THE ASKEVILLE CITIZEN, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 191T. o THRIFT 0 Saving la ths first secret of fortune bund ing. Men who have built their fortunes al most invariably began as wage-earners. The other secret of fortune building Is to make your savings work full time, at good wages.. ." Our First Mortgage real estate securities yield 6, and because of our payment plan small savings may be invested to good ad vantage. - MONEY TO LOAN We have money to loan on good first mortgage improved real estate. Bankers Trust & Title Insurance Co. Canle N. Brown. Pres., Hugh LaBarbe. Vlee-Prea 8. M. Bane. Beo-Treaa Geo. H. Wright. TlUe Atty., Ruftner Campbell, Asst. Title Atty. PIRATES OF PENZANCE IS WELL PRESENTED BRILLIANT srCCESS FROM EVERY POINT OP VIEW. LWt Let Soap Spoil Your Hair When yon wash your hair, be careful what ypu use.' Most soaps and prepared shampoos contain too much alkali, which is very injurious, as it dries the scalp and makes the hair brittle. 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The hair dries quickly and evenly, and is soft, fresh, looking, bright, fluffy, wavy and easy to handle. , Besides, it loosens and takes out every particle of dust, dirt and Panama, GOVERNOR GIVES SEW f OR STATE t'iy- "'' 'S CHARITY CAMPAIGN EARLY NEXT MONTH Directors Hold Monthly Meeting and Hear Reports of Secretary and Nurse. it; " Jaenee R Goodrich, governor ol Indiana, dated political death and endangered bis healta to wla a better Urine for ttla people, h fought the.., wheat .apeeulatoraj brought the coal barons to term and was speeding along toward otherj-eforms when overwork stopped him. He la in a hospital recovering his health and planning) his next drtve to make living ion the poor endurable. 7 A decision to wage the annual fall campaign, the object of which will be to raise funds with which to carry on me wont during the winter months, on October 10 and 11 was reached ai the monthly meeting- of the director of the Associated Charities, held In the directors" room of the American Na tional bank, yesterday afternoon. Little other business came up ex cept the hearing and approving of ihe mommy reports submitted by Miss 2. Grace Miller, the general secretary ana oy miss Jane Al. Brown, the dia trict nurse. Miss Miller's report follows In full: Number grocery orders riven. 89: coal orders, six; calls made by secre tary, 14: applicants at the office. 132 number given furniture, one; number given clothes, six; number of letters written, twelve; sent out of town. tnree; employment round lor rour. Miss Brown reported that there were fifty patients being cared for August 1; number of new patient twenty-eight: discharged, fifteen; 3ent to hospital, six; died, two; nursing visits, 160; friendly visits, eighty-nine: patients to the dispensary, eighty-six. AVIATOR DIES. FORT SITJU Okla., Sept. 11. Rod erick R. Kennedy, Minneapolis, Minn., private In the third aero squadron, died late today as the result of burns received when he crashed two hun dred feet to earth in a burning air plane at the aviation camp here this morning. CLEAR SKY. GREAT TIME FOR THE WORLD'S GREATEST SCENIC TRIP TO MT. MITCHELL EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. It. The Metal Polishers' International union has voted to admit women to its membership. SUNK BY SUBMARINE. NEW TORK. Sept. 11. Re- ports Indicating that the Amerl- can steamship Susanna, a vessel of .61S tons cross register. which le. here August T for Genoa, has been sunk by a sub- marine were received In shipping oircles here today. Records here show that she carried a crew of thirty-seven of whom nine claim- ed American citizenship. f -ft Practically No Trace of Amiiteur Effort in Work of Principals and Company. A finished and highly meritorious presentation of the ever popular OH bert and Sullivan operaf'The Pirates of Penzance," by the Ashevllle "di vision of the Red Cross at the Auditorium last night marked another record for productions by local talent. Without disparaging any previous ef forts, -it may be said that last night's production, directed and staged by Maurice LonghurBt lor tne benent & I J NoIStntumm ' Bat