X. THE ASHEHlE CITIZEN, TUESDAY OCTOBER 2,1917. i ' . V w You your OUT DEGIfJfllfJG OF self man 0 lar that yi have $r-tha wasted that should be working for you P I 'erf ' VOli will nurftlv nrr1 nrrifrtav. Smiare accoun with tl Tons of ! W. W. Docu 'menta Seized Shota Opera 1 tlona Covered Country.1 yourself. Pay-Up! I ! INVESTIGATION TO LEAVE NO OPENING New Interest Period-Savings Departmei a ICTMErJTS ARE . ... .. .-. . . . . r- . .At I HAT OWAL SWEEP In Indicting the Ringlead ers Government Has Only ' "Skimmed the Cream." T WASHINGTON. Oct WDii great harvest of Indictment returned at Chicago, u was authoritatively stated tonight.- la but fraction of what the government will reap, aa the result of ne nationwide raid on Industrial Work ere of th World offloea Septem- bar t. Only tbosa regarded by tha govern ment aa tha ohiaf figure In tha al leged conspiracy to thwart tha gov ernment in lta war plana hava been Indicted. Tona of dooumenta seised - in : tha raid hava vet to . ba studied. Their dliclosurea are being catalogued ana arranged lor uaa in runner pro ceedings This work is now going oa in approximately fifty towns and eltlaa rrora coast-to-coast. . , la obtaining indictments aaralnat 111 ,: alleged ring-leaders of tha conspiracy tna aepartment or justice has simply sximmea tna cream ox tna investiga tion. Documents In its possession are understood to show extensive and far reaching minor plane, confined to par ticular localities and designed to af fect local situations, through Which those named in the Indlotmenta and many others are believed or the au. ' thoritle to have sought to hamper the government by methods some of which nave not ret been disclosed to - tna pupuo. No Direct Connection. Contrary to general belief. Be) dl ' root connection baa been shows thus far between the alleged leaders of tha conspiracy and the bug German cor ruption fond believed to have been operating in this country since Ameri ca s envy into tne war. Many indi- cations point strongly to tha con nection whlch-offlclals hope to estab lish, opt none, it s reported. M abso lutely confirmatory. This development has led officials to believe that the full scope of the conspiracy naa not yet oeea revealed. Bo far as yet determined, there was no muter apy, no single oontrolllng head. which directed the aotrrtti of the anti-war worltara. A group of fairly generous proportions, the evidence in dicates, has been In charge of the en- tare program ot propaganda and out rage from the spreading of alleged seditious literature to the burning of crops and arming; of farmers 1 and otnor to resist the draft law, October 1st to 10th Good time to make a start! .1 Central Bank & Trust So. SOUTH PACK SQUARE TERS WANT E LARGE Sill PLACED TO CREDIT OF GOLO PASHA IN THE U.S. (Continued from Pag One.) bar of schemes of - magnitude and maae ana lost large sums of money. It was Intimated that he operated un der more than on alias and while al ways Bole la Paris, worked In some Levantine - oountrle under other narita. - , . The KaTDtian " fwenesandiata are aid to have been In closer touoh with Vienna than with Berlin and received tneir instructions and money from Germany through Austrian bankers. The Information they obtained was sent oireouy to Berlin through Zurich. HOUSE ACCEPTS SILENCE D THE T H E (WE lENGE REPORT flll TAX DILL fOuuttnusd from Pag One.) Title to a home in Grove Park g propeianda , work done by the like a certificate of deposit of a bank. I M'nJl"knr"rn tJ?r rtded always worth its race value plus In-1 """"" j w juuivpew ovun- rarest, mono is si. Advt w ONE NEGRO UNIT AT AFTERMATH OV TEUJX. . rrr-Z VL.w poUeemen. the . detention - of to oppo-at the floor, r vvAonimfiin ucl - - iwiin i aMMt art i . , - . jM ' I1V-. .sk aV At I KM. eUAlUUVVi iVfUlVf nflhsTUUsT VMW.J lA IVUIU wTaUUiUII K(p IUC ITT ITTTl- 1 M A eka ea.M- A.I.VU A Jk S .m? tn2n tlhi -X-'J?"'?; Prlatendenf of the local branch of SSttf V!S.