THE SUNDAY CITIZEN, ASHEVILLE, N. C, AUGUST 26, 1917. IN THE RELIGIOUS WORLD Lowest cost per pound of real roughage uiiirnmiiiniiniiiini iiiiiuiuuiiniunmn SfieMost Beautiful Garinbneric JEHOVAL'S CARE FOR HIS FLOCK. 00 LD tyle 00 00 0 0' 0 0 0 0' hulls cost more per pound of rough age than the price per ton indicates. This tfHfPfWL. i they (f3lJ x; f-W are one .fourth unc wnicn nas no food value. To know haw mm m . . mucn eacn pouna oi roughage in tnts form costing you, you must divide the price per ton by 1500 not by 2&00. yJ- COTTONSEED U V HULLS V UNTL.CSS cctt exactly what you pay for them. Every pound ii all roughage ' nouielesa lint. To really know the difference in coat between old ityle hull! and Buckeye Hulls you muit know the coat, per pound of real roughage. Even though Buckeye Hull do aell at a much lower price than old ttyle hulls, you can't realise how much leas they are costing you until you consider bow much more real roughage a ton contain. Other Advantages ' Buckeye Hulls go farther. Sacked easy to handle. They allow better assimilation They mix well with other forage. -of other food. Take half aa much space in the No trash or dust. barn. - Mr. Dan Wolf, Hammond Bid g. A Mfg. Co., Hammond, La.,smytt "lam feeding Buckeye Hull to much cows and find . them a satisfactory filler when mixed with cottonseed meal and other concentrates. At the present trice of feed stuff. Buckeye Hulls are the cheapest roughage on the market." Te secure the best results snd to develop the ensuige eder, aMf the hulls thoroughly twelve hours before feeding. M is easy ta da this by watting then down night and morning (or the next feeding. If at any tiiaa this cannot be dona, wot dawn at Mast thirty saUndes. If yea prefer ta feed the bulls dry, asa only half stanch by bulk as el eU style bulla. Book of Mixed Feeds Free , Gives the right formula for every combination of feeds used la the South'. Tells bow much to feed for maintenance, for milk, for fat tening, for work. Describes Buckeye Hulls and gives directions for using them properly. Send for your oopy to the nearest mill. Dtp. J The Buckeye Cotton Oil Co. Dee. J Atlmmla Birmingham ' Grmnwd LittU Rock MamrMs Anmmtim Charlotte Jmtkton Mm , The International Sunday School Lesson for Sept. 2 Is The Shepherd of Captive Israel. ' Ezek.Ch.34. (By William T. Ellla.) One evening under the eaatern slope , themselves of them." The truth is FASSIFERN Hendersonville, N. C. A HOME SCHOOJj FOB GIRLS Accredited by Smith. Wellesley, Goucher and other leading col leges. Courses leading to diploma; College Preparatory, English and. Modern Language, Business. Departments of Music. Art and House hold Ecohomlcs.i under directors who hava had the best advantages. , Athletics and out-of-door activities, military drill, horseback riding, games, folk and aesthetic dancing' under supervision of ft graduate of New Haven Normal School of Gymnastics. ' HORNER MILITARY SCHOOL CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, FORMERLY AT OXFORD, N. C Your boy Is your responsibility. Now is your -time to determine his future. Our advantages are 64 years' experience In producing CHARAC TER, SCHOLARSHIP, HEALTH. While teaching . your boy HOW to STUDY wo supervise his moral life and physical culture. New flro-proof buildings. Steam Heat. Hot and oold water In every rooi-v- Equipment worth over ISO, 000. Fifty acres In the most beautiful and elaborate park In the South. Elevation. 7S7 feet.- Ample baseball and football fields, ten nis courts, and quarter-mile running track Immediately In front of barracks, Tour miles from city, at end of street car line. Limited to IS boarders. Small classes. Experienced teachers. Prepares for college, university, An napolis, and West Point. Military training develops prompt obedience, re sponsibility, neatness, self-control, manly carriage, and health. COL. J. C. HORNER, B. A., M. A ' ' . . . . . . Principal. of Mt. Carmel, I saw a shepherd boy leading home his sheep; and as he walked in front of them, -he played upon a home-made flute. The melody was simple., sweet, Joyous,, unusual a bit or music In the open air. I have forgotten the performances of many great orchestras that I have heard, but I remember that strange ly sweet music, apparently Impro vised, of the shepherd boy of Samaria. The passion of music la