don't matter If broken. I pay $2.00 to $15 per set. Send by parcel post and re ceive check by return mall. L. Mazer, 2007 8. Fifth street. Phila delphia, Pa. P7227-11-80 WANTED Old False Teeth; don'i matter II broken. I pay ix to io per -t. 6nd by narcel post and receive check by return mall. F. Terl. 408 N.. Wolfe St, Baltimore, Md. P6946-29-30 WANTED To take care of an es tate, house or buildings to live on place in exchange for rent. Am em ninvail and caji rive A No. 1 ref erence. Apply Box 65.5. P7882-15-7 SIX-ROOM, house about middle of September for winter, uive . com plete description ana lowest mm Box 142. AshevlIIe, N. C. P7485-21-1 WANTED Nice quiet room, or room and board !n strictly private lam ily by gentleman. Address, W. E. B-, care Citizen. P7420-19-S WANTED 8 or 4 furnished rooms for light housekeeping, beginning September 1st. ttaipn u. wens, u Central Ave. 7480-21-8 WANTED Several loads of short lumber ainerent lengxns io cut ui kinHiinc- Annlv G. Cochrane. Phone 80. P783S-15-7 WANTED Good home for a male in fant. Aaopuon papers win u, inv. to right party. Apply to P. p. Box gjl. . 7445-19-8 COUNTRY FAIR AUGUST 20-26. 9-tl FOR EXCHANGE. ' EXCHANGE good city lot for Ford Touring car; also city Improve! - property-for-a farm. 'Fiona 91. 8. D. Hall. 64 Patton avenue." . - 7067-3-tf COUNTRY FAIR AUGUST 30-26. 9-tf POULTRY AND EGGS. WHITE LEGHSRNS , for sale, rea sonable price. Higniand Poultry Farm. Phone' 6504. ', P7842-15-T COUNTRY . FAIR AUGUST 20-26. -tf BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES cowSffyFGuR -tf SALESMEN WANTED.; : COUNTRY FAIR AUGUST 10-26. -tf ilTm fi.wiiial YTalartlt. A former prominent clubwoman of Minnesota, 18 tne Dill woman vu nuiu m neat, iu the provincial legislature .of Saskatch ewan. Special Messenger Service For Want Ads . BY : Western Union. . . Postal t If you hare a Want Ad for The Citizen and cannot bring It to the office Phone 80 and we will send a messenger to your house. Pay the messenger accord.' inr to the rates shewn by the published card. Want Ads are cash in advance. Citixen Want Ads Bring Results BOARDERS WANTED. Overlooking city and mountains, drove 'Park section. Elegant private nome. Only 6 accommodated. Each room ha running hot and cold water, hot water heat, electric call bells, telephone on both floors. Large, handsomely furnished scrupulously clean. Splendid food. Fine library. No tubercular people taken. $18.00 per week. Telephone 1882. The Murray Hill, 46 Maple Street, 6 minutes on Charlotte street1 car to BsHrd; thence 3 short blocks, sign directs. P78S7-16-7 COURTLAND TERRACE 37 Court land Ave. New and modern. Just completed.' In Asheville's most ideal location. Entire new furnishings. Steam heat, private baths, hot and cold running water in each room. The most up-to-date boarding house in Ashevtlle. Call in per son to see this place and see how pleased you will be. One block from car line. If minutes' walk to post office. No tubercular people taken. Rates made for room with or with out board. Single or suit of rooms. 7897-18-tf ROOMS AND BOARD in unusually desirable, centrally located, private home; shaded lawn, pleasant porches; house elevated above street and no buildings near. Rooms light, airy and attractively furnished. Private bath, if desired. Wholesome food in plenty properly cooked. We cater to Individual ap petite. No . tuberculosis patients taken. 159 Woodfln atreet. 