to 1 " I THE ASHEVILLE CITIZEN, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1917. .: .; in - s !; GRANDPA DIDNT Mb ED CASUS FOR THE BOVELS Two hours a day sawing . . wood will keep liver Y and bowels right You who take exercise in an '. t ' easy chair most take - "Oascarets." H A. Vs. XVI V 1 EM rSOW . Enjoy Hfe feel bullyl Don't iU Hole, Muoua, headachy, constipated Remove ths liver and bowel poison which is Keeping your ne, dizzy your tongue oo&tec. your breath or fenslve, stomach aour and your body fun of oold. Wily don't you get a 19 or 15 -cent box of- Ceaeareta at tba drug atora and anjoy tha nloeet, gen tlaat liver and bowel cleansing you ever experienced. Casc&reta work while you alaep. Tou will wake up feeling fit and fine. Children need this candy cathartlu. toe. JUDGE LANE TO HEAR HABEAS CORPUS CASE Julia XeLscra Will Make On Mora Effort to Secure Her liberty Tills Moraine Arrested Again, JuHa Nelson, tha young white airl who was arrested some time ago by sffloers of the local police force, to ba held for officials of tha Georgia Train 's. Ing school, and released by Judge Henry P .Lane, was again arrested testarday, It being alleged by Officer , scroggins, or Atlanta, that ana Had 1 committed several sets of larceny be 1 1 (ore sha . left that state. Habeas ' I eorpus proceedings will ba heard by t9 uuf mot u morning. took place In Marshall last waek, Judge Lane stated that he did not think an Inmate of auch an istltu Uon should ba made to perform auch manual labor aa aha alleged aha waa orcea lo ao. Acting upon this belief ns juage reieasaa ner. At the hear this morning w. R. Oudger and Scroop Styles will represent tha 1 V A AKof8' - C. L. 1 rr. 111 'omen Everywhere Use Lemon Juice : To Beautify Skin Tha beauty lotion which is becom ing ao popular throughout tha coun try la easily prepared by anyone, and a whole .atia.t l , cost any mora than a small Jar of the common, ordinar cold creama . A AM .k JUJ .... M . . . jvujw m iwB iresn lemons to three ounces of orchard white and -.. shake wall 1 a pottle, Strain the lemon Juice two or three times through a fine cloth so no pulp gets . into the lotion, then it will keep fresh -f for months. Regardless of what price . you pay or how highly advertised, there is nothing else really more meritorious, in beautifying, softening and clearing the akin. Aa a tan and . blemish remover, also to remove Ill ness and eallowness, lemon juice baa . . no rival. Massage it Into tha face, neck, and arms once r twice each ? i1 dwn't bring out the roses and hidden b tiityl bleach tha akin, but our lemon ini Is too hlghlv add. therefore hnnM , , usto, mo w "ip Ni. uiia manner. If properly prepared, this sweetly ' t fragrant lotion will apeak for Itself. . mwj uiuk nivi v irui uiifif ixie (area ounces of orchard white at very little cost, end tba grocer will supply tha lemons. . . Adv, WANTS TO HELP GIVE BOYS A "MUSIC BOX" Bynum Bumner Willing to Contribute 5 Toward Phonograph for Boys at Camp Jackson, Aahevllle boya now In caoip at Camp Jackson, Columbia, on their way to "somewhere in France," are to have that "music box" tor which they so naively hinted In Captain Adatna' letter, published In The Citi zen yeeteroHay, If Bynura Bumner, of thie cMy, haa anything to say about it Mr. Bumner, after reading the ar ticle In The Citizen, promptly appear ed at the office and announced hla' readiness to contribute IS toward a fund for a phonograph for the boya. He aald that ha beliered that there are dozens of people in Ashevllle who will give a dollar or more toward a phonograph and a bunch of records to .help the boys while away the long evenings, and that they only needed somebody to start it Hla $5, he ex plained, was merely the starter. The letter from Captain Adams stir red ap a great deal of