Full Vatam Cofftm The Main Tiling About Breakfast Lots of people consider coffee the biggest part of their breakfast. These people are more than ordinarily critical about coffee they must have the best That is the reason why Maxwell House is found on more breakfast tables than any other high-grade coffee sold in the South. MAXlrELL'HOUSE COFFEE is really an inspiration for the start of the day. The zest .of it sends a man to business feeling fit and fine. Good grocers have Mux well House. Packed In sanitary sealed tins whole, ground uteci cat) or pulverised. Tr? Maxvmtt Hoot Ta, Toe Cheek-Neal Coffee Company Naahvill , Houston Jacksonville) . r .1 n re-" of the Ashevllle division of the Red Cross, was a brilliant success from every point of view. There was prac tically no trace of amateur efforts, the whole ranking well with many pro fessional productions of an operatic order that have appeared In this city. Mr. Longhurst, whose success with "Pinafore" Is favorably remembered here, acted as musical director and stago manager, giving his time and services without charge to the cause. The principals In the famous comic opera were: Frank Hill, Dr. A. 8. Wheeler, Karl Tuebener, James Mc intosh, Horace Seely, Mme. Angela Redmond, Miss Cora Galer, Miss Thel ma Runyon, Miss Blanch Loftaln and Mrs. Walter Carpenter, nee'Mlss Am bler. All acquitted themselves with distinction, and were heartily ap plauded by the audience. While Frank Hill has been heard several forts. It may be said that the last returning from study at New York city, last night was his first appear ance In opera here, and he sang the role of "Frederic," the pirate ap prentice, to splendid advantage. His lower tones were especially fine. Mme. Angela Redmond, formerly of Lon don, Eng., but now of this city scored well with her fine soprano voice, her rendition of "Oh, Dry the Glistening Tear," In the second act being a splendid effort. Mme. Redmond and Frank Hill also delighted the audience with their excellent work In the duet. Stay, Frederic, Stay!". Mrs. Walter Carpenter, formerly Miss Mary Am bler, whose sweet soprano voice has delighted Ashevllle audiences many times, scored well In "Itiver, River." Miss Blanche Loftaln acquitted her self well both In her acting and her singing, and made a hit in the duet with Mr. Hill in the first act. Miss Cora Galer, as "Kate," the daughter of the general, used her fine con tralto voice to good effect, while Miss Thelma Runyon. another daughter, shared well In the honors of the even' ing. One of the hits of the evening was scored by James Mcintosh and his 'police force." As chief Mr. Mcintosh had several opportunities to use his fine bass voice and he made the most of them. Horace Seely sprung a sur prise on the audience with his sing ing and acting.- - Taking the 'part at the last moment, in the absence of Dr. Rakestraw, who Is out of the city, Mr. Seely as "Major General Stanley," scored a big hit. Karl Teubener aa Samuel" the lieutenant, acquitted himself superbly and. acted the role to the manner born. As Richard, the pirate chief. Dr. A. S. Wheeler, was a shining success. His acting was of a high order and was so recognized by the audience. - Between the first and second acts the gypsy dance, under the direction of Mrs. Elsie Hemphill, was a highly successful feature and it was en thusiastically applauded, ' Taking part in this specialty were: Miss Constance Hemphill, Miss Mary Mlllender, Miss Margaret Mlllender, Miss Mabel Cooke, Miss Emily Bourne, Miss Mar garet Hemphill, Miss Katherine Horn er, Miss Dorothy Parker, Miss Mar garet Walker, Miss Lily Meriwether, Miss Janet Hartzog. "The Pirates of Penzance'' will lbe repeated this afternoon at the Audi-1 torium, and In view of last night's brilliant success a large audience Is expected . It was the concensus of opinion last night that the production was one or tne Dest tnat nas been piXjited in Ashevllle by local talent for. many years. Assisting Mr. Long' hurst in the direction were: . Willis Cunningham and Mrs. Silvio von Ruck. Other members of the caste were Miss Silvio von Ruck, Miss Janet Hartzog, Miss Norma Wingren, Miss Dorothy Webb, Miss