a 0y U ; Better Shooting-i l T : .! . i . ' t - .1 1 ... I t J a. PB ; A JVlUN IS SO DUSV UXCSC nines uiai wiicn uc uuo get j a couple of days' . traps, he is looking for action. He wants" to be sure" about hisgn-r-and that is one great reason why . everybody speaks so highly of the Remington UMQPump Gunand Autoloading Shotgun. And, in shells; you" will get Remington UMC results only from Remington UMC Smokeless "Arrow" and "Nitro teHi-i J Jy IP". W . h A a f t Saks BuUdin I I fc4 . a G 0 WHERE you may; resentative buildings in every part of the country covered with Carey Roofing; Great department stores, like this in Birmingham, vast warehouses, like that of Armour C& Co. at Atlanta, hotels, office build ings, hospitals, , factories, schools, railroad depots all sorts and conditions of buildings that represent vast business interests are protected from weather and from fire by means of Carey Roofing. For forty years Carey has been the acknowledged leader among makers of composition roofs. Carey was the first in point of time and Carey has always main tained first place in quality and service. A Carey Roof installed on your building this season will give consistent service for a quarter of a century to come. v . Other Carey Building Materials Asfaltslate Shingles Fiberock AsbestM Felt Cell-Board (Far Walls mi Ceilinss) . Feltez Asphalt Felt Insulating Papers , Manco Asphalt Percoproof Damp-Proofing Rubber Roofings Roofing Falnu , Asbtos Materials Pipe Corerlngs , i We are equipped to furnish information, estimates and expert construction service. " ' Charlotte Supply Co. SOLE DISTEIBUTOES FOR THE CAEOUNAS Charlotte, North Carolina General Mill Funiuhers, Leather Belting and Machinery hunting or an afternoon at the Qub," the steel "speed shells" and in black powder, the, old established w New Qub.w . " v J "-T " Sold Sporting Goods Dealers in Your Community Clem and oil your gmt'tnA REM OR, d combination Powder Soheui Lubricant and Rust Prerentire THE ' RBMINGTONTARMS UNION METALLIC . CARTRIDGE COMPANY, lac " Urtat IhmfiidmtnwfRrmmumJAmmmtim fc lit WtM rWOOLWOKTH BUILDING, NBV YORK D) KX V you will find the most rep Ji SOME DEPRESSION IN N. V. MARKET. NEW TORIC Oct $. Hie greater de- Sramton which. attended today stock oaMn-s waa due mainly to familiar oaua, steady liquidation of aeeurltlee of character heretofore favored or inves tors. Keeent severe receaetons m raiia war extended br ona to four oolnta. few laauea eeosping the prooaaa of attrition, Naw low reoorda ware reaistered br the HfL Paula.' Naw Turk Central and Baltimore and Ohio, while manv other trenroort uon stocks cam wiltiia easy approaca oi their minimum a. Mo develomnenna at aoaeltlo or oenaite nature were offered la explanation of the movement, but In well Informed olrclee, the ballet atlll obtained that tin Belling emanated from foreljrn quart ere. The bears were not too alow to avail them- aelvea of the decline. industrials and the varvras snares in eluded In the war aroun ware Plainly in' dined to shake off the pressure against rails, but yielded with the general Hat until the final hour, when gradual lm provement aet In, the market changing from Ita heavy ions to ona of moderate UTeguauiur. United fltatea Mtaera oouraa was eaaln Indicative of the (eneral movement. From Ita low level of steel rauiea two points, cloalDf at l.iofi, a net kwa of an Inalarnlflcant fraction. Coppers wars Ir regular but shippings and reoocnlied pool shares war steady to strong. Call moner was atablllaed by ttie money pool, but time funds were again In scant supply, though quotably unchanged. Re mlttanfiae to London and Paria wars easier and the rata on Borne hardened nightly. i , Sonde were hair on moderate trading. the Liberty Issue selling at . to par. Total sals, par value, aggregated S,760,- 000. , ' United Btatai coupon xa rose par oant. on call. . . NEW YORK STOCK LIST. High I American Beet Sagnr American Can 4TH Amer. Car and Fdry.i ..b American Locomotive ........ 1H Amer, Smltg. and Rfg. ...... W can Sugar ,..,111 American Tel and TeL Ill Anaoonda Copper TIH - Atchlaon M Atlantlo Coast Line 107 Ati.. Gulf W. L S. 8. Lines. 