THE SUNDAY CITIZEN, ASHEVULE; N". C, AUGUST 26, 1SJ17.' WARM FIGHT OVER WAR REVENUE BILL t !S(1E IN SEiTE EM GREATLY INTERESTED ; Iaterial ; Amendment of s I v ',? .1.-: j Measnrei Is Regarded ' !T ".'" as Certain. Will Go Down Potomac to I Visit Washington's Tomb Today. - I MOBILIZATION INKEIUTPRI (Continued One.) Denies statements That He Advised Price f $1.65 for Wheat. ' ADMIRE ACADEMY. STAMP SECTION IS WAHmWdTflV At.. C A 11X1. PASSED. TO .MONDAY hK but ,0o1,n to further at conference late between Secretary a cook and former soldier are de sired at that Urn. Warning js given against gettim Into thla levy by reason of bis exper' ence any man who might not other wise hav been included in the first Increment of the district at all. Text of Message. Following is the text of the message seni o me governors, dealing with the statu of married men, prepared (sightseeing on historlo American sites, line Japanese mission returned here , ' ! t -.- . I tonigni rrom Annapolis where they OJ TIT.-.- Tr Pnt the day Inspecting the naval tPlliimwma fatUM u vuw wu academy. Tonight they rested, but War Profit and Other Sections. Baker and General Crowdar: - "A feeling has been expressed that. In passing on claims for discharge on the ground of dependents, local board eugnu m no case, to refuse a dis charge to a married man or to the head of a family. The law under tomorrow they will board the naval yacht Mayflower, and sal down the Potomac to Mount Vernon to pay which local boards act require that, tribute to the memory of George before such a discharge ean be grant Washington and inspect hi old home. I ed, dependency, as well as relation al rrt 1 Li n"to -annapoii toaay snip, must be established. The mat. uuBaia w visitors ana aroused in Mr having- been presented to the vaiviaa vase Acviiveiv uoiiiv lu yibil n em i nnminanr . w rm tAi MiHa bm ki A WASHINGTON. Aug. IB. Prepara-1 Point later. Having admired the snick I dors thenaan """"" tlcms mad today by senate leaders and span academy literally from the " We ought as far a practicable to for next week' discussion of th war tomb of John Paul Jone to the top rats this new national army without tax bill presaged one of the most de- of the ( highest flag pole, they am- creating the hardships necessarily en terminetf and apeetaeular struggle of loualy inquired about West Point. Its tailed whan th. v... . - "J T.J "l. 4be war session. comparative beauty and the posslbll- uken, and X hope that for the most Th bill was not taken up today, th lty of It being visited. Plans eon- part those accepted 1 in th flrstaH senate reoeealng after a brief session template their going there soon. would be found to be men who had until Monday for conferences of those The day was a happy on for th not yet assumed such relations. firomlnent in the fight for and against mission. From th moment they "The selective aarvlna i, .u,. no-easing the tax levies. Material stepped from their , privat train at the fact of f depenntaather "thaS amendment of the bill was regarded the main gat of the academy grounds the fact of mkrrlaa-a. tha haal. rnr oertaln with the amount of tax in- to be greeted by Captain Siberia, sup- exemption, and there are undoubted ereaee expected te be the crux of next erintendent of th institution, until w. many cases within fh. 2ra limJta week oont-st. - s they waved a last farewell to him they fixed by 1. of men who mar! v . Stamp Section Goes) Over. smiled arid expressed th greatest ad- ried and yet whose accumulations or f Consideration of the postage tax miration for th institution. A com- th.J " "Wih 0 .'f? a!In I sections, scheduled for today, went pany of marine standing at atten- auch that no denendancv nf tha wir. tion. greeted tn mission as tney sten- aviat. . bi.i.i. .v. i .Vtflli'.tT not contemplate exemption for this YL T - ciass or men. ?,!! llaliSSl kK?.r?!2 L WtottoM promulgated on t?Ij!m&A !iJW 80' mT- ho14 regsrded as 7bltZJ?UT:.yrh!jy..y?I'!ontroMn In these cases, and the "'". ""I order issued under that regulation r'.?" S"! CJlPbl-'???aiS I Erecting exemption board to esUb- over until Monday. By Wednesday thee sections, , Including th special income tax on publisher and various proposals for Increasing second-class mail rate, probably will be out of th War. ifV'uv .-. .