THE ASIIEVliiLB CITIZEN, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1917. ,f" . -. m m 'i : a -v c - a fv k -li - ..' a, l o t " ': . : : . -.c 1 l - J I- A 1) A . LANGREN HOTEL Europcoa Modem Fireproof A eholoe hotel a choice tooatloa fha leading oommerelal hotel la tha Carolines 200 Rooms of Solid Comfort Dancing avery evaalng aa tit not. v - Guy S. Lavender, Mgr. . KENMORE HOTEL. COMtXMGUl, BBADQUABTSM WATJfMTttJA & Oa Mat b 0m Throughout the Tmt-Vim ample Boobm THE VIL,S30N hendeesonvilli!, h. o. I. . - ttKimi Ave. and Charda St. ' ' Reflnsd Hom.llk. Service for the Dlscilmlnatlnc. Rate oa Application. ; , . MBS. K. G. WIL4KIN, Proax. AETHELWOLD HOTEL BREVARD, W. a Headquarters (or Commercial If ml . Vodera. Free sample room. Free ear to station. Open rear round, ftataa. 11.00' to 41.00. THE IMPERIAL HOTEL CATTON, H. (X AMERICAN FLAN. Bates, 17. , FISH SPECIALS Sheephead, Mullet, Perch, Sea Baia. Specklecl Trout, Butter Fuh. Salmon. Halibut QUICK DEUVERY. ACME FISH COMPANY It IV Thomas, Prop. , City Market Phones 82 and 83. JOBBERS, STEAM FITTERS, PLUMBERS, CONTRACTORS, BUILDERS . New Pipe, Black and Galvanized, all sizes. Car lot of ders solicited. We carry in stock constantly 50,000 feetprompt delivery. See us for prices. Wholesale only. S. Sternberg Go. SEND YOUR JUNK BLOMBERG JUNK & HIDE CO. 78-80 North Lexington Ave. , Will Pay Your Money's Worth. S My Motto: A Living Profit HONEST WEIGHT GETS ME BUSINESS ; Phone 237 Kr MUTT AND JEFF-Maybe Jeff Didn't A V" . " ' " . '" ? , Copyrignt, 1HT, by H. C glsher. Trade Idnra Rag. V. S. Put OIL) I .Jew, fcoVl Y0V NlS ' I I S0M6 CUrVw! I'UKArfrtK 1 I've- BceM WaTtiG HrNLP-y : If F0KTHe towe l A- ua1tijCV ' O T iA r IwtH-WtHMI).. Tr'V OUTFOX UU,T. lyHAT'a i VetJHlMGj 7,, I V fclft ' J" . ' i VlstWoa? ir'ttSAeV Seir fuseei f RRtW-4 OH BfT . ll ' ' Ubm. a. h. mra, Prop. B. K. OKECB, Prop. Special Bate by the Week or Month. v rr tot; rate piaarrr of BIjAOK DIAHOITDS In your eoal bina, no matter now the anow mar lT outalde, or v how oold lt'may be, you ean bid ' defiance to the elementa. But If the coal aupply ; runs abort there'a voln to be trouble. Our ooal ta flrat quality, full weight to the ton, and we aollolt your wrdera for any quantity. : Phone ue your order today. Aabe. Bray, Poet and Om Oa, 41 Broadway The Bed Front Pnonea III, . 041. ' - The BUt Red Frmt." CHEAPO MAHKaTa. rwrCAGO. Oct. 1. Indication that dam?. ign UtU-t night h.! I-" to Ui. auallty of oorn ratnsr jnan otantltr led to a reaction today from an ad"noe ?.lch at ttrst took place JrVoeT The market closed """..i1 1 1 tot December and l.lo to UMI VUc oil to a .hade upji com- red Wl Saturday. "I'iJ'tnutoww eome In oat. wa. ynchan j.d to tower nd tor Drorlalooa 4To down to a rli. 01 Grain and prorlalona. cloao: CORN Pecmber May OATt 1.18 1.164 .St December Mar . . PORK .(H) it.0 .....-.. 2J.M October January LAKD October January R1UH .. rh and'iraln: Corn No. I yellow 1.M0I.OO; No. I and No. 4 yellow nomi- " Hoi bulk. JMO : fht i IW-: 40; mixed l.lsai.M; heavy J"'? .fl, M' TSml .tMdv. Natlre beef cattle 7.156 wetern .teera .4016. tncker. and feeder. t6ll ?5i.?,w" n! Arm. Wether. t.011.60. .WM l.l60lf.Ti; lamb. U.OOQ 18.16. N1W YORK MONEY. NF!W YORK, Oct 1. Mercantile paper. Mr..iil,- aa A. v hin. I ttU: eommfirctal 0 day bllla on bank 4.71; commercial M day bill. 4.70 demand 4.T6; cable. 4.- 7f 7-li. Bar .vr KH. . Gorenun.nt bond tteady; railroad bond. Irreular. Tim. toan. firm: ilxty day and 00 day SttOi; MX mono;. .. Call money earier, ruin rat. I. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THIS UNITED STATES FOR THIS WESTERN DISTRICT OF NORTH CAROLINA. At Oreeneboro. No. 1004. United Btatee, Ta. J. Q. Plereon, et al. NOTICE OF PCBUOATION. To Sadie Moaa, Ida Kniat, Frank Knifht, Emma McCall, Blenaon MoCall, Lire Moaa, Emma Moae, Erlona White, William White, Mr. William White, Will Moaa. , ' ' Marion Evltt, Mra. Marion Eritt, Jamea Wblte, T. B. MoCroakey, Mra. T. B. MeCroakey, Dolly WoodrinB, Woodrinr, gtvenname un known, husband of Dolly Woodrinr, - Elmer Woodrinr, Mra. Elmer Woodrlnf, Kate Pieraon and huaband, name unknown; Stanhope Pieraon and Mra. Stan hope Pieraon? Unknown Helre or Yietoria Bryaon. And all peraona whomsoever own ing or claiming to own any eit&te, lien or interest of any kind or character In and to the landa described In the petition of this proceeding;. , iuu wuju tak.c iMUTitjia tnat an action entitled aa above haa been com menced In the District Court of the" United matee ror the western Dis trict of North Carolina at Greensboro for the condemnation of a certain tract of real estatej, situate in the Township of Cashiers, Jackson Coun ty, North Carolina, containing 142.11 acree, more or less, lying on the waters of the Chatooge River, covered by Oranta 486 and 11121, adjoining the j. a. . uccaii renas, end now claimed by J. Q. Pieraon and Lilly F. Pieraon, and bis wife, of Highlands, Maoon. County, N. C, the eame hav ing, been selected by the Secretary of Agriculture, with the approval of the National Forest Reservation Commis sion, and found necessary for the pur pose of carrying out an Act of Con gress of the United States approved March 1, 111, being Chap, lit, page ML Vol. 11, Stat at Large, as amend ed by the Act of Aug. 10, 1(12, IT SUt H9-100, Chap. 214. And tha eaid non-resident de fendants above named, and all oer sons whomsoever owning or claiming to own any estate, lien or interest of any kind or character in and to the premises aeaoriDea in the oetltlon in said proceedings, defendants named as aforesaid, WILL FURTHER TAKE NOTICE tnat they are reaulred to appear in the District court of the United Statee for the Western District of North Carolina, at Greensboro, on the 0th day of October, 1917. and answer or demur to the petition or complaint in said proceeding, or the plaintiff will apply to the Court for the relief demanded in said petition. THIS NOTiUifl issued by order of the Court, directing that publication be made once a week ror six .uocaa. sire weeks In The Asheville Citlsen. Tola I7ta aay or September, HIT. R. L. BLAYLOCK, Clerk. By N. M. CAUSEY, D. C. 12S7-10-26-2-0-1I-1I Want to Wake Up the 'RAILS LOW BR ON NEW YORK MAWKTV,. ' NEW YORK. Oct, 1. Recurrent liqui dation of rail, generally attributed to tha greater neemlUe. of Foreign holder., more than neutrallud tha firmer tend encles shown by other stocks ta today's Irreirular market. .. Offering, of transportation were Inals tent and In larger volume than at any recent period, some standard Uaues fall ing to lowest quotation, of a decade or more. Additional reason for their weak aees were furnished by the poor August statements of such aa Penn.yl. vanla. New York Central and St. Paul. The market opened with an all-round demonstration of strength, leaders soon advancing 1 to po4nt. under the favor able Influences sngendered by th. second Llbt loan eampalsn and Indications of relaxed money oondftlona. .Steels and , other Industrial., together with the bulk of the aoo&lled war group featured the rise, but the movement soon yielded to pressure