THE ASHEVTXLE CITIZEN MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 1917. NINE MEN. ENLIST 'PATRIOTIC DAY' IS KIFFIH ROCKWELL TOLD MITCHELL RAILROAD HOSPITAL UNIT TO LEAVE FOR CAMP TODAY Wardrobe Trunks 7. IS. LAW 1 HAYWOOD A, IN REGULAR ARMY NAMED BY GOVERNOR OF HIS FIRST FIGHT AGAIN BREAKS RECORD Dress Trunks Special : r ,.. . Sale 20 XX Water Coolers ToiClose Them Out .riiVWe Can Equip You V Fo r TTiaf B , 1 FISHING V TRIP .- THE I-X-L STORE Opposite P. O. If They Arp Honest Made Glasses You Wear ' They're Proper ', Eyes Examined, Classes De signed, Made, Fitted . and Repaired. Charles H. Honest Optometrist and Optician. 4 Fittest Ave, Opp. Postoffle. ! JVi&W. COAL -JTHE FUEL STANDARD l1! Phone 40 Aihevfllo Coal Co. . I WORTH PACK QUA. A Big Line New and jUed Automobiles 'f'-''" " TERMS .. Pay as yen enter, or by the "waek er month. Ws Invite you to look 'em ever. O. K. Auto Supply -'' & Transit Co. , SMI BUtmore Ave. Phone US. DO YOU Realize that our drivers are careful men) You Would If you would have us do your moving. Citizens Transfer Co. Cos. Am Bad Govt. t M and Se DUX SEED ' 'This has an aromatic odor and a warm pungent taste tend Is particularly desirable for flavoring cucumber pickles. Also used for flsrvoring soups, stews, etc. Price. 10c per ounce. Grafs Pharmacy ' Kan rAGK oquarb. 8''-" J-v, Sergeant Ingram Says Men Are Taking STew Interest In Regular Army Serrloe. Fort Thomas School. Sergeant Ingram,' of the looal army recruiting station, gave passports to nine young men of Ashevllle and vicinity Saturday afternoon, and under th. leadership of one of their number they boarded a west bound train yes terday morning for Fort Thomaa, Ky.. where they will enter the school for regular army recruits. During the oast two or three weens the recruiting service for the regular army ranks has suffered a slight fall ing off. according to Sergeant Ingram, but he stated that during the latter days of last week renewed Interest had been shown In army enlistment, and as a result the young men mentioned Joined ihe service, while others have their names on file for examination this week. The recruits going to Fort Thomas yesterday wers: Carrol P. Ragan, Henry L. weaver, James W. Arro wood, Whitney B. Davis, Paul 8. Crowder, Samuel K. Daniels, Elmer A. Hill, James C. Smith and Oscar C. Orr. SPECIAL SERVICE FOR TRINITY CHURCH MEN It Is announced that Rev. Dr. W. H. Milton will deliver an address to the men of Trinity Episcopal church this evening at 8: IS o'clock at the home of Dr. F. L. Hunt, 1S4 Hillside street. Dr. Milton will speak upon a subject of special Interest to men, and the male members of the church are looking forward with high interest to the service that will be given ex clusively for them. Last night one of the members of Trinity stated that it was the desire of the committee In charge of the service that every male member of the church attend and bo-operate in the move ment that would be launched by Dr. Hilton. The best kind of ebony Is yielded by the dlospyros ebenum. This tree growsw win Ceylon and Southern In dia. COW-EASE KEEPS FLIES OFF Cattle and Horses eves doable Its eost la extra milk Will not gum the hair or buster the skin eld la scaled pitkse ealy Never In hulk Endorsed by thousands of prosperous fanners and dairymen TRY COW-EASE TODAY ,1. For Sale by . T. S. MORRISON & CO., - sO-84 Pattern Ave. PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS ' Audits, Appraisals, Investigations. , Efficiency Systems Installed. Anv niialnAaaAnvwhara. DEVENISH J 34 Electrical Bldg. TO SMOOTH THE WRINKLES OF IRONING WORRIES USE THIS Exclusive Features of the Hot Point Thumb Rest, Attached Stand to Lift Iron OS Board. Complete, ready to use $5.00 S. Sternberg & Go. Depot St Phone 333 WE BUY ANYTHING and SELL EVERYTHING Structural Materials a Specialty v All Sizes and Lengths of I Beams STATE TO DO HONOR TO DRAFT ED SOLDIERS. Governor Blckett Issues Proclamation Calling on People to Hold Celebrations. Acting at the reauest of the North Carolina council of defense, Governor Thomas W. Bickett has issued a Droc- lamation, setting Monday, September 3, as "Patriotic Day." at which time patriotic exercises are to be held with the soldiers of the new draft army as special guests or honor. This proc lamation by the governor will be car rled out in the various counties by me county councils of defense, and Labor Day this year promises to be turned into a great patriotic celebra tion in this state. Must what form the exercises are to take has