165-28-tf HOTEL WESTOVER, corner Oak and Woodfln Sts. Spa cious, well furnished rooms, with or without bath. De licious cooking, full hotel service. Moderate rates. 68l-17-tf S4 OAKLAND RD. De'ishtful home In Victoria section for summer tourist and permanent boarders. Special cottage provide for restscure patients, but no ad vanced cases of any kind received. Large cool grounds, fine table, every city advantage, with quiet of the country. Call phone 1834. THE AVONMORE 107-109 Haywood Str Large, airy room9, with or without bath, table unex celled; rates, $8 to $15 per week; conveniently located. 'Phone 996. w7f-4-0 PRIVATE HOME In best residential section of Grove Park, where high cost of living la. not discussed, and good service assured; has two rooms for rent with board. Rate $25.00 a week per person. Reference neces sary. Answer "G.," careCltisenr P7408-1SV7 . 156 BROADWAY Convalescents wanted. Nice large. well ventilated rooms, connecting sleeping porches and baiths. Can accommodate five. Everything homelike. Lots of rsservatlon. Prices 88.00 to $12.00. P7458-19-7 BOARD IN PRIVATE family. New bungalow sleeping porches. Cool an1 quiet. Beautiful view. Hot water heat. Fine for permanent family. 10 Charles Street, through Aston Park. P7439-19-8 MAGNOLIA cottage, ,48 Oak street Raoms and board, 37 to 110 per week; table board, $6 per week. Close In, on car line. Mrs, Jason Ashworth. Phone 1828. 851-ll-tf BOHANNAN Heghtt can accommo date convalescents and rest cure patients. Large airy rooms. Good board, rates reasonable. 22 Orange St Take Grace ear. Phone 879. 58fl-l-tf THE MAPLES Large well ventilated rooms. Meals a specialty. One block from Langren. Rates rea sonable. Mrs. Slagle, 24 Spruce St. Phone 8199. PT41M8-T OLD KENTUCKY HOME 48 Spruce St, Rooms with or with out board. Reasonable rates, phone TB7. 4Btt-t8-tf BEAUTIFUL apartment finely furn ished. Fine sleeping porch. Phone, lights and water. 14 Blake street. P7428-19-8 FTJRNISHED rooms in private home, wtth conveniences. High location, on ear line. 99 Merrimon Ave. 81S-2!-tf VERY DESIRABLE rooms, with or without board; 6 Aston Pluce. Phone 812. 8191-29-4 COUNTRY FAIR AUGUST 20-28. 9-tf LOST. LOST- Black silk parasol on bench In front of Aston Park or on French Broad car. Reward. Phone 1009. 17 Spruce St. 7490-21-1 LOST Bunch of keys (6). Please re turn to Citizen office. 7489-21-2 ONE SILVER CHASED handle, A. G. A., care cjmzen. ij-i-d COUNTRY1 FAIR AUGUST 20-26. -tf TENNIS TOTOXAMENT. NEW YORK. Aug. 20. In nearly evprv resnert. pxrent the actual awarding of a title, the national pa- triotic tennis tournament, which is scheduled to open today on the courts of the West Side Tennis club at Forest Hills, will bear a striking resemblance to the national championship - for which it is a sabstltute. While 'the prizes and the title will be lacking, the entry list assures a caliber of play that will rival ' that of any of , the tournaments, in .-the past. Amons the. leading players entered In the tournament., all' of them of national reput&Mpn, are William M Johnston, Watsoel M. Washburn, Rob ert Llndley Murray, Dean Mathewy and Clarence J. Griffin. . .The tourna ment is to be given an International flavor by the participation of Bellohiro stash lo, the Japanese net expert The proceeds of the tournament will be donated to the ambulance unit which the United . States National Lawn Tennis association is to present to the Red Cross. ? (- - Thousands of southern women who. before the war, displayed little in terest in practical household and farm work other than