i THE ASKETTLLE CITIZEN, TUESDAY, AUGUST 21. 1917. 'Si' I Society i Personals leader In the college club and social attain). Her father, Doctor McHrayer, is one of the beat known and most successful physicians In the state. The Buncombe county committee of the Colonial Dames suites that the offering; of knitted sets for the battle ship "North Carolina" will not be mffmftMA hv Barrel a rv Dnnifilfi' hlin on the Navy league. The sets now be- 'where the informal Ins; made and gathered In this section ' tor the battleship "North Carolina" ' Will be sent direct to the United States navy department. It Is requested that ail seta intended for the state's name sake be sent in within the next few day. . J Election of officers will feature a meeting of the Jewish Ladies' Aid . society, which Ik to be held with Mrs. Q. Lichtenfels, at No. 39 Courtlund avenue, at 8:80 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. A full attendance is re quested. '" M J Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Rces enter tained last evening with u dancing party for their son, Captain Bu Bois Rees, at their home on Biltmore ave nue. Captain Rees, who has been training at the officer's training camp , at Fort Niagara, Is spending his fur lough with his parents. The Manor will have Its regular Tuesday night dinner dance this even Ins; as usual. These dances are popu . lar among the dancing set and a num ber of couples are planning to attend the dance this evening. K I' Miss Mary Moore Wooldridge will entertain the members of the ; "Wharee" card club this afternoon at Iter home on Montford avenue. If If Announcements have been received In Ashevllle of the marriage of Miss (Margaret Klrkpatrlck Lynch, daugh ter of Dr. William Lynch, to Mr. Charles Lee Murphy. The wedding ' took place on Saturday, August IS, at Chapel Hill. Jl Jl Mrs. E. J. Brockman entertained ,' yesterday afternoon at her home on ! - Haywood street with an auction I bridge party, having as her chief guest 1 China. : Mrs. A. L. Ledy, who leaves today for jj Chattanooga, after spending some Tne ,,. .,, at time in Ashevllle. Mrs. J. W. Haynes ! V ,?w S . was presented with a handsome hand I tlturdlv tt n J' ? Ik HArd? 1 painted vase as the top score prise. if he breflt ' The consolation, a small hand paint- lh.""?n Leue for Woman's -a ak.v. ... .... k -- n v r . oervice was largely attended. Miss Henrietta Brlggs danced two num. Hanne of Jacksonville, has frequently visited the city and has many friends here. John 8. Powell is expected In Ashe vllle today for a visit to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Powell. Dr. Arthur F. Reeves, who went to Cincinnati last Friday, will return to Ashevllle today. HIV E GENIUS Miss Slmms returned yesterday to her home at Spartanburg, after spend ing several days with Miss Marlon Hicks at the Battery Park hotel. Mr. George 8. Arthur and family, of Falrvlew pork. High Point, are visiting at BUtmore. They motored over from High Point. of Ashevllle. have been spending the week In Charlotte, having come for a visit with Lieut. Reuben McBrayer, who is stationed at Camp Ureene. They have been guests at the Selwyn, breakfast was celebrated Katurday morning at 10 o'clock in the private dining room of the hotel. "The announcement was made In the form of a wire received by Mrs. Mcllrayer while at breakfast and Lieutenant Kdsrar F. Huilltins and which she read to the guests as fol-j'Mra. Hudklns, who are vlsitlnir Mm. lows: 'Hudklns' parents, Cap!, and Mrs. N. "McBrayer Breakfast Parly, I A. Bost, at Winston-Halem. will ar- "Selwyn Hotel, Charlotte, N. C. I rive here the latter part of the wek "Am this day announcing the