" 1 a the asheville citizen, Tuesday, October 2, idit. 4 VI, . THE ASHEY1LLE CITIZEN JPubllahed Every Mcrning THE CITIZEN COMPANY :fl'fiA,U.Btia 1 . b Uovernment Street l.tsaaWan Iw.WNk Theauaday Cttlsen. Stmt Sunday ; ; - ' ; TELEPHONES iBu-tneas Office Editorial Rooms .SOT MIMIIR THK AlSOCIATtD PRgSt. ,' The Jtaarvlat.d Mm is xolustvely en. titled to the um for republication of all wwi credited to It or not otherwise credited In this paper, and also tha tonal pwe published herein. au nirnia or re- tmbUnation of special despatches herein art also reserved. p .. BCBSCBXPTIOII BATES Br Carrier ht Ashavllla eS auSuras. uv huil, 1 rr. in eovaaoe.....f.o illy A "an I mo. In advance...... Ml lly A Bun, 1 weak la advance.. .... .1 ihr onlr 1 year la advance........ I-0 lly only. I mo. In advance......... !. ally only, 1 waok la ad vanoa.. .. - By Mall fti unHad Stataa. rriT A Snn 1 rr. In adytnea..... .t.M pally Bun., t mo. in advanoa.... i-iany only, t yaar la adyanoa....... 4.M only, I mo. la advanoo Loa y only, 1 yar In advanea...... I.M ty only, t ma. la adyanea....... M Runday Sunday only, I ma. la adyanea. Tuesday, October 2, 1917. Naval Accomplishment and petulant criticism from suoh as believe that our navy Is "passive and Inaotlva," A well-known monthly publication, generally' friendly to tha administration, thinks that the third ' largest , naty In the world ought' to ba heard from . in ' 1 mora ; amphatlc fashion.' It gaysr. "yf, ':: "Wa know, of course, that bur navy has convoyed our troops abroad, and that a certain number of .destroyers are helping in tha submarine defense to the extent of their numbers. But this is not ft -wsry proud record for five months of warfare by tha. third largest navv in the world. The spirit of John Paw Jones, Decatur and Farragut never bred in us satlsfao- ' tlon with ' pasaiv and' defensive navy. - It would ba foolish to demand such things of our navy as to drive It into some Impossible task Ilka the ' forcing of the - Dardanelles, ' but. It is not unfair to ask from our navy de partment soma statement of whether It has any plans to really affeot tha war, or whether wa - Intend to con tinue tha war as wa have began by giving minor aid it sea.' It wa ara Incapable of doing mora than, tills at present. We should know - why wo are unprepared for a war that has threat-1 ened for at least two rears, and when! wa wui, ba prepared." . .., -.. ? ; , I MiipniHainr u I maw annnd ' If la I The World's Work , that asks r' guctt questions. :V .Generally Vwtt JhfOrmed on all subjects a it ts on marvsls k that it-publication , of tttcb ; merit should Join tha' little band of .nagging critics whsa it should be la posi tion to know verywell whai bur nary has accomplished and Is accomplish ing. Because ths navy department has not seen lit to let Germany know whaf this ootintry ,1s doing Along naval lines there ! has been ; much nagging and scolding,! and wa giipposa these conditions will "continue until tha and pf tha war;;;;:cy'-'C-v f ' Mr. Daniels' crltioa, had .they cared to do so, -could have discovered that almost " tha full Una .of American battleships and cruisers has been, and is still engaged In transporting troops and in! convoying other transports. All tWs. bs been dons secretly, for I rsasons that must be apparent -and I ta our opinion bur navy has been bst- ter employed by carrying our fighting I foroes to France than by engaging tnlg010 and sometimes In that of ... : ; I I astronomy. Thus In 1874 he went out long and useless waits for the Ges. t0 Tasmania to observe the transit of man navy that never appears. 