upon such stock, as the coaler, trunk lines, grangers and Trans-continentals. . St. Paul common and preferred, et de clines of and a point, established new minimum, at 62 H and respectively. Canadian Pacific'. I point drop to 1.44 was the lowest level of the year and Baltimore and Ohio's lose of three points to 41 furnished a low quotation for al most twenty years. , ,Vw ,e1 BiRte5 Reel's rise of I points to f.1 Jn th forenoon was out In half later, the eame course being pursued by other Steele and allied shares. Gains of 1 to 4 points ta Issues under obvious pool control attracted little attention. Bonds were Irregular on reduced deal '"V th Liberty Issue ranging between (. and Total sales par valua aggregated .(7t,000. : United States bonds eld Issues were unuimnaea on cau nuuuns, coupon I I los ing 4 points en sales. , ,, :,.. - NBW YORK 4TOCK LIST, ' ' " High American Beet Sugar ...... b American Can 47' American Car and Foundry.. 70' American Locomotive .? 42 American Smelting A R'f g .T American Hugar loe American TeL A -Tel. lie Anaconda Copper , Atchison .. Atlantic Coast Line b At.. Gulf W. I. a. 8. L....104 Baldwin Locomotive ......... 45 Haiumore a Ohio (4 Bethlehem Steel "B" K central Leather ....... Cheaaneake a Ohio unioaeo ureat western ... Chicago, Mil. A St Paul ... tt Ca'go, R. I. A Pao. when is'd 16 Colorado Fuel A Iron ....... 444 Corn Products 8114 Crucible Steel 785 Cuba Cane Sugar ............ nil Erie- 11 General Electrlo ............ ,141 , General Motora ...(..........101 Great Northern pfd. .........loa Great Northern Ore Ctfi, .... 14H Illinois Central........ Inui Inspiration Copper ......... 60 Int Mer. Marine 101 Int. Mer. Marine pfd. ........ 88 International Nickel ......... tS International Paper .......... 80 Kansas City Southern ....... 18 . Kenneoott Copper 40H Louisville A NaativiUe .. 11 Maxwell Motors ............. 88 Mexican Petroleum .......... (4 Mldvale Steel ............... 42' Missouri Pacific 19 national Lad 49' Nevada Consolidated 10 New York Central ........... 76 N. Y.. N. H. A Hartford..... Id Norfolk A Western 110 Northern Paclflo 100 ' Ohio Cities Gas 4714 Pennsylvania 62 Ray Consolidated Copper .... 2SH Reading 83 A Rep. Iron A Steel SS14 Seaboard Air Line .....,,..b Seaboard Air Line pfcL ...,b -Sinclair Oil A Reflnlng . . . 84 U 8 loss. Shef. Steel A Iron b - Southern Pacific r, u.,T-.,r 82 Southern Railway ........ 87 Southern Railway pfd.. ....... 41 1 Studebaker Corporation ..... 48 Tennessee Copper -i. ......... 14 Texas Co. .................. ,.165 Union Paclflo 129U United Fruit .............. !.b u. . md. Alcohol ....unm United Statee Rubber ........ tii United Statee Steel ..........111 J United States Steal Bfd. lis ' 684 Utah Copper 84)4 Virginia Oaro. Chem. Virginia Coal A Coke 36H 48 '4T:--' wabaon rra. -a' TIT ,tn l.u westmgnouee iuieotrio niuwurg uoui 68; Total sales for the day. 475,700 shares. NEW ORLEANS COTTON. : i NEW ORLEANS, Oct 1. With a fairly steady undertone the cotton market held firm at a small advance during the great er part of today's session. The cold weather over the belt reports of damage as the result of the hurricane last week over the eastern belt and expectations of bullish bureau reports tomorrow were the main sustaining Influences. . - In the early trading the market rose 6 to 16 points, but soon fell off to a net de cline of 1 to 1 points... On the down-turn fresh buying duplicated and prices ad vanced, finally rising to a net gain of 11 to 81 points. Last prices were four to eighteen points