THE ASHEVILLE CITIZEN, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1917. LANGREN HOTEL European Modern Fireproof A choice hotel la a choice location The leading oommsrelal hot) la the Carolines 4 . .200 Room of Solid Comfort Dancing evsry vening oa the root, Guy S. Lavender Mgr. SNEEZERS, ATTENTION! Visit Eagles' Nest where relief from Hay Ferer is assured, nd such a combination of home comforU and soul-inspiring" ' scenery afforded, as it rarely found in any country. A good auto road leada from Waynesville - station to Junaluska Mt; upon whose summit the Nest is perched. S. C SATTERTHWAIT, JR., Eagles' Nest, N. C KENMORE HOTEL comncRciAi. bxxbqvamtkbm , wathtwvtxxjb. n. cl Oa Mala at Opea Throughout the Tsar Fra Sample Rooms lV'T',' A. B. SPKAH, Prop., THE WILSON HENDEESOKVILLE, H. 0. Second At, aod Oharcb St. Banned Homellks Service (or (no Dlsortmlnatln. Kate oa "Application. MRS. E. G. WILSON, Prop. AETHELWOLD HOTEL bbkvabd, jr. a MBS. A. H. KING, Prop. Headquarters (or Oommsrelsl Men. " afodera. Free sampls room. Free ear to station. Opsa year round. Rata. $1.00 to $1.00. THE IMPERIAL HOTEL ( ti rt OAMTOV, H. ft & M. GKnER, Prop. t Bates, $tJ0$ Per Day. ' Special Bates by the Week or Month. 0D6& Brothers 2U1 the qualities which you look for in roadster design and construction. There is generous room for the passengers. The seats are tipped at the most comfortable angle. The luggage space, is extra large. The car is steady on the road at all speeds. Roadster or Toartaf Car, $818. In Canada, lilts Sedan or Coups, $1166. In Canada, $1(00 r: (All prices C a. b. Detroit) Asheville Automobile Co. 18 and 20 Church St. ATTEMTEOM JOBBERS, STEAM FITTERS, PLUMBERS, CONTRACTORS. BUILDERS New Pipe, Black and Galvanized, all sizes. Car lot orders solicited. We carry in stock constantly 50,000 feet prompt delivery. See us for prices. Wholesale only. S. Sternberg & Co. DepntSt Phone 333 ' . fmm IF XOU HAVE PLENTY OP BLACK DIAMONDS In your coal bins, no matter how the snow may fly outside, or how cold It may be, you can bid defiance to the elements. But if the coal supply runs short there's going to be trouble. Our coal le first quality, full weight to the ton, and we solicit your rdere for any quantity. Phone us your order today, Astae. Dray, Fnrl and Coav Co 41 Broadway The Red Front Phone US. (1. IS. The Klg K-d rrrwt." FISH SPECIALS Sheephead, Mullet, Perch. Sea Bass, Speckled Trout, Butter Fish, Salmon. Halibut QUICK DELIVERY. ACME FISH COMPANY R. &, Thomas, Prop. City Market. Phones 82 and 83. N. V. MARKET OAINS ffTRENOTH. RAPID ADVANCE IN N. V. COTTON. M NEW YORK, Sept. 10. After a period of uncertainty, Ih. stock market gained strength today and began a deliberate but well sustained advance. Early declines were made up and net gains of mod.rats proportion, were e.tabllehed In active took, with occasional rises of 1 point or more. . . Kxcept in the last hour the market showed leae buoyancy than during yester day's upturn, which failed to attract any large outside following to the long side. The comparatively email volume of ord ere on hand at the opening led to a temporary renewal of selling operations. but the demand which was uncovered wherever prices were forced down caused the bears to reverse their tactics and Johi In the birring for stocks. A good deal of attention was paid to re newed Washington reports that the un certainty as to price regulation at least so far as conuerns copper would soon be ended. Favorable conclusions were drawn from the ten nr cent, ware Increase by United States Steel and the Steel stocks led the market In strength and activity. Of perhaps more commanding Influence for the movement, were the Indications that the selling movement had exhausted Itself for the time and that the market's position was still strong technically. In the steel group the features was the strong demand for United