Marlorie Miles, Miss Louise Jackson, Miss Mary Wood, Miss Elva Jones, Miss Bertha Berk- meyer. Miss Velma Ray, Miss H H. Chapman, Miss Evelyn ' Rlck ner. Miss ' Lucy Taylor, Miss MHrir rnyiiv, ivnoo ma, kuoi iwj Slagle, Miss V. La Compte, Miss Edithn Arthur, Miss Lucy Mlllender, Miss Elizabeth Collins, Miss Margaret Al len. Miss Kitty Foster, Miss Jane Withers, Miss Sarah Rogers, Miss Mln nie Westall, Miss Annie Westall, Miss Sarah Test,. Miss Nellie Belotie, Miss Mary Hamilton, Mrs. C. C. Myers, Miss v Rhea Reynolds, Miss Thelma Bailey, Miss Beatrice Floyd, Miss Mamie Whittlngton, Miss Dorothy Morse. Pirates, Policemen. Etc. Dr. Chas. S. Jordan, Dr. Chauncey Lawrence. Mr. P. Schoenhelt, Mr. Lamb, Mr A. B. MeGraw, Mr. O. V. Denny, Mr. Francis Field, Mr. Marcus Field, Mr. Frank Berkmeyer, Mr. Geo. Robinson, Mr. B. H. Jackson, Mr. Seth Perkinson, Mr. W. P. Hayes, Mr. R. Whitlow. Mr. J. Martin, Mr. D. L. Meriwether, Mr. Robert Bunn. TAKE ADVANTAGE OP THE GREAT WEATHER MT. MITCHELL EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. It. 55" CHILD GETS SICK IliltfUlt IUU, HtnnT HIS DAUGHTER WIRES MESSAGE FROM MAINE. Commissioner Ramsey and Mrs. WU- Hldney Porn-r Are Two of the Speakers. ' FIVE GOOD REASONS WHY A GAS RANGE should be use for preserving and canning. Itis , , v EASIEST COOLEST CLEANEST r QUICKEST CHEAPEST Ashevllle Power & Light Co. , . SALESROOM:. .102 PA170ff AVtHUl Several hundred attended the cele bration of the birthday of o'Henry, the King of America short story writers, in the Masonic temple, yesterday afternoon. The exercises were presided over by Mrs. J. E. Dlckerson, president of tne city federation of women s clubs, Seated with her on the platform were: Miss Adelaide L. Fries, of Winston- Salem, a former vice-president of the state federation; Mrs. William Sidney I'orter, widow of O'Henry; Miss Anna Sloan, of Reldsvtlle, a cousin of Mrs. Porter: Mrs. J. Brainerd Thrall: Mrs. Charles Malcolm Piatt and Commis sioner of Public Safety D. Hlden Ramsey. After the entire aHsemhlage had Joined In singing, "The Star Spangled Banner," Miss Powell played a selec tion from Thanhauser. Mrs. Piatt then read the following message from Mrs. Margaret Porter cesare, O Henry's daughter, and her self a writer of note. The telegram, filed at Castine, Me., was addressed to Mrs. Piatt, and follows: "I am with you and the other friends of my father In spirit and In the spirit of the day. As his daughter, I wish to express my deep appreciation of his friends' commemoration of the O'Henry day, an of the O'Henry who continues to live in their hearts." Commissioner D. Hlden Ramsey was the first speaker. He talked for ten minutes about O'Henry and his work, declaring him to be a. writer of democ racy. Mr. Ramsey referred to Brett Harte, who wrote of the west; T. M. Page, whose works were of Virginia, and Joel Chandler Harris, who always wrote of Georgia. But O Henry, he said, wrote of the world. His works are the same all around. O'Henry went .to New York and revealed New Tork to Itself and to the world. He made no distinction between the four hundred and the four million. He wrote of a romance in every walk of life. Commissioner Ramsey said that O'Henry is the only literary character who has a tablet In the hall of fame at Raleigh. Another speaker was Miss Anna Sloan, of Reidsvllls, one of Mrs. Port er's cousins, who told of her associa tion with the O'Henry family; how she learned of O Henry through the biog raphy written by Dr. C. Alphonso Smith. Mrs. William Sidney Porter, widow of the short story king, told of the beginning of . her romance with O'Henry. In doing so she spoke of the photo-play Mme. Bo-Peep, which was recently shown here. The stor from which the picture was made was written by O'Henry and published in a magazine. Mns. Porter, then living in Greensboro, saw and read the stor-; then wrote the author and asked If he was the William Porter she knew dur ing her girlhood days. O'Henry's reply was read yesterday by Mrs. Porter. Mrs. LeRoy Farlnholt, of Ashevllle. spoke on "The Four-Million," saying that O'Henry's own lie" beat In uni son with the great worm's neart ana so his writings touched th hearts of L the world. O'Henry, saia Mrs. farln holt was the exponent, whether con sciously or unconsciously, of democ racy In Its widest and deepest mean ing. Mrs. J. Brainerd rnrau ana Mrs. Charles Malcolm Piatt gave one of O'Henry's few dialogues, "Sound and Fury." MOBILIZATION COMPLETED. CfSS, FEVER! if cousin Look at tongue! Then give fruit laxative for stom ach, liver, bowels, "California Syrup of Figs" can't harm children and they love it. A laxative today saves a sick child tomorrow. 