.2 t 1 1 THE ASHUyiLLE CITIZEN, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1917. .TCI I f "WEAR EVER : ALUMINUM .. Now is the time to Refurnish " " ' ' The kitchen and put in the best aluminum. s in tt. "'' it batwoop an. " We Can Equip, You s V For That. FISHING TRIP, THE 1-X-L STOUE OivoaUa IV Ob If They Are Honest Kfade Classes You Wear They're Proper Eyes Examined, Glasses Do- signed. Made, Fitted and Repaired. . Charles H. Honest Optotsetrlst aad Optician. 14 Pattea At, Opp. Poetoffloe. COKE ' la lighter and much) mora ' bulk than coaL Then, too it la - . ', . " Dustless . Phejia 40. . . - . -AtheviHo Coal Co., XOKTH PACK QtTAJUi , A Big Line New and r ' . Used Automobiles , , TERMS Pay aa you enur, 'or by the rwk or month. w In rite you to look 'am over,., O. K. Auto Supply & Transit Co. S1-4S BUtasora Ats. Phone lie. a Safe is an easy task for .ua and a ''how" for the onlookers. It's easy because we know how, We don't scratch all the enamel off either. ; Have you'any heavy ob ject to move) Phone 25 Citizens Transfer Co. Co. Pattern At, aad Govt. at. Phones H ud II ' f GROW THEM IN WATER T3randiflora Paper White Narcissus Bulbs, flowers . snow-white on long stems, 40c per .dozen. Chinese Lily, flowers white with yel- low cup, 1 0c each ; 3 for 2 Sc. T arrive In a few days, - Rising Sun Narcissus, flowers rich yellow on long stems, 50c per dozen. AH bulbs the very best and with proper treatment sure to . bloom in 6 to 8 weeks. ' For orders by mail allow 5c for postage, v - : 1 ' GrcntY Pharmacy Hellahle Drugs and Seeds. 1 EAST PACK SQUARE. : I Moving ASK MORE MONEY FOR MISSION HOSPITAL 4POMMTTTKB WANTS CITY'S DONA TIOX INCREASED. Explains Ttmt Hospital Is Operating At a foe. Other Matter Con sidered bjr Oonunlasloncrs. A committee composed of Vance Brown, C. W. Browa, H. A. Miller and W. B. Williamson appeared before the city commissioners yesterday after noon In an effort to have the city in crease the donation that has been regularly given tha Mission hospital Vance Brown. . SDeaklng for the committee, stated that the hospital receipts wera falling far short of the cost of operation, and tha cost of taking care of tha charity patients that had been sent there by the city had been greater than the amount donated by tha city. Mr. Brown pre sented a statement showing that the actual averse cost of maintaining one of the charity patients at the hospital had been tt.H per day, whereas the city has been paying- only fl per day, and operating- expenses. The com mittee requested that the city pay $3.fl per day per patient. Tha mayor stated that the law pro vided that, the county should be charged with the care of the charity patients, and that the sum which the city had been giving was given out of tha goodness .of heart. He stated that the matter woaid be taken under ad vtsement. Den din a- the return of Com mlseioner Ramsey, when definite action would be token. If. after con sideration, it was found that the city could afford to Increase the amount, such action would be taken. B. Brown and Q. V. Carter ap peared 'before the board and filed ex' captions to . the- paving assessments which have been charged against them for paving In front of the West Asnevllle bank. .Action was deterrea until the report of the city engineer could , be heard. Ed Williams appeared before the board and stated that he had made a contract with B. T. Belote for the erection of a wall in front of his Everything DIFFERENT . Healthier, happier, more hopeful, more capable! ' That the way Proper Glasses make things look , to the eye-sufferer. Dr. J. C. Denison Optometrist and Optician. At Henderson's, M Pat. Are. Trunks Repaired and Rebuilt Like New - . . Tray made to order re lining, repainting, new han dles. , slats, castors, locks, Iceys, fitted, etc, . Satisfaction Guaranteed. M. HEARX COMPANT No. 4 Battery Park Place ireap P. a Phone PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS Audits, Appraisals, Investigations. Efficiency Systems Installed. Any Business Anvwher. Reference all Ahevlllo Banks, DEVENISH and WILSON (4 Rleetrlcal Bldg. Phone 137. IT IS TIME TO MAKE THE FALL GARDEN PLANT SPINACH. TURNIPS. MUSTARD. KAf F. V . LETTUCE, RADISH. SET OUT ALL VARIETIES OF ' 1 0NION SETS NOW FOR BEST RESULTS. All of these can BEST BE SUPPLIED BY US in any " quantity desired, at the right prices. ALSO FERTILIZFRS ;.l JFOR THE GARDEN AND LAWN. ASHEVILLE SEED CO., C& FORMERLY '. Strieker Cor. College and Lexington Ave. CAROLINA CREAMERY MILK Stands the test when quality is considered. We have this ex cellent milk now and will be glad to deliver it to you. We are having a demonstration of KELLOGG'S FOODS this week and will be glad to have you come in and try some of it Roasting coffee every day. In fact, something doing every minute in our store. J. J. YATES GrozSTta and 37 Haywood St. The next time you get an ice-creamy taste or are hot,' tired and thirsty, step in. CANDY KITCHEN AND CLUB CAFE Haywood St, Near P. O. ' Phones 110-111. property on Louise street, at a cost of is for a four foot wall and 4B for a Sv. foot waU. HMU that eM '5 " - been done. . . . i rtf th. wall he re' Alter inc nn.uN ., celved a statement from .Mnh had charged at the rate ox Hi. This matter was referred to Mr, ..V Minr for the pur chase of the property between Market .nri Hnruce streets, wnicn i " by the open air market, was m i Jt a... mAiInn unoDtea Th following building permiU W'w SKana,f0rd. addition. Haywood road; estimated coat 300. ,,r u.lllnnmnrth. tWO-rOOm 8d' 'r.r.iii.iuna avenue; estimated CO?n!6Onnrtlftke. repairs, 82 Living. , ....i nat cino. Rosa Green, repairs, Huywood road estimated cost 3B. r:nrn A Htarnes, covering three houaea on Lexington avenue cost 1125. eHtimated QUARTERMASTER BOYD PREPARES HIS REPORT Oiiorfermnnter Bovd. In charge Of the local naval recruiting station, has prepared a report of the work that has been done by this station during the past quarter. The report gives a total of 133 applicants for the enlist ment. The majority or tnese appli cants could not pass the examination that' is prescribed by naval regula tions, consequently they could not be r,nc,rt siYtv.three men. however. did nans the examination. Of this number, only forty-four returned to be regularly enlisted, leaving a total of nineteen men who, after they had been declared physically fit to enlist, failed to return and sign the enlist ment papers. Stephen A. Johnson and Virgil Wright were today given their trans fer papers to training depots, Johnson going to the school for hospital ap prentices at Newport, R. L. and Wright to the mess attendants' school at Norfolk. MT. MITCHELL TRIP TOMORROW, BUNCOMBE WHEAT TO BE SHOWN AT NEW YORK Ramnles of Buncombe county wheat are to be exhibited In the agri cultural display from North Carolina In the agricultural dlsDlay from North Carolina In tne Boutnern commercial congress to be held in New York soon, the display to be in charge of T. B. Parker, field agent for North Caro lina, Samples of wheat have been forwarded by express by Farm Dem onstration Agent E. D. Weaver. Us follows: Sample of Leap's Prollflo, grown by Orover Brown, of weaver vllle:. Harvest King, by J. L. Weaver, Weaverville: Rice Wheat, , by Jeff Harrison, of Weaverville; and Mar velous, by B. D. Weaver, Weaverville. The display has been secured through the North Carolina department of agriculture, MaJ. W. A. Graham, com missioner, and will form a compre hensive display of the various products of the state. MT. MITCHELL TRIP TOMORROW. CORPORAL AYCOCK GOES TO GASTOIIIA Corporal WUliam B. Aycock, who has been on duty at the local army recruiting station, .has received orders to report at the recruiting station at Gastonia, for service there. Corporal Aycock will be relieved at this station by Sergeant Mehaffey, First N' C. N. O. Sergeant Mehaffey is to make a special effort to secure men to fill the ranks of the Infantry of the na tional guard, which Is said to be far below war strength. MT. MITCHELL TRIP TOMORROW.' Seed Co. 'Phone 3 Kg. : Service. r Phones 1715-1716. L I 31 I . II. i DR. 7. F. POWELL WILL ADDRESS DRAFTED MEN PASTOR OF , FIRST BAPTIST ; CHURCH TO SPEAK. , ' Comfort Kits Win Be Provided Men ' Leaving for Camp ' Jack son. -Meeting at Court House. for Dr. W. T, Powell, pastor of the First Baptist church, will address the drafted men at the exercises this afternoon at C o'clock at the court house, following a nraver bv T3r. R. P. Campbell. The exercises will be under the ausploes of the Hunoombe county uivion oi me jNationai uerense League for Woman's Service. - Com fort kite Similar to those that have been given to members of the national guard companies and drafted men al ready gone will be given the