up. , The resumption of trading in Liverpool, at first considered A bullish - influence, eventually caused uncertainty because the local trade could not understand the premium which the new contract com manded over the bid. Cotton futures closing bid; October, 28.48: December, 22.91; January, 22.88; March, 13.04, May. 23.21. Spot ootton quiet and unchanged. Sales on the spot one bale; to arrive 8,266. Middling 24.13. NEW YORK ORY GOODS.' NEW YORK, Oct- -1. Cotton goods markets were steady here today with the demand moderate. Yarns were stronger. Dress goods firm and quiet. Raw silk was easier. Horse. Low 84 . 72 84$ H 108 X 11614 72 70H 10S . 4244 .!! . . ITS 86 85 NEW YORK COTTON MARKET It ' .v QUIET. . , ... ; .... NEW YORK, Oct 1. The cotton mar ket was quiet but generally steady dor. Ing today's trading with December sell ing up from 88.40 to 88.8f and closing at 88.88. The general list closed steady at a net advance of 4 to 20 points. The market opened steady at a decline of 18 points On October but generally 4 to 11 points higher. Early buyers seem ed disappointed that no crop damage re ports were received from the path of the recent storm, while the outlook was for generally fair and warmer weather and firloea soon turned easier under scatter ng liquidation. January sold Off to 83.48 and March to 88.63, making declines of 4 to 4 points from Saturday', close. Com paratively light offerings, were absorbed by Liverpool and trade buying and the market Armed up during the afternoon on the liberal reports and comparatively low temperatures shown in the detailed repor4ja Two more private crop reports were Issued, one making the condition 44.4 against 48.4 lost month and th. other 43 comparing with the government re port of 47.8 last month. It was tha first day of trading In -the New Liverpool eon- iraci, out mere was no increase in the amount of straddle or arbitrage business. Cotton futures table: Open High Low Close October .........14.10 24.81 24.10 24.27 December .......13.70 23.87 23.80 January . ........ 23.55 23.17 23.48 March 28.48 23.78 23.68 May ....23.77 23.87 33.44 Spot quiet; middling 26.25. " " NEW YORK PRODUCE. 21.83 13.13 33.74 23.83 NEW YORK, Oct 1. Raw sugar steady; centrifugal 4.(0; molasses (.42; re fined steady: unchanged to 6 points high er; out loaf 8.85: crushed .0; mould A 8.86; cube. 8.108.35; xxxx powdered 8.6868.70; powdered 8. 50 666; fine granu- aea s.aos.tiu; aiamona A ai; confec tioners A S.Z&V8.4V; MO. 1, 1.3001.36. Butter and oheess Arm. Spot coffee quiet; Rio 7's 8H; Santos S"S . ... ..... NEW YORK CATTLE. NEW YORK. Oct 1. Beeves steady. Steers 8. 26 15.25; culls, 4.004J8.50; cows, 4.268.00i Calves steady. Veals 18.0017.00; culls 10.60 12.00; grassers 8.0009.00; yearlings 4.007.60r western calves 1O.42H0U.75. nneep and iambs firm. Sheep 7.60011. 60; culls 6.007.00; lambs 16.604114.t7M; Hogs market higher at 18.25012.54: roughs 13.00018.25. The famous - midget. Countess MagrL better known aa Mrs. Tom Thumb, Is still active at the age of aeventy-nve years , J- ISB.000.00 CITY OP ASHEVILKE, N. C,t FUNDING BONDS. Sealed bids for the above bonds, ad dressed to the undersigned, will be re ceived by the Board of Commissioners of the City of Asheville at the City Hall in said City, until October 80th, 1817, with Interest at five per centum per annum, -payable September 1st, and March let, principal and Interest payable In - New York, In gold. Denomination 11,000. Maturing Sep tember 1st as follows: $20,000. 