to direct their ser vants, have become, practical and successful farmers as a result of work by agents of the borne economics bu reau of the state relations service of the national department of aerlcui- lurt, FOR SALE. FOR SALE I have for sale 20 or 25 game cocks. In breeding they are the "Old Original Blnrk and Brown Red Roundheads." Kred from con sistent winners In the leading pits of this country and Mexico. If you admire or tight the nngle game bird, you can't go wrong on these. Price 810.00 each. Clifford B. Perkins, Roan Mountain, Tennessee. P7440-19-7 HORSES FOR SALE One splendid Saddle Gelding Lady, broke and sure-footed. Also 1 Fancy Brood Mare, about ready to foal. These are both valuable animals and are also large enough to use on your farms. Will sell worth the money or will exchange for lots, automo bile, or good fresh rows. R. L. Norrls. Phone 2865, Blltmore, N. C, Falrvlew Road. P7380-17-7 FOR SALE The furniture and fixtures in my 2t)-room boarding house, the place Is now filled with guests and a good paving proposi tion the year round. The owner be ing called away on Important busi ness is why this place is for sale. For price and terms see W. R. Hughes, 45 Spruce St., or Donnahoe & Co., Agents, Phone 849. 7160-7-30 FOR SALE First closn grocery store, all fixtures, including two wagons, one horse, long lease. A clean stock of groceries. Excellent oppor tunity for the right man. Present owner leaving city. Address "Grocery," Box 803. City. 7880-18-7 HOUSEHOLD FUKNITUR E 27 SOCO STREET. CAN BE SEEN ANY MORNING TILL WEDNES DAY OF NEXT WEEK. NEVER USED BY SICK PEOPLE. J. W. FOREMAN. 7481-21-3 WANTED TO sell rood pair farm "iiules, wagon and harness for cash or on terms or will consider ex change for good real property or automobile. Addrea, P. O. Box 518. AshevlIIe. N. C. 8588-1 5-tf BEAUTIFUL JERSEY COW. years old, second calf. Gives 8 to 4 gals, milk; $85.00. 7 months' heifer, nearly full Jersey: very large, $20. T. E. Craddock, Bingham Heights. 7398-l!l-tf FOK SALE, or will xchanga for good real estate, 8 slightly used 5 pas senger automobiles: all In good condition. O. M. Coston. Phones 818 o." 127$. 2709-7-tf 1917 model Ford car for sale In first class running condition, only used four months in the city for private use. Casfi price $315.00. Address P. O. Box 440. P7487-21-8 FOR SALE 2 good teams and wagons, weighing about 2,800 lbs. Will sell on long time or exchange for cattle. Address G. B., West AshevlIIe. Phone 841. P7358-18-7 FOR SALE 3 brown camping tents, cheap. Made of the heavy weather proof - tent goreWt -'$12.60. H. L. Finkelstein, 23-25- Blltmore Ave. . 7471-21-tf THE FURNITURE of a well estab lished rooming house, rented to good tenants. Good investment. B. M. D., care Citizen. 5P7452-19-8 SEED WHEAT AND RYE for sale. Fulcastle Bearded. ' Extra good. Ji.00 per bushel. G. W. Owenby. R. 4, Candler, N. C. P7864-16-7 FOR SALE Well-broken Shetland pony, brood mares and Welch colts, $75 and $85. E. J. Harbison, Glen Alpine, N. C. P7198-10-80 'HARMONIE BUTTER;" superior to creamery butter. Patent right for sale here. C. H., Citizen. Phone 2291. 7488-21-tf FOR SALE 10 grade Jersey cows, heifers, 1 registered bull. C. E. Dameron, Fletcher, N. C. P7450-19-8 FOR SALE Two electric fans, large size. Nearly new. Original cost $26 each. Sell at a bargain. Inquire at "Belvedere." P7485-20-8 LAND SALE, OLD FORT, AUG. 2 3RD . 734-17- AUTOMOBILES. $7.00 'WILL HAVE 80x8 1-S wheels put on the rront or your Ford car. Use the same size tires all around. W. K. Lyerly Motor Co. 68 Biltmore Avenue. Phone 8187. 