THE ASIIEVTLLE CITIZEN, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 191T. , 1 fSTS' f j I Society esssi3 i Personals I ' Of rttt interest in JUheVine li the carnival to be given on Saturday at Columbia, for tha benefit of the Community club for enlisted man. A number of society girls front Colum bia, who aro wall known In Ashevllle, . will sake part and a number of of ficers at Camp . Jackson, . who ara known hare will alao help. Tha Co lumbia 8 lata gives tha following: . A surpassingly big and elaborate entertainment will ba tha community carnival to be given next Hatim5.y af ternoon and evening' at the State cap ' Jtol for the benefit of the Community club for enlisted men. It program la ' to be made up of an almost ur-Mtnlted ' number of detalla and special features '..'. and M Is ptanned to attract and divert ' people of ail age, degree and condi tions. "Tha state house a a background '. ' and a setting will give the affair a prestige which will probably cause It to be retrreirtbered as one ot tha nota- ' "The afternoon section of the carnl- wal will be especially for children and ', iwlll take plaice on tha capltol plaza with all sorts of attractions to make up a program of continuous and changing delight. "For the evening part of the' per formance the plaza will ba roped oft and brilliantly lighted for dancing; and . Cometock'a orchestra will play. Up In tha portico and the rotunda there will me ' many gay booths and various stages upon which "stunts" will, be i -II tin. A n- " maIh ," features of the evening will be the (election of a queen and her subse quent coronation on the capltol steps. The crown will be donated by Helf- rtch and exhibited, together with oth r regal regalia, in Helf rich's window . this week.. -, ' ' ' , ; The queen will be chosen by popu lar vote at five cents per rote, the contest to begin at 8 o'clock. The fol- . lowing popular eoclety girl will aot a maids or honor to her majesty: .Misses Jaquelln cooper, Cecil on i more, Annie Murdaugh, ; Frances ' Earl. Lilv Currell. Marauerlte Pat I terson.' Mary Murray. Louis- Bruton, Mary Wells, BHsaibeth Rucker, Kath fr arlne Ball, Lucy Hampton, Ula May h, Mimnaugh, Irene Brown, Llla - Hall ' Crawford, Mary Bruton, Mlnnia Wll llamson, .Elisabeth Woodson, ' Jane .' Kealhofer. Miriam Sadler. Sara' Cain, Mydla Brown, Grace Earle, Margaret . and Jessie . Green, - Ida' Coles and ". XjouIss Rucker. Their attending "knights wilt be Capt. Wlllam c. Mc ,v powan, Capt. Woods Dargan ; and JJeutenants Jack' 8k 1 per. A. F. Mid' die ton. Dean Hralth, Shannon Meaney, UeTancey I. Grlmball. Rufus Mallov. Addison Johnson, - Frank Brownlee, luooper, Harris Alexander Keet. Char- i lee Parker, Crosby, Roger Heyward, Norman Chandler, Herbert Ryerson, Henry. Fellers, Charles Estill, Cheek, ueorge Coleman. . "Among the booths will be one for fortune tolling-, a cold drink stand. . baby show, a cake stand, one for con fetti and souvenirs, one for candy and one where Ice cream and peanuts will , "The Bipedal features besides the voting, the coronation and the dance will include a vaudeville program, a iieature dance Dy Miss Melba Brown. fend "stunts" by Camp Jackson sol diers. -The last named 'win be etroe. f.lly good... It has been gotten up by , nuu . if. xsvau, wov (in charge of T. M. C. A. work at J 'camp, and It will present the . ,ple quartet and a professional ilsse artist who was formerly with i im and Bailey's circus." i . J J , letter- received recently by i C'.mes M. Gudger, Jr., from Mrs. I Rellley, chairman of the ?-T committee of the North f. k?L division of the Council of i, Ief"nM' Mr K'y y: eniHrecent mooting of the state 2,,, JL defense, held in Raleigh, as : f Coman'i eutlve meeting of the olina 5lVnmltte ' th Nortn cr- .7..V It was decided to have coune 1 n"tin ot the governor's .""ifiat council and the wo. of Octobeg tn ftnd couSTy Si J?S this lmportih the Ponslbillty of aueit v5 wPrl1' 1 earnestly re que.t your i p and tnat 0f the other women you may be Instructed to invite, that we may learn to the fullest extent what Is expected of us in this great national crista when our government for the first time In Its history Is asking our aid to help win this war. We cannot refuse and we must know no such word as 'failure.' " J Jt ' The Woman's club met yesterday afternoon for the first meetlns of the New Tear at the home of Mrs. Wil liam Johnston Cocke on South French Broad avenue. Mrs. Cocke and her mother, Mrs. S. B. Delwortb, being Joint hostesses. After the business of the club had been transacted the president Mra Cocke, gave an ad dress of greeting to the new members as well as the old members. Th program for the afternoon began with a very comprehensive and lnterestln