MINOR GASES HEARD ., 4 , . . i , . - SOLDIERS ARE HELD !l!H!!!!l!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!l!'!!!!!""iP!"'!,i'!n,?!""!"" llHlllllmiuuuiuliUuiiiuliMUiwtuiiiiiiwuiuuii, IN SUPERIOR COURT . TO SUPERIOR COURT TqiETMAMMOTH FURNITURE STORE .., iii i i i " I, l:" Y' J m I Have you ever needed an extra bed right quick? - The solution to this problem is to get a Davenport with a mattress oh it all ready for use. Lsiumg utc uay 41 uiajwcs a vuiiuuruiuic seat and a beautiful piece of furniture. J. L. Slf ATHERS & SONS PIkmm28. 15-17 Broadway. Jury Get Cut of Automobile Com pany Against O. D. Bend ft 128, Other Gum Heard. A. A. A. ROAD MAPS OF. NORTH CAROLINA Alio A. A. A. Road Map of the Eastern Section OC - U. S.. ... .... ... . ......... . . .... LDC r Office Outfitter -f Pnj,. oMt e.r. Phone 154. Asbrrffl II Pattoa At BOOK 5ton cownercJal Printer. BATTERY PARK BANK t ASH JEV ILLS, IKi ft "' stata oomrz atocxtt depository. A IT Capital r.T.-.-. .$100,000 Surplus and Profits ,.. . 220,000 ' OFFICERS: 7AUB8 P. RAW! SR. Chatr-nan vif the KnuA. a COXB. President BR WIN BLUDER. Vlce-Proa, a ranktn, CMhur. LOAN ICACV BY THIS BAKE f ANY OF ITS OFFICERS OR DIRECTORS. In the out of H. P. Devin vtnui H. O. Williams, a Superior court Jury yesterday decided that neither of the parties was entitled to any damages. One sued for 110,000 and the other I or 4,ooo damages, for assault No. cases of importance were beard during the day. Allle Davis was granted a divorce from Clauds Davit and what was practically- a eonrp re mise Judgmtnt was returned In the case of Nancy Barker vertnt Samuel Stevens, for assault originating m a dispute over an entrance way to cer tain property. The defendant paid the coats in the case. There was much talk ot motor cars and their peculiar ities heard during the afternoon in the case of the O. K. Auto and Bupply company versus O. D. Revel. The suit was for 222: Mr. Revel had a counter-suit for $170, , The pury re tired late In the afternoon with i more complete knowledge, probably. of automobiles, than its members pre viously prist Men There art orty-t'x cases on the cstf endar an the preti-it term will last tWO Wfti'JCD. DEPUTIES APPOINTED TO COLLECT TAXES Tax IJM Now in Hands of Mr. Gas ton Shows Increase of Nearly 2SO.0O0. Vhi3 is the Weather for Oil Heaters y? if . r We have a big stock and are selling lots of them Let us have your order for a PERFECTION Northup-McDuffie Hardware Co. No. 33 Pstton At. ' HARDWARE Phone 142. to line to see at least sixty oer cent of the county's taxes raid durin this month," said County Tax Collector u. f. baston yesterday, in announcing the list of deputy tax collectors. "The total tax Is about 2248,000, Which is an Increase of from $25,000 to 135,000 over last year. The tax books are now in my hands and- there Is a discount of two per cent for those paying their, taxes during October." The deputy tax collectors are: Black Mountain C. M. Buckner. Swannanoa George Bartlett. Rooms ' Creek- Charles Roberts. , Ivy Talmadge Maney, Plat Creek W. B. Roberts. French Broad James Sluder. Leicester Webb Israel, t Sandy Mush Henry Duckett. Upper Hominy C. I Bird. j i Lower Hominy E. W. Davis. Falrvlew Charles Whltaker Limestone -J. M. Rtckman. Avery's Creek Walter' Johnson. ., Mr. Gaston said that many people availed themselves of the substantial saving represented by the two per cent discount for prompt payment of money due the county. He thinks that the farmers, tor instance, have more cash at this time of the year than they may possibly have next spring, and says that as the taxes have to be paid anyhow it Is good business policy to pay them now and so save several dollars, perhaps. .;. . . Charged With Stealing Automobile and Probable Cause Is Found. Otners Sent Back to Greenville. C. E. Thompson and W. M. Madden, the soldiers who- are charged with stealing a Ford automobile belonging to J. B. Led ford, of Weet Ashevllle, were