7016-1-tf CASH TALKS Used Cars Of nearly a!l standard m sites at ex tremely low prices for cash. OVERLAND ASHEVILLE SALES CO. Phone 2987. 12-1 E. Walnut St. 6268-25-tf. Lunsford's Anto Service $2.00 and $2.50 per hour NEW OVERLAND CARS Day phone 687 Nipht and Sunday phone 1888 FOR HIRE--New Cadillacs and Hud sona All 7 pasengers. $8.00 per hr. or rates for trips. Best cf serv ice. Ashevtlle Motor Car Co. Phone 2738. P7244-J1-80 1917 FORD AUTO FO.R . HIRE Rates $2.00 per hour. Prompt serv ice and careful driver. Phones 2074 and 920. Ask for Mr, Thrall. 7491-21-tf ARRANGE YOUR Plsgah. Bt Cave and Black Mountain trip with the Asheville Oarage -J?o. Special price for day trips. 'Phone 1467. 48S5-.zs.ft. FOR. SALE 1917 Ford touring car, good condition. Will sacrifice, owner leaving tewn. J. E. Hanna. Phone 91 71. P7494-2t-l USED-. FORDP Several wonderful bargain will be closed owt .this ' ,week. Overlan.-l-Ashevllle Pales Co. 7481-21-8 FOR SALE Two new Mascn - non iSBI tires, clincher, 3 4x. At a bar- I irut..., Hot1 V- lla i m FOR SALE Cadlltae runabout one cylinder. Big bargains - Asheville Harrises Co. . ' 7017-1-tf COUNTRY FAIR AUGU8T 20-26. . -" : - -tf "MONEY TO LOAN. WILL LOAN a few thousand dollars on good security, waiter Toms Wray, One Electrical Building. Phone 2146. T309-14-tf COUNTRY r FAIRAUGUST 10-26. - .' s-tf Oir! bootblacks are numerous in I psttfPt. . HELP WANTED., BOOKKEEPER WANTED 3 to 4 hours each day. One who can uso typewriter preferred. Addree Box 730. Give references and state salary expected. 7488-21-3 WANTED at Ashland "Cafe" at Southern R. It. station day cook. Must have bent reference in every capacity. Phone 406 M A L R. WANTED: SIX HUNDRED PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS. Rate sixty-eight and three fourths cents per hour. Time and one-half over eight hours. Double time Sundays. Sleeping quarters furnished free. Plumbers bring tools. DO NOT WRITE COME. R. L. THOMAS & W. H. HAR RISON CO., CAMP LEE, PE TERSBURG, VIRGINIA. 7338-21-3 WANTED Two experienced dish washers and pot washers (colored). Only experienced. Uood wages right person. Also 3 waiters for balance of season. Apply steward, Swannanoa-Berkley Hotel. 7458-19-3 WANTED Sober chauffeur for pri vate family, careful driver; must be able to keep up car. Steady work, good wages. Address X. H., care Citizen. 7435-19-3 A reliable colored man and wife to live on a farm near AshevlIIe. Oooa wages to reliable party. Mrs. Ran dolph Ball, Craundali Lodge, Bllt more. N. C. P7488-21-1 WANTED Capable men to repiei;i.t us Iu every county. Permanent em ployment and quick advancement. 81nger Stwing Machine Company. PR!H 5-n-S0 WANTED Two moulders and a first class automobile man. Apply to Standard Iron Works, Spartan burg. S. C. 7483-21-8 COUNTRY FAIR AUGUST 20-26 9-tf FEMALE. WANTED A white woman, reliable intelligent, to assist in general man agement of small laundry. Perma nent position to the right party. Call at 7 Montford Ave. The Sani tary Laundry. P7479-21-S $2.50 per day paid one lady in each town to distribute free circulars for concentrated flavoring In tubes. Permanent position. F. E. Barr Co., Chicago. P7484-21-1 WANTED Woman for general housework, white or colored. Call Room '9, Citizens Bank building, after ten a. m. References required. P7438-19-S WANTED At once, girls now em ployed to handle commission and premium proposition. Duke Sales