paper written by Mrs. Mary C. Robin son on "Our Relation to the Coun tries of South America." giving th geographical . relationship. Owing to the absence of Mrs. Robinson her paper was read by Mrs. Charles Mai colm Piatt. Mrs. 8. Elisabeth Bolton then gave a delightful talk on the social aad political life of the South American countries. The third paper Dy Mn, jsugene a. oienn was most original and lntereetlnr. Mrs. Glenn drew a may1 of South America and illustrated a number of its aericul tural products, showing their value wnen crossed with our product. Mrs. Joseph Dlckerson, president of the city Federation of Club, gave a short talk asking each member of the clubs of the federation to give as much as possiDie to te, used for a soldiers' library. Mrs. J. C. Pritchard is presl aent or me Asnevuie committee, Mra Connie H. Wilson delightfully entertained - with a bridge luncheon Saturday morning at her home on Asheland avenue, in compliment to ner nouse guest, Mrs. W. B. Hale, Jr. of Rogersvlne. Tenn. After a most interesting game Mra Hale received a guest souvenir and the top score prise was won by Miss Neeley. Autumn leaves and flowers made an arttatio decoration in tha living room ana aining room. - The regular Tuesday nls-ht dinner aance win take olaoe this evening at xne Manor. Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Weaver, of Weaverville, parents of Congressman Zebulon Weaver, will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary this eve ning at their-home In Weaverville. A large number of friends from Ashe vllle will be among the many guests present.-.' This afternoon at the Home school the faculties of the rroUD of Presby terian schools will be at home to their friends in the first of this year's series or teas. , These teas, which are an en joyable feature of the campus social lire, are held on Tuesday afternoon rrom 4 to o'clock, on the first Tues day of each month at the Home school: on the second, at the Normal: on the ' ' third, at Mrs. John ' E. Cal fee's; on the fourth, at Mrs. Ernest w. uiuard's on victoria road; and on fifth, at Pease Memorial house. ' 1 Ji js On account of the absence of Mrs, Thomas Settle, chairman of the Bun combe county committee of the Colonial Dames, there will be a meet ing on Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Theodore Davidson on Liberty street. This meeting la for the purpose of co operating with the other patriotic so cieties in furnishing comfort kits for the soldiers. Visiting dames are In vited to be present ST ST Coming as a complete surprise to their many friends is the marriage of Miss Hasel Johnson and Mr. Miller 1 Ford, which took place Saturday af ternoon at Hendersonvllle. Mrs. Ford Is the daughter of Mr; and Mrs. W. E. Johnson, of St. Dunston's road and Is a young; woman of charming person ality who is quite a ravorne wixn a large circle or menas. wne was a student at Oakhurst where she (made music a specialty, . Mr. Ford is the son of Mr. and Mrs. I D. Ford, also of this city, and has an extensive bust- R esino stops itching instantly TVm't let that Itching kin-troabl A torment yon an hour longer I Juit f I . KhU Rxinnl Ointment over the skk skin and see if the itching does not disappear as if you limply wiptd it away I Andeven more important this soothing.healmf ointment rsrely M to dsar away promptly every trace of the unsightly, tormenting eruption, unless It is due to tome serious Inter nal disorder. Reiinol Ointment usually five even prompter retain if the sore placet are first bathed thoroughly with Reiinol Soap and hot water. RssmI OImhs ) a-hol few otto that ewils " nasM,sMaanf. (aid kr aU drasstaa. nesa acoualntanoe. The announce ment Is of great Interest in Ashevllle, owing to the prominence of the two families. Mr. and Mrs. Ford are man- lug their home in the city. Mr. and Mra William M. Jones, of this city, have issued invitations to the marriage of their daughter, Miss Hortense Haughton Jones, and Mr. Richard Gordon Stockton, which takes place Saturday evening, October 13, at Trinity Episcopal church, at 8: SO o'clock. The wedding of Miss Jones and Mr. Haughton will be a social event of interest throughout the state, both being members of widely conneoted families. Jl Jl Members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy will hold their regular meeting Thursday afternoon at 4 o'clock, with Mrs. Patton and Mlas Fannie Patton; at their home on Charlotte street. Following the regu lar business meeting at 4 o'clock, a memorial service for the late Mrs. R. F. Campbell will be held at 4:45 o'clock, to which all friends of Mrs. Campbell, whether members of the chabter or not, are Invited. J- J The board of managers of the Llnd- ley