-( t The war nroflts section of the bllL flenator Simmons stated tonlarht. la to follow and on Monday or soon Jthere- at attention, the academy band be- ii,h the fact of dependent in ddi- after he plan a determined effort to ga playing- "ramlgayo," the Japan- tJon t0 y,, fact of marriage ought have a definite date fixed for a vote ese national air. Broad appreciative not to be abrogated' on profit and th entire bill. Most ". Playad across the face of the "The attention of this office has laailara hallavad tanla-ht tan dava ar visitor a th thrilling ' air Swept Ku. . .k. ... .... . two weeas win om requirea xor nnaii ":r ' I instances, local board have certified passage, I executed a few evolution and with' A .group of senator, promln.nt in : th fight to place higher tax rate on war profits, including Johnson, of 'California: tat Follette, Borah, Ken- yon, and other conferred today and decidedto make a determined effort along 'that line. -' Individual amend ment will be offered to levy a maxi- mum flat rate of eighty per cent, on war profits, sealed downward to th largest amount the senate will accept. The bill provide a levy of about twen ty-six per cent., estimated to return fS63.000.O0S, , War Profit Section. . , While the high tax advocate were In session, finance committee leaders also conferred toward uniting support for the majority draft toward th war profit section. ; division among .' the majority committee, however, caused tentative consideration of amendments more in harmony .with sentiment of senators desiring a change in the sys- Theiineforth the visitor were given the freedom of the academy. The flag room of the library, and the armory, whsre target practice Ja bald inter ested them most, ,.----. CANDIDATES LEAVE FOR FT. OGLETHORPE Twcutj-ytne ' Toraag for OoBunisBions at - tag Camp, torn at tevyina- war nroflts or a niche I Aweniy-iune young nwi, rwenuj isonaoiy aaequaie snppon, aner amy , TL ZlTx9 w , " ",urn"r I accepted for th second training camp taking into consideration aoldler tax rwr-w . ,f , ;- lat rort Oglethorpe, left last night inlwage and support available front to district boards as held for military service, men wnose xamiiiea are ac tually dependent upon them for sup port on th theory that the wife la able to work, and should be put to the necessity for going to work . to support herself and children. This situation la addressed in the follow ing opinion, .of the district board of New York city In which opinion this omoe concurs, wttn th - nndsrstand Ing that th phrase "support avail able rrom relative" is support partial or total previously extended io the appuoant nunseu. ' - "We do not concur In the view suggested In some quarters that in case of wife and children actually de- Vea Will Try I pendent oa applicant' labor support; m . . land where ther are no other mean noona Train- Uo the necessity of going to work to support herself and' children. Bona fide dependency of wife and children on Hebor of applicant wherein hi ab-1 sence they will be 'left without rea- man recently I so nab ly adequate snpport, after duly Meetings of th entire finance com mlttee -and alao the leaders In the : eampalgn to increase the tax levie are et for Monday before the senate coo-1 the occasion - of tbl aooeptano by MAM : ' ; : ... ''I'M. Cirmm . lmlU MWltlmi "Th bill without' question will be changed ana the war profits tax eon. : sideraBiy inoreasea in the senate ' la notion voluntarily by the ftnanoe committee," ( Senator Borah declared tonlghtss;fir,rt'' ;;!: .jr'i'v'r' :;f' : Finance committee : leader con cerned planned to line up th senate membership as far as possible to pre vent any drastic Increase and also to ward expediting action on the bill. a special car to report at the camp I relatives, as stated In the- rulings of eeoay Tne' partyt : wnoee nameqwere the provost marshal general, w ground recently published in The citwen,' n I of discharge.' jsxtent oi iatw. opinion clearly and "ASHINGTON, Aug. tS. The food tnlstratlon today denied reports Hsreert Hoover is attempting to uence the price-Axing committee ded by Dr. H. A. Garfield to put. a price or si.eo on the 117 crop of wneat and gave out copies of a tele gram sent by Mr. Hoover to a North Dakota newspaper. The telegram da' ciarea tn lood administrator was or faring no su vacations as to nrlcs. Mr. Hoover' telegram was In reply to on from Representative Toung, of finn uaxota, which concluded: "Anything we get above 1 1.