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Look carefully and see that It. is made by the "California Fig Syrup Com pany." Advt, FALL SEASON ON THE MITCHELL RAILROAD Splendid weaher and Large Crowds for Opening of What May Be Final Month of Season. As matters now stand the Cardinals and the Browns will be the only big: leaguers to stage a city series this fall. St. Loils fans should be extonded the sympathy of the entire paatlmlng world, , ' Pitcher Dan Tipple, whtf essayed to chuck for the Yankees once upon a time, is now twirling for Baltimore,. ana aomg a nrst-ciass jod. l''WAira''.WH0J IS COMING TO THE CHARLOTTE. N. C.i Sept 11. Completion of mobilization at Camp Gfeene of the Third Wyoming infan try. Colonel Cavender, commanding. was announced tonight by -Major White, adjutant of the Forty-first di vision First and third battalions i rived today, the Second arriving . late yesterday. Strength of the regiment was reported as about 1,760 officers and men. They left uneyenne Sep tember 7. A company of Oregon engineers, commanded by Captain Parrtsh, en camped early today. This company left Camp Fremont, Palo Alto, Cel., September S. These are the first troops to arrive from northwestern states for training. TAKE - ADVANTAGE OF THE GREAT WEATHER Mt. MITCHELL EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. It. Wonderful weather mnA lm crowa usnerea in the fall season on the Mt Mitchell railroad yesterday, a large number of people taking the trip to the ton of Eastern America. The cool, bracing weather, which gives a wonderfully clear view at this time of the year, combined with the riot of color that is beginninr to an. pear in the foliage on the high peaks traversed by the Mt Mitchell rail road, makes the trip, in the opinion oi many, tne nnest oz any time in the year. Trains are to be operated four times each week for the balance of Septem. ber and the season may end on Octo ber 1. although there is a chanea that a few special trips will be made over the road in the next month. Colonel Sandford H. Cohen, general passenger agent of the road, stated last night that, he had not quite de cided regarding October. ; "There are many people in West ern North Carolina who want to mane this trip," Col. Cohen declared, "and I think that more of them will take advantage of the fall season than any other time of the year. We had a number or -fleople from Henderson villa and other points on the road' to day, and more and more are coming in witn eacn succeeding trip. We will operate four trains weekly until the nrst or tne month,--ana if the demand still exists, will operate a few trains in October." Quality That Means Long Service radiates from every "gar ment in our store of Wo men's Coats and Suits art assortment v equally ' free from freakishness , and , common-placeness but eni-, phatically ' ' , . Correct in Style , . Oppulent in Variety i Self-Evident in Quality . 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W. Walker, the colored physician who has displayed such patrlotio seal in the work of raising troops for the war. as chairman. Dr. R. H. Bryant was eiectea vice-presiaent; w. B. Lee; sec retary and.N. Murraugh. treasurer, The committee decided to perfect an organization, in order that it may be of Immediate service to the soldiers called to the colors or to their de pendent families. In addition to the officers named above. Dr.