en-land will be the guests for a few days gagement of Bailie Lou McBrayer andjof Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hendrlc-!:. on Paul Pressly McCain. Haywood street. Lieutenant Hulking OHigned) "DAN CUPID." was formerly a member of the faculty Miss McBrayer graduated from the nf nino-i,n. Military ht ta State Normal colleKe in June, 1916. commissioned after the examination .She is possessed of splendid mentality, Ht Fort Oglethorpe. He will be as- iiuh irreui executive ability and is en- tn,.A i h. ., i. ...,. . .,yCu B.cai lommine cimrm at Columbia, 8. C. Mrs. Hudklns will of person and manner. She was pop- uccompany him there. Mrs. Hendrlck ular among her college mates and a also has as her guests her sister, Mrs. E. W. Brady, and son. Master Charles. MAKES lilt OMEL L DELIGHTFUL Calomel, the Most Valuable of All Drugs, Now Purified from Its Vn pleasant and Dangerous Qualities Calotabs the New Name. PsVt"s. ele' ii W1 ' A" Jft iiwiqw lfk . i ncise rjfru mfjWQ of Salisbury. r .. .. i . . , 1 t7.ii i .i. L Z C . m. l.en," nei ot Florence, are the guests of he was for a time president of the I rintivo. in A.h.vin. state Medical association. For the past three years he has been superln lenaeni or state sanatorium. relatives in Ashevllle. Mr. Mllby Burton, who Is at Hen- i . - . "Doctor McCain has been associated !"e""v.'"" 'orl" umm"- Pe"' W with his future father-in-law, f or j lerauy ln" c,lL, three years aa assistant auperlnten- M ,. . - ... dent. He Is also well known through- L M'' nd 11Mr" KA' M' Kennedy, of out this and adjoining sections. Doc- f!ou,th ,Cfhro nave arrived to spend tor McCain, who Is a native of Duejpart of thelr honeymoon 'n Ashevllle. West, 8. C, received his A. B. at Ers- ' . . ,,, - . TT klne college and his M. D. at the Unl- M' .A' C' zo1Ilcfrr, of Henderson, verslty of Maryland. For a number " Pena,ng some time in tne of years he was the tuberculosis clty- specialist at Gaylard farm, at Wal- IT SI JV ungrora, uonn. His people are proml- i, ' ,""v "s"'bi. nently identified with educational ln-!M,M Margaret Crook, have returned terests in the south, his father. Dr. J !to thelr nome ttt K'nK Mountain. N. O. McCain, having been president of ic fter "Pending a few days In Ashe Erskine college for years, and a vl"e. brother, James Ross McCain, being : vice president of Agnes Scott college, ' Mls" Grace Rankin has returned to Georgia. A sister is a missionary in nr home at Mooresvllle, after spend ing nume nine wiiii irieuiiB in mo city. Miss Amy Gaffney, of Gaffney, S. C. Is spending some time with Mrs. H. D. Wheat at her summer place in the city. ed dish, waa cut by Mrs. D. land, Mrs. Ledy received hand painted vase as a souvenir. Bum mer (lowers were effectively used aa a decoration. Mrs. Brockman's aTueata were: Mrs. Ledy, Mrs. Cope land, Mrs. Haynea, Mrs. Harry Bar ter, Mrs. E. F. Wilson, Mrs. A. O. Bar- i nett, Mrs. J. R. Clemmons, Miss Emma Bowyer, Mrs. Eugene Oudger, ' Miss LUlie Jackson, Mrs. J, B. O'Ban- : non and Mrs. J. A. Ware. Miss Mary Barber, who la spending I tne season in Ashevllle, will be host ess at a dance this evening at the Country club. The Ladles Aid society ot the Chris tian church will meet with Mrs. E. L. Naah, this afternoon at her home on E. Cope Sum- I bers' DOth Bhwlng unusual skill In toe aancing. miss Nancy Hartshog gave two numbers, an aesthetic and a Spanish dance, with charming expres sion. Miss Constance Hemphill danced wun rare grace, "Dawn," to the The medicinal virtues of calomel are In no way connected with Its nauseating and dangerous qualities, as is proven by the fact that the new calomel tablet, recently perfected, Is wholly free