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Dr. Zennent Has been a member of the naval medical reserve coirs for a Number of years, holding 2 commission aa Junior lieu tenant He will leave for Norfolk at once. Dr. Tenrfent states that he does not know to alat hospital he will be assigned for regular duty, or whether he will be glypn a commission surgeon on botfrd a naval vessel. MT. MITCHELL TRIP TOMORROW. The first woman graduate from law school in the United States was Mrs. Ada H. Kepley, of Effingham 111., vaho was given ber diploma by a Chicago Institution in 1170. MT. MTTCHEIiIi TRIP TOMORROW. Every man doesn't buy TRUE SHAPE SOCKS, tut almost every man who does, buys again and again. It ia these "npeal" tales that prove that the brand ia superior to the ordinary sort. t , SocksMen 30k Lists Sflk Flats w Par. Silk 35. . . 65a. -w..-TSe. Ttoict Ustl Wtar or Another JPtir, Alto SiaesKZaoe Hosiery for . Women and Children , Your Dealer About Them. ' TRUE CHAPE HOSIERY ' COMPANY ' Philadelphia . ., t . 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Boston .......000 000 COO 0 4 1 Pittsburgh ....000 O0S OOx 3 I 1 Batteries: - Bcott and Trageaser: Cooper and W. Smith.' AMERICAN LEAGUE WHITE SOX LOSE FINAL, NEW . TDRK, Oct 1. Chicago closed its season here today, losing to New Tork 4 to I. Williams and Faber pitched for Chicago and neither show ed up particularly welL Their sup port also was indifferent, a atop by el Collins and a eaten by ieiboia on Baker being exceptions. The New Tork players ran wild on the base. Score: -: . K. n. ts. Chicago 100 010 0062 T 1 New York ... -110 000 llx 4 Batteries: Willlama. Faber and Sohalk ; Lynn, Shocker and . Walter. IMT. MITCHELL TRIP TOMORROW. Rlffrftr snii&tt tfc.n aver before. with the lan-jt number of exhibit and the higtt dus amusement fea ture In lu iletory, . the Haywood county fair tn open at Wayneavliie thla mornini jany Aaheville people have made nngmenta to attend on the opening jy .and motor parties will go over itactlealiy every day dur ing the fair. ji( will continue over Friday, whia Tu th. closing day. Racing. ifcih will be featured every day emet the opening day, la always a string drawing card at the fair. None h3 Western North Caro lina horses 4 e entered, and , the oris are tnli hut tha race are Juat as clostiad exciting,' as a rule, a those runttj the grand circuit, al hAlt the tlmiiJin. nulta an fast. Every effoit Ta been made by the Haywood Cointy Stock Raiaere and Farmers' aataiatlan. under whose auaplces thtbr 1 held, -to make It the beat in U dilatory of the county, and every lnfcitlon ia that they have uoceeded I . :'! -- Premiums irl offered for the best display of open to the whole state; wheat, rfedmont and mountain section; ott whole state; : hay, mountain; svtel potatoes, whole State; Irish potato, fwhole atate; exhibits of 'boy' potud club, whole atate; horses, demoatrationa in codklng, boy' and glnraitook Judging contest, canned prodtetl. home-made device, beat community exhibit: cattle, sheep, wine, poultryj .. pantry ,. aupplle, breada, ' etc.; take, pastries, canned fnlta, candy, tanned vegetable, dairy products, ladart work, dreasea, waists, etc; paintini Woodwork, achool ex hibit, dlfforss type of school work and many mMllaneou prises.' . Tomorrow tip be Haywood county and sohool dirTnd all farmer of the county are enacted to attend on this day. School Afldren and teacher of Haywood couitjf wilt be admitted free at tne gate m this day, alone. ' Canton dar ivill ' be observed on Thursday, aal I residents of Canton will doubtlestt jtend in full force and en masse. f, .-- vr (".., The fourth ind last day. Friday, will b Western Nirth Carolina day wnen the folks fron other eountle ana sec tion will beemeeted at th fair. Everybody wmf of the Blue Ridge mountains is extended an invitation to attend on his day. Among th amusement event al ready arrangd for are a fiddlers' and banjo picxert oontest, wnicn wui oe onen to the rarld. A prize of $10 has-been offted to the beat fiddler and a similar prize to the beat banjo pickert and t ahootlng . match, for Western Nora Carolina ; marksmen. Three prizes tQ $5 each have been offered in thb event. A prise of $12 haa been offset to th. tug of War between Canted and Wayneaville