1918 to 1822, both Inclusive; 121,000 1911 to 1914, both Inclusive and $14,000 in 192T. The Bonds are to be prepared under the supervision of the United States Mortgage "A Trust Company, New York City, which will certify aa to the genuineness of the signature of the City Officials and the seal impressed thereon. 1 The legality of the bonds will be examined by Messrs. Caldwell A Mass lich. New York City, and the pur chaser , will . be furnished. ; without charge, the opinion of said At torneys. ; These bonds are general ob ligations of the City Issued under the Municipal Finance Act, 1917 for the funding of certain notee or certificates of indebtedness Issued before the passage of said Act to pay the neces sary expenses ot the City of Asheville, and an, unlimited tax for the payment of the principal and Interest thereof haa been authorised by law and resolution. Bids are desired on blank forms which will be furnished by the City or said Trust Company. Bonds will be delivered on Novem ber 8th, In New York City and must then be paid for. . Each bid must be accompanied by a oertlfted check of 13.920 drawn to the ofder of the undersigned uoon an incorporated bank or trust company, 10 secure me Jiiy against, any loss resulting from- the failure of the bid der to comply with the terms of his bid. No bid under par and accrued in terest will be entertained. The right to reject any and all bids la reserved. F. L. CONDER, - Secretary-Treasurer. -1-1 NOTICE. Notice Is ; hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing be tween ; C. A. Sanborn ' and Paul H. Gearhart, under the partnership name of Sanborn A Gearhart, has been dissolved by mutual consent. C. A. . Sanborn having succeeded to the full ownership of the business ann Paul H. Gearhart having severed all connection tnerewitn. This October 1st, 181T. . C. A. SANBORN, ' : PAUL H. GEARHART. 1421-1-1-16-li BATTERY pa .. -,vvvv -Famous the world over for its elegance, comfort,' cuisine, Bervice and location.' - Do DtlfBiunwRS BQABSTEH All the qualities which you look for in roadster design and construction. s- There is generous room for the passengers. The seats are tipped at the most comfortable angle. .The luggage space is .extra large. The car is steady on the road at all speeds. Roadster of Touring' Car, till. Ia Canada, till! ' 1; . Sedan or Coupe, $1141. In Canada, f 1100 (All prions t o. b. Detroit) ., Asheville Automobile Co. 18 and 20 Church St. AT THE 'MOVIES' . PRINCESS THEATRE. Dorothy Dalton. star of "The Flame of the Yukon," will appear in the role or Neva Blaine in "The Ten of Dia monds." the latest Triangle play. which will be shown at tha Princess theatre today only. The story ia de signed to show how a woman's life is moulded by a man or men, each having his part In shaping or direct ing the resulting personality. Again she la til. dance hall girl. Joyous, reck less, yet wltn a sense or moral equity One night while she is telling her for tune over the cards. In a dim corner of the lisement cafe, a man of the upper world enters. He makes hei a peculiar proposition, during the course of the evening. As a result shs is transplanted from the fetid, reeking atmosphere of the "Joint" te a luxurious home on Fifth avenue where she Is carefully fashioned into a lady. Later she rebels against the man's schemes and returns to the, common life, but in the end is again rescued by the same man who Las just realised that he wants ner fee himself and -because . he loves The play is a high colored, dramatic creation with Dorothy Dalton at her best AT THE STRAND. "Miss Deception," a