(1 a bushel will be on account of clenched fists shaken in the faces of Garfield and Hoover." . Mr. Hoover's meaaaaa declared tha farming Interests have a majority rep-- reseniaiion on the price-nxing com .. mlttee and that Its membership Is made up of men in whom the whole country ha confidence. . "My. duty is' simply to see," said Mr. Hoover, "that th farmer receives a fair price, whatever that may be, and to see that the consumer obtains his bread ' without the speculative profits In between the farmer and the consumer, 'which maintained pver the first half of this year. I assume that the farmer no more wants to bleed the consumer by obtaining more than a fair price, than he wants to be bled by the producers of food and other commodities who also are being asked io maintain rair prices." The Garfield committee, it la nn derstoed.'wlll be ready to recommend price y tae middle of next week Rumor puts this pries at slightly uiihv.umb'h s ousnei. YARD DELIBERATE ACT (Con tinned "from 'Page One.) " rule and regulations, access to this building was restricted to compara tively few authorized persons. ' une Ma ijiterea , "Th only person seen, to enter this building on the morning of the explo sion was ' Ordnance Man .Nell C, Damstedt. a trusted employe of twen-"ty-ene - years continuous magaslne service, Demstedt, according to th testimony, unlocked and opened th magaslne door about thirty seconds previous to the explosion and ' was probably In the act of entering the building when the explosion occurred. "Tn board in it rinding states that it Is of th opinion that. Demstedt was in no way implicated in the explosion and that the testimony and attending circumstances do not in any way im plicate sjiy ammunition depot em ploye, or any member of th ammuni tion depot guard., "Further, the board states that, al ter having carefully considered all testimony . and carefully circum stances, it Is of the unanimous opinion that the explosion was not an accident but was due to the deliberate act of some person or persons unxnown. The board, however, was unabls to form an opinion as to the exact method employed by the party or parties guilty of having destroyed this raaga- HOPE ASCENDENT '; ' Every deposit you 'male fa jour Central Bank &. Trust Company ; Savinjg-a Account put" .gtrength in your hopes and gives you an outlook 1 on ' life from higher viewpoint ' 'Nothing -will raise your hopes and cheer your onward,' upward way, as wefl as a savings account, seriously . attended. ' ' ' ,, Central Bank & Trust Company Complete Banking Facilities' in Commercial, Savings and Trust Departments. Safe Deposit Vaults. . sine; such evidence. If any existed, was destroyed. In th explosion. "Every effort is being made to ap prehend the guilty parties and to defi nitely ascertain the exact manner In which this destructive explosion was accomplished. "For oDvlous reasons, ine aewus oi procedure cannot be made public." iiitiiiiiiu)niiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiwmMiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiii"ttnnmmm "Sra Sic Or&fc&tion Is Directed in Lites,Orders Regarding New Army. at the station, , where a large crowd had gathered to ee them departs Ashevill furnished a banner Con tingent : for the nrst training - camp, and the men from this city were al most uniformly successful tn : obtain ing eommisslona Th men who left ade- ot th "This quately expresses - th extent law in this resard. "Paragraph X, .compiled rulings of this office number six. addressed- a state of affair where the parents or other relative of the wife or bus- band ar able, ready and wllllngr ade- AMERICANS FLY DAJXY. 