state. Bteel. which sold at more than seven points .hnn the low erica of this week. The coppers held back by uncertainty as to the price 10 oe eeiauusnea lor iiw nicij. showed early heaviness, but later made a moderate advance. Equipments were bid up briskly. The railroads continued to remain In the background. The bond market did .not reflect the strength of stocks. The tone was Irreg ular. Totals sales, par value, $3,320,000. United States 2's registered declined H and the 4's coupons 14 on call. Liberty bonds sold at .S to 1.00. NSW YORK STOCK LIST. High. American Beet Sugar 85 tt American Can 42 Amer. Car and Foundry 71 tt American Smltg. and Rfg..... 88 tt American Hugar 111 American Tel. and Tel b American Tel and Tel. ......b Anaconda Copper 72tt Atchison !7 Atlantic Coast Line Atl.. Gulf A W. I. S. S. Lines. 01 Sir ,1,-14 S7;li 152 85 57 32 21 Baldwin Locomotive . Baltimore and Ohio ...... Bethlehem Steel "B" Canadian Pacific Central Leather Chesapeake and Ohio .... Chicago A Great Western Chicago, Mil. and St. Paul Ch'ao. R. I. A P.. issued... Colorado Fuel and Iron .. Com Products Crucible Steel 1 Cuba Cane Sugar , Erie liflMnU F.EMtflD. ...... a.. General Motors 98 Great Northern pfd 1044 Great Northern Ore Ctfs. ..... 3414 Illinois Central b Inspiration Copper 62 Int. Mer. Marine 1S Int. Mer. Marine pfd. 86H International Nickel 34 International Paper StVi Kansas City Southern ........ lSi Kennecott Copper 4114 Louisville and Nashvlle 119 Maxwell Motors 85 Mexican Petroleum 97 Mldvale Steel E2 Missouri Pacific 2 Na.tlnnn.1 Lead 62 Nevada Consolidated New York Central 77 N. T.. N. H. and Hartford.... 26tf MorroiK ana western ... Northern Pacific Ohio Cities Gas Pennsylvania .' .-. Rev Consolidated Copper Reading 82 Rnn. Iron and fiteei 83 Seaboard Air Line 11. Seaboard Air Line pfd b Sinclair OH and Rfg. 87 Sloes. Shef Steel and Iron .... 45 Southern Pacific,,j,imj$1 Southern Railway 27 Southern Railway pfd 62 Studebakef Corporation 47 i Tennessee Copper 15 14 Texas Co. w 168 Union Pacific .129 united fTuit, ex. aiv U. 8. Ind. Alcohol 189U United States Rubber 59 United States Steel 111 TTnitol Rtat.a Btaal nfd 116 "Utah Copper 97 Virginia uaro. tnera ti ! Virginia Coal and Coke b Wabash Pfd. "A" 47tt Western Union, Ex. dlv b Westlnghouse Klectrlo 45 FltteDurrn coal t-tis oi. ....112 ,,...101 49 6214 262 Close. 85 42 70 97 1HH 117 117 n 96 107 97 61 wZ f6 lf-) 83 5e 9 57 2.- 4W 27 Vk 21. 21 144 :7 104'4 S3T 101 62U 2Si 85 ii "0 vl 119 34 ie 52 '.4 2SfI 62 22 4 77 26 112 101 49 VI 26 81 ..ft 25 86 91 S73 62 46 15 168 129 125 139H 89 110 116 96 37 56 47 88 45 tl NEW TORK, Sept 20. Rather nervous and Irregular early fluctuations were fol lowed by unother rapid and excited ad vance In the co' ton niarknt today. Decem ber contracts sold up from 21.10 to, or 9 points above last night's closing, and closed at 22.05 with the general list clos" Ing strong at a net advenes of 46 to 83 points. Trading was comparatively quiet early. The extent of yesterday's advances seemed to have created some reactionary sentiment, or partially revived bearish confidence In some quarters around the ring. The opening was 7 to 18 points higher and the market met consldurable cotton, which Included southern selling aa well as realising or scattering local pres sure. Early reports from the southwest said that spots wer. offering more freely In Texas end Louisiana. These advlnea encouraged the early selling, and prices gradually sagged oft. Offerings were gradually absorbed by the buying of Liverpool or trade houses and toward the middle of the afternoon the market be came very active and excited on a renewal of general covering, Wall street and west ern buying. Report that southern mill were buying spots in the eastern belt, the larger exports for the day and a ten dency to scale down crop estimates were factor on the advance which extended to 22.25 for October 28.00 for January, or about 78 to 91 points net higher on the active months. Closing prices were a few points off from the beet under realizing. Cotton futures table: , , Open. High. Low. Close. October 21.48 22.25 81.88 22.17 December 21.86 22.12 21.10 22.05 January .....21.26 22.00 21.08 21.90 March .......'