1 The I tact that many thousands can soldiers have been tranmurtad 1 ' across the Atlantic without the loss of a single life during ths last Ave months Is" an accomplishment .of ' which any navy might be proud. WANTED--- Phonograph - An Asheville real estate man. an wwering an appeal which appeared In The Citizen yesterday morning, starts a fund for the purpose of buying a "music pox for the "W. N." Carolina beys t ' Camp Jackson, Columbia, S. C. There nave been, there are and there will be, many deserving move-1 and our purses before the war ends, J but we do not hesitate to say that any I . I movement which goes toward short- """a v iw wwuif aas jti.urp cur oov l soldier boy deserves the sunnort and ' . .1 : . r m, i vikis vuco appeared lnl""" uuwii.iv..iiio tuinmuna The Citizen yesterday morning Capt, Pan. W, Adams, writing in . be half of his mon, said that the boys long for a "musls box," by which ws : presume he meant a phonograph or talk Ins machine. There ought to be no trouble about getting an article which costs so little. ; For seventy-live or one hundred- dollars the test known .' makes of phonographs can bs. se cured. "VYe understand that a phono graph especially designed for camp use fa now being manufactured, and a notice in connection with . this In- strument says that thry are made to endure rough handling, and are Hfht nd compact, as welL 'Not long ago a magaxina writer . dealing with; camp entertainment said that "few inven tions hve done more to relieve the ellnees of the trenches or to revive ths drooping spirits of the - soldiers .i L. i -. i w.- ta.aix.. rawsiaea- x may be well and good to provide cigar- j relies and tobacco for eur fighter, and I '. . .'f7 na '.',"'.-.'."." ' ,..-'- It is till more commendable to pro vide them with kit" equipments,' tionery, eta But e phonograph sives suoh InflnlU pleasure to so many at a tin, ui does It (or such A email Investment that we era inclined to tho "muslo box" first aid whin It comes to prevldljig happiness for ow h07i to unm, umpt Think ymit can be - traCted from tho phonograph, a whole regiment 'can hear It ftt one times entire eompenlea omi Juci with u and all who can, and ear to do to. can sing with It. Records of grsat singers from all part of tba world can ba heard by tba boys In camp, and soma of tha graatsat spaakora on earth can ba hoard throuch .. tba aams agency. Wa do not believe that thara wUl ba any troablo In ratting a muflla box for tha boya at Columbia. , Notes and Comments Tha regularity with which tha O ar maria ara raiding London from tha air ought to-put aome amphaala on tha demand for raprlaala. Halga oontlnuad allertoa on tha Western front muat ba tha forerunner f another ble- drive. Whan Halg la quiet thara la generally aomathlng brewing. . e e , e . Not until tha allied airman give Germany a taata of her own medicine oan Londoners expect relief from tha murderous alaughter of woman and children. t e e e Tha people of Western North Caro lina ara healnnlnar to realise that there la mora than a future In sheep raising, iL Everybody's thinking about a a a Not to ba balked of another try at tha mayoralty, Mltcnei announces i an still after Tammany's scalp. This Date in History 4 ' October S. 1778 Phlladelphlans refused to re- celve tha tea sent from Bng land. ITSf General Charles Las, who had . r an ambition to supercede '- Washington as commander-in chief, died In Philadelphia. Morn in Enrland In 1711 1804 wnilaom C. Ci Claiborne took ' , tha oath as American governor of the territory " " laana. i ; 1J11 British began ft bombardment of OsTdonsbnrr. w. T, lilt Columbus became tba state - eaoltal of Ohio. " XI4X- William EUery ' Channlng, . famoua -TTnltarlan clergyman ' and author, died at Bennlng- ton, Vt Bom at Newport, . ' A. APIII f. 4BIV. i- I., April T, 1179. 1881 Death of Dr. John H. Douglas, General Grant's last physician. 1897 Neal Dow, "tha father of pro- , . : .bibltion," mod at Portland, Me, Born there. Marcn so. iio. Uflt First train on covernment rati . road from west eoast of Africa . . . .