not been specified, but some form of patriotic celebration will be held In every county, accord ing to the plans of the state council of defense. Governor Blckett's proc lamation follows: State of North Carolina Governor's Office Raleigh A Proclamation by the Governor. North Carolina is about to send twenty-five thousand men into battle. These men are making the supreme sacrifice that forever hereafter the wisdom of the many shall determine the decrees of nations. They go to make war on war. They go to destroy with the sword the government that maintains that the sword is. and of right ought to be, the final arbiter of a nation's rights. when the government that denes war shall perish In war then war will come no more upon the earth. It Is fit that these guarantors or the world's peace should be sustained by the love ana prayers oi an gooa men: Nor, Therefore, I, Thomas Walter Blckett, Governor of North Carolina, do request the people of the State: First, to assemble on Saturday, the first dav of Hentember. In township and school district meetings, and hold natrlotlc exercises In honor of the men we are sending to the front: Hannnil. on Sunday. Seotemoer z. let special religious services be held in all the churches in the state, and let all good men pray for the safety and success of the men who are go ing into battle that lasting peace may come upon the lana: Third. That on Labor Day, Septem ber 3, appropriate patriotic exercises ha hold in avarv county seat In the state and let the men who have been drafted into the public service be the guests at these exercises. Done at our city oi mionn tho twenty-fifth day of August, in the nf mir Ijird one thousand nine hundred and seventeen, and In the one hundred and forty-second year of our American Independence. T. W. BICKETT, Governor. (GREAT SEAL OF THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA.) By the Governor: Santford Martin, Private Secretary. TWO INJURED IN EXPLOSION-. . xr i m.lMTtf" POUT. Aug. 23.- Two men were seriously Injured Sat urday night as a result of a boiler ex plosion on one Of lot government v- tni hn.t. The injured are Uluse vtu. AMman' thfrd-clajifi. and Mar tin Martinson, chief machinist's mate. Kight Is In a critical condition and little hope Is held out for his recov. U.WinMn waa aartntialv hurnfid and scalded, but it Is believed that he will recover. -vne acciaenc oc curred In the harbor on board one A .k . flah BtAamera rArt.ntlr nur- chased by the government and placed In patrol service; in. mjureu .r. h.i.. for at a naval. hosDltat. The cause of the explosion has not been determined. The boat was re cently overhauled ror mis government service. References ell Ashevllle Banks. and WILSON Phones ST 4 or 1 SS. WROTE LETTER TO BROTHER DESCRIBING AERIAL DUEL. Appears In Article Written for French Magazine by Late Aviator's Brother. PauL A copy of a French magazine, de voted to aircraft, was recently re ceived from France by The Citizen, and It contains an article of strong local interest written by Paul Ayres Rockwell, brother of Klflln Rockwell, the Intrepid Ashevllle aviator who lost his life in a fight with a German aeroplane last November. The article, which was published In the original French, contains among other things a letter written by Kilfln to his brother after his fKUfln's) flrat aerial engage ment. The following Is a literal translation of the magazine article, which : is entitled "The Lafayette Squadron:" "Although the term 'aeroplane' haslni, the paMt four w.eK. the colonel become a household word since the world-war began, few realize its dead ly significance In the present struggle. One must be a personal actor In an air fight before he can understand its horror. The letter which we subjoin was written by one who had such an opportunity and It throws some light on the subject for us who have not. Klffln Rockwell was pilot of one of the ships of the American air squadron which was organized in April, 1916, In France and composed of Americana who had been volun tarily serving In the allied cause, dis persed here and there in French squadrons. Among these we may mention William Thaw, who was flying in America long before the war, and Norman Prince, who first conceived the Idea of forming a dis tinctively American squadron. The following la an account of Rockwell's engagement with a German ship in the America-German air contest, May 18, 1916. He writes to his brother, Mr. Paul Ayres Rockwell: " 'My Dear Paul: " 'At last I have news for you. This morning I