for the champion tp of Haywood county, each side to hv twelve or more men. Racing will Ma feature of Wednes day, Thursdaj and "Friday. - Nothing but Western North" Carolina horses will be Ternted -to enter. Prizes aggregating-1) have been offered for Wednesday; (ft on" Thursday and a like amount a, .Friday. Aa ' their "bit" toward conserving the nation' meat supply, the co-eds of Ouatavua Adoiphua college have de cided to eat cheese In place of meat one day each week. x CAPTAIN W. D. ROATIT WILL BE BURIED HERE POSTMASTKR Gl'DGER OBIS WIRE FROM WIDOW. Rnlquo Naval Figure Wul Bo Burlod in Full miform at Rirerskle Comet)ry, as He Requested. THE NEW CALOMEL IS DELIGHTFUL IN EVEBY WAY AO of the Sickening and Dangerona Qualities . Have Been Removed and the Medicinal Virtues Re tained and Improved Calotabs the New fti Ton have heard of smokeless -pow der, colorless Iodine and tastelesa Quinine, now ' get acquainted with nausea-leas calomel, a calomel tablet that la wholly delightful in Its effect. yet retains all of the system-purifying and liver cleansing qualities of the ordinary, old-style calomel. Tour doctor will tell you that calo mel la the best and only medicine for biliousness. Indigestion and constipa tion and now that It is pleasant to take everybody ia taking Calotabs, the Improved de-nauseated calomel tab let. One tablet on the tongue at bed- time, a swallow of water, fro taste, ,no nausea, no danger. Next morning you wake up feeling fine, your liver thoroughly cleansed, 'all biliousness, constipation and Indigestion removed. Eat what you please. -no danger. Cadotabs are sold only in original. sealed paokage. twenty does for thirty-five cents. AU druggist are authorised to refund the price If you are not delighted with Calotabs. AROUND TOWN JdLtlKI'LM G rAGE CHANGED, - The prayer Aeetlng announced to meet with Mt.f Jaime McKay 116 H Blrtmore avenf, la to meet at Miss Helen' Hunniott' home,' 81 Grove street. Mr, J.ll Nlchol la leader for th evening. J EDTJOATIOJAL BOARD MEETS. Routine mutters occupied th at tention of the members of the coun ty board of edition at tholr regular monthly meeta at the court house yesterday. BBm were audited and or dered paid anij several matter i pf business of a siaor nature tranaactad. ' SOOtri TO MEET.' " Aaheville Bei Scout will meet in regular eloiinlght at t o'clock in the board of trade rooma Reoorta will h hMril from the - mmmtttM which wa apfofnted'to secure books for a library. fMi member are re quested to be present. LEAG TO MEET: Aaheville dMIet Epworth League union will hoV (heir regular monthly meeting Fridwf evening, October 12, at the First (Methodist Episcopal church, on Sprth French Broad avenue. Eledbn of officer will feature th iniating. Catarrhal Deafness May Be Overcome' Simple, Safe and Reliable Way That ' Cans for No Ugly' Trumpets, Phones t Or Other Instruments - i To be deaf la very annoying and em banning. People who are deaf are gen erally mighty sensitive on thla subject. And yet many deai folks carry around in struments that call attention to their In firmity. Therefore people woo are rara of hearing, who suffer from head noiaes. or who are actually deaf from catarrhal trouMi will b. glad to know of a atra pl. recipe that can be easily made up at home for a few cent's oost that ts really quit, efficient In relieving the disagree able deafoMa and head noises oaul by catarrh. - From any drag store get on oonoe of Parmlnt (double strength) about t0o worth. Take this horn, and put It in to a simple syrup made of H plat of hot water and four oifnces of ordinary gran uiatnd suear. Take a tablespooaful four tiiis a day. - Thla treatment should by tonlit action rosace the Inflammation In the middle ear t nt a ciitarriml condition would b. like I. m -.!!! "4 wnii th. Inflammation 1 1 b-d noiaea, head i n4 thnt dun feel- i p o iuatiy dlaappMr i '-rn catarrh, ea.- ' ) ' i r- . ahou'fl j Official ileal Weather j V.'S. DenarMcn it of Agriculture. . - Veaer Itureau . - . -Local WeatheiData for Oct. 1, 1M7. LOCAL TEiftrfERATURB DATA; . 1 PJII. ...... 60 4 p.m. . . . . , .69 ': S -p.m." Bil " p.m. ...... EB " f o.m. i p.m 8 ajnu f . 9 am. . . . $ 10 a.m F 11 a.m. ; IS noon-J5f l'p.m. . .... P S p.m. ..... j a.4 .61 Highest 0;a Lowest, 41 : Absolute rna l year agoi, (6. . : e year ago, 87. J mum. T m Absolute miitnum. 