from objectionable ef fects yet retains all of the llver-clean-slng and system-purlfylng qualities of the old-style calomel. For bilious ness, constipation and Indigestion, and wherever calomel Is essential, the new denauseated calomel tablet Is a prac tically perfect remedy. To Inspire public confidence In this ' new discovery the manufacturers have authorized druggists everywhere to re fund the price if the customer Is not "perrectly delighted" with Calotabs. Sold only In original packages, sealed, twenty doses for thirty-five cent. One tablet at bedtime, with a awallow of water. No taste, no nausea, no grip ing. You wake up In the morning with a clean liver, feeling fine, and a hearty appetite. Eat what you please no danger. Advt. make up a party from Greensboro, who are spending several days In Ashevllle. Miss Helen Me.ires. has arrived at V'llmington, where she Is visiting Miss Eleanor Harris for several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Riley and Miss Elizabeth Riley have returned to their home at Macon, Ga., after spending several weeks in the city. Mrs. John G. Stelnhlmer, of Way cross, Ga., Is the suest of her mother, Mrs.- George Scott, at 200 Haywood street. Watch Closely. Sach ay. 10 hat Our 28th jSnniversart Jale fas to Offer throughout the Jiore WOMEN'S UNDERWEAR Underwear at 25c Corset Covers, Drawers and Skirts. Values of 3 sd OC, 50c. inniversary Sale aCDC Underwear at BJte Envelope Chemises, Drawers and Corset Covers. Values of CQ 75c to $1.75. Anniversary Sale , ...-. 0C Underwear at 98c Camisoles, Gowns, Envelope Chemises, Skirts. Values up to flQ $1.25 to $1,75. Anniversary Sale aOC Underwear at $1.98 Gowns, Skirts. Envelopes, Corset r l r a i c . covers, vaiues ot 4.ju, Anniversary o no r Sale $L.VO Underwear at $2.98 Skirts, Gowns, Envelopes. Values lyvV of $3.50 and $4.50. Anniversary tfO AO I AVn 47ll Sale ... P.e70 t ... rrfHXTTL.', mm, t-f-HW Underwear at 79c Corset Covers. Drawers "TA JI$S nrl Ahnrt lrira ui.tk UV, .f S. r-. . .. ; Underwear at $1.49 Skirts, Envelopes and dt JA Corset Covers, worth up to $2.50; on sale. . . Pleii7 Underwear at $2.49 Gowns. Envelopes and &) A(l KNIT UNDERWEAR Skiru worth up to $3.50; on sale at VLAV K Ti& 50c n 9Cp 75c values; on sale but Underwear at 98c-Satin and Crepe de Chine . QO !.2ilivJlueliro)r?nnd Camisoles worth $1.25 and $1.50; on sale at OC sale at '. .... DC i -a ji. a. x Miss Mlgnon and Miss Lillian Brown, of Aiken, S. C, are guests In Ashevllle for several weeks. Captain and Mrs. N. O'Berry and Mr. Thomas O'Berry have returned to Goldsboro after spending a short time at Grove Park Inn. Mrs. Thomas M.IP.Ji .by Pec'al.request. o-Berry will remain In Ashevllle some Mendelsohn's "Spring Song." Mtss time longer Susannah Wetmore earned much ap- 'onger. . plause for two piano numbers, one a I ,,, , - Scherzo by Mendelsohn. Litt e Miss! Mr"- w- H- Ingram, of Sumter. Is Grace Montgomery sang two songs Penaing tne remainder of the sura- and Miss Maria Fletcher recited an extract from "Hiawatha," exhibiting fine feeling and appreciation of the subject. The program concluded with a gavotte danced by the Misses Knight, one dressed as a little lady of long ago ana tne other as a gentle Spruce street at 4 o'olock. All the, man of the same period. All of those taxing part were dressed In beautiful and appropriate costumes and made unique pictures with the stately back ground of the room. Refreshments ladles ot the church are invited to at tend. .' ' Mr. : George Purvlance entertained I mer at BUtmore. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Folson, of Sum ter, are visiting their son, Mr. Law-rence-HPolaon, In the city. Mrs. W. H. Strickland, who Is in Ashevllle, expects to return to Ber home at Sumter the end of next week. last evening with a dancing party at were served. The lawn was decorated with many flags of the allied coun tries, and the front piasxa was covered with a shop for the sale of mountain craft. J The wedding of Miss Fonella Jose phine Davis and Mr. Loans E. Allman took place at high noon Sunday Au gust 19, at "Brookside Hill," the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Watson Davis, Candler, N. C, in the presence of the Immediate family and Intimate friends of the bride and groom. The wedding was marked by Its simplicity. The bridal party con- hla apartment on Haywood atreet in compliment to Misa Margaret Arthur, Mr. wames Artnur and Mr. o. 8. Ar thur, of High Point About fifteen couples enjoyed the affair. J Jl : The aocial and business meeting of the Judeon Circle of the First Bap tist church will be held this afternoon at :9 o'clock with Mrs. T. E. Curtis at her home on -Flint street Announcement of the engagement of Misa Sadie Lou McBrayer. of Sana torium, formerly of Ashevllle, will be of much Interest In the city. The Mrs. E. J. Jeffores, C, Is In the city for a weeks. of Florence, S. stay of sevei-aT following account la from The Char- eistlng of Miss Viva Rector, Miss Ar lotte Observer: "Dr. and Mrs. I B. McBrayer of Sanatorium announce the engagement of their daughter, Sadie Lou, to Dr. Paul Pressly McCain, also of Sana torium, the marriage to take place some time In October. "News of the engagement will be received with state-wide interest be cause of the personal popularity of the young couple and the prominence die Hall, Mr. L. Z. Eller and Mr. Pearmon Courtney, with the contract ing parties, led by Rev. J. O. Ervin, pastor of Bethel Methodist church, Ashevllle, entered the beautifully dec orated parlor to the strains of Lohen grin's wedding march, played by Mrs. J. Lawrence Jones, of Charlotte. Both bride and groom have taught for a number of years In the schools of Buncombe county and are well known. of their families. Intimate friends .They were conveyed In an automobile had known of the existence of the en-1 to Ashevllle and boarded a train for agement for some time, but there Columbia, S. C Wilmington and ad been no formal announcement Wrightsvllle Beach, where they will until Saturday morning when it was spend their honeymoon.' made known at an informal breakfast I 1 tendered at the Hotel Selwyn by the Mr. and Mrs. Henry Claiborne, of , bride-elect to a few of her close per- Jacksonville, are guests of Miss onal friends. I Kathleen Olive at her home on Hay- "Mra. L. B. McBrayer, Miss Sadie I wood street. Mrs. Claiborne, who McBrayer and Miss Luclle Fitzgerald, was before her marriage Miss Hedella New Furs for Fall Wear All the fashionable kinds Sets, Scarves, Coats Less 10 Per Cent for the Last Half of August On September 1 st regular prices are again maintained. Thone 78. 11 Fatton Ave. Fall Style ShowFashion Promenade Thursday, . ' ; : August 23d, from 3 to 5. Miss Ida McNeill, of Columbia. S. C. Is spending a week er more In Ashe vllle. Miss McNeill will visit at Horseshoe and HendersonvtUe before returning to her home. Mrs. R. O. McCrelght and her small daughter, Miss Margaret McCreight, of Columbia, are spending some time at Arden. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Nixon, of Flor ence, 8. C, are at Swannanoa for the remainder of the season. Mrs. J. A. Salley and her son, Mas ter Austin Salley, of Orangeburg, S. C, are spending several weeks at Montreat. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. McDowell. Miss Evelyn McDowell and Miss Nannie Wood have returned to their homes in soutn Carolina after spending a short while in Ashevllle and other points in Western North Carolina. Mr. Otis Johnson and his sister. Miss Lessie Johnson, who have been visiting their sister, Mrs. Joseph K. Connors, at her home at Lancaster, S. C, have returned to Ashevllle. Miss Bculah Corcoran expects to go to Walland, Tenn., shortly, where she will visit friends for several weeks. Miss Mary E. Lee left yesterday for Charleston, S. C, where she will visit relatives. Mr. S. N. Honaker. and his son. Mr. William Honaker, of Tampa, Fla., have arrived by motor and Joined Mrs. Honaker and Miss Sarah Honaker, who are in the city for the season. Mrs. P. C. Fentress has returned to Brevard after spending several days in Ashevllle. Miss Alice Montgomery, of Mem phis, Is the guest of relatives in the city. Mrs. J. Bralnerd Thrall has return ed to her home on Merrlmon avenue, after spending several months with relatives and friends In the west. Miss Frances Newman, of Atlanta, has arrived to spend some time at Ar- l den Tark Lodge. Mr. T. M. MerricU, of Tampa, Fla., Is In Ashevllle for a brief stay. Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge K. Christian, and their two children, of Atlanta, have arrived to spend a month in the city. Major and Mrs. Collis Campbell, of Louisville, who were married last week have arrived In Ashevllle and are spending their honeymoon at Grove Park inn. Captain and Mrs. Harold B. Swope, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Waddell and others motored to Plsgah the first of the week and apent the day. Miss Frances Oatea is visiting menus at ureenville lor a short stay. Mr. Jamea Hagood, of Charleston, S. C; who Is at Pickens for a stay spent yesterday in Ashevllle. A SALE OF DOLLS Jointed, Undressed Dolls with open close eyes. A good $1.00 value. sale at, each and On 79c IN THE DRESS TRIMMING SECTION Our $1.15 "Marvlo" Chiffon. 55 QO colors. Special until Thursday, yd. aOC Our $1.75 Georgette Crepe, light and dark colors; until Thurs- fQ day. yard pleDe7 rfyy so. eywsjii tyW mtflfrmmttlfrd Q A home built In Grove Park can be sold at a profit rather than at a loss. Biltmore Ave. Phone 2663. tf DESPONDENT WOMEN Constantly recurring suffering givea women "the blues." Comparatively few women realise that despondency. together with backache, headache, and that "dragglng-down" feeling In dicate some derangement of tne feminine organs, of which Lydla E. Pinkhara s Vegetable Compound is remedy. It is said that this famous, old root and herb romedy has been the means of restoring more women to health and consequent happiness than any other remedy in the world. Don't wait until your life is wrecked by neglect and suffering. Give the Compound a trial. Advt. STAR MARKET INCORPORATED. RALEIGH, N. C, Aug. 20. A charter la Issued for the Star Market company of Ashevllle, capital $25,000 authorized and $20,000 subscribed by M. F. Hoffman, Fred Kent, David Hoffman and others, for a general meat market business. Women of New Zealand have en joyed the right of suffrage since 1893. Miss Cruise's Shop Human Hair Goods, Shell Goods and Toilet Preparations. Superior accommodation for Shampooing, Scalp Treatments, Facial Massage and Manicuring. 