yesterday bound over to Su perior court by Judge Glenn, and bond set at $200 each. Being unable to furnish this amount, they were com mitted to Jail to await hearing. It is said that these young men, who are members Of the North Carolina national guard contingent at Camp Sevier, in Greenville, were using the stolen machine tor a Joy ride. The police department received a call from the owner to the effect that it had been stolen, and chase was immediate ly begun. The chase wae all In favor of the soldiers until they became reck less and drove the machine into a' ditch. Jesse Wilson. Jim Featherstone and Earl Sorrells. who are also members of the training camp at Greenville. were called lor by a memoer or the sheriff's office at Greenville. These men are charged with taking a Ford car in Greenville and bringing It to this city, where they were captured. They will be tried by the civil au thorities ot the South Carolina county. NATIONAL LEAGUE. DIVIDE DOUBLE BILL. BOSTON. Oct. 2. Boston and Washington divided their double- header today. Washington won the first game 8 to 7 in ten innings by hitting Leonard freely. Harper started for Washington, but was hit hard and was wild. He was followed by Gallia, who later gave way to Ayres, In the second game Ayres and Maya. who are after bonus money were the pitchers and Boston won 1 to X. The game was caned in the eighth Inning on account of darkness. It was bat and ball fund day, and Manager ummn, oi wasnington, presented the several camps ot the department ot the northeast with baseball paraphernalia,, Score first rame: R. H. B. Washington .000 03 010 2 It Boston . ....?40 100 000 0 7 11 Batteries t Harper. Gallia, Ayres ana jenry; jLeonara ana Mayer. Hcore second game; " R. H. E, Washington ,,.100 009 661 7 2 Boston . .000 200 Ox 2 10 Batteries: Ayres and Henry : Mavs ana Agnew. EACH GETS OlfE. AMERICAN LEAGUE RECRUITS BEAT ATHLETICS. NEW YORK. Oct. 2. New York. with a team of recruits defeated Phil adelphia today, 2 to 2. The two teams will close the season with a double header tomorrow, Thursdays game being moved forward. Score: B. H. IS. Philadelphia. . .001 006 1002 6 2 New York ....001 006 62x 2 5 1 Batteries: Johnson and McAvoy; Brady, Cullop and Ruel. CIVIL AUTHORITIES IX CHARGE. INSTRUCTIVE TALKS NO. .8 BROILING WITH GAS r Use lower oven for broiling and remove "rack and broiling panuntil oven is heated. The two burners should be lighted and turned on full "Vytfor 7 to JO minutes before broiling commences. . , 7 Place meat about two inches from the flame 6n rack of broiler, and alwavs leave hrniW ! ''.,-''. ''. 'a . " , I door onen while broihnor. 1 - r ,; , . . .. . .. USE GAS. ... TOKIO. Sunday, Sept. 26, (Delay ed). An official communication issued today announces that the Jap anese ' military administration at Tsingr-Tau, the former German con cession In China, has been abolished. During the three years It has been in effect, it is pointed out, order has been - established in 1 the territory. The civil administration now substi tuted for it, the Statement says, is de signed to improve, the administration of the territory in general and of the railways and mines and promote the welfare of the inhabltans, while bring ing aoout more menaiy relations. It ' is significant, the statement notes, that during the occupation the status quo of the territory has not been changed. PHILADELPHIA. Vt. 2.Phlla delphia and New York broke even to day. New York winning the first game in twelve innlnga, 8 to 2, and the nome team getting the second. 2 to 2. A muffed fly ball by Fletcher with two men out In the ninth inning ef the opening game, prevented Perrltt irom getting a shut out and caused the score to be tied. New York won this game In the twelfth inning on three hits and two errors. The second game marked Alexander's thirtieth victory of the season, a was the third successive year that .e reached this mark. In 1 IS he won thirty-one games while, in 111 lie won thirty, three. With New York leading by 1 to 0 In the fourth inning the visitors sent jn many substitutes while Ben ton who took Damarea'e place in the fifth Inning was pounded hard. CI cotte, Eddie Collins and Gleaaon, of me unicago wniio box, watched the contests. Soore first game; jt. u. js.l new xoric sou 100 isn ooi g n 2 Phila. .... 