....11.42 22.13 21.20 23.10 May 21.68 22.30 21.39 22.24 Spot steady; middling 23.36. CHICAGO MARKETS. CHICAGO, Sept 29. Frosty weather made the corn market today avarase higher. Closing prices were unsettled at tne same as yesterday s finish to up witn uecemDer to l.lvtt and May 1.16 to 1.16. Oats gained to net. The result In provisions varied from 10 aecune to an advance or 35 cents. On In and Provisions. CORN v Close. December 1.19 May i.t OATS December .88 May ... PORK October 41.35 January 43.76 LARD October . 23.90 January 22.87 RIBS October 24.80 January ..22.57 Cash Grain. No. 2 yellow 2.10; No. 2 yellow 1.09; No. 4 yellow 2.08. Livestock. ' Hogs, strong; 10c above yesterday's average, buik 17.7UI!l.7tf; llgnt 17.2X 18.66; mixed 17.20018.80; heavy 17.16$ 18.80; rough 17. 1& 17.35; pigs 1S.5017.60. Cattle, weak. Native heef 7.S017.90; western steers 6.7015.75; dockers and feeders 6.4011.15; jows and heifers 5.16 12.90; calves 11.60(916 00. Sheep, weak. Wethers 3.00SM2.60; swes 8.2511.75; lambs 13.0O18.30. . HuTJHE CHAMPIONSHIP CONTENDERS APPEAR ALTHEJAT .68 .61 NEW ORLEANS COTTON. NEW ORLEANS. Sent. 20. The tend ency of cotton today was upward. Heavy buying made Its appearance aftor the noon hour and replaced a small net de cline with a wide net advance which, at Its best amounted to 64 to 72 points. Lat est prices showed net rains for the dav of 57 to 63 points. Buying was stimulated by reports of ?rrowtn of a holding movement among armers, 'continued cool weather In the eastern belt and crop reports which were accepted as Indicating continued crop de terioration of a serious nature. Snorts covered on a large scale late In the session. Around the onenlng the market was 11 to 17 points up, chiefly on the weather map and the low temperatures in the eastern belt. Realising by longs checked s Improvement an offerings were In fills creased by short selling, baaed- on reports of an easier spot basis at some Texas points and by fear that the strike on the river front here would Interfere with handling of cotton. In the afternoon spot news took on a different tone and prices responded quickly to buying orders. Cotton futures: Close. October 21.36 December .............21.15 January 21.16 March 21.26 May 21.61 Spot cotton steady, unchanged; sales on the spot 796 bales; to arrive, 1.200. Mid dling 21.00. NEW YORK CATTLE. Total sales for the day, 816,900 shares. NEW YORK DRY GOODS. NKW TORK, Sept. 20. Cotton goods markets were firmer and a little more ac tive today. Raw silk was higher. Burlaps were firm. NEW YORK, Sept. 80. Beeves, no trading. Calves weak. Veals 12.00&17.09; western calves 10.60. Sheep and lambs, sheep steady; lambs weak. Ordinary to good sheep 9.0011.60; culls 7.00; lambs 16. 00018. 2a; culls 10.S0O13.00. Hogs, tlrm. Hogs 18.40019.00; pigs 17.50 18.25; roughs 17.0O17.60. ZIMMERMAN fjEVX dACKSON . - IrjBoth White Sox and Giants art tremendous hlttint aggregations, each ranking second in Its league, ibut each being fsr out ahead la I real swatting strength of what the averages show on account of abil ity to hit when hits are needed to make runs. ' Taking tbeia man by man Joe Jackson stands out. In spite of n,s fJLSC r j , -.u most dangerous hitter of the lot Infield on the offensive, and the) edge will be greatly raised If Herv sog Is unable to play. j Gandil is more consistent with the stick than Hoiks, but his shade Is very slight Collins is mora dangerous on attack than Hersog .and the brilliant young Rlsberg, in spite of Inexperience is supe rior to rietcher. At third Zim merman is more dangerous