men by the Daughters of the American Revo lution, who made request that they be permitted to furnish the kits for this quota of .men. . The Ashevllle con tingent will leave for Camp Jackson, Columbia, tomorrow on a special train carrying men from various sections of Western North Carolina. The Defense league Is arranging for baskets ' of fruit to be put on the train for the, boys, which will Insure their leaving with the proverbial "good taste in the mouth" as they go from homes . ana loving friends. - These exercises will Immediately follow the roll call and charge of the exemption boards, as re quired by the military regulations, ana members of the Defense league, Sol diers' Aid committee, exemption boards,' county and city officials and directors of the board of trade and others have been asked to be present for the ceremonies. In this connection it will be of In terest to learn that Dr. Powell has been granted a leave of absence from the First Baptist church for a month to be spent In the camps at Columbia, Spartanburg, Greenville and Charlotte, at the special request of the mission board of the Southern Baptist con vention, the request having recently been acted . upon by his congregation and the board of deacons of the church. - i..,.. v i . DOCTOR INTERESTED III SHEEP QUESTION Talking about sheep," said Dr. W. E. Glenn In the board of trade rooms yesterday afternoon. "I've just had a letter from J. C. Johnson, of "West Tennessee, vahom I have known for a head of sheep last year, 191, and a little while ago sold tne wool from the flock for a sum lacking but eight cents of what the sheep cost him last year. How s that for profit in sheep 7 Dr. Olenn got all the literature about sheep the board of trade has and Is studying It, with a view of tackling the problem with a medium sized flock this fall. He will attend the meeting In AshevUle next Saturday at court house, and talk to the men there for further sheep raising data. - - " ,") , V" -1 MT. MITCHELL TRIP TOMORROW. no beef oir mstsa pars, v CHICAGO, Oct 1. Roast beef,1 por terhouse steaks, filet mignon and even plain 'hash. In fact.- all cuts, or dishes made from beef will be missing from the menus of the railway dining cars tomorrow and on every Tuesday there after during the 'continuance of the wary Wheat bread will not be avail able to patrons of the dining cars. 'unless it is specifically requested. The introduction of the simple tare is due to a decision of the American Asso ciation of Dining Car Stewards, fol lowing a request from Food Adminis trator Hoover. MT. MITCHELL TRIP TOMORROW. Let This Wonderful Machine Cut It Into V Nourishing Food the indention of thl wonderful mKhiM, raoet awn Mn kniMi in e.T. anauui. nu. at oura an of this wonderful mKhiM, mom men mnutaika in th. Said to b. tnmMd do. IDA on 'ie iff, th. aonutalka. tr and all, ud jm u.m into inked), ud t the a.m. time .harp knlTe ar. I eon. IMMH it. wtmnj looamie. ov per ww . Into mall, nboio. orai th.pi ii s li"r-ptud SMALLEY Cutter and I I I It Snapa Off tha Kara and Cuta Feddar-An at same Time Whaa th. waither Ii too eold tor eld hmlrlns. hanl in few load, of oonuUlke and do part of roar haskins nd fodder onttins In tb. bam. With thli machine yen will alm h... plontr of TMh f a that will kM row .took is taUlui OondltlOD. v Oepaeitr. 15 to ft) bwheh napned eon and 1H to 7 roaoor; iwjh ton. oorn nay pvr now dd.r heid I. nud. Small m tngl'"t furniatia. utpl. powar. T. S. MORRISON ' When you step on the Brake "and t : - .. - r , wnnMj when it jumps and roars as you start, and lurches as you go ': into reverse you' think it is the way that Ford naturally acts. ! But it isn't It is all due to one defect- transmission linings . ' that have become hard and polished-that ; grab and ' slip, again and: againsetting up. terrific "vibration, causing, the . jarring an4 jerking and chattering. Cork. Insert Transmission ; Linings put an end to all this. ' - ' J Put these linings in your transmission and your brake responds with the first touch of your toe.