2S Haywood St. Phone IS. Rev. William Way, rector of Grace church at Charleston. R. C. has ar rived by motor and Is spending several weeks at Waynesville. Miss Ruth Bennett left yesterday for a stay of some time at Washing ton and New York city. Miss Margaret Ervin has as her guest. Miss Evelyn Boline. of Green- Ivttip. s. c. KSPWf f ' : Mr. and Mrs. ''baxles H.. Miller, of St. Louis, Mo., have arrived in the city to visit relatives. Miss Isabel Hall has gone to Phlla delnhia. where she will sDend the winter with her aunt. j Mr. C. S. Arthur, Mr. Jamea Arthur and Miss Margnret Arthur, of High Point arrived the end of the week by motor. They leave on Wednesday ac companied by Mr. George Purvlance for Washington, D. C. Miss Rita Rees has returned to the city after spending some time with Miss Anne Kimball at New Tork. Miss Dorothy Sterling, of Missoula, Mont., who has been spending several months with Miss Marguerite ueorge at her home on Montford avenue, will go tomorrow to Chicago, I1U where she will visit before returning to her home. Mr. M. Oatea has returned to his home after spending a few days with relative in Aaherille. Mr. and Mrs. Wade R. Brown, Miss Claire Henley and Miss May Paris, t MRS. DALE Hairdressing Parlor Maiinslle System; For correct Treatment of Hair and Scalp. Shampooing and Mani curing: Face, Hand and Arm Mas sage, Electrolytic or Plain; Pimple and Blackhead Treatment. Marlnello Preparations. SS Haywood St. 'Phone 1871 4 As it is not the custom of this house to carry any garments over a second season, we are marking many models At One-Half Price and Less Among these are Sport Suits, Morning and Afternoon Frocks, Skirts and Sweaters. On Sale Now Absolutely No Models Duplicated in Asheville Grove Park Inn Shop IS HAIRDRESSING PARLOR SWEDISH AND MAGNETIC MASSAGE Gray hair restored without dye. Permanent waving. Popular prlcea MRS. M'COY Phone 753. ' Opp. 78 Patton Ave. M. & W. Indian Coal always meets with the approval of the one who pays the bills and tends the fires. Have you tried this clean, free burning and satisfaction giving coal ? If not. it's time you did. Orders filled promptly In any quantity i.nd slse, at prices you have been paying for a Quality no better If as good. MAIL YOUR KODAK FILMS TO The Gift Shop WAYNE8VILLE, N. . Esstmsn Films, Kodaks, Supplies and Kodak Finishing to any part of the Mountains Postpaid. Biltmore Ice Cream Delivered, well-packed, any where in the city. Cherry, Chocolate, Peach, Strawberry and Vanilla Walker'sDrugStore Phones 183 and 183. T. & C. SPECIAL SYRUP As fine and tasty as anyone could want. The quart 25c Tweed & Collins P Con. College and Market Sta. Phones 2816-2817. ASHEVILLE COMFORT SHOP Marcel Waving, Hairdressing, Shampooing, and Manicuring. Ws make a speciality of treatlnr the scalp for falling Hair and Dandruff. Violet Bay Treatments also given. Everything new and modernly equipped. Kindergarten Department ' the L'ARIA FRESCA SCHOOL, 236 Charlotte St. Will open September 17, 1917, and will be In charge of Mom Edith Gohlsen, of Cincinnati, O. . - THE BEHNIXO PIANO Indorsed and used by the best Artists of the world. Price $509. offered for 10 days for $400. Who will get that bargain at FALK'S MUSIC HOUSE i Tot the Best in Pianos, Edlaqna aad Vlotrolas. Phone OC TS Pattoa Aa L'ARIA FRESCA SCHOOL IS6 Charlotte Street. Will re-open . Monday, September 17. 117. Primary, Intermediate and College Preparatory Classes. Also a Kindergarten, Mualc, Drawing, Physical Training. Modern and Ancient Languages. Strong Faculty. Miss Ketchum will see patrons each day from 11 to 1 o'clock. DO YOUR BIT Help Uncle Sam preserve the food supply by installing a Jewel "Coal Saver" Range in your home. We make the way easy. CHAS. L. SLUDER CO. 20 S. Pack Square. Phone 1509. to Rarmond. Ind.. is to have a t50. Mrs. John Patterson, ef Aurora, ni. 000 home for working girls, due to the has taken her husband's job as m gro Bhllanthrepy ' of - Frank F. - Bets, a eery store clerk in order that he mu wealthy manufacturer. . vln the colors. . ' 5

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