- b .T2th?T5fc!2 irfvate detective agency and' clash of autnority oetween District Attorney Rotan and Director of Publlo Safety Wilson, marked todays developments in tne uvesogauon into the political fill up the national guard and other , branches, the war department hag again mooinaa its plan for training negro troops of the national army forces. It la now the purpose. Secre tary Baker said today, to train a com- piete unit or negroes at each of tha sixteen cantonments, Instead of train ing them only at cantonment- to wnicn a consiaeranie number report The also ot the unit will depend upon tne numoer or negro drafted men .from the divisional area which, sup ; plies each cantonment, but where there Is a large surplus men will be sent to posts with smaller numbers for consolidation .with the training unite ineri ; The first of the drafted negroes will oe moDiiiiea unaer tne call of Octo ber 8. The number to be taken from each division will not be uniform and the allotment has not been announced. -f -f CO TO HOT SPREfGS. , -f . BOSTON. Oct. 1 Govern- feud whloh resulted In the killing of apolioemaa here oa primary election Ail the prisoner will be arraigned before Judge Brown in the municipal court tomorrow on onargea or con piracy to eommlt aggravated assault ana muraer. At tne same time mayor Smith, rouo lieutenant David Ben nett, Common Councilman Isaac Deutssch and two alleged gunmen Jacob Mascla and John Costello, will be given a hearing on similar onargea. : ment officials announeed today -f 4- that 281 German sailor from 4 r steamships which sought refuge f here at the outbreak of the war. would be transferred shortly . from nnt nf thn Htntlnn Mmna A. 4- in Boston harbor to Hot Springs, Injured. Other crop also uf n.a. xne cnange. tnev aaid. i ' STORJ( HURT CROPS. MONTGOMERY, Ala.. Oct 1. Re ports coming in from sections which were cut off from communication by the tropical storm Friday indicate that the crop damage win oe tne largest Item of loss. In every section of Alabama through which the atorm passed, where the Cotton remained un picked, the crop is practically a total loss as the plants were broKen on by the wind or washed Into the ground by the unprecedented rain. Velvet beans, or wnicn the state naa the largest crop in its history, were se was due to the fact that the t present quarters are not dealr- able during winter months. . t 4 ,444 44 444444444444 STTCATTOIf TBT HA3TD. With Every Order given at our store we give SERVICE With Every Article purchased from us you get SATISFACTION J. S. Cktveru, Mgr, 1 Fbooet 5S5-5S7. ' PHOENIX. Aria.. Oct 1. Wtth eighty Mexicans and Spaniards under arrest at Ollfton charged with Inciting to riot. BherUT Slaughter tonight an nounced that he believed he had the situation well in hand after the at tempt of 160 armed strikers to march groin Morend to Cliton early today. (More than 800 armed citizens are In readiness to aid tha sherra should an attempt to reorganise be made by those who fled to the hills this morn ing after encountering a handful of deputies, who fired at them and put them to rout. . INDIA WAJTTS HOME RtTTE, WASHINGTON, Oct. 1. A letter to President Wilson from S. Subra maniem, honorary president of the Indian home rule league, urging the president to Interest himself in home rule for India, was presented to the state department . today by . Henry Hotchner, who brought It from India. The writer declares India Is ready to furnish ten million men to help win tne war it granted autonomy, from uaoflkoial estaomtas previously published only fn a few Instances. In. tead at ftO0,00,O0 the income tax total Is planed at $851,000,000; exoee profit at on billion Instead of II, 110,000,000; tobaoco at 180,000,000 Instead of IJ4.00O.000 and flnrt-clans msvfl at IT0.000.0OO Instead of f0,- 000,00. Durlnar today's defeat PMaMant WUaon wa quoted by Representative Cooper of Wisconsin, a an authority against the sons system nreserlbed for eoond-ehts mall matter. . Mr. Coop