- arrived at KumassL - TKT9 WAR: I eeroians cneoasa Aunnaiii on the Bosnian side of the Drina, 1818 Germany sent undsolsiva reply . to Washington on Arabia note. 1811 French cruiser Rlgel sunk by German submarine in Mediter- ranean. . ' i " ' .' ; m Notable Birthdays IT ? -rf ..October g, - Colonel Bamuel B. Tillmaa. TJ. S. A., retired, now acting superintendent of tb United States Military academy, was born at Bheibyviue. . Tean.,- seventy years ago today Colonel Tillman Is fine- type of the broadly educated military man. and has the intellectual capacity and training to' lead in any ., reconstruction of the .'curriculum and methods of training of officers which the worja war has made necessary. He is known In the service as a soldier-teacher ' rather than a soldier-warrior, the most of his career having been spent as an instructor. When not teaching at West I T-1IA aaalatH . sa asrss . tl1 aa fessor, Colonel Tillman has on differ- ent occasions aided the government on W'Sffi JTSnZ faVbt'na! tu re, sometimes in 'the realm of Venus. . Borne years ago Tals con - a4.. Iferred upon him 'an honorary degree c8ni1 a hundred pounda.for pick ox Amerl-1 . atlnn nf hla ahUltv and as Ing cotton was accepted as aS universal iumAti ttn hia-h arwtn h had f .MfJlSa J.:?""' of ,n8true tion at West Point. Field 1 Marshal von Hlndenburg; Germanys foremost military leader, ! seventy years old today. General Ferduianarrocn, one or the rreat - rFench commanders, slity-slt years old today.- - . i Congressman Cordell HuTl of Ten nessee, forty-six years old toaay. Dr. Ernest H. Lindley, the new president of the university of Idaho, forty-elrM years old today. Marion Lawrence, gsnsral secretary of the international Sunday School association, sixty-seven years old to day. .. . AIT APPEAL, To the Daughters of the American ivoiuuon m isortn varoiina: i -mii atafa HMnt T am annaallna-l to you at a time when all are earer to that which lies in their power to j fnriha. Ik. a-,Ajl A mi. Antintw 4.1 ".n w'aher'lVwV v.'nusi gi. - myvmi u. a. 10 my mnvriii;Bi, 1 T11 aurnters should .not oniy ta' . as many nonaa as possible, i "X"'"? r" ui'LrrLE; au Bnar" 01 rerai pros- me vvjwm 01 mrao uonua, mm Aavemsoments have appeared from dolns; we will give added proof of our time to time offering 18.60 a day to patriotism, and -will help - fulfill the carpenters m cities where the ro vern al"1 of our, war relief service com- ment is building military camps, and raittee which has btsn appointed by that surely la a livin. and ta worklnr in assaciatioU wtth tha ! .-..-.-" wv... federal sovemment . 1 The bonds Will, of dourse, be se-Jpls. the fact remains that the cost of iU.rl2?J bnlA " of proportion , of .... , UUB- . ter to keep an accurate record both of the amount of bonds taken by herself and of those taken as a'dlrect result of her Influence, and te 'resort this amount to her chapter regent. Chap, ter regents will then make their re ports to ths total number of bonds taken at the state convention which meets) November 1 sjsd I at Winston. Salem. - The time before ns tn short and the work to be dene is great. Let us au resolve to ao our part with en thuslasm and enerry to see not only tnat many nonas are taken, but In ad- diUon that they bs Uken early In the I dis country should not bs war vlt month of October. - IChermanv!" ' . J4R8. THEODORE S. MORHISON, state regent, I jam. uinm u. ureemear naa dmi i . . n , - I apDotnted sales mmnarer of th. o. R iurabus. (Ind.) Gas company In place Chicago.,. ' V- . ' he' usbnd. who resurned to enter - ' ' ' ' military service. ; . s iMT y i - .- '. ..'