If .J Iff THE ASHEVILLE CITIZEN, WEDJSTESDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1917. TODAY AND TOMORROW r iiaiu) JL J-L The Official And Aulhenllc British War Pictures of Actual Battle Scenes THE AMD Presented by American War Relief ' Vouched for and endorsed fcjr war- Fund, W. K. Vanderbilt, president; " officials and leading swpapni for relief and Red Cross work at the , ' " - as authentic and clear fa', fbewj front ' tography. f ,. J TAME y AW:-;?' VV v,'VH M ACTON At the Baffle of Ancre SPECIAL MUSICAL PROGRAM DEAL'S SUPERB ORCHESTRA TWO I TODAY I ALL DAY DAYS andTomorrow 10c and 20c ONB Horn OF WAR'S MAnTXXS tbS piir ertry pbM and erary TltU Mane ta the eoem pleta and owi-whelmlng BATTLE OF THE ANCRE. It show the giant British TANK." the ee loan! war monstera, huge, almost nnoenny In appearance, like ft-ian flre breathing diaguua ' flhat pinnae their mtghty way thru barb-wire enteaglementa, leap trench, -battle their War thra. foreeta, orer awampa and Into the trenches of the eneaar.iplttlnf ont their rata of Ore, the tnnty Yanjroartbi of the advancing armies of the allies, No history, howerer vividly written, could tell of snch scenes as these films picture wttn the xa lying eye of the motion picture camera. The advance of the supply trains and troops, the brave 0ol dlors waiting eagerly In the flrat line trenches eager for the command to charge then the ormmraM, and over they go Into the maelstrom of war's fury Into the enemy trenches, while behind then (he giant howltaers hurling out their curtain of Are beat down the ont three Cnea of defense pta tores the capture of whole regiments of German yoop scenes In dressing camps aad luiiiiiis )l f. where mingled with the grim reality are the scenes of jubilation m the victors' camps at the tri umphal return of the victorious allies, ' XOTHINO SO REMARKABLE, BO TREMENDOUS, SO TIT AX Vg THE WORLTX8 BISIOBT HAS EVER BEEN PICTURED AS ARB) SEEX IN THESE OFFICIAL BRITISH WAS FILMS. , 3: mm CH PAIN GAS INDIG ESTION IN FIVE MINUTES TapCf DUpepsln" Is the Bet Anta- Ota ana Biomacn itogU' i lator Known. (Raally does" put upset stomachs in order "really does" overcome In digestion, dyspepsia, gas, heartburn and sourness due to. aold ferments Uon liiflvs mlnutea-Khat Just that makes rape's lnapepsin the larr esfe selling stomach antacid and reg tor ln the world. If what you eat menu and turns sour, you belch and eructate undigested rood or ater; nsaa is . oiszy ana acnes; rath foul; tongfle coated) your In- ides filled with Indigestible waste; emember the moment "Pane's IMa- epin" comes In contact with the stodNtoh all such ' distress vanishes. It'st luly astonishing! almost mar- and the joy w its harmless' ilarffs fifty-cent case of rape's Analn fa wnrth Itii -srAiflrnf In flnlri Im uri a n ftMvmna W why". fATit sret "It stomachs reguiatad. it belongs your home ehould always he Kept -ft s.nav In case of a sicK, sour, upset tf-"'si,3iach during the day or at . night. V ."It's' : il su in 1 T& J i the fctomach in the. wprld. the quickest, surest antaeid , for Adv. XATIONAL COtTHSING MEET. ' ; GRAND ISLAND. Neb., Oc 2. The National Coursing clubs assem bled here today to begin their annual , .field trials. It Is expected to be one of the largest assemblies ever held. Kennels from Texas, Minnesota, Kan as.1 Oklahoma.' Colorado, Iowa, Ne braska and a number of other states . ar represented. The principal events s on) u program wui 00 me nauunai ; PWturity and the Aberdeen and.Wa- terloo cups stakes. . , . PRINCESS : 'TODAY; ETHEL CLAYTON 'THE WOMAN BENEATH" The motion picture treat pf the year. The sweetest, most thoroaghly clukrming story ever filmed, v - PATHE NEWS World's Latest Important . . Events . 5c Admission 10c FEAR OF MILK FAMINE AT HICKORY AVERTED Fluid Has Advanced In Price Because of Demand From Charlotte. Other Hickory News. HICKORY, Oct. I. The fear of a milk famine In Hickory following the announcement that the Maple Spring Dairy, which furnishes the major part of the milk supply of Hickory, would after this date cease to furnish milk to their patrons, was alleviated by the j announcement by the Catawba Co-Operative creamery that they would begin furnishing pasteurised milk to consumers tomorrow morn ing. Twelve and? a half cents a quart is now being charged here for fresh milk. It Is said that the Maple Spring Dairy would ship their milk to Char lotte, where it is commanding a good price. The price of milk has ad vanced so much during the past twelve months