Training school will meet this morning at 10:30 o'clock at the home of Mra Hilllard, 101 Biltmore avenue. Jt J Mra Tom Krahenbuhl entertained yesterday afternoon in honor of the fifth birthday of ner little aaugnter. Miss Kathleen Krahenbuhl. The house was beautifully decorated for the occasion, and each small guest was presented with a box of choco latea as a favor. Interesting games occupied the attention of the children during the afternoon, at tne conclu sion of which cake and ices were served. Mrs. Krahenbunrs guests were Helen McHarge, Bernlce Moses, Evelyn Johnson. Mattle Ballew, Vir ginia Moss. Edwlna White, Nevelle Greene. Dorothy Maye, Dorothy White, Madallne Maye, Billy Petera, Roger Maye. and Francis Blair. The regular meeting of the 8. P. A. will be held this afternoon at 4 'clock at the Y. W. C. A. on Bilt more avenue. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Maeder, of Merrl- mon avenue, have gone to New York for a three weeks' stay. Mrs. O. H. Henry leaves for Tampa this afternoon to visit her daughter, Mrs. Archibald Hendry, who is ill In hospital there. Miss Verdie Mclntyre leaves this af ternoon for Westminster, Md., where he will enter Western Maryland col lege. The Parent-Teachers' association of the Murray school will meet this af ternoon at 3 o'clock. All members are requested to be present, as many Important matters are to be discussed. THE NEW COATS AND DRESSES FOR CHILDREN Thig is an appropriate tin to start outfitting the children m their new Coat, and Drewetfor Fall, because) style, are now pretty well defined. Coat, are cut in two section, different panel and pleating effect, while the large . nd mHium aized collar, novelty cuff., odd cut sleeve belt. .,d high waisted effect, are the popular new features, r . A. U The .imple one-piece !re will be fevered for school wear. I he afternoon and party frock, are -harming creation, with their dainty trimming, and will male, jn.tant appeal to the heart of every young girl. . -fi , ;, ..... ,,- When may we expect you to come and them? In the Women. Department-Second Floor.. - 'Phone 78. 11 Patton Ave Infants' Wear 3rd Fli Miss Mary Porter went to Salisbury last week to attend the wedding of her brother, iMr. Robert Porter, and Miss Elizabeth Barker Hedrick which took place on Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Sturgls have returned to their home at Savannah, Ga after spending several weeks in Ashevllle. Lieut. Paul Gearhart and Lieut, Francis Bourne returned Sunday night to Camp Jackson, Columbia, S. C, after spending a short while In the city. Mr. Horace Alden spent the week end In the city from Greenville. Mrs. Charlton Millard Is spending a short while at Atlantic City. Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Long, of Knox vllle, Tenn., are spending a fortnight in Ashevllle. Mr. and Mrs. James R. Ingram have returned to their home at New Or leans, after spending a number of weeks in the city. Mr. and Mrs. D. Ralph Millard, who returned from the north last week are located at Margo terrace for a short while. k Mr. and Mrs. George D. Peters have gone to their home at New Orleans, after a stay of some time In the city ana at waynesviue. Mr. D. B. Mason, of Atlanta, Ga., Is In the city for a brief stay. Mr. ana Mrs. Hi. a. Fleming are spending some time In the eastern part of the state. Mrs. Annie S. Milton, who has been the guest of relatives In Ashevllle left yesterday for her home In the north Mr. Lawrence Weiduian, spent the week-ena in Ashevllle with friends, returning yesterday to Whittler, N. C. Mrs. Maurice Henderson, of Birm Ingham, Ala., is spending . a short while with her sister, Mrs. Henry Westafl at her home . on Charlotte street. Mr. Fred Oates arrived Sunday nignt irom uamp sevier, ureenville, to spend a short while with his Bar ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Oatee at their Home in urove Park. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Anderson, of MODira, a j a., are spending a short while in the city. t Mr. James Wood went to Charlotte) yesterday for a brief stay. Miss Marie Hastle. of Charleston, and Flat Rock, has been anendln several days with the Misses Penni man at their home on Chunn street Mrs. Arthur Rankin has TMnnA tanbunt, where she went to see her daughter. Miss Anna Rankin, who is at Converse college for the winter, Miss Marie Young has returned to her home in Virginia, after spending some time in Ashevllle. Mrs. Ross Frazler and her small son, Master James Anderson Frazler, returned the last of the past week from a stay of some time at Morgan ton. Mrs. H. D. Wheat has returned to her home at Gaffney. S. C, after spending the summer In her cottage in Ashevllle. Miss Carey