primitive with the Oriental. He naturally breaks forth Into It. When he la happy he sings; when he Is sad, he sings;, when he dies hie friends alng dirges over his death. So it was with the Prophet Ezeklel. Even in the midst of the aln and exile of his peo ple his lips break Into the muaical language- of the shepherd. The Good Time Coming. The author of the Book of Esekiel, ablest writer among the Hebrew prophets, lived In the time of Baby lonian exile which the aln of kings and people had called forth aa a di vine Judgment. The candle of nation al life bad burned low. The people were despairing captives. Jerusalem destroyed, - the inhabitants aoattered. the heel of the captor on Judah'a neck truly It was the- pessimist's hour. In. this night of darkness, the bright star of prophecy appeared. Exekiel arose as a light of hope to save the pepple from the pit of de spair. ' As the negro in slavery poured forth his soul in thoae wonderful plantation melodies, all burdened with the thought of the good time coming by and by, so this captive Jews were sus tained and heartened by the'prophet's vision of a new estate of power and peace and plenty for the wrecked na tion. Of course it took great faith for the lonely Hebrew exiles, sitting in Borrow by . the rivers of Babylon, to believe that all the promises to Abraham and David would yet be ful filled. But "hope aprlngs eternal in the human breast." The promise of their own land, a good pasture and their own fold, waa comfort ana cour age for the nation. The Vision of the Shepherd, One day, in the city of Ping Tang, Korea, I sat looking into the faces of some six hundred Korean women and girls, who had gathered for Sunday school. The men and women meet at different hours because the build lngs are not largo enough to bold both at once. The women were won derfully reverent As they -gathered there were greetings and nods and smiles; a lovely picture of fellowship it was. But most ox an tne snirung facea impreaaed me. The new light that Irradiates the laces of these women is a more eloquent testimony to the value of christian missions than advocate's hand ever penned. jUeas than a generation ago every one oi these women was a neatnen, little better than a slave, subject to her husband's caprice, with no social life, no associations outside of her family, no intellectual horizon, unable to read, traalned, often, only In the development of her worst self. - Now behold the transformation. These women can all read.- They belong to a wide social fellowship. They have Interests aa broad aa the -church of Christ They have learned the mean ing of "Christian" and "Home;" their joys hava been multiplied and their sorrows sanctified, by the advent of Christ into their Uvea. They hava found the fulfillment of tha promise, "I will seek that which was lost, and bring again that which . was given away, -and will find that which waa broken, and will strengthen that which waa sick." The Error of the Day. Why are human lives so often tin- lovely and unproductive? Simply be cause they knew not mat "I am the Lord,' when I hava broken the bands of their yoke, and delivered them out of their yoke, and delivered them out of the hand of thoae that serve The Truck to Buy Business men are buying motor trucks in constantly ' increasing , numbers. When a progressive business man has once used modern mechanical power, he never goes back to horses. 1 . ' , Some of the most efficient concerns in the country - firms whose business exist ence depends upon safe, sure, economical distribution of their products, are standard izing their delivery and hauling equipment with International Motor Trucks. "i'That is one reason why the capacity of the International Motor Truck factory is being tripled this year,1 and why careful business men and farmers are purchasing the International. ' ' , - , '' k ' Now is the time, and this is the truck, to buy. ' ' ' . , - :-x International Harvester Company of America v"-' . '- - . : it i'Xv X" .;'--: Isseoraotosoil ; ,. 4 7 i- ('.. -U''fXj- V - We eell International Motor Trucks in two sues Model H of 1,500 pounds capacity and ' Model F of 2,000 pounds capacity. We can supply any kind of body your business require. We give our customers the kind of service a motor truck owner appreciates. Come in and let us how you the International Motor Truck. ' Telephone or write, and we will come to you. v ' Chassis prices $1450 and $1750, f. . fc.