000 000 602 6602 7 2 Batteries: Perritt and McCarty: Blxey and Adams. . . . . Score second game: ' R. H. S3. ew ioric ..i.ooi 000 0012 7 1 fwiaaeiphfa ..000 006 02x g 1J 8 Batteries: Demaree, Benton and Knaen, uiDson; Alexander and tuuiier. ... , . - CLOTHING MAN . ' GAINS 35 POUNDS BY TAKING IRON Ashevllle Power & light Co. ; - SAIESR003: i02 PATTON AVENUL S. Sternberg & Go. Depot St . .: . .. ' ' ' Phone 333 WE BUY ANYTHING SELL EVERYTHING Structural Materials a Specialty . m n .All Sizes and Lengths of I Beams SAY8 SIX" FfFTY-CENT BOTTLES BROUGHT RELIEF AFTER TEN LOXO YEARS OF SUFFERINQ TELLS WHAT KIND OF IRON HE ' ' RECOMMENDS "I was 'troubled with my atomach for ten ' years, and in that time I bought almost every kind of medicine and couldn't begin to say how much I took or paid out for medical service, yet nothing did me any good.. Then I began using Acid Iron Mineral and I don't think I had taken more than six of the ftftyeent bottles wlren I be gan feeling better than I ever did. I only welshed 142 sounds when I be gan to take Add Iron Mineral and now I weigh no pounds. - It is a pleasure for me to recommend It to anyone who has symptoms of indigestion or stomach trouble and if they will try it l am sure they will And it everything I have said it to be." writes W. T. Cash, proprietor of a . well known clothing, shoes, hats and men's fur nishing store In Bristol. Virginia. A statement such as the above from a merchant of integrity who knew all the agony of stomach trouble for ten years or more must " convince the reader that after all la said and done. just plain, everyday natural medicinal iron, concentrated as it is in Acid Iron Mineral is the cheapest, best medicine go bring the system back to normal and purify and enrich the blood. ... - ' - It la unusual, helps the appetite. and costs but little, a teaspoonful in a glass of water after meals being a most invigorating dose. Whole fami lies take it Fall and Spring as a tonic Absolutely non-injurious, oontalns no alcohol, narcotic, or habit-forming drugs. Does not npset the liver, stom ach or bowels, nor injure the teeth. If your druggist hasn't it send a dollar to i the , Ferrodine Chemical j Porn. ' PfinnrV Vs.. fnr a Iflre" 4- BRAVES WIN. " BROOKLYN. Oct. 1 Rnitnn ... from Brooklyn today, 6 to 2. Boston scored Ave runs In the third on two passes, four singles and a hit bats man. Powell in the ninth hit to rin center for the circuit Barnes was enecuve in an except two Innings and receivea peneci support. A doable. neaaer is scneauiea ror tomorrow, Soore: U. H. B, Boston i. ooi ooo 0016 2 6 uroomyn ;....ouu oui 019 1 natteries: Barnes ana Tragesserj ruw wu iumer Official Local Weatherj V. S. Department of Agriculture. Weather Bureau. Local Weather Date for Oet. . loir State ot the weather at 2 a. ra., uiettr .-. . . .... : . ... i state or the weather at a . m Relative humidity at t a. m.. ai per cent. relative humidity at 2 a. m.. if osr Relative humidity at 12 noon. 47 per cent. relative humidity at .2 n. m.. 7 per cqhl Wind direction at S a. m.. nnth east. wind direction at 2 ; tt. m.. south east. "V Time of sunrise, 6:26 a. m. Time of sunset, 6:12 p. m. : Local Temperature Data. 2 a.m. ......40 2 p.m. ......66 2 a.m. 45 4 n.m. . .IK 10 a.m. 62 p.m. ......64 11 a.m. 62 ' 6 p.m. ...... 0 12noon ......62 7 p.m. . CI 1 p.m. ......63 ; . 2 p.m. t, ,.SJ 2 p.m. ..,,...66 ..v: , Highest, 66; one year ago, 67. , Lowest, 26; one year ago, 26. ..Absolute maximum, 24 in 110. . Absolute minimum, 26 In 1216. Average temperature today, 44. . Normal. 