that restaurants and drug stores have been forced to charge ten cents per glass In order to make any profit at all In dispensing It . A number or the Hickory young man of the farmer national guard now stationed at Camp Sevier, Greenville, B. C, are spending mrveral days at home. ' Among them are Captain O. L. Huffman, First Sergeant C. 8. Steven son of the 105 Engineers train: Ser geant Lowe Gross, on recruiting duty; Corporal Fred Hlldebran, of the 105 Engineers train; Priate Phillip Bolick, of the 106th Engineers train, and Hugh M. Miller, of Troop A, cavalry, old Company A, which left here with 202 men as an Infantry company, has been broken up, eighty-two of them being transferred to the Engineers train of the 105th regiment of engi neers; one to Company B, 65th depot brigade; five to the 120th infantry; three to headquarters company 118th field artillery; ten to Battery E UStb field artilery; ten to the 113th ma chine gun battalion, and the rest to Company C, 106th engineers. The boys who are visiting here say the men like the change fine and are well satisfied now that they have gotten settled ' down and the numerous stumps all oyer the camp are out of the way. ' Colonel Harley B. Fergu son, brother-in-law of A. A. Shuford, of this city, Is in command of the regiment of engineers of which the Hiokory poys are a part. CADETS RECEIVE NEW UNIFORMS AT HICKORY COMMISSIONERS MAY . IMPROVE HIGHWAYS County ' Board Will Repair Black Mountain Boad and Take Other Petitions Under AdvlsememV HICKORY. Oct S. Most of the members of the cadet corps of the Hickory High school have received their uniforms which closely resemble those worn by -the united States army, and the boys are beginning to get down to drilling. - The cadet corps Is an innovation in the high schools of the stats and their progress will be watched with interest. Ernest Aber- nethy, a brother of Cant Elon Aber- nethy of the United States army. Is captain or ins local corps. - ' Several Hickory people motored to Columbia Sunday to visit (he Hickory selectmen in the national army now training there. Among those going were is. lyeriy, cnairman or the Ca tawba county exemption board, Hugh Williams, f. fennel and Konda Buch anan; ' - ' y Home of Paramount Pictures 7 TODAYS-ONLY TODAY WALLACE REID THE HOSTAGE" P .VVALL This thrilling story of military life wQl appeal to you im mensely.; "There's something' doing every minute that'll stir your blood and make you glad you came Approved as a picture for family audiences. 5f GALAX PIPE ORGAN ADMISSION 10c A petition for the Improvement of the Elk Mountain road was presented to the county commissioners at their meeting yesterday. With the petition was a check for $402.60, subscribed by the property owners Interested, and (he check also Interested the commis sioners as well. White the board seemed to be frmewhat favorably Im pressed with the request made of them for the sanding of 4,100 feet of the road, the matter was taken un der advisement for the present. Road matters consumed most of the commissioners' time yesterday. They acted favorably on a petition from the town of Black Mountain for the repairing of the road there from the end of the concrete pavejuent through the town, a distance of about one-half mile. The town will furnish the stone and the county, will do the work. . Commissioner, Cole and Com missioner Cowan, with County Engl' peer Howerton were directed. t sur vey a new road to Pole ereek by way 01 tne oio Hooker Gap road. The cost of building the road will be borne by the property owners inter ested. Reports of other surveys Jwere received ana mea. rty's appropriation of $1,800 to the Mission hospital be Increased. This appropriation is for charity patients at the hospital. The request was taken under advisement. xne county commissioners are strongly of the opinion that the com munlty cannery, which has preserved so many home grown vegetables this past summer should itself be pre. served. For that reason, when Miss Lillian Fletcher and D. S. Elias asked for permission to store the apparatus of the cannery in the county store room, permission was gladly granted. The cannery now occupies the site of the fountain In the rear of the court house, where art has been sacrificed to, utility. The canning outfits and all other things used to preserve will therefore rest in security until next spring. , The commissioners will meet again mis morning at 10 o'clock. DEDICATE HOME. PORT HTJRON, Mich., Oct I. The dedication here today of the marnifl cent new building erected as head quarters for the Women's Benedict association of the Maccabees was made the occasion for the most not ble eelebratlon In the history of Port Huron. The occasion attracted more than ordinary attention from the fact that tne building la said to be the most imposing structure of Its kind in the country built and financed bv women. The dedication exercises were attended by Governor Bleeper and his stafi,, together with hundreds of mem bers of the Maccabees from all sec tions of the country and representa tives of numerous other fraternal or ganisations.