. - . . - k V '.. The Scissors Route 4f- Captaln Onyneaaeau (Columbia, mate.) Keenly anxious as are tha military authorities of any belligerent to And and utilise the Last quality of man power available they oan not always talL Science performs marvels In testing every kind of material, uauaJly with unerring accuracy, wren, cnemai eai re-arent and test tuVe, with dell eata aoales, With mloroaeopa and Decrtroar.oDe. with endlasa Ingenuous devloAs trained men ara testing dully tha fltnaaa and raiiaDUiiy 01 lnnnmer abla things wanted for war use or oth erwise. But though tha effort Is made to teat and sift men also 'tn era li somewhat that eludea all taata. Ex, parlanoed testers of men for military uee aocerat here and reject there and lot from among tha rejected else one presently that ewes mors bAlHantly tha nail trie aveceptea. Five times did young Ouynexnar; be ing under age, try to ret Into the French army, but was rejected. Turn ing to tha aviation service ba triad there and was turned down. Ha was under weight. He .was too nervous, Persistence and soma "pull," however, Anally got him bare toleration in tha aviation school, wbera he wanted to learn to fly. Then at last ha ahowad them. Tha moat brilliant flgihtinr Her of tha war to data, the most valuable single man on the lighting front for hw country stood concealed from hu man detection In tha small nervous youngster who rave his nam as George Guynemer. And now ha has disappeared, hav ing probably at last met tha fata that awaits them all who defiantly dare the enemy and the air day by day. All France will mourn htm with deep grief. His pleasant smlllnr face, his Imperturbable daring, hla marvelous skill add efficiency In tha air, his lonf immunity ana accumulated service TOiration of tha world and tha Idol had won Tor him tha interested ad' a try of Franca He was a fine example of a new fighting type.' Plunging into ft math. od of combat so new in the world as to be itself la process of developing its own strategy and tavctlos, young uuynemer was his own commander, for none could tell him better than h himself saw as experience grew. But these fighters of tha air face death at very turn and though one evade it long, yet it cmiaiM him sooner or lat er. Perhaps as time roes on this- rule may be outlived, but thus far the wm nlng of fame has been ft brief prelude to tha record, of ft last fatal flight. Restoration In France. (New Tork Evening Sufi.) :'':r" Tha work of restoring Uvln eon, ditlons for civilians in tha revared French territory received much notice irom Mr. uavison on nis recent re port on Red Cross work, and soma further information as to tha under taking may be found in tha report of tna ted ctobs commission in Francs, From this source it Is learned that tha work of restoring has reached the stags of supplying necessary articles to tha inhabitants of devastated terri tory by means of a system of ware- hflUNM babtnil HiA'SVuiflh mnA HMttarfe I - m-mwm military front Sooner or later tha work of defini tive rebuilding will phty. tha ehief part in this section of tha American Kea Cross activities. For tha present. tha business Of keeping the lnhabi tarns from perishing or scattering taxee precedence or oiner tninrs. Tha gain to the French nation from tha preservation of tha vonulatlon in an Important section of France Will no doubt exceed any possible monetary advantage that America could confer in merely rebuilding the structures of the district. . - , In that Dart of tha world tha in. habitants have become specially adapted to their home region in ft de. gree thait the observer In this coun try can hardly realize. The soil, drainage, cropping, methods of culti vation, proper Industries and scheme1 of life have been Improved during 80 generations. These neoule ara sras- clallets In their own homes. On this close connection with their own part of the world Is based their persistence m cungwg to it, even though they may plough and harvest under shall fire. Such a population forma as , ft country can have and the services the Red Cross may render In enabling the French countrymen to remain where they belong are something sunda. mental. WeU paid Oof ton Pickers. (Macon. News.) ' The fact that cotton nickers ara receiving 75 cents a hundred In Wash ington county, and no doubt in other sections or the state, throws consider able light on the extent to which the increase In wnirea is belnsr diffused. even tn callings which require no spe cial BK1I1. ,."'