Interest In Ashevllle yesterday and indications are that some of the little comforts mentioned by Captain Adams will be on their way to Camp Jackson, to the mountain boys, within the next few days. In the meantime, Mr. Sumner Is anxious that some of the oatriotlc so- 'oletlea undertake the work of raising the money for the ' music box re quested by the boys and hopes to sea it purchased and shipped within a week or so. COMMISSIONERS HOLD REGULAR MEETING MORE SOLDIERS PASS THROUGH ASHVEILLE FIVE TRAIXXOAD8 SERVED WITH REFRESHMENTS YESTERDAY. Canteen CommlUee, Aided by Girls of City, Hands Oat Sandwiches and Coffee to the 6o4dlera. at Meeting In regular monthly session the court house yesterday, the county commissioners, with Chairman W. K. Johnson presiding, transacted only the most ordinary routine Limt- ne&s. The regular contributions to the Indigents of the county wen made, and a few minor reports considered l,y the board. road matters will be taken up by the commissioners today, and the usual number of delegations is expect ed to present clatms for various roads. Hepori on the progress of the liender- sonville. Black Mountain and uther roads now building will be heard by wo ccmnjSBicneri. Five trelnloade of South Dakota In fantry 1,200 men in all, panned through Aahevllle yeeterday, en route to "somewhere In America" and like all the soldiers passing through In the past fw days, were served with coffee and refreshments by the Canteew com mittee of which Mrs. Thomas 6. Rol ljm Is chairman. "It Is worth going to war to learn of the splendid hospitality of the peo ple of Ashevllle and to be served with coffee and sandwiches by such charm ing girls and matrons," one young of ficer declared, just after an Ashevllle maiden had presented him with a smile, accompanied by a sandwich and a cup of coffee. The committee was assisted in serv ing the refreshments by a numUer of the younger girls of the city, who worked enthusiastically In colh-ct'ng funds for cigarettes, to be distributed In addtlon to the regular sandwich, chocolate and coffee menu. . Several of the trains had stopovers of from thirty to forty minutes here, and the officers took advantage of the fact to take short automobile trips around the city. The last train load left at 11 o'clock last night. . w tnke ... V Cigarettes A new creation a new idea toasted tobacco. The delicious Burley flavor is improved and sealed in; delivered to you 'fresh because the tobacco It's toasted AROUND TOWN TCRNED OVEH TO COMMANDERS. A provost guard from Camp Sevier, Greenville, will call at police head quarters today for the three soldiers who came up from the camp Saturday in a Ford without first securing the owner's permission. Punishment could not be administered by local officials, so the camp officials were telegraphed to come and get them. GEORGE ALBEA ILL. yj Guaranteed try i.i CopytisM by Th AaMtless Toteeoo Compear, Baa JUL George Albea, of Battery Park hotel, who underwent an operation for appendicitis rriaay night, is resting: easuy. CENTRAL GARAGE GETS J. 0. BARRETT J. O. Barrett, for many years con netted with Tha Citizen In various capacities, and more recently In the advertising department, has resigned to aceept a position with the central jarage, and entered on his new dutlaa yesterday morning. Mr. Barrett, dur ing hi connection with The Citizen. naa maae a nost or men as in Ashe vllle, and hla knowledge of advertising ana salesmanship, coupled with his acquaintance with the city and hla natural ability, will make hun a valu able man to the Ann with which he haa become connected. SUPERIOR COURT IS CONVENED FOR TERM Refusing to try the case en one sue. a oroceedlng Judge Lane offered to pawn It, tha case of Qrove versus Baker, involving title to a few mcbea of land In the weat end, was