10J Baldwin Looomotivs 44 Baltimore and Ohio , llli Bethlehem Steel "B' 42 Canadian Paclflo 14814. Central Leather 8ii Cheeapeake and OMo tt Chicago dt Great Weatern ..b Chloago, Mil. ; 8t Paul 68 Ch'go, R. I. P., lsaued U Colorado Fuel and Iron ...... Corn Products 9VA Crucible Steel 78 Cuba Oana Susar SI Erie 20 General Electric.. ..140H . General Motors Great Northern pfd. 103 Great Northern Ore Ctfa S4 Illinois Central ......10 . inspiration Copper eu Int. Mer. Marine ......... Int. Mer. Marine pfd. . . . . International Nickel ..... International Paper ...... Kansas City Southern ... I Kennecott Copper Louisville and Nashville . . Maxwell Motors Mexican Petroleum I Midvale Steel Missouri Pacific .......... li National Lead ........... Nevada Consolidated .... New Tork Central ........ I N, T., N. H. and Hartford I Norfolk and Western .... Northern Paclflo ......... Ohio Cities Gas ..46 Pennsylvania ..61 .. 25 Ray Consolidated Copper. Reading ......v....... 82 Rep. Iron and Steel 88 Seaboard Air Line .,., ..b Seaboard Air Line -pfd. ....h Sinclair OU and Rfg. -.J........ 86 Sloss. Shef. Steel and Jron.... 46 . Southern Paclflo 814 Southern Railway 77' Southern Railway pfd. ....... el Studebaker Co roo ration. .... . 44 Tennessee Cooper ............ 14 Texas Co. ,...,...,..,163 Union PaolflC .128 United Fruit V. 8. Ind. Alcohol United States Rubber . . I United flutes Steel .... ! United States Steel pfd. I Utah Cooper n. ...138H 128. ... 69 68 ...111 110M .,.118 116 ... 114 . 81 ..b . 85 Virginia Caro. Chem. train la Coal and Coke 69 69 Wabash Pfd. "A" 1174 llK Western Union 88 Mi 88 Westlnfthouse Electric ...... . 46Mj 46 ntts burgrn uoai utrs ti oi Total sales lor tne aay, 73z,zuv snarea 3 NEW YORK MONEY. NEW TORK. Oct 2. Mercantile paper Sterlln (0 day Mils 4.71Vi: commercial (0 day bills on banks 4.71; commercial 80 day bills 4.70ft: demand 4.76)4; cables 4.78 7-l. . Bar sliver as. Mexican dollars 71. Government bonds Arm: mllroad bonda heavy. Time loans firm; 80 days, 80 days and six montha 64 8. Call money steady; ruling- rate a. NEW YORK CATTLE. NEW TORK. Oct 8. Beeves, no trad- Ins;. . . . ... V ' : .. Calves receipts 500 steady. Veals is.no 017.00; culls 10.001B.00; (rassers 9.00; Louisville calves 10.00, Sheep and lambs steady. Sheep 8.00A 11.60: oulls 6. 0007.00: lambs lfi.00O18.25: 9 culls ia.0018.00. hosts steady, nogs is.ovoi.'(o; rouarns 18.00.. . S19S.0O0.00 CITT OF ASHEVILEE, V. , FUNDING BONDS. Sealed bids for the above bonds, ad dressed to the undersigned, will be re ceived by the Board of Commissioners of the City of.Aehevllle at the City Hall In said City, until October soth, 1917, with Interest at five per centum per annum, payable September 1st, and March 1st, principal and interest payable ; in New , York, In gold. Denomination 11,000. Maturing Sep tember 1st as follows: 820.000 1919 to l2i. both Inclusive; $21,000 1921 to 1926, both inclusive and 124,000 In 1927. The Bonda are to be prepared under the supervision of tne united Htates Mortgage & Trust Company, New York City, which jjyl certify as to the eenulneneas of tne signature of the City Officials and the seal impressed thereon. ? , The legality of the bonds will be examined by Messrs. Caldwell As Mane ndi,-. New York City, and the pur chaser will be furnished without charg-s, the opinion of said At torneys. These bonds are general ob ligations of the City Issued under the Municipal Finance Act 1917 for the funding; of certain notes or certificates of indebtedness issued . before the passage of said Act to pay the neces sary expenses of the City of Asheville, and an unlimited tax for file payment of the principal and interest thereof. has been - authorized by law and resolution. , .,, Bids - are desired on blank forms which will be furnished by the City or mid Trust company. - --.. Bonds will be delivered on Novem ber 6th, in New York City and must then be paid or. . Each bid must be accompanied by a certified check of $3,920 drawn te the order of the undersigned upon an Incorporated bank or trust company, to secure the City against any loss resulting from the failure of the bid der to comply with the terms of his bid.- .- No bid under par and accrued In If terest will be entertained. Th right to reject any and all bids la reserved. ; . i . . F. I CONDEK, 18 17 .... 