Wilson, of Moorenville. Is visiting friends at Waynesvllla and Ashevllle. ' Mrs. H. 8. Cannon has returned to her home a; Columbia, S. C, after spending several weeks In the ilty mid othor poicU in Western Nor-h Caic Una. Miss Zelma. Johnson, who has been visiting friends and relatives at Lan caster, 8. C, has returned to her home In the city. Mrs. C. D. Brown and Miss Char lotte Brown have returned to their home at Abbeville, S. C, after visit ing Mr. and Mr. Harry Stge at their home in West Ashevllle. Rev. and Mrs. W. T. Tate, who have been spending the summer season at Montreat have returned to their homo in South Carolina. Mr and Mrs. Davii Maybank have 'reti red to their home at Charleston, S. C, after spending the season at their summer estate at Flat Rock. Mra Reuben Graham and her daughter. Miss Ethel Graham, of St. Paul, Minn., who have been spending some time In the city are visiting friends at Salisbury for a short while before returning to their home. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Newman, of Atlanta, Ga., have gone to Charleston, S. C, where Mr. Newiman goes to take up his duties in the navy. Mr. and Mrs. Newman spent some time here during the summer and have numbers of friends in the city. Miss- Blanch Acheson spent yester day In Ashevllle with friends from her home near Acton. Miss Margaret Tomlln and Miss Mildred Tomlln will leave on Satur day for Richmond, Va., to attend the ralr. Later they will go to Ports mouth, Va., to visit their aunt. Mrs. W. H. Allen. Mr. and Mrs. N. T. Robinson and their daughter. Miss Miriam Robin son, have leased their residence on Merrlmon avenue for the winter and are located at the Courtland Terrace on Courtland avenue. Mr. Frank Wilson is spending sev eral days in the city on business. Mr. George Puirh. of Marvvilla College, Tenn., spent Sunday in the city with his parents. Mrs. N. C. Temoleton has gone to Charleston, s. c, to visit her daugh ter, Mrs. L. Dunphy, for, a stay of some time. Mrs. W. M. Clarke and her son, Mr. Joseph Clarke, are spending sev eral days with Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Collins at Columbia, before going to Chester, S. C, to spend some time with her daughter, Mrs. C. O. Hill. Captain Everett W. Wilson, U. S. engineers corps, left last evening for Washington, under orders for immedi ate duty. Captain WllBon has been spending several days with his family at their home on South French Broad avenue. Mrs. Georpre Smathers and her daughter, Mrs. Henry T. Bartlett, of Montgomery, Ala., have returned from spending several weeks in the north. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Haynes, of Raleigh, have arrived by motor to spend several days with Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Beadles at their home on Char lotte street. If rJiir im All""' iJirUV"' -Jb JP" tftf 'U " -Vr-rt-nrV- i "" f BonMardie Blankets and Comforts for Winter Mghts Cotton Blanket Grey and White, 60x76 inche.; $1,50 716x76';'''' $2.90 Plaid Wool Nap.' 66xob"inche.; $2 50 pair - ' S3.5U $4.2C Plaid Wool Nap. 66x80 inche.; pair Plaid Wool Nap, 66x80 inche.; pair $4.00 and. . AH-Wool Blanket $ 6.50 $ 7.50 $ 8.50 $12.50 $15.00 10x4 Plaid Blanket., pair .11x4 Plaid Blankets, pair 1 1x4 Plaid Blanket., pair . 12x4 Plaid Blankets, pair 12 1-2x4 Plaid Blankets, pair Cotton Comfort, all price., $2.00, $2.50, $3.00, $3.50, $4.50, $5.00 Wool Comforts. $6.00, $7.50 and op to $10.00. Eider Down Comfort., $7.50 and op. Hygienic Lambs' Wool Bats for. Comforts Size 36x48. weight 1 Ib.j , $1 75 price ..... r V " ; Size 36x48. weight 1 lb.; Size 72x90. weight 2 lbs.; dJO JC price . . 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' Union services were ooirducted at the Reformed church last night, the Rev. W. L. Hutchlns, pastor of the Methodist church preaching the ser mon. A very targe crowd was In at tendance and the music by the various choirs of the city was exceptionally good. , Rev. L. B. Olive, of Apex, Is In the city visiting his brother, Dr. T. H. Olive. He leaves tomorrow for Louis ville, v Ky., where he will enter the Baptist seminary at that place. Elliott Stewart, a young man of Newton, will accompany him and attend the seminary. Mr. Stewart has been sup plying the First Baptist church at Dallas. 1 He graduated , at Catawba college last year, ' ; ANOTHER BIG BATCH Of Fresh Country Butter Only, per pound. .. 40 c Tweed & Collins r .Corner College and Market St.. Phone. 2816-2817. THE BEHNlNG PIANO Indorsed and used by the best Artists of the world. Price $500. la offered for 10 days for 1400. Who will get that bargain at, FALK'S MUSIC HOUSE For the Best In Pianos, Edison and Victrola. 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