?'...,- It seems only a short time ago that standard. Even then tha averam hand tiSltJS ZM1 dmestro service as porters and help ers in business houses in the smaller towns that it demoralised tha usual supply of labor. It may WeU be Imagined that the demoralization - lias extended still further now that tha rate of naw gone to 75 cents a hundred. The story btjwb uure ine wasnerwoman and the Households and employees of that cnanacter are leaving the towns for the fields and are making as much as a a aay witnout much difficulty. ' Price like that ought to contribute somewhat toward keeping the negro in the south. Two dollars a daw for unskilled kubor In the oountrv as a fair winponasaron, ana presents) certain advantages pver a higher rate In some remote section of the country where the negro is in contact -with people wflA An via unH.Mf.-,j v I . . net result that he Is glad to' get back down south. fflanti ta. Ma . . . . thetroflts mi eviwa m u Cenul ft 1KUQ(L HI rnmgh ths point has not yet' teen reached where the farmer Is falllne? excess of what the average artisan ' . jtchfb nopea u re able ta . But ta.kina- fita -. - waifs oa is is noved that tha a-ovarn. ment will succeed In bringing down the price of these articles of food and fuel whose cost is still working a great HeaiVI at Patriotio nalhnrrntf rtf (German) American ClUsens, J T am ft SOOt AmarlMn' nttlmlJ' v. Mr. Vllson is a bum president. t am a sroot American citizen,' but lis conscription la ail wrong!' -I am a goot American rlrin hut der newspapers is full of liean I am a mnnt Am.H.M .1,1.-. v... I am a goot American cltlsen. but der axe not many of us. Only cnorge Bylveeter Vlereck, the prohibl- tion inhhv nmii r-.. -vm. . t.iviA, vii. uiuiuui, - n.i TiV Wa,,. 1 "'-t THIBCTE OF A fiW3i' TA " TUKB TO IIlsl SSi ;, , IFrom the Manufacturers' Record.) (Edward Markham, the poet, under the unpetriotlo title. Ml Not Ralsa My Buy to Be a Soldier," wrote this "U-Omothers, will yon longer give vour sons to fed the swful hunger of the sunsT What Is the worth of all these battle drums If from tha field the loved one never come What all these loud hosannas to the brave if all your shars Is some forgotten grave T" Dr. James U Hughes, for ever forty years superintendent of education of the schools of Toronto, Canada, an swered this poem. Greater algnlfl cancs Is given to the answer by the fact that Dr. Hughes' own son was killed In battle and lies in Belgium. was first publlahed In The Christian Guardian of Toranto, and Is republished by ur wtth some slight correction made by Dr. Hughes for The Manufacturer" Reeord. Herewith Is Ur. Hughes roply to Markham. Editor Manufacturers-, neeoro. . . nn In 4ritM A oa gave wj -" w rhrut died for him, and he should bs A man ror m nia own. And God's and man's, not mine alone. He was not mine m US gave ui.if that he-might- heln to save All that a Christian snouia reverei All that enlightened men hold dear. p tmA the runs!" Ah. torntd soull ka. and ree me as a whole. nrk.n fmadom. honor. Justice, rucht Were threatened by tha despot's might. With heart a name ana. soul angni. He bravely went for God to fight Against base savages whose pride The laws of God and maa defied. vnrottan gravel" This selfish plea Anitaa na deeo response la ms. For, though his grave I may not sea. My boy wm pe er ormn bs. My real son can never lie; -Ti. iit his body that may lie In foreign land, and I shall ksep Remembrance fond, forever, deep Within my heart of myta-us son Because of triumphs that he won. It mature not where an ons May lie and sleep when. fork Is dona It matters not where soW men live; Tf mv dear son his life must rive. Hosannas I will sing for him. E'en though my eyes ith tears be