882 87 .... U ' S2 ...b 28 .... IS 17 .... 8H 183 ...11834 ,118 .... 33' tS .... 6 .... 623 ; 61 2$ 28 .... 60 H . 60V( 20 20 ... 76 I H .... 26 2 ,...110 10 .... 99 U i 4 61 ere tary -Treasurer. N, Y. COTTON (RICES ADVANCE. 'NEW TORK. Oct. I. The government erop report was followed by aa esoited advance of more than a cant a pound la pottoa today. December oontracta sold up to 15.06 or 122 polnta above hut night s closing figures and representing the high est price reached alrvce that delivery touched 19.6 on the break of last month. The sloaa was at 24.92 for December, with the general list cloalng barely eteady at a - oer iv to lit points, The trade had been prepared for small ginning figures but had not looked for auch light returns as Indicated br ofllclal report showlna- 1.4S8.881 balsa nea nnor to H.nt.mi k - , a int - 989 last year. The market ooened 12 to points higher on this showing, but buy. n was held la check by uncertainty as -. Mia su'ornmem s crop report. When thi appeared at 11 o'olaca, placing the GCndltion at 10 4 anil th tnM.-mlA vl!.l at 12,047,000 compared wHh 12.499.000 bales, the Indication of a month ago, buy- mui icmnu ana ssciiaa. In addition to heavy Wall street and western buying; there was an active de mand from foreign and domestlo trade In terests which sent prices upward rapidly In spite of realising and Increased south ern hedge seiilnsr. Before the advance was mora than momentar'lv halted, Octo ber had sold at 26.46 and January at 24.81 making a net gain of. 118 to 116 polnta The closs was several points oft from the beat under profit-taking. The trade had been looklna for a condition of about 41 and the lower figures combined with the continued free exports, created a strong bullish sentiment Open .....24.60 .....24.02 ..... .22.80 .....24.00 High 25.46 25.04 24.80 24.98 Low. 24.40 28.92 23.70 23.77 22.90 CI os. 26.30 24.99 24.77 24.88 23.92 October ... December January .. March .... May ..24.08 26.09 Spot steady; middling 28.20. CHICAOO MARKETS. CHICAGO. Oct 2 Cora bulced In value today after an early show of weakness. Reports that Texas had absorbed all- offer ings of new corn, save lmDatua to the no- ward swing of the market. Prices closed firm H to lli net higher, at 1.19 for December and t.l6i May. Oats gained o. to la ana provisions ii to.zio. Grain and m-ovlalona. cloaai ' CORN December , 1.191 Maw 1.141 UA1B- II .ri December .68 Mav 61 K October 45.15 Januarr .......... ...47.15 LARD October 24.80 January .......23.92 BIBS October ..,,.26.80 January .........26.00 Caah Grain. Com No. 1 yellow 1.9641.96: No. t rel tow, nominal; no, i yeuow i.vett. Live Stock. Hon weak. Bulk 18.46019.2S: llirht 18.15dil9.30: mixed 18.16019.60: heavy lB.itOii.su; rougns is.i6yis.s&; pigs it.uo uattie steady. Native beer 7.iuoi7.bo western steers 6.36 15.00; stockera and feeders .2511.25; cows and heifers 6.00 012.60; calves 9.75018.00. ' Sheen trans. Wethers 9.00012.76: ewes t.wii.w, utmDS is.z&via.tn. NEW ORLEANS COTTON. NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 2. The govern ment report on condition, production and ginning today put the price of cotton in this market 16 a bale higher on the most active months, sending all months over the 24 cent level. Trading was only moderately active, but the market as sumed decided Ormness. especially in the afternoon. ' Opening at the advance, the market hesitated and reacted in the early trading but around the middle 01 tne morning, took on etrena-th and sourted UDward to a net advanos of about 100 points. In the afternoon the gain Was. widened to 110 te UV points on the, more distant op tions. October waa not as active as yes CBEJ UBaf terday and at Its best was only 108 points up. The market closed at a net gain of 107 to 118 points. In the afternoon the large exports tor tne day, bales, runner stimutaiea bullish sentiment They compared with total receipts at all ports of only 46,459 bales, and brought exports thus far this weex ud to liY.ue Daes as axainai is. KS2 durlne- the same nerlod laat year. (Jot ton futures closing ma: uciooer March 24.22: May 24.87. Soot cotton Arm. 19 points up. sales on tne spot i,io bales; to arrive zau. miaanng zt.sa. LIVERPOOL