- The Ford comes to a smooth, -easy, noisetess stop. There is no slipping, jerking and. vibration'. ' Distributors and Jobber Auto-Electric Supplies-. , Clothes of Proved Excellence for AllMen ir THE simplicity of genuine elegance the correctness of design and de tailfabrics that reveal the deft touches of artists in weave and color. These are the marks of good tailoring the qualifications that have made Moore Clothes leaders in masculineapparel for . this vicinity,. r"ry XJERE you will see the suits and overcoats that make it possible to be well dressed and prosperous looking in modern, ready-for-. service clothes. The price- $18.50 to $45.00 UPattouAm V"" ' , N Fall Hats, Shoes, Furnishing. HAVE NEW SYSTEM TO PURIFY WHEAT SEED Wheat growers of this section .will be Interested to learn of a new system of purifying wheat seed that has been introduced by Messrs. Wright and Medford, mill owners of Weaverville. These gentlemen have Installed equip ment whereby It la possible to treat wheat seed with a formaldehyde solu tion which will free the seed from all emut. Before being thus treated the wheat Is screened In order to separate the small, imperfect grain from the healthy seed. Farm Demonstrator Weaver states that every wheat grower should take advantage of this service wherever possible. He has received a communl cation from the agricultural depart ment which states that the new method is far better and less ex pensive than the old method of soak ing the seed in bluestones. It Is hoped that other mill owners of the country will install the equipment. and operate It under the same condi tions as exist at the Weaverville mill Here the owners have arranged to treat the seed for actual post of opera tion to' the grower. This cost will not exceed five cents per bushel of seed. Mr. Weaver states, that It is advis able that those farmers who expect to raise perfect wheat for the .seed market, will have their seed treated at once. Indications are that - the price of wheat seed will be even higher next, year than at present. Growers who wish to realize the high est profit from their crop must so ar range that the seed will be in first class condition before planting. KANSAS CITY STOCK SHOW. KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct 1. With exhibits valued at several million dol lars, the annual American Royal Live Stock show opened at Electric park today to continue through the week. In addition to the great exhibition of pure-bred cattle the show includes large displays of horses, swine, sheep and poultry, MT. MITCHELL TRIP TOMORROW. for iinw, no lonmi l.svo no loni WMtl Tbt take mm mmntunm. z.ipi onttins the fodder ewwiy batter. tat mixH Snapper Th. Pow.rf.1 Bmallw fore, feed eotteiwlll sue siv. on fin. raanit. in drr fee4 enUius. Yo oan pnrrhateth. plain mac. in. agmatUH nmriH Bnonnutiwi. Catalog rre Look Into bla winter outtinc urapu.ftkm. Toa'il be aaiaiwl at what . monej-maaer th. Small.; Combined onapper and Oottor la. Jnat ml roar nam. en petal and br nitwra mall yon 11 net oar laten cataios anowins an. w." JIB. OI njaaiiaj 1 ( & CO., Agents. These sets take the chatter, jars and jerks out of Ford cars. They give you three times more i wear. your Ford jerks and clattc tM .or Phone 78. -vi Jno. A. Baker Successors to Hill's Market The new firm assumed charge of this business yesterday. We are EXCLUSIVE The Sausage With MIX'S rails and the Old-Tinie Taste in It It is our intention to make our delivery system as nearly perfect as it is possible to make it ' ' i We are well aware of the fact that our growth in busi ness depends upon our own efforts. Our first, our. greatest effort shall be to serve our old customers as well as the new ones to the best of our ability. , -t . . The best that the market affords in meats will be found here.'.. -; . . '. : . . ' , ' .-r' ; . . Telephone orders receive the same personal attention that is given to those who call and select their meat . CITY Phone 3. BRASS I Mighty good stuff for pipe-fittings and, in moderation, as an element of human char acter. But Brass never fully expresses its worth till an artist takes it in hand and makes it into a thing of art educates it so to speak, and puts eloquence -behind its natural charm. ; . : ' . ., - : . ' t I " - - r : v Those Brass Candlesticks we are dis- . E laying have a beauty that couldn't have . c -. een given utterance through the medium of any other metal. . They are made just , like Grandmother's in style and crafts manship. We know you will enjoy seeing them. .' ; ' - Henderson urattoaATeL. G. C. James AGENTS FOR a Reputation Behind Iti MARKET Phone 4. Your Jeweler

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