; THE ASHEVILLE CITIZEN,BATUEDAT, ATTGTJST 25, 191T. 1 ' CONTROL AIRPUNE BUILDIKGnKiU. S. HOPE ASCENDENT Toni Every deposit you make In your Central Bank : At Trust Company Savings Account puts strength in your hopes and gives you an outlook on life from a' higher viewpoint Nothing twill raise your hopes and cheer your onward, upward way, as , well sis a savings account, seriously attended. ilitary Ball p5(' " 5 (! y-w 1 VJjft' ( s 14 i . . ... I Ml gfat! Grand M AT LANGREN Music By ",'-( ... ! ,.i . , ..... FIRST REGIMENT .fp'oight! ' -J V ' MEAT BUKNKD. - PTTTSBURQK: Pa., Aug. 14. Over ' 600,000 pounds of meat valued at I ISO. 009 - were : consumed in a fire : which tonight gutted the Pittsburgh ; Diunt Of. the Hammond I'auKinff com I-anyv ' The flre i helloved to have originated in " a room where' some -meats were belmr smoked. Several firemen were carried from the building overcome by amoke. All of the exploded teams are now retting ready for next season and ac cording to their managers all the fad : ad outfits will be in the 1911 pennant hunt. It must be true because tht same pilots said this vary same thins In m, t , Absolutely 5 Removes Indigestion. One package proves it 25cat all druggists Prescriptions :ri:-iK.ji.. v ; '-':,:r Sent to us arc given th closest scrutiny end every - drug specified in it mens- .s-:.'-' ..: " . - . i- oree out with Minute Accuracy Prompt Delivery. J. S. Claverte, Mgr. Phones 556-557. ; Furniture Securely and Safely Stored ; In a commodious, clean . warehouse at reasonable mus. ;: i : t .;v,,- ,ASEVILLE., Transfer IsEtonga Co. Fhoae 210 ' ' Broadway BELLrANS and Concert OF Starts at 8:00 ADMISSION SOLDIERS CLASH AT . OATES PARK TODAY Hospital , Corps and Troop B Win Play Rubber Game of BaeebaJI This Afternoon. (Members of Troop B end the Field Hospital corps are on edge this morn ing, ready to back thslr raanHRtlva baseball teams In the death grapple at Oatee Park this afternoon, which Is to decide the chamnlonahln of tha two aggregations. Twice before have the two unite crossed bats and each has a Victory 0 its credit. Tha nma this afternoon is the rubber, and will be the last came in which the Hon. pita! corps, at least, will participate here for sometime, as the corns leavea tomorrow for camp. Governor Blckett and Former Gov ernor Craig are planning to attend the game, which will be called at The expectant mother. the greatest time la a woman's life should by all means render nature "Mother's SYland" lu a naipuia hhb has been n d by tbousanda of women. By regular use the feiueoles relax naturally and without atraln when baby Is bora. The work which Cature la performing: Is wonderfully aided y this safe, eoientlfloally prepared prep aration. The usual etretofalna veins dur . nese oammiea are raaav far tunnur - Th.v h.u Kn,,(aii in. "Tort somewhere on the French rosst Tber bsve r.ilied over the railroad from the teacoaet to the ftelj headQuarters The have jolted over rosd wbuse shell rratert have been only partly filled la And now. .tbey are at home si lesii-in tti runceotrstioo vautonoient which win be their only bomt uutll thev) ffiSks beU trst charge scaiOSt the Bochee Th are read tor their lira! cu.i . rrt ., ,j tetutiwcsaw after l .: ROOF BAND "BAND P. M. 50c 1:30 o'clock.. In order to allow time for its completion before the review or we troops on the square at 0 o'clock. Adjutant General Lawrence Toung Is also exneoted to be nreaant. and will probably throw out the first oaii. The proceeds of the arama thle at. ternoon will go for the mess funds of uie two military units, and are expect ed to provide additional rations at some badly needed tune. Soldiers will be permitted to the game without charge. IT ARROW ESCAPE. AMURKJAN TRAINING CAMP IN FRANCE, Aug. 34. By The Associat ed Press.) Medill MoCormick, Con gressman at large from Illinois. Who Is visiting the American expeditionary forces here, had a narrow escape xrom serious injury this morning from the explosion of a trench bomb Inad vertently. thrown In his direction by a soldier practicing war maneuvers. Mr. MoCormick was following closely at the heels of a squad of trench "clean ers" when the bomb exDloded almost at his feet, throwing stones and earth about hint, before baby arrtvea 1a one of quiet repose and Joyful anticipation. ' , The espeotant mother shoald mot S a stasia night without apprjrlnsr tt hereelf. Write to The Bradfleld Keculator Co., Dept. A, 6 St Lamar Bids., Atlanta. Oa,. to their book. '"Motherhood and the Baby". It wfll be sent at once without oh erg a. ( "Mother'e Friend" Is procurable from any drag store. Ask foe it today. i .''HOME 'AT LAST!!' : .". ' 'rrr-f-:' Mpnight! S fa 51 ii " 1 '" 1 V- """.inn"" "'" ' """" These men compose the United Btates aircraft production board and control the manufacture of airplanes for war ao efficiency and economy may be maintained. They are, left to right, top: A. O. Cable of Chicago, secretary; Sidney O. Walden, Detroit; Howard E0 Coffin, chairman; middle: R. L. Montgomery, New York; Brig.