COTTON. LIVERPOOL. Oot 2. Cotton spot steady; prices 8 points lower; good mid dling 19.17; middling 18.72; low middling 18.22; good ordinary 17.27; ordinary 16.77, Sales 8.000 bales, including 2.600 Ameri can. No receipts, f utures ciosea steaay: New Contracts: closing January 18.02 March ,...17.76 om ennttacta nxed nrices. uiose. October , "SI December-January 18.70 M.rrn-Anni 10.42 May-June -. .........18.28 NEW YORK PRODUCE. NEW YORK Oct 8 Raw su sugar steady: 6.02: refined steady; fine granulated 8.86O8.60. Butter steaay. tjneese ni-m. Spot coffee quiet; Rio Ts Santos 4's NEW YORK DRY GOODS. NEW TORK. Oct., 2. Cotton goods and yarns markets here today became strong and active after the publication ' of the government cotton report Prices ad vanced. Wool goods were firm and quiet Bilks were quiet and burlaps Arm. MATTERS OF RECORD Deeds as follows were filed in The office of the register of deeds yester day: . K. J. Randolph, trustee, to E. F. Willis and wife, property in West Asheville. . . P. A. Miller to Katie L. Green, lot on Hill street, $1,600. W. D. Sandford to Florence M. Mc Cormlok, lot in Dade-Olina park, $25 and other considerations. W. I. Sandford to Nellie Sandford, lot In Dade-Ollna park, $2S and other considerations. W. D. Sandford to -Mary Montg;om ery, -lot In Dade-Olina park, $26 and other considerations.' v G. C. McDonald to Abe Smith and Nannie Smith, lot In Black Mountain township,- $75 and other considera tions. Abe Smith and Nannie Smith to Maaroie McDonald, lot in Black Moun tain township, $76 'and other consid erations. Maggie McDonald to 8. B. smith and wife, lot in Black Mountain township, $75 and other considerations. MARRIAGE UCKNSKS. The following marriage licenses were Issued yesterday: j Asa D. Arrowood, it, to Martha M. Pyron, 41. j. jm. isarueit, it, 10 aiauaa Mor- row.. IS. . ., . MINNESOTA WOMEN'S CLUBS. . MANKATO, Minn- Oct S.Man- kato is entertaining for three days the twenty-third annual convention of the Minnesota State Federation of Women's clubs. Today waa devoted to the reception of the visitors and meetings of the executive board and council. Welcoming : exercises take place tonight and the business ses sions will begin tomorrow morning. Much of the time will be devoted to consideration of Women's, service tn Rates, Southsm Dqircoo CDnipany The Southern Elxpress Company Offers You Call and Delivery Service Shipments called for and delivered. Efleent Service Receipts given and taBen- responsibility assured. Prompt Service All shipments transported . on last passenger trains. T . - 4 - Personal Service " Responsible employees handle every package as an individual shipment and keep a written rec ord of each transaction? Southern Express Company "Serv. th PitbUc" sifsa 1 g ei aaaasjaMassiT-ia,lisfai n- " 11 IT, T la 1 lli T rvl ; 1 r 111' 1 . '. aasaasssk. , ' . :.i .. . . j. '.w I -... W r VDI n ii-tarf".' All the qualities which yott look for in roadster design and construction. There is generous room for the passengers. The seats are tipped at the most comfortable angle. The luggage space is extra large. The car is steady on the road at all speeds. Roadster or Touring Car, $8$5. In Canada, $118$ Sedan or Coupe, $1265. In Canada, $1(00 (AU price tab. Detroit) j Asheville Automobile Co. 18 and 20 Church St. LANGREN HOTEL European; Modera Fireproof 'A choice hotel la a choice location The leading commercial hotel la the Carollnaa 200 Rooms of Solid Comfort . Dancing every evening on the root . .. Guy S. Lavender, Mgr. KEN MO RE HOTEL v ,...' : ... COMUKRCIAZ. HZADQUARTXRS - t ' IfATMKSVILLVi M. 0 , Oa Itaia at Opau Throughout the Tear Free Sample Rooms ry . A. B. 8PKABS. Propw - THE ' EENSESSOIIVILLE, N. a ' Second Ave. and Chare 84. ReOned Bomellke Service for the Discriminating. Rates oa Application. v MRS. E. G. WILSON, Proa. ' AETHELWOLD HOTEL BRKVAKD, V. a UBS. A. H. KCTO, Prop. Headquarters for Commercial Men. Modern. Free sample room. ' Free car to station. Opea year round. - Rates, $1.00 to $$.0. . . .... THE IMPERIAL HOTEL CAXTOW, K. & E. M. GKLKJS, Prop, r ASr-ESICAW ttXH. - $l.o Day. Special Ratfse by the Week or Month. vRsewtpt Jil . ' S3 .41. : l ,J 4S thaws r

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