8T In 1918. Average tem(yrature today, 60. vf Monrnai.. !- I '". LOCAL PRECrtTATTON DATA FOR " THS MONTH) . v ; ) Normal, 8.4ipche. ? - ' ' Greatest amujnt, T.2T In 1808. ? Least amoun-0.0i in 1904.. :'i ura. ending at 8 p. Funeral arrangement for the late f-aptiiln w U. Roath. who died Satur day nicht at his home In Woolsey, will be made by Ashevllle friends aome lime today. Postmaster Owen Oudger hiH received a telogram from the widow of the retired naval officer, di recting that the body be Interred here, he had requested, and also direct ing Mr. GuoVer to take charge of any personal effects and hold them until a letter can reach here from Ban Jrnncisco, where Mrs. Roath 1 now living. Captain Ronth, despite the near ap proach of death, refused Saturday nigh: to elve th least InfnrniiLrlon that ixuld lead to the notification of his wife and daughter, neither- of wnorr. he had aeen for thirteen year. Information received from Col. Walker Taylor, collector of the port at Wil mington, led to the location of the wife, and Postmaster Qudger wired her, asking instructions in regard to tne aispositlon of the body. , As one of Captain Roath' last r. queits was that he be buried at River side cemetery, in full naval uniform, with an American flag draped over his casket, these instructions, in view of the message from the widow, Will be carried out. The telegram to Mr, Gudger from Mrs. Roath, which reached here lost night, wa as fol lows: "Kindly take charge of Captain W. D. Hoath's remains and bury in Ashe vllle. Also take charge of his personal effects and papersf Letter to follow tonight. His wife, "LOUISA M. ROATH." Captain Roath had been a unique naval figure, a veteran of two wan. He served with distinction during the Civil war, and -waa In command of a gunboat off the Cuban coast during the Spanish-American war. Despite participation In battle after battle, he was never wounded, and his anecdote of his escapes were a source of much entertainment to his friends. He never mentioned his wife and daughter, from whom he had been separated for thirteen years, and re fused on his deathbed to furnish any clue to their whereabouts. The body is at the Noland-Brown undertaking establishment awaiting funeral arrangements, which will be made today. 8. A. W. Remove Dandruff. Stop Palling Hair. Stop that Itching Scalp. Ask your Barber. Advt. TU , INDUSTRIAL WORK AT . THE COLORED SCHOOLS An Schools Open With Good EnroU mflnta and Many Are PTaiuimg for Additional Month. J. H. Michael, principal of th H1U street school, and supervisor of the colored schools of the county, ' an nounces that all of the colored school have opened, with good enrollments and every Indication that each of the schools will experience a successful year. . . Much interest is oeing mauwu in u Industrial work which ha been taken t,n hv th arhnnln. ' One day In the week Is being devoted to teaching sewing, and chair caning ' for the girls, and wood working for the boy. Supervisor Michael states that there have been fifty desks Installed at the Shlloh school. These Beaks were pur chased with funds contributed by the Biltmore school. Superintendent . of Public Instruction Hipp, and reel dents of the community. Many of the '' colored achool tiimutrhout the county are . raising funds with which to continue the v. i .Ann. onntliaf mnnth. ' 'I'h KJ1UU1 L - . length of the term In these school 1 now from inree to seven mourns, ana the pupils ana lewuera are Desirous .4 .jlin- an .ilm mnnth In Arder it l wiuuie , - thr nrfiiitinnal training may be se cured by the pupils. A general meeting of tha colored school teacher will be held at the Hill street school Saturday afternoon at I o'clock, to discus plan for th The New Mother a o For last m., hone. TELEGR nnn . mft Station: ASHEVTLLB Atlanta Augusta ..... Baltimore ... Birmingham . Boston . Charleston unanont ...' Cincinnati ... Galveston Hattera A . A Jackwonvule Miami . . r sv New Orleans . 72 Raleigh .... .-j- (2 Richmond 68 Seattle A"-..,.. 62 If) i AFTm 3 e r 9 ....... juouis . . Washington Wilmington REPORTS OT TE5I- XJR TODAY s 8 p.m. Max. 8 11 71 tt . IS u 78 ' l 1 61 IV New 82 0 60 68 69 66 66 62 ....... v ....... 