1 (4mEWHKRB ON THE FRENCH FRNT (Thursday), Aug. St. (By Tha Associated Press )( Delayed) All the American aviator in the La fayette Flying corps have been on the wing every day since last Sunday. The weather has been magnificent.' The American fliers have bean engaged In protecting bombing raids and scout In? expeditions over the new French front,- but there have been no air fights and no Incidents. - , ansa vviuiiiivaiwiiai aus livu w saw ava. , . - g ... i.r. ,mm -An louately to support the wife and cbll' than those attending 'the first camp, dren. If any, during the absence -of the second oall being In particular for tn huabaad. This ruling was re men over thirty-one .years of age. aponalve to a class of cases that had The second tralijinf camp open at been brought to tha attention lof thto Fort Oglethorpe tomorrow, and the "nice where daim dtochar had candidates will reach there this morn- been made In the grtrund of oapand- ing. in ample time for the preliminary 'J0 n hus?1 "i0' i, . - of fact wae not dependent upon him- tak. Tnrthduti.. tomorrow" The ruling dirted the atten- w . y- i -L. SENTENCEP TO DEATH- Prescriptions Sent to us are given tha . closest scrutiny and every drug specified in it meas ures out with ' Minute Accuracy Prompt Delivery. J. S. Claverte, Mgr, . Phones 556-557. Ition of local boards to th fact that scrutinising of case or tnis ainamignt disclose that ' no discharge waa ad- l..VniB Anm IK Tn lli,nAtn I Visable. oourt yests'rd.y"'mornlng th.ial of JL SXaEd ruZ. ink- rvifr.v n h. knii. nk.l graph B, of the compiled rulings the case was in the bands of the jury. of a family time of bis summons and prior there, to. were and had been mamly de h'f "? .Jury 2niZS.on ZPwZ " fSTSlipSt r. !T S:V..,: I "lntance in which local boards -nTI I i'rVn- . 1. tSVJ ."! have been in error In respect to these entered a plea for the verdict to be set aside on the ground that the officer In charge of the Jury had been allow- two classes of cases are rare. . It wa tn ha exneoted that with some 4, 500 local boards there would be some SHi.llHn00..! ia& ununlformity of decision In this re deliberating, was overruled by the! . ,,. ,nini ii m Judge. The day of exeontlon (was set If.." i... . tk. raiia. for December 38, when Coffex. unless tlon f rovide for th automatic ap th governo intervenes, will pay tha n..i X .n dependency cases to the penalty or the law. - i diatrlet boards. District boards should scan the decisions of local boards on question of dependency and wherever It appear tnai sucn ueciaiona are n laral (as in the two case just men tioned or otherwise), or where these decisions seem to be so far ununlform as to result In an unequal operation NO REPLY KBCEIVEn. BUENOS AIRES. Ausr. Jfc-The tor. sign office today announced "that: uo reply had been received from Berlin ,to Argentina's ... protest ? against: the sinking of the steamer Toro nor t the 1 0f the law the district board should reminder, sent to . Germany, that th reverse or modify the decision of the first note had - not been answered. Government officials; do not attempt to minimise the gravity of (he situa tion cauesd by this delay. ' A high official in the ministry of foreign affair said tonight to The Associated Press: "The Argentine government Is de local board." ANTI-DRAFT MEETING. CHARLOTTE, N. C Aug. IB. An anti-draft meeting was held in Ltn nolntnn. N. C. todav. C. I Baker, a termlned to put an end to this grave school teacher, was leader and stated quesUon in th shortest possible time." that th purpos of the meeting was He intimated that an ultimatum was being prepared. ANOTHER OVER-SUBSCRIPTION to get signers to a petition to congress in ravor or in Jtiarawica qui, re-enacting the volunteer system.- One hundred and thirty-three signed. An oDDortunlty was given for WASHINGTON. Aug. J5. Heavy he" nd n' ?t-m over-subscription of the treasury's la? I''0"0 "S"0 '5"" .fuiSn est offering of short time certificates "- "' by1?,r. a at?id issued In anticipation of the second Spaniard who la now a naturalised Liberty Joan, was announced tonight Dy tsecretary McAaoo, ; Furniture .Securely and Safely Stored V In a commodioTis, clean warehouse at reasonable ASHITTILLE :, Transfer & Storage Co. Phone J I ;. ; Broadway Today's issue. $250,000,000, brings the total thua sub scribed up to 1650,000,000, the previ ous issue, 1800,000,000, also having been over-subscribed. Th increased suss of th two offer NO PEACE TAI.K. WASHINGTON; Aug. J 5. Talk in congress that President Wilson might nnaalhlv a Ariraaa tha national bodr on ing over th offerings mad in advance'! hn mhlmf nf ntM whan ha makes of the first Liberty bond issue is re- reply to Pope Benedict's proposal was garded as presaging a larger offering effectually silenced today when the of Liberty bonds in the second issue white house let it be known In em- 1 1 . v;-I-i';.rj., 3w ASHINOTON. Ausr. 2S. Oriranl. cation of an - enlisted ordnance corps "i uie naiionsi army witn a total strength of 20,000 men is directed in today's army orders, all memhara nf the existing ordnance enlisted reserve corps erag 'transferred to the new es tablishment. Jt will comprise the mechanical force to oae for the re. pair ef the artillery of the fighting branches of the army. There will be x.buu ordnance sergeants. - 400 ser. geanta of first class. 