er also asked why member placed a vreater burden on the newspapers maa nmgmarnee ana uu neia Onto their rural free delivery system. . Publisher representattyeej hen nave vtrtumuy abandoned hona of eelng the new second-class aon rate STILL uSSoIn lit (Conttnund from Page One.) MAYOR ffj FOR MAYOR FUSION CiDIDAT E (Continued from Page One.) ' Inspired by Murphy. Hearst. Cohalan and the kaiser, they will vote for Mr. Hylan. If they prefer a government dedicated to pacifism and prostration they will vote for Mr. Hillqult If they desire to throw away their votes they will vote for Mr. Bennett. Colonel . Roosevelt in calling for cheers for the mayor said Mr. Mltohel wa "the absolute Incarnation of Americanism." "He Is the beet mayor we have ever had," the former president said. CjtnxZT ON BORDER. SAN ANTONIO. Texas. Oct 1. The Second, Third and Fourth Texan in- (fantry regimeAts. most of Which, have veen stationed on tne .Texas noraer since' the return of other national guard units after the Pershing expedi tion last summer, will leave for" Canvp Bowie ait Fort Worth soon .after Oc tober 9. according to announcement made at southern department head quarters today. The statement awo declared that it la not. considered nee essary to replace these troops, mak inr the military recognition of "all quiet on the border" for the first time since the Villa raid on Columfbus, N. m Marcn 1916. taking place. In whifcf the casualties os all sides are neayi , Aufltrians bust. In the Austro-Italan theatre the Austrian have dellvesd several heavy counter-attacks agairrt the newly won positions of the Italiais on the Baln- sizza plateau, but rtry where have met with complete epuise. in tne mst three -days in His region. Oen era! Cadorna's fore have taken 1,014 Austrian prlsoera. Arain the Rusaiam -through an at' tack In ths Riga regon. have forced the Germans to gjv found,, this time for a depth of fro soa to x.ooo yards. Russian alrnn to the south have dropped large (Uantities of ex plosives on enemy caipa situated hear novel. m 4 On the other fronl there la little activity except In ttf nature of ar tillery duels. These eontinua some what violent on certs sectors of the Macedonian theatre. Subscriptions to W new Liberty loan were opened Motday, throughout the United States andfeport from ah districts show that Urge purchases are being made. i J "GCNPOWDEt FIjOT." REGINA. Sask.. Ol. 1. A sup posed plot to blow ui .the parliament bunding was discovfd today wnen the police received telephone message from the sf erintendent of the General hospltaaskinff for an investigation. Yeateiay on of the patients said he ovrheard the plot discussed by the womn in the bed next to her with sevnl persona who naa come to see he The woman who oheard the plot speaks German and p other woman is believed to be oflerblan extrac tion. Listening, the tf man, from the trend of the conversdon, understood that a plot was on felt to blow up a large building in Rtlna. Bh did not obtain sufficient Mormation as to lust what building Mas threatened, only a large buildlnlof gray stone construction. As socviis possible she communtcated what m had heard to the hospital authorltl Union Meeting at Newport News Demands Twelve and Half Cents Increase. NEWPORT JfEWS, Va.. Oct. 1. Two hundred and fifty carpenters at tended a meeting-of their union here tonight. at' which resolutions were adopted demanding an increase : of twelve and a half cents an hour. ef. fectlve November-1. These men rep resented several thousand of their fel. low. workmen who are employed by contractors building Camp.