Co., Muscatine, la. F7ZZ6-11-S0 WANTED Neat respectable girl about 16 years, as general help. Ap ply 19 Blake St. P7474-21-1 WANTED Experienced millinery saleslady. H. B. Hood, 6 Haywood St. 7437-19-8 POSITIONS WANTED. WANTED To communicate . with school boards needing an efficient superintendent or principal. Col lege graduate. Five years' success ful experience. Good reasons, best references. Not subject to draft. "Superintendent," care Citizen. P7369-16-12 WANTED Permanent position. Col lege and business college graduate. Three years experience in banking. Two in real estate insurance office. Best reasons and references. Not subject to draft. "Bank," care Citizen. P7369-18-12 YOUNG married man wants position in office. 10 years' experience In of fice work, and not afraid of it either. Can furnish A-l reference. Address F. Z., care Citizen. P7473-21-7 EXPERIENCED bookkeeper, wont ing to locate In AshevlIIe; wholesale house preferred. Can furnish best references. Address E. N. H., or phone 1793. P7462-20-14 WANTED Permanent position by young man. high school graduate, ex perienced bookkeeper and stenog rapher. Address Z. J., care Citizen. 7448-19-2 EXPERIENCED cook desires posi- tlon or can wash on premises. Ad dress, T. V., care Citizen. P7463-20-S REOa"BLE young woman wants em ployment in linen room of hotel. Will work one week gratis. .1. H., en re Citizen. P7363-16-7 WANTED Fosltlon as housckeerf In first-class hotel: references. Ad dress, "W. B.," care Citizen. prOB4-S-6' ' LADY STENOGRAPHER desires po sition. Phone 277 or address sten ographer; 323 College St. P7454-19-3 TRAINED nurse wishes to care for sick person, rate $12.60 per week. "K." care Citizen. P7448-19-7 WANTED Position as office girl. t ,,io Mills. Phone 8060. I P7S83-17-7 FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE PYmfiALBOR EXCHANGE, 8 room house, Logan St. 4 room house, Haywood Road. 3 small stores, Southside Ave. 15-acre farm. 190-acre farm, A NO. 1. Vacant Lota, West Asheville. This is a bargain list. Phone 91. S. D. Hall. . 64 Patton. Ave. FOR BALE OR EXCHANGE Good combination horse, buggy and harness and saddle, or will exchange for city Jot or a few acres In county. E T. Belote, Room 23 Temple .'court or 188 Flint St. Phone 1759. 7368-1 6-tf FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE In growing Florida sea coast town; business block and hotel combina- "tlon Good income property. Value 815 000. Let's talk it over. Ad- y dress A- care Cltizep. P7338-15-T JUNK. , -Copper. Brass. RubW. Iron. Sacks and Rags. Southern Junk Co, 11 Easiest. Phone 2884. 4178-12-89 ' Nebraska will vote on woman S)uf- .tract t tba next. ieiMgH REAL ESTATE. We have the following for sale, none f which requires largi outlay of the coin of the realm: Completely furnished, centrally located boarding house. A small bakery. Modest rental. A reataurant doing good business at A forty room hotel or rooming house. A restaurant near the square. Furniture and fixtures about $1,200.00 Positively the best, largest and nicest suburban grocery business in Ashw111j A millinery businecs, tfc mterest, or the whole cheese. . A grocery business of the highest grade Aren't you tired silten around grunting and doing nothing but spending"1 money? Arise, take up thy bed and get to making a living and then soma J "It Can W. T. ROWLAND & REAL ESTATE. FOR RENT. HOUSES FOR RENT Houses and bungalows, furnished or unfurnished In every section or me city. Auto service and a man ready to show you. On the Square. Phone 7$8. J. T. Rledsoe & Co. Houses and Bungalows FOR RENT FOR SALE. Furnished and Unfurnished 4 N. Pack Sq. Phone 461. West Asheville Real Estate Company Rentals and Collections Fire Insurance Loajns Negotiated Offices over West Asheville Ftrtirmaey "Just Across the River." 