2.000 sergeants. s,uvu corporals, 400 cooks. S.600 prl- i privates tn divided Into divisions r tha ordnance deDOta and renair ahnna ha. tuna uie lines. Some idea of tha wnrlr tVi.t mnrf be don iR.- replacins" and repairing gun may fee gained "from the fact max on any section or the western front, every artillery piece actively en gaged must be replaced every hun dred days, a new gun must be brought up and placed on the car nage as me oia one will have been "shot out" In that time and must be rellned. In addition, damage to gun in ae tlori are frequent and often skilled mechanic t in addition to those In cluded in the battery organisation ar needed to make repairs without delay.- '':;j:f ' "" ''!' -; ' ' '. ' ' ' " 'passports refcsed. TmW YdkK, Aug. 85T-The British government has- refused naaanorta tn the Rev. Stanley A. Mellor, Unitarion minister,, and peolflst of Liverpool, whs bad acoepted an invitation from the genera) Unitarian conference of the. United States and Canada to da. liver the "conference sermon" at tha coming .biennial .session in Montreal, It was announced hera tnriav hv taa conference publicity committee. Form. or Presidents Wm. H. Taf t is president ui wo cu(iiwinc, io do neia Septem ber 24 to 28 and Will dallvar turn aI. ureases, wtuie on on an interna tional peace program" will be made by Premler'Borden of Canada, it was - r THE INSIDE STORY OF PACIFISM IN ENGLAND (By Rnth Wright Kanffman of the Vigilantes.) 1. THE CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR, mmimtttmttniniiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiuiiiiiiiiiiiitnn Mrs. Kauffman Is special cor respondent of The Vigilantes in Eng. land. Her skill as a newspaper wom an has recently been signally recog nized by the British government which has "borrowed" her from The Vigilantes for a period of some weeks In connection with publicity work for the Woman's Auxiliary Army Corps.) There is a new kind of martyr in England; the martyr that is painfully and conscientiously letting other peo ple die for him. In the military service w con scription act of December. 1015, Mr. Asqulth inserted a clause, exempting from service anyone that would prove "conscientious objections" to fighting This was done to protect such relig ious bodies as- the Quakers. While many of William Penn's disciples were enlisting not only to care for the sick and the wounded, but even for active service, "conscientious . objectors" from other quarters, as well as from the Quakers, suddenly sprang up like mushrooms. Tribunals were appointed to sift all claims of exemption. To their amaze ment, the flood of objectors came fortified with a mass of religious. moral and" ethical argument as to why they should not be In the fight- inr line lor tne protection oi tneir oeuntry.: i It was remarkable how many applicants, who were not Quak ers and who had been famous in their communities for high sense of duty, cultivated the tender plant of con science between August 1814 and De cember 1818. Tribunals varied in their treatment of such claims; mostly, like Gallio, they cared for none of these things and "drove them from the Judgment seat. Scarcely five per cent of the applicants made good their claims to total exemption." The alternative to military service for the conscien tious objectors is . work of national importance. An official return for the week ending July 14, 1817, shows ,461 conscientious objector not handed over to military service. Of these 1,282 are in prison. Conscientious objectors, one comes to believe, are born, not made. In many large centers, classes of instruc tion were formed at which the would- be delinquents were coached in pad-I conscientious objector.- A party of them was recently introduced into a village for labor purposes. The vil lage pelted them with ,sods, ducked some of them in the pond and finally chased the . lot . out. - .: Such scenes are . not Infrequent Wherever they are sent, people, will not work side by side with them in the same place or occupation. 'Their only satisfaction in a country that is seriously at war is the satisfaction that every person in the wrong huff to himself as his persecution. The London county council have had to remove from . their school conscien tious objectors who were exempted because their fellow teachers refused to work with them. It was confidently hoped by the majority of the English that under the new electoral reform bill the con scientious objector would be deprived of his parliamentary -vote, ' but the matter is still unsettled. ' - It must be remembered that the present British parliament is but a Vrump parlia ment," whose life has been unduly prolonged because many of its mem bers are absent on service. Why the prime minister should be so tender to ward the "conscientious objector" puzzles a good many of hi friends. Psrhaps he miscalculates the feeling of the men that will come home at the end of the war. If in the future tuis qiresttofi could' again be submitted to a parliament representative alike at th soldiers who have fought and the women (now enfranchised) ' who have lost their husbands and brothers. short work would be made of the con scientious objector's - franchise. In any case, the conscientious objector has earned an opprobrium among the bulk of British people that will last to the grave: and not infrequently sober-minded citizens say they would prefer business and social relationship with a burglar or a forger than with "conscientious objector." The Quaker conscientious objectors, when tried in tribunal, have generally lived up to their , rules of non-resist ance and at least acoepted medical aid service. Their non-resistance, in deed, seems to have .' been tampered with only in the case of certain wealthy exceptions, who are reputed belligerently to be financing the pact- SPECIAL THIS WEEK August 20th to 26th 1 MASON FRUIT JARS t quart, per doz. . . .66c Yl gallon, per doz. . . 88c Ask to see our $1,00 canning rack for use in an ordinary wash boiler. BROWN HARDWARE . COMPANY ; 35 Broadway. S58 PHONES 1B face bravely turned to the foe. v ' The battle front keeps Its own se crets. Who know but that other have chosen an honorable death tq dishonor behind, .prisqn, bans J fist arguments ranging from the New 'fist cause. , Yet even conscientious ob- OAT$ TRANSPORT SANK. AN -ATLANTIC PORT. Aua. JS. The torpedoing of the British steamer Trelisslck.- loaded with 310,000 bush els or oat for-: the French govern ment, was reported by the officer of a British steamer Which arrived today. too crew of th xreiisslck. together with the crew, of another torpedoed ateomcT which they had picked up a rew m vr oetore tney - inemselves w -re atti eked, were rescued by an American warship after they had been adrift a short time. Although the Trellsslck was armed, she had - no chance to defend herself. She regis tered ,847 ton. - KUjIiED BY EXPIOSION. than th first. JCDGES NAMED. PARIS. Aug. 2S.A. disnatch from Madrid to the Temps says twenty-two judges have been appointed by the captain-general to sit on th -cases of one nunared and eighty person ar rested during the general strike. This number does not include several per sons who have been 'released includ ing Deputy Parens, from Lerida, nor two strikers who were condemned to death for participation in the rioting at Sabadeli, Catalonia and for whose pardon Vlueen Victoria and the- queen dowager have applied to th governor. Title ef a home tn Orov Park Is Ilk a certificate of deposits of a bank always worth its faca value nlua nhatlo terms that the president ha no I such intention. .. The Santa Fe railroad Is training women for telegraphic position ' ANOTHER RACE RIOT. Philadelphia, ' Aur. . SS An incipient riot between a number -a- of negroes and member of the 4- Third and Sixth regiments, Penn- 4 4- syivaou national guard, occur. 'red in the West' Philadelphia section late tonight, resulting ta.4- the arrest Of ftfteesi white and v- negro men. Four negroes, who were more aerkmsly beaten tn 4 4- the fight. In which SOO partirt- 4- 4 patcd, were taken to a bospitat 4 FORT SIIX.' Okla.. Aug. ' 15. Privates Nelson and James Kelley. of Battery a. Second Missouri field ar tillery were killed ana four others seriously Injured ' when .'a shrapnel shell exploded on the cantonment range here late 'today, completely wrecking the mess hall in Which they were preparing their first meal after arriving at th Oklahoma post INCREASE PRICES. DETROIT. Mich.. 'Aug. U. Th Detroit Free Press and th Detroit New Tribune tonight announced an increase in the price of their Sunday edition to six cents, effective Sep tember J. Outside of ' Detroit the price is to be seven cents. Increased cost of producing a newspaper is given as the reason, - Testament - to Tolstoi. Their har angues became so voluble that the long-suffering tribunals finally had to reaulre them to fill tn. In writing, a questlonaire "with a leaning to mercy" as to length. : - i One "Brother" Clifford Allen, as he is called in pacifist circles, has re mained in prison for two years for refusing every -overture of the gov ernment, and declining even to take up work of national importance If released. The cult of self-imposed martyrdom grows on a man.' Brother Allen's pious utterances from prison are quoted to audiences oi pactnsta He poses as a latter day John the Baptist awaiting death at the beads of an Herodian cabinet; it 1 sig nificant that he does not seek it at the hands of the Germans. But - publie opinion is against the Jectors have been known to change their minds. - One, about a year ago, came before a tribunal with objections so outrageously unpatriotic that the members heard mm tignt-nppeq arm white-knuckled. They refused . his plea. He gave them to . understand that, though all his reasons summed up spelled personal cowaraica only, he would sooner go to prison than wear uniform. ', In the end, like so many .of his fel lows, he was sent out to do clerical work behind the lines. He undoubt edly believed his own arguments when he made them. . What call of his country suddenly stirred ' his heart none can tell, but when the record recently came of his death, it was not of a man languishing In anaemic self pity and spiritual pride in an Eng lish goal, but of a soldier With hlsi - MURRAY BBAW'Niram'ft'C--' " FOREST HILLS, N. T., Aug: SS. R. Llndley Murray, of Niagara Falls, N, Y defeated Nathaniel W. Nires,' of : Boston, in tha final round of the National Patriotic Singles' Lawn Ten nis tournament here today. 6-7, 8-6, t S-I, 6-3. Murray's smashing tactics, his endurance and court generalshis proved too much' for Nile. TIGERS GET PITCHER. JOPL-IN, Mo., Aug. 25. Reb Hall. a right hand pitcher, wa sold today bV the Joplln.' Western league club. to the Detroit Americans. THE WEATHER. WASHINGTON, Aug. !5 Forecast for North Carolina: Fair Sunday and Monday somewhat cooler -Sunday. Miss Josephine T. Berry, professoi ' of home economics at the University of Minnesota; has been appointed as sistant director of the Federal Voca tional Education Board. : Eighty thousand , Missouri women , bave registered for national servtci and pledged themselves to aid in food conservation. Eighty thousand Missouri . women have registered for national service and pledged themselves to aid in food conservation. Dr. Aristlne P. Munn-Recht. a Bryn Mawr graduate, has been appointed first dean of women at New York ' university, CLOSES MUTCH STANDS. ANNISTOSr, " AJa-y Aur. IS. -Major General Chas. B Morton, commander of Camp McCieilan. arrived bare to day and soon afterwards told a dele gation of Anniston clUxon that lunch stands near the camp should be clos ed at once. ' General Morton is quoted as saying that if the stands are not removed h will so guard them that they will not b patronised: , WHEAT PIT CLOSES. . . ', , CHICAGO. Aug J5. Th wheat pit of the Chioara board of trade cloaad today. .Th action of th directors la closing th pit was due to a request of Herbert Ci. Hoover, food admlnla- , . . 4 jtrator, that '.trading In wheat tutors I YOUR NEW FALL HAT IS HERE All the Latest Creations in Men's New Fall Headgear Awaits Your Inspection, All the Newest Shapes; All the Niitiest Colors I.W;Glaser 16 Palton Ave. ' fa! fawna.l& MitUUkJtJk.

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