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Thla la the Ant evidence of the n tax laws that have been enacted by the recent session of con cress. It Is understood that more of them will come later. The new postal law provides that the first class rate of postage shall be three cents an ounce Instead of two cents, the rate now in effect. There la one provision in the law that makes It possible to avoid the three cent rate. This la one which provides for the old rate on letters mailed to residents of rural delivery routes, from the of floe from which the rural service ax tends. By this provision Asheville people and those Uvlnf on any of the rural routes running from this office will Be enabled to receive letters from persona within the city, at the old rats. All others must carry the three cent stamp, or stamps to the value ef three osata, . The new postage law epeelfles that poetoaxca, portals ana pamphlets which have heretofore been carried for one oent, must now carry a two cent stamp. The poatai department la preparing a sew leans of postcards. but In case they are not ready by Movenroer s, it will oe necessary to attach an extra one cent stamp to the old cards. . Picture postals corns under the asms olaselfloetlea. Persona who mall letters or cards after November I, with only the old stamp attached, will be called upon to pay too extra penny, or the letter will be forwarded to the one to whom It is agar ease a. maraea no tare due. and they will have to pay the extra amount. LAUREL HILL SCHOOL MONTH'S HONOR ROLL One among the most progressive of au tne county sen 00 la la Buncombe Is at Laurel Hill, where the very satis factory Interest manifested by the pupils is well indicated by the follow lag honor roll! First Qrade Theo Mathews, Hoylo Hensen, Lo Matnews, Euma Taylor. Blvm Smith, Bladls Black, Savannah Netneraan, othor Roberson, Pearl Mayes, Willie Mas Brook. Howard jaexson. . Second Grade Etta Sovore, An drew Jackson, Thelma Allen, Roberta Brooks, McLerty Case. Charlie Taylor. Howard Wise, Frank Smith, Ralph Case, Paul Allen, Hillard Brock. Third Grade Adalee Brooks, Bus Taylor, Charlie Netherdan, Burgle Roberson, Wade Smith, Honess Tay. lor, Earllne Smith, Deanes Taylor, Luolle Brooke. Grace Galloway. Jim Eplee, Jessie Taylor, Haudecla Qulnn. . Fourth Grade Amna Warren.--- Fifth. GradeIda Mae Jackson, Comptoa Smith, Harry McJv Arthur Warren,. McCoy Case, Oliver warren, Edwin Galloway, Dennis Taylor, Wilms Galloway, Elya Brooks, Jona than Hensen, Harold Brooke, Augusta Hensen, Lonnle Jones, Myrtle Case, Quay Smith. Aldlne Creaaman, Myrtle Roberson, Albert Bummer. Sixth Grade Mayme Brooks, Lacy Wise, Dee Brooks. . - Seventh Grade Blanche Hensen, Julia Wise, Glenn MoFee, Lennie Mo Fee, Percy Brooks, Roy Smith, Bat ton Jackson. BKOWH WJL1S. TTOROESTER, Mass., Oct II. Brown university football team was scored on for the first time this year by Holy Cross, which played Its first game of the season and crossed the Brown goal line for a touchdown. Brown won the gams by 17 to . GET READY For The Front We don't mind show ing you our clothes from all angles. Wish row could see them In side out . , Canvas, mohair, etc., then you really could appreciate what It takes to build good clothes. Our prices? For the benefit of those .who don't know us yet, they are ; $12.50 $15 $20 But they will run higher be fore many moons. And with each suit or top coat you buy goes a guar anteed saving of $5 to $10, which is the middleman's profit " , . - . ... Come compare them this morning. ; 4 ' Cooper s "On the Square." . Branch Stores i Charlotte, N. C . i . Columbia, S. C And other cities. One of Tea Mea la Cntted Stales In vited to Accept Specialist's Pest at Army Hospital. Dr. A. W. Calloway, of thla city, has received a letter from Major Seale Harris, member of the Surgeon gen eraJ'a staff, asking the Asheville phy sician If he will consider taking the position of gastoenterologtet at one of the tea large government hospitals to be erected la the United 8tatee. Dr. Calloway baa taken the matter under advisement, and Is awaiting further particulars from the surgeon gshsral's department. Major Harris, fa writing to Dr. Cal loway, polnta out that the position Is one of particular honor, and explains that hs Is calling aolely on specialists in this line to accept the posts he of fers. The major Is in ehargs of the work on gastro-tnteatlnal diseases tn the army, end Dr. Calloway has spe cialised In thla work for the past twenty-two years, having been located at Asheville fifteen years of that time. No mention of rank la made In the letter to Dr. Calloway, but It Is pre sumed that the post will carry the rank of captain, with the provision mat JUr. cauoway spec tans in thla one particular work. Major Harris points ent that the offer is made to only ten recognised specialists in the line designated, ana as uauaL Asha vtlle la the residence of one of the men sweated. . Dr. Calloway stated last sight that despite financial sacrifices he would be compelled to make, he would a-led ly do his bit In this service, providing conditions were sucn that he could leave his practice at the time. Dr. Calloway will probably so to Washington today or tomorrow for a conierenoe witn Major Harris. MATTERS OF RECORD The following transfers of nron- Srty wars registered yesterday: George M. Klmberly and wlfs to John Klmberly, twenty acres on Besverdam, fl and other valuable considerations. Hat tie M. Flncher and husband, and Carrio B. Parnell and husband to J, M Casey and wife, land In West Ashs. vllle, tlO and other valuable consid erations. J. Lewis Vess and Mvra O. Vsss to James M Casey and wife, land on Ector street 110 and other valuable coneiderationa MArrlage Xsoense, A marriage license was Issued to NEW PRICES ON SUITS FOR SPRING 1918 The Wool required for Army Uniforms will be re flected in the Spring of 19 1 8. We placed large orders while buyers were in New York, 25 per cent, to 40 per cent, increase. , Hart Schaffner & Marx man, Mr. Wilson, tried to ar gue with us that the present line of Fall Suits now on hand according to the "Market Price" are worth from $5.00 to $8.00 more than we paid for them. ' ' He further argued that-we should RAISE PRICES NOW SLIGHTLY bo there will not be too big an increase in the Spring line. "NEVER" was our reply. We will give the values to the trade as long as they last. 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