- Btuart, Camp Hill, . and other government work in Newport News and the avla. tlon station at Morrisons.! Va. At present carpenters are receiving f S.S0 per day of ten hours. - The demand of the carpenter will, it Is understood be presented to the contractors tomor row. Representatives of the contract ing firms seen tonight declined to dis cuss the matter in the absencfi of of ficial notification of the carDenter aCtiOn. ;. ' :f ., :. Another . matter considered, at to night's meeting was that of the meth od of payment It, was announced that the contractors had voluntarily returned to the cash payment nlan weexiy inateaa ox oy cnecit. PUKIi MEN TO CONFER. ,r WABHINGTON. Oct l.r-at fuel administrator, appointed up to Sep tember 29, eighteen in number, are to comer in Washington tomorrow on method for definitely - fixing the amount retailer will be permitted to add to the cost of coal in order to de termine the price- to the consumer in various localities. Ways of investi gating complaints also will be devised. SHADES DUNDEE. LONGS FOR JURISDICTION : OVER SEff. LA FOLLETTE U. S. Judge Thinks He and Others Should be Stood Against Wall. IDENTIFIES iWETT. DEFENSE COUNCIL CREATED. TUE GREAT DIVIDE The woman in tha prime of life need not dread to meet the loss of her youth when growing elderly. , While some charms diminish, others should replace them . charms, of experience, cultivation, wisdom. The great phy sical change met between the fortieth and fiftieth year are Indeed serious. and are not always well toorne. - In the strain or modern life, few women are In condition to meet these changes without some apprehension of ' de ranged health. But with the excellent help of Lydi E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound, that old. trustworthy wo man'e medicine, a woman may confi dently aspect to enter later Ufa aa well and robust a err. advt. HAVANA. Oct. I. A aneetai decree signed by President Menocal ' , today creates a "council of national defense" composed of the secretaries of war and marine. Interior, agriculture, com merce And labor, four advisers, a legal adviser, director-general, and secre tary. A legislative committee also is created, composed of the chief Jus tice of the Supreme court and two meoVbers each of the senate and house. . SUGAR PRICES DROP. BAN FRANCI8CO. Oct t 1. The price of beet and cane sugar dropped from 8. JO cents to 7.25 cents a pound nere today. Retailers were selling su gar at 13 pounds for $1. The price recently had been tl. for eleven pounda , Virtually every state west of the Rocky mountains is affected by the re- auouon. sugar oomnany- official nere aid. ' ' NEW ORLEANS. rouce Butler, of muiiy laentined u Swett, of Los Angell Saturday was sentej court here to sixr. ment for imporsons siates army officer. rested at Mobile representatives of t juBuue. He wore a and traveled under tl A. jj. Raymond. Chief Butler said in connection with valued at f 30.000 at t. 1. Chief of Angeles, here Raymond A. the man who d in Federal ths' lmprison- ig a united iwett was ar- quest of local department of ajor's uniform alias of Major )tt was wanted left of Jewelry laden. PHlliADEiriPHIA, Oct 1. Cew Tendler of this city, had a shade the better of Johnny Dundee the Brooklyn boxer. In six slashing rounds here to night It was a remarkably fast fight from bell to bell.' Both men weighed under 130 pounds. CAPT. MAZjLORY DEAD. WASHINGTON, Oct 1. MAJor- General Pershing today reported the death of Captain Marvin E. Malloy. quartermaster corps, on September 27, at a Paris hospital, rrom . natural causes, Captain Malloy, whose father. Dr. J. B. Aiauoy, lives a-c ureenwooa. Indiana, entered the army as a pri vate. ;:. . . . MT; MTTCHEIil TRIP TOMORROW. HOUSTON, Texas, Oct 1. Judge Waller; R. Burns, of tha United States District court in charging the federal grand Jury at the beginning of the October term today, after calling by name Senators Stone, of Missouri, Hardwick, of Georgia, Vardaman, of Mississippi, Gronna, of North Da kota, and La i'ollette, of Wisconsin. said; H i had a wish I would that von men had Jurisdiction' to return 1 bill ef Indictment attaint ' those men. They ought to be tried promptly, and fairly, and I believe this court could administer the law fairly; but I have a conviction as strong as life that this country should stand them up against an i adobe wall tomorrow and give them, what they deserve," k FOR THE SECOND LIBERTY" LOATs nS BEEN STARTED (Continued from Page One.) I BUTAtKIS THE .S I smcEBMSijmEtct ; I There Are jSxutA30iiMt 1 1 r I HEIERS If 1 CCE'S, HOT LAST ERS t oa the mai today, bat the ORIGlL can' bo bought OJ at BROWN feDWAKE VJ I C0NT ; as HHway;-. 