12-tf Phone 412 House Rental Agents 418 Furnished and Unfurnished Houses Henry T. Sharp Co. American National Bank Building. 12-tf FOR RENT 16 Madison avenue, 6 room bungalow with sleeping porch, fully screened. Combination coal and gas range In first-class condi tion. Willis, Owner, P'jones 28 2352. 7028-1-tf FOR RENT 5-room cottage cosily furnished and homelike. 312 per month if taken by year, 20 min. 'walk from "Black Mountain.' Mrs. Howard Smith, Black Mountain. 7401-18-8 FOR RENT Six-room cottage in private park, two blocks from car line. One unfurnished apartment on Blltmore Ave. Phone 181 or see agent. 7148--tf FOR RENT Furnished or unfur nished, 5 Flint street. Best located bdardlng house in city. Hot water heated. D. S. Watson, Agent. 7447-19-tf FOR RENT -8-room house, newly decorated, 5 rooms and bath on first floor, best locality, reasonable. Ap ply to owner, 144 Broadway. 7466-21-7 FOR RENT 7-room apartment Modern conveniences, near In on the car line. Phone 1882. Apply J. E. Smathers. 71 Asheland Ave. 7867-16-tf FOR RENT 9-room neuse. suitable for a boarding house, t blocks from Post Office. Phone 85t. Ad dress Amos P. Foy. 5861-17-tf TENROOM house, 5 minutes from square on car line. Modern conven iences. Apply 29 Vance street. 7427-19-8 FOR RENT House, six rooms and liasement- bath, electric light, gas. Phone 1583. P7382-17-5 COUNTRY FA yt AUGUST 20-2il. FARMS. 'OSALEatPuinicAUqnT Th.urs day, August 23, at 10 a. m., the J. B. Burgln Farm at Old Fort, N. C, eut into fifty small tracts of five to fifty acres each. Free barbecue and hanri nnnenrt. Havwood Realtv A Auction Company. 7874-17-7 FOR SALE, or will exenange for ... a A -. -..111. firms. O. M. Coston, phones 318 or 78. 2708-7-tf COUNTRY FAIR AUGUST 20-26. 9-tf FOR SALE feversl nice farms from J to 600 acres. F. P. Ingle, Revell Bldg. 6648-8-tf LAND PALE, OLD FORT, AUG. 23RD V S 1 4 - I ( - COUNTRY FAIR AUGUST 20-26. ' 9-tf Want Ad Rates (Consecutive Insertions) Insertion Insertions Insertions lo per word 2 c pr word 3o per word 4a n.p mrnrA Insertions 14 Insertions 7o per word " il insertions lOo per word 80 insertions 12o per word FOR EXAMPLE: A 25-word ad costs 23 cents for one Insertion, 3 Insertions 60 cents, 5 insertions 78 cents, 7 Insertions $1.00, 14 Inser tions $1.75. 21 insertion $2.60, 30 insertions $3.60. Position Wanted Ads are the above rate. Want Ads not n:i on con secutive daya are strictly one cent per word for eaoh In sertion. No Want Ad taken of less than It words. Want Ad are payable i . advance. Citizen Want Ads Bring Results , REAL ESTATE. FOR SALE. the passenger station. worth for $550.00. in the right spot. Strictly A-l. Be Done." CO., 50 PATTON AVE. 81-Jf REAL ESTATE. We Expect to Be in Miami ! By Oct. 1st 6. Cumberland Circle was! sold last week to some good people from the Blue Grass State, and it was a bargain. I have sold 4 out of 6 places this sum-f mer, and expect to sell within- tha" next ten days tha two plaees on that Hendersonville road. NOW BEING PAVED WITH CONCRETE1. j Busbee Cottage and 11 acres, neail Busbee station, 7 miles from Ashe4 vtlle stable, cow barn, chicken! runs over 100 young fruit trees I large frontage on the concrete road J The