appealed to Supreme court yeeterday morning and . dropped from the calendar .ot this term of civil court Several ofh ar cases were called, dealing . with payments of notes and similar Issues. This Civil session of Superior court is scheduled to last for three weeks. MT. MITCHELL TRIP TOMORROW. DURABLE DRESS FOIP - BUSINESS GIRLS Try Making Tour Own f i Cough Remedy Tom can save abont $2, and bare nener remeay tnan tne ready jubo. jummuj qooe. . If yon combined the curative prop ertiea of every known "readv-mado' oough remedy, you would hardly have In them all the curative power that Ilea In this simple "home-made" cough syrup which takes only a few minutes 10 prepare. , ' Get from any druggist tit ouheaa . of Plnex ((0 cents worth), pour It Into , a pin$ bottle and fill the bottle with plain granulated sugar syrup. The total cost la about S cents and glvea you a run aim oi reauy setter cough arrup than you could bur raadv-mula for $1.60. Taetss pleasant and never spous. -This Plnex and sugar syrup prepar ation gets right at the cause of cougn and gives almost immediate re lief. " It loosens tha phlegm, stops tha nasty throat tickle and heals the sore. Irritated membranes that Una tha throat, cheat and branchial tubes, ao gently and easily ifaat Jt Jl reaUy aa- tonisninT. .- A day's' use will' usually overcome the ordinary Cough and for bron- cmua, r .t-frvpiiis - ccugu ana Vronchi&l asthma, there Is nothing better. Plnex fa a moat valuable concen trated compound of genuine Norway pine extract, and haa been used for generationa to break up severe coughs. To avoid disappointment, be aura-to ask your druggist for "JH euneee of Plnex" with full directions, and don't accept anything else. - A guarantee ef absolute satisfactloa or - money promptly refunded, -goes with this preparation. The j Plnex Co Ft. VVeyne, Ind. Advt. t ' j I ... PEACE NEGOTIATORS K ARE IN TRAINING VJOUI5 1 BF " On tba tha theory that In time ot war a nation shotrid prepare fori poaet, th admlnlBtratlon is rooming two distinguished Amer icans to Jit at the peace table as experts. One la Justice Louis nranaeia oz tne united states Su preme Court, and the other is Colonel E. M. Room of Texaa, an official friend to the administra tion. 8uch Is the report, at least, credited in well Informed circles. . ALL RUN-DOWN AND NERVOUS Says This Lady Who Had To Support ramily Of Four. Read Below Her Statement About Cardul. ISCOUNT SAYS JAPAN WILL NOT GNQRE CHINESE RIGHTS He Does Not, However, Im ply Application of the "Monroe Doctrine." TALKS OP PLOT. NEW YORK, , Oct. I. Japan's pledge to China that she will not vio late her political independence or ter ritorial intergTity,: was reiterated and given especial pmphaala tonight by Viscount, head of tha imperial Japanese mleeion At a dinner given by Oswald U. Villa rL -.The distinguished guest explained that his original ut terance had been Improperly termed a "Monroe oootriite in Asia." He re quested that his words tonight be transmitted to the people ot thla country." i , .- "I want to make .It very clear to you," aald Viscount Mhii, "that the application of the term 'Monroe doc trine to this policy and principle, vol untarily outlined and pledged by tne la Inaccurate. - , . "There la thla fundamental differ ence between the Monroe doctrine of the United States aa to Central and South Amerlaa and the enunciation of Japan'a attitude toward China. In the first there la on the part of the united states no promise, while In the other Japan voluntarily announces that Japan will herself engage not to viol arte the political or territorial in tegrity of her neighbor and to observe the principles of the open door and equal opportunity, asking at the same time other nationa to respect these principles. , , 'Aa you must have noticed." he continued, "I