dim. ' . And when the war is over, When m. valiant nnmradea cone a rain. I'll cheer them as they're marching by, Rejoicing that they did aot die. And when his vacant place I see. My heart will bound with Joy that he w. mini an Ions ray fair young son. And cheer for him whose work Is done. Low Cost Menus Breakfast? Halved Ornng-s Ham Omelet Bran Muffinf Coffee j Tjoncheoti.? ' Creamed Kidney Beans Warmed Over Mufflns Baked Apples T -j . Dinner. Italian Bouf Re-Heated Hsnt . Browned .Potatoes ' Apple Baled Lemon jShortcaka ' ' " BreAktastl! i Bran Muffins Mix Jour cups of bran with two of flour, half a cup of molasses, two ctros of sour milk, a heaping teaspoon of soda, and a little suit. Bake in a moderate, oven. Jjuncheonj ' ' Creamed Kidney Beans-oak two cups of beans two hours,' drain and boil until tender, dralO' araln, cover with milk, and, when the milk is boil ing, tthlcken with a little dissolved flour, add butter, pepper And salt Dlnner. Italian Soup Break small pieces e two cups, oes. hailf an enough macaroni to Boll with a cup of to onion, a little butter two cups of o thick, add water, until tender. If more water and the 1 of halt a lemon. Serve wlthdut sBralTilnsr, Apple Salad Use foul apples, par ,ed and cut in small pieces, mix with a raw seeaea raisins and serve en let' tuce with a French drfnjr. imon BhortcBke Put in a sauce pan one and a quarter UPs of water. one and a half cntui ftflsusrar. luice. pujp, ana as much grates, nna as you wish of two lemons. Dill, add small pieces of butter- and llree crackers rolled fine. Split the hl cake, butter, spread thick; with lea on mixture, place one layer .over, fae other, and MORE PAY FOB STEtt WORKERS NEW TORK, Oct ii -Nearly 800, 000 men employed in tb t mills of the United States Steel coil oration went to work today under a. lew schedule Srovldlng for a ten per cent increase i wages. This is the si ond wage in crease given the men thl year and the fifth since February t of last year, each belnar ten . nnr est As a ra- sult of the successive Increase the workers are now recetfng sixty per cent higher nav' than they received at the end of 1915. , J PATRIOTIC CAKlVAJj. OMAHA. Neb.. Oct. m -This is the week of ths Ak-Sar-Bfl festivities in Omaha. Ths carnival tits year la to be given a distinctly iatrlotle tons. Ths two great , street pageants will embody the themes of fcmocracy and tne world's struggle fcf liberty. The program, also provides for a grand military nrsworks spsfacle.. BLACK COFFEE Tu PREVAIL. PARIS. Oct. 1. Tteiinninr today. tne consumption of Mlk or cream purs or mixed, with teal coffee, choco late or any other bevefcge Is forbid den after the hour of slo'olock In the morning in all rates, Istaurants, tea rooms and lunch bout's throughout France by order of tie minister of provisions. Railroad I lunch- rooms alone are excepted frel the ruling. .Viscountess Gort, wwoe huttband is ft wealthy member fcf the British peerage, has entered t'fhe millinery business in London. (Her profits will be given to the Red oss. - . It is estimated thai 'there are in the United States betvfen 12,000 and Itt.uoo women enraredln literary as a part from Journalistic work, HAD NOTHWO-OK MADELEVE, "I say, pa, this here- rrytkolory book says tnat Orpheus wsf such a won derful musician-that hgmads trees an' stoves move. 'Tour sister MadeHle could nut ft an over Orpheus," grufitMea pa. 