-Gen. George O. Squler of the army; Rear Admiral David W. Taylor, chief of naval tonitruction and repair; below; F. A. Deeds, Dayton, 0 BLANKET MURDER FILED AGAINST NEGRO SOLDIERS (CONTINUED of the national guard, Thursday's outbreak created a reign of terror for many hours. Of the 125 negroes to leave their a.. FTT1 r 1 1 A1 vMmp j-iiursaay wim sioien tne city, all put eight were accounted for early tonight. The remaining fugitives are expected to be rounded up early tonight, scores of civilian and military patrols being jii me ueia nuniing ior mem. Major General George Bell Jr.. will arrive tomorrow to take over.the situation from General John A. Hulen. of tne Texas national guard, who was appointed commander when the city and county were placed under martial law. i - Started Thursday Night. The rioting Thursday nierht started about 9 o'clock. During the. day- the:negrov troops becanie inflamed aeraiiist the white' police of Houston ing oi a , negro 'Sergeant by a police officer stealing com pany ammunition, about 125 of the negroes seized rifles and left camp, starting toward the city and shooting indis criminately. ..Warning was immediately given and mount ed police officers sought to halt the mob, surrendering tneir lives in vain etiorts to drive the soldiers back. Illi nois guardsmen encamped at Camp Logan soon arrived on the scene but only in time to throw a cordon between the negroes and great crowds of Houston citiaens who armed themselves and quickly gathered to oppose the raiders. The negroes then fled to the to camp, where they were placed under euard and others hiding in the fields and ditches along nearby roads.. mi. a a' j i . j.inny-two guaras oi armea citizens, sworn in as deputy sheriffs aided the military forces during the dav in the search of the San Felipe the noting negro hand. As found he was immediately placed in custody of either the civilian authorities or under guard at Uamp .Logan. Auto Patrols. Automobile patrols also t ioiu me city m an directions. While the armeJ forces devoted the daylight hours to this work, com- mandin officers under General Hulen were engaged in planning for the pro tection of the camp through the com ing night. The . additional force of approximately 600 men from Fort Bam Houston, detailed from the Nine teenth infantry, arrived during the af ternoon. Earlier in the day a detachment of coast guard artillery . from . Fort Crockett, Galveston, arrived and re lieved the Illinois National guardsmen . CHARGESARE FROM PAO& ONE.) jk mm ammunition ror a raid upon because of the reported shoot open country, some returning district for stragglers from fast as a negro soldier was traversed the roads radiating who had been on patrol duty through out me nigni witnout rest, ana these with the fresh troops from Ban An tonio, assumed full control'during ,the anernoon. Sentries placed on etreet corners In the business district during the morn ing were gradually withdrawn until only a few streets, where, trouble might develop, were under guard. Much of this sentry duty during the early hours of the day had been left to Texas National guardsmen, who lacking arms, were supplied with shotguns and rifles from the stocks of hardware stores. Business In the city proceeded dur Ing the day In accordance with order' Issued by General Hulen, Saloone were closed and all clubs were obliged to observe the military orders against me saie or liquor. Bodies Mutilated. Indignation over the outbreak particularly expressed because of the sayagenees displayed by the negroes toward the white police officers who were slain and whose bodiee In near ly every Instance had been hacked With bayonets. Among the Illinois guardsmen also much feeling was evi dent because of the mutilation of Captain Jos. Mattes, one of the first to be slain by the rioters. Because of this feeling General Hulen at noon ordered the publio morgues in which the bodies were held, to close their doors to all ex cept immediate relatives of the vic tim. Funeral arrangements for the vic tims of the riot were made during the afternoon. The four nollce offi cers who died fighting will be given a fitting public funeral Sunday af ternoon. Two youths elain Earl Fendler and Frederick Winkler will be burled Saturday and arranaements for the Interment of the eleven other dead are yet to be announced. Chief of Police Brook during the day Issued a statement concerning the cause of the riot. In