- The exercises Included a notable tribute to Miss Blna M. West, who founded the association twenty five years ago. SAGE AND SULPHUR DARKENS CRAY HAIR It's Grandmother's EeciDe 10 jtcestore uoior, Gloss and Attractiveness. Almost everyone knows that Sara xea ana suipnur, properly com pounded, brings back the natural color and lustre to the hair when faded. streaker or gray. Years ago the only way to get this mixture was to, make it at home, which is 1 muss and troublesome, t Wowday. by asking at any drug store ror " wy eta's Bare and Sulphur Compound," you. will get a large bottle of this famous old recipe, improved Dy tne addition or ether la gradients, for about SO cents. Don't stay gray! Try Itl Wo one can possibly tell tin at yok. darkened our hair, as It do.s t so naturally aad evemy. xou dampen a sponge or soft brush with It . and draw this through your hair, taking one small strand at a time; by morning the gray hair disappears, d after an other -application or two, your hair becomes beautifully dark, glossy and attractive. ' Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Com pound is a delightful toilet requisite for those who desire dark hair and a youthful appearance. . It Is not in tended for the cure, mitigation or pre vention of disease, j ... ... .....v VP YOU HAVE PLENTY OF BIAQK DIAMONDS In your coal bins, no matter how the snow may fly outside, or how cold It may be, you can bid defiance to the elements. But if the coal, supply runs short there's going to be trouble. Our coal is first quality, full weight to the ton, and we solicit your srders for any quantity. Phone us your order today. Ashe. Dray, Fuel and Cos. C& 41 Broadway The Red Front Phones til. 110. IIS. "The Big Red Front" FASSIFERN Hendereonvflla, N. C J v A Home School for Girls. Accredited by Smith, WeQesIey, Goucher and other leading colleges. Courses leading to , Diploma -College Preparatory, English and Modern Lan- -guage, Business, Departments of Music, Art, Household Ceo nomics, all under direction of experts. ,-.,' Care of health especially emphasized. ' Athletic and out of-door sports, horseback riding, etc, under graduate of New Haven School of Gymnastics. Eleventh term , begins Sep tember 26, 1917. , Principal, MISS KATE C SH7P. syjjBBBjBfjHpByBSBJBBSJOT .!). 9. 1- k M i i TO THOSE WE ! " A CEMMEEt O HAVE ; An arrangement has teen effected whereby the Max well Motor Company has leased for a period of five years the properties of the Chalmers Motor Company. The immediate effect of this transaction is: 1. The Chalmers car will be continued under the Chal mers name for a period of five years. 2. Those distributors or deal . ers who have been suc cessfully marketing the , Chalmers car will continue to do so. The appraisers of the prop-, erty and their engineers ' report the current Chalmers ' model a good car and the Chalmers plant a wonderful factory. The first move we have made is -to increase the efficiency of the Chalmers organization. The second move was to ' place liehind the Chalmers car the resources of the Max well Motor Company. This is a business transaction between two automobile companies of probably no more than ordinary interest to the public but important to you if you have thought of buying a Chalmers for these obvious reasons: 1. You obtain a good car. 2. You obtain a car produced in a magnificently equip ped plant , - 3. You obtain a car pro ' duced bv an organization materially strengthened by the addition ' of able ex ecutives. , . 4 You obtain a car produced bv an organization mate rially strengthened by additional financial re sources. 5. You obtain a car from a distributor or de aler -who will have the support of this organization. In this .way all three of us prosper- in the transaction. r 1 . .. ; President and General Manager j Maxwell Motor Company, Inc. J it '

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