-factory, .v," ' 1 CENTRAL GARAGE 22-24 N. Market St Phone 2413. t iliiiiii!1:! if i : . i i i r m ' 1 one to be written plainly in this our day. We are living in a time of grow ing arunciaimy; or increased osten tation; of the multiplication of the appliances of life; of a widespread sophistication and worldly wisdom. All this la apparent to anybody who knows his own generation. But our deep, deep need is to have our parch ed souls satisfied by the waters of the divine spirit. The peace that flows as a river ie the world's supreme lack. Evan our women, it seems, if one may Judge by the throngs he sees on the streets or the great cities, are arow Ing hard and eynlcal and anxious lines upon their faces the faces that were meant to radiate the light of an in ner spiritual serenity. The question Is greater than any political issue: there 'are the hurried and harried and eensatton-seeking men and women of today to find help if not from the streams that flow from the house of OodT If religion cannot come to ine rener or our overrought generation, whither may they look for helpT Our prematurely worn-out men and women throng to aanltorlums and baths for cures; but the best they can find Is temporary and local re- Sairs. They really need the Shp erd of captive Israel, who. "will make them a covenant of peace." The JPropbet'e Thankless Task. Like his' contemporary, Jeremiah, Ezeklel had no easy work. Jeremiah, no more thankless task than that of the prophet. , The greater, the truer his Insight, the lees likely he is to be favorably received. Almost uni formly has It been true that the great seera have been rejected, and Usually abused, bv their own time. Yet there Is another side. Mrs. Blanchl haa ; limned the , psalmist prophet in a few rich lines: , ; 'Poor as a shepherd! Only crook and sheep-dog ' With him on tha hillside In the hoar frost lyino- Naught aave his ahepherd'a cloak for worldly wealth beside. Lent from his shoulders to still a young lamb's crying. Rich as a shepherd! Steeped in psalmist vision. Richer than Teigning kings or poten tates, by far! Waiting the sign that makes the world love's kingdom Only his dog; for wealth, and ayes to see tha start" Who would exchange with Bxekiel's vision for the sordid blindness of any of tha rich and peanut-souled cour tiers among hia people? Here la a great life truth. Better poverty and persecution, with a clear eye to see Ood, than all the pleasure thai wealth can buy at tha cost of soul-vision. "Stand en Thy Feet." "Son of men, stand on thy feet and I will apeak with thee." That waa tha preparatory word that came to Ezeklel. A man must be a man, an upstanding, fearless man, before aver God will commission Jehovah " does not make measengeraoftf- squirming worms v. m nun. ii io itiv men- wno dare to be their beat and do their utmoat whom he helps to become' better and do more. And If ever thera la a time wnen a man snouid stand with bead erect, unflinchingly facing the world. It- Is when ha has raaelved a. m Manors irum won ana is going to aenver it. Whlttler has imarlnatlvelv doaorih. ed ' Ezeklal'a sentiments when called to nia noiy omce "Tha burden of a prophet's power reu on me in tnai fearful Hour: From off unutterable wou Tha curtain of the future rose; I saw far down the coming; time The flrey chastisement of erlma. With noise of mliurlln hosts, and tr ii mna; lowers ana snouts or war, I aaw the nations rise and fall, Iike fire gleams on my tent's white waai. . t t . . v O'er my epirlt dark and slow Tha shadow crept of Israel's woa As If tha angel's mournful roll Had left Its record an my soul. And traced in lines of darkness there ine picture of its great despair. Low Cost Menus. Breakfast. Grapefruit Flemish Liver on Toast Rings Baked Potatoes , Currant Popovera Coffee- . j : Dinner. ? Boiled Corn Beef, i ' Potato Puff . . ., Neapolitan Salad - Banana Salad' -. Ice Cream with Marshmallows Bauce . Coffee - '' ' Supper. !' -. ' ; Broiled Clams . Tomato Waffles Pickles , , Cake . .' Cu' .. Pear Sauce ' , - Breakfast.'