14 tion of the tl.600,000,000 worth of bonds which the New York federal district ha volunteered to sell, flota tion of the second Liberty loan of $S,- ouu.uoo.ooo was well under way here tonight Though no official estlamte was forthcoming of the total subscrib ed during- the first day's activities of the army of bond salesmen who have "enlisted" for the camiDals-n. the fact that eight of the large subscriptions made here totalled more than $3!, 500,000 was pointed' to as an indica tion that opening day . sales would greatly exceed the $55,658,000 dally average which must be maintained during the twenty-seven days' of the campaign In order to complete the enormous task shouldered by this district The metropolitan district has been turned overnight into a vast Liberty loan advertising field in which posters ana otner oona Duying appeals Hash ed from nearly every available space. Within a few minutes after the opening of banking hours, two sub scriptions totalling $11,000,000 were ... ...... - reported. One Mesa for 110.0ft' AAA J &V i . . ,f. wm maun wgn tvunu, and company, theiount to be a equally oetweth union and the SauthesiPBYiHn rallrJ, c. nfirlTxinl mm. lAtMav 000,000 subscrtpftwa mad by the New York Life France company. NO ANNi ATLANTA. tlve committee ol serve district dir erty loan drive ment tonight of day's campaign ii There were 20,04 Held. Subscript! from all sources i More than 600 campaign In Atli CEMENT. t.l. Th execu- slxth federal re- g the second Lib- e no announce- ult of the first ' H this district. rkers In the were coming in ng the day. scouts Joined th today. . MT. MITCHELL BP TOMORROW. THE OUTBURSTS OF EVERETT TRUE BY CONDO RESIGNS PHILADELPHIA. quants j. tiexanier. enteen veara nr.iHor Oerman-Arnerican all quarters iA this city no saia tailing hea! rennciu'.Bn the post resignation was not ferences with ths matters of nolli-v would have expired ICE. Oct .1. Dr. th past sev- f the National ice, wtth head- eslgned today, forced him to declared his result of dlX lociatlon over term of office November It, TAKE CHARGE OF MILK. ST. LOTTI PL Mo.. Oct' 1 Louis La tier, president ot a Highland. (111.) condensed milk company, said here today that th federal food ad ministration had accepted a sugges tion made by- the larger milk con densing companies, that th govern-1 - BAITrvnn-m ment supervise th canned milk ln-'Wnnmm,. daatrv and fl tHuu th nnhlfn. - .ui. ' ' r . r -- ; 'u loniprit evi MT. MITCHELL TRIP TOMORROW, of CxhUnr ' COCNTEB Washtnigton. competitive field rn oussing with mineral uere a reecljustmenl sreea today to roeel rs aernands on on s-overnment increase coal at the mine, t posal win be subnjiH wraorrow. rPOSAL. It 1. Central operators, die- representatives if wage scales part the min- ition that the rices clxed for ilr counter-pro- to tne miners AGAIN" SVpi ajus XERDAM, , Oct wouiscne zeltung, w: -wicssta ror a da' aunpressea, accordi S'sche Zeltnn. rnt. a. Of the Ignram. the current political! lscusalonv , 5E0. - . The Berlin recently wa a again been to th Vos ng personages command Into Oct J.KId , rot the de- k Loaaman. of twelve rounds ' 1 A I'M NO Miwi Reo&fi I v VOU'RC- MOT MUCH Of A HfeAX I i r , WANTID Modest to go delly into the great stores forbids us Iccess our e meeting everywfre, particu larly in&heville. .7. - . Today irlcs tKe sec-; ond ., ar versary of our As ville open ing."" :UX' As a to 1 of our ap preciati !v of ' your patrom we ;; have gotten 1 a neat little memo-1 k," copy of which vaits your asking. Step in and , get one CODER'S .. .. ...1 - Ok ie Square I

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