'iier piano playing has mn -twenty-two families move cut of this apartment bouss in three -month CARD OP TlJVNKS. I wish to thank ourlri-nds for the klndnsa and aid thej rendered my wife during her sick " and death I also w1h to thank, them for the beautiful flowers they f v. vzcvefzesstx 'stunt seu Tb coal bisslMM tcot a matte of sswork .. with m. Wa know good coal when wa boy it, and you'll know good cosi when yon -JijL Wa boy tha best tha tnioea prodoca MON ARCH. It. properly screened before it cornea to oa and properly reigbad ba-' fore it comes to yon. Southern Coal Co. tat. It ST. Pack Ss WE WILL GIVE A FULL SCHOLARSHIP and a email salary while studying, to a young wo man who will train for position of assistant teacher in oar college. We prefer woman at least twenty-five year of age, " with high school or college education. Apply between 4 and 5 p. m., or Saturday morning, at tha Emanuel Business College SO E. COLLEGE BT. Asheville, N. C Citizens Lumber Co Lumber and Building Material. Phones 60 and 61. H. L. FlnkeUteln . $t-tf BUt.ore Ave. bomplete stock of Trank Bags , and Suit WK MAKE OFFICERS UNIFORMS " ON SHORT .NOTICE. We make them complete in three day Logan & Moore NBXT POOR TO ROOTHERN r TICK CKET OFFICE. WHEN TOD BED A FURNITURE AD THINK OP GREEN BROS. Moved to 48 West College The New Retail District ENJOY the crisp fresh air of the mountains and the Invigorating exercise you can get by a Horieback Ride Best ITtuweg cap be had at J. H CREASMAN OPEN DAT AND NIGHT. M-60 BUtmore Ave. Phone 60. DISFIGURED FACE Full of Pimples. Hard, Red and Large, f Itched Night and Day. Could not Sleep. Used One Cake Soap and One Box Ointment. "My face was full of pimples and I was so disfigured that I was ashamed of it. .The piitdples were hard, red and Urg-e, covering; rhy whole face. They itched night and day, and I scratched, ' making them worse. I could not sleep. My face was this way for three months. i tried everything, but with no help until I saw an advertisement for Cuti cura Soap and Ointment. I bought aomfc and in about four weeks' time I was completely healed, after using- one cake of Cuticura Soap and one box of Cuticura Ointment" (Signed) Mug Ruby Johnson, 720 Park Roc St, Amer. icos. Ca., Feb. 7, 1917. Cuticura complexions are usually fresh and clear, soft and velvety. Cuti cura Soap used daily for the toilet, cleanses and purifies the pore of the skin, thus preventing blackheads, pim ples, etc Cuticura Ointment used occasionally, as needed, soothes and hesls any irritation or roughness. Then why not use them exclusively ? Abso lutely nothing better, For Free Sample Each fcy Return Mail address poet -card: "Cuticura, Dept. H. Boston," Sold everywhere Soap 25c Ointment 25 and 50c a i j jk. i j CUBA CLEARS A NEW - WACHONOA BANK & TRUST CO Capital 11,250,000. WX TKBAT TOUR WATCHES Repaired. Cleaned and Adjusted Our Specialty. ' , j.'e! caepenter JCTck N. Pack Square. Xaow Me by This Sign. i Tbe Cresight Bpeclanst. . T8 Patton Ave, Just Below "P. O. For xpeuoed Workmen Phone 2155 ttruascro trades cotJNcni O. G. Worley, Buatmeas Ageut. Rogers Grocery Co. WHOLESALE GROCERS Ixstributore of PANIETj WEBSTER AJTD GOLD COCN feXOTJRS THE LEADER Ladles' Up-to-Date Heady-to-Wear. Popular Price Store, On the Avenue. Asheville, jt. C SALE Gem Clothing Co. t PALAIS The ROYAL Tom N. Clark Co. tine.) "Ths Shop for Particular Men" N. PACK SQUARE. Oates Bldg. Phons tf. Williams & Huffman's Music House The Best in Pianos. Elks Club Bldg. Haywood St J THvqiirafinii TAILORS AND HATTERS Pitton Ave. Phone 66. The Economy Shoe Store for bargains In Shoes for the Whole Family. 12 Biltmore Ave. Asheville Concrete Co. Concrete Pipe, Burial Vaults, ; Building 'Blocks, ete. Phone 980. P, o. Boa 878. encfuzronJLAKM .- S -i .... '. I ' 8f ."" TTC INTEREST PERIOD I ...nui nroiBTMrNT li IN OUK SAVim' V""'i? . October lJ-l0th Deposit, made on or before the I Oth count as' of the 1st . 4 per cent interest compounded quarterly Surt a preparedness fund $1.00 opena an account . ...r :--y ! ', Wa bvite Your Boalnaat. A TRIAL IS AU . wa Ac I t n rkinDV J JartUl'' a PHONBa ltf VII LAUWDBI WHITB. If You Wantv the Best, value obtainable make i a point to -visit . oni I f jjaQJ.es .wouj-iw-iivu Department, . M. Levitt 3 Biltmore Atbu: TIRES AND TfJBKS FlrestoiM and McGraw . ' New and guaranteed (Butun rapped). . ... . 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