have persistently struck one note every time I have spoken. It haa been the note of warning against German intrigue in America and in Japan Intrigue which has extended over a period of more than ten years. I am not going to weary you with a repetition of this squalid story of plots, conceived and foetered by tha agents ot Germany, but I solemnly re peat we warning here." TO MAKE THE WORLD SAFE FOR DEMOCRACY Written with the In delible Ink of Life's Blood cross the pages of Civili zation's book ww the Battle of the An ere. Here . was staged the most monumental and memor able scenes' of the Great Wart here the breve . troops of oar allies beat 'down the strongholds of1 the German armies end saved freedom to . the world. . ' Pictured as only the nav lying eye of the camera can, every scene from the march of the supply trains to the victorious climax b seen. The mighty' bonvf bardment of the giant bat teries, the charge of the brave troops out of the first line trenches, the cap tore of whole regiments of German soldierslrring and dying pages torn from the book of history. Such are the BRITISH OFFICIAL WAR PICTURES "The Tiviks" At the Battle of the Ancre .. - . pAT THE STRAND TOMORROW AND THURSDAY PMME TODAY-ONLY TODAY DOROTHY DALTON IN' "The Ten of Diamoii2ow : Again she Is the dance hall girl, Joyous, reckless, yet w&h a sense of moral equity. The story is designed to show hew. a woman's life is moulded by a man or men, each havint; Lit part m shaping or directing the resulting personality. 5c : ADMISSION ICs (f CAMP JACKSON RLfECTD But State Makes Best Show ing of Three Represented at the Camp. COLUMBIA. S. O, Oct J. North Carolinians sent home for Physical disability In the second movement of t ' . . I the national army at Camp Jackson (total 405 out of 4.681 men. Mustering , I omcers are not pleased at this, claim- Tallapoosa, Ga. Mrs. Bailie Eldson, I 'n f,' " J"V?l? J! UP: , A bloase which will wash, and a skirt which will stand hard wear , and rough weather are the eecen .tials ot sensible attire tor offlco' women. - Both ef these detail are taken care of la the Paris model pietnred today.' The skirt Is ot royal blae duveteen. of this place, writes: "I waa In very poor health, ' all run-down, 'nervous, had " fainting spells, dizziness and heart fluttering. I had these symp toms usually at my.. . .times. I had a very hard time, working for seven years In a hotel after my father died. had to support our family of four, X read tha Birthday Ahnanao and thought I would begin taking Cardul. received good benefit from It X am aura it will do all that it elaime to do- took three or four bottles before It began to show effects. - After that ' I Improved rapidly and gained In health and strength. I took nine bottles In all. This la the only time X have taken It I waa down to 101 pounds and t gained to 12J. I felt like a new woman. . I couldn't aleep before and had to be rubbed. I would get ao ner- vou and numb- And all thla was stopped by Cardul." Th- true value of medicine can be determined enly by tha results ob tained from Its actual use. The thou sands - of letters we have received every year for many yeara from grateful users of Cardul, are powerful tribute te Its worth and effectiveness; If you suffer from womanly ail ments, try Cardul. tha woman's tonic The North Carolina record, however, la tha best of tha three states, for 238 South Carolinians were rejected out of 1,87 and 140 Florida men out of a ttotal of 1,481. A movement ot national army troops will oe made Wednesday, when men coma from North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. These men were not certified by district boards in time to mova with the second Incre ment. Two thousand South Carolina negroes will be mobilised between Oc tober 6 and October -f.