74 ....... X cbg a lead 64 68 62 In Mrs. OelrlcbS a leader Tork society, i credited with having mad $20,000,CiO in two year. ,ln competition wla the cleverest l..ian In America . H-mrtfalt aympathy ' of 'all manklBd roM oat to her who I to beoorae mother. Toe over three gwMratlona. . . m -mmm. h n foiuuft titvauarfe zperienca. that th absolutely safe, tried ana muni. ihmp ww v - L7 "Mother's rrlend" la the greatest aid r Kt- th fnmiur dlatrassa et chUdWrtb. By ft daily application the lending muscles relax easily when biby is born. The akin I mad elaatle nd the line artwork of nervea, tendon ind llgsm-nts are oothed. Tae hr-asta, too, axe kept In good eosdltlon, . Write th BradfleM Regulator Oo, D-ot X(19 Lamar BuUdlng, Atlanta, Oa, T-iy wi"and you without charge a very Interesting book. "Motherhood and thi Baby". Get a bottle of "Mother- Friend" ta the druggist today. It 1 of th at. nt Importance that yon aid "turla her work. "Mother's FYld" makes tt po, slble for yon yourself to give a helping, hand. Th preparation la Without tlon a true and marveloua aid and I oony, poild of ch penetrating oils .and .tt fOii.. ia make it really lodlapea sabls to expectant mother. Bad StomacD - Gall Stones. Cancer and Ulcers of the fltnmaeh ana iniwuiwi ,j 1 " Hon. Yellow Jaundice, AppetHlioitm, and i& danae aUmjrt. are u m. of ir Trnnhlea are aulckly ovmm i favorit. prewrription has retur.1 r - Voit people- Let n( , ' ! Wonderful feemedy prov. t- - ' t 'r Ih.Ul.UXlUl CU1U IF UlLCI A aaa Women's Coats; Suits and Dresses ,.',.;'. . .' '' ' '.; " '' ' We spent month comparing; the offerings of the leading maker, sifting patiently their beat creation, taking every price) advantage that bold buying permitted and now tha recall waita you here. i Why Catalog? We have aelected and collected real stock that lives up to out reputation aa .. .. . The Store of Styles The. prices in every instance afford very remarkable valw values that conditions may make impossible later. Si work to be done during the year. Supervisor Michael ask that all teacher be present. REVENUE OFFICERS RAID LARGE STILL Revenue Officer 3. P. Cabe and Mark Reld returned yesterday from Henderson county, where they had been in an effort to unearth aome of th still that have been furnishing joy-water to th sporting element o that section. No uooea marked thelt search until they entered the moum tains around Green River. Here they found a thirty-gallon still and outfit. Much beer was on hand, but of th finished product and operators there. waa no sign. . v'i. Recent report indicate that tha v. A tha ffmri itt fMatlv In- creasing the attendance of women at, college of pnarmacy in m . State. . ii i ?- ' Fort Wayne 1 preparing to enter tain tha annual convention of the In dlana State Federation . of Women's clubs the latter part ot tnis monio. '. Calomel Loses You a Days Work! Take Dodson's Liver Tone Instead Bead my guarantee! ."If .bilious, oonstipated or HeaiJ- achy you need not take nasty, sickening, danger , ous calomel to get straightened tip. Every druggist In townyour drug gist and everybody's ' druggist ha noticed a great falling off In th' sal of calomel. They all give the same reason. Dodson's Liver Tone la taking Its placs. "Calomel ts dangerous and people know It, while Dodson's Llv.r Ton 1 perfectly safe and gives better re sult,' said a prominent toca drnggist.' Dodson's ; l,iver Tone Is personally guaranteed by every i drugltt who sells it. A Urge bottle costs 60 cents, and If It fall to give easy relief In every case of liver sluggishness and constipation, you have only to .ask foa: your, money bac x Dodson's Liver Tone Is a pleasant tasting,.' purely f vegetable remedy harmless to both children and aduiyu Take a spoonful at night and wake up feeling fine; no biliousness, si.'-t had- ache, acid stomach or constipated bowels. It doesn't grip, or cause in- convenience aU the nut day like vlo4 lent calomel. ' Take a dose of calomel today and tomorrow you will fee weak, sick and nauseated. Don't losei a day work! Tak Dodson's Uve Tone Instead and feet , One, full ot vigor and ambltlonr . Advt. v - ' , , , . At Tlie 10 Biltmore Ave. r:;332SitiSlp Beoiiep , 7 : zvm WeaFerc." huln vrMi. r or mxtu ' r ' '

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