60. Loral Precipitation Date to Month. Normal, incnes. . f Oreateat amount. 7.27 In 1904. , Least amount, 6.62 In 1602. For last 24 hours ending at g c m.. none. . Telegraphic Report) of Tempera tores ...... ur xuaay. ... Stations I n. m. Max. A3HEVILLH .12 i Atlanta .. .4 .,62 Augusta ................ 14 Baltimore ...... .22 Birmingham . . . . . ee Boston .24 Charleston Charlotte .-.... ..62 Cincinnati ............42 Galveston ,.,..,..76 Hatteras .............. ...62 Jacksonville ,76 Miami .....,....... .72 New Orleana ..MM...4.72 Raleigh Richmond .............. .12 Seattle ............I...,. .66 Pt Louts .............. ..7 WKn.tnn 66 62 72 64 74 66 72 64 . 42 20 66 74 20 26' 62 66 66 76 Good Roads We are cranks on that subject We want Asheville connected with all the nearby towns with the best possible Roads our, engineers can build. We are happy to pay our special Good Roads Tax. " ; ' '' : We have tasted the business from nearby towns where roads are so good 15 to 25 auto mobiles have hourly schedules. That is sweet business. i i I ! 2 i i E i f 1 I AND WOMEN 35 Patton Ave 11 c - i -2 , i i CHICAGO WIITS. CLEVELAND, Ohio, Oot. J. Chi cago deteevted Cleveland I to I today in the first of a series of two games to prepare the American league champions for the world's series. Cleveland played listlessly in the field and Chicago's run-getting was made easy. Bens did the best work of tha three pitchers used by the White Sox. A rally by Cleveland netted four runs In the ninth. GOULD MADE SERGEANT. CaWf rmr. xnimBwmwv v J., Oct 2. Klngdon Oould, a private In the national army, according to an official announcement today, li to be named as a membsr of Hi. ha.t quartern company. The appointment will carry with u the rank of first sergeant. Eventually he will become a lieutenant. Raymond Belmont, of New York, In the tame company, was made a second lieutenant. - SLIDING SCALE DISCTSSED. WASHINGTON, Oot I. Methods by which wages In navy yards and arsenal during tha war would he based on a eliding eeale dependent on Increases In the cost of living. Wore discussed today at a, conference be tween presidents ef international trade unions and the Joint army and navy wage adjustment board. No decision waa reached. . Representatives of the several trade at the Norfolk. Philadelphia and Washington navy yards also were heard by the board today on what they claimed to be Injustices in the wage scales recently fixed by the board. The conference will continue tomorrow, WOULD REMOVE AGE LIMITS. WASHINGTON, Oct I.-AA bill to remove the age limits In the lower grades of the officers reserve corps . waa passed today by the house. It was urged by the war department be cause 166 candidates who have satis, faetortly completed the aviation course are over age for lieutenant's comrol sions while 2,006 other will be ready for commission within three months. The department estimated that the bill would affect a saving In pay of 1 1.600,000 a year. t imrETEEN NORWEGIANS SUNK. LONDON, Oot. l.fh Norwegian legation announces that during Sep., temer. nineteen Norwegian merchant hips of an aggregatetonnate of 20.- soo . were ' lost. . . -iwemy Norwegian seamen were killed and seventeen other are reported a missing. This Is. -For You, who have been putting off buying a car from year to year. ' Please Answer Our Question Why don't you buy a car, while you can get your family and friends to ride with you. There is just ahead of you a long trip that you will be compelled to take by yourself. You can take nothing with you. NO, NOT ONE. And that estate of yours or, at least, a part of it will be spent for automobiles by good, sensible people who believe in riding while they are living and enjoying part of what they have worked for on this earth. V ' Now It Is Easy To Get a Car, Just "Talk It Over with Whit" "Buy Now, Pay as You Ride." Whitmire Motor Sales Co. 43-45 Broadway - Phone 2774

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