- Lieutenant John Moore Boyce, of PInevllle, N. C of Company I, SHet Infantry, will marry Miss Martha Orler Ross of Morganton, N. C, on Octotber t. Lieutenant Boyce la a nephew of WD. Marshall, of Colum bia, district manager of the Southern Bell Telephone company. ' Tha first football gams of tha sea son will ba played in the next ten days or two weeks, in the meantime many elevens are practicing under - tha coaching ef some ef the best players in tha country. The first 'Tegular' SCOTT; 'LOSES BIG , MONEY TO SERVE WITH U. 5. ARMY X i "IS 'Among those mentioned la tha athletic hall of fame after this war Is over will be Death VaUey Jim Scott who declared himself oat ot a chance to he In on the world series money whea he quit the White Sox to Join Uncle Sam's troops in training. - Although Jim hasn't been cotag well this year and probably would have not pitched In the big series, ha would have bees la on a eat of, the big money when the division was made. . Instead he chose toj Join Uncle Sam G A. L A X T O D A Y S. Carl 99 The Disciple The story of a minister of might in a rough western settlement who tarns, against hit re ligion in fury but later becomes reconciled. A typical "Hart" picture. . 5 and 10 Cents PEJfOUXCE SEDmOlt. game will be between the engineers and -the machine gunners. The "Tar Heal Hawallans," a quintet ot musi eiana from tha North Carolina ambu lance company number thirty-one, made Its first professional appearance thla aftjtrnrwirt mt m- Pnliimhl. vllle theatre and acored a tremendous 1 CONCORD, N. H,. Oct - 1. State success. The engagement Is for three land federal authorltiee were urged la da vs. the proceeds sains to swell tha resolutions adopted by the state puo- cteipany fun ' Ue safety committee today te puntan ! 0 TODAY Art Dramas Present JEAN SOTHERN y , "MISS DECEPTION DEAL'S ORCHESTRA ? I 5c and 10c speedily those in high office who make disloyal or seditious vtteraaeee. : The resolutions refer to reported ' public utterances ef Senator LaFoliette and to the mention of Justice Daniel T. Cohalan of New York. In recent state department dlacloeures, and conclude with the declaration that "disloyal or seditious utterances, especially whan coming from thoae who occupy high offloe, can r.o longer be tolerated." . MT, MITCHELL TJUp TQMOKr,Y. . : i ' SOUTHERN BAIL WAY. , ' The Seuthern Serves the auth. Published aa Informatten not guaranteed. gFFCCTIVt aKPTIMBKR IS, 11 Caatern Time. Trslns Arrive From . No. Jacksonville, Savannah, no. 11 W88T$8 ,;" Vnrlc Phil Jolnhta Rat. - tlmore ... .! tttt PJn, No. II Chattanooga, KaosviMe, Louisville and St. Louis, ttll p.m. at No.. II Sew Tore, Philadelphia. D.lMmnMt w.,hinrtAn . imSS m Ne. II Murphy, WayaeevlUe.... f -te p.m. J No. Murphy, Wsyaesvllle ... 1:0 p.m.' No. 11 Gefdsboro, Baleigh. creensDoro ............. p.m. , ; mm BnrlMlHm Sill n m No, St Cincinnati, C hie a g e. . SxOTtluiuB. vfnmwft A'lii.i n .. .'-'.'.'... -- b.u No. U Salisbury and the East.. 1:40 am. No, 41 Spartanburg, ; ttJ.sH rYfUa nm 1111 m an na n-iaanT IfntTVlMa an A JHOs V "1 r ; i , CewttiPOfa eaeaejliag P. SV VnSMIWsPWSS W' ms swUsaertntl 4:1 ft ILm. Net. la ntcilHiuwii ewfsvtasj aie cajaast ...m. z;m pA, No. 11 New JjJ iWfJfW . , , TV BVBHIMJS3 V mmm m BSHaaS No. IT Waynesvul Murphy .... S:0 a.m. irl n.Wrh and Goldabore.. 1:10 a. so. Ko. IT Knoxvllle. CluUtanoora, , mii, Mernphls, CSs- I elonatl aoa tiiran, . . ., eiv pja, STO.M cWleCofce - gvntl BrwUWIUwa MMV V es.ssBJs Wo. t Bansbury an east....... J:0 a-m, Ko. 41 PpartanWg t." a.BV Ko. 101 Bristol. Knoxvllle and VMI"WS ......... , . . Traiaa S aad 1 eperated l twe mm Bona ' n, ."... i . ... . 1 i .La women were aamiuea iuio m partment or nueoicme m m " t j the Vnlrersity ot Michigan la 1IH'. I

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