which he asserted that both he and Lieutenant Khekerglan, of the Twenty-fourth in fantry had conferred for two hours Thursday afternoon regarding the possibility of an outbreak and Pro- ventrve measures to be taken. Neith er, however, believed the trouble would reaeh a crisis so quickly. , Title ef a heme In Oreve Park la like a certificate ef deposits Of a bank -r-elways .worth. .Its. face : value plus Central Bank & Trust Company Complete Banking Facilities in Commercial, Savings and Trust Departments. Safe Deposit Vaults. ,., ., MILITARY BALL AT LANGREN TONIGHT First Regiment Band V?01 Gtve Con cert and Ball on Roof Garden f Hotel. Through the courtesy of Manager Guy Lavender, of the Langren hotel, who has donated the use of the roof garden and ballroom to the First Beg- lment band lor tonlgnt, that organiza tion will gtve a concert and military ball tonight for the reneflt or tne meee fund of the band.' The First Regi ment band is composed of twenty-six pieces, under the leadership of J. D. Cole, and have furnished a splendid selection of musle on their several ap pearances here. The band will give a concert on the roof garden tonight, playing between dances, which will be held In the' ballroom of the hotel. There will also be several special dance numbers played by the band, and a large crowd Is expected. DINNERS GIVEN FOB JAPANESE MISSION WASHINGTON, Aug. J.- Mem. bers of the Japanese mission were gueate tonight at dinners given by cabinet officers In honor of the diplo matic, military and naval groups. Secretary Lansing entertained Vis count IshU, special ambassador and head of the mission. Secretary Baker, General Sugano and Secretary Dan iels, Vice-Admiral Takeshlta. During the day Viscount IshU went to the capitol to pay formal calls upon Senator Saulabury, president pro tern of the senate, and Speaker Clark. He accepted an invitation to addrees the senate next Thursday. j Tomorrow the mission will make mi trip to Annapolis to Inspect the naval academy. MUCH LUMBER BUHNJgJD. . SENECA, 8. O., Aug. It. One hun dred' and fifty thousand feet of lum ber being cut for the government was WIS SPORT SKIRT IJS MEANT FOR USE This sport skirt Is meant for what its name implies real sport ase It la exceedingly -practical tt does not sacrifice) any of the attractive Unas of the sport skirts which are) meant chiefly for snow, but It Is of serviceable cloth, with real pockets and reinforced aboul ,tk belt to preserve) its fitw , Li M9fc V. i I V r, ' SPECIAL THIS WEEK August 20th to 26th MASON FRUIT JARS I quart, per doz. ...66c Y gallon, per doz.. .8So Ask to see our $1.00 canning rack for use in an ordinary wash boiler, BROWN HARDWARE COMPANY l 35 Broadway, j tUwFHONEBV-aOtt ' destroyed In the total loss by fire to night of the lumber mill of E.' B. Ramsey here. The amount of th loss is conservatively estimated at from tlO.OCO to 112,000. , WOMEN CONVICTED. WASHINGTON, Aug. 14. The sis women's party banner-bearers arrest ed yesterday in front of the white house were sentenced in the police court today to pay fines of J 28 or to serve thirty days in Jail. They gave $100 bonds pending decision on mo tion for a new trial. ' Matthew E. O'Brien, council for the defendants, left tonight for Falmouth, Mass., to submit the motion to Justice Robb. of the District of Columbia Court of Ap peals. . COMMITTEE TO ACT. AMSTERDAM. Aug. 24 The Berlin Vorwaerts, a copy of which has been -received here, says a sub-committee of seven, chosen from the main com mittee of the relcbstag and composed of two members each from the social ist and center parties and one each from the three smaller parties, will participate In the deliberations on the reply to the peace proposal of Pope Benedict. . OCT OF GAME. CHICAGO, Aug. 84. Eddie Fostet. third baseman with the Washington Americans, who collapsed before the game here yesterday, probably will be unable to play tor several days. II was said today, roster is suffering . from ptomaine poisoning and is confined- to hie home here. Clyde Milan also of the Washington club, who was stricken, expects to get into the game tomorrow. SHOES Mighty cheap now at our sale going on at the 14 Biltmore Ave. IF TOU HAVE PLENTY OF BLACK DIAMONDS in your coal bins, no matter how! the enow may fly outside, or how cold It may be, you can bid ' defiance to the elements. But If . the - coal eupply runs- short, there's going to be trouble. Our coal is first quality, full weight . to the ton, and we solicit your erdere for any quantity. Phone us your ordsr today. .. Ashe. Pray, Fad and Ooa. Co, ' z 41 Broadway The Red Front ft; phones 931. III. v - The Bfc W1 TVfiit, r 111 Anterjsu Phone lets . . . 14vf

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