-' Flemish Liver Cut liver In pieces about two Inches square, cover with boiling; water and let stand fifteen minutes. Strain, add one tablespoon butter, three of boiling- water, tea spoon of chilli sauce, a pinch mustard and cover. Boll an hour, and pour over pieces of toastf Cujt with large biscuit cutter. ;'.;(. Currant Popovers MIX one cud of milk, a cud of flour, two ears, and a tablespoon of currants,1 bake in gem pans la not oven twenty minutes.- 1 Dinner. Neapolitan Spaghetti -Boll half a package of spaghetti , broken up, In salted water for thirty minutes. Drain add two cups of tomatoes, that hava been boiled, strained ana thickened with a little dissolved flour, and half cup of broken cheese. Boil until cheese Is melted. Coffee Ice Cream Boll two cupa of milk with half a cup dry coffee, strain Into three beaten eggs, and a cup of augar. Return to tha lira and boil until thick. Add two cupa of cream and freeze. For the sauce boil ena cup of augar with a quarter of a cup of water for ten minutes, add a fourth of a pound -of marshmallows cut in halves. Cool and pour over tha cream whsri serving. More Motor Car Value At Less Actual Cost This is the day of big values in motor cars. 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Pbona 1774, oussinuui iniminmniinninniiii half teaspoon baking soda Into a little of the flour, before adding. Hava tha waffle iron very hot. Grease both upper and nnder lids, place a spoon ful of the batter In each aection, close lid upon it and bake at least one minuta on eacn aide. Her Sarcastic Sire. - Deacon Hardshell "You never told me, darter, that you went to a. 8unday night concert while you were in Boa. ton." Hepsy "It waa a sacred concert. pa. Deacon "Too sacred to mention, I suppose." Boston Transcript DON'T HAVE GBAY HI Banner. Broiled Clams Drain ' clams well. dry them with a napkin, season and lay them on a buttered griddle; Brown quickly oa both sides.- Serve on siloes of hot tuttered toaat. Tomato Waffles Pare " six ripe tomatoes, chop fine, add e level tea spoon of white pepper, one tablespoon baflter. add enough flour to make a thin griddle cake battar. beat three rgs until foamy, then add. Sift a It's Unnecessary La Creole Darkens It Evenly No Dye. No matter how ray your hair, pre maturely gray, faded, bleached, streaked, with gray, all you need to do is to apply to your hair and scalp tha famous La Creole Hair Dressing. This is a very pleasant experience, and after a few applications you will be delighted to observe all your gray hair gradually turn to an even beautl. ful dark shade. L Creole acta on roots, making; hair and scalp healthy, reviving the color glands so all your gray hair la naturally darkened and enttre-head of hah becomes soft, fluffy, long, thick and of an even beautiful, soft, dark shade. Also stops dandruff and falling hair leaving your hair fascinating and abundant, wtthout even a trace Of gray show lag. Sold en money-back guarantee. It for a big bottle at Smlth'a Drug Store, Aahevllle, or eent prepaid by Van Tleet-Uansfleld Drug Ce Mem phis, Tenn (Adrtt That our work is as good as they find anywhere. Our ' winter visitors,.-as .well as our high class local patrons, are competent critics. Have you tried us t , '. Phone 2000 v r - . 7" OAKHURSt ASHEVTJJLE'S DISTLNCnVE SCHOOL FOR GIRLS Special care given to development of personality. Stu dents inspired to wholesome ideal of true womanhood. Large, . faculty of college trained instructor. ' - ' ' 1 ' College Preparatory and Special Courses, Intermediate, Primary and Kindergarten Department, Languages Music, -Art, Home Economics. .- . ; Open-air classes. Outdoor sports. Boy taken in Kin dergarten and Primary. Seventh year begins September 18th. v ; --i MISS J. B. GRAY, PrindpaL " Phone 615. . 268 Chestnut Sl FOUNDED 183 ' CHARTERED IN 15 'N. TRINITY COtLEGE ": '. - y durham. n, e. : ' : ; - -' - A Conego of liberal arts with an established national repotatfon foe high stan dard, noble traditions, and progressive policies. Its largo endowment fund mak'e possible Its flrst-clase equipment and largo facsltji ot won trained and carefully , chosen teachers. Student fees low, Comfortable, ineapeaaive rooms in earoful ly supervised, hyglenio dormltarloa. Clssslcal and scientific courses !eadlitg-to bachelor's degree. Graduate osutses in all depsrtroeata. Schools at Engisoorlns. Sduoattoa. aad law. . For catalogue and Illustrated booklet, address -. - r. t. ruowtas, Ooeretars as tae Cojsorstwn.

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