- H. E. Jones. Edgar Harrison and Stanley Forney are also members or the commission. The meeting adjourned, subject to the can oi tne president TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE GREAT WEATHER MT. MITCHELL EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. It. GOVERNMENT WILL CONTROL SUGAR WASHINGTON, Sept. 11. The en tire American sugar industry will be placed under government csntrol Oc tober 1, the food administration an nounced tonight, by the Institution of a licensing systetn to include manu facture, refining and imports. The step was decided on with the approval of President Wilson to prevent specu lative prices and to' assure equitable distribution. .' " Beet sugar producers already 'have accepted a scale of prices suggested by the food administration wnicn means a saving to the consuming pub lic of more than $30,000,000 between now and the first of the year. Cane surfer renners nave agreea to impon all their requirements through a com mittee to be named Dy tne iooa aa ministration, which will apportion shipments among them. - ' WARNED AGAINST ESCAPE. WASHINGTON, Sept 11. Interned Serbian clvllliana and prisoners of war held by the Bulgarians have been warned that any attempt to escape would result not only in the death penalty, but in the burning of their homes in Serbia, confiscation of their property and the deportation of their hmiiiM tn foreign countries. The Serbian legation here was so informed today by cable from the offloial press bureau at Corfu. , . Thl theat together with an admis sion of the sentencing to whipping nri hard labor of Serbian prisoners who tried to escape is contained in an order addressed by the Bulgarian min brt.r nf war to th Bulgarian general stuff, dated May 20, 1817, and which has come into tne powemiun i headquarters of the .British WSI on' 4he Salonika front. The Work of a Day Determines the Profits of a Season jrj Why you should use an International Ensi lage Cutter SAVES POWER- Being of the knife-on-blower type of cutter the cutting and elevating are done at one pro cess. There are no Cylinder and i Blower sprocket or gear connections to make - heavy draft. :-. ' . . . ..-.'L SAVES LABORr ' ' Having a positive force feed and a' corn chute for feeding direct from wagon., ;. SAVES REPAIRS -." ' -v - Being constructed of best materials and in as simple manner as possible throughout. ' ' Write for catalogue, prices and terms. ASHEVILLE DRA Y, FUEL & CONT. CO. 41 Broadway. i . ; BED FRONT. ',. .. fhone S3S. NORTH STATE SCHOOL ADDS MUSICAL COURSE Prof. Alfred Hosten Strick, a musi cian of international reputation, has located in Ashevllle for the winter, and 'Will Install a musical course at the North State fiphool tor Boys, in addition to conducting a conservatory In the city. Mr. Strtck's studio will be located at the school building, and the boys attending the school will have the advantage of the teaching, which will include all the musical branches. Mr. Strick, It is stated, has apneared In Europe with many of the more noted ooeratio stars, ana nis work Is said to be of the highest pos sible order. WILL SICILIAN BE ! GREATEST CARMEN? ill' s s , ftE:'iiT.'-': i we -t-. .; i atlml Aguglia, Sicilian, ana of kha . world's greatest emotional actresses, was brought to America by Charles Frohman seven years ago. Her tour was a failure be cause she could not speak Eng lish, and she has been unknown recently save' In the New - York Italian colony, where she played In her native tongue. She makes, her debut tn "Carmen" and "Mlg-j aon" at the Metropolitan this wins' : jter. after years of study lor grand. . TIE FOB HIGH GUN. ATLANTIC CITT. N, 3., Sept 11.--." Woolf oik Henderson, t of Lexington, " Ky., and A. H. King, Pittsburgh, Pa,, tied for high gun honors in the open ing days program of the annual shoot of the Westy Hogans. The two ama teurs smashed 147 out of 160 targets, Frank Huseman, Rochester N. T.,' and T. H. Fox, Roanoke, Va., were high professionals,, "each with a total CD. Coburn, Meohanlcsville, Ohio, and Oeorge N. Fish, Lyndenvllle, N. Y., ranked ' second among amateurs With 14. . , ; Henderson led on the high run cal- ; endar for the day, smashing lit be- .! fore missing out. , Resinol will soothe that itching skin Thtfirtt application of Reiinol usually takes the itch and burn right out of ec tema and similar skin-affectioni. 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