five-part Art Drama production, will be the offering at the Strand theatre today only. This la said to be an unusually Interesting picturlsatlon with an all star cast; . The feature of the week at the Strand opens a two days' engagement tomorrow, "The Tanks," at the battle of the Ancre. This five-reel official British war picture is presented f.y the war relief fund of which W. K. Vanderbllt is' president, and tle amount paid by the Strand for the rental of this film goes to that cause Ninety minutes of war marvels tnat picture every phase and every vital scene in the complete and overwhelm ing battle of the Ancre, constitute the exhibition of these films. It is said to show the glanr British "Tanks," the colossal war monsters, ponderous, un canny, fire-breathing war dragons that plunge Irresistibly forward, through wire entanglements, over trenches, through forests, over swamps and Into the trenches of the enemy, belching a torrejit of fire and steel and death. The exciting part or this pictorial is that according to authentic Information, the cameraman was right on the fir ing line and the scenes are actual in cidents of .he battle. The picture is history with the battlefield as a siudio i and desperate, determined, wounded and spent, fighting men as he "cast" AT THE GALAX, The management and patrons of the the Galax were much pleased with William & Hart picture, "The Disciple," which played there yester day, and large crowds are expected at the second showing of this interesting picturlsatlon today. In this portrayal Hart, the pre-emment "bad man of PARK: HOTEL r the screen," appears at his beat and has an unusual opportunity to display his wonderful powers of dramatio art In tnestory "Bill" Hart portrays the characterisation of a minister of the gospel In a rough western settlement, and in this capacity he la most effec tive, using might as well as persuasion. Dnrin tha course of events, however. he turns against his religion and ha tee. J as Intensely as he loved, before. Dur-f ing this period he is the eminent voaa man" of the west ana ruies wiin Iron hand, but at last the bitter near Is softened and he returns to tha mln latrv forever. ' The story la one e doubt and uncertainty from the view point of the spectator and intensely interesting tnrougnout . LIVERPOOL COTTON.. ' ' T.TVRnponT Ont 1. Cotton soot aulet. nrlrM 18 nnlnts higher. Good mlddiinl ' 19.26; middling 18.80; low middling 18.10, good ordinary 17.35; ordinary 14.85. Sales . February . l4l48444Mt.fll.BHt eee.e e 17.3 ...... ,...S7.M Old'stytur o contracts unonangea. After more than a century of ex-y istence as a mans Institution,- College of Physicians and Burgeons the medical school of Columbia unV versity has opened - its doors women. Stomach Out of Fix? jThone your grocer iff druggist for a dozen bottles ' of this delicious digeetant, a glass with meals gives delightful relief, of , no charge for the fust dcaea need. Shivsar .Ale PORE OIOESTTTE MOWTTCJ tflTI , SHIKAR HIsEMl WATEI MO SMfifJ Nothing like it for renovating aid . worn out stomachs, converting food into rich blood and sound flesh. Bottled and gwmnteed by tha cele b rated Shiver Mineral Spring, ShelV ton, S. C If your regular deals - cannot supply yon telephone -- JEXLIS & BEADLES DUtribstertter AiatrflU ' 8,000 bales, including s,iuw American, - j Receipts 83.000 bales, Including 44,604 . American. Futures closed quiet - : J New Contracts: Closing 1 January ,.17.60 A .u.h ' l BY BUD FISHER : 4 Ik

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