cottage is new and has a metal room. Now is the time to buy it fort $2,860 will certainly be worth! . more when the concrete road is' completed. . ' The Audubon Lodge property,! Just, this side of Skyjand 8 miles from: Asheville. Ik has II rooms and 3. baths, 4-room servants' house antj large barn, in a natural park of 10 -: acres, with nearly t.000 FEET OnS THE NEW CONCRETE ROAD. ItJ ' , Is offered at the low price of $8,600?. a 1 5-room house In a woodland - park of 10 aores on Asheville's main highway! ; , J I have a little lot In West Asheville t on Second atreet, next' to corner of Swannanoa at enue, 3 blocks from, car line 47x50 for $100. Small? lot. but bigger than the pries. This, will go quickly. " t D. L. Jackson With Henry T. Sharp Co. y American Bank Building. " l-tf MONEY THROWN AWAY, i It is throwing money away to pay rent when you can buy a home on- the easy payment plan. We havo : two five-room houses, with sleeplnpr - porches, near Charlotte street, tnas ' can be bought at a sacrifice and paid for this way. You don't even have to have any money to pay. ; down. ( IJ.JOO.OO each. ' F. M. Messier & Son, , ' Phone 682. For Sale. i Charlotte street section, 7-room housed southern exposure. . Garage. Lot 87x197. Price $2,800.00. Term $800 cash, balance easy. g Merrimon section, ; paved streetf o-room Dungainw, sleeping porcn garage. Price $4,260.00. Terms. m : bungalow,! Merrimon Ave. 6-room sleeping porch, lot 46x179. rrices $3,260.00. Terms. Hursey-Tracy Co. jf a . 81. S JLS No. 1 Haywood. Phone 1281 FOR SALE, lease or trade 400 acreaj oi nne grazing mountain land, torn sheep, goats, cattle, 28 miles from town; good well and creek, 3 smal( dwellings, 80 acres in crop,' 400,00 feet of merchantable timber, ISO ; head of cattle, one mule, two? wagons, one mare, 10 bee hives, si thousand feet of lumber, entire crop, 6 hogs, will consider the deaf as a whole or any part. Jamea Behen, 11 H Church St. P7459-19-' : HURSEY-TRACY CO. -X ! NO. 1 HAYWOOD ST. - Complete list of furnished and un-J : furnished houses. Let us show youi 19-8J FOR BALE A 4-room bungalow af ena or west Asnevine car linet Price $1,800. $75 cash. Balance in 7 years at rate of $13.00 per month with interest at 6 per cent on de ferred payment. Addreas W., care Citizen. 7476-21-3 -wVJiT AAHtfVn.i.fe, w-rt-A-ff.V Handsome Lota being Improved with the public utilities, $10 to $40 down. and 36 equal monthly payments. No interest . No Taxes. The TAfTf APT mtTtrUT j-lrVUrVT nn lfimlth Bldg, Pack. Bq. Phone 2916. FOR QUICK SALE One of the most . desirable building sites In Oak Park section. Magnificent outlook. Lot (is feet front 120 feet deep.' Price 3375. Cash or terms. C. O.. care Citizen. 7334-15-tf FARMS 60 , small farma of five to fifty acres each for sale at Publis Auction, Old . Fort. N. C, Thursday, August 22, 10 a. m.;. Free Rarbecu and Band Concert. Haywood Real ty ft Auction Company. 7374-1T-T FOR SALE BY OWNER About two, acres of land snd five room house In Grace. Beaucilult located witli magnificent view.. .Phone-868. - - B2S8-4-tt BUY A NICE little home cheap. $104 aown.'zo a montn. Bargain ir sold at once. 4 rooms, modern, largo lot. Address, Box 288. - . . j T4S6-191tf FOR SALE 4-room cottage, large lot, cheap for cash. Phone 1755 or address Box 220. Jt. F. D. 8. Ashe-viH.- ' - ' P7467-21-T LAND SALE, OLD FORT. AUG. 23RD - , - 7374-17-7 Nearly 125,060 Women In New Ycrg ciUC ait- employed as servant 1

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