tnaa Weaves. McCarty is superior to The Giants have, a slugger of Kauff and Felsch are about evenly 3chslk in the batting department. the same type in Zimmerman, a powerful, dangerous, natural batter.' There is little to choose from in. matched and George Burns is a -All in all la stuck the White much mere dangerous man than Sox havs a slight advantage, so either Lei bold or Shano Collins. far as theory and averages go. With the exception of the far This advantage is so slight, how- the attack of the two outfields, corner the White Sox have a trifle v that th least unlooked-for Jaeksoa outclasses Robertson, the better of the srgument in the element might easily disturb it. ' LIVERPOOL COTTON. LIVERPOOL, Sept 20. Cotton spot, small business; prices 27 points h!ghr. good middling 17.87: middling 17.42; low middling 16.92: good ordinary 1A.97; ordi nary 16.47. sales 2.000 bales. Including l,f CO. American. Rece-.rts none- futures rr points higher. September 16.42; Sept. and October 16.12: October-November 15.70; December-January 15.16: January-Feoruary 15.05; March April 14.87; May-June 14.71. Above au nxea prices. NEW YORK MONEY. NSW TORK. Sent 20. Mercantile pa per 8; sterling, sixty day bills 4.72; com mercial 60 day bills on banks 4.71V&: com mercial 60 day bills 4.71; demand 4.75U: cables 4.76 7-16. Bar silver 1.00. Mexi can dollars 86. Government bonds heavy; railroad bonds Irregular. Time loans, nrmer; nu aays ouwiik; sv days b; six montns, . can money, nrm; ruling rate i. BOTJMAXIA NEEDS MEDICINES. WASHINGTON. Sept 19. Kouma nia Is so short of medical supplies that wounds of Jier soldiers are being dress, ed with sawdust, says a cablegram re ceived here today from the American Red Cross, commission to Roumanla, which left for Jassy yesterday, after being enthusiastically received at PetrogTad. All Under The Son. Vacationist "I suppose you know all the sights down here?." Old Fisherman "Purty nigh all but there's alius new ones arrlvin'." Boston Transcript. NEW YORK PRODUCE. NEW TORK. Sept 20. Raw sugar. nominal: centrifugal molasses 6. oz refined steady; fine granulated 8.40O8.60. Butter and cheese nrm; spot coffee ir regular; Rio 7's 88. Santos 4's 1. DOCTORS REACH LONDON. LONDON. Sept JO. The first con tingent of American civilian doctors has arrived here. They are being de tailed for duty In various hospitals in London ana jungiana. The last census gave Stockholm, the Rwedlsh capital, a population of 882 085. Doings of the Duffs VJeu.TOM, I'M J03X I To N?NG BACK TE Bl?(6Hf BK.MM.Mfi TO r ECU llV4.oHIXlPM'T , fVvr LIKE SoMCBopM AGAM- HAVB Tt) 6ST BTOJtf -wee 0AV4 WITHOUT J PACK TO W0f?K T W FOOD is TOO MUCH p TOMORROW S SEA R'C Sweden's greatest article of export Is timber. Money and Smiles. rela- "What Is the attitude of his tlves toward Mr. Laaserby?" "They are quite Indifferent to -him." "Well! Well! And I've been think ing all along that he wag a rich man." -Birmingham Age-Herald. . e Poetic Wcensc. June "Does he get his mechanical ingenuity from his father's side or his mother's?" Bess "From his mother's, she was a poet!" Life. King Gustav of Sweden is directly descendant from that JIarshar Bern-; doite who. commencing his career by carrvlng a musket for the great Napoleon, ended by receiving the king dom of Sweden. Important Notice TO THE Traveling Public Trains 9 and 1 0 which have been run in two sections during the summer season will be consolidated, effective SEPr TEMBER 19th, 1917, and on and after that date will be operated as one section of each. i No. 10, southbound, Jiandling day ' '. .". coaches to Columbia and sleeping cars to Savannah and Jacksonville, will leave Asheville on and after this date at 4: 1 0 ' p. m. Cafe parlor car service discontinued same date, but full dining car service will be continued on these trains. J.H. WGOD, ; Div. Pass. Agt a

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