started to take a little turn about the lines. I was a little toward the opposite side and was making detour so as to gain an aviation field near our trenches. Just as I was, di recting my ship thither I saw a Ger man aeroplane about 700 yards be neath me and almost within our lines. Immediately I redirected my motor and headed for him. He saw me at the same moment and began to re treat toward his lines, it was a double "avion" with two machine guns of quick discharge, one In front, the other at back, turning on a pivot so as to point In every direction. The gunner opened fire on me at once and my ship was struck, but I took no heed of It and continued to make straight for him until I found myself within twenty-five or thirty yards. men just as I was In danger of, col' tiding with him I fired four or five shots and wheeled to one side In order not to strike him. At the same In stant I saw the gunner fall backward. killed, his machine abandoned to Itself point vertically and the pilot fan also against the side of his carllng, as If he also were annihilated. ' The vessel set off on one wing, then went straight downward, leaving a furrow Of smoke behind. - I took -some turns above the spot u and three or four minutes later I 'Saw a blase come from the earth "near the German trenches. I had hoped It would fall In our lines, as It Is difficult to au thenticate the fall ' in the German lines. Our post - of observation sig nalled the wreck and . the smoke. The captain told me he would pro pose my name for the military medal, but I don't know whether I shall get It or not. Yesterday Thaw had a fine flight, at the end of which the Ger man sank. He has been signalled as abandoning the - fight, seriously wounded but capable of returning to his lines. I am very busy now, as an order has Just reached us to re pair to Verdun. Jim telegraphed you the result of my fight. " 'Always yours, " KIFFIN.' " According to Dutch figures. Jaian was second to the United States In the production of copper last year and was followed by Chile and Mexi co, Trunks Repaired and Rebuilt Like New Trays made to order re lining, repainting, new han dles, slats, castors, locks, keys, fitted, etc Satisfaction Guaranteed. J. M, HEARST COMPANY, No. Battery Park Place (fear P. O. Phone 443 Hens, lb . . 20c Chickens, lb ,.... 24c Eggs, doz. ......... 38c Side Meat, lb 26c Fat Back, lb 24c Flour No. I,. quarter. .$1.60. Meal, peck ' 60c Potatoes, bushel ....$1.20 H. T. Wilson 0 If. Lexington Ave. Phone lsOO. FERTILIZERS FOR GRAIN, GRASS AND VEGETABLES We now have in stock Ground Bone Meal 1 6 per cent Acid Phosphate, 8-2t2, 8-2. 3 and other grades of Fertilizers. By using the proper kind and quantity of fertilizer for your crop, yoo can increase the yield and quality. Let Us Help and Supply You With the Right Fertilizers Needed STRICKER SEED CO., Car. College and Lexington Ave. Taone IlTB. . CANDIES WITH A REPUTATION' The purest ' of ingredients are used in all our Candies. CANDY KITCHEN AND CLUB CAFE Haywood St Near P. O. Phones 110 aad 111. TRAINS RUN AGAIN EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. Many Expressions of Admiration for Wonderful Soenio Route Traversed by Mountain Railroad. "Breaking records for earrvinr crowds to the top of Mt. Mitchell has oecome such a common ooourrence that I scarcely feel Ilka mentioning it any more." said Col. Sanford H. Cohen, general passenger agent of the Mt Mitchell railroad, last night, "but it is a fact that we broke all rec ords for a week's business again last week. In fact the Mt. Mitchell rail road la beginning to be like McCarty's horse, whose natural gait was run ning away, he did It so often, only in the case of the railroad, It Is running away with records for crowds every week. 'We have done more business dur- continued, "than any four weeks in the history of the road, and again this week we are going to onerate trains Tuesday, Wednesday. Thurs day, Friday and Saturday in order to take care of the crowds that are al ready In sight for the trip. And at that, the size of the crowds Is not nearly as great a source of satisfac tion ts Ihe owners of the road as the strong expressions of admiration for the trip that have been evoked re cently, "We are especially pleased with Governor Blckett's praise of the trip. No one connected with the road knew that the governor was going to Mitchell, and our first Intimation that he had made the trip was In the in terview given out by him to The Citizen. William A. Cooper, coun cilor for the Juniors of Raleigh, made the trip the same day that Governor Bickett went, and he too, was charm ed with the wonderful view. Rev. W. B. Rollins, of the Theological seminary at Alexandria, Va., made the trip Thursday and declared that while he and Mrs. Rollins had made many trips, they considered the Mitchell trip the greatest of their lives. "The weather Is fine at the present time and the mountain Is at Its best so that we expect to carry still larger crowds up the Mt. Mitchell railroad this week, operating trains every day except Sunday and Monday. "I Just want to show you an expres sion from R. T. Lavell, in the New berry Observer. He wrote a three column article about Mt. Mitchell." In the article referred to, Mr. La vell says: "The scenery Is superlatively grand, I gainsay this scenery Is grand beyond description and I wish I had the power to describe the varying and changing scenes. As we ascend ed the mountain the people would go Into ecstacles and rise to their feet and point to the different views as they would see them. To see the clouds below you with the sun shin ing on them from above was sub lime. You could see miles and miles of mountain peaks In the panoramic view, it was grand, it was sublime and beyond any power of description that I could produce from my mind and brain. I cannot begin to describe It for it must be seen to even tell about it." Mr. Lavell In his article of three columns goes Into graphic details of the switch-backs and the zigzagging over the lofty peaks. An automobile alarm whistle to be connected to the cylinders of a car can be made to utilize the full force of their explosions when desired. EYE-GLASS SATISFACTION f Relief Comfort Aaoearanoe HEARS H Dr. J. C. Denison Optometrist and Optician, i Becoming Glasses Cost no More, . ; At H.ndersen'a. 63 Pat. Ave. SAY TOXAWAY TO YOUR GROCER Ma). F. 3. Clemen grr and Elghty- Seven Hen, Designated as Official ; Unit, Leave Today for Greenville. This morning the Field Hospital oorps, comprising eighty-seven men, who have been encamped in Ashevllle for the past several weeks, will leave for Greenville, a C to enter the gov ernment quarters erected there, this unit having been selected as the of ficial hospital trooD to occupy the Greenville .cantonment Major Francis J. Clemenrer. In command of the unit. auDerlntandad the packing of the last wagon load of equipment yesterday afternoon, and early after breakfast this morning the soldiers will march to the Southern passenger station to entrain at o'clock for their destination. They will arrive In Greenville this afternoon and will be immediately assigned quarters. On Saturday the members or the Hospital corps received comfort knits from the ladles of Ashevllle and these will be Included In the personal belongings which they will take with tnem to ureenvllle. ATLANTA DENTIST TO : ADDRESS DOCTORS It is announced that Dr. T. T. H!n- man, a prominent dentist of Atlanta, Ga., will read a paper on the "Focal infections in the Mouth in Relation to Systemic Disorders" at the meeting of the Buncombe County Medical so ciety at the city hall tonight The lecture and reading will be illustrated with stereoptlcon elides. it is stated that Dr. Hlnman la one of the foremost of his profession In tne south, and the members of the medical society are looking forward to his lecture and reading with keen anticipation. About Alvih Silver Plate A LVIN Plate is beautiful its appeal to the cultured eye has given it a high and peculiar place in American esteem. Alvih plate is guaranteed for fifty years a whole lifetime and the Manufacturers claim it will last much longer. We sell Alvin Plate because it fits our ideas of style and quality and our friends feel the same way about it. ,We carry a large stock of Alvin Plate because many cus tomers want it in a hurry. Henderson 53 Patton Are. - -:- Water Ground Graham Flour Ground on an old-fashioned Burr Mill that does not heat the flour. You can make the most delicious bread, or cakes with this flour and then it is so healthful and so palatable. 12 Pound Bags, $1.00. J. J. VAXES Groceries 37 Haywood St. 15 no Buys This Victrola Outfit M , - ( ,U , iAJA llMWIMj.)'!IIWjMS!v J ill J! I I"' .Lt " f . v-..i1 , 4 'It t " ih ' If ? m I f a'"s" Q c o , " O oT"' i ' 6 ' w 6 o i T 6 7" I v v w ' rid TOTT GET THESE Huckleberry Finn Mulberry Rose . - .....-.... Dance and Grow Thin Fox